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January 6, 1906. 


Trier Blllboara 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

suiM mi m A Mm 

Kelcey and Sb^nnpn in New Sinjth Comedy 

IfittUlAa aad Uoad i^^psar Oii Sim 
Scores as Aotbor asd 

Iti«sB\tt»:f>«t Use ttat t&e 

■ — ^" — "entr «a Oe nme bl 
an** aadlciiee mt tbe 

Xk» cut ^ ttc ta 

le Bsnraiares t±i 
va aaa' tbe mr 
lie OHtetkn toA 

'at m t a U ia dOf In fc« l*«t y*»r'» 
DdiXi eppeand in Ue twst of iptiltz 

prenden or tue macn talked of Allce- 

_y^4te-nre. ud ihe entered apUtedlr Into 
^T*^^i 'Qwt- oC s -w^nnAii of OAtore Tears. 

q[nlte a ndi«al dejiartnre fram her for- 
? Impezeoafttlocs, Irat tbe chaste wu a 
irdeome one and aerred to demoostrste 

r.^r-tb*' 'WmtnitT' <rf tii« p»ttr l^hman ataz-. 

%v:r:Be'atRr of Alice Is well known to readers 
of Xk»'Binboaid. Ellen Terry haTlns prerjoasl; 
' appesnd-in the tiUa role in Loadoa. Sowerer. 
. the vktt* iMM been aomewbat Amerleaniicd. asd 
It. la atld to pertretir at Oe taints of tbe 
finelai niwltii cntai Jkm^.^feat «( 

X'S«:aaCh(C*a Iss* fbr kcr 

^'JMkaOr btD tbe plv^' 

Nc.Aat aatte wUdk aotr 

^■V•b)e to odciBate. 

i^nd UoDd Baujiuut e. 

^<3.Tfe« Banmore ept utmeat opened mr as- 
and wltb eteij prospect ftic cod* 

^Vi^Cbe^ ttrst OTit of txnra prodnction of AHee- 

t!^ttt^-Ut^nK ms clTCn. Dee. a,' ta Allaatie 

.VciTlijr UtUaBvOMaeligri a aew- comrtr to 
^Otsaw-aets ^ ^azzT-' B. amttTi, was prodnced 
'^lor tSie £rst tlxne upon anj atsa^ Wonday af- 
Sec SB. at Taylor's Opera. Honse, 
K. X, wBk Bertctt Kelecr aad 


• ■•».«■■• •••■J^aak DaTia 

TTfii till Krelxiioff 

6otttD U(«r 

L Mt Xms. . W. H. Bestley 

m^rt-iij^w^^.—ArrtrtbaM Csrtis 
^-^Bartfir' ■ ■ -' ■ ~ r«»tH«TtTM. Ancna 

^^^MHt r. .'.1 jmdolA Oraen 

f-U^talac^ Ooodaetor Is IB naBty. a 
k» o€ a. »rvel >r <S. ad SI 
"Tliaiaiiii- Ttr ddet Ud Car IBM natns to 
'^'Wlte--* aorel w s iftuft a i of McalUr n «1 

OB a . 

tlwt win not CO. AH sorts of ca- 

fcDoir.' botv €t cooae, tbey an 

SmA 1> He cad to the ksgglBeB ot an. 

.as IMtr aijimH t» take tbe 
vUk Ifr. XUeejr a dose sk- 
^ - Uwr- 

la «dl staiEcd and eieer 

▲ laxve audience warmly 

tbe premiere of lite LlgbtnlnE Cos. 


' JnUe Bon Bon. ^tlie nerw comedy drama in 
four acts by Clara Llppman, was presented for 
the first time upon any staxe Taeaday CTCnlnr. 
Dec. 36, a: Altnosti's n^tre wltb iMla Mann 
and tlie antbor Jn tbe leading rales. Tbe caat 
was aa foDows: 
Jlza. Scbaylar -Taa .Knot. JJora- O^dt&walt 
Jcia Tea Btaat. tee rm ' Tamrr Dorkln 

Oiaee OBabB.^btr ileee MBtM'KeArtbor 

aba. Tiiiii<iin, fihiia «t «ke.-Tam Brants 

ICrs. f^tmten ^fttend oC tbe Tsn Braxrts 

- On CAfCitf* . OslanbQs atcooc. • . . 

1b& Immtr, Us wite. . . .Matsle 
James Stercaa, an old bean..... 


Dr. ^*"**""r ....T. Tbomtav 

naJils OosrtUmd. 


.iteed^ 6. Bniwa 

Sastan Ben 

.Wyrley BlrcJi 
-'CWbom' Jolie calls "mes enfasta.") 
ATms. forewoman at ' Malson Bon Bod.. 

.... Bay Bereddse 

OaiBjBy.vgjjliMl^lr. ■tAjftdigaJon Bon 

Katle^ mflUaer . 
Mirrie, taHUaer ..CwiiiC 
nxreae, mnUner 
. SopbSe, mfntTWT . 
LotilBe, maid to Julie 
Dan. ^a^trr at 


liBiatiln Bertraad 
..AUee iMber 
.Una Oman 

..Eittr ~ 



Act L — JoUe's mfflbierT abop. 
Boo. ' JUUi' 'aTcsae. JCoralnCa 

Aet^ Ht-Aitiratj at tte Tarn 
wett lirler at tke Tea 


:«ck. Time The, present. . 

The modocilaa «f -StUlt Boa Boo marks an 
epocb bl Ike Ustrionte career of caara Upi>- 
man. for abe was soitrMful In s donble ca- 
pacity. Tbe pl*y prored Bncrr^MftJ abtrre her 
modest expectatiooa. and she wss called npoo 
aealn and scala te a earta^ i^eecb. wUcb 
abe xoodesUy decUacd. Leols aCaaa icsaoaded 
far tier "" _ — 

/at >in« "iMifc. ttat » waa 

fills deaperateir ia lore wUk Um. She 
Mm tn beUere tbat ake las vealtb 

and position tn "France. Sowerer, be visits 
JolIe in tier and dlseoTers ber real po- 

sltlod. He 1« snrprlsed and dlrappoblted. ^e 
motber learaa of tbe lave affair and raises 
serkms oblectlons tn ber son's poaalble mar. 
riajre tn JoUe. Jnlle declares ttat sue win 
marry Jobn in spite of tlie objectlona. Com- 
sUeaHoDS eneoe. aad erery effort Is made to 
b reak bp 4be jMat eh. As tbe story e rolres 
rtiuiaialaacea tlncatea to aepazate tte lorets 
~ ' ~he enteasIeiBcsts aB' 

aiaa feas aeeoa^idlilied tier watt. 

It was an u i n i Hi elmlnit ' aneeasa for Mlaa 
Tliw ii She anie tte yoatH aires fea_a«» 

Tie . . _ . 

: - trt t>» 

ixB^outOA^ 'to Wilim Ttt^^^y^ ftcftvs 

eTMtoe. Bwipt tfi man y dlffinltlM. tt» t>l*y 


wdr llMt Steqe Bd- 
win p iuduea at tke Fitaee aC- Wales 
V XaadoB. Ka^ Taa. 9, baa been aamcd 

^ Pet or tbe PBblte. r 

arte eteeae. ^ Aawdeaa ii tiisa. win bare 
IhrTaaiUnr Ttilr b bar aapt ii at artlt " ' * 
Ttad Xara. - Zena Date. Qnaee 
Oabclde Bay, 

rIfpiTH QETB HAirmMtp 

9m- Kdtb bas 'for a looy time ' bad hla 
_ aa "Bartford. Ooim., but bicratofore be baa 
becA aasaeeeisfal tn secnrlns a theatre In tbat 
dty. Lait week tie made arrangeoienta wltL 
Manater H. H. Jennlnss of tbe Hartford 
Opera Bonse, wbereby ea^ win bare cbarse 
of tbe theatre on alternate weeka. In other 
words, every other week Mr. Keith win_pre 
sent blgb-dass vaodeviBe Jn tte 
and Uanager J 
asd^ melodramm 
Intervcnlnf wcefcSL 

Of tte Taatoi* * wmiMfHt Uk. JUU^ .wm 
cTldatIr take otai the ha— a aad jmeat wa. 

tatbar tbaa tbe eze^tloa. 

bare beea tbe lale 


Looks like some of the ^ood old cbnrch peo- 
ple up In liogansport,. Ind., were Jost a little 
bit selfldi. at least tbey aaat appear ao «o 
Manager DowUss of tbe local tbaatie.' Iba- 
acer Dowlloe always keft bla Hwatre doaad oo 
Sunday, and one of tbe cbortb e a be^a to slve 
Sunday nl^t - jnovlnc pletnre eooccrts^ Tbat 
save Manager Dowllns an Idea and he alas 
opened a setlea of eanixj algM eoacerta. nien 
the ministers called a bait aad asked that tbe 
Ud be^pnt on -Manager P u w lli^ la- tb i a li i . Bat 
_ . . — ^ 


W. J. Borgesa. whose likeness appears above, 
ia manager of Boyd's and tbe Bnrwood Tbea- 
ties la- Omaha, 3feb., and is a member of tbe 
Woodward A Borgesa ftaiiia mm nl Co.. which 
controls a drcolt of ' ~ 
iMr. Saigeas la ooe 
men In the west. 


Of Gafibey Tr^e:edy is 

Star of MotUpc But Mo^ Omnmr 

Bjr Pistol Woood 

Abbott Davtdaon, of tbe Kotblac Bnt 
Co., and who was Injured at tbe nedmoat Ina 
at Gaffney. - S. C, Friday morning. Dec IS. - at 
tbe time that' UHan Bennett waa abot dead, 
died Mooday evening following tbe first trag- 
edy. The alleced gnUty party, a prominent 
hotel man, is held for tbe doable mnrder. 

Tbe alfalr baa caosed macb feeling among 
dtliens of the Sonth Carolina dty, and there 
was mnch talk of lyndilng tbe hotel man. 
However, a vigilant sberlS and bla depotles 
made tbat contlngeney an IifqiaaalbtUty, and tbe 
a c c us ed man win be given a Mai aeeoeding to 
law. The varlona diailtable organisations ral- 
lied to tte h^ «t tbe awahen aC tbe: Notb- 

In [ 

It Is reported tbat iMlaa May B!sb(» of the 
company waa eosaged to marry Mr. Davidson. 
cn4 that Miss Teroe Sheridan had been engaged 
to Mr. Bennett. 

It 1« claimed by tbe sbow people tbat tbt 
tiotpl man attempted to enter a room occn. 
pled br nne of the actresses and tbat Davld- 
aon and Bennett attempted to protect ber. Tbe 
hotel man claims tbat be was attacked bgr the 
two men and abet them la srtMMHMW' 

ne body of Mr. DavMaaa «aa'«MMtd to 
OUcaco Car lalatia ant. 

AreiiUnericans in Old 

Berj^ Hope 

The Be^l. H<ye_a*og: go..^Bew^^»l^rte ^^ 

See. •'artfh"aar:K^'a;spe 

it la th» Vailtnr rolca. Other 

iBSaAsta of tbe - company are Otaee Atwdl. 
KaOalae TUd, loalse ataclnto*. Lottie Al- 
ter, George BIoomQocat, Bobert Bogus, Donald 
Bowles. John Hsyrlngtoo. Bmest Joy, Bobert 
Lowe, and about a d«cn otters wtu> play 
alasr aarta. Ia addittana tbere ia a pony 

l» -^«o « »tt. ■ 

Ok, Jha tatt AaifTlfan 
■eqaence that has ^ajed 
Ottr. Itta beet msklnc money despite 

^ atntaltlea, not tbe least of whleb Is 

tbe j e im u of Sn. Z-niaa Tetraolnl. tbe Idol- 
ised lyric 80{>rano. This famooa Italian alnger, 
bearing that Marie Barrtentsa, greatest of 
Spanish gingers, was threatening an tsTMioo 
oi her l>eloved Mexico, tlirew op a ttt acti ve o- 
eagements in the United States and robed to 
the Mexican capital to tsreatall ber, eves bar- 
ing prepared to preaeat-tte aaaa llf nf .a t; cat 
rate prices. A beaul l f al '™o*«*9jwBL.^"f 
promised for Mezlca. hat B ai i l l aiaa tltr ast 
arrive and Tetraaainl. playing at the -Albea 
Theatre mider tbe sapenisloa of. tbe Mexican 
ao t eraa ent, baa Hie wbote tliiag to bcraeU ae 
lar aa j'-r^ ta the aattte .- tcngse ia eoo- 

i Kaxleo City, ao 
far as tb aatiMo eaa may be eoanted, consists 
ot seaicetr mote Oan 1,000 people, the Aaw- 
lean eompany, managed by Miaa Betyl Hope, 
tias tb eifcff oc c bad to watdi ends dooely. See- 
ing that tfaa Mexican press agents are lack in 
their metboda. Miss Hope, with ttte energy ot 
an American, haa been watching that end of 
the business cloaely. Before eagagtag ber com- 
pany she spent nearly bslf a year in tbe 
capital, during wMcb time sbe sold tor the 
season nearlr erery box in tbe BSBactmlSBta 
Theatre, which Is the aecood b oo aa . .la Im- 
portance In Mexico. Xbeee bosea ««■• aoH-ta 
the highest daaa diealeaa SMl^. Ibtta 
testate of ae , attaaAaaae am:^aaa)r^feeBalaaa 
baa been the p i t at af s of -tta'ttaMr oC the 
preeldent at tbe repnbllc aad-. a* .ftaOlM aC 
many high oOcials. ' • ivV-- 

BaiTl BOpe'a engagement vs 

tmr the luiam ab 

the Amcrieaaa there lave 
that tbe beat theatre tbeic 

. 'Wtlboat a ccnfa 

'iiB tea days thu s. 

Tbe advcak oC the Amerlean eompaay beta 
foUowa doedy aa tbe beds ot ttie flnt inva- 
sion by an A aieilcaa drcos of any note. Tbe 
Hocrls * <Bowe Greater Combined Sbowa played 
el^tecn perlomaaeea hen to cood cmwda. 
cIoilnK abaat the middle of OetoDer with as- 
sorance of a retam next season. TSins Amer- 
icans bare estabUabed themselves here for 
sore, tbe Mexicans taking enthoalasticalty to 
oar InstHutlaas ot an amosement natnre. 

A featm dC the dty, with irblch managera 
have to eaatMd. Ia tbe alUtnde. Being nearly 
a mile and a g aai t et above aea lavel, acrobata 
and dancers have dldlcoltles of a pbyxlcal na- 
ture wltb which to contend, especially as sar- 
ronnding sbow towns, are at a mneb lower 
altitude and the Jump to the capital is ottea^ 
made without opportunity for artists to becoac' 
,~jt— .t^ -^sto re_ aj p earl^ in the ir flrat oer^ 
dHBiBnBi,. hK''-tMlch pessonBancea tbe p n i dlr 
Is' BMB^rtblSii* lha SMriis of tbe sbow. 

See. M, ' 

meat of Geo. BdUnger, vtltb a atroag vao 
vlUe Un. ne new twuse seats 1,000 people, 
and has a balcony and bone. Iba stage has 
an opening of IS b7 90 feet and la provided 
with a baadaome Aop enrtaln in addltloo to 
the aabeataa curtain. The bonding la beaa.. 
tlfully deoormted. and the opera chairs are of 
the latest design. Tbe staff eonslsta of J. B. 
Bopke, treasnrer; Engene Banbnt. advcrtlaing 
manager and doorkeeper; Joe Borke, staae r ' 
agar, and B. E. Oleaaoa, jr.. electrlema. 


The wIU of tbe late Loulae BIdHdge waa ad- 
mitted to probate In New York City laat sreA. 
To Press Eldrldge It beqoealba aomc JawAr. 
the old hoiftaae aad tbe olS-fhaUoeed aiaK 
4alr. boa «C -aUA waajaatd tan* aeHM. 

tate U dMM "~ 

to his ~ ' 


Mrs. Byaa was 


Miss Louise Morewls, who plaTS the vart of 
the motber.ln-Iaw la Tbe Heir to tbe Boorab, 
was inlnred at tbe Hotel Warden in Itewark. 
Oblo, Toesday errslng, D«c 38. Sbe aeddeot. 
ally atepped down aa riarattg -ihs|t aad pO 
twelve feet to the 1 iliaiial — JHIt IT^ 
was badly mangled aad IflaT 
votatte wm be ascMMT* 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

The; Billboapd 


Hafipenings In 'Frisco 

j^histone Benoett 
State Fair 


KAJt rftAVomoo. cai,. 

Dadcr Uie aaaac«Miit .«t Its oew Ie8w«, B. 

f, tb* neirlr-ieooTatcd Ontral nn- 

lOte.~9t-to tnrn sway bomlnm. OTbe 
■-„— _. < B i l i«m» iru tbe firit prodnetloa In 
8aa taaeltoo at Uaeolo J. CUter't new mrl- 
MtmiM, cotltled Tbe Bt« Wltneu. Tbt new 
piece I* tnll «< tfarUUns rS«<rtx. th« Ir>E> U"" 
inp la an aotaQabllc Is fall tUw of the ind- 
Uaet bttns « onr depirtnie In tbe ftrenuoni 
ll«Id at meladtoIMU The new company 1« 
compowd of Uie foUowUs pUjer*: KoOen 
^•»jlie. Salpta CnmTnlng». Geo. Sej-mOTr. 
Charles SeUm, Bdna jlrtaier C.-»a^ord, Marie 
B<nre and otiien. 

Madam JttjOJttim haa dUpoaM of ber beantl- 
tol borne, known aa Arden, (or tbe aimi of 
130,000. Tbcre are 18,000 aciea of moonUln 
and lerel land In the eetatc. opon which 1> 
sioirtns one of the flneat olire orchard] In 
soatben Callfonila. 
Tov tb* laat two weeka of her ensaaemeot 
. at the Qrand Opera Hooae, Nance O'Nell will 
pcoiftttce for the flrat time In San Ttanclaco 
Jailtii Of Betholla and Maiianna. Botb will 
be .alabonte pcodacuon^. 
lilaa Minatooe Bennett, who baa been nnder 
' treatBCBt in a sanltorlmn near Loa An^elea fo: 
uvctal ittflTtr*. haa ao Car recorere^ as to be 
a^le (D make short trl|x to tbe sea shore near 
bj. It la dooirtXnl a she will erer be able 
to resome. staxe work. 

NorrlJ & •Bjawe hare cv>«Ded their Zoo In Gar 
Beld Park. Santa Crnx. and hare already at 
traded a nomber of Tlaltora. Tbey bare otll 
lied tbe oM Ckalno bnUdlnf. whleb la located 
joat at the terminus of the UdIoq Traction Co. 

It is authentically reported ttiat D. J. Grau 
mas baa secnred tbe lease of the Lyceum Tbes- 
trcand. win take cxaaeaakn when the present 
'Icaae rzfrUea, (oorteen moDCba beoce. 
- ' 3foaCe CbBIna. of tbe iWUls and CoUlns' 
■ TMvc baa aaamed tbe oiasaienient of tbe 

^->:tt Vom ABseks, to aocceed A. J. Mocsan- 

. •bb 'icaitaed. 3b. CoUlna, wlu> la alao 
1 «C bU own eonpaaj. la determined 
I «.MMHa-aC tbe matM^ aotwltb 

i iMi'at ttb XajMOe mt aw^ and 
im«m anii—l « ■Mt bwibtain, baa 
.^ibia uptmnUHia- mt aO «C B. W. 
rtkMlMb. 3lfe. Miria to bjnrcr Mcbt 

nr and will aooa be 

'bC them. Owtns to 

, y,. The Uctit Eternal, 

r\tb IHMaHtf at an earl7 data. 


— ■>- : 

'A, VUL. 


UajplcbdU eSbrta In coasectta with tbe 
ptcaldent ot tbe aaaodatlon 

" ■ - toe lU I 

ct T. 


et Dmp* Bar 
: pliasliit to aU.coDceracd. 
rn playlac bcec tbia aaa- 


- . la a» aadergo a tbo- 

nocb TCBoratlaa. It wlU open Jan. 8 with 
roller akstink as the chief amnaement. and 
win be «Dder tbe able manatemcat o( Beld 
* Carter. Aa tbia Tcntate wUl be new to this 
betrltocT, the ontlaak- to bttag watsbed witb 
keen Interest. 

Uadar the masa#caent of Wm. Lynch, the 
IMopoUtas Theatre at Tbor Cit7 U enjoyinc 
■•M ooalnMi. It playa drama, comedy, van- 
derllle and boicaqoa. Bd. Lawrence U In 
^>ari« ot tbb-Maae lat 'wm I«wto to aaaloal 

^ Ed. Kona was n waleom* caller at tbe ofllce 
of tbe writer recently. Be la mnaleal direc- 
tor ot BUek Fata Xtoobadaata, wtalcb played 
tUa town Dee. MB. B» n*m Am librtam 
an aloac tbe Itoe^eiM.alHh^Mli--.aB «PVU- 
meata of the 1mM»:.M «k'Sv:>«tato to 
Koebeater. «. T. \. ^ 

Jotomle Bmltb. f tfci ■■ial btoje^ ■«na«er at 
the Tamoa Bayr Oa MMt^^^fto. weatred many 


a w »M 4 ^, 

watcttec. I ssiisl " 

tlila oMaet lK: 
In nurttiy - 


SSIpman, of tbe firm of Kane. Shlp- 
A Colrin. baa ]nst retamed to bla New 
Tack offlce after a tour of tbe middle wcat 
apoo a Tialt t» tbdr .Taitooa companlta At 
Obleaso be met tato bcotber, Vced. Slupman. wbo 
baa Jnat ictozaad bam a aaeecaafal 

tan- at Jtarie MfUattilto ftieMb r iwtTalla 
ae b btlp od ee . _He perBTtke mdr 

CUr tUaa Tbtfnla' Oraw-b 
acar, Joaanb Shlphian. and 
thr aeeoaa company of Wb 

company of Wben Knlcbtbaod Waa 

In newer. -which openk 7ui. SO. At Omaba- 
be aaw Boaelle Knott plar to eapadtr bolneto 
cairiatmas Day, and at Kanaaa CltT be irlt- 

neaaed ' a pertonxtance ot the Cooaln Kate Co. 
From Kansas City be bnatled back to New 
York. arrlTlnc there Jan. S. 


I Ilie Tlalted tbe prtimta ear ot Tbe Oi 
tajette at Tonnsatewat-Oktok «boat aaga 

maa Omr and beMTtti 

deed aboot IS.000 awaalft 
OeatroTcd. No teaniaaee 

Tbe orlfln ot tbe Die to 
itself - was badl7 ~ 
canto* tr tbe 

fiBBt La- 


id • ebaMCtoctolte Ukeneaa ot T<din 

SMk atoaov now appearinc -with 

■Mt iMMM Srandevllfe. Witboat a doobt 
jfr. XoaitoHl ataads alone la bla line at work 
Car III lilealll I and vetsatmtr. Bla Tolce Is a 
blsb barltaae and at sreat ranae and Ua ac- 
ticnlatloa Is ao plain tbat. eren ji cbIM will 
not fall to onderatand ereiy we>A»'.-lfl^ SCer- 
rlson appears In New York In' Mar.- ■at.'ke-'kaa 
Baxopcan time to follow. 

WMh Bbiebdb of Faiiyiaad 
-^IfcMtre Crowded. 

The Aldwych,' tbe newest and one of tbe 
moal elaborate of Loadoo'a theatoca, opened for 
the first time Satorday oealns. Dec- S8. irtlb 
Seymoor Bicks and EUallne Tertlaa litaytoK tte 
principal toica in BloebeUa ot TbIXTHad. Sir- 
moor Hleks u the steprtotor eC Ifee'Mw •>■•• 
tre and Charlaa Fsabaau to Itb 

moor Hleks U the 
e and Charlaa Fsai 

Tbe new tbaiUte to 

Tbe grand atitreue and .tba CMMIMI ax* 
oak- Oenoallr. tbe adieaie eCs jiiM i a taOna 
U wMte and foU, wltb tba.rtBflb.caattaat 
of mr slch laae da Barry diap eile a and ax- 
pela. Tbasa to > ani-drcnlar reatibale wbleb 
nada direct Into (be (rand cmah-room. Tbe 
Utter to • v«CT apartment, and tbe walla 
are partly roonded. with a circular balcony 
orerhead, wlilcb in lu torn Is connected wltb 
tbe stand foyer alwre, so tbat a bel<bt of 
nearly 30 feet Is obtained tnm the Boor ot 
the crush-room. At tbe back of tbe dress-drde 
la a handsome and convenient looa^e, from 
wblcb one can rlew tbe performances. Thla U 
also in direct commnnlcatlon wltb tbe tagrer 
and tbe crash-room. . 

Tbe hoose seats 1.200 and tbeie to atanaim 
room for 300 mote. Tbe ataf* to .aanto <W 
aU pniposea. belnr 40,toet.«ecp, TO'toet wMe; 
a belxbt ot 55 tect to Ite giMtaai UbS a deptt 
of tSt «tbf*.«dta( oC abODt S f^ enabUu 
Tfi ttolU to' to 'token down below aa well 

aa on et tbe 

^, . baa been proTlded for 

aanasemeat and tbe astlata a 
_ {Mm tbe ttajie. and In this 

■meet an -Idea <from the old Beefsteak OMb 
at the I.yeenm Theatre imder Sir Ban(r-rto^' 
Tine's rcdmc. Bach part of tlie boaaa to°|B»-' 
Tided wlttmadonaL.a^oao^ ^ ■■i.:;_ ^-r> A^. 
Tbe AI*mk -waa .<ao>w«ad the ep^a« algbt, 
BlaOMOB<,'»«a - al ie a .jiaB eit a n a at vreeep- to bto tot. 


;i» to now I , 

BM wltb tbe manaseie or 

^ -.-ja. It to nmorcd tbat 

^"are wm be « tdttto Oa oey la land bereatxt 

'V., - - - .- .4I4mX . JtATA^aOfcfel »»• ■ .^V?.- •• • .V^ Iv- ■ vj«-gi'fei'»'^ - . ■yr??. a "^^T"*'^.''' at"."* - ' Ji»»»ww aa w -«»»■. . ■■• s» ,-.5.»!«AJf 




limne Scdie of Yiiletide F^sthfi^^ 

UsBf Presents 

and Many BaniBeta Eijofad tif n^ws 


ANTA OLAUS was UTish at the Sew 
Xork (Hippodrome. At tbe matinee 
Otaristmaa Harry 1. Sle«tttoad Im- 
petaonated tbe welcome old IMibw. 
and « itobt njal time waa bad at tbe 

plajliaaoiTbal afuionnn . nnk Xcl- 

im fwa>ra "i ilaiiiinia atadM-aaM wata tob. 
▼Ineenaa <Raaico. the ballet laaatar, waa aaade 
oretjoyooa by tbe ballet glrla wbo ptcaented 
bim wttb a diamond atsdded cold wateb. M- 
ward P. Temple, staxe director, recelred a 
loTlng cop of aOTer and cold, tram all tbe 
members of tbe ' company, fleorse Clair came 
in line for a cold .watcb and chain and Joseph 
Hanraliao. anotber aaalatant ot -Edward Tem- 
ple, -waa pteseoted wltb two dlaBHad plna. 

Members of the Four Hunting Co. 
exebansed presents at Akron, Oblo. Tbere waa 
qalte a number of expcoslTe sifts, among them 
being a cold watch presented by the members 
of the «v»iTn mi y to Harry Dnll. manager. After 
tbe erealns perfonnance Manager Doll took tbe 
company to the hotel where a big spresd 
awaited tbem. 

About llTe tbonaand tuchlns of Brooklyn were 
glTen a treat by Percy O. 'wnilama CSuiatmaa 
morning at the Alcazar THeatre. Mr. WiUiana 
fumlahed some of bis headline Tmuderllle acta 
and Frank L. Blxley. manager ot tbe Aleaxar, 
E<}ward Gaerard. manager ot tbe Gotbam. and 

Mn. Spoooer ot tbe BItoa helped to 

the program and to sec tbat 
off all right. The bUl 
Oogi. tbe SattoO . BMIMtok^Wi^KXtoO:;. 

tbe ar ■ ' — 

ters then 

Clans. , . 

The Cook-Chareh Stodc <>».' beKan 
to celebrate Ohrtotiaaa gataday afterneon. 28. 
at the Cotambna Botel. Halilabtirg. Fa., wbco 
a banquet was enjoyed by tbe asembexa - and 
many presents were . exdiaaged. Again at WU- 
llamsport Manager Taylor entertained with a 

ne 'Via Stock Oo. wetc the gaeato ot 
ager Tto at bia beaatlflil. bbme on I 
arenne. Marietta. Oblo, C bilatuia a nl^t after 
tbe perfonnance. A awell baaqoec waa one 
at the featnrca, and some handsome pteaenta 
were ano t h er . During tbe ereatiiK aome floe 
speecbea were made and a gcoctal good tbne 
waa'bad. Manager Via peoeed an ex- 

cellent entertainer, udrai.tho cioae ot the fte- 
tinties pieacniad' oMh\aMaoBaB vttk a . tax 
of dgara and aaA- Mdr'«tth- o h«' «C-SnrlM>a 
chocolatea.' ~ ^ " 

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. B. Hanford en- 
tertained the members of their company at 
tbe Hotel Inn., SbzcTcport. La.. Cbilstmaa 


The Barlow Minstrels played to two 
tumawaj- hoaises at JtckstmTllle, Fla., Cbrist- 

Tbe stare of the Temple ISieatre waa a blaaa 
of glory Chrlatmas cTmlng wben abont a hun- 
dred profesalcHials gathered xo enjoy tlie tCa- 
ttntlea tendered by Manager W. M. SaaTage. 
naaato were saade and many bmoceat w ila at s 
were todalgad in aata .* lite hoar. Among Ihe 
gaeato were viaak (BoUaad. ot the MBdiad- Bd- 
Und O*.; C rrendakr. to adraace oC Xfeo Mr v 
Belatloa On.; O. W. Raaktood,- lB lOiaM^ - 
'Wbn WeoMB Lot*: ' JmA SmMb: ' at ' mm 
Boedfer Stock Oo.; Anstln Melnbney. dramaile 
olUe Of tbe Alton Democrat: P. B. Ooaaley. 
drama fie critic of tbe Alton Telegrapb; Clark 
McAdams, dramatic critic of the St. Loola Feat 

Dlaoatch; Joho Pfelffenb^rrer uu3 B. B. Har- 

Tli. bealdea aboot forty-flTe employes of tbe 
~ ~ ST Samce'a^ 

Tempto Theaitrc and otbexa of 


Tbe b me i b a n and 

boato WHO Mrto' D. _ 

Among the gneato were Manager J. O- Tea 

Boo and the exeentlTe atalt ot tbe Star Uca- 
tre. beaidea a nomber ot newspaper men from 
both dtlea. The Americans were braoght oTcr 
from Minneapolis on a special ear. Tbe Star 
was bcantuolly decorated. Tbere waa apeecb- 
- - - - OMat- 

O ttteta MB at 
to two bl^ 

Manager t. a Bdto^aC I 
ford. Oonn., reeetred,- 1 
^fa. a bcantUBl and. 
noaa tbe 

11am Tlenr - . 

stage men, dwdllng at kMth apod ma Ugk'- 
regard In wbldt Manager XaUaT waa held Mr 
an -the employees ot At theatre. Mr. mkj 
was rmnpletffr taken by anr p r toa. bat ho 
coreert to^tlmo te. thyk^tta Agj^^^^^m 

3. P. EL Clatl^ nuiaciH- iiC 'l 

Opera Saoao to Btngh a in toa, ft. T.^ wan pea- -A 

seated with a tiandsnme gdd wat* made by . 

Agaa^ -Im Oggg^^gwltoariai^l^wg. jte . ' 

■ ' suruB Bum jm boxtalo . J^^ v 

Attn tbe perfotmanee oC tbe Bafns Tfsahis]^'-^.' 
Go. At tbe Xe^ Theatre. Buffalo. N. Br^ f 
aaat.. Bogaa and- Measxa. Bartlg & a— mw gaTO-- S 
a baaqoet to hoaar ot their *"-y*"r and ^ _ • 
Bewaoapee men of thait eity. Op a erfte a v«r« - 
made by Manager Geo. H. Barrla. Cmeat Bo- 
gan, Stage Manager J. B. Green and Trank B. 
rreeman. CbrlatmaB preeents were excbaoged 
n:d a moflt en>D7able time was had. 

Tbe people 'ot Koilnc, ni., are being con- 

Ktnlated by the piufsasluii and more partico- 
7 by tbe moot pramlunt of tbe itara upon 
their -new enterpitor, the new MoUne Theatre. 
The. MoMne oteaei Mondar eTcnIag. I>ee. 18, 
~~ ~ to The I«ad ot Nod. 

and the premlaie waa 
~ ■ to de- 

inanvtc.aK ovatton. ne 

aa a ooaatr to potot ot 


of tettM.. baaa haa 

Tariooa aetata. , pntotog tba peapte of BoUne 
for th e anaplrtiwia o pening ot tbe_p»et tr play; 
boose. ' Among tbem were l etle ia ttom Blcbard 
Manadeld, John Drew and. WDllam raTerabam 
bea ldea_.a nmnb»_^ot mt ' ' 

ptOStoUoa, 'todadng 

pMsa' BBd Blaaehe BatiK 


Tbe Kew Hoale Soetoty ot 
cenUy Incorporated to Albany, 
purpose of oeattog 
tbe expreasloa ot AJ^ 
eomngtoB ni i fia laaai 

atwSgae. aC .the aoctotr -wfn |» 
Newi;--~^ _ 


Mark Antony waa writing to Oespatra. 
*1 eaB*t come or^ so often now," be ocrlb- 
bled. "tat tbe lallroada are gntog to aboUah 

Dnvp^ag hto IcUer to a bmII chnte. he todlr 
redectad tbat tt woold box^y come' oot to 
eeort' aoine 'day^^^ew Toefc World. 

Violet Earle. of the-Ann -LAMont Co., 
wrltea tbat.TIotence Boberto to the title role 
la .making, la great iitipttaalou tbreoghoat the 
— — — ^-ja^Aa: to-piavtoc to 

Assared For Torooto By Siea, The 

Aa. todepcadent theatre la to be ti e c t e d ca '4 
BtohBoad..aBd . Vletnrla streets in Ttenobn. 
CuL, ta M. Shea, the well-kaown Taademie- ^ 
manager. Work, wm begin In ApiU. and .tbe a| 
iKrasa.wIII be completed In time to opcB ahoat ^ 
C&izia^naa. "> - 

, Ste deinlla for tbe pnrcbaae of ttm: m ap 
Mr were eenpleted laat week, ne alto *or 
tta aew hoaae coat tig, 000 It baa a tteatoge 
of IdO feet on Blctamood aticct and 90 teet « 
'VIetocto street, or a total of lt,1M ataaie - -'V 
feet oo which a theatre mating betwcea glMh- 
000 end (100,000 wm be bollt. It U aald lhat. >: 
the new boose win hare tbe largcait aislliig 
capacity ot any theatre in tlie eUr- 

"Wlaen completed, Mr. Shea -wm tara— tteo.;-. 
hoaae orer to the Independent people. ,-<bi.f^<J 
Shea wHX cdatlDoe to nm bla theatre to 9»r^^i-X 
nata^ to wtdeb tte la preoenttag TaadeTlIle^-' '.^'^ r^:, 


IbMy aet a^ip5 ri3*< wBr^*S to^^t^^\^ ' 
atiuuicBta to tlie recent Sre that dcattayed vho 
Bljao Thsatra. Bdelt. WIic, aa he to 'orce. the,: 
l^i^^ be did aot cany a hentor toaBtaaeor 

V .inito. to OUeoflo a. <inr. 'wa«tta;.beto(o'-ihe 
Jbe^ ho tnaaicd bto aaaaieal liialiiiiasiito tar 
^00 to , the NcrUi Srttlah * Meteaatfle laa. 
■Oo. threagh Ssbit Brown, the taafc i l lle acea^ 
ht the aaae time proolslBg Mr. Bacowa tbat 
be WQOld. take, oot an addiUanal glJOO to.A' 
week or ao. Bowerar, tbe Bljoa r 
'nned and wbea Mr. Benaoa reeetred 
*>c tSOO he tnarfdeted hkaaatt 
>t._aot hoTlng taken oat tto 

It '«aa.too;.toto. . • .«»^is: 


Ttie Billboard 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 


tS Ozaodon 

Uondon Rialf o 

n ft .w 

TeL Garrmrd. 

Tele. Brcnthor. 



■ ' XCEIPTING a new ballet 

■ the ABiAinbrx, there ttA-re been no 

■ ^ new prodDCtlou In tta« Bilgiit-lixlit 
P y dlitzlcc tUs week. Xoor conopon- 

duit (trapped Into Uie ABiamlm e*il7 
OS Wnmday «jDa nt the whole ahow oat. 

After the preUmliuuT belle t. a eondenied 
Terebm of Vj Ltdr NIcodnc. tlie flnt tarn 
wB> Joe O'Qocman. ramaikable onlj for bis 
"aioet atncec* natcerr" ot the tnlmltaWy Oca. 
Fuller Golden. !«> Peres ace foar 
an WBk at once on a 


who have been. ia. tkaf aletM. «ad an irte have 
heard Oiem vHI . i WW Will thdr nBUkable 
voice*. The Tetter "BMtas ' do « aom jwt- 
poorrl act In the eostsaMS of here Ida. The 
plctnze marhlTW U ^ring Joimle Dewar's wMa- 
kejr aboot the beat "hooae* that can be imag- 
ined. A flfteen nlnate Urn depicts the pro- 
eeas of menirfeetnrlDg Scotch Jaj ttom reaping 
the barler to drinking the health of the Kins. 
It la an Intercstlnc and InatnctlTe Aim and 
one of a aetlee pnidneed b7 the Utbaoota people 
which are. very popular in thla conn try Jnat 
DOW. Of coorae, the "bis" ahow of the eTea- 
Ing was the sew ballet, Parlslana, which (In 
spite ot the fog wUch penetrated ererj cor- 
Der oC -the theatre) shODe oat with a wonder- 
fnl gkm ot eoler. 

The Alhamhra baa rarely, if erer, dressed a 
ballet mote teaotl folly, and the taoalc waa ex- 
Par the cailiae at thx 
Ua beat 

_ , _ _ Into 

the bosOInc ercnta a£ Cte eU Xaiket plane of 
ParU and the diaMaakifrt.r Ao^ of a later 

Tbe ballet bestns wUh a aceoe in Pazla at 
the time of the BcTolntlon. Then, it paaaes to 
a lanadry In 1830; In which .Vfllp. Jane May. 
who wlU always be remembered for ber per- 
rormuicn In BnfUt Piodl(ae, appears in some 
Ingenlooa pantomime- Thcxkoe it proceeds to 
a aeeoe in tba farnona shop, the Ptintempa. at 
the present dv and a accne ootslde the Bonrse. 
im* Ifsx appeadnf as a jiipin to a Henri 

Mvne^ -tbcv to a Latin Qaaxter . Oazvet. and 
flaaQr «• a .imnflmr ■ Bie eloalns secaa shows 
Ik* -Wild znida (fsr. wilder thu a» cesUlr. 
kr tte war) dC tb* aaBaal^Mt at HeoUlr. 
mlcb. aloaa is qnit*~.MN|bc % 


A couple of successful sketches Just 
pndneed an Onace NeU and Hana. 

Xbe faoDcr Is another Tcraton of the life ot 
Nen OwyBH. flisrles H. Is limrtilnK in the 
gnlootjn^^ift^ OMagjwattlt^ftgJM. 

rlTcs at the Ian dlagnlKd as Omce NeU 
from the Dnur I«IM Theatie. OadcaTs pa- 
tience la alnwat obaastsd Iv " 
aace ot NeU and Jto IB ' 

jjt^^TSt It 

haa kerrowed her 


AccordliiK to tbe Rlalto. a well- 
known anthorlty on flnance. the daya of many 
pzoTlnelal theatres, pnbUely and prlrately 
owned, are nnmbered, nnleaa an amalsamatlon 
of Interests takea place on the Ilnee of the 
Hon Empire. Ltd. We ai« quite aware that 
the heavy percentages wtiieh prorUtdal man- 
acera hare to pay on popolar London aocoeaaes 
preelBdes their wwfctny anything bat a mini* 
mom profit, bot for oar part, we are afraid 
the Blalto la bardly aware of the eonOictlnc 
Interests at work, which woold make an amal- 
gamation on tlie Moas plan very dlfllcnlt ot 
rsallaatloa. Bobcrt Axthar, wbo la nuinlag 

aabBiks and In 
an InqaaltlTe 

tte artlats, the special 

•taS, the occhcatra and 

. _ _ — ^ , 

A WBEIINIS niMf bubotb 

ballel^ a zylophona 

tenet aiw IntsodDead witk splendlfl 
I flnaie of elccttlesl mnsiliiatlon is 

~At Ibe fsn «C. ttie cnrtain Mile. Jane M«y 
lece l ve d sev eral wen deflerred call backs, and 
f**'*"* WUson. the prodacer ot Parlalana. was 
loodlx caUcd Ibr, y^^^g** farther than leading 
XUe. liay cs' ouee more be modestly retrained 
It is a Tc:^ long time since 
■ ■ a.ballet 

The weather- Just now Is so typical 
of "Venr Chrlatmas t&ne" that trost-blttcD 
caza and fog-tortnred Imiga are ever remind- 
hig one that ttm first half of the present theat- 
rical season Is - slmost completed. .There has 
been any mnnber of new ptodactlooa, both 
grave and gay. Some has. aooxed great sac- 
cesaes and it- la only when' yon oome to re- 
flect npon fiiem that yos realize bow tew of 
them have been really Imptesaive. One has 
taken op a seat at mia play or that, langhed 
a Uttle. thrined a Uttle. and o mslnnsn y sor- 
rowed a little; hat that baa been the end of 
It- 'Dm nazt — ^'^^'^^t there haa been nothing 

teres hilng at the tlalt except pabaps tbe pro- 

— to 


ttj^dbiUy ^^at la thCM days moat 
people Uto ' ttelr plays bnUt in that my. bat 
tbe two or three exceptbns were welcome 
enooslu and one ot tlie brigbtest was Ber- 
narll Shaw's play that Is not a play — UAjoi 
Baitaxa. Too may not always agree with 
Xr. Bbaw, bat yon temesiher him. Yon even 
tZT to T****. fate azgnmenta for your own sat- 
iataetion. which Is praoC enoagb that he leaves 
an ImprcsstoB. It la pleaJa g .^ tbeietee , to 

b»*be pnt into 1few>Ma?ab'i|h» 4tat-<sa Mew 
Teats . Day.. 


Harlekln Koenlg. a romantic drama 
by Bandolpbe Xothar. has been played tlirongb- 
oat Germany, the home of its origin, and many 
other c uuutAl ea with coosplcooas Bncceas- The 
story is ingenSons and yon t rntn etzoog dram- 
atle qaaUtlea. The action U laid in Italy 
Amw^w^ tbe sixteenth- centn^, and tiie play 
start» with a aingnTsrly powsrtnt s i t s st v m 
Prtnee Bolwrninnd, son at, tlie celgnlnr Uac;' 
,.wh» Haa at .tbe point oC dcalk. ~ 

Spiiiu; and Spring and Bosle Carlo, champion 
present pLaylog a successfiil engagement at the Ijoni 
sion in America a bright and prosper oo s new year. 

to' the 

J attached to Colnahlae. Bat 

'tovea Harleqaia. and Oe latter in order 

to aare liis sweetheart from bis icsster's ad- 
vanoes. plonges a dagger Into the Prince's 
faemrt. Almost slmaltaneon^y the King dies, 
and to the Barleqaln there aeems no other wsy 
oat ot the energehey bnt to aasnme the man- 
tel of the nmrdered Prince to whom be bears 
a ' strong resemblance. AH this' takes . plaoa la 
the first act. and prn villus, as aay ■'■MC- 
tned, a ♦t.>n»i»if point of dspMM-^fK-likat 
la to follow. 

The pisy has been adapted for the wn^wat. 
sta«e hj Lonis N. Parker, and Lewis WeOer 
ban anugcd <ar it to tollow Altted Satso's Ska 

tbe InbaiaB. Bat IWn ariacin ataaiB get 
bOMk JBtJg^MttMBjtfaM Ml VlQ^, 

vlvcdoos Uttle dainad. Orange WfSl tben takes 
her departnre, Init returns in aU tbe Hatr of 
satin, lace and feathers, and ia lost in time 
to p te »eut I«cd Hedhnrst tram being arrested 
for not paying his bm, bla parse having been 
y when dtagolsed. After singing 

— ^adea, fee ■coHlacs to 
h Aa oiqitaaaeaL In ve- 
to bar -amt and «al7 seqoeat' «( tbe 
Lt, lie decjsTss tm wXQ bond a b o ui e tor 
oM soldiers oo tbe vary spot wliere Ibey are 
at Obtiaea. And so with this ot^ 

la bdoved fay iiisiid. a yonng ' 
ueiat; whose Intenttons ueTbaaonbia, and Ibe 
yoong eonple ate to be married. One evening 
to Nana's dressing-room comes Armand's fa- 
ther to ten tbe actresa that the parents ot his 
dao^ter's fiance threaten to break olf tba 
match noless Armand l e uuiiuc es tbe aetrea. 
Ts preserve tbe happiness ot ber lover's (htber 

and slater. Nana toiBa Armand** lov* to tiatred 
hr dsrlsHnr tbat At has sold herieU to a 
etriain dlasolote Coimt. Later we see Nana 
heartbroken and dying ta bet own apartments, 
whence comes Armand with the a«ws that hu 
tether has relented. Bat It is too late, and 
•afs aom. An tba aame— 
,^ . J» 

pantoalme in Ladon Is alx we^; In the 
proTlneea It I* fnoB tea to twdve weeka, and 
tloa £1X000 «• gia^OOO has to be takea at 
tta itssaa Is fcti a ymv af 

sso &ss^tt?iSSf1i^il^ 


It would seem tliat Mr. Forbes Rob- 
ertson's lock Is "dead oat," for no sooner had 
it beeome evident that Mrs. Gnmdy 1> capable 
oC atUactlng pl ajg uai s to that palace In Slnm- 
dHk «bSi7%dn'Aaa|lB^ Ibot Mr. BoOertson 

mm^mMmmtbftb'Mltmi^- -wut now be has 
boM ortn* to woraMt by bia pbysi- 

Hews has Inst arrived of a •plendid sbcccss 
acUsvad by V. W. Wyndbaa'a pantoaslaw, Al- 
at tta Boyal — " 

been tfeo tdk et.i 

We TCgrst to aaaoaace tiiat early PMday 
saeaiste at Badntol. Edith Morria, tha wife, ot 
the wcil-feaewB salmil trainer, poisoned hcr- 
selt by drinking carhoUc add. At the In- 
quest a verdict ot "Solclde while of onsooad 
- - waa rendered. Deceased waa fanaany 

A telegram from Berlin states that 
It is possUde that Mr. Beerbolun Tire and bla '- 
company win pay a visit to Germany in AprU. 
A pioiMMal to tMa effect haa been made by the . 
Director of the Boyal theatres ot Berlin to ,.' 
Mr. Tree and It U soggtsted that the plays - „ 
prodoced at the' New Opera Hooie shonld be •j!i;^--t 
Jnllaa Caeaar, The Tempest, Blchard UL. and .^sT^y^ 
A Wtetsra Xala, and thattte toar abogdja-. , .-v - r 

the neat 
tbe £st Ha*' 

ft^mrt^ lasso Von^ fla tlw part od. Abl 
Botb «t wbOD aeorsd aplanflMij at tha 

■ ■ ORAMATie - 

Notes from A Poor Ildauon CoL i-On ■ 

Christmas morning in Keokok. la., tto. —j; -- 
bers of the company vrere royally r rmembei ed 
by the management in the form of a CSirlst- ' 
mas tree wtilch was loaded down with oaefol 
and coatly presenta. Tkt show has been play- 
ing to packed hoosea aloac tbe Una, and. a,. 
Merry Zmii It waa. Tbe CBnaaar tadadca 
Lee J. Kellaffl. Bdwta Wales, T.^ McP o st n igb . 
Jao. Bom, Was K a t fee ri a e . Hwaa. Htiaa^ ja. 
cat, ICabrt Taek Ooald. Bssabsna bxvb^ JtaBi ; 
Stsndlsb. Lottie Paikcr. A Wbodcr. MwlO - 
Wallace. Boland Wallace, Uttle Kstberine and 
Little Boberta Myers. 
Notes from John Stowe's Ten Kishts 

In a Bar Boom Co.: We are now In oar twen- 
tieth week, and have almost completed oar 
California campaign. Btuinefls baa been good 
and we liave tiad capadtT in a good many 
towns. Onr orchestra and .band, onder tiie 
leadership ot Profa. Hadley and Bay wortb. .ate 
being contlnnally Improved, We sbttt S cannie 
has succeeded Mr. iBargawer as iiiuestalallM . 
and has been vcit saee 
doasa Asr. T at tha 

CoL. ni w mm wt 

The roster of Gordon & Bennetfa 
A Boyal Slave Co. Is as followa: OoL C W. 
Boberta, manager; J. Henry >Blee, 

D. Stanchileld, masteal dli a chw ; 
Kinney, stage i iiiisatfr; IDale 
Alfred BowUnd, fcaaln I^rttaai. 
Lewis, nn Jtean ■nao'kJBIijb _ 

E. DeWm. Ban^ a-:.Jaalfc ir. .T. 
Jofan Boberta. ncd Ck^c,' H 
Harry . White and Alvin George. 

Kajie. Shlpman & Colvln have ae- ■ 
cored from Fred Zimmerman. Ir.. tiiroogb bla 
agent Sanger & Jordan, the rigbt to pttidooe 
Dorothy Temos of Baddon Hall next seaaon. 
These managers goarantee a season 0< .thirty 
weeks. They iiave not yet decided- npcB wha- 
will appear in the piece, bnt tber base gMIr 
anteed that an actress of natfcmsl rebate aball. 
interpret the leading role. 

The Electric Dome Co. laid off In ■ 

MayvlUe, Mich., Ctirlstmas week. They opened 
this week with the following roster: O. B. 
GUman, proprietor and manager; Bob Noble. . 
comedian; Barrett Sisters. Ethyl Jodd, Henry 
Ball, Chas. Bomalne, Mand Perkins and Harry 
Scott's klnetograph. 

During the engagement of the King' 
of Tramps Co. in Norristown. Pa., Manager 
Jos. M. Jacobs was entertained by iila brother 
Morris M. Jacoba, The a wllMi a r d uaiespun d ea t 
for Notrlstowa. sad hr a awaber oC iran per- 
sonal trleada. 

Tbe Sltes-ffllbcrt ttorthem SttM 
Stack Os. haa esnplated ita Oa ns J Isn toac, ' 
la now playlat Bow HaiDgahlcc. Xbe caa- 
is hsadad *c Ihr OinM. atna wkHfe It 

Tim Murphy Inaugurated Ms revival 

of A Texas Steer at the Valentine Tbeatre; 
Toledo, Ohio, Ctirlstmas Dsy. Oorathy Shesrod . 
sppeared in Bossy. Mr. Maqpto has OCC 'aMe- 
temporarily iila prodni lis— .aC - A. O ar ni l la '. 

Coffee and David Gtrrlek. 

The head stage carpenter at the 
Boyml Opera House, Vienna, haa been dls-':^ 
charged becanae, daring an ^ ti lllat - atom : 
scene, he let a heavy thimder <imF:p(U aa''- 
two actoca, severely ln)nrlny tb««a;y J; ; '.'--; 

! lal Graane widt'lil 

Jfartln G. MUVauvilBr.tlliS past two 
yean agent tor tba 'CtaiOCiMttaie Bcpertoiro , 
Go., haa dosed with that - cftanlsatioii, and is 
now resting in Akron, Ohio. ^ 

Wm. Y. Mong na s closefl n ia ciay'< 

■bortly. L 

The Arrival of Kitty opened Christ- 
mas Day at Hsmlltnn. Can., .after a: wcek'a 

Mond Gilbert la 

The Sterling 
rood hoeiness la ' 


- .f/i/i-'Sr/,;-:.: 

rtrasLT . pbbsomax. 

The latoat addition to the Spring 
Chicken caste It Miss Harlan Winchester, who 
enjoys the l e yuta M o a of being the most bean- 
tifn l woooan la Barope. Twelve monttis ago 
- - al to 

TlM Harrlaon Brotbim - -Mlnstrelat.' ,. 
Ins SdSBlaslppl, Alabaau and' Qcocgia oa-' ' 

canvaa, report phenomenal h iii liw . -Vol-' - 
jw Is their Meter: O. Pierce, -ataaager; A^ : . 
W. Cane treasBier; Q. D. Tarboz. in chart;- .' ':';' 
ot reoerra and cooeert ' tldteta; - A. PellaiMo, 
Bobt. rrank. A. LaoOrea. C. Derverges. J.-r^f-; 
Lewis. J. fieaves. A. Bennndea. EL' Benson. 7,> 
0. ghottit. Ulu gbottU. A. KlinbtU. Mln T; "v • 
Pipin, Miss B. Wistilngtm, Miss Horoe, W.<r~ 
Henderson, Jim Hiltoo and Sany Mitchell. " 

Beach & Bowers' Minatrela rested In •i;". ■ 
m.. wMk et.Oee._BI, and opoMd tb(M '-..' 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

Xhie Billt>oap<l 


.■■:'.f i ^.i'-.'--y.-.«--r .V -•. 




-jjientDWD, P>., Ju. A. 
M^'Vew York City. Ju. 8. 
M n iiito . HanTi Feorla. HI.. Jtmurr. 
Oolt. Unit. Belle, wlUi Tbeodore Ttaomsa. Lon- 

doa. EaC'. Jan. &■ 
Bent. Ktbel. BaltUnorfc^Md- JawMjr. 
DBnmloi. NelUe. t»m.'M vammf . C M ^: 

Iiutn Ju. 14. 
Sfatthetr*. Jobn, New Zork Clt7. JUIUIT. 
Stub, John. Streator, 111., Jul. 7. 
Corti*. S. O. F.. The Onljr War. C hicag o^ HI.. 

gmtB. Samoel B.. 6aa BMttct** OkCMk IMt 

Cic/, Fla., Jan. 12. 
Lee, Cbaile*. Canton. Pa., Jan. 8. 
Unier, Benj., Dixon, HI.. Jan. 16. 
rrench. Lerar J. Fieocb. nunager Pcck'i Bad 

BoT, Horton. Kan., Jan. U. 
Boalawlewa. Uoseow, RuaaU, Jan. T. 
Bnmni, SIsnor, Loa Anselea, OaL, Jan. 18. 
frU'^'", Mra. Beclna, Padneali. Ky., Jan. 13. 
Wame. Mia* War, Uajestle Bnrlaqocn, 77 

Grand at, Jertey City, N. J., Jan. 7. 
IManIo, Oenftiecoa. Coba, Jan. 14. 
Qaald, Jos. P., PhlladelpUa. Pa.. Jan. IT. 
■t. cyr. Hairy Bncenc, Oimail Stock On.. Ao- 

Wn. M. X.. Jan. 21. 
tlMehcr. Uw.. tictnMi of BHaaiay Sktatai. 
Hew Zotk City. Jan. IS. 

~ w. a, A CUeasB Ikaapw Hmt Or- 
T-i _ Jan. 22. 

Axch. HartCocd Jan. lOu 

Am. W., Gtalcasak fn.. Xn. ' 

_ . . tOL. 

apttnw, Hinr. Mmt S«k OHr> Sa. 

Mfrardi. KM, Nat BclM flknlMi CM, 1 

Tex., Jan. tk. 
JeMea, AlbctL Nat Bete Omttal Ooi,. B 

Piao, Tez.. Jan. 21. 
o-oeu. Kate, Hn.. Jan. B. 
Feraeil. yohn. H. L. Clarfc'a dteo*!, Olbaoa 

aty. La., 7an. 2S. 
Sayder. Chaa. Bdir., Xandc. Ind., Aa. tL 
Daly, Beniy F., New York Ctty. Jan. 20. 
Cooper, Jta. H., Pateraon. N. J., Jan. 24. 
Deatrlck, P. B., afartlnabacK. Ta.. Jan. 37. 

Oale. .Mn. Loer, naiklB. W- TT M. 

Hooey, Geo, The GM BkM Bv^f It. " 
Mo., Feo. 2. 

Tan. BeabOT S., manacer ColonUl Tbeatic, Ak- 
ron, c t\e<>. 4. 

Mdnne. Mra. A. B.. UasnoUa, Ark., Feb. 4. 

SmlUi. John. Janeanne, Wla., Jan. SO. 

Wetster, Charlei. Keyport. N. jr.. Jannary. 

Bsn, Jaa. E., 8t. Paol, Ulnn., January. 

Oltaey, Nellie. BoelBer Stock Co.. Jefferaon 
City, Mo., Feb. 10. 

gdt laa Ten. Chicago, in., Jan. 28. 

Broi, Prof. Geo. B., Uaaon aty. Feb. 

IBmt Mortta. New York City. Pebmary. 

*. Col. Cottli, SbelbyTllle, 111., Feb. 17. 
"•»;,Mi«. J. P.. Bedlaods, Cal., Febmary. 

Albert. Bluff ton, Ind., Feb. 10, 
*■■. Geo, Flood Tide Co., Canton, O., 

^^^■08, _WlU O.. stake manacer lUeaoIey'a 
llMatoB, Iwgrme. Ky.. Feb. 10. 
WJ". ."lapiy «Mn. Berlin. Ocrmany, Feb. 18. 
251* Philadelphia. Pa.. Feb. 2L 

SK**^ •^"'o Bomanl Co., Detroit. 
Inn. 17. 

' ntk i WJ. Oonnerarllle, Ind., Feb. IB. 

A.. Bocbeater. N. Y.. Feb. 94. 
- MUton, Miaa.. Feb. 17. 
^ «i^-w_?l-*'«" ««««, Keith's Xbas- 


•J?* »kb. 27. 

j^"' 10*° * .?!**^- *•* ««»•• 

aS^ tS^- Vo^SoineiF, W. flu IhMll 8, 

!^Yoe2*Si-.y.'^?"S- """^ 

■^«». Bobert. Ulnncapolla. Minn., March 

■«"Jt*0B Nat Betas fcnikata OunMal Ofc. 
naona. caL, Mank IS. ■ 

-J".. March 18.^^ . 
"jnj. Ifatt L. Chlcaw. . 
•Kh. Olrl of a 

bJS? SJy- »'««''. — - - 

™pln, Wm. T.. San FraneHco, Cal.. March 

Wtltei 8.. PhUadelphta. Pa., Kartt, 
««ker. Wo. A.. New Rochtile, N. T.. llsSji 

Becker, Geo., New 
Martin, Tom, Joabna 

lU. Minn., afarch 25. 
Webb, Jodaon C, Omaha, Neb., MarA. 
BIcka, £meat A., State manacer Plnab Opera 

Hoose. Stieator,' U.. MaiA SI. 
I«on. MsiF 'iUl^ JfetteM^ IB* liacfk 28. 
Waldmn. BM^ — »'^'*—«',- " W''**Htn i D. C, 

April 1. 

Croxton, P. A., prep. Croxton Opera Honie, An- 
gola, Ind.. March. 

BoDtwell, H. 0.. 8t. Loall. Mo.. Uardi 5M. 

Sanfoid, Itools P.. Ban l>iiirlsc» Oil , Mardi 

Kltamora, Klso, KltamBm ■ H oit>^ I *8l w n it . 
Ky., AprU 7. 

WUklnioD. Jas. E., HslllMMfc Mi,, jtasfl 2. 

Debrow, Albert Banpir INBi*l)r Oli,,^^s st en, 
Ban.. April 4. 

wnilman, Frank, btulneaa manager New Gar- 
den Theatre. McAlester. I. T., April. 

mniami. WlUey, Dearer, Col., AprU. 

Ulea. Mra. Annie. Ft- Smith, Ark., April. 

UcCnllonsh. Dan., Plttiborg, Pa., AprlL 

Mitchell. G. Frank. Brooklyn. N. Y.. March SI. 

Iden. Wm.. Salem. O., March 18. 

Andrews, Mra. Oeo., Wanaan, Wla., AprO. 

CraTen. B. T.. Ensland'a oldcat actor. AprU 

Crabtree, Mary Ann. New York City. April 11. 
Braham. Dave, New York City. Apia U. 
Batch. Mrs. Wm. BfllJ, . |!8k -IL IC 

AprU 12. 
Qmsley, (Malar. 

Chicago, ni, A^n T. 
Beck, Zionla and wtlli^ ' 

Keltli't PhOaddpUa. 
JegtuoB, Joacpb, Bala . 

. Sbeatre, 
•t' «td)e«tra at 

j^lgr IB. 

^« fl as. 

AprO 22. ^' 
HttU. BanF 8.. Banram fle WslliF 

Toik ctty. April 20. 
Chariea WlUred W., ticket seller 

tre. FUst, Hlcb., AprB 14. 
MeOwen. Wm., To ong atown, O., April SO. 
W. W. Tlllctaan, BUe. OoI.. AprU 23. 
Banrenberg, Wm., Tfanaaa City. Mo.. Aptll. 
Stengel, Prof. Emll. Berlin. Germany, May 4. 
Shlpmao. Wm., Wltfilta, Kan.. April. 
Boone, Edwin fi.. Boone-YakI Co., Lexingtan. 

Ky.. May 5. 
Weaver. Geo., minstrel. DoQUOln. ni.. May 8. 
Piatt. Geo., Oswego, N. Y„ April SB. 
UcFadden. Geo. F., DenTcr, IBft, M^- Vi. 
Bnderlck, Joa. P., A Clilsiss HMMvasn Co.. 

Aurora, m.. May 10. 
Jerds, Edoardo Bnblnl Swlnfln. Chleaeo. Dl- 


HacCtean, Wallace. New York Qtr. Kay. 
Arnold. Cksa, KapflM. %B.^ Ibr-V 
Sbnbcrt. .miwaW'.-SBlHMii^-ltli.. May 

12. . ' *^*«.>»..l.c. 

Da*)*. Jessie Bartlett. Cbleaso. IB.. Jaiv"14. 
Follork; FTtd. B.. Hon ft Smlik OlWlist Co.. 

Indlanapolla, Ind., May 10. 
Farley. Mrs. Mary C, New Orlesas, &a., Kay 


Blalch, Chaa. J., Newark, N. J.. Kay 18. 
Bishop, Thomas Brlgham, Philadelphia, Pa., 
May 15. 

Bener. I.ndnillia Knpter, Vlewia, Anatrla. 
May 14. 

DaTldsoB. iTor. Roseoe. Midn., May, 
S^oendien. Amalle. Berlin. Ger.. May 23. 
Bailey, Arttrar, -. Banram tc Bailey Show, AI- 

lentown. Pa..^ afay. 
Barnes, Fred., CleTeland. O.. May 22. 
Fnlton. Bnbt.. Chleagei, III.. Ofay 38. 
Stewart. Baaa Joy. PIttsbarg, Pa., Jme 1. 
Mason. Kacr C Chlra. HL. May. 
_ _ _ -mkimm, St. Baal. 

ttem T«tk 

Merts. B. B., mumm», J.. Mky. 
Oallachcr. SEaltaw, ~ ' 

MtaaeapoUs, SRaa.. Kay ST. 
fltoAer, Xia. OsH, 7 i <i 8 lii^ l lir t bd.. Kay 98. 
fltaidea, Beitiert, Lawnace. Ham. Jnoe. 
Babcrta, ARert 'B.. Newark, N. J.. Kay IS. 
Oraecsb OaL Uw. K.. part msMgr BtetfOra 

Op era Btass. BSitfacd, Owin,, *«Bh8 1. 
Miner, Oscar F.. nnactf Albaain tttatoe. 

vnwankcc. "WIi., Jtme 1. 
Baehanan. Borace Edgar, Camp Keys, Wis.. 

Jose 6. 

Fnraaaa. Boht. W., Uaeoln. Neb., Jon* X. 
Bone. Josephine. New York CItF. Jhaa. 
Bmnlet. Cbarles. BintflBC Brslkna^' Show, 
BprtegMi. I toss, J Ji*. 

^Si^SP Ills —ft nr. F ii aium OU., 

Bayden. Wm.. baloonlst. Wa t eH wu y. Ooan., 
ynne 12. 

Flalkowaki. lAnli, New Tsik XS O, t mt. 
Tecnan. Jn^J B^ >fc^^yJi8|MHL ^ 

Jnne 20. _ 
Etnck. I<. M., theatrical mantger. Mentor O.. 

llmie 21. _ 
FteldhiK, W. 7.. Bielunottd. Ik I.. JBne 2T. 
Bandoek. Wanasas. I ials j IB st JQr- 
Bmisdie. ImIs. «t ~ 

Ida.. Jose. 

Oneea, Harry M., Coyahoga Falla, O.. Jmm tt. 
Orant. Thos. D.. San Joee, CaL. Jane SO. 
Brink, Edwin S., Flora DcToas OSn AaUaad. 

■Wis.. Jnne 29. . 
Monuwo. Jii.^nriWiWJi, 
llerkle, raaderine p ei ft i n ner . iMir . x«R Clly. 


KlttteAnj^^^WMter. Ma i uW siiid^ffcjlU^SW^ 
July i«. 

J3WW 31, CBMMl Jkto m. 


nencr. wngiana. ^ut^ 4. 
rner, Geo. YlnecBt. mngtarmtoa. H. Z» Jtaly. 
U. H. J.. Toroato, .C8fc. _Ji^..y . 
rior, Geo. B., lMO"'ShPa% nMaBIODi 

Clements, Baymood, Stereos tf MNHSas 

Bloe Moond, ni., July 8. 
ahonr, Colombns. 0„ July IS. 
MltcheU, Bra, CUtk BUI. Conn.. Joly. 
PblUloD. Mary Belle. Akron. C, Joly IB. 
earner, Jacob W.. Fnlton. N. Y.. laly 9SL 
Ryan, Asthoay, Taodenilc perfonMr, 
<weU's Island, «. Y.. Joly. _ , 
Grade. Big Oecege. AOantle CUT, .tU ArJWy 
Corey. Mlaals Kay, Ciareaa«aSk'~I..'S>' mat S8. 

BcdBMad. Arttor. BlaSUaB 

Mg. — - 

part; M. Jtfly 18. 
Dairttt. Jneephlne. nodeTille performer, 

Chester. Savand. Jnly;^! 


Kan., Ang. 2. 

Patterson. A. W., HawBiotns Show, Waco, 

Tex., Jnly. _ 
Bobens, Nicholas, Bedtord, Vs., Ang. 9. 
JMCown, Lonls Albert, Laacaater, O., Ang. 9. 
Ban. EI chard G., New York City, Aog. 10. 
Bnms. Chaa., Big City Taodertlle Co.. Beatrice 

Neb.. Ang. 8. 

Bardlman. Frank, tieasnrer Etastac's Th(8lse. 

New York City, Ang. U. _ 
TUlman, I«o, balloonist, Great Alsmo BbOWS, 

Hortoo. Kan., Ang. 8. 
Frost. Cbas., Amboy, «. T.. AagS.B. 
Wynne, Bobt, AUaBtie, OUF.' cIL^X,: AaB.-Jie. 
Dalley, Ml*. ' Mcr'\r..'- BH8«Mfe8tr'' IT.: V.. 

Aug. 14. '■' - • ■ ■ \- ■ > v>- • .. 
DeBarry, Henry, BiuuUfB, < Mi ; T. 
Bemdon, Walter , manager .Wast 

ansmie. Ind., Aog. 21. ■ ' 
Nentwlg. Ben}. Bicbard, Kansas City, Ma„ 

Aas. 21. 

MacOonald. Thos. B., Georgia Barper Co., Tli^ 

glnla City, Ne».. August. 
Banley, Lawrelce, Loa Angeles, Cal., Ang. 28. 
WhlUock. Frederick. Dtiea. N. T., Aoc- 80. 
Tamagno, naneesco, Varesc. ItalFi AajBg- SI. 
Seaman, Son. Down the Pits 0*., CHmaad. 

O., Aug. 21. 
Frieae, Stella, Uma, O., Aug. 21. 
Barry. Mrs. Thomas, Plermont, N. Y„ Ang. 24. 
Coe. Miss Sadie K.. San Flandseo, CaL, .Aog. 

S4. ii^<'»i:^._L-:i- 
Morrison. John, John S^afe8-,H08t» MaBt-Bncy. 

Pa., August. 
Andrea, B. B.. FortoMotb. 0., Angast. 
Franklin. Barry K.:; I<e« Angdca. Cel.. Sept. 8. 

Bellua, A. ""K, Map o i asi i . <kf ' BVi^' ' 
Brooks. P. U, ' llieir Orleans. Xm^ SspC S- 

ZeiUln. — — 

Blake, GeoW - 
Dnke, Ibtoela. 

otoeia. FU&aar.'aBA Dikak nnadei- 

, Mh^ iMb B(B(F>' Smf>' H'>''T., .flspt. 

IBeit-iiL H.; queasn._lll,. fUgt. ja^ 
i>iiicer..,£^j; .iicasn Bras.': now; St. XaafiL 

Oinla^v^BEf Mew York Cliy. Sept. U. 
BopBK^lba. Nenie Bmee. of the Xoor Avcnaa; 

ranrni M. D,. Bent 9. 
McOatCtey. Benry, BaltlnMie, Kd.. September. 
Hndies:' Wm. F. A., Sidney,. Anstralia. Aug. 

18. - _ . 

Bawes. O. C Boblnaon AmaaaaasBt.Oo.. Btyan. 

O., September. i_?vil. V ■''..'<^ ■ 

Oinesple. LUllan Long, Alsla SMBB Cku; Bklla- 

delphU, Pa., Sept 12. 
Thornton. Mrs. A. O.. Mansfield, O., Sep- 


Deeker.~'01ef F., Snnerlor. Wis- Sept. 20. 
IdiwRBce. Blla. ladlahapolia. Ind-. Sept 9<. 
White, lew, St laonla. Mo., September 2S. 
IMWitt Aarao. BaMimore, aid., Sept. SO. 
Pembertoa. -BArar. Broadway, Woreesterahire, 

Bnr.. Sept. .28. 
Wood. DaTe B., manager A Boyal Slaye .Co., 

Coshncton. O.. Sept. -80. ... 
LJtt. Jacob. New York City,. Sept 27. 
Sebenk, Kmest DeOaav and , Scteak, Kansas 

City. Mo.. Oct. 9.i ■>■.'■,■■ > ; • 
IMBoIlen. Oscar. pUmm-9mmta^fmKm Task 

City, Oct «. . .v^jj^' vii^^'Sil' i.^ ' 
Major. Bany. m. - Jl | . j tl. j jli, ■■gt. ;% , 
Bannim. MMl ■■■8. .il8iMi:}CKF. 

Oct. 1. : " . " 

Bntuner. Mark I... UaiGaod^ AaiifeiM iSec- 
■trlc Theatre. Florence, Ala^i' INt .iL' , T.' 

Jnhnnm. Alfred. Chteaso.. . flM>jT- /f^l^,. 

Mahoney. Sm tti^g^' j taBM WBtl;. ' iMLt- 

BrlB^AiDouTp -^RdtoV^ ' ^mti ' ^^MBHSHtv •>'■■• - I-i 
Oct 10. 

Mocrlaoa. Geo. B.. Chicago, m.. October. 
Irrtag. Bemy. Bradford. Eng.. Oct IS. 
BeiKer, Wm.. Wew York {aty. Oet. 10. 
Myvrs. Fred- Chicago. BL. Oet It 
mikert Arthur. S t Lon la. M o.. Oet 1 9. ^ 
Rellls. Chaa. B.. W 1>*IMS. OuauJU SsM. T. 
VanOstnnd. Jas.. U&m MBt tB tfc a* 
Tirlor. UMiBiaa. aaaaMK Mk mt^m. xaaa. 

O.. Get 19. „ . . -L^-'^ 
OTTrn, SatUerB, MnHtegwi. ■ MM fc. 9t tt a»» 
Bemandes, Monte. Grand OiHk flMBi; .<!•>' 

ctnnatt O.. Oet. 19. _ . ^ 

Bnrceaa. OoUn. Toronto, On., October. 
Bookont G. B., 8t Joseoh. Mo.. Oet. 18. 
BoTd. Chaa. W- ABee FtsAer Oo- Qniney. HL. 

October. _ _ 

ThrewB. laa. J_ Saratoga. N. "Y^ Oct 8. 
Baidey. Mr*. Uxsle BaAdor. WaAiastto. D. 

c Oct. 10. 

Nnomaa. WeDIe, Hew Tatk 01^. Ort. i^ .. ' 

- - MmeMMtc O... Oel. ~ 

■iliH.'^Ita^ "SiaB'. : Ohdaea. 4IaaB.. Nev. .^-^ 
Osofeeil JUkB. New ToA Qity, Nor. — . ' ' 
Bosmk.-Kaz. Odnnftoa. O.. Nor. 8^ '« 
MeABistar. Daws. SelU A Downs Show. Oar- 

terrUIe, Ga.. Nor. 10. 
Lewla. Horace. Brookllne. Maaa., Nor. 10. 
Lawrence. Barry, Bo»y lasy'a Vacatloo, Narii> 

▼Ule. Tenn.. Not. 11. _ 
MatDwatlnc, LUllan, New York OltT, Nor. II. 
bnelUta, MDe., AshUbnla, 0„ Ner.,;,M .. v.- : — 
Smith, iFranUIn H., >treasarer Dq s8 '-TtmlMt . 

Pblladslphla. 9a.. Mov. -U.-~ • 
Mace, Jna Wa'-AMMMjk^Jiaa*; 
McGregor, raMBr.<°i*':m'>'B8»^ t.— ^ 

Not. 22. ' f 

Williams, Saiuh D., PhDadei^la. Pa., NOT. 

Lloyd. Harry G.. Boblnion'a Opera 

cUmaU. O.. Not. .28. - ■ . „ aU - . 
Draper, Idrs. Myrtle, Decatnr, HL, Nor..Jkv.'' 
Sbaittnck, Chaa. F., ..Mew Zoik .dly. Dse;''^; 
Gardner, Annon W.r-'W'atsil*ani>;-.ins- Dee.- 1. 
Jaeqnea, Jean. tbcatrtMl SMMSSIW wateitaBy. 

Comi,. Dee. '4. ■ .'. . 

Jones, Waller {k,,maM, lti^'>V^-_M...^:.--..y 

Bart :WSrW-.S!!ra*.^^A^^ 

^^_._jnrs- Pa.- Opera House, Jan. It ^ 
Snrlasfleld. Mass., Holyoke Opera 9oaa*. JaB..l 
CUson's Kan.. Klk'a Opera Oaut^Jm^lA.:,:: 
Maooo. Ga.. Grand Opera BoosK »s»s3.f f;i 
Ottmnwa, la.. Opera Boose. Feb. ; 
Truer. U., Open Bonae, Feb. 10. _ 
Brookings, 8. D.. Ooam House, Fob. - 
Sloazltalls. e. «.. 5lo»elty TheaOre. Fek. 6. 
^f!""^- ^r~zt ojeM HOnstJsn. 27. 
Butmwam,.aj„ OcsecDt Xheatre. Sv— — 
j^KneTm.^ Opera Hsoae. Kudi.S. 
l^SSStaTo.. cS«n Boose. Maieiil^ . 
Sm^SSaTcal., PWkwlck Theatre. Feb. II. - 
BraanSSr Ind.. Crystal Theatre, F*. «. 
Sedalia. OlOjrOpgaawje;^^*^ 
Penaacola. gl«.^<l|Hia':MS8a fc-^Bag«. 
New York OMf. .-H." :X..^'1»"*""F Tfcsan* 

Iff r g h , — ' 

atewlncke. N. fl-.^Can^. ■ 
Conneaut, O.. Aumtorlum "n^tie, Mai^ «fc 
Waterloo. la., Johnson Electrle Thcatl*; F» 

Mount «. C- OgmHoBSe. KMsfc. 
Borado. H. Y.. Ftrt OMBtre. _ - 
^^^poU^ Minn., Anditotftim Ilwatte.,HsF l.' 
lADdon; Bug.. Waldorf Tbaatic, aisr 
Liberal. Kan, Opera SOoae; KarA. ^ 

Lexington, HI, Opera 

^^."^ °i 'SSS.PSS&.t^ >. . . .. 

^ affio fOMatro; March «. 

J, B^jGnBd Yhsatre. AprU 8. 
rt. J„ Opera ^oae. September, -v ^ ^. ; 
Kaaa., Opera House. My Sft. 
1. T., Opera House, AnU l». . . ; .?- 0. 

■nmmas, O. B., 
CollPB. SenJ. 
Oet 9K. 

Itmia. Ohas.. BaMah. W. O.. Oct 21. 
MontSey. W<Hwr, Herrid Sunare Opera 
Belena. MSBt. _OetI 2T. 

— - -■ 1, Mo.. Oet 80. 

eawtneket B. I.. Oct. 

Tbsaiie; VHlalMtB* Pa.. 


JcS^*ilur?"^t'Swings. .Ark.. Oet. 2n. 
llmi§Btt. Oln. Mande, balloonist Andrrmn 
H. a. How. «. . 

AMm. abvr. PariaUn -Belles 00,, St. Panl. 

HIsB- «et. tt. 
nark. Arftaw New York CItT. Nor. 8. 
Wdd. Oee. S., Itewfcore. N. T, Nor. 1. 
wick. -Andrnr J.. CInelnnatl. Nnr. t9. 
Htm. Wade. SwaHow * Markle'a FloaH^e 

Palace. T<e«f Bl»^. TH.. Wru i^^e. 
% I- Oailca, BaflUo Bm'a WQd West Oas- 

tl«. Fraaee. Oet. 17. _ 
Gray, W*. B» St Obarlea Theatre, New Or- 

T*.. Ma*. — >, 

QMnaral Weila, Tex- Oav W«U T 

TKra'aante. Ind.. Opera Bouac. Bept I.-3 ■ 

Tern Hante. Ind., Coliaemn Thosga. J 
^SaSrwi- Cryrtal Theabe. Iby •. - 
Dixon, m.. Opera Honse, AjS.». 
PortUnd, Ore.. BeUico. It MLSl. , 

a« Fr««i«». ^^^y g^g g^^^^f 
FlalnHeldi N. Xi MW TtlHtM TB8alS^''«Bl»v;. 

O^nd. Cal, Dewey 

Barrlman. Tenn.. PlHwa Bonae, JL : 
Crlpida Cieek. OoL. New S>««Sf* lESf t . V- 

Topeka. Kaa., Opto. 1. ^; 

FMmSoroagb. Can., Opera Booe, Oet. 1. \f 
g^^dTMo.. Opera Hooae. Oct - 
Syj^Sta. Fa..^lennaB Theatre. October. 
SrSSrcaL, Victory T^w. n 
Ssmattabiiix. la.. Opera Hoose. Septembsr. 
SSSe, m.' Oepra Hoose. J"™»7- ^ , 

j£SS^a, Grand ^lerT^ase. ^efc ; 
Ito^toira. W. VaVBwiaher Opera Hoaasi, 

BSSrtlto. m-. Opera Honse, Dee. 1- 
Antioch, CaL, Opera Ho«se.i,3JpT. 1. 
HotSwtaga. Ark.. Hew AndltottaBi. 
SSl5?»rTenn.. Oljn;go«. fcpt » ' • - 
Bkniz caty, I«- Taaderine theatre.. Sept 3;*^ 

Biookfleld. Mo-. Psgtam Opera Hoosejl>a»<;l.#r 
TaylorTflle. IHw^Opfca JHeaae. ^Kor. ^IB. V:,»4V 

■ vj 

Doiath, Mbnu. Omm 
Frcwn. 0»L.>, ?'?*••£. 


DURIMCI TH« YWM^'Or^«0B,..^«|* 

BkUb. H. H.. qement_Opeta Jooae . 3^ 
(Kapawa. Man.. Onb, Ooem Boass. Xsa. -I^i 
^iBlsa. M. Yj. 

karuu. H. -'X.* tt"' ■ 

GUdden. lai. Opera ^ose, Jan. 2».^ 
Plaa>. Tea.. Oolfa Opam. Soaae, we».*. 
Ooatleooke. Q<iebec Ovna Boo^ F*. St. 
MMUaad. Kd., Opaea (Baaae. 
Akx0B.-O., Grand Opa»aHoi_ 
Soo City, la.- Palace TbnM^ 
Montclalrc. H. Y.. 

March T. 

Baraboo, Wis- *era —'^r^ — ^— - _ • 

Orange. Maaa.. Padum Opera Bone, Apdt ^t 
Tlonesta, Pa,, Opera Bone. May T. . 
Kasle Glare, la.. Opera BoasCf Mgt iMt 
OarltcB. KIbb.. Op«« asM; £^^T. - 
Stalfard flpciasi, 0«B, jOpsia- BsBiH , 
Bldgeway. Pa, Opera Omm . -Wsr. 

Negotiations are pending 
W 'B. Tennant of St John. N. B.. 
the St JahB Opera Boose 2£i!===L ,. 

place, aa to the porchase ot the tfeSMM »«>>'-. 
?rty by the former tn the tetciM^BartMV. 
whoac namca hare sot yet beea d tjosaed . "Jt v 
k^ «»«»«jajlH^v8iijisit.-aKwir •« 



mnuahv % iMr 


itow Totk Offlo*. I440 BroadtrayT 


WARREN KEANS Informs us 
ttat b* has dKUid to witbdnw tem 

^Ji;S^3* ■S"'!SK''tl£''wta&.*''ir!act 
pwka tar lili. 
' Aetor** Home Beseflt, ooder the p«raooAl 
km ol Kioager Duilel Frobmu, li 
■eiicdi)Ic4 for the 'Brokdwar Theatre. Jan. 23. 
In the attemooa. It la alncerclr bellcTed that 
the entertalamcat wm be worth ilttlns throagh. 

Jamea K. HaAett haa decided to fntemipt 
the lone ensagement at the Saroy Theatre tX. 
Tte Walla of Jerlrtio, now roHnlnK. and n- 
lt_OB _Am. S I17 Oeraiaii E. TIele'a 

^ _ . tbe Br*, the <ML''^Mncr 

> ' •xtiaTacaaat' tor which Alls* Vliher bo been 
: .' anaasctt will open In New Xa(k at tta' Ber- 
>: aid Sqaaia Thaatxo, 7aB. 8. . Olga. We lbmul e 
wflt antr* Oe O ai wi d Ml%. 9g|m9 «B' ta.4. 


Henry W. Savagre has sold the rights 
toe Sooth AMei for the operas Prince of PU- 
-V';Ma and King Dodo to James Nelaoo. the well* 
^. biMMU manager of Jobannesborg. Mr. Nelaoo 
.::vkaa.,antTed In thla comtiT, and wUI in all 
f lao h a lriW T aaaaaa .Aaaadoaa .alann -tor a tour 

iC tbe edkalw b »■■•'«*■■■,:'- > 
''>^ - ' n*d^: .Zbmnpaan^ 'of tbe' flSB' of ^henpaon ft 
, ''.'IMnidrc'**fled for- Bnrope laat Tbnndar sMrn- 
< ; tas:; Oa'Satnrdar John BlngUng, of the Blng- 
:. UMf 'SntbCTe Clrcua. laUed to Join- him in 
london.- Later the twain win tour Botope In 
aooreh of InterchangablT osefol noreltlco In the 
Mne of p e iflwme i a aod attractlooa. 
IWdgbt HnntlBCton and Sereren DeVme ham 
-.V; ttnOlTad the partnerahlp wblcb controlled tbe 
;v. 4eatlnleB of the itoek company at tbe Acad- 
••^mmr of Moale. X<owell. Mass* Mr. Hontlng- 

wS& aoBllnaa^ tfao ■■iMialas alooa. 
■ii.^ZPMA., K. Batt^HL tfrnsb stair * HaT- 
'f. TI^JU», efand deal to nm a aninmer atoek 
— tbe Xorcrom Ttieatie. Clereland. O. 
.'f; XMBK;v]Vellcn Hall has been aecnred. throoxb 
'j: Daxv *.°.WoIflstd. as leading lady of the vro- 
:'-'puea eompanr. Chaa. Stewart of the aboTe 
/ Sqn wm act as eastern xepresenuaTc or the 
^';.atock- company, and has planned a aplrndld 
".' aaasnn of royally plays for the organlxatlon. 
'^. <: ^WUUaa. i^anelo Bryan, wbo has doak room 
./'Mdr' tba^. iWeatem AasocUtlan of Vanderme 
' H-' JIanasaMrfbwaa- la- Now York for a few days 
'^,\dMtaC!<U|M(BMfe week .iWtlng relatives. 
.r^i^lK!MMppw>VUIIae''r aaae in from the van 
•■!a-JMiSifl*OWii'?wli»' g ew d their aeaaoD Dec 
■'r. U^xat^^anta. Oa.;.aa<rw«Dt bt« winter' quar- 
'^^ttn^'l^ Pbtuipa wm leaalB - ban ■ toe Ot 
''WMat^aOalav wto Weber . Baab. a^Oim with 

night of Feb. S. Tbe Billboard wlU eiraatn- 

Xem^toa and ber Vorty-flTe lUnotea 
ItaB Xroadway Co. are doe to traTcI on a train 
wUeh win leaye Chicago Satnrday night. Dee. 
SO, and arrtre In New Tork. This train win 
be nm by the New York Central, and. there, 
fore, the company la morally certain to opeA 
on aebcdnle time, Monday al^t. Jan. 1, at the 
New Aantaidam Xbeatie. 

Attention Is partlcniaily directed to 

oeeka Aelter eacb winter aeaaon. 
v_-. aad 'where be la wdeomed aa a Tdoable ad- 
''V' Janet to their ezcatlTe ataff. 
'.' The. Connty ratr.. at the Bfadlson Square 
. - Garden, last week, wss not a conaplcnnns ane- 
eeea flom llie standpoint of atteooaoca. Thla 
/(,'' waK': bowcTcr. no tanit of Bany B. Sntton, 
. wbo- dld the scnani anBoaaelasi aatt made blm- 
" ' Ike twlee . dally 


The Cingerbread Man, . now: at fh* 
Ubertz Theatre, 'win end Ita eBsaxcBeBt' OB 
aanndar nlghU Dec 30. Tb»"pleee win le- 
taro to New Xork for a iprtns cBgat e ui eati to 
nm as lonff aa It soys. 

"Robert l>(oo«t Is in. Brerythlng else In the 
wcrld. exeept.'reiiearsala for Lacky Ulas Dean, 
at the Mtoffmn Sanare Theatre, goes merrily 
an. . Ur. Btooet, or, anybody elae. ooold he 
m and atffl tUa world win so on. Aa a te- 
anlt oC.HSr. Dnaefa Indlapo^loa Tbe Balaelr' 
wC. a: sew pleeek wia be pndaced. 
e.'Xiealle' leaned apea .an ea Bataiday 
..^ „ K-'jiDM^; aOk to lancm aie of tbe dnu 
' ' -afi U» ,wtte. Mile. Carrie, tho expert Inatiii- 
laeafallal .Batlal was to be made lii -New 
?'j;Tatl(^':aDd 'Mr. Xealle la. In rety close toncfa 
0, ^th' ajmpatbetle jC^itedUj^w^ a^ccdate 

.ftiaeph Hart and CnAe DeMar ereited the 
1'?: tw isrian ot the aeaaoa at Froetor'a Trin Tbea- 
Vr. tra -last week Wltb tbdr 'eomedy. nS Other 
^llow. They. hara-''.beeSk,tAoofced.>Xor retnm 

^i:B]r' ebntract ireceBtijr'^ni 

Mt^ABBte BaaacIl wm 

Speaklnc of "Sim" recalls the tact Hiat be 
188 dedarcd himsel f, to bond. In Harlem, as 
f«t as plana and prellmlaarles can be executed, 
e'ittaabBe' for ttie ose of TaadevQle. And^^wben 
ttmef-'-ma* he win bond a theatre, theatres 
jjWItnen the Westcnd and XorkTlUc 

^•ttadttr* win 
point of makinv good lils theatre thieata. 
Im,"- whom, 1^ the way. I hare nerer aet 
. a9«a npon. has a way of dolag thlnga In the 
way of rapid the atr e t iulldlog which Oscar Ham- 
mersteln gets eolnnms and Cfriomna of news- 
;paper nototiely for . doing In a moch greater 
4t taken "Bbn" to . ptodnce tbe 



• .''.i'"l!i»' Association of New Tork Thea- 
v: tie Keaaaers held its annnal meeting at the 
: .^WUdocPAatocla TaTFm on Dec. 27. Here la 

t^-^ywfcofc- , I i. B Ul tcd tnm an usaali/- "splrlteti" con- 
Kjirtsot: . ftcsldent. Charle* Bsrahjun; flrrt t1<»- 
^ aneUeat. ■ Eoiry B. Harris: second Tlee-prMl- 
deal;. Alt Hayraan; aeoetary. Lee TeUer. Of- 
' teen, of -the Managers' Bmp<»ting and Dlatnh- 
' ' - atlfHC Osl wcia alaeted. It waa decided to bold 
; tbe- ji si l dbaer at .■tte 

the fMIowlar eomannlcat 
eelTed by Tbe BUBnaid. Mcmbecs of the pn» 
feaaloD wbo dealre to (obecribe to the Aind 
Ihns tpecilWd-and created may aend their eos- 
trimtnns to the Clndnnatl (MBce of The Bill- 
board, and doe acknowledgment wUI be made 
thereof, end tbe tnacey wm be forwarded to 
the proper ollldala of the Actor*a Society: 
At a apeclal mectlnc of the Board ot 
Dlrectoia ot tbe Aetmr Soele^ of Amer- 
. lea. beld oa Xboaday, Dee. 38. 1905. for 
th* puTp oos of e a m s f d erto g the ahelsabllllT 
ot taking aetloa regarding 'the mordet e( 
Abbott Datldaon and Milan Bennett, tbe tgl- 
lowlng re eolBtlen wai adopted: 

W HHBMAS, OB Dee. 15, at Oaflacy, S. O., 
Mnaa Bennett and tAbbott DMloira, two... 
tn e i ub ei a of tbe dramatic profeeateo were... 
murdered by one George Hatty, for no ap- 
parent teason other than that they t^ 
aented an Insolt offered to two ladles of 
their company, Miia 'Vemle Sheridan and 
- Mlsa M ay Bishop, and, 
'W1BEIBSAS, wolng to the pecnllar drcnm- 
atancea of tke tragedy, the mardered being 
a tesUnt aad miactr owaer tai. the' tows 
la - - 

nn _ 

tion; tbervfbre, he it 

BESOI.VBD, that the Aetotn* Sodety of 
America deems It proper -la fnUnUng. Its 
mlsalon ot mlnlsterlDg to the welfare of 
the dramatic profcssloo In America, aboold 
snbacmie to and create a fond sofficlent to 
defray the expenae of an attorney to aet 
as nmralting attorney wlHi tbe anlhorltlet 
of Gaffney, 6. O., and aneb other aeeee- 
aary expenaea Ibat may be lueaued la seder 
that eeorr oiMMi e te elty be-'afteded to tbe 
anthorltlea t» luEEt^<ki^«W< MOM „S 
ends of Jnstlee.: . :•■ ..''_■' 
We eanesttr bCUere thle. 'Will 

M>e greater, le i p eet : "'" 

a greater aeeorltr < 


A WOKUri :IW( 

Tbe Empire 'W'oinen;#>tSic£iMtr£ iof 
BoetOD, la eompoeed of eH wen knewB aoielatB. 
Sfasy.aamltlea are latrodnced In tbe brasa quar- 
tet, and thCT alao* carry two celebrated singers. 
They played Wlieellng, W. Va., at WbeeUng 
Park, dorlns tbe past etmimrr. The condactor, 
'Blto Mario, a wonderfnl Tlollnlst, la tbe cele- 
brated Tlrtnoao who toored this conntiT as a 
feature in Tanderllle. two years ago. Their 
■access has been phenomenal, and their work 
haa been praised by the most seTetc .critics In 
tbe Unltea States. . Aa mosldans, we are In- 
fUnmed. they are tbe best beforo the pnblle 
Aey are an attraetlTo woaaen, and they 

' te'tke;ll^ie,«ri^^ 

jge t he, eelt . _< oeipasjr_ 
HOBS, ere *aBaer_wsy. ng 
- - pa^t e^r.- - 

of Us 


~-|B the 

The paaslng of the old year wm ace the 
managers of the Philadelphia theatree la moeb 
better shape than they have been, -tor tbe 
past decade, ead.U -bnalaeea does .aatiaaa letter, 
the start at %tha new year they mm A.eM* 
to glTc thanks Indeed. Obrlatmaa -was a pe- 
cnllar day. .Tbe afternoon . was .deddedly 
pleasant, caasegncntly people did not Sock to 
the theatres and none of them were crowded. 
At nlgbt they were deluged with people who 
wanted to pay any price for seats, and nnmbers 
.were tamed away. This oTerflcrw helped to 
make the rest of the week a red letter one. 
None of the managers look for moch at the 
iNew Tear's cnstlnees. as we bare" a big 
MardI Giaa procession, wUdi wm keep people 
on the atreeta. bat the > night performance .wUI 
t»e Jammed. 
IVir leaL abow bnalacaa take a' peep at what 
did at ^hls oadsee 


at. one erdodc.aad aa ete iybudi waa seated 

. 01eett_ 

day, . Use.' ST.' 


. waa aold ont 

at ' IdO tbe curtain was mng op Jnst forty 
^nbratee ahead -of the nsoal lime. This gare 
tbe star qalte a test between the matinee and 
night performance. ■ Bosloeaa kept op to the 
same pltcii all the rest of the week. . 
. Tbe Important change made In- tbe Bmpoat 
Ing-Slgn Co.. pntlenlan «f .Which aie .glres 
In another, c^omn. Is hrll^lm ia — " 

wishes to -Sam - Boblnsoa,, 
control ot tbe plant. ... 
-Die Oread <^aea.<aboma dtoat 4ha MshupiJI 
taa Op we_H I>eie. .Weir- Iwlt,.i > inJi i B g a t» to 
on pS- strike - Jsst before the , per^numce of 
Blvdette here Dae, 9B, but they changed tbelr 
■lada and. sang as sweetly ss if there had 
nefcr bent aiqr trooble. 

Seore another one tor Philadelphia which Is 
s uuie tl mea called ^w. A corps of moonted 
police now. take dmrge of the carrlagea that 
gather to take lieople home ftrom grand 'opera; 
They keep tbe drlTeia In line end stop aU. eon- 
fusion and the reaalt la. that the ' aodlls A sets 
away wttboot any trooble. 

Aztbar X. BlaMoe. bookkeeper and doortender 
at; the VNapansh Thastre, snlTered a atroke of 
appeplery daring Uie Chrlstmaa maUnee add 
-was - taken to hla borne when . he < d^t ..that 

The Twentieth Centnry Qoakera, SB _ 
xatloa of theatrical men of thla dty, gare away 
9,000 kiBTes of ' bread ChrUtmai Day, . The 
tiodgc of 'Elks held a Christmas celebration dar- 
ing .the weA and presented 1<S00 poor chOdreo 
with toys and new solts of dotlilng. The Eren- 
Ing Telegraph gare a OiilatmaB Tanderme show 
for 2,800. newabcya. They bad alztscB Taade- 

OOan Statrelle. wbo has ilgned as dM dC the 
principal downs wUh tbe BaiSMi . Bdler 
Clrcni. Is leetlng In thla dly. 

Beporta Indicate tbat OoL M. W. Wdah 
is maklBS SMce money with Tbe Watermflnn 
Tmat thaa he did with his etotas. 

pa^s^- isrtr 4i^«SSI: 

mas turkey. Beii aew tte sbm I eCWS Htst 

False Step. 

Jc^ 'welih Is aetlTely esstscd at £sb- 
caster, rs., settlns op bis sew cbcns. Be 
mns Into town erety week to took Bp aordtlea. 

UniaB Tyaon Jermon ia Bow tte flMitetar 
of tbe Boa Tbn Theatre. whlA tte wUI eon- 
ttnne as a Tanderme boote. 

Morris Sebleeelnger, manager of Blaney'a 
Arch Street Theatre, waa prceented on Chrlat- 
■nrin^ ^wltt^ ^^^j^Wg^^^^M^^iig tea 

matrimony. "Sy 

JobD Sapplee, wbo waa elected Tlee-ptealdent 
of the N. A. B. P. and B. . A., la the adrer- 
Uslng agent ot tbe Standard Theatre In this 
city. He has always been an aetlre sapporter 
ol the nnlon and baa many ttlendt. 

ivX vrOMt, the oonqBCfac of ntwlmmncs. 
strlred at his haae hare tt tfiM tt est Ua 
Mew Teai'a tetfeay. ' Be eA-LMTiH* M van- 
derHle la a few weeks. 

I reeelred a snmber of Chrlstatas crcctliuis 
from my fellow concspaadeata of Ae Bm- 
board. It makes me feel aa U we were all 
one Us family, and It I «aly kanr yeer ta- 
ToritealM<nrwedd aik pSTiefjS-.r 


The tbeattee In Brooklyn are again draw- 
ing big business. The New Year's attraction 
at Teller'e Broadway la The Woman In the 
Oaae, at the Shabert they have Mia. Flaka, and 
at the Waatank adaa Mhy Is heldlac tte boards 
in Tbe Catch «C tbe Isspb. Oeod bills era to 
he foaad St sn the othw tkMtns, 

Tbe teeoser Steek Oiu heeded hv Mea- Hey 
and'Oedl l^ooaer, la&lw Mslwstiiee ttto 
season at the BUon. 'lait wcck tbe cooweay 
played The ellc of New Xork to eapaelv 
boMocea. Mts- Mary O. flpooocr eertala^ de- 
senrea moch credit for hee ooeeeas In Brook- 

The Zancigs played a letom engagement at 
Hyde tt Behman's last week, and were as nsual 

the hit of the bill. 

William A. Brady haa agreed to accept a 
aew Biblical play from Willis Steal. Wright 

LoilgMr,wiU be the iter. 
' Mrs. w; 7. ItasBee, widow > of the tormer 
w^ knowa. eater, la at her 'home Is New 
Turk Clly reeorarlag from a aarfeae nineea. 
'(>norence Cnne. me "Olrl ftom- Coney It- 
land," wbo waa aaaaolted ^ a man to whom 
abe refnaed money, baa tecorercd from her 
m - sa 

Paul dnqnaralU, tbe Joggler, Is booked to 
play the Percy G. Williams Circuit, and wm 
be aeen st the Orpheom at an early date. 
..^tfanager Bennett Wilson, of the Folly Ttiea- 
.tte. haa a big attraction In The Rays In Down 
The Pike, and la playing to capacity bnslnesa. 
Tbe Folly is enjoying a prosperous seaaca. 

Hyde & Bebman fomlahed an entcrtalnmeat 
for the New Vork City Some «t the Aged sad 
Infirm last week In the Alattoose Ohapd «■ 
Clarkaon atreet. The proaraa was aarcrally 
adopted to the oeeaaloa. The be ' 
Nick Norton, aa old-timer la . 
and epedallat la Juggltac <nMl 
took ahaorblag Interest in tbe layoat of tbe 
performance. Be remembered well when the 
Indian daneern In tbe old Bamnm mnaenm, 
in which be was a feature, broke np the ihow 
and broke otT his first engascment. but in hla 
dlTcrallled experience he had rarely played 
under audi pecnllar conditions as these nor man- 
aged a performance In which he took more In- 
terest. Such a tx««t as tills la very rare lo 
this Institution for aged and respectable poor 
people, and Hyde & Behman did a good tarn 
In giving It. especially alnee ' It entiiled npon 
tbe company, no Uttle " " 



made good. Is SSI 
ClrraU, M«:«lll 

of Jaa.j 

atr Olrla, whbh baa 
Ihe.Per^ O. WUIams' 
at^ttj^ ^p heiun jeek 


,Cbrt«tmM Dsy auBo .i^ WM rety qnlet sod 
. feelBS — — 

pleasant, the weather , 

a seaaral ids^ assy seemed to abow a marted 
■pcefne^ge. to, remain, at home Ibaa to to:ta. 
thcatiea,''. while otters seemed to dnd the, thea- 
tre tbelr prladpel dlreisloB. Oonacqucntly! the 
popnlar priced oauee attiseted the Urcett pi- 
trooage. AtteDdsace , at tbe matinee waa. good 
and tbe erenlns peaformaaee draw . deddedly. 
better. -. ", 

AU the Chrlstmaa atttaeHons were well- 

kno-wu aaccesaea, with the ezccptloa ' ot JoUe 
Bonbon, the new comedy drama In '• Which' X,onts 
Matm and Clara Unman are playin, and this 
show received tbe local rerdlet of approral. 

The Empty Stoeklns dub, a local charity In- 
sdtntloa, bad fortt aa nana] at yard's Opera 
Hooie, and distilbated send ttlnga to the wxir 
children. . 'Seett . Oonpar, a aMmber of The Oal- 
topcr Coi. had the hMar.eC enielm the nle 
of Santa ' Claaa^' aBd"'tte'' ladles e( the eom* 
pany aaalated 'tbe memheis ef the dab la thdr 
good work. 

Tbe Galloper, wbldt- waa glrea lla preadere 
at Fotd'a last week,- was immnally weU pa- 
tronised, aU thlnga considered. The 
Is eaaUy acooonted for, aa Rldotrd t»«rfing 
Darla. the antbor. Is weU known locally. Ray- 
moad BItebcoek and May Bncklcy bare flrmly 
eatablUbed themselTcs In the good graces of 
theatregoers, and most of the sorroonding com- 
pany itare long been Identlfled here with stock 

Tbe theatres we«e taxed to tbelr ntmost ea- 

psdly. CMstBM 'OTCBlas. aad aiaar. baadicda 
were t ara ed ^way. . BasMe Btotten- iB '.Xle- 
land met wItt anpar e l elled aaeeesa. 


Mr. and Mrs. C. 'W. 'Williams have 
a Tentriloftnal noeelty that they Introdnce Into 
Mmer & Plobn'e Black Crook Co. wltb big loe- 
ceee. Mta. iwnuama Is a' hit as Andaa la the 


lAMount and Paulette are now 

working with Sid Winters, of the former team 
of Sommeia and Wlatere. and the team la 
known aa tbe Three Dancing Rings. They do 
a Buster Brown., iDatob snd aoubrette spedalty 
that la taking well. WliUe In T%e Billboard: 
office last week Hsrry Blag said that they bad: 
been playing to the best of enccesa, and that: 
they had some sood bookings ahead. Xhey „' 
rested a few days In Cincinnati. 
Dorothy Drew sails for London, 

IC, Aa. 0. 00 board tbe Campania, for a 

yeaCa cnsasement orer tbe 'Bamsiotd Tour. 
Mlsa Drew has been rery snccessfnl orer and 
made big hits on the Orpheom and the Kohl 
A Castle drcnlts. She returns to thla coontry 
In time to open on the KoU * Oaatle Olienlt 
In Chicago Jan. T. MlB.dlaew aMBt. lfee.hsU-i 
daya with ber hottaara- (Ak' MhiBMI^' 
rents in Moatxeal. 

The management, performers and . 
attaebeee ot the Electric Tbeatre. 'Waterloo, 
la., were regaled 'wltt ehi 
cTcnlnc^ Dee. ••. : 
lar atase aeaeiw eC r-^ttb 

KOpatrldc, the one-Ie^sed trick cy- - 
dlet. 'weBt-lBf TaaderlUe Jan. 1. Hla ladder 

actwaa a ttatas oA the Pike at 8t..Laals. 

'a».'.*a;-'»eo . 


After playtns foiir aaeee asft il wades 
et the Otatrtl Theatre, (Mp^deck^tM;, tte 

Mick otte. RoBMia bIbs smnnast. 

Id Wise IMabeUa Deaa ha«B Jibed Intareati, 
and wlU shortly appear In Tanderme. for a 
dboTt eeason. Ibey are praeddag - la ' Graad 
Baplda, Mich. 

The 'Washer Brothers, boxing mid- 
gets, write that Jack (Dion, late of the unipn- 
tlan Co., win loin Hiem next aeaaoa In an. 
iBprored hoslBC set. eatltlsd "Who's Oban- 

Tbos. Fi 


with tha 

booted aelkl aatll dttyeeee-'tte . l eel uB '.efcr.r 

calla. ■ ■ •'■ '!• 

The .'Wilsons are Cctunlns up .a nsi*^ 

norelty tOTolTtog ladder act. wfeiek wm go 
orer the Caatle drenlt. 

Hall's Marvelous Dogs Joined John 

ninuaeleln'a Impselal Stock Oa. Jan. 1 at 
MadiaoB. WIbm tagiisL: thil*t diW»4, djojoa^; 
the spedal reedeeafc^ltt^stt' wTMi a fiala a , ': 


JOS. G. Clianai«r wiltM that IM hiui': 
deeed hla Tanderllle ebew, ead wHI atst esB' 
bob star Bert Btrtrmse dad Maiiea llMr la sr 

meal aaeMdy, eaUtled A Otoaae Otal. ■ . 

Vlda Facan. 'Waltar Bnsri«'. ;;Mid 

Alma flmitt wtlte ttat 

enth week wltt the . 
Oo„ aeorlBS hit. la 

'Woods and 'Woods write that they 
hare Inat completed a Boeoraafal tonr of the 
Psdfle Ooaat. Tbey extend tbe eompilmenta 
et the e i aee n to their aaay friends. 

Th* BVrar Or«oetul Orohs opened on 
- ~ OlrcBit at BV Joe, Be,, Dee. SI.- 

The aitasleiiJrArowb j^wjthww, ; .witt t' 

ere boSfid'eJld'ft? «ESSr-£ae 
tbe western drenlta. 

Delmar and Dexter are meeting with 
sncceae In borleaqne at the Orpbenm Theatre, 
PsTmport. la., where they hare been engaged 

for nUM weeks, 

'WUUain. Alwra. «t Ham 'Ah«ni%: 
band and head,:eMlMBI^'>.tlins''-'K.jWSf>. 
ber a( the 1)iiamn7fE^^m»Wm>i^'^^-^' 

SuUy' and' Phalps .'writs: «niIB' te a 
eeesoe of ytcBtUBlneas, ot happttttt aat 
seed cheer. We wish aU a happy lleW'XtaB>7'. 

The 'Wilson Trio report 
oeaatnl boalaeea orer the Tcxaa d 
axe now playing tha Orpheam. ^ : - % V, 

EM win Adair opsnsd'-taloiUB'''^ 

elnglng act at tbe Puior ThMtH^' IM^-ffh^ 
Jan. 1, aa aa Sdded 'Aatnre. , ' 

The Btekesl^es.^ cohtOTtlonlsts, 
restliw at^r.^ome la Detroit, dUtt., 
a long seaaoo In the west. , 
• Zat Zams. ' wbC'has been manaslns 
the Oem Tbeatic, OoaacU BlaSa, Xa„ has re- 
tomed >t> TsodeMUei ayv \\\\\ 

I<qi)(!'Epdets8er; thti 'nolrdtjr Jogglsr. 
wlU wiitv- . larade ' OiUttrphi; 

ENGAaeME$4T8 ^ '' 

The following engagements havs 
been made tfaroogb the Dtrey di Wolford of- 
ficee is New Xork Cl^: Mr, and Uta. Balpb 
Cnnunlngs, Prince Mliur, Edna Archer Crsnr- 
ford, Walter Seymonr and Mr, and Mta. Obaa. 
Nclaoa tut Iba Ceairal Tbeatro Stock Oo~ Saa 
Fiaadaeeb OsU Mr. and Ura. Datrel SUtaa.. 
Mr. and Mia. Ohaa. Pann, I<oolae Btotay, nahh 
DeTetBoo, A B. Joeea, Xhsa. - ATaal sst 
J. J. wnuama tOr fM. Beapai^TtaSiia wi 


Inllet Co.: Lney Blake, XaBee Oallasher, I.-.. . 
ard 'Darsey tor Borgera A Poor ' BeUtiM OB.; 
Hatrl Boss, arlon Sherwood. Chaa. King, loba 
Wade. Vraak BUtoo, Mamerlte Lewis and 
George <Paataa tor Clay Oaaseat'e. How Do- 
adsloB' On* 

Mile. Bolda. the contortionist, has 
joined Shlpp's Indoor CIrcns. 

Maude Girtlney Joined the chorus of 
the Buster Brown Co. at Oeeatur, 111.. Ohriat- 
mas Day, 

Harry Long haa been engaged as 
■taie manatet of tbe Urinsitoa Bteck .00. at 
the tetayetta Tbe^nre^ cietiiBit, ' .ia«^^.fi.:' Xv 

Dave Deeden has rspIace'd Ousvilor-' 
timer In tbe leading role ot tbe Klsf of Trsmpe 


lioula CIray has been, enaand as 


JANUARY 6, 190S.: 



J V 

Chioage Offleo. 
Sulta «l. 
Orand Opora 
House BldC„ 

•T 8. Clark St. 


htdldays started out under 
' 'DOS WMltaw coaAl- 

Oaj and tin two 

. wm bcaattfaUr lulcbt 

yimcm, coowqocDtljr Am attaulaiiee 

' at' iht ttemtta waa almoat acncrallr capacity. 
BiMiil attnctloni were ptoTlded, (or the matt 
' aE^aad at all the honwa an extra effort waa 
Bade to haTc the holiday blUi abore the itand- 

Later la the week, boweTer, the aUet ba- 
cune overcast and rala and mow acted aa a 
detrlinent to traffic. SOU ttne was no ma- 
terial decrease In *«.«(■€• xceHpti. llieatTt- 
aowa bad pocebaaed tfeair tlekaU in adraaea, 
.,£d..<l!tf^;«it« ,tban(.,- _ 

' tb* giMt popolailtr a( the Oohan 
■a, bat at lact tbe New York dc- 
tllbr tka piece baa become ao ImperatlTe^'wai abaolntely ntcm a r y for Klaw * 
' r to ta bf It away trom tbe pioteatlns 
Tbe mn at tbe Onlonlal kaa btta 
eTCo dnrtna tba weak fer* 
Biafnlilcent playhonia waa 
■t CTcry perfomance. 

Trom a prareaaloaal Tiewpotst, It la abont 
aa DcailT perfect aa a comedy can be. Ita aet- 
tlai*. It* coatoBca, and Ita bualneia ate all 
joat tl»bt. TMia la not a anfilt aC a^le. 
and the rew aabm rtndmd bate UKn bUm 
la die <mt laak of llabt mode Uti eC tin 
■naott. ao» macb of the aneetai of tba play 
'.M daa ta Vay Templeton and ▼Ictar Moore la 
'Saoalble to aay. Mr. Cohan baa provided 
Hkb wIU parta to which tbcy ara nperbly 
' ■daptrd— they do tbe reat. 

lit. lloof«*a laaptaonathm of tb« New Tork 
Itie^t camlB. wtko baa fiuau to an aoiatcor 
pnflUit and a racetrack follower, la beyoad 
crtilclam. Iiu iBiooatlon. bia Tcniacnlu and 
Ua baalDM* hma brra alTfai tbe nioat atadicd 
ttttntloB. aad there at* no Oawa to pick. 

Oba aame may ba aald of ViH SMwItlaB'a 
Maiy, lb* houa wM. Xm • fktartfe fkr 
ttapletM baa orabflHy aavar o i c a pl H ■ Ma 
(bat eaold paarfUy bare e ndea r ed bee farther 
StbeaMgaML Otr aaaaMlm ma ai* ika 
COM (or appaloat. and bv art as a aaantl: 
eaae baa aenr Man moie tbarragUr Htllnsll 

Ikaa la tbe jMiwnt Tthlda. — * ■" 

tbt Mart WIU rt«i 


Cleveland's Theatre, long a rende- 
TOOB for patrons of the beat offered la polite 
Taoderllla, baa passed into Uie baadi o( tbe 
Interuatkjnal Theatre Co., whl<A orsanlxatloa 
contains oo leca than thirty almllar honaea, 
atretchlnc from the Atlantic to the Paelfle 
Ooaat. under the direction o( akUlfol archi- 
tects, dealffoers mod decoratora. both the ex- 
terior aad Interior of tba booae, which will 
bence(ortb be known as The latamattonal Tbea- 
tic, bas btan dangtd kqwod iseofaltlaa. Tbe 
acoosUe piopcrtlta bare bsaa finpi«wad> tbe 
■eatlnx arranfamnt tfeanctd. la anat aaiat- 
ing coDdittoBi, tad ttH^. tam iHlia alapted 
wbleb -wlU aonlilbaia la Aa eomtak aaiaatbty 
at Us j s tn aSi 

«eaMl*«4% ^m'wT a SSlcwHSoSaa^ um^ 

pleta ita trans-oontlDental chain. It loat no 
time In seeking about for a manager, but nt 

In Jannary tba botUsbt acsresadoa ara „ 
tom a nisht Into fun, aad nothing la too big 
for them. Tbe Oollacnm. the larseat balldlag 
in OUcago, U to ba decanted (or tbe occa- 
dog. aad «o Jaaaair U tba derotees of "make 
ap» aca gates to tact away a night In tbe 
InterMt «C . tte Uaatdcal AancUtloa o( 
America. ' ■; • ■ 

The ban wilt ba ana of all Imlliiiw ana wm 
be in atntu coMnst tntt sack afuts aa 
hare pRocded it. Uaaqne balla of tbe past 
bave presented many lodlcnoa and pathetic 
flgnrca. Tbe miaqneraders In Iheir elA>rts to 
impcraonate otber nitlonalltlM hare, prodnoed 
characters that wonld get a scream In any 
theatre in America. 

The sponaers for the ball are men who make 
Chicago tbelr home. They know performers in 
crery branch of the profeaalon. There la no 
reaaon to bdleTC tkat they will tsU short of 
aUelpSttmrn^J.^ m^^^agy. y, .timngt.. to 

worfd togelker ta a giaad aaial 

In the next few daya Chlcaga wBf ba flooded 

with ■ posters anDoandnc tbe avsBl" ' ' — 

are a work of art, baring heca 

artist on one of the Obleago pa 

bas for a long . time done tbe 

the theatre pace of hla paper, and 

his sabject he did It full ii^Uce. 
The fignce appearing In the poster Is that 

of a chonu girl. It la trtie to life, and la 

"llthoed" la Hitea colors. In one band sbe 

holda tb# mask, Jaat taaavad, after boms of 

Jeattag witb bar friiaki, Sba flgoie U "eble- 

•Boagb to attract attantlan. and yet to modest 

cnoogb not to sppear gaady. 
A grand march wHl . take place at midnight 


tbaf tSa Ptago' 
a Bisad' 

ncclra aa InaovaUoa ce 

eay. Is witbont qocatlaa. 

THx TAtrsxTuxz KmrATioy 

with the current week, the flrat 
lb* Kew Xcir. two new TaDdarllle 
hart. bt«a addtd to tba aeesi 


«a Wabuk ttaaas,' _ ^ 

MMMSt, and wttfc a new poUag. Ms 
6i btcs talliti^ taflttsd aad antdi la 

"'-It'-eaa -an anlcaalfalg- ,e 

Ibal imaaad tba laiaal 

ipicloaa aadlloaUM waa aatfialg flllad ud 
!»(< octagaaal baOdlaf «m a scaM a( 
Bost ai s l i ua agbrt to lasrttlatt tba bei 

&pabUa tad a itat pU ja te that saw 
ttafeaagaaiMI gMT tta tMara. 



«• On Mtoarbw day tba a«r Majsatla nea 
Oik «■ Kaartt stiaat b a t w t ca 8Uto tnd Dear- 
bam ants opened to tbe pabUe. It Is a brand 
aaw b sasi. laagaUccntly cqalpped and of eo- 
Ismsl srchlteelare. Tbe facade to extremely 
tttrtcUra aad tba aaany aaltea of odkca ea the 
twcsty-twa aoees of the boUdlng bad been 
ocnpted long before the opening of tba tbea- 
trr. Tbe Majeatle ta an addltlOD to the Kobl- 
OaUe b oss es la Ohlctgo. tad will be booked 
with the attractlosa of that drenlt In combl 
aatloa of tbe Haymarkct tnd Olympic- 

rerbapa sowbere oottld* b( Kmi4 Tbeatra 
la PhlUdelphU ta thera a TaodeiUIa ikcalxa to 
Aawrlea that approacbee Ika Mtjcstie tot com- 
awdlont cqsiptiMt aad apkndnr «( diriga In- 
Ude aad oat. m..' !i>nu<i."- ,n . 
Tb* opealaa bill was ncirred. with moat 

gnuiyiag cUlmt, aad If the Initial: pe^etMm- 
ucc atay be tokaa at a crltcrtoa. tba ICtJcsUe 
2^ tabs saak amoaf^^ tba flrat TasdcrlUt tbca< 


_ The Ham Tree, tn which Mclntyre A 
■nu followed a Mew Xoik aaccaaa wltb an 
•jatlty iiimriil issfl kiai. aaaiilsalariii ' i 

mil week. 

The piece la the old Velntyrc and Heath 
•kricii, The Georgia Minstrels, elaborated, hot 
thli It not aald to dltparagrment. It was a 
CjMd (ketch and It makea a aaperlatlrely good 
Mr. The eoBiedy la good, tbe cboma Is ptcttr 
ud moalcal. aad Belle Odd's words as Des- 
eolorad mtld. . Is ateond bi merit 

■Ir to_ttat^ Hciatrta aafl Beatb. 

Klae Btm Ttca wm mn IS Klaw * BTUn- 
'I msBwotb prodnetlon of Tbe Prince of 
■a aapercedes It to Febnary. 


P lana are being formulated for the 
Jjectloa •( t hew tbettre In connection with 
a!L haUdlag that wUI be coastrueted for 
ths Ohlctgo Moalcal Oifllege. 

Atttw BltteU. *. H. Oafe and aerertl other 
"«>^ prpmlaeat tn Chicago theatrical affairs 
y he ndlBg erery effort to aecore the 
"™"**'r to consiunmtte tbe enterprise. 

The pUa Is to prodoce the best modem 
ninaa tateonle oiwrts wltb a patmsacat 


cnca. aslected A. a. rioaraoy, who bad pre- 
nontly doi>e a mm in the Moaa line, and 
tn ulS d a hoodoo of well-deTeloped proportlopa. 

That Mr, . □CTelasd met wim, flnaadal dla- 
aater; to an attempt to place this boose on a 
proflttble Awtlag, deet not to dia katt dltmty 
or ditoouige Ur. nonmog: ratbsr. It laggeato 
tbe postlbl&tr at aMiac to ' 
rctBTCsator et dtcngtt asd 

Ba Is mart ntuicsfsl, petksps, tbsn Ut 

predeeessofh . bSTlng bettta beolrlng arrange- 
ment* tod knowing better, bow to combat ad- 
rerae coadltloos socb as coafiaat any manager 
entering t new Held. 

Mr. rioamor bas Urtd la Obtcago bttort. 

wwa fairly wdl wbat tbe IhtatnMbw pab- 
Ilc taqolNa la tba war at laadaralt onttr- 
talasMBt to (OMr famOlsr with incka open 
which similar cnterpttaes bne spilt, and, com- 
bining an aggreaalTc spirit with tbe eonterra- 
tltm of an tatoto bottoaas man (be waa oaea 
In tba lambtr bntlneat), -to p upa r td to tor* 
mooat all abslacics to tta aneefts wbleb Xba 
Billboard toi re n By b<wea for him. 

'Tbe Intenatlonal will glre two pcrformancea 
dally, toeladlng Simday. In tbe opentog bUI 
are tlie followliw: Blehard Walab and Adelle 
Llgon, In a matlcai comedy sketch, entitled 
The Dutch Bnrglar and Frendi Soobrelte: 
Taoda, noTclty eqnIIIhrlBt; MIn Mtade Rock- 
well, the Oallfomla nightingale: Adele Parrla; 
OnrI and company r Spherical Speetaeolar; Bl- 
tlto Oomedy Qatrtet: Joseph I. tnd Myra Darlt 
Dewitog a A 9af« Bniali Widow: woDderbil 

Aalamtod Vtetmas} IMBar J tea f FtoO.. a 
trained animal sell and elbsr CMtaiaa aTaqnal 



Theatrical people In Chicago are co- 
IBK to flint <fet new yaai wiib a 

to oMcr to gtre the pisytn In Gbleago aa 
opportanlty to reach tbe Oollaeimi after the 
night performances, A «''""*^ (m)ctlon was 
given in New York aooie time ago. bat the 
promoters of tbe Chicago affab are working 
to glre the ctttem iggtegattai a ma for tbelr 
money, and aa eramnla of wbat tba borg of 
tba bold-ap maa-aaa ds^ ; 

There are three staiB In B3s Honor. 
Tka Mayor, which to aaw lenakK at the Cbl- 
cage Opara Boaae: Any one oT tbem woold 
probably make a aaceaaa at any play tfcat 
aronld otoarwlaa be a ItUara. Bat wbes aneh 
a trto to Joined In aa tttracMaa that baa tbe 
naevit of Bis Boaor. Tbe Mayer, tbe itaull to 
obTlosa, Ssch of these stars baa his «r her 
peenltar admlrata. John BUrto baa 'nerec 
arantcd Adlowert, and tbe dImtontlTe eomcdl- 
aa'a work to Ut present role to perhtnt the 
beat thing be boa erer done. WItnehe Rtog to 
alto a torerlto. At Katrlnka she wen sas- 
talas bar lepatottoa at a eooMdlanne and a 
atar. Xba songa that bare been toterprttsd for 
ber art being wblstlcd and taag and pltyed 
tbrea gb oat tmletgo, aad ■ b a i eree Cbletgoana 
go— what Bwre may be tald. 

Oatoly, dkapled Mabel BsrIhb to right at 
home ta tba jut <( DalOt — ~ 

Orace George, In Tbe ICeiriase of 
wmiam Asbe. wOl ftllew THto In Tommiay 
GCtll at tbe nUaott Theatre Jan. 8. . ' 

Htny Pennypteker. bntlncaa manager' of Mil- 
ler and Plokn'a Tbe BUek Crook, spsnt aeraral 
-- k. pa MgoMa big 


Xhnrstott Xakaa 

AT Her Majesty's XbeatK, Miss Mto- 
aie Tittle Bnme catered upon the last 
weeks or ber engagement, Ucc 2, 
pUylDK for the llrat time Leah 
Kleschna. Mlaa Bmne will baTe cause 
to carry back happy recollections of this part 
of the world. Sbe has produced' thls^ acasoQ 
Uerely Mary Ann, Tbe Second Mrs. Taoqaeiy. 
Sunday, and other pieces. Her engagement which 
closes on the 2Zd wUl be foUlowed by tbe 
comic opera. Veronlqne. with the a^e caat aa 
when laat aeen In thia city. 

Tills house la BOW to tbe xenlth of good boal* 
neat, which it well deaerres aa Mr. Ulckarda 
spores neither time nor money to getting the 
beat biUs pottlble. Comedians de Mepnuto.. 
with 'X.eroy. Talma and Itoaco In the leading 
parts, . are . the headUnera, and their act boa 
caoaed tbe S. B. O. tljpi u be buig oat 

la llr. Iti<ibnid*t ' 

torn It tme Amcrletn, belb la artrda and ae>; 
tion, and took better than expected. Tba Jack- 
aon Family presented a spleadld maslcal - torn, 
while Kelly and Agnes to an acrobatic Btnnt 
with KDg and dance Intermingled, did wcU. 

Lea Bmnlna, Diamond and Beatrice and Psy- 


at ..Mr. 

Tke.Fost MUbeia of tba Oaar wltb lUaa 
Uny Dampler cloaed 4to acaton at tida bsaaa'' 
on IDce. 2. The Oiaat Tb ara ton opens «a tbg. 
23d with new iilnaiona and a recy mock' sag. ' 
men ted bill, in eomparlaon to what ba pra> 
aented during bia Uat Tialt here. He baa Mo- 
ken ail records In Sooth and West Anatralla. '. 
and thoogh be u playing to great com^tltloa 
to this city, Indlcatluot potot to a good ma. 
Mr. Sdwto Oeach attU retalna the management 
of Mr. Thurston. 

Speaccr'a American Blogriph Ot., epeead tba 
Idrccnm iDec 23. Aa he haa a flaa edlaeUoB 
of flhns, etc, he ia aure to do won. . A lalge 
Ji kts been expended in thia baoaa atoce It ' 
haa ptaaed oat of the list of theatiet. Tbe 
stage haa been remodeled and enlarged, and the 
patot braak aasd exicnatToly ea the ataU. 

At thto hovsa Wllltaaiafln*a Bepertolre Oo. 
opened iDee. S with Xba Prtoeeaa Ida. They 
Spend two nun weeka at thia buoac. daring 
which time they will produce Tbe Mikado, Pa- 
tience and Plrataa of Brnuace. They are fol- 
lowed by Oeorge MuagroTr's Co. oltb Mlaa 

Nelito Stwait at ttar. Alter fllUng tba watfc'a 
enjggjMai m ^tbej tall for Sta rraaataa SB., 

Through tbe Dlrorce Court, Max Ooidbcn'a 
domeatie drama, la packlag thto hoasc. IBM ' 
Bngeoto Onggaa to alantog to the pitetw -Tbe 
thow went capitally IhM^Mlb . Jt btlflmNlt'' 
acted and the tcanw aBbtUlftMMi' babiKfflato^ ^ 
mandably good. . .t. ."-- 

ttOBBiri BdX& 
TaodarlBa .la 


lelag at k'ilM^'i 

— • -r Mgu, of Glen, bmed 

Mar." He haa 

fund ot wit 
and patter that to a new and reiy reticfhlng 
thing tbeae daja. 

Mr. Bydcr Sloane, tba Ungllth character ac- 
tor, wbo snade hto Orst bow to Sydney aadl- 
aacca ractatly, promises to become a _flim_lk' 
Torlto. W. B" 


. Bi a. fl MMiea at a O 

City. As Told to the Hina. .'Anmnd the Xewa. 
Nancy Brown, the Dtoptoaa aad Vanity IWr 
Bnrleaquera. Gttto ware enAaagcd betwecB 
many of tbe local tbaatrleal annagera and their 

Clarence Weis, tiialBaas manager of — ^~ 

Btcmal dly Oo.. to. r cpoyt a <l to, be negpttotlag 
for cootnd of Vtfnaoait Park. Mr. weU an- 
nooncaa that If he secnrca the resort, be will 
opcnte .It nnder an entirely new policy, mak- - 
Uy tt vifk, of tbj^jmott «p4a-dato parka . to 'tte^ 

~!^0. itinai'.'i^iwijirokla.. aamnem flniie' 
The lU Ban^ Wild Wctt. Uew wffl ce ek* 
ttar next tee son, ' Afwwdlag'^te in lataevltw^ 
with Mr. Kpier. serea. hnaocd people wffl ba 
engaged ai>4 aamcleiit (eatarea to make U tfle 
hlnest wUd'^eet aggregatioa erer pat oat. 

tUsao, the Japoneoe leggier ptorcd a trig- 
added ' attraetloa at OOBTestlon HsU akatfac 
rtnk last week. . > . - .« 
Wm. Sells o< Olto'-9lsto Shows, «ent Obrlst- 
" OBAS. B. -aMAZX., 

are attar Ua 

Us tea' Ibialiia' 

Dallas 'aad on elkcia betwaea' ■» AaUala. 
aadUttte BoA. The flkoberto wtaked «» 
leaaa 'them, bat Mr. Creenwald aald' ka 
prefer to sen. 

Thato Magrane. leading lady of the 

win-MclTille Sto« Co., and Mr. Jadt Frte-' 
cott. asslatoBt atage manager of the I^ilc. 
were married Dee. IS. 

Sara ' Bernhardt to to play here to th« Otvcb- 
wald Theatre, March 18. (or aeren alghto and 
foor matineea. tfTlmalneaa warrants. 

The managcmeait- of City Park «rin band a 
^yiwHiiy parllkB at an axpeaaa ot t9,oeOL Vt 

Will be mar W 4lw time thia rtsart ce^ ta 
toe^aaaaai^^^Bl gnaUMt^tb; ba eaa od.tba 

d booae wanaiaK nnr>' Dee. 'Is. 
bead ot twenty pleera .and aome 


Xtie Blilboarct 



Routes Ahead 


Xuavm and Tmrtamm us r»«p«Btfnlly 
mmA XoBtM mast iMsh Ika BlUtoud 
Tbm Wlltwrd COrwmnls mall to ali pro 
am : iBTltad. wUte «■ tbe raa<, tg 
PBA tt wm to - - - - 

JlOcd ft Kenna (Stir): Aitluta. Ga.. Sept. 2S, 
.AtaM% (tenia (I.7iK;>: WHIiiainifl, Ta^ Oct. 
•irnm * HgUiy; M— > 

Aucall. ^VTHlatB (C O. H.): JndlaBapeUa, lad., 

AlTa. Alice (Olrmple): (Stleago, HL. 1-6. 
Aata, Ijeon A Bcrtlc (Qrpbenm): W<M> Cttr. 

- Jfo., 

Aobertx. L«s (Temple): Detroit. Xieh^ vl.«; 

- O. H.) Boctwatcr. H. X., 8-lS. - 
JkaodOBB^ ' Xamboj* Qoartat JtaaOs' 

; |A,>JK/ia. Mr (Otaad) T " 

Ateais, Oias. 7sc. (PorUand): Fotland, 

AzUnstin ft HelatOD ((MnoUa): St. Loola. 
■ Jtok.- !■«: (OHoBle) Ohletc^IO, 9-Vt. . 

~ ^:Xi^^Ocphaam> Itar IMaaaaa^ : 
J ftnoa Oaowdr Vmr (XHraTS O.^): BocOaad, 
- - M; (gelth'a) BoWan MMa.. 8-l«. 
AmtOaHC ft Holtr: OUcuol' nt, SJaa. & 
AdamK KabeUe (Majeatle): OhleagOk m.. l-d; 

(Haj'Siajjket) Chlc«go S-IS. 
Addlaon ft LlTlositoo (PhllUpa*): Blebmoad. 

Isd.^ 1-6: (Orpbenm) Sprloideld. O.. MZ. 
Aanca ft Feathera (Bljaa): A|>pIetoa, Wla.. 

1-6: (Bljoa) Oabkoah S-IB. 
Adair. Bdwla (Pallor): To A. Pa.. 1-6. 
AKieiie ft La Brant (BtjOD): Dolotb. Mian.. 

l.<: (Unique) Wlnnlpes, Ifaa.. 8-13. 
Adair. Art (BUoo): Decatur. UL. l.«; CXala 
"--) Peoria 8-13. . .- .«J ' ' 

ISje Toaalnj: (Majefltle)£ — -—-^ 

""iltatlc) Vaco MB. 

~ ^JSwauMbt. MldL, 


ii?:ft-]|artlne (Acme) 

i>j^CaI««>w m, 

jat-mBB. 1-4. 
>): tteCaik. Ta., 

Norfolk, Ta.. Zi- 

Oilfaco. IIL..1'«: (Co- 
1^. B-fS. 

. no (Obmple) 
MDUO St. Loola. 
ftCalantla. Qreat (Bell): Oakland. CaL, 1-4: 

'. (Ointes) San rrandaco 8-lS. 
AHIiift* MonkFjs (Temple): Wame. lad.. 

• "';l-6. 

^ft _ liallear (DBlqaa): 

Brcwcn. The ftV. B. IfeAdoo: Altot^a. Oook 
. lalaad. Sonth 8ca laiaad. Imu. 1-tl; Hoke. 

Oook lalaad Feb. l-as. 
Brlsbt Broa. (TItoU): London. Ens-. 7an. 1-31. 
Btown ft <NeTatTO (Alliamtira) : Paris, France, 

See. 4-JaB. 30. 
Bokor; 6K8t (Staadard): Ft. Wortk. Tax.. 


la.. 1-6. 

Baxkea. T«e JoxsIlnK (SIJod): Bay Cttr, Wds., 

1-6; (BUoa) Pott Hmon. 8-lS. 
Bamtt auteia (Hanuneratela'a): New TocK 

atr. 1-6. 

VBCkejre xno, Tiic (VaKiBe): Ban (JIatre, Wla., 

1-6; . (Bl]o«> Oolntb. Mlmi., 8-16. 
Bartos ft Baakin (BUou): Kenoaba, Wis., 

1-6; (Ideal) IWdii Lae 8-18. 
BazB^o. n»c (BoatoD): FaH Blm. Maia., 

Oellna (Keltk'i): Boat on. XMI.. 
'-(KeltVa) BalHmnre. Xd.. 8-18. 
Bk^laoa. no (Uataoa): ShdwirBaB.-.'WIi.. 14: 
• (tmo waat ta hut S-IB. ' ■ ■ 

Bntas ft Bnnkca (KeltVa): Boatan Haaa.. 

: 1-6;- (Keltk'a) FlarrldeDce. B. L, 8-13. 
Btrme. John B. W. (BIJea) : Port Hnron. 

Mteti.. 1-6; (LtxIc) Glerelai^, , O.. .8-18. 
Box Ttn E. (Domlnioo): Wfamlpec Man., 2S- 

Jan- 6: (I<7ceam) Mlnnrapolla. Minn.. 8-13. 
Baker. Pete F. (G. O. H.): Indianapolis. iDd.. 
. 8-13. . . ■ 

Bacfcley'a Doffs: Sprln^Oeld. IS-, (€4rv- 
. Vie) Okleaco 8-IS. 

BDihroitk ft Wells (UnlqDe): Wlnnipei: Man.. 

l>i«,wm. V%latlliia: Tofn <OT9b*aai> 

CUt. Ha.. Jan- 1-6: (Oi^enm) Mew Or- 
leana. La. 8-13. 
Boa*.. Btaj ((3ul]*)i BiooiBiaxtoa. UL. 

a ma o; f. Dair (PbBUpaO 

_ . . tod, 


Bellman ft Moore (HopUna'): Loalarllle. Ky.. 

1-6; (Hopkins') Uemphla. Tenn.. 8-13. 
Bedonln Aratis. Elilit (Orpbenm): Omaha. 

Neb.. 8-13. 

Broim Broa., Mnalcal (Weaat's): Peoda; UL. 

14: (LaSalle) Keoknk. la.. 8-18. 
Bartie. Mr. ft Mrs. Jbnmle (Trent): O^ton, 

K. J., 1-6: (Bmplre) HoixAen 8-13. 
Bajaootr Broa (Bradenbors's): Pnttailrlplila, 

Fa.. 35-Jan. 6. 

Basctc. Valerie (Eeltb'a): PbUaddpUa, Fa^ 
' ' (Chaaa;a>.r. WaaklBStoa. D. C •-IB. 

: BariwaaTooi^rq^fftoctai'alt-Biewi^ H. 

-■^ X>;14f^oriiiilij>Jig*«to-»-l«.^v^ 
-Balklalre Bvoa.' (OipbMm)± ' Loa .Aacelea;' GaL. 
S-Ian. 6. 

B^ft Hmv (Anjvbe): Mcwpoct. Sac... MS; 

taqaaatwl to oontrlbaU tkair dataa for tUa da- 

Batorday, ta insara pahllaatlaB. 
reaalaoala tree ot diaite. Mcmbeit of tbr 

kara Ibatr aafl addieaaed ta care ot Tbr 

BakK ft Zim C 

(Itopb ' ~ -- 


Tet. 14. 

Ballej- * A< 

Bron, Baor fOrtlai— ); 

Jan. 12. 

Baeon ft Tane (Unlqot): ' Tdm ABselea. C^, 

S3.1an. 6. 

B^elli^ Xbe (Eleelile): ; WktaleOb to., ts- 
Bi^it. Harttacr (fOmOt, Ji ijiitk. Mhft.. 

w^ io iit ^ l t ij^f ' ^^ if imm ttt. H. 

atj, 14. 

Boatoolan Oxnedr Four (Camlral): Jackaon- 

Tflle. Pla.. 4-lS. 
Burton ft Bankln (B:,on): Kenoaha. Wla., 14. 
Bnrkbardt. G. (Austin ft Stonc'a): Boaton, 

Mass.. 23^Bn. 6. 
Btotti^ Barrr A. (Keith's): FroTldence. E. 

Baker, Hatrr (BUda): Oalnmet, Mich., 1-8. 
Basks, (niarler ((Srand): Usrloo. Ind. 14. 
Barrlpston (LjtIc): Terre Hsote. Ind., 14; 

((Bennett's) BIclHooml &13. 
Blasoanettc ft Netrman (Main St.): FcoKla. 

m.. 14|_(Bii«0 OafcM..*Jfc< -" V 
By TOO ft Blaaeli ((>MifiiM)t> 

14. : 

1-4; tmnaitt'a) 

BrnkhartTldlllaii. • Qti:. «BlB«H}l> MHr Or- 

leana, t«.. l-4t:!V-iii;.~V--i:i.; ' 
Barnes. PanI rnhlliawaj'O ' 

Masa., 1-6. -» # 

Bmoo ft Bnasell FHaJeatle): (Ateaao. UL, 

14: (G. O. H.) IsdlanapoUa. lad.. 8-lS. 
Botrart, Lottie (Kllte): Bock Maad, UL, 8- 

c^do ^(Fajiet);- 

Oanod, «m8t. (Alcaaar): 

So. 1< 

l>tuici, Ool., la- 
- oas. - - 

Claifce, Xoer: BtaO Tloor, Bac-Dec 11-Jan. 


CoUlBS * Bart (XlToIl): Iicndon, Bac., Dec 
eS-Taa. 31. 

Conger. Helen (Bljon): DaTeaport. la., Indef. 
Cook ft Mlas BoOiert: Moas«toU Tbnr. Eat-. 

Jan. 1, Inflrf. 
Oark ft I teaar, (Mala St.): FCOtta, OU 14; 

aiircnd ft (M fOkyatal): Detroit. ' Hldb.. 14; 

(Lyric) Otaartaad. 0_ 8.18. 
Omniacbaaa ft- Battk (Barrlfk) 

DA. ■•i--y 

OH*.' MDBe' tlvecM): HBaMfMn jUbb, 

14. ■ 

Carter ft Waters Co. (Olrople): Chicago, in., 

14: Barmarket) Chicago 8-18. 
Oameron ft Flanagan (Dominion): Wlaalpeg. 

Ibn.. 8-18. 

Carcv ft Bajea (Mobawk): Sebeneetatr. H. 

T.. 14: (G. O. H.) STtaeaae 84S. 
ChmtotMM,. Tto (Pii>w'»>; awr aty. 

i-e: (Bama.. * ataMnar-.imr-'.'SMt <B«7 


Oalg ft OoDghertr (NoreUy): TaoAM, Kaa.. 

14: (Lirrle) Wichita S-IS. 
OAeret's Don (Cook's O. H.): Roehcater, H. 

T.. 14; (Shea's) BoSala ft-18. 
Oanaa ft Baactott (Pastor-a): New Tatt Gltr, 

14: (OanMc) Wllmln«too, M.. S-IB. 
Oaiyin ft Bndr (I«ne): Tan Raata. Ind., 

aiaaahw rVIetada); New TocK Cttr, 14; 

Cattaneoa, Tbe (Mobswk): Scbenectadr, N. T> 

14: (O ill he iiiij ) ntlca 8-03. 
(Vioper ft BoblnsoD (Kelth'a): Hew Tatk XSIj, 

14. -, - 

CV>ln'a Dog* (P<^'a): BpdBlMk Hmt^ 14: 
^■Brtdg ^cr^ C)a^j^848. ^^^g^gi^^ ' 

Otamer ft Cuper (BtMM); mkml^Ut, Vt., 


Oorwar. »MST <lM|itlia>» » i I i Wya . «. Jt. 
14: (BvUb ft- Siasasa'a) . Kaw Saafc Cttr 

OuotaeltB (Pvadai^': ittiv. N. T.. 14; 

(Mohawk) 8eheneetad7 S-U. 
Oaraon. MlH«m (Hannneesteln's): Nev Todc 

CUT. 14. 

Gdomhlsns. Tbe Fire (Proctor's 23d St.): Haw 

Tork City, 1-6: (Proctor's) Troj 8-lS. 
Ckrana (Proctor's 12Stb St.) : New T«lk OUf, 

14; (Orpbenm) Beading, Ps., 8-J6. 
OeaweU. W. P.: CXilcsgo. in., Indef. 
Cohaa. Joaephlne ft Co. (Uarrland): Baltl 

more, Md., 14; (G. O. H.) Plttsbatg, Pa., 


Ctaaar, WQl M.. ft BlaniAe Dajne (Bbea'a) 
Torontr.. Ont., 14; (Praetor'a) Newark. N. 

J., 8-IB. 

CoOiT Famllr (8Mtdlr*B): Ml Btm. Xaaa.. 

14: (Trent) TkcBtea. K. J., 8.1S. 
Celeste (Palace): Ooidwster. Bac. 8.18: Stand. 

ard 18-20: (Palace) Canberwell March S.10. 
(nuTord ft Burke (Ooak'a O. H.): Boehcatcr, 

N. T., 14; (Shea's) Baffslo 8-18. 
Csrlln ft Otto (Coloolal): New Tork Cltj, 


CazaaU Watats .Locaa. Utah. 14L 

Oarba, flhaa (Oizla I 

SMaa. 6. 
Oanmr, 7as (BUoa): 

our. Hex. 

JlSeh.. I-«b 

i) : Xaa' ftagdeo. 

Stoetton. Ctl.. 

CSasUe ft (XilUns (Garrlek): BnrlingtOD. la., 

Comar, Prank (Crystal): OeaTer, O*., 14. 
0>llliis ft LaBelle (Dnlqne): Los Angeica, Ckl.. 

Cnnnlngbau, Jerry (nth St. O. H.): Fltta- 
burs. Pi.. 25Jan. 20. • . 

ConneUy. Pete (BUoa): Bocktord. 
(BUoa) Oahkoah. Wla.. 8.1S. — ^ 

iitfae3M» (r - - - - 

Ddmar ft 

Indet. -i- ■ 
DoooTan, Johs '0. 

Cal.. indet. 
Downey, LesUe T. fNoreltr) 

Oct. ho, Indef. 
Dren-, Carroll (Backer): Boekford, UL, Jane 

11. Indef. 

Drew. Donthr: Banaafard Xoar. Bag., ladef. 

' 14L" .'•■'W-Vv^^-'. ""-r' •■ -.:'-t J ' 

-Aaafe Bsbm:* SMm IMiftx ~ 

8-18. - ,.- :-:7^v7^~ 

Daly & 0*Bilai<fBi|M)t 

OtOtassett ft 
Minn., 1-6. 

Derria, Jaa. T. (Lyric): Lincoln, NA., 14: 

(Family) Slonx City, la., 8-18. 
DanoTsa, Lea (Odeon): Dajtoe. O,. 1-6. 
Darrow. Mr. ft Mrs. Stnart: Owego, N, T.. 

l»Jan. 6: (6. O. H.) PtttabaiK. Pa.. 8-18. 
Dooglas ft Dooglaa (BUoo): Deeatar, OL. 

8.18. ■ .- ^ ' 

Daalela, Walter (Bmplie): Paliiwft'-'ifc' 

14; (BBipIre) Hoboken, SdS. 
DcOsch. Hanle B. (OolqM): . T WIk». 

Dnneu. A. O. (VMetar'a SSd St): ' Ibir Toik 
OtT, 14; (Cbaae's) WashI«t«B. D. O., 

8-13. ' 
OtfWltt. Lavina (Orand): ladlasapotla, lad.. 

14: ■ ((Mnmbla) Clnetaaatl. O., 8^ 
DiioQ ft Hokae* (Arcade): Toledo, 0., 14; 

(Trent) Trenton, M. J.. 8.13. 
Dnrands, Hnt EtT* (MortStr): Stodttoe. CaL, 

14. . . i 

DonaldsoB. Jj—^ (DliMiiilnlu'a); Hew ToA 

City, 14. 

Day. Geo. W. (Kelth'a): miadelphla. Pa.. 

14: (Kelth'a) Clereland. C. SdS. 
DeBolB, The Great <]llinr): 

la., 1-6. 

OtfWltt, Bsna ft 
kea, N. J.. 14. 
1>»la ft Maeaalcr (AAanOn): New Toek 

Clt7. 1.6. 

DetaHKC. Tte Wmi (PneMra ttBOi St.): Kaw 
T«|t axf, \ft.:ffmKimft^ H. J., 

Dermda ft 


Doyle ft HIsBtaa fB|^i|i;.''Kewaaee. m, 14 

(IHlte) Daecanit.- feLi' MS. 
iMxoa. Bowoa ^^ Btt^a_J^ Bd l*"*f'ria) 7 l^aa. 

DaTey ft Pfaill£r^S*Sa7 iOifticaB St) ~ 

ledo. 0., 1-6. 
Downej ft WlUaitl (Bennett'i) : Lonaon, Out., 


Day. Bdmnnd ft Oo. (Tenple): Detroit. MIA., 
14: (Cook-a Ok ».> -BiSiiln, Jt..i»i.»a». 
Dorant, Hie ^Mmk^SSSv - VMMm 

D. C 1-6. • • . V ; : .■ i . 

Selmore ft Lee (MH): V.. Watobvy. On.. 

1-6: (PblTa) HaiMM-SMS. 
Oe Mario, HaBT fChlaaet):- Oskaset. SOeh., 

14; (Bea's) Bscaaaba S-IS. 
Doahat^ Oaprlae Miadax: Hiaiinlhlll. HI., 
■ 14. . .. ' 

"OfT^ ^f^ t pia i f u j t y— .M. J.. 

>y**8lti ^BSaS ia^Sig^>.- ^iMS^^toli^ 1^ 

JD'Ainile SMna: Vmla. Oml. asjin. «. 
Dsns. Trnj., * o». (SdialM: an ftaMo^ 

laaa • Mbk «kgkMM>t «M^viMk&;»« 
14 •*■*—'* <Baw*)i ■aataK'HHS., 

sonar Tnmpe (Oook's O. H.): Bocbester, N. 

Doctoay, "Win (PioctaCa): ABiaar. W. T., 

Miiv-'A''BiDfr.';'ai|nA>- .^Bmsaao^'Sa. 

Vniffnt. ''^ii^^U^ymie (Bljoa): DanrlBe, m., 

Dlnm.- Biait Si iiMB (Acadeor): Plttabarg, Pa.. 

P<>7i»_JWS ffWfrt; j raiu i i i ij. 0MB.. 1* 

OelMi. OMt Ik^BMb Ifhivlt): K Warn. 

EUnore Sisters (Keith's): PtoTldeaetifc ■ ».■ In 
Ererctt, Wm. ft Marie (Ckyatal): ftaSMlM 

Ind., 14; ((>yatal) Kokomo, 848. 
Fantas, The Two (Bmplre): LaSalle, IlL, 14; 

(Elite) DsTeitpart, la.. 8-lS. 
ferry (Majestic): Chicago, Hl„ 14; (MB> 

Jcattc) Hot Springs. Ark., S-13. ; 

Felix ft Barry Oo. (Colonial): New Task CMy. 

1-d; (Orpbrom): BrooklyD S-13. 
Fisher ft Johnson (Boston): Lonell. HlH.-Mt 
Flower. Dick (Lyceom): San rrsnctH%; 
14; «aiDtrs) Sao FTanclioo 8-13. 
Unas* * Adaau (O.. H.>: BaMoar. N. - 
14: (O. B.) eraavllle 4-6. . 
Itanda, Emma (OtaaA): PlttaMrs. Pa.. 14: 

(Cbase'a) Waahlaxtoo. D. C, B-IS. 
Fostlaelles, THe Three (Fanily): E. St. 

Loala. 111^ 14. 
FrederlA. Clande. ft Poor Deo: Poet Batata. 

Oat.. 14. _ _ 

Fteese Braa. (MajeaUc): Chleaco. - IB... Ml.- 

(Bennett's) St. Thomas. Out., S4S.- 
Fields ft Hanaon (Family): Btt» llia>...M». . 
Fox. Delia (Proctor'a SSd St.): ' KtW. TOA 

City, 1-8; UUca 8-18. 
Fay. Coley & Fay (Majestic): Ft. Worth, Tex.. 

16; (MsJnUc) Little Bock, Ark.. 8-13. 
Fox ft SonuBen (Lorrle): W<«b City. Mo.. 14; 

(BUon) LanslBl, JIM., . MB. 
Flnlay ft 3arka (OtgktMahv. IfM < 

SMan. 6. . .,■:>.-. .:■--■ • 

Ftrat. Barney |Blarl:.C 
(Pastor's) New X«K''( 
Frank ft AMittht tft ' 

Maaa.. 8 ladef. 
nelda ft 'Wootox (Aadltortim) : Lynn. 

14; (Hathaway'a) New BedAaed 8-18. 
IMettea Orebcatra (Orphemn): Deanat; 
SS-Jaa. 6: (Otpbenm) Kansaa (Sty. .. . 

rvblo, Adooli (Grthd): Ticoma. Walk," 14 
(Grand) Tancoarer, B. C, 8-13. 

Fergnsoo ft Mack (TItoU): Cape Town, S. A., 
Not. 2S-Jan. 10. 

Frobel ft Bnge: Bdlhbarf, Scot.. 8-13; Glas- 
gow 16-20; Belfast. Ire., 2S-2T; Doblln 29- 
F<t). 3. 

FergTjson * Faaanoce (Bogkla^): Lsalaslllc. 

Ky.. S-lS. 
Ferrers a, 


Foy ft Clark (Paik): . 
Fisher. Mr. ft ditaL ~ 

daa. Oa tj 14. r. \ ■_ 

Mtoa ft-VMbca CCtawSort^: 

.K* BBSbcs (Tmple): Lewtslea. Ida.. 14. 

FredertCks, The tOystal): St. Joaepb. Mo., 

Farley, James ft Boaalt (Bathoway'a) : New 
Bedford. MaaB^ 1-8: tnalBaaij'i) Lawtn 8- 

lO. . _^ i^^: . . ii^iL^i ■i. ;L 

Florens Tl«U|M (gUBLlas^g^ 'BMaOC .B. 

, . * Otk (Xtcnt): Trenton, N. 
J.. 1* . : 

Cdoala ft Bdwards: Breaden, Aostria, Jan. 1- 

KIleT. GiTle (Aleasar): Denrer, Ool., Indef. 
EttoB. Bam: Moas ft Stoll Toor, Eng.. Nor. 
I. indet. 

B m id i a Comedy Poor: B mn l i a Soar. Bbk.. Oct. 

IMaa. 81. 
KnlgmaKIIe: Tleimi. Aaitrls, Jtn. 141. 
EhreHberr ft "Kendall (Obntes) : San Francisco, 

CU_ 14. 

Bih»r BMera rcirrlek): BarUactOB. U., 14; 

rBnson's) Oileago. m.. 8-18. 
Eltlnite, Tbe <WoDdeiTal (Keltli'8): M»ir Ttrt 

CItT. l-«: (Keith's) Boston. Mass., 8-18. 
EUs-Nowlaa ^io ((>ivheam) ; San FrSDClsco. 

OaL. 8-lS. 

EOBMode, Mr. ft 3frs. BAward (HopUna*): Loa 
Ismie, Ky., 14; (Colombia) et. Lonls, Mo. 

Bbeit. Franz, ft Oo. (Hopkins'): Meorphls. 
Tenn., 14: (Orphemn) New Orlcaaa, I«. 


BUet ft etelaer (Yale'a): Kansaa (XtT, Mo.. 

BBct IBsoa. (XUe'a): Kaaaaa Gltr. 14. 
. 14: -(KcIBl'*) New Totk City, 8.18. 
Eldridse. PrMs (Hyde ft Befamaa's): Brooklya, 
N. T., 14. 

Bmmett, Grade, ft Co. (Aodltorlom): Lynn, 
Maas.. 14; (Alnohion) Brooklyn. N. Y., 8-18. 

Bnaa THo (Family): Mabanoy City, Pa., 16; 
(PaatoCa) Heir York City, S-IS. 

EckboS-ft Oecdaa (Kelth'a}: Balthnate, Md. 
14. . ... "-. - v.' •' -. - ■ 

Ellnota , Bmaia: arai>«8>.-- Ihmllia'ia. - 1. 

14. , • ^ 

■Bimo, Pete & AtUe (Bl]on): DaoTint, III. 

1-6: (Olyn>i>ic) Bprt^fleld 8-18. 
Emmett, Bograc ((]aalt«): Oleaa FaBa, N. Y. 

1-s. ■ 
Bnaplie CI^ -QMllte CairailMi: CMai^ib 'IB.. 

, 14ta 


Waco, Tex.. 

raraam, Bnd. Trio (Majeatle): 


Ooldle, Annie (Slat St.): Chicago. . UL. Indet. 
Oaoaa. WUllam (Seward): Chleaao, BL. la. 

O^Si ft Itaaer (BUte): Davcwct. la.. 1-^ 

Gotleb, itz. * 3IXS. (B. St. T1»« al aa ) s -^Ba- 
reka, OsL. SS-Jsn. 13. ''■-<•'> ^^;: 

(Golden ft Hnghes (People's): SprlagitM.' Ift^ : 
14: (CaaUe) BlaamhaBtea 8-18. _ . .i; 
Gtayce. Margaret (Btjoal: WkhMa. . KMba : 
QnHU, The Foot (Oratal): Oaaiear. OaL. M|~ 

(Bsrl) MUo S-U. - . 

Gaae. Maiei ~ ^ 
OleoroT * ' 


!-«; (0.. . — . — . 

GBiaon, iim. ft Kkttdat - «Kat): Seattle. 

iWasb., 14. 
Garldner Oitldren. The (Bl)aa); 

Mich.. 14: (BUoa) Mlia caeakj 

: Srtt. 


OtW aii af . iSr. " OMIlrttf; ftV i Wi B H. B. I..' 


0>rdoDa, The Boondlng (Crystal): Pneblo, (M.. 

Gaidaer ft Vincent (Keith's): Bsataa. M»m , 
14; (Moote'a) Portland. Me., -S^K t - . . 
O ardoo ft Hayes (BUoa): OaMtalK M^- Mr 

(Olympic) Springdeld 8-18. 
Ooohnans. The Mnsleri (Ifajeitle); Hooston, 

TcZh 14; (MsJrsUC) Baa ftatCUo S-13, 
Gaylord, Bonnie (Haymatket): Chicago, UL, 
14; (Geanett) Blcbmood. lad,. S-U. 
reene ft Werner (Keith's) r Boa t oa. 
14: (Kelth'a) Prorldenee, R. L. S-lS.. 

Oaidner, Happy Jack (Bopklna*): Lool^ 

Ky., 14j_ (Hop kins' ) Mrmphli. TCaa.. S-tt. 

(Buaklie) : Bhnalaghafla. BBS.. 
mSi Laadaa aS-Mareh IT. 

^ lOMtoaaili SprlagOeld. O.. 

14: (Oraaa) ^ammoa 848. . 
eiaaa. Angnsta (Poira): SpdagSdS. lUai>»- 
16; (Park) Worcester 8-lS. -."i ' . -^i 

Oardaer ft Stoddard (MsJesUe): CMWfc UL. ' 

14; (Olympic) (Ttaleago 8-13. 
Ganon, Marioa (OriAeam): MlanMpoIla. Minn., 
aa-Jsn. 6. 

Grant, Sydney (Kelth'a): Boatoo, Mass., 14.. 
Galbretb ft Fsrtel '(Orpheinn) : Dearer, OaX., 


Gmri, Francis (Hsymarket): Obicaso^ IIL. 

14. ■ . .. .•. -.• 

GUroy. Baynes ft Montgomery CIMiMna flSdl ' 

St.): New York Cii$. l-*. 1.? ' 
Olrl la tbe (Hoods (Proetar^ IMk St.): . New . 

York Gltr. 14. ^SS^^: 
OUette Staccia (raaaar): Caw sais li y ra., X-«. 
Oaylar ft OnB (fttlaatle Biilia): Bcw Xiifc...: 

City. W.-': ■ :_ - .. 

Oacdaa. Baa * Maa-^Uaa): ■*aaa*llla. .M. 

14: OHMalt talMn. Want ML 
aowOa, BMr ft Oaailij (Treat):. Ti 

N. 141 
Ooolman'a . Oata . Ik.. 

natl, 0- M.-. ^ .. 

Gaylor. BlIBII. • 06l. tteHttttt. 

N. J., 1-6. 

Olhnare ft La Toor (Trent): Treotoo, N. J., 

Haarer ft Ooua .(Dal«M): Mlaaaapnlla. Mlaa.. 
Bupar. \Stf^\ ' iitiiOi'' 

ladef. ■ -.-.x;.-.- ■ - 
Hewletta, Btk 'W. 

Onntoon. Dad ft (Hara (Star): rt. Worth. Tex., 

Hammond. Mr. ft Mrs. Chas. D. (BUon): Wheel- 
Ing, W. Ta., 14; (Orpbeom) Manadeld. O., 


Hlmnsn. Capt. Sidney (CrratsI): rrankfori, 
inn.. 1-6; (BUon) DtnTlUe. III.. S-ie. 

Hinckley, E. Karl: gpattle, Wash., 1-6. 

Brlaton ft Hood (Trayaiore Caalao): BalUmore,' 
Md.. as-jan. 6. ._ , ;. . 

nylanda. The 'niree (Bljoa): 3m 
14: (BUoo) Kak 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

Xtie Billboard 




==^WILL OPEN MAY, 1300:=: 

Incomparable Amusement Enterprise, anexcelled In its equipment, presenting absolutely high class Amusement Attractions. Unique in physical and 
general attiactions. Thirty (30) acres of parkway nnrlTalled in the natural beauty and grandear of its surroandings; on Keville Island, in the Ohio Biver, 

twenty-five (25) minutes by trolley from Greater Pittsburg's center, also 
on P. & L. E. B. B. and P. & Ft. W. B. B. Additional quick service by 
a fleet of unsurpassed excursion steamers, every Pittsburg excursion boat, 
including the entire Klein Line of steamers, having been absorbed for 
services to this park exclusively. A mile of beautiful bathing beaches, 
high-class operatic and concert music, sensational special features, me- 
chanical, aerial and scenic attractions, new and original in plan. Greater 
Pittsburg and suburbs, with its teeming Industrial population of over a 
million people— more prosperous than ever— known in -'show parlance" 
everywhere as the -'Queen Producer of the Show Cities" because of her 
enthusiastic patronage and sapporti of all attraetivl^' bealthfal amose- 
msnts, offlan the "eatoboC tlMMMdo" ftnr Mf uonr In tlUs .wiltalile 
HOonqr Idana 'dC the Wert.** 
.Attractions and features of real merit that will measure up to the high standard at: 
"•Btiguated and inferior productions not considered. 

k Experienced Parlonen and Qpemors will find bete tbe golden ofyoftonltar of tlifri 

riiiaibMbV torlouseflortisintlittiSBMaHMsr. RMposMoMMiae— sw bp * 

Ite full information address 

JOHN F. KLEINy QOBsy island AmussniBiit Co., 247 Water St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

merit the only te^; 

; Biff pntts «ra son here; the toocfi gS'vieri- 
uBd ooBtnetB wxittoi. 

Brsmus, Ttic Ttatt (Grmsd).: OwentfxxOk 
■ Ky.. 1-6. 

Holmn k Dcuc (Orital) : Andcnon, Ind., 1-4. 
Hm^I Bms (Bljoa): Ones Bar, Wl>.. 14: 

BoM 8«wc Qaartct (KcauT*!): 

N. Y., 1* 
Bmta. Oba*. * Sdn« (Famllr) 

14: (Orpb#nm) Bradlnt 8-18. 
Bmranl Bros. (Arcade): Tol«do, O., S-18. 
BiBWB. Bury L. (Family): Xork. Pa.. 14. 
BMnzd'a Dofm * Pooln (G. O. B.): FlttlbaiS. 

Pa.. 1-6; (Cook-a O. H.) Bochntcr, N. X., 


Blto, Prince Scum Sine (FBocta% SBdi St.): 
Mew lock Olty. I-O; (FM)Ctgefe.»|Jt> MS. 

BaU. rraak (Bgoo): Keattklt^KK '**•. 
(QnaO JoUct. Bl.. ■' ■ •; 

"Hwiit, »ia^ * Jtmta Bmca (BIJm): Da- 

_lS!Mk b.. 14; <Bwni>a) CMMgo. HL, 8-U. 

'Hm^ tm att mUf aU todoo. Ont.. 14: 

_(B«etfs) St. ThoaM 8-». 

W*inllw . The (Okyatal): X /t m n maait, Ind.. 

_14j ( tuHe) CteTCUnd. O, MS. 

Bmoma. ht^ (jJtaMtn): , anr Mk CUj. 

.. 3tm (Grud); VucooTcr. B. C 
_14: (GnunI) VIctorta 8-M. 
Bsnrt * Bland: UnrtU, IfUL. 14; (Hath- 

««»*•) Srw Bedford 9-lS. 
am rmir. TIu (Star): Aosoata, Oa., 818. 
Um^-atttat Co. (Otpbeom): Omaha. Neb.. 
_M8. \ 

*2,. >• 14: (Prwrtge"* oaOl St.) HtW 
„_»■* C1&, S-IS. .. 

BncNIt. Dito^aWth'a): M«« T«ilc.iate.'M: 
-UiVTlaairBUSMM. JId.. 8-)S. 
Bmaao The Gnat (Oly^jit): < 

BbU. Jane Biton A Oii. (Borttlf * Sin- 
■<»'«): New Totk City 14; (KcWs) Pw»- 

Ueace, B. I., 8-18. 

i'^*'^;"*' (PoU'«) : WaterboiT. Coon.. 

1-8; (Bitha-K-ay-a) New Bedfocd. Jtaaa., 84S. 
Holrombe, Cnrtla * Wetib (Omtaena): New, La., 1.6. 
^."1 A.aathoted (rMple'a):; Ortac Bap- 

Jeanre * Ellaworth (BUoo): liarqnette. lileh., 
Jooea * Waltoa (Haymarket): Cbleafo, BL, 

14; ((Mambia) St. ImIm. Mo., 8-lB. 
jenalnsa As JewcU (I«xle): Uacotn. Neb.. 

14: C - 



* wn*r 

Hcnias e Oi 
Hertiert (JeL 
Blan ft Bei 


Boodini (Obaae'*): 

SSi' o'f'i-^ ^. «iiS-(*,i*i-lt 

"swank's ^™ '>= Mexloe Oty, Mer.. 

Brte ft Beath (Btax) 

i5P fu^Z!?. ("•J«*»e>s Hot 8pTls«i. Ark.. 

Trio (AodltaHam): Lynn. Man.. 14; 
,.(8>w dy'a) ran BIrer 8-lB. 
**g>a * Spaika (Bmplra): USiIIe, OL, in- 

.BaMltoa. Oat. 14; 

Bae ft CFit*nke>: 

'fg' f^rallT (Procte'.) t Troy, M. 1.. 

^Sfr'3l^"?i3* (OfPliwm): Kantti 

iS?^5H!?4 (Chaae'a): WaOUnstoa. D. C. 
HteMb'e) Syiaeue, K. Y., 8-18. 

_ . Jab 
Ja.k. nr. * 

Butdtt.'*' Albert ObWal Mhdili 

Oer.. Jan. 1-31. 
Kaaf man, Bcba (Albambra) : 

July l-Jao. 31. 
Kaofman Slateca: Stall Tonr, Bnc: 
Kelly ft Aahbr: Moaa * Tbooitaaltoar, Kb*.. 

Dec. 18-Kar. 12. 
Kemp. W. A. (WamOy): P MUa i l Me, FB., Sept. 

S&aw, Gcgqga (Ijile}: Wlcblu. Kait, Dee. 

Keeley Slateea (BUoa): DaorHle, VL. 14. 
Kate. Bras. tGnnd) : Mlif. m, 14k . h-2, 
Kelly ft Bene (P<M-s): BiMm at t. n iB« j l-S; 

(PoU'a) Wateitiniy 8-18. • ^ 

Kbema ft Cole (G. O. H.): IndlanipoUs. M.. 

14; (Oipbeom) New Orleans, La.. 8-13. 
Eaetsser. Lew (Earl): Pnetdo, OaL. 14. 
Klple ft lIeI.aaslLUn (.Hammersteln's) : New 

York City. I-e. 
EcUy ft Adams (Elite): DaTenport, la., 14; 

(Emptie) Bockford. UI.. S^3. 
Knrtls ft Basse's Dogs (Proctor'x): Newark, N. 

I.. 14: (Pioetor'a SBtb St.) N«w Yocfc CUy. 

8-18. .... 
KoUer ft KdUer (BUoo): Mbm^m, Im^ 14: 

(Pc<|de*s) Cedar Baplda ».tt. 
Kohl. Gna ft Uailoa (Bmpbe): Ootaado 

Bprlnn, OoL. 14. 
K«Uy. Saa ft Ida (Howard): Boaton. Kaaa.^ 

1-6; (Family) Nc<w,York Olty, 8^. 
KlUmnra Java Tnnpe (Olympic) : Oblcaco, ni-, 


Kelly ft Kelaey (I^c): Cleveland. O.. 1-8. 
Eeicy, Mr. ft nn. AtlRd (Orpbemn): New 

Orleans, La„ 8-13. 
Kokls, MlsBooette (Oipbnnn): JiUwa^ee. 

■wis.. 14: (Orpbetan) MlmieapaUa. 3 

KeUy ft.TloIete (Olympic): Cbkaco, m., 

(OriaiBMa) St. LooU. Mo.. 8-lB. 
KcDO, WaM ft MtlTOW (Ttmple): Detiatt. 

MIeb.. 14: (Kcltb'a) cnrteUnd. O.. 8-13. 
Kent. S. MiUer. A. Cow <0. O. B.): 

Pa.. :4: (Uairlaad) ' 

Kemp ft Pearl {< 

ntati, 8-13. 
Klwsley ft liewla (Kclft'a): 

3S-Jan. 6: Stamford. . 
Klein ft Klela (Star) 

(Ctyatal) St. Mask. 

Karaon. Kit OMialle): E 

(JfaJeaUe) SaiAatail* 8.L . . 

BMBt. .Xnalcal (Ocpben): Bcadlas, Pa., 14; 
''^■MlMil) Pittabm 8.18. 
Amb ttoa.: ' Baa Oabe. Wis.. 14. 
Kntooi, TbM* (Proctor's): Newark. K. 1.. 

14; (Proctor's) ABwny, N. Y., 8-18. 
Kelfe. Zena (EeHb's): ProTtdence, B. L, 14: 

(Kellb's) Phlladelpbla. Pa.. 8-13. 
Karil)agia Jaiia (EUen Mnsee): New Task 

City, tader. 

Kennedy ft Boooejr (Oiptaean): San RaneUeo^ 

O.I., 1-18. . • .-. 

Kelly. W. C. ( PnxJ a a'* aStk St.)i MMr TaA 

Kennedy ft Vincent (National): Kasaaa Otty. 

ito-. . „ 

Klein. Ott Braa. ft Mdiolaon (Hartlg ft Sea- 

moa'a): New York Olty. 14. 
Konpe ft Koppe (Howard): Boatoo. Man., 1-8. 
IMcaera Don ft Ifookcra (flatbaway'a) : New 

Bedfoe*. ISlifcj-M.,^..^ . 
KeatiBB «i.?5SSSrtB.fM|MOt . SMalH. Wia.. 


Keaoa. Cbariaa (Br*t * BabOMB'a): New York 
Cliy. 14. 

KIppTe (Mala St.): Pcotla. IB.. 14. ^ 
Kamoa. Fred. PaalaaalBt 0*. (Oatkm): Bnok. 

lyn. N. y.. 'a: . ii-- ' ' ■' . ■'..^ 

Laaaoer, Lee (t«tie): VHw Bmi; M.. Dae. 
18, Indet. 

Uoyd, Herbert: Moaa ft StoU Toor. fits. , 

ttfwmaa Slaters (Star): AUanta. Qa., Indet. 
La Motbe Trio (Majestic): Cbleaso. IB., 14; 

(Haymarket) (ailca«o 8-18. _^ . ■ 
La Adella (Bran*. iHUI): BTtnarBlh ML..M: 

(LaSalle) Keokok, la., S-IS, 
La Jeaa. Theo. A CSamllle (Keltb'a): Mfladel. 

phU. Pa.. 14: (O. O. H.) Plttaborr 8J18. 
henn ft narr (Klectrlo): Waterloo, la.. 1-8. 
La Clair A Weat (Austin ft Stone'a): Boston, 

Vaas.. 1-0. 

LaTcnUe. Marie (BUoo): DaTenport, la.. 14. 


Mnr Tofk Cttr. 

TIHC 14; 

LaTamle Sistera (Ptioealz): OoIiaiibDa, O., 


La ZeUe, Edward (Maieatlc): Hot SprioKS. 

Aik.. 14; (aiajeatle)0<dUa. Xaa.. S41S. 
Latiaa, JlUe. (Fraetor's): IBv. .H. T.. 8-lS. 

Bdv. X«A €1^. 14: CFMCtai'a SH St.) nthr 
. Xoik CBtr SOB. 

tiimaid * Drake (Orpbeom): Portsmootb. O., 

14: (Ateade) Toledo 8-13. 
La Toor. Irene (Merlden): Merlden. Coon., 

14; (I^ceom) New Britain 8-13. 
Lyster ft CocAe (PsAn): Olpple Creek, OiL, 

14: (Empire) Ciolarado Springs 8-13. 
Latell, Edwin (Orpbeora): Otnaba. Neb., 14; 

(Orpbeom) Eaaus City, Mo., 8-13, 
La Renoa, Tbe (Oenoett): Bidmiood, Ind., 


LdClair, Harry (Howard): Baaton. Mass., 14. 
La ooiz, Paoi (Lyric): Clerdaiid. O., 14: 

(FamBy) Scranton. Fa., SOIL 
Laraan ft Bwlna (OrpMoa): rwiiailllll. 0 . 

14: (Giaad) HamJlMa MS.- = - 

Lako&, _a8RT * omto- auD: • BoA u- 

laad. m.. 14^ (BOaa) edBM 

LdBor * Woodford (katth**):. ^ 

iPa., 14; (afasTlaiid) Balttmare, Xd., ^18. 
Lancaster, Tom (BUoo): I>nl«tb. Mian.. 14; 

(Unique) Wlnnlpe*. Man.. S-1&. 
LoBatr (BUon): MBtlMtte. Wla.. 14: (Ban'a) 

Bscanaba, Mleft-' SOS.- :~-'^r.= • 
LcQIoyne SlsteraTVim Baalc. M:;-'l4$^ (Star) 

Monde 8-18. 
LaXlefl.Bma. (Grand): Ttrtao. OlL. 14. 
Lealla. Oeo. W. ((Jlobe): St. Lools. Mo.. 

14: (Caatle) Bloomlostoo, ni., 8-13. 
L^g^a.^^Ulan. Co. (BUoo): Port Honn. 

LM^FItabnsh ft Benle (BUoo): Alpena. HIeli.. 

UBd'(IiB|>erlal): BrooUyn. N. X.. 14. 
Lnrla. (ICOCCla (Olphenm): ITanaaa Olty. JCo., 

fti ftdMae toiplienm) ; 


I>anbardt Al. (OarrM): BarBaKtoo, la.. 

1-C; (BUon) BaTenfMrt 8-18. 
Lucas, Ed. ft Basel (Yale'a): KAnaaa Otf. 

Mo.. 14: (Lyric) Joplln 8^. 
Leoaard, E)ddle (Orpbemn): MlnncnpoUa, Minn., 

Ld)en't, Tbe Great (BUoo): Qolncy, ni., 

14; (Ckrflseum) Champaign 813. 
LMey ft Trayer (Paatiar's): New York Oty. 

14; (Hyde A Sebman'a) BtooUyn 8-13. 
Lorelaads, Ttie Fire (People'a): Kanaaa Qty, 

Mo., 14. 

Lec. Hemy (lUen Moaec): Jfeiw Zock CUy. 

Lartae * IiCMMnl (< 

{4laof*. nie (Keltli'O: Fmldaec. B. L.- 14L 
Lavalla. The (Palace): Oortc, lie.. IB-SO. 
Leanard ft SSastedo (Odeon): Saytnn, O.. 14. 
Loce ft Lace (Bi)oa): . Appletoa. Wis.. 1-8. 
Lau Broa. (Family): OatlxinaJt. Pa.. 1-8. ' 
Lscy A Loder (Otpbeom): Senrcr. OoL, 14. 
Lor notta Slatcn tHopUaa*) : Loaiafflleb Sr., 

L^Ur. Wara* . (Oraad): ft jiiiila .oia^W.- Cai. 

LewU ft Ctaapbi (Main at)l 
LalBose, Bany, ft Co. lUtntmVtt 
toed. Maaa.. 14. 

iMOB /jfc .kador 'Ofiamimitt 
,*8es.SS*a. Sl._ . -.i^ ■ v' j. ; ■ -..'Vv;---"! 
MUlra. Janaa (BUna): SiMl. Wu.; »^ 
8. ladaf. 

UeFarland. Jamea (BUon): Maraaatte, Mlcb., 

Meiedltb Sliten (Booadiet'*) 

Jan. 1-31. - ...v .; „ 

Mlddleton. Oladya (PaIm):-~''/CkiiM 

C!oL. AtV. 14. indef. 
MUtoo, Mr. ft Mia. Geo. W. (Star): Atlanta. 

Oa., Indet. 
Mitchell. X V. <La8aIIa} 

35. Inf - 


Kaokok. la., Dae. 

Mootasae's Cockatoo Ctreaa 

city of MeUe^ Max.. 'Itor« 
Morrla * MaSStB 

Oct. 9. tDdeC 
Mbtocirl (Oiplienm): firaa. Ao.. Jan. 141. 
MdCne ft OablB (Hopkins'): LooisTllIe. Kj^ 

MoGutre. T. J. (Mirror): DeaMoines, la.. 14; 

(Elite) DaTenport 8-18. 
Manrre (Bell): Stockton. CaL, 14. 
Metrflle ft Aaelle (BaH): Pneblo. CtiL. 1-6. 
Mareena, Nerare ft Mareena (Qiiitiemn): San 

Fkandaoo, GsL. 8-lS. 
MiOnemey. Jas. A. (Family): Haxelton. Pa., 

25-Jan. 6. 

MaUoty IBrot.. Brooka ft Balliday (OiloiiiaDi 
New York (Sty, 14; (OipbeiBi) Bmklya 


Mltcbell A Cain (Maleatt^T Waoai-Ta., 14; 
(Maieatle) W. Worth S«L.-.^_. . 

* Bce« (BUM): M m mt, ' 

14: (Blloa) Marqnette S^tt- . 
MarreUe ft Oleaaco (Arcade) :< Toledo. O.. 

1-8. " 
Marten. Ollle (Olympic): Tkor. N. X.. JS- . 

Jan. 8. : \\' • ■■ -icv- 'r' 

MeGIobi ft Smith (Andltarlnm) : I«aC HMk' ^-^ 
14: (Proetor'a) Troy, N. Y.. 848. ' ,>,it.. 

Marco Twloa (Orpbeom): Kanaaa Olty, ICs..''.^, 

14; (Orpbeom) Denrer, CoL, 8-18. . 
MolADghlln. Helen (Bammcratcln'a): 

York City. 1-6. , _ 

MflCaae ft Grant • (BUoo): Oiaem 9m 

14t (BUoo) Marinette 8-tt.- 
Marabnr. Mona (Star): AteUaoo. Kaa.^~-l#t;>.^; 

rBljoa) WKUIta 8-18. - ,^>. .V*ti-i."<. 

MdDoaald. Hol&nan ft 'Stoddard (Oiyatal):'W>- <>'.': 

keto^ SUeh.. saaa. «. ^ " ' 

Majcatle Trio (OnakV O. H.>: njjj fc iWtr . X^- 

X., 14; (O. O. BO an*cnw 8-lS. - 
llacBlir, Mr. * Mrs. Kaik (^de * Bebman'a): .- -i'. 
^.Biaak^n^N. X., 14; (Paatoi'a) .>-ew ^o*'^.'. 

JMWtta. Th» FJre (Oi^ieiun): Brooklyn. N. 

X.^ 1-St (lAibamm): New Tort Olty 8-1Sl>;> 
Miett^ Da«i (BQoa): Qnlacy. Dl.. 14. .p/r^ 
Mnrpby ft WlUard (Majeatle): BooMan, XaXi*^:., 

14; (Majeatle) Ft. -Worth 8J8. _ ; iii . •• 
Mills A MotTla (HopktnaT): LaatartBab ' -. - 

14; (BOpklna*) (Memphia. Tenn.. 8.13. . 
Minar Broa. (Bl]oa): Ubpemlnc, Mlcb.. l-tf^'-. 

(BUon) A(ipleton, Wla.. 8-13. 
Moray ft Mocar (Onloae): Mlnneaipoila. lllaa;^ :^ 

MorMos FOOT j^^i^ ii^^iBt iSi'liS-''''' 

Ark.. 14. •- 'Sr^-y.^: 

Memills. Three (Odlseoa): Laad*^ aW - . 

18-Jan. 18. • , • 

Meera. The Tliree. (Am^iloa): BmUvLjK. - 

14; («ToetaC« aBB.St.) New To* 4»F, 

IJ.' ■ ... . - . , ■ >'^^- 

MoAvor. Dan. * Oai. (Olaae'a):': nifaAllKM|,:. .S 

K<hr Sack Olty. 1-8. 
XtSlafaga ft (Siapelle (Hammersteta'a): 

Xo* CItJ. 1-8. 
Maateia, Klsale B., ft Co. (Maieatle): VaOtt.^':- 

Tax.. 14; (Majestic) Waco 8-lS. . -V V^., ?:>:. 
XaateU'a Marlooettea (Btloo): Green Bay. 

14: (BtJOB) Marinette 843. ' .- 

MlakeL Con (BlJoa): Jacksoo. Mirti.. 14: (BIp - 

Joa> Battle Creek 8-13. 
Miltoian^Tgto taj^toa') ;_^Lonla^^^^^-l-St , 

ataxia. Nina (Golamtila): <3nel— M>:.eS«Mit.y.-,: 
1187 ft MBea (Plom'a): Madison. irtfctTt*^ 
IbAa, Two (Bijoa): Wheeling. Wi-^7**T--.^ 
Harlowa, Ptankett ft Co. (FaaSr): SmMMt;/ 

MaOdl ft Onrtdey: BodMcd. nU ML'" ■ 
MaearM: .Otlca. N. X.. 14. >• 
IMWAtaa ft lyaoB (Bnrtls ft Seanoa'a); 

3ltlienhi» SiBtan '(BMnM,:" ' 

S5-Jsn. 8 - _^ . > 

Moasrts. Hie (Owor d'Alene): Spokane, W a|>i j i>>u- ' 

SMan. 6. - iFT.v- 

Marae, Ben (Bxpooltloo): jafkaa«rfflUi!nBk '^^ 

(Continued oa page 18.) 

%lv^ 1 l ib oar d 

The Billboard 


4ie ElniTSIrMt Cfaieinnatl. U.«. A. 



BolU S. Hwlan BUS.. <M Hutet Be 
Ctr.UiWSfcaiidl/cioeftar PU W. C Telapbou, OTI 
*4«XTmnl; Tetovimma, Breatber. 

for «M adMadal or 


FUteen cmita per Une, aff»te meunrnDcnt. Wliole 

■e, tic*; ti»lf p*ifc. itl-iO; qa»rt*r p»«p, 
amoa po«ltlaa. 


n«. BtUtaard M aoU ra i<oadaa at TtmJtmmjttm 

Cb. aarf ici 

s^aM du iatlnuticmt amd 
mnag im ilu maUtr oi 


.Th* fint ferai of Tha Bill 


goM' to 

No ■dv€wrti«om« nt» 

for thoM 

p « g » » can b*' gSvM the desired pesi- 

:tig«» and no ehangaa. «an ba iiMMa In 
fda en any. af- thaaa -jpagaa 

;N»!^ fbr 1»m til* fcRB*^ 

man have faJlea directly in line with 
a nnmber of phllantbropiats, laclodlns 
tbe president of tbe ITnlted States, who 
d«- not liesltat^ to OlaciiBs apd asltate 
tlia' qnaattMi wMA liaa. hmc baen a 

:^<lMftHffla ivHON 0«t iajOObS 

A. 'Woods, tbe weU-knoTs maiucer and 
imtdncer, wm* on Christmas Dar preseoted wltli 

a aoUd atlTar GorhAm serrlc*^ \ij the seTcral 
aaaacna of U< eomiwiiles and ttieatrea. The 
MTTlce . eoaaiated of '432 sppsrat£ pieccB, and 
was MgDlOeaDt of the nteem in which Mr. 
Wooda la.IHia to- kta ■■■limii . 

AeeoaMytea (ke^ MtSr-WM^a «■§ 
loC Oe ttllMrUc: 

To Our Manasrr. Mr. A. B. Woods, on Cbtlat- 
mas. 1S05. 
Accept tMa gift, for 'fU «ar Bta 
Tbat thTonsh It yon be tOld.'. ' . ■■■ ■ li" i 
We're sendlas aUTer to a an ' 
■tno iiaa a keart oC c<dd. . . 

Ji Srt S^M?'»wSpBf'tto^^^SS?' and 

BodnatandliiB of an em^yer aa true as ateel, 
this aerrlce la presented to Mr. A. H. Woods 
on Chiistmas Dar- Thoash the offerlnc tei>- 
resents the iffecUon ot all, the spirit oelilnd 
it wu a apliit of IndlTldnal' retard, esteem 
and good wlil. Nearly erexy person who has 
pot Ills or her mite into tbe clft has pat in 
alas hlB or her personal sratltode for many 
(ood turn, and their tlncere trlendsblp for their 
manaser. it li the wish of the donon that 
tbese Tessels may sooa be orerflowlns as are 
their hearts with the sentliDeiit here eipreaaed. 
and that the gift may tie part ot a Menr 
GbrlBtmaB and a prophet ol a Hingr Mew 

fiosh Ormdj-, manaser Tom, IMflk and BaxiT. 

Bdla «( Atcbm K. 

a o(-a WUe. 

benrflt was gtren to nalirr Baraett, the well- 
known and popnlar Tanderille maaal^, irtM 
has been snbatnnata la Ih* T 
a^t. Be win IMTC tor Mew 
week to udcrBO an opcntioa. 
In -aMItlaa to tbe nntar Bate : CUi -Or- 

clstccii Sdnilts, 

centlj- fmm -New T( 

Tbe ponltiT °aliow held at 
Dee. Ifras was a inad SMai 
UU(, A. 


anxsb urmdj', ma 
8am Ujc& aaa 
W. jTKSh. ■■ 
FKd. w. Sasv. 

AL Rl^' 
I. H. «- 
talE Gllll. 

W. 8. 

J. K. Roberta, manaser Tracked Aroond the 

3. T. Peazaall, niana fae Saeiet Serrlce Sain. 

Attractions at the local theatres daring the 
ireeK preceding Ctiristmas were not soffldentl/ 
Inteiestlns to attract tbe hoUdar aboppen. 
floweTer, taking all things into consideraticn 
The Orpbeom, Borwood and Emg did rery weU- 
Tbe Bo7d Theatre has been dark for the past 
fortnight with the exception ot two or tbice 
ff^f^ij, . bnt -Hanager Bntzcaa 
aaMOsBt -abowa after tbe test 
- Ifee Chcistlaa, pnatated br Oa 
Stack Oo., reeaallr. «a> JHm. tHt 
pot on >r tills 

opening of tbe 

Alarrlaan and Hisa '£aag woe aaaa to a better 
adrantage than In any prerloaa vitjr, and the 
remaining plarers 'were an capeclulr adopted 
to their parts. Much credit Is dne Sedlcy 
Bronni, the new director. 

Ralph Hayward, the popalar bead door- 
keeper at Bojd'a Theatre, baa been aaaodated 
with Manager Borgess for the part sixteen 
jeara. He also holds a respoaalble position 
with the Burlington Ballroad, and has man; 

ftieods ^'**"T tbe professloa. 

Under Sontbem Sides and A Son of Best 
both laid OTcrta this dty during the week 
pceoecdlng CkilttBia, 

~ he Xa^te CSob pcesented <Tblmrs ot 
, tbe^CMt and caacv^J^^g 


Tbe Avdltorinm li bow Mm wtd a roller 
and la meiHag i^h «n 


Fred I 

^bt. W. ^eaadi^ 


Ames Btennan. manager Palace Tbeatre, 

f »< t » »» « I %% %% 

♦ - . ♦ 


♦ -v ■ 

To its numareua readers and 4> 
patro«l« THE BIU.BOARD ax- ♦ 
^ tonda graat in ae . The year haa ♦ 
^* vntnaasad the chrystalizatien of 4> 
..^ many new friendships and the <l> 
^rtnar eatnanting of old ones. To <^ 
7 avery profassional, from tha ela- ^ 
^ phant-faedar to the harlequin, and ♦ 
^.trem. tha aeane shifter, to her who ♦ 
#'hM reaehad Juliet, and him who ♦ 

♦ haa rsaehad Hamleb THE BIL,!.- ♦ 

t< 1 1 1 » >M 1 1 H I > l < 1 1 1 1 it 

Thonjeh the season »a lax has not 
been productive of any really great 
bits; the ratio of the failures Is so 
low ansur mSk foctba aUUty 
Of the- producers to sdect wtaat the 
jmblic most desires. 

■ • • » 

' Here than';,^39nal the .holidays this 
year were- .veeaafam for . Xesttvlties 
amonr theatifcal people^ FtMmbly nat 
.-■omqclt because^ of a past;TiaIf sea- 
^■MPjCjt -bna lniMW aa.otia^jip nflflpnr e bom 
' oC hope and aoKmented by favorable 
proapect^^ ;'niere Is an affinity be- 
tween :the ata«e and Cbzistniaa time. 
■ChHigh Baa' la" primarily %^aeason of 
'BlMCUiHn^ and hopefulness' is a car- 
L^T^itiut of the- theatrical profes- 

VjAflm Doe proceedinsa Into the 
Wirrft.: the syndicate were aome- 
'deiayeff last week be<!anse' Jus- 
tice lieventrltt. who was sitting In that 
branch of the Supreme Court to 'which 
tte writ ' Waa returnable declined to 
Bie Me. W BtcimoM':t^ whidi his son was 
aC .eeaBMK'iftir' 'oiie vlt the contestants. 
Tbe beailug' -was consequently post- 
T vntil Monday, Jan. 1, when an- 
Jodge would be alttinB in that 
' Tif TTaw TiMirii liltliigi fr« ^™i« 


Sstbawiy's acsr watnllli feoaw at Lewd. 
SCass., was ftinminy opened Cbrlstautf Day, 
sbia MIy Snce tbooaand people were taiBed 
amy. A aplemltd bin was prorlded tar tha 
opening week. It incloded the Twelre Navajs 
Girls. Harry I«Sose ft Co.. Krlesel's Csts -and 
Dogs John and Bertha Gleiaan, Fred aadl' 

ban, 'Walters and Fi u ulj , 
Dixon and moring 
delighted with the 
laes to be a loecess. 

Sbortly before tbe opening of the perfona- 
anice. Manager Frank O. IMmA was presented 
with a baantlfnl booqnet of flewan WUia 
8. aot. The Bmbsart^ fapAjMSMadint. 
ajpr. ^ Msg engp«t ^asd^|^^>jjlt \:i^)»t 

Tbestilcal Joozaal. 


Tbe peace and qolet of DanTlUe. m., waa 
distnrbed Wednesday afternoon, Dec 27, by a 
shooting aOUr that happened In tbe Saratoga 
Hotel, and ai the result of which Cbarlei IQ. 
SlB.*Cll, co med ian of tbe Two Jobns Co., Ilea at 
point of death in the St. Ellxahetb Bos- 

. -It . is reported that F. O, Ooopcr, an aetnr 

Smith of 

Smith resented tbe seauatlaa. it is nid. wUd 
tbe more angered Mr. Gooper. Cooper, it is 
aHeged. then poreliased a rerolrer and attacked 
Smith In the latter's room at the Saratoga. 
Mc Cooper rlalma that be entered Smith's room 
to talk the matter orer peacefully, bat that 
wlien be 'waa attacked be defended btmself 

Me. amih waa shot three times sad wlD 
piabSUtr die. 


Hn. Bdmyler Crownlmdileiri on e s e t Vl«r> 
Between Two Fires, waa ptudu eed for the Oist 
time npon any atace at tlie Mlddleaez TTiestre. 
Middletown. Conn., Otjrlatmaa matinee. ' An en- 
tbimlastle andlenee greeted Mlas Sarah ften A 
who -appeared aa " ' ~ 
ler whO' 

• It !■ not likely that anything wlU 
•ome «r the movemoit recently started 
.b ITew York GUr t»^^^hlblt the pro- 
ducUoB there oT TlHiiuas Itlxon's new 
,:play. The Clansman. The objectors' 
'.bm of particulars accuse Mr. DIzon 
^ sarrlng up strife and race hatred 
' by his aKltatlon of the negro question. 
However, It would appear that Mr. 
IMziim and the pcodnoera The Clans- 

ippeared aa Pnntr Adams. 3. Herao MO- 
ho' ippaared as MwBsav, and Feter 

DaMlfis. ,'\«;?'^. ; 

Jnt to alMnr that Seattle If eomlnc 
Teik city ot tlie Coast, Bdward r. BwecasT, 
flie mlUianaite. and a mmbs of other Seatoe 
capitalists will build a modem Coney Islsnd 
resort on Lake Wsshlngtan. nesr Msdlson 
street. A petition wm be brought before the 
council next week by tlie Borderland White 
City Co., asking pemiisslan to ase sereral on- 
opaisd streets. On* bimdred and flftr tlion' 
sand dollars 'wm ba tartsted, sad It Is " 
iDtentlai to hare' Ills TCiy taat e( 
as wen ss -sa lee ilak and a astsf 

The eompsar eairtas tUrtT'^lTe peo- 
ple, beaded liy Sajn Sklinan, a deeer German' 
comedian of the Lew Fields type. The rest 
of the compsny, including James Connors, sn 
Irish comedian. Rosalie. Idissard Brotheta. Uel- 
Tllle and Stereos and Mile. Glorlne, are good. 
''" Tbe tiiird concert of tbe Seattle Symphony 
Orchestra nnder tbe dbeetlon of Harry West, 
1 was giren at the Grind Optra Honie Wednes- 
jdsy erenlag. Begardlcss of -soclely lielog busy 
^wltb CliilBlmas s ee p s r a tten^ tbe concert waa 
weU attakdcd. Sslslstf were Miss Clara 

Lewya. . 

St. Tcwph— Lyric week Dee X, D. X. <L 
Tnv — ^Lyeetun, week Dee tt, Osifcat. 


All the theatres did 
Bias week. 

Miss Eleanor 'B«baon was gtcstsd ty . 

bouses. The FHsuose Miastids at tbe Otaad 
caught «be big crowda. 

Miss RiteUe Anglis. formerly of Lore's Lot. 
tery Co.. Is msklng good 'with The Weber AO- 
Star Stock Co., which opois la Mew Zotk 

Pat Ballly sad Ua hig burlesque ocganlsa- 
tloa SHnA-AMOBr at the Majestic 

'„V ■ J. A. OOfSON. 



* Woltad, IL 

shows the ope ia tloa s «C 

supplied by'tbem; 

Boston— Bowdcdn Soaaie. wcA Dee. 25, CMe 
TOm'a Cabin; week Jan. 1, raast. CaaUe 
Sqnare, -week Dec 2B, Ranaom'a EUIy; week 
JTan. 1, Ollrer Twist. Empire, week Dec 2S, 
The surer King; week Jan. 1. LaToaea. 

Brooklyn— Bljoo, week Dec 2S, The Belle 
of New York: week Jan. I. Tne Irish Hearts. 
Imperial, week Dec as. The Cbriatlan. Ly- 
eansa. week Dec S. Lost to tbe Wodd. Pay- 
tsa*% wask Dec SS, Op T«ek State; week Jan. 
l; Mb, Saae'B DeCenae. 

fWra a o It iis b TKmpIs, week Dec 3S, Tbe 
Card. Calaat. *^ Dee. Si.' The Price 

ot Honor; week Jan. 1, A Rssisd Boa. Mar- 
lowe, week Dee. 4S, Bdd br th* I 


Jan. I. Blue Jeans. 
Peacetol VaUey. 

Cincinnati — Robinson's, -week Dec 2S, Tbe 
Clirlstian: week Jan. L la the Pslaec of tiie 


Colnmlma — Empire, week Dec 23, Dorothy 
Vernon of HsddSB BsU; 'wsck Jan. 1, Wsaua 

Against Wi 

tbe Slope 

Lowell— Academy, week Dee. SB, Jim, On 
FenmanI week Jan. 1. Tbe Pariah Priest. 

Hew York aty-^lfS Ambbs^ wett Dee. 
A:Qneen's MesseBger and Ckteket on the 
Bearth: week Jan. 1, Cleopatia. One Hundred 
and XwcstT4f tb Street, week Dec 39, lb* Two 
Orphans. Metropdls, week Jan. 1, The Sign of 
tbe Four. 

New Orleans— loTle, week Dec a. The Cone 
of Dnnk; week Jan. 1. Hobodys ClalB. - Osand 
Opera -Bonae, week Dec S. daderelU. 

Kew Haren— BIJOQ. week Dec SB. Tks Wife; 
'week Jsn. 1, The Idttle Mlnlstct. 

Kcw Bedford — BaToy, week Dee. 9B. Brotbar 
Acstsst BroUier. 


1 — B u t w oo d, week Dec SB, Iha (Ms, 

.delpbia— standard, -week Dec 19, Fast 

Life In New Tork; week Jan. 1, IW EEcr ChU. 
dren's Sake. Forepaugh'a, week Dec 18, •.She- 
nandoah: week Jan. 1. MMJss. Olaud AisaSc, 
week Dec SS, Tks r^***"*" - 

Proridenee — lanaMb wsak BMb ' 'iMee- 
tul VaUey; weA -Jsa. 1, "-f*-*" JMs sC the 
Horse Uarlnea. 

Pawtucket — Keith's, week Dec SS, Tlie Man 
From Mexico. 
Portland — Belaseo, week Dee, SB, Bias Jeans; 
— — 1. laeoB. 

ett: week 7sa. 1. n* . 

San Frs n da ee id le a wr . wedt Dee. SB. The 
Prince and Pan per; week Jan. 1, Vbee In tbe 
Moonlight. Central, week Dee SB, Tbe Ttj* 
Witness; week Jan. 1. Tbe Unwritten Law. Ma. 
jeatlc week Dee 2B, If I Were King: week 
Jan. 1. A Contented Woman. Albambra. week 
Dec. 25. A Flgbt For Lore; week Jan| 1. A 
Woman In Black. 

Spokane — Aodltoflnm, week Dec 20, North- 
ern Xilgbts: week Jan 1, mends. 

Seattle — ^Tblrd Arenoe, week . Jan. 1, Her 
Marriage Vow. 

Salt Lake .Clty^tand, week Dec IS. Man's 

UdCB !Wlia -West, snd Miss OoUls Dden. daugh- 
ter' of th* showman, recently. 

WHE8LBR-DB TALL.— A. B. Wheeler aa« 
Leah DeTall. both ot tbe Van Amhmg 
Dee. 20. in Atlantic City. 

FBiPE^BOMtMr. MBchaal 

with C. A. 
Sloan. N. Y. 

IiEFlEVBB-LONO.— H. C. Kferer 
Dolly Loog, both or tbe Two Meny ' 
Co., recently, at Lawrence, Kan. 

LBMEE-IBWIN.— Ilmest Lemfce and 1 
OUtc Irwln, both of Hanlon's Fantasma, ] 
M, at Boston. Maas.. b7 the Rcr. Sbenaid ] 

MAORAHB.— J^i^ P. Preseott. 
alas* manager Lyric Tbeatre, New Orleans, 
La., and Miss Thala M. Magrane, leading lady 
of the Baldwin-UelTlUe Stock Co., Dec. IB. 

MisB yaatla Lawrence, both lasmbsrs . *t tbs 
- ~ Co.. In 


Abbott DsTidsos^— dollcs' sg.-hia 
pears In sa o th er i iilfis of ^Is 
\a*wwhiy £ashar of 

of lha lUMiBs nsb sad lack 

isla of ^Ice Co., disd ta — 
Not. S3. 

MH*. Carrls. tbe 

New York City latt week. la 

was Mrs. Fred. LeaUe. Inr 
New Tork and condolraces are 
Mr. L««Ue from profeaaScmals 
him In hia berearement. 

Edward C. Tisher, a member of 
of The Gods Co., was fonnd de^d 
at 472 W. Thlrty-ronrtb itreet. 
City, De«. IS, haring died from a 
platal wocmd. It is said that a 
tempted the player to end his life, 
was twoitT-one jesn 
ber of tbe ^udsh 1 

Samad Bs^delL «C 

the DarUng 
Ln his room 
JJew Totk 
lore sffsir 
Mr. yishtt 

Baydsn la that dty 31. and Intoment took 

riaee la .Wmia nisuuit tbe (oUowlng day. Mr. 
Boyddl was wdl snd tseorahly known la 
Tanderine In 'which he appesred with his wife. 
He was good-hearted, cleTeT sad a ca p a b l a 

Artbnr L. Bmore. bookkeeper and dooetcn- 
der at the Forepaugh Theatre, Philadelphia. 
Pa., for the past ten yeara, died Christmas 
erenlng from a stroke ot apoplexy. He waa 
stricken during tbe matinee performance and 
taken to hla home- Mr. Elmore was one ot 
tbe meat falthfnl employees ot the FMcpangh 

-Chas. - 1 

manager «« «■* wiwma ■immm^ oawK aMb« 
died at «ke St. Xaneph SospItaL Saeasaa^ Os. 

Dee. 88. at tfes age of thlitT-flTC. OnS -mm 
cansed by iiiiiiasiiiiils. The body was tsfesa to 
Petersbarg, Vau, .wtiere a mother and riMcsC 
the deceased man lire. Mr. Bomala wsa WH; 
known as an adranee agent. hsTlng'SCtld- B 
that capacity for sereral years. 

Lily Weston, a trombone player who has 
appeared for aereral season In Tanderllle, died 
at her liome, 196 Knsflnsko sli es t . Bnoklya. 
Dec la. Some atsa'" "~ 
operated upon fer s 
she -prsetiealiy died 

C A. Stadedmrgh. who has been Oe. nmn- 
sger ot tbe Dime Mnesam, Phllsilrtpbli, for 
twenty years, died soddenly Dec 98 tnm heart 
disease. On Dec. U Mr. Bradenburgh fen and 
fractured hia ankle which kept bim oonflned 
to bis home. TbU waa the first time that Ii* 
bad erer been kept away from aetlre bustneBi. 
but Us inliiiy was not thongbt bcHqiis, Tbs 
night preniDBS to bis death tie bad been cs- 
tertalntng a nnmber of frienda at hU lioaic and 
retired feeling splendid. The next Tsomloc. 
wben. he awoke, he complained ot a ssddea 
weakness, bnt before medical aid could be 
summoned he was dssd. At tUs writing, the 
date oC a* fBoSI has not been set. O. A. 
Bradaahorgh waa. a calal naa. with thi a iaa s d s 
ot Mends In snd sat of the la s t eaitoa sad 
was aa energetle dwwaaa. He made the Dime 
Msseon ooe of the most profltabi* amnasascnt 
places In Philadelphia, oooblnlng the eahlbl- 
tloa ot freaks' and- earloaltlea with a flist-daas 
Taaderllto Show-: Be amassed a fortnne fsoaa 
tills enterprise. Be leares a wife, a daoghtcr 
and two sons wlw wiU eootlnoe the hnaiotns 
He was a member .of a number of secret ao- 
drtles, a prowlnest.'Elk and was aetlTe poUU- 
caUy in this city. -.Mr. Braodenburgh waa bom 
in iB(9oklyn in IS44, and whea only fifteen 
years ot ■ age became intoested with Ocatas 
Tniotarm in coodnctinc a dreaa. In 1S8S he 
enliated m tbe Thktecntb MUHlsaa 
as Baaistaat, and scrred th iu a gh e s t . . 
Whca he wss anstcred oat of aerrles at . 

aoa,' Iflrh . ta ISSS. b* at oaee went te % 

ba sad ssaatd a amall mnaeaa. and lafv 
oBcaed a lM»r obs. In I8ST he had the aide- 
ttaw with BoUaaoa*! Oreos. Later bs was 
wMh. Deans, P«lla and Montgoneiy Qoeena 
drcnses. In ISTT he established a small mn- 
senm on the Bowery. New York, and later h* 
opened a mnienm In Chlago. Is 18T7 he 
opened Afoarlam at Coney Iiland, and codncted 
tbe moseum snd this place until ISBS, wImb 
he became associated with Hager and Ouip- 
beU in tbe management of the Ninth and Atck 
Street Masenm, Pbllsdrtphls, Later he hesght 
ont bis psrtnets, and s lu ts daa bad hesa n» 
sole owner of the place. Vor. a aanAer 
years be operated the hnge woe d ea clephaat 
at Ooser Island. Bis energy snd hnslaess 
methods made the PhlUdelphU' Mo 
of the most profltsble in the eusalij. 

was 'weU liked by ail who kl ' 

pettonners In all parts of tbe 
grlered to bear of his death. 


Western Amniement Co:, Esnsas City, Uo. 
Will tnmlth talent for arauaement entcrprlics. 
OlScers — Jsck Bnmett, preaident sad m a n ager, 
and Ai. Maklnaon, secreUiy and trrasaxee. 

The Sara Bernhardt Really Co.. New Tstk 
CItr: capital. tl.OOO. inesTpotatara Mar .1^ 
Sanaa, ms ■haMct sal Wdllsn r. Oaaaas, 


Xtte' BlllboardL 



W* cms ut aateteka to wnfl Vi 
l—llMlliM for msQ adrartlMd In this IM 

Due«r) • 
ABiknon. Hi 
ATMld. Mi*. - 
Btntmrd. Umwm 
BmlTttU 3n» 
BttU, Bitot 
Bctr. Onrl* 
Bcsattt. Utr 
•BMW. Mir 
BoBBCll. Mule 
BKK*. Ml*.*. B. 

tmri», Pcul 
Uttk. Mrs. Stta 
ttttaia, Jcnaie 

Kbc. DeU 



MalooC. I« Btfl Bm 
Xaaa. Mn. Win. 
Ibzs. Un. Bud. 
Xartco. I«tte (Mo 

Mu-tln. Mn. Oaa. 
Muoo, Bcolc 
Matbewi, Zora 
M<T. Mn. A. J. 
MUUcmo. Itn. fttC 
MiAA Om * — 

Ohue, Xlma .■ Mi 
omau. Mr.' «: Mn. 

lii*. Ml 

Vndl. La BeU 

Otbbs. iUtHe 
6oId«n. Mr«. IL B. 
Otrnt, MtBde 
Backctt. Bnsic May 

' •Eirt, tin. Boae E 
•BaTtVnw. N*m« 

Mooocr. M. UlUred 

Morx*n. CatlicTlac 
•MofTU, Dorottj 
Moxlm. Mn. D. 
NaModlu, Mn. J. 

Mclaoo. Musant 

PcA. ttola Bay 
Pcnool. CamUl* 
PhllUpa. Basy * BCD 


P i e Hji aaa. Ho. Joe 
•PrloklCw Delia 
Prtacle. DeUa 
R«<Uord, Dick ft Aa- 

Extbbani, Mn. Ida 
Rar. BUuOw 
BlddeH. Mn. W. W. 
■Bnu. Boie UcUoa 
Riuwil, Pearl 
SgMinaifc. Biiliiirii 
Sefanmaaa, SSTprma- 

S«llca. LiBeU* (Uea 

S^mon. Mrs. 
ShAffor, Anole 
•Shft. Mn. John 

J. Mar) . 
Hla««r. Uaisamt - 
HoeklDS, Xxv. Gbar* 

Bolmn. Tlotet 

Boiit, BlU 

Bootean. Eatl« 

Boat. Mn. Bm 

ndata. Madam 
- Meeta, Mabel 

MiMan. Mn. rred 
'.•fchiaaa. Mn. Ohaztle 

Joan. To*tj 
T'Jooea. Once 
" •K»»iian. Mar 
.«-*^. M». mt- 

Dbk. Rereaec 

iai«l«T. Mn. •■ 
Knot. Boeellc j ' 
MfCiuilud. .avle 
•taMirr. Mn. Ima 
Uebmu. 3ta. Davia 

>«k(, lain 
•Ltlaad. Mn. riac- 
'. est* 

.t*Tie. iMn. P. ■. 

■-kMat. 'atar • 

*Altea. anSw 

° XM(n,'lMk 

. AMrick. w. H_ ^Xb.'' 
• Alwr. Orto iMi' 
. «ltU«1 Tf-^ 

•AUm. L. H. • 

f"", InK W. 
■ Aipolstr, Joe loij; 

Aatvllo, Mlln K I^^* 

indmoB. Peter 

4ii*lrj, B. 8. 

•Anold. r. B. 

•Attbar. Om 
■■.™«5«». A. (Br. 

'Atwetd. D. X. 

, I O. 

ir. viT- 

Speneer, Oeeela A. 
.<«t««rt. Mn. n. L. 
Tanart. Mn. Oeear 
Terrr. Jennie 
Trier. Mn. (Siu. W. 
▼an Mm*. Mn Oeoia 

Van Mn. Joe 
•Vlda. MademolMUe 

viua. Iiada K. 
vioceat. Jiaala 
Wttotmr Mm. Mm 

WlckUire. Kn. J. 

WUklDs. Mlai Win 

Eanor, JOba 
^•teln, Moee 
Brtekaon^ Clannce 
E?ana. H. H., Msr. . 
Brans. T. WUlli 
Bxnm. Tboe. M. 
Paffaa earn. Oo. 
Fannlns, Tam 
*ParaeT. Hatton 
Pcttnioa & GloTcr (A. 

C. Fersmoo) 
Fersnion. J. H. 
Flek. BOW. 
nUnore. Benir 
naDccaa. J. M. 

— ^ O. (Trap 

Oiarlea, BodHa 
CbcTeroB. Bofedt 
ObrUtapbcr, Ohrla. 
cute. Geo. 
Clark. N. Tez. 
Clark. Rtd t. 
CUrk. OMk A. (Ac- 

Clereland. 0*o. W. 
CleTeUiid, W. B. 
CUftoo Med. Co., Mcr. 
Coffej. H. P. 

Onto. J. a. 

•Cola. A. 
Oontaa, Opt. B. 
Coaer. Pete 
Qnler. Pete 3. 
Oooloa. Jack nts * •Wckater 

Conner. KM ntatac Jaaaa 

•OeanoHr. Jack O. nctebcr. D. K. 
0»tlacntal Aaoac. ft ■naaec. AL 

Bx. Oo. Fecreat. BeAeit 

Cook ft Barrett Slwv Footer. Jeaa 
Cook, Cbaa. W.. Mgr. 
Cook. Jobn I., 
(kwk. James 
Cooke. Emett 
*Cooas. Chas. 
Cormier. Lerl 
•CraoatOB A. B. 
Cnwford. Boas. mcr. 
Ctawler. Geo. 
Crlasamn. Mr. ft Mrs. 
Crohn, Gilbert 
Crooks. Qias. 

Croaae. W. P. 
Cotla, Bfllr 
CMrilMkL O. K. 
OeActlra, b. 
OaOoon^f Bcnr 
DeBstaac. SUrer 
DcOanao. O io«»« 

DeHart, yrm. 
Delocla ObffmUcr 

DC r" ~ ~ 

Foater. Harxr 
Fowler, LoQla 
Fox. Wtn. (OBler) 
Fox A Hnsbes 
•Frank. J. 
Fnnklla Am. Oo. 
Fnnxmatbes. B. A. 
Fna, Doe w. H. 
Free. J. Martin 
FrcUlncer. Gttg. (Pi- 
Ftcadi, Max 

Paltoo. Ckti^ ac. 
GalTUd, Ptot. 
Oaretwr, wm 8. 

Gaarliraa, P. ]>• 
Gaaaet. AL 
CaTln. Ptaak A. 
6w. Pattte 


<l> The TTnlted States Post CMBoe ♦ 
^ Department baa announced that ^ 
4» unBBU«d for tetters wlU not be ♦ 

♦ a^Ferilaed ta Ike mwwpdte ♦ 

♦ KSeaft«r. ■ mnt AaaMant VMt; ♦ 

♦ mastff- General Hitchcock's re- 4> 
^ pory' foUowlss an investigation ^ 
^ of conditions, advised a relln- ^ 
^ qnlshmeat- o( this cmtook aiga* 1> 
4 tng in btiialf of bis proposition 4* 
^ that 90 per/fent. of the.nncalled 4 
^ for mau Is Cddressel ta peraona ^ 

♦ who do not Ure' in tb* <iity to ' 

♦ wUcb tbe. ofltoe MtancO 

♦ ifir. Biteta«bdc did tfit state . 
^ that s Iarg« portion ot this 90' <^ 
4> per cent. of. onldentifle'd mail is <k' 

♦ addressed to theatrical and genw^i 

♦ eral amusement people, hot iin< 
^ doubtedly that is the factf. 
•(• In view of the contingencies <t 

that may grow", out of tjte»^ew ♦ 
4> order, resultlnif .Ifi the loss of * 

♦ valuable mall matter. Tli%^BUl- * 
board Invites ul., tranalentf pro- 4> 
fesslonal people-'-'to have^Jihelr ^ 
mall addressed - "In . our^care. <• 
Whenever addressee or Abates 

are not available.' nsms* «r« 
advertised In thl» list. * 

n iMi f iM it ny 11 1 Mt lilt, 

'W IMK 'flMV ' ■' fitonrl tmSk im^ I>1t«r. 
. - IdJlo,. 

Wma Xa. Iknma 
'WnaoB. Mn. Btkel 
wiiaoo. Once 

Wood. " 
Toons. .1 

IT. BaL 

|«koot. K. «, •. 
.gwett. tea 
l»n7. James 

5*fU". Jobn 
MrtoD, John 
BatM. Fred J. 
.■>(><». I>ei<a 
■»o»r. J. Psoi 
■»»8ti, ProL OBI- 

Ben, Haada 
S"*"". Geo. D. 
""Ser. J. e. 

"frn,tpio. Jos 
«. W.' 

Bl&cMmr^ Oce; 
niaa^ard.' T. 4c. 
Blln. rtank Kid 
.;B1lta. ' rraak A. 

BeOatK GUiTD<«-(C»l 
- ten- WoBder) 
'Bowers. Bert "' 
■Boarman. Jane* U. 
B<wd. W. 8. 
B«Tlnirtoa, D. 
*Bradrards. na 
Biaodmaii. deo. 
Bnsdoo. Hanr B- 
Bnttoo, Cbarles B. 
Brewer. M. A. 
Broadwiek, Cbas. 4e 
Brodertck A Jcalcka 
Brooks. 'iJaBM 
Brojrer, 'O. Ik 
Broira»,aoatkMa Os.. 
Tbe ." 

Banatt,.'a ■. 
Boaer. B. . B. 

Blister iBron Co., 

State Mgr. 
CalUaoo. J. 0. 
Oampbell. Dooclaa 
Carl. Aahcr (Hlak 


Carlosa ft SUrerleB 
Camll. Allen W. 
Carroll'a BIc D. a. 

OOl. XinstieU 
castle. O. A. 
ChtlM. P. s. 
Caeaaa * Otaee Ivaaa 


DcTasK Obmm. - 
Dafelen. St. Gcotte 
•Daleacln. Joe 

nalton. Loala M. 
Dair A Mnrpbr 
Da&lela. Oiaa. 
Dano. Boss A. 
DaaTllIe, H. B. 
•DansbrrtT Bros. 
Darla, HeniT 
Deantand, Dock. 

DeUTore ft rata 
Delnztsa. B. 

•DerUn. Bcair 
Pla»sai..'J. B. 

ePirlriM.- P. Bnl 
DIekMa; B. D. 
tMUse. Ma W. 

DOIac. .3Ui*. 
•Dlttmaa. Ohaa. B. 
Dixer. Baio B. 

Doe's ^OanMT €hi 
Dodd, Jas. 
Dodaoo. MelTta 
DoUnc. ttank 
Donirortti, J. J. 
•Dowmtn. Walter H. 
•Doric, F*«d r. 
Dreaaaisnt) Cara. Oo. 
Drew, Carroll 
Dnlaner, J. 8. 
Ooaltnseo. Mltta 
Dnnfear. ProC 

D oa woe t k. Ma 

Dnpco*. oco. ar 

Drcr. W. W. 
DrsoQ ft Wtlaoa 
Birler. Joa (« 

Eaatera OMB. ft- ta. 

Co.. Ort. 
BetallD. Dr. B. A. 
ReMls An. Oo. 
Dekert Famllr (Mnsl- 

•TVkI»«. R. K. 
Bdlsnn. B. B. 
IMasll. D. B.. Mcr. 
Bdtritda. Mitten 
'Rdwarda. 'Uf 
- J. - 

Gcrltacer. .'BSward B. 
•nniincDaBiir mmsiHi 
GJHaller Pamllz.Ae 
•nkni-a oSb OaC J.B 
Oloeer J."W. , , 
Gorasteln. I^ols 
GordoD. D.-,«C. 
Gonicb. Frank B. 
Grsbaeii^clikisslnc Oa 
Once. p. R. 
Gnttsn. Jolm 
•Gnre* Stock 0>.. Tbe 

•Rieea J. BImaetb 
. Onca. PUL O. 



BaliD. A. H- 
Ratnea, Ctass. 
Balnea. B. 

HtiDM. r 



Hammerstcin, B. B. 
HsmmoDd. BOlr 
nandr NoTeltr Oa. 
Hanler, Bd. 
Harmann. Geo. 
Harrln^on, J. J.. Ma- 

alcal Director 
Rarrla, Bert D. 
Rarrla. Sid 

Btorta i 

HatA. J. 
•Hatbeart. Odic 
Ratio. ». 

HaTvoartlck. Geo. 

(Penny Arcade 
Hawley. Walter 
Harden. Frank B.. 


•Baaettoa Barlesvaa 

Co.. The 
RftMon. I^nk 
HriTC. Capt. Ben], 
n^tnn. Bd. 


Hemao. Lai 
•Berrlnstoa W. 
Berrman. Wlllard 
Blcppo, Slim Snake* 
•UUl. Barry WlBaM 
•HIU. Banr 
BUIetirand. JlMb 
HlauDeleln. B. 



Bocker. SanT Olbba 
Bodgei. 0. J. 
Hoffman, Otto 
•Sacan. Mike 
Hocan. Cob. 
Holland SUven 
Honidar. Qeo. 
BoUovaj, Art 

Hoosier An. Oo. 
Hopkins, Harrr M. 
Boss. Bert 
Boss ft Smltb 
•RoacbUHac. Geo. 
•Horet. T. F. 
Howmrds, Mjsterloos 
Howe ft Soott 
Bndson, Wm. (Train 

Bobbetr now) 
■Budsoa SrtTMtcr J. 
•Hnalirs. Wslter 
Hnchler. DoOas 
BoBt. Dr. 
Bnnter. 8sm1 '7. 
•Hunu Braadoo 
Rntdilna. Xoatcr 
HotcUnaoB. Bast 
Ikbitsoo. In D. 
iflonote .TM — 

•tker ft A»» . 
J^cfiam, .PNf 

J » ■ _ 
JaAaon. Bdwsrd W. 
Jackson. B. B* 
Jaekaon. Bt-t. 

Jaoqaes. Artfeor 
James;3BT « »; t t 

(Mostdsn) '-'t 
Jarrett. '(%srles •. , 
: Jennings, B.^ E. 
' JemilQFs, Jesse (MO' 
Jerome, Frank- 1 B. 
JobnMn, Fiank 

(Ootored) ^' . 
Jobnson. BUBe 
Jofaosoa... Bert 

Melntjre. B. H. 
McKenna. Encene 
McKlOBcr. Amos W. 
•MeLar. Nelsoo . 
MeMoOca. Banr 
MajePberaon. Frank 
MeRae. B. B. 
Msdiion, Cbas, 
Maecler. Wendei 
Maker, Bisks 
Maber ft La Place 
•Main, Albert B. 
MalUaad A Paaeatel 
■Malej. DenaiaB 
Malkv. James J. 
Malor, F. 
MAjicemn, Jack 
Manlfr. 2- 

•MsrabsB. Baxt 
Maiaball. Leon If • ' 
Martin. Ben 
Martin, H, "B. 
Martin. H. J. 
Marrela. Tbe 
Maasle. Bock 
MatbewB. Geo. 
Matthews. Frank B. 
•Mattler. Bert 
•MattT. Herb. 
Maxim ft Q*s 
Maxwell. Jas. (Ven- 

Maxwell, CSarence M. 
Marnard. Fred K, 
Meaker, Arthur K.^. 


Meckfv. W. O. 
Xmni. Saal O. 
OUnt T. 

(PsMb • 

Miner. B. . 

Millman Trio CBitUt 
wire Artlats) 
Mott, Bd. 
Mllla. WeM> 
Xlraele, Bank 
.Molrr. Cbas. 
•Monbsonierr, W. 
Moore, . Cecil A. 
Mcxnv.' B. Jnnlns 
Morsn, Wm. A, 
Morler. O. A. 
Morris ft Goodwin 


•Baptrr. Ja 
Bapp ft Klneh 
BaHck. 0. 
Battenen. J. M. 
Barer, Cbas. 
•Rar. nsTid 
Ba;, Cbaa. 
•BaTiDoad. Fred A. 

Besses. Sami B. 
Redllne, Harry 
Beeder. Frank Itt 
•Beoekl. Fra^ 
Beoo. Cbas. T. 
Renietta. Barney 
Bcynolds, A. N. 
Bcrndds, F. J. 
— Tsn. J. H. 

anam. W. L . .• 
twrtl% -8s1 


nwt Oscar 
Talbott. Jobn (A^': 

Tuaaer, Doc 
TaiViK. Geo. D, 
Taylor. Bock v 
•Tmjler. Albert 

TwtaBroa.' Sbov 7 
Teller. Iraa DaU 
Terrell. Bhnaoa 
Tharp. A mo a 
TiKXDss. Paol 
TbnnpsoD. O. 

miedel. ABtSB 
BOey. Ifred 
BItxert, Jobn B. 
BlreU. Emlllo. Xgr. 
Boberta. Geo. C. 
B<lberU, B. C. 
•BoberU.' ARiert 
Boberts. Geo. E. Mgr. 
Boberta, Hairy 
Boberts. John H. 

(Ferris Wbeel) 
Boberts. Oswald 3c 
Robinson. Ed. B. 
Boblnsoo, Arckle C. 
BoUoiOD, P. B. 
Bodoiro, Obeli 
BacsUy. B. Bact 

•Traecy. Artkar 
Trout. P. N. 
Sorer, Sloyd 

Bosmya. Bellr 

Baatalac, AI. 

Borsl, Bboda 

Boyer Bros. 

Banning Elk ft Wan- 
na (Bllle Shot) 

Yemecder. Ohaa. 
TBa. Wfll 
VtMcnt. Ttm 
▼isBsr. Oapt. 
7«»al. D. 
Wablond. Bmll 
•Wafter. W. bmmm 
WaBace, Wta. V. 

(Olasa Blarwer) 
Walrath, B. O. 

Johnson/' Jamea K. * Morris. Cbaa. C. 

Jobnaoo'. Geo. 
' Jones, Bollie B. 
Jordan, Harry 
Jonlan. Will 
Kallbnm. Crank (Big 
' Kid) . 

r^Eake. ntae^'\ 

^•Katsey. B. - . . 
4MUtses. B. 

^JJgrerniT Joe' ■ 

^reltr Broa. 
'Keith. DsTld H.I -y 
Kelwr. Geo. W. •. 
•Kfller. Walter 3. 

•Mortimer. « ChaSb 
Wm^tlner. W. A. 
i^ortott, (Jhsrley 
Moarley. Wat. U. 
MesMer.>X. A.. ] 
Moaa.^snea CL 
XooatJor. iMla 
Hodnui. loiT 


tKennedy I 


Mnrphy. B. 
Mnrphy, C. J. 
MnrpftT. Wsltff T. 


ennedy Broa. . 

fUrr. Obas Se 
atrlek Bras . 

(Tny-JAS. T. 
~jie ft Co.. B. 8. 
Bx. Geo. 
KInsel J. M. 

Her. Hsrry 


' : Kotor 

Great Show' Morpby, Mlh* 

Mnrphy. .C. .BL, 
M>ir»le. Mr 
Myers. Joe 
Myen, Geo. B. (Ptek- 

flot King) 
■Mwn. M. H. 
Kehnn. Jack (or Bar- 
ry Ingalls) 
Nelson. Tom B. 
Velnn. Cbas. W. 
VeAItt. Jasws A. 


Mrs. Cbas (M^ 
cal AtSB--.-- 

■elle, r»5rT»». ( 

Carl ' 
.J. Qto. 
'J,' A. 
I.afarette, Cbaa. 
TjianitiB. B. L. 
r.arK ft Adxms 
Larklns. 'Whltey 
TjiteH, ndw. 
Latu. Clyde 
Larelle. Frank F. 2e 
WTltt. H. L. 
•T.eaTltt. I. >I 
Ledovx. Lawrence B. 
Jtaik Bona KH) ; 

r.» ». _js» , ■ ■. 

Lsltabvfgcr. - ' B8« 
(Glass Blower) ' 

Leon. Gtnm] 

r.eoiM>Id, 'Hemaa 

T^aUe. Bddie 

•TiSsHe. Jamee 

T.e«ne. Jsy 
T.rallr. Matt. D. 

Leslie. Lee 
Leslie. Fnnk 
Leslie's Poeelac 
Lerls, Den 1. 
•Levitt.' Moav 
Lery, Bd, 
Lewis. Eddie 
Lewis ft Lake 
Lewis. W. »« I 
Lewis ft 
Lewis. T. J. 
Likes. AB«n 

Lodrwaod. ^Taxry ~ - . 
LodEwoAd Bxpo. Cbh ' 

TT. W, 
Londea. A, B. 
Txm* Stor Can. Oo. 
Lonle. Jack 
L'kens, Whitsgr 
Vrrres, Jar 
McCne, 'Wm. ■ 
MK^ntie, niaa. 
McDide DsTid 
McDonald. C. B. 
MrfMrtaad. Me. 
MeCeary. H. W. 
XcOatancas. J. J. 

Xolan, Jcas 
Noseo. Sasa ' • ' 
'Ynelkra. mi. 
iVBMen. W. C. 14e 
O'Dooaen Ftuk J. 

Osborne. J. Tnois 
nahnme nramatle Oo. 
OnlseHbettr. B. E. 

■ J. . M. 

•Ow»n O.. 
Palmer. T. 
Panl. Ed. CbyioB 
•T»aaen. Jos^nh 
•Peck, G. W. 
Peek. Gen,. Mgr. OL 

,T. C. 0».> 
ivibaniik Hi*' 

IMHiw. 8. P. 
IWHns. Geo. 
-PMnips ft Xffona 

PMIIIps, O. P, 

Phimtw. H. L. 
•PhiiltiM. Hanr ft 

f'Mnhia ft 

Phlpps. R, I. 
Pleree. RMMTd J. 
Plngm. D. H„ Vcr. 
pitt»». c. r 
Plxler. Prof. O. W." 
PolT. A. M. (Baldy) 
Pnlakoff. E. 
PoBard. H. 
•PMkRd. a A^ 

WB(#a ft ^a^§o 

Powler. 'Wto.- ' 
PnlTle Bros. (Oun. 

Pretty Panr Oa. 
Hauy- ' ■ • 

1^. B. »». 

QallUoa, The 
Qnine. Gen. W. 
Baafotd. Diek ft Aa- 

nalahaMt. T. H. 
Raiswrr C T. 
■aaftsn. task 

Baa ■ JL» 

Bnaaell, Barry (High ewaltoa, Kznft 

Direr) WaaOe, A. 

Byan. Tom Ward. C. B. 

St. Clare. Chas. Waid'a MlnsHslg. 

St. John, IBddIa Bbrry 

St. JnUsa. Banr Wards. 8. P. 

Samuel. Lord eWanur. Ben B. 

Sandenon, W. B. aWaaUbam ft IFll 

nsssstis, Jobs j; - WaaUboiB'a Dog ft ' 

Sefesfer, task . Paoj ebow 

ScMtt, Btrr fftaipv awMibam. Lsea «. 

Xaa) HMkba. wUUa 

Sehaeldar. Bkbard V'r: sy.y, war^ 0, . 

aSeknlta. Tin iiaiil -a^|Ssbtf«.-B.' & *■ 

" Scott. J. B. ' Wenm, BOIr. l^pi 

•Onnsaa. John L Warns; B. -w. . 

Bbayne, John WMstcr. H. J_ 
Mieak. W. B. xgr. (Baat . 7 

»^ard. L. W. WcOw. J. M. . 

(Old Am Shppard) Wekb, Tamw " ^ ' fr 

Sheridan, Teddy WdA. JaatM-ak-fljiiir'^ 

Sbennaa. BolK. eWelSb. Jsa. 

ShIeMs, Mr. ft Mrs. W eut a ui Bi. 4hK--' 

John Wesley, Bar 'V> vf' 

Shockey. A. D. Wcet. B. O. -i.! 

abort, W. L. Wcatem A«. On. 

Shropshire. James WMton. B. B. (I 
•Shnttleiranb. ■. L Wheeler. Msck 

Simpson, fllaal '. ^ - Whelan. WM. 
. Slaeord. _Mnl» WUtsker. Bam 

Smcad. v. B. ' . 'White. "Doe". 

.telih. B. X.- .', : . ^nSSSi. tmt. Dufir/: 
Smith. Pto tt.inn.A . arwickn. OaM v,-^^, 

' okmrni 

Wilt off, Ima -'• 

'WUey, 0*cmt;-\ i^S"..' 

wiuera. yrm.- . -. ... ■ 

WDUams. B. _ 
Williams. Rank W- 
wniuma. AL 
wmiams. Maztta. B. 

Stallo, J. L. (Vemo) wilUana. Fred 

Satftk. J. 8. 
OBmlth. Lee Oclsa 
SiBltll. Mart 
Smith. Blulun 
Smith ft Ackenia 

•gwa g g . W. B. 

Spragoe. Alein 
Stabl. C, 

•Stanley, Tboa 

Star * 

Stair. Xddic 
Stecher, P. a 

WBlard ft Oa.. K. *. 
WDlsrd, C. O, U 
■ wUsoo, Bogene 
Winn em ore, A. t>. - 
WoUe. J. A- MV. 

(Stock Oa.) 

■*BteTaniyr^Ban D. •aWaodlt.' B.*'9« --.."ri.^ 
Stewart. JMwl B.^. ... Woods. D.^JT^. 

. ittenlst)..' 
Wrlicht. k — - _ 
'Wygard. Bdaaia.Z. 
W, W. A. Osts d» 
Yent B. C 

Sticfcney. 0>^„ " , '.^ Oogn and. 
Stin. F. W.lfiilliavOarWooda. Xr. 
Stock. Waltcs' • ■ " 
Ktone, Jno. G. 
Storts. Camiq . 
Stnnsen. Frank 
GtnuBs, Barr^ 
Rtreeter ft-J! 
Strickman. CbiM. 
Stuart. O, K. 
Stole, Wm. 
Snmser Jas. la Oa 
rlane Qntla) 9e 
Suthtrland. Geo, 
(OUm mtgOMm) 


Zetk JoUy 
Zelger. C3arl P. 


VUe letter list everr laeek for nuill 
'We are Bog r»i%nlr»i<l. t» 


The Lyric Tlteatre. Hmnboldt. TCnnctoM. . 

rw the latter part orjanosxy. Opeallf / 
IB. SMB. write fOr open time iaa^r 

Im town Of 4.000: has been -vtthMr 

tbcatie ftr two ssa sons. Win fS^iS^ 




Xlic BIilt>oai*ci 


Ska mmwwrt waats & npoMBtatir* in amr eitr not alrtady prerldtd for.. Only hrrttlw 
' ap^* Hut t* yoasr men of rood pmsnal tddnti, pensucntlT locatod. who on 
ft fvod IftMr fgr ^bUortiga. ud wbt Iwi ■ ksgn eje> Ibt am bviliiHii A 
taOM* Moor ML Tcrma (ur; write for p«moGian to tb* 

Tbe BontoDs 18-20; good Inisliww. TTiKlc Tom's 
CMUn a-S; fiilr mom. - - - 

lac Brce ud Oobeo, 
wT*k as.. 

MUotJC' CB. W. BUbop. mgr.) If I Wfn a 

Kte week SS; cxeOent retorns. 
Aleun (B. D. EUce. mcr.) Olie Filnee laS 

Panp«r v«ck 36; -giMt boslnels. 
ASmatia. (Geo. H. Dark, in(r.) \i. lUU tor 
Eon- week IS: n pertly I m e lw aiid saoa Mww. 

( g p. Hil l,..«^.) Bioadwar Olito 

^ f tmbw^Vs 

Oii>lie<mi= (7a0b Mccrliy, mcr.) Te (Moolal 
,8ept«tt«, Holaa's IlogB, /nice and EUe Oac^ 
eUob ud otlteia week 25: IxudBea One. 

Ivceian (Beet Ptmrtlin, mgr.) Weldnnd and 
;I»M«r> BUck and I«sUe, Jeume BnxAe* end 
vtben week SB; bualneM good. 
' SiMber's (TopT, T<«iflik1. Ban;.) BeUc Hick- 
ate end Ob.. Bea Hor, Gicat 
BnraHen aerenede ra. The 
' WMk 0; boitDcee nod. 

.(a^ i«*r. «««r.) ni i p e tu i n»-t»- 

. FMMu Wcatnn. nsr.) 

BUIttB.'«Ba^ We. Tbe EHlottiii 
enilie"w<t> Tn. bir boslnen. 
' B a Mn lu ^- Ttcd SUidf Id. Uie Onoptella. 
Jbllwm -and Lewli. Brm Ztattdier and odien 

Braedwax {S. SoJcnmi. mgr.) Ijfr Mar Hoff- 
'Baiia» Ora, O tt and Bnms a nd otbers week 25. 

BOJBB oaaas, ar neian hisg. 

• XM AatmXB. — afaaon Overa Bonae (B. O. 
riryatttSicr.) V» College Widow week 18. 
.' Snttiaak Tb«tre (OUrer Konaeo, mgr.) I<aat, 
matured or Biolta week M. 

•.Bclaaoo 1%«atre (Jno. Bladnrood, mgr.) Tbe 
CHaia. week at. 

Otpbem (Oareoce Dmwn. mgr.) nime and 
OnleKia. CBarton Kennedr and MBtae Bosoer. 
nal^ and K«ott3e Boike Biid.«tbB« ■< i a 9ti 
.Ozaad Opera Hoaae (nea. Bakae^ ai^) At 

- 'pu- - - — 

». w . 

*. Xi 

aad G r e jauii , '^'^ Seofli^dak and 
#llKfv week 25. 

- ■ JTMXOtO — Empire. Delpblno and -l>eln>aee, 
Ifartbi and llartliie. Oilnme Walton, and athen 
week K. 

'-OAKIAjn). — Ben Theatre (A. Oobn. mgr.) 
■d. T. 2mer7 A Oo., XcOowId and Witehell.' 
Caalan and Hagnlie. Kabel Howard. DnwaJl 
«>d Inrln. and Joe Saddler week SB. 
rlMof^t l^g oBjr LDbcbU. astj .DtCkdda and 

r.) natfea Band 18: 
Xoa Xoaaaa IS; 


Sanattn 29. 

B iu«<l«a y It i ta Ue (B. B. T tawiidi II. nr.) 
WaBaee'a Quartette, Mnlrer and 'Brawn, ines 
Bawlej. ^Ha7 OThttMTi and morlng pictnrea 
-.-■eek 18. 

> ^ACBAlCEVrO. — Acme (Cbas. Goddard. 
■mtr:^: Oatr and Majnaid. Salrlnl Brotbera, 
and •Ihcia week 35. 

BMM anaOL— Pldcwlek Theatre. Camna and 
_]namond and May Senaej, 

Hatxta, mgr.) 
XMo. CliS rmzaSt. 

• ■" " COLORADO 
BESTZZ.— Orptieam (Hartln i-Bcek. mgr.) 

Xtnria MoOord and Co., BedolB "AXate. Mar- 
lon Caraoo. PweU. Joaeph l^^Rnan. GatAlcr 
aoA Stoddard. '3fatlt>ewB and Ifaning and othera 
week 18; buMKaa good. 

Broatfwaj- TTieatre (E. sfaooort, Bigr.) 
B. ^ane In As Aknczlcan Zxvrd week 1£; 
Bobt. Bdemi week 25. 
AFjIUDaort. mgr.) Boaelle 
. .TTi. ^-tjao^rbMlaaaa and petflaiua aee. 
l.ft^MwfiFM.lllaMada week S. 
K' Aa^ - (A. Peltoti. b«t.) JtMC 

week Ut; good Taiiliiiai Ob tba 

at lednigbt week 2S. 
' ftew Bnpire (T. E. Cliltad, mgr.) 
ten Bene* wttk VB; good bnHnei. -Hew hao 
don nni*-ty Glrla week as. --- - - 

N>w Crrstal (Geo. Adama. n«r.) Ttank Co- 
mar. Barrr and Beanmoot and aOaa week 18; 
bulneas good. 

itowrltr (HeniT I^<txJail. mgr.) Wayne I«- 
Biar. Gna and Marion Kohl and otbera week 
M: boalneaa g ood. B. T. BDBMSISE. 

nutT ODT.T.nrH — opera Hooae (T. A. Gage. 
Bgr.) Ucbaida and Magic's Ulastida 22; 

^ ■'^ 1r at TfMaltit TwL l/r ~ ~ ' 

Onde -Hocn.'w Cate 

Iv ■>< mHoB.' Drtfar aad Oct. nnraa aad 

(Braadow and wller week 18; boalneaa good. 
Bmnet Coirlgan A Co., OoUar Tivope, JPoor 
afnalcal AToIoa. Brom. Bkrrls and Brown, 
Btnait Baraea. MeGk>ln and amttb and Belle 
Ba ttotw ay'e Monkeys week 25. 

ICERtDEX Merlden Theatre {Jadcaon A 

iBeed, mgrs.) Base Stock Co. week 2S; dara 
T amer St ock OoL-week Jan. 1. 

i^UUUiO.— Oiaad Oi>era Honse (W. F. Jolm- 
son, mgr.) 'Mldnlgbt In Chinatown 2(. Pa- 
Ilslan Belles 2S; Uocle Tom's Ca}>tn 30; Lon- 
don Gaiety Girls SI. Ben Htzt we«k Jan. 1. 

Bul nieatre (G. W. Uoola, mgr.) " 
IBenabaT .* JUIIcr. . Baa^ae aad, Htch, 

BBTnOKgOM.— Bailth Theatre, 

Bow 38; (Wonderland 27; 
doctor 28; A Girl of tbe 
- PoU's (E. :iiit<aieU, 
boff aad 
Qlalor I> 


Eoyt. msT. ) 

The Street Singer 28: 
A poor Jtelstlisi SO 
The BKrals lit: 



ers. Haas 
aoB Oml 

and 'Ktbbe 

Gow Ql; £alT 
tmea Bl: Ben 
the eowti OMI; 
Tbe Ere .witness 
Jan. 4; Marie ~ 
Alooe in the World 
Ibf JeSersoDS 16: 
tie Jahnny Jones 24 

mgr.) Kenr 
r Morln^ 

: The G&l 
I'B Carrlsge 
lem ami M 
of Drink 20 
Jim 25. 

:ck a%eatre 
Soekstader, mcr.) Byers and Herman, 
Stataettea. Marlon Phinket and Co.. 
Pagan and othera week 25; boalneSB fliie^ 
lactam (Dan Sampbries, mgr.) < 
9i^; eapaeltr bnalneu. T 
ttMO, S>or Bia -Brotifter's Oime . 
At Hie Wodd's IMercy M; Bowerr 

WO. 7 T 

Gtaad OMra Sooe (J«4e K. 

aaa. a. 


JACEaOHmXX. — open Bonae. Paytoo Bis- 
ters 11-13; good boslness. Black 
good abow' and- attendance. A 
38; good taalneaa. At Ctoxr Octnsers 
bwslnes and peztfocxnance. Shepard's 
Ptctmes M; crowded boose. 

nVBAOOXA. — Opera Boose 
mgr.) Panl GUmorc 11; good 
biisti i esa A Hsdcap Frlnceaa 19 
Tbe Flarer Xald 25; good bi 
of ptnks 30; At Oaar Obcbcis 
A Hatlleld's kClnstnIs t. 

TAlfPA.— Caslnow Tbe Pcraebi-GjTsene Btodc 
Co. 4-S; aood performancea and mie tetama. 
Barlow ailnatrels 13-a4: good show and bnsi- 
ness. Black fattl Trootiadoiirs SS-38; packed 
bo ns e a and fine pcvformsnce. Oagaon^ollock 
Btnek Ooi. SMO. 


AHTA. — Cimnd (H. L. A J. I.. IV- 

mgra.) Fbol Olknoce 2D-Z1; food Imsl- 
Flocenee Bdicrts 2B; good tn^Bna. Bar- 
age's English Grand Open Oo^ C 
boalneaa. Tlie Ronatwaya 27A8S 

2»«0: Kjde BeD«r An. 1-8. 

BUoa (TakB WaBs. mgr.) Acnaa tbe Fa- 
ille w«tt SB: load liaalaess aad pertconanee. 

ia She atnUoaabe DatectlTe week 

Btr.) Badeaqna and 
and attiaetlao good. 


(QL r. Banll- 
ap 22; sood 

. . eisnt 


raXUnn^-msar's ncatre (7. T. Olren, 
mgr.) Noetb Btelbcxa Oooe^ Co. week 18; 
good bwlDHB. HoUCB Biatben An. 1; Tbe 
Idttia Oocbcs t; A. Ifiiiaii tton.Man 8; A 

^B&sS'^SsS" (A. 'inn ViMa^ij^^^ ^^ 

inzOH,— «ipm nbiat' tCiaia; H. ■Mtaai. 
mgr..) raademie week IS; tatt Ktnaa. VMaa 
Bags to Blcbes a7^,Bcach and Bower's masliih 
80: X artk Br etbata waA Jan. I. 

amroiM' itamasiimi (Dr. l. t. iw- 

acr. f-) Aah nddM a; good show aad big 
~ 'a nMSblK SS; tklr 

BUB at BavUra ABetiaa^;,Slask Crook 2S; 
Hero at .Iks SOaes SO. 

Bljoo (F. K. Payden. mgr.) n>e Baya, An- 
drews and Fields aoii otbers week 18: Mg bosl- 
ness. JcDDln^ aad Jffwell and' Tbe aaroys 
beaded a cood bUI n-fek 25; S. R. C. ' 

EABBIEBUBO. — Opera Bonse (I^rgeant A 
Pearce. msra.) ]ly Friend from Arkanaaw 7; 
fair show and botlness. Bans and 'Nix 8: ex- 
cellent show and capacity boalneas. Tbe Bank- 
er's Cbild 14: good show aad fair retntas. AI- 
TiQ Joalia iB; fair abow and tinslatsa . Or. 


mg?) Otis Ifc aii ^'a mrt i B a i abaw aad aur 
bustaeaB. Tba ■dte-^Ctbr Ml Mr -aad 
liasloaM. Ab mrilMMW M; daaatl 

good boBtoaa. Land of Nod 2S; 8. B. O. and 

fine — 

Grand- Tbestre (I<oals Goldberg, mn.) J. 0. 
For, Berth and Ckalg. fiansen and Diwir and 
others week 18: bosiness good. Bnrk aad Xe> 
Donald. Boas and Golet. Maile Oliaid. Dana 
and Oorbley, AUce Alra and monng p Kiui ea 

week 25. 

ICASOH CITY M<£artr's Opera Hooae (F- 

W. Trent, mgr.) Hie Wayward 8o> 11: good 
•bow and fair boslneae. The Wiaalpg Baad 28; 
canceled. Slares of tbe Mine 2; Sia w**^^* ot 
■96 Jan. 8; In Md Virginia U. 
PW>BT» — Grand .OB«a_Haaae . (( 

A HanliKtaa, agtaj^ BietflTa Aaeita tS; (ood 

tnslness. . loiaaa TSrtaa M; gaad 

Ooanty Chairman 2S; pleased aaad - 

tBana'way Boy 36; fair boalaeaa. 
land 27; nke Sleeping Beanty 
Jan. 1; Meaatge tnan Mars 2. 

'31ala SL Theatte (J. 0. CoOer. mgr.) Bli- 
Bonettl and Newman. Ijewla and Obapln, Jaa. 
.W. Sberry. Clark and Tnmer, Elppy and P. J. 
Smith week SI; good hnslnesa. 

Weast Itieatre (Gtias. Bartson. mgr.) Knox 
'Brotbera, Claos and Fields, Sreen and Rog- 
ers and others i(^k 25; boslnesa good. 

VUTSCY. — Iknplre Theatre (Chamberlain, 
rlngtoo A Oa.. mgia.) Tbe Oiaec Bayward 
ITi MK. baafcaaa^ . The Ma ag . Baag. Bong 

«C flte Waa M: A Baaanrar m Bi; 

mo and Bonor Jan. 1; Baaatr aad tbe 

3: Mildred Holland 5; A Meaaage tern 
5; Marching Thraogb Geccgia S. 
BUoc Tbeatre (iPatrlck A MOOonnel, mgrs.) 
Plcas^ sa bUl w ith rood boalneaa. 

SPBlU(Ul£IJ).~Obatterton (Geo. If. (Aat- 
tert<^r^ mgr.) Bocfler Stack Ooi. Bff3; tUr 
>. Tbe Sw« Xobaa Mt JMHlpsineas. 
2S: good basfaaa^ -na. ll^ya in 

^ty (Smitlt A Barton, mg^) nKnsaa 
. King OoUlna. CkslUIatte and 
KoUer sad BoUer and Mr.^nd Mra. 
- — - - — fair. \ 

. (Jan. 

aey and Chapman, Era 
Straw, Btlen ttiTls, Joe 
IMly Le Gray and La 
capacity bnalbl 

Otymple (C 
ntOj HaBfii,fR«r.'X £ 
eogert. BolJib Wal 
and monng 


Toy U; 

m 18. 

Pe<Ilej. mgr.) MasoD 
.IneSXTtie C3iip«roDi SI; 

* WtoUe 25; A 


SeUlncer. mar.) Elta- 
Inson, The Great Lanrent 
Coont De Bnint, Kldn A 
week 23. 
—Majestic Thestre (M. B. 
Bl^, m^.) A Meaaage from Mara 16; good 
■haw and bnsineaa. The [Ham Tree 20; excel- 
lent abow aod bUr boalneaa. Pritx In Tammany 
Hall 23: Obe 14tUe Imchees 25; The Fool's Be- 
Tenie 26. 

Temple (F. as. Stooder, mgr.) Good rande- 
sflla aad baataaaa -waft 18. Bfr. and Mra. 
JJted Bd^. ^ JOe BNidlta, CHaa Buka. 



GUmaraorTa Ibar aad otea «Mk Sm. C 

IXAHXTCST, — SUbb Tkeatre (Langbrake A 
Enfford. mgre.) A Pair of Oooaitry Kids 26: 

"nw H<d7 CUj S; Bnmaii Beaita Jan. i: Tbe 
Tm Maa 2; SUM Bob mm t 


Ckratel (Obaa. Wdih. vr.> 

Byan. Lnlo Tbdi and otlMn WNk IB. BisI' 
nesa One. 

in>IAX«POIJa.-iBngUib's Ovan Baam (A. 

Mmcr. * — " — . — . 

BrowB X; te' taalaaaa aad ssod 

Maid aad the Dfnnuay 28: «alr be 

Coontr Oialiwian Jan. 1; Uie Boae «( AI- 
bamlsa 4: Uttle Gray laidy 5-0. 

Grand Opera Hcnae (Sbaler Zlegler, Ogr.) 
Nina Morris and Co.. ftlatera Macarte. Water- 
bur; BrotlMza and Tenner. Sarmond and C^T- 
erly, Wolfe and WHste, Blgnnrlna Veiera. Uay 
BelTort and VOCot and Oakin week SS; Mg 

Park llieatre (Dlcksan A Talbott. mgra.) 
Bocky (Road to DobUs 18-20; fair boalneas. 
Flehtlng Fate Zl-ZS: good boslness. Tork State 
Folks BS-ST: packed tioaae. Oarid Bamm Jnn. 
'1-3; - Fast Ltte In iHev Yctk 
: BBptre Theatic (Obaa. Z imui e mi aa. mgr.) 

week Jisa. X. ' • 

HQgOMO Blpa VMalac {W. B .Belmlck. 
mgr.) BUck (hoak, fc. H; -aasd bnalncaa. Tbe 

Uttle DotAcaa 0; li Waa td & bnalneai. York 
State rslks SB; A Oosntry Kid BO. 
OTalal (W. B. VlalCT. aigr.) BlUy and Nellie 
' ~ 3b^ aad XiaL Mek " — - - 

(>ood, Versatile Valpoa and morlng pictnrea 

'week Jan. 1; bnalnesa line- 

■ LA POBTE.— laPotU Thestre (W. L. Xfflar. 
mgr.) Peck'a Bad Boy U; Bood bnalneai nS 
■fair pertormaace. Wben^ Women ■ L«Ta M{ 
Oean Family 25; Tbe Street Singer. SI. - 

LOOAHBPOBT.^lowllng Tbease <Jno. B. 
Dowuns. mgr.) Tbe High ITyeri 25: good bn»l- 
ness and performance. Black Crook, Ir. 28; 
good boslness ssd pleased. TM Uttle Dat b tss 
29: Mr. Dooler Jan. 4; Holy Cltr Ml 

CiTstal (Ton Bardie. Bgr.).Uda«r Hla . 
Lala 1MM, Jaa. aad Xaad Jim. Sag. Par- 
tar BBd awfas fictM trctt »; 

BHIWHW ft— Ota aat t Thtana "(Iia Swlahov 
■WrJTUtirhc aad Batpa Bcp. Oi^ OUa 

"MSTiumpa (0. k: limar mtt.y •ftaiB. 

TiUe coatlnnea to diaw. 

XABIOH. — Indiana Theatre (H. G. Sommera, 
mgr.) Ftoodland IS: fair boalneaa. In the 
Shadow of the Gallowa 19; fair hoose. Tbe 
Bam Tree 20: good business. 

Grand Tbeatre (H. G. Soinmers. mgr.) Leln- 
Otbe Trio, Tel Varln ± Co., Lew Wella, Barry 
Howard, Haael Boblnson week 25. 

Crratal Theatre (I. H. Ammons. mirr.) Eeded 
A Bedley. Mirr GIrard. Holmes A Dean, Iha 
Brerets and Helen Nelson, week SO. 

jaCKIOAH CITT. — -irmory Opera Bonae (M. 
T. Bailey, mgr.) Porter J. White 28; aoadta% 
ness sod flaa abaw..'- X» IMe at D<nn.JBi .A 
Bomancc of Om Baitoar Xaa. 2: OectoanaJ 
anela S; BaaNS HSaita 11; Majcstle 
Oa. is si . - V - • 

■gr.) Bia ala r froat - Kentncky alS; i^cid boai- 
ness and abow. Tbe Llgbtbo^^ Bobbery 19; 
pleased fair bnilneai. Kat^EWMr ffO; fair 

bnslnesa and good abow. A Boor BeaMon Mt 
cood boalneas and fair ahoi^a^For 
35; good bnalnesa and rii«w.^Bo(ty llSvlT; 
Hcnre's Moelng Pictures : 

TEBBE KAtrXE.— <»ll _ _ _ . ^ 
m^.) Edw. Scblelda IPii ^l-2t;^s«i/ste 
tioD and capacity hni|^a. ^ 
24: capacity boalness. 

IjTle (lOTTlc Atn. Oo., _ 
Tbeobald, Van CleTe. 9Biitb\ 
aad Uajd aad aw^ag 

Ttaop lU" Sr'aSSf* aad 
kmd a; llae a tuacUuu and 
A Boeky Road to Oolilla 2^23; 
fair bnslnesa. Tbe Gypar Olrl . _ _ 
and boslness. Tbe Msid and the Mnnany »; 
good boslness and company. Nobody's OlalJB 

WABJiBS.— Hszter's Opera Hoose (7. U. 
Barter, mgr.) Tlie Holy Cnty 27; pleased large 
bnslnesa. Hiss Bob iWblte Jan. 8: Under gooth- 
em Skies 13; Ooasln Kate 22; Tbs Marri age of 
Kitty SB. 

WA0BIHOXOH. — Theatre (V^ank Oreea. 
mgr^ nc Little abatestead 18: 


ASmaOSZ. — Soblasoa'a Of>er« Boom iJ. 9. 
Boblnson. mgr.) Jos. De Oraaae 1: fklr bail- 
nesa. Pnmkln Hnsker 5; fair boalneaa. -Babaa 
In Toyland 6: S. <B. O. A Ua M> BP»t_i8 
fair abow sod biislmss 'W.-.M. .titSm.TMt 
Orer Klsgara T^Hs 14; fOeaaed fair SaalacaB. 


OEDASt BAPID8.— Greene's Opera Hoose (W. 
8. Odller, mgr.) 'Wbat Wosnen Will Do IS; fair 
boslneas. Tlie Maid and the Monany 21: Urge 
Bodlenees. The Ftirbldden Land 22; good t>aiA- 
ness. The Tenderfoot 25; Tbe Samtw Girl 28; 
Coosln Kate 28; Howe's Moring Plctores 80; 
Uberty Bellea Jan- 1; Deeil'is Aoetlaa 8: 
When Knighthood Waa in rioraer «. 

People's Tlieatre (Tie Hngo, aocr.) Baacr 
Siateta. Golden and BoiMa. Ifattla aad Jfac 

and trasiness. loman Bowe'i 
jes 20; good Derfermanee and . 
My WIfe'a Family 21; good pereacnanee 
" ace. West Minstrels 21; good boat- 
oesB aaa attiactloa. A Boyal etsre 29: gxnd 
bosiness snd performance. T3ie Sambo Otrl 26; 
The Telephone Girl 27. 

DBS XOIBBB.— Toater'a Opera Hoose (Wm. 
Foster, mgr.) flowe's Moring Plctores SS-2B: 
fair bosiness. Under Sonthem Skies 25; good 
sbow snd boslness. Tbe Sambo Otrl 27; good 
abow and liiialiii ss BnsaWs _Baott ~ ~'- 
Marrlace of 
Tork 8Ut« 
Holland 11. 

My Wife's' . 

nesa fair. A BaKaC J 

. *s Aa MS tta BBto 4-«. 
01m. Kniit. .a>sfc>iMiy Mtj 

BtlOB <TMA. — ■ 

week 18. 

Ulmr (W. B. (Jonder. ngr.) Boalseas fair 

wee k 18 . 

SUBTraTTE. — Grand Olfef Boose (Wm. T. 
Boebe. mgr.) Tbe FUnta 12-17; good attend- 
ance. The CoaaXj Ohalnsan 20; excellent boM- 
ness* -Tbe FUnts and Tlic Qirl ctrxn (%U1 as; 
Ibc Tesdctfoot 98: Oooaln Ka-ta 27; Tt* Bxa- 
dersoo Stock Co, 2800. 

BUoo nieatre (Jake Bosentbal. obt.) 
ness good. Big bUl for Xmss week. 

rr. KASJBOB;.— (Eblnger Grand (W. B 
inger, mgr.) 
Poor RIaf ' 

Bdoaa (V. T- 

gia, mgr.) IHriKa Anctioo 20; good' boat 
A Poor BeWdon SB: good boalaeaa. Uobb- 
shiner's I>aoghter 28; Coder Sootbera Sklca Jaa^ 
2; Mildred Bolland 6: A Meassge From Ifan 
8; Babea in Toyland 10; Fanllne Ball IB. 

TjBsHe Tbeatre (D. B. Beeres, mgr.) Msr- 
'reloos Jsne, BrsaOi and Braxin, J. V. Uit- 
cbell, Geo. Smman, 'Hart and Dillon, and 
othera week 26; bnalnesa good. 

OBAWA Opera Boose (I. A. Blotcky, mgr.) 

GMeoo's Minstrels 21: good sbow aad xetana. 
Oolmnbla Opera Co. 26: Ber BuSbls .lAh 
3: Mr WIfe'a Family IT: Wby W«MAflB- H 
An Aristoer sMc Trsmp 29. 

XABOH CITT — 'WUsoo Theatre (Cbas. F. Pe- 
deisoB, mgr.) The Bogral Cbcf SO: good bast- 
'■What "Womtm WtB Oe S8:'na 

«; *■ 

PmvI » ■ — ^. 

oaCXMA.— fTraet'i 

tad bis buloen. 

OTXnCWA. — Oi 

tfT, mcr.) LaiMl of Nod 
Hlekmu-BCCKT Co. 23: jood . 

ss: M .iM fchtT i m il l i r «•( Mr wr ma* 

^'rimiWi In' neatre (C. p. HotchklM. 
misT.) I»e ©>■««•» DsDstiKi 2»; talr mow 
and good bsslacM. 0!e Olson SB; good (tMW and 

Peoole'* Tbi«ti« (E. C. Darts, mxr.) Lore 
lud rcmllr, ne AUcu, Leon and Oertl* and 
ptal Boavcaee w«*k U;_bHtalir 
Bton and umaa mdtib W«M 

pBtST; — Grand Ol>cr» HoOM (B. it, 
TeT mir.) Nine; Brovm 20: lood hooac. What 
Woom WOl xx> ioo-l bojlneM. Mr WUe'a 
ttolly S; fiLr liniUi«u. Bowlle Knott 80. 

pirmnXO.— CABeUe Thntre (W. W. Bell, 
msr.) Bi«<*»jirl<J«e Stock Co. 17-20; pleaaed 
2«od boMBcaa. A nip to Bevt 21; good ttam 
Ini flair ictnna. iaa.-.Jt. SoIllTan and rnnde- 

^^ wrf tt/tntBi - da „ 

OMca Oa. Mh A nonoflAMA «t; Ficttj 

^BEEr>— Open Bogae (7. VM Mattot. 
■Bl' Bot Tine In Oooa town IB; good tnul- 
aw'aad plcued. aereland ladlea' Band 96. 

'VIXEBIOO.— finnnie'a Opera Booae (O. F. 
Broirn. mgr.) Wbat Wcmen "WiU Do U: 
plrawd good booae. Tbc Tendofoot 28; fair 
buliiMa. QolscT Adana Sa«7cr 23; good 
booMx. ^JSomlB Kate 28: Ubertj Belles SO. 

BlectriC/Hieatre (B. H. Johnaon. mgr.) l*e 
AHjiu. SSi Oe aalrrille, BoaaeUe and Ma- 
ine. OUre Jeaaa. Amea Bnraoe wccK OS; xood 

IMatlt («. B. 


A&KUnAB tSTT,— ATcniW 
»ets.^jpCT.) Boner Mm ] 

A Soral sure 

jC. — IlBTldaaa Tbeatre (Hanr C Sr. 
Woodmrd Stock Co. week U: 

and pleaaed. Baat Lrime SB: big 

_ 8U HopUoa as; Orer iNUgara ralla 
M; Sana and Hix Jan. 1; PlctV PttMJ >> 

Nincy Bro wn 4^ 

JVironOH UU'Z. — Otr Osera Booae (T.. W. 

Dan, mp.) BaMa to Togruid M; M k bnat- 
nn>. atnaiaqn .IK ■ M vaW WIfc . I WH 
Tborae 23: SeaC BaHMnk*''..t^M' -JHMM m 

KIttr SB. 

OTTAWi BofaHiaagli Tttatra (S. R. Bob- 

iMTd. nigr.) Majeatte Stock Oot. 18.90; fair 
eompaar and xatntaa. Babaa la Xttrland 21: 

dance, a Bagral SUtc SO. 

feja gt. BOOM <H M«Bar. 

« * FlUl^a Mln- 


ncBtBe b 

ling, ngr.) BMn la Tlorlaad U; fkk ~ 
Tbe Mamaca a( Kitty 22: (air liaalt ^ 
irUb Pambrakna IB: Wcatrs JOMtMli «t 
Bkit Btnefwa-, Jmu >. 

Toler AadtM 
lead Br«tbcr8>'8t*CK'^ 
eert Cdk U. ' « 
' BI]oa neairfl (C B. Oliaa. mgr.) ReAned 
. randeTllle II din «u( paAed bcoaea. 

LttIc lbe«H (L. W. ITOMa. ibit.) Bml- 

on* rood. ■ --- 

Woaderiand Park (B. tk lUllilg. mr.) Baal- 

nns big. 

wnrnxOk^-Oniad open SoBie (K. B. 
Brcn. msr.) Ho- MaTTfagt «C 'Ktt17 21; food 
ikov and «atr ^oalseaa. Wcat Mlnatrtia SB; 
. JM.Xwr Tramp* 90; Ohas. B. Bnfnt 


\- ^-^IMUVILLX.— ATeiHie Tbeatre (O. A. Shaw, 
■gbl Stng Qt the Opium Btng week at; good 
ibew and baatnca. OM UgMnoDie W 0>t Bf. 
w««k Jin. li . ' , ' . 

Mawnie 1«eatre (O. lA. Bbxw, ngr.) Tbe 
utaMTOoa week ' SB: , good buliiMa and cer- 
tormance. Peggy tram Pari* week Jan. 1. 
Maeanley-a Xbeatre (Jno. T. Macaoh;/, mgr.) 
— • or Attnakn aMT; good hnalneaa and 

"- ■ — -^'^aaM^ ti» 

Crescent Theatre (CoL W. H. ,^wles. mgr.) 
Bnnawnjs week 17; good sbow and hlg basl. 

OreeaNrald Theatre (Henry Qreenwald, mgr.) 
Cl^ Sporta week St; boalneas good. Blgb 
BMtn WMk 24. 

Lyric (Walter 8. Baldwin, mgr.) Qaeen of 
tbe aigblilndem week 17; good bnilneas. He 
Curse at Drink week M. 

St. Cfaarlea Qrpheom (Too S. Winston, mgr.) 
Good nmhTHto week IT: bnaineas good. Ul- 
Uaa Bnrfcftitt and Oa.. Tha PlroseoOa, Xkancr 
FiBikc, Three MTarroa, WartolMag Bratbera 
and otbers week 25. 

OitT Park (Jos. Bernard, 
pood. ■ ~ 

AadiMa rask (KAw. Bdc«. 

rUgx. a«r.) 
good ihow and 
failed to aMcar. Kawia 

bosioess and abow* - 

good show and bnslness, wnia HUteat dooedy 
Os. 3S; fair boslnea* and food company. Wlien 
We Were TwentT.oae 24; good boalness and 
flne Mmw. a Madcap Princess 27; canceled. 
Tbon Sbalt ?Iot Kill 28; Little J<AnaT Joaea 
2B; W. B. Fatten 31.Jan. 1: The Hlslsta'a 
Boa S: IKot LU« OUxr OItIs 8; Hie School 
Oizl 4: IParadeiB 6: nnele Joah Spraeeby S; 
Black Fattl 7: 9oUa Gray S; Two Merry Tramps 
10; Ptapkln Hotter 12. 


22; azcelleat pextenanca 


We Wera Vwcnty- 
a nd packe d booae. 

JBHBiaaS.— Open Boose (Gontbler A Watts, 
mgrs.) iDonaelly and BatHeld'a Xlaatltla 
good sbow- sad boalneas, BooUgan'^a ~ 

OPSLOUBAS.— SaadOB Opera Boose (Jdaas 
Boos, mgr.) A Trip to IndU IB; Lallaaeotte. 
matinee. 20; flair bnainesa. wceeltetft eonpany. 
'Dannelly A Batfleld \nM«i«la 3m.t 
ncss. Hooligan's TVoafolea " — " ^ ' 
TVampa u. Her Only 9 
15: Bartow's Mlnatrela 30. 

PZ^AainauifB. — Hope open Hooae CUoa. J. 
Eebert, mgr.) Wills Comedy Oo. Zt; packed 
boose and good company. Wbcs Wa W*n 
Twcttty^me 3S: fair boiliwa and sbow. Swal- 
lO W-Matfcte F loathig Open 34; boslness flne. 

BKBSTEFOBT. — Oiand Opoa Hoose (Bbr* 
UA Broa., mgrs.) JL«wls Morrison IP: good show 
and . boalneas. Sweet C3oi«r 20; vicued good 
TlK Panders 21: fair abow sad 
' Oun. OOk 3S4i: good basl- 
^ r.,, PaoIlDe Ban 23: 

g,^'-',..- MARYLAND 

SOMBK— <Aeademy «( Ifaale (SUaa A 

Bmmeioiaiu mgn.) Bogen Arotbers in Ire- 
land week 35: good show and excellent: bost- 
ntis. Babes In Toyland week Jan. 1. 

■FotOrm Opera Boose (Ohaa. B. FOcd. mgr.) 
Mrs. Lefllogwell's Boots week 2B; splendid abow 
and -boalneas. Itw College Widow week Jan. 1. 

l^le TWmtr* (Beniazd Tllrlcti. zngr.) ITlll- 
adelpbU Orcbeatn 28; Irlih Ladlea' Obolr 27- 
~l; Sarab Bendinrdt 28-30. 
ABiangb-B Tbaatre (B«M. B. Irwla. n^.) 



LATEST Inpnvtd Ugh firait Mtvfaig Platan MMhtatt 

Oar Sptsiiltya 

IT I piV Ynil particulars before orderlnj; elsewhere. 

y_J»!^^_L"" .•UW we are the only firm of this kind with offlees In 


20^=^ CENTURY 

Ws Mft MmIi / / Ab*i * M iMlMi'tliiil^' 


**A Son$ for a Cisnt' 

penny TandtevDIft 


ecat dio ran; B|r purm fa 
fhln .woA isMiitB wlieiuist . 

(HillH jm Mi w) i toB ) the crowd goes. Write for catalogae. 


W Lakeside Avcrac, 

nB—wmnmt .J 

m A For stock CianMnh 


UBL FKKMCK IB W. Bad SI. Nmt Vmfc. 


rraos Brat tad On.. Vcm ^xnv 

too. o-arlen and BoekMr, BOOOCy 

otbos week SB; ., » B iln taa good. LesUe and 
Dllley, Bellman aaAaCoore and otbera weel 81; 
MUDess^ood. . ■ .Ta BiVmUB B. TASXXA 

™AaxrOBT,-<3apttal (D. J. MoNaman. 
per.) Own Balden 2B: basinets good. A 
light In BobemU 28-30. DePdw- Bsrdette 
Oo. Jan. I*. 

lis.— B<dland'a Opera Hoose (T. 
r.) Bompty Oninptr IB; fair r«- 
QrlflBb SS; Una abow and good 
tag nctnca Si; Or. JekyU and 
Xb^ UtUe Oocbcsa Jan. 11. 
' — rm 'Bona* (CbM- 4e«tt. 
«: fair - 

jr_Warrtiain. mgr.) A Boyal Agra S; VIeaaed 
-nirge tnalaess. Detll'a Anetloo T; cxeeOent 
bsaueu and fluam. King tA (Eranuia 8; fair 
return* Tide of Idfe U: An Oivban's ersyer 
m! SL*" !*ikaasaw 80; Tbe Uarrlace of Kitty 
1^ Dora Tborae «7; Tbe lale of Soog Boo* 


qUX^nL-tiii^^^ iQ»en 




Blaney't Theatre ,(0. X 

Xoong Baffalo week 26: B. 4k. 
tnry Ctrl week Jan. 1. 

IHoUlday St. Tbcatre (Kcrnan. Blfe A VxmSk. 
mgrs.) Al. B. WUsoD week SB: good Iwiaiiw 
No Mother to Oolde Bar waak Ma. X. 

Monmncntal ThritTt^ffgi jh BiW. BIB-) 
Meny Makers week 
Idcala week J to. 1. ; • — . : \, . 
r at. 

FALL BIVXB.-4&ead«Br of Uoale (Oaha A 
Gntnt, mgrs.) KaiToU Obocdy Oo. week IS; 
fair boalneas. dsra Tomer StoA Oo. week 
2B: Hyikla^arder Oa. wwk Xaa. l;,Oaa Bdlr 
8; Soon'* Bud M- _ ^ \. 

ebecdra New Btl«a. Bpnwd 9M 
Ameta, Harry Le Olair, Bernhardt, 
Brotbcia and iwwlug pletorcs week 2S. 
BMi flne. 

Nickelodeon. lAon Urlngatan, Ooke and 
MdKnlgbt, Moslcal Marshs and otiMn week 2S; 
bnalness good. 

Boston Theatre (W. Walker, mgr.) Bor- 
leaqae week 2S; fair tetnrsa. 

HA'TEBKZLL.— 'Academy of Kosle J. Bayrca, 
mgr.) Marks Brotben Oo. week IJB; (air but- 
nesa and good company. Ooogrore SOock 
week as. 

BSLYOiKE.— (Eknpire Theatre (Thoa. Moriay. 
mgr.) Bryant's Kxtraraganaa Co. Sl.S8:_na 
E:re Witness 25-27; baalneaa good. Base am** 
Bogllsb Pony Oo. 2S«>; capacity 
ABerlean Vltagrapb Co. Sit. ~ 

- - i5wi 

_ _ sad HcBkeys, 

ne Postal <81rto. Seyiaoar Brown. UoUcn and 
Oorrdll. and -othen weak 2S; b os l n eaa and 
sbow flne. 

Batteway*s (Tiank O. mgr.) Tw«lr« 

Marajo OUla, Barry C/sroae A Oo.. Rrlesel's 
Oata and Dog*. Jno. and Bertba Oleasoo,. Pred 
BooUban. Waltcn and PtoDty and morlng pic 
tnica weA 89; record breaking basinets, 

o< Basle (B. J.'°Barj>!>>, msr.) Jbn; 

21 Consecutive SuceessfHl Seasoas 21 

Wanted '^nes 

i : : Miiliirthei People In All Lin 

' ■ " For both tho 



Oo twrti a ns, Bxncrcra, Dancers, Moaiclans, Specialists, Kle. Address, AI».O.POCUX BeadQi 
Ooiombu, Ohio. Ksw York OIBcs, Hew Amsterdam Theatre Bldg., Boost la, can . of Ooorliv 
lam Bmbart, Boropeaa Ascat, SO Stnnd, I^ondon, *»g'""*. W. C Boats la thla paper. 

..WANTED F0R 190 


WANTS Glass Bloweis. Working World : on per cent. Prlrllecu to let: 
Knife Back. Oane Back. Also man for sbootlog Gallery. voA man or ladjr to 
both on per cent, or salary. Good towns; work all winter. . PUBWfc, tagiM 
need not answer. Address. BUACKIE. PrlTllege HanacHb OH* flC wilk 
Abbeville. Ala.. Jan. 8 to 8. .Later, care of Billboard. 

FxMlege Pcopla TatSt tbls np. Conceded tbe flneat i»«*>i»»if BeaCh b the vaeU. 

It Park within a ndlna of 100 mUes; a HllUon People. 80 Cltlaa and 800 Xbwns L_ 

16.000 local smamer popolaUoa. Great ezcorston center of tbe Beat; IBBB #ABS. 
Patronage doobUng each year. Claaed aeason of 1S06 ss the record tneaker. We an no|r ready 
to negotiate balance c on ces si ons (not under eontract); write ns wlut pttniege TOW dial ra ; 
also would like additional iip-to.dats amnsemsat derieea for seaaos 1908. Spb ~ ~ 

tor Penny Arcade (large or small) and line locatloiia for Tendlns Uiehlnca. 

days each week; mnstrated Praspeetns.TH E MAINE INVESTMENT CO, \JbL 

I The Oooeir Uaiid i 
EutToid - - 


8SO Foutine w 


tSXXTV bk tte Uatair «C tbe popalsr 
■ooc luu SOT «a* aoojc teea oed 
. to (o cmt ut «ztxBt ■• tke mir coon 
■MX Iv Kcadii * Mar, ealifd Sra- 
:!gsttr> Mr tBMBMtL'Iut wtck Ip 
Mmt SMe 4>Hr'^^iM Okn» aaac It at Proe- 

•K'at KcftVe OMIIk nrotOB at tt* Albamliirm.. 
Att BmactuT at tte Dmy; Jlay Soaene at 
tt» Olicl*; .GcOTse W. Oar at th* Ooloaial; 
Xffilaa add. irttii Oie Cneker; facka. at tba 

- Ootham; Brano mnd TTnuell at anrtis ft Sea* 
■OB'a; GKCoe and iWeniar at Praetor'a SStk 

' Bt^ and Lnr BavUaa at Hyda ft Bebman a. 
araipattir is rusij a farorltc cuoa aaos and ia 
Mac <u«d t>7 road csmpanm i« «Eteaa'.TclT as bdv nacd la Mair .XMk Cilr- . v - 

taaaleal dtncnff Cor the fte- 
Btaek Oo^ ifTltea tbat tka Dew tBatn 
. ttlTcr Haela, la a. M^ fafotlt» 

Df Hia ; BoDft: 

IB 'the new fTodnetlai of 

-waa taalcced with 

. . ew aonia wltli tlie Intention ot 

tw^ aoe ID Rvlace 917 mur QlciUr. O. 
aeMcted oae of theae and oaed It tor a Acrt 
ttae when abe tomid It seceaaaiy to so back 

•• BOL. 

jM nacK tbe aossa at Sol. Btom'a eatalocae 
.sua are solas ptet^ wen are WlllUm H. 
.X VMn'a eaod-«re Dixie Iwai; Hestr dar Smltb'a 
'OpM! Back; ^BaJIlload (A. Bnnnie'a INb Looklos 
. te;afc BwcetbCBTt; 'XreirB -Bloam'a INeath tbe 
' Bfrtfj!"? ^'''***""^ Uaa. aad .Axttar A. Fens's 

. IdTSJeMit addltloD to above nloaMa tatJ- 
>%jjgjkta u 'wmiam H. Feim'a new aoos, I*Te a 
Wkv ■'eeUnc iWhen X .£oofc at Zon. whldh U 
■ aUf^ nms ttr a ovBder of the beat 

la. It la remarkalilr catctj. and looka 
r Ute a'Vira bit. 
. '^aazUe^Wajme. wbo orislaated Warne's laeS' 
r filria, la In Tande-rlUe with another IdcBr 
1 eootprlaea alnslns. t^^V^g and AmnMi^ in 
.. — r- moat effectlTe aumoer. He la natsc Oct 
^ *-Bis^. tiT Barmond A. Browse iWUUam. H. 
~ CMBu'i I'Te Bncb a Fmmr Tedlns 'When 1 I«ak 
' ; al^-Ta% and -Bajrmoad A. iBrowae*a Bat* .Zoo 

S^^SlW^S'gStrJIfc^ * 

rsl^ CampiKU. the popnlar' Ij^e~ tcaoc, 
tnimlliU elerer wnrk in tbe talklas bk 
woBd ia wen fcaovs. and wbo also ouya 
' ^ ensasenenta In TmadcTfllek la ao 
wUb-Manroe H. Itoaenlleld'e new. bal- 
let '^diaWzlte What I Kerer Ctecd. to 
ha» anaascd to make piiooo- 

oC the aanta for Tazlovis c umy a- 

it will, alie be laeloded In bla zcpa- 
TaTW ii 'Ba ^M*!*** tbat tbla aaaSL 
ttt viiaae aob-tltlf «( A 


wm be xaUed 

dfal eseuv- Winer. Steia ft Oa., haTe-;ao 
manT tequeats for Oicbeetiatleiia of tUa aoBS 
tbat^ tbej tisie a ipedal anaascr at wvk mak- 
Ini^. traospaaltlona to anit the Tailaaa foleea of 
tha-artlatB wbo'ai» anxlona to alns It. 

-Xna. Btem- ft Os. haTe twin sonx bita In. 
Oeane and Uttle Qlri, Ton'D Do. Dearie la 
atm reatrlcted to the oae of tlie Berstint Brne 
' O?., tmt. tbe list «C ainsers oalss UtUe GIiI. 
' Yo«l*ll Do aeenut to crow wltb emcb bocr aa if 
y'l it would nerer stop. Amoox tbe many notlcea 
fi and yiu a i alig n efl recelTed tbla week, we And 
llita Ballle> Bandal. Olie Jamea T. FowenP 

~ ~ ig W w aHfc .. Jtitt Blalr. Geo. 

_*»-e»* .■!*!«!?• ^Oaatraia. 

HELF ft HAazS 80V0B 

A-Amcnx tile wen..knowii acts that bare added 
t» tbelr lepertolie J. BalTa new hit. Same 
Oat Thlnka ot Some One, tbe past we^ are 
~ and Barry, Dodlej and OiesiTn, Mabd 
3cm, r. -norlt*; Cleiiwy and TTiii TT. 
■ Jtop r o e ft-vo., Boaa^^vHa^ Bjivu 

■^I'Wr Deu/ScU:— We . 

Srerytiody Works But J<atbcr at tbe 

and we An^ i>la7 It often eBooch. , 

roar ru Be Waltlns In tbe Oloemlns. Sweat 
'GeaerieTe as- my ado. and It mere tban !>»■■■■■ 
fl^ad me Hkcer'a Gleamlns Star kad IH fea- 
.waa It also." 


TVmj and -ftaaeia witta tbst Bbe Walts bgr 
tte Deep Biw Am. Jb Zaakea Ittth GM. Jnat 
a., Idttlc BacUas OM^ an« T«« aS BtartUM 

Pear. ' a t . , ^ , 

^ Is slnslnc Tbeoltea ^£nSv%i^na^£^ 
tasaand .Xbe Soodoo Ttee. ; 

KeBjr and Beno sod tbe Taldbn aaa oatac 
Scnrj'^rrantsrn'a fitnx OoUcse Ule ^Wffc 
aad tbef-aaj It sees blsser erery vaab^icT ' 
- Cdltb «B9«rard writes tram the ft 
nsrHsMi and .Paddle Yoor On 
' awMping ' that snrt of the cuuirti y . 

Th e^Tw ^ Merry TrampB' Oo^ .mtswa- fUc -aattber -la adltesUs. 
aa i ll r n a laaa 1 1 -at AWer». -t."gr^^mtnc Itr. Uord-la pke&c s 
ttoe at MdB P. M,. bill ill ut haasrtattS wlik the Ms wWa B— 

'•Mat* , 

. A. H. Ki^]^ ttie well-known conlat' 
aololat and maaleaJL dinetor. wbo baa beot 
I«adln« tbe ocebAMW it tbe IfaJesUe Hotel Id 
.Hot Sprinsa, Ark., (iff tbe past tbiee jteis, 
writes that be wIV tait aeaaon pat oat a 
dramatic and Taoderllle tempanj wltla nUeh a 
mJUtarr band wUl be teatored. ' *" 

Mls8 Eleanor McKee, leading lady 
with Tbe Uommy and the Hnannlnsbird Co., 
waa admitted to tbe boapltal In Ghambera- 
bors. Fa., owlns to a icTCie caae ot tben- 
ma ds m In her risht ankle. Her eondltloa la 
favorable at preeent. 

B. Brown* closed mm musical 
tba Wm. H. Waat 4BMMik: Sw. 

fidl cbarse oC tba mfeMtik at ae 

Star TbeaBe, ^Hamilton. Oaa. 
Percy Karper ' has closed with Hie' 

bend of Martin's T7. X. C Co.. and la amr at 
his home In Cbambenbois, Fa. 

xmroraoie at ] 
•Beat. a. 

dl{«t# of. m 

14, t^bks fi 


The Conntess Olga Von Hatzfeldt, 

wluk succeeded - Elal^ . Jania tn Tbe little 
Docheia, la meeHns with eminent ageeeaa. 
The Coon teas Is well known to tbeatresalas 
people and ber appearance In tbla popalar mn- 
sical fantav baa already, been received with 
Seneral apptoral. 

Maad' NlclKds doaed with tbe Two 




OBN' b> Chleaso, Jfarcb 17. ISM, Bab 
Adama iceelTCd. bla early .edaeaaon la 
the pobUe sdu^ ~o( the Windy City 
and was onslnaUy ~ onployed' -"wltb 
tbe <m. Henderson Sioe . Co. , He 
afterward beeasac one of •Ohlcaso'a - best en- 
tertainers. Mr. Adams la a j^rotese -of-' Mrs. 
Potter. Palmer, and plara all of bet bis 
functions at ber beantltnl North Bbon msnalon. 
fie drat became known aa a campoaer of pop- 
nlar ditties aboat seven years aso. when . be 
composed My Olrl texn Dixie, which was bis 
Sist elBort and waa a Ut. ttj-Tm Step Gal. 
Ooodbre. .VataB, Jfy. tOr oC the NQe.vWere 
sBsats bla Us aaeeeaaea^-> Satiate and-trissest 
blt. .«e Bwaatcat aU la IMstaw la «ke oC tbe 
beat aaasa aa tba aiaitirta aay? aa alu 
poaed all the ■ai l e :.-lie Ska. eeaao a< . 
and Ward and Tokow aaC la agar aeOaB la > 
manaserial eapactiy In ^ tba la'iifr'aalisial L 
partaient tar Victor Ktener 'Oa: .-Bll ! lateat 
a^^ot^^; K^ttc l^to%1 ^a_gBm ^r ' ~ 

Bd. T. Sarrls, one'o<'0ie teemost ballad 
alnsaet^ tUs coontry. is f eatarlns !IS>o^ Zoo're 
Gone. Z«i Are Not Fccsottni. and aaya be It 
snaMaS'taa "gd ' at. bis . career with 

It. afc LiBTlMBcr,' wbo 18 at^the bead of 

" '"""""^ '*""^" **** !j* *° 

— Drj, — 

laedlatelr ordered an lailH a>i ■Ifau-la-Tila key, 
and acoced a knock-oat wlfliMt- tha Biat tiaie 
be aans it. ■ i. ■ - . 

Tbe wen-knowB Mn a w iser - Coy Tflo la fM. 
tntins with sreat anccesa asto* Xoate Gone 
Ton Are Kot Porgotten.' 

Monay and Mack are msMns -Blrsm Green, 
Ooodbr. tbe feature act of their abow. 

Tascott — tbe white eooo — ^la featnrlns TooH 
Tiever Miss tbe Water TtU the Well Bona 
Dry.-, which Is also a Us hit with ObrOn and 

Uaa Oawllne Hon. of Trank L. Ferler'a 

cross eonntry comedy, Tbe Wlnnlnc Olrl. Is 
featmlns Clarence M. Chapel's latest mbe sons, 
entitled = Deacon Jones. Bead Ma, latter txaa 

^vSoaar J&k I.. Fedcy. 

"1«8 Braadway. 

'^^.darenee 3L. Cbsod; '■■ ' .'/. --V 

'tJUofOk. Hi. . \. 
"DMK.Ik}— f tiB slad to «v IBst OmMs 
Joaai li'iHkfew an immenae Ut 
"Toaia, etc, 

"W. BAY. Masaser.» 
ne TbTce mtehda are featnrlns "Dm/ Zoa're 
Ooiie Zoo Arc Not 'ZVirsottea aad Zoa'Il Never 
MUa tbe Water Tin tbe Well Sana Dry with 
trcmesdona an cc esa In the Orpbenm- CIrenlt. 

Weatherly, ot Eende;aoa and Weatberl]% tbe 
Pekin t&eatre faTorltes, is foatorlns xooH 
Merer SUaa the Water Sin tbe Well Enaa 
aty. aad aay It la tbe beat eoon aoos be baa 
^ir aaefti: ' -.- :.. . 

ne''telaiia.saBgftsr. with -tta TTaiimailL Ooa- 
_ r 9m la nw Xoate Oaat Xao Are Not 
ronottea, aad ikjtta kit cC tkclr 
fine Ifer, .tortlB Ite 1 



Adieu, Bar la 

. ney r 

solas Ms. 

aay U to tbe beat 

e( tta kind veer written. 


Tlie Windsor Mostc Oo. writca tiist their new 
addin ions, Fanay Klse, br Bniia fJogM'aad 
I<eo Wood, abows evap_fnalfattoa of .bcias 'a 

Olyanle Obaatta wltk tbla aMf ' «Mk «( 
aiy I. ma eompaay will 
e it a loeal favorite, aad . 
taklas tbe pRVtr eoorae la 
ta latcadaee tt-fl 


Tdl Xe, Xr Uraa Obt, 

troB atnee Ita pobUeatloa a tew 


AT last Baa Btaadaea baa another food 
moslc piftllshlns boose, which baa 
been a Ions needed neceasit; on flie 
coast. There bas been no plae* in 
San FlaiieUco where a performer 
eoold so to leam a long nntQ the Altatat Moalc 
Piaillshins Oo. waa farmed and Incorporated. 
'.. Mackey and-. Jewell were .playins vaodevUle 
datea and eoold not receive: reeoenitton for a 
nnmbcr oC aoasa'-tbCT bad written. So they 
a mtm Kaalaeaa aad to Cscm 
. -Skar sot.tonthfr 
Bd BaaiBsel. ptaaiat; 
Fbn. FMee, Toeallat. aad lAosnat Sebrocbt, ar> 
ranaer, they Ineocpasatcd tbe Altnras Mnste 

pn Kitsbtiiff oa; 

It caa teadllr'ka' sees tbat tbeae gesttomen 
are anUaB' 'CaaB keeanae' tbey are all.tanatleia 
and each' doca Ua own Share of the work; 
there are no salaries to be paid. Tbey have a 
reception room, an arran^lcg. a stock, a pri- 
vate aod a piano room, all of which are kept 
In constant demand perfoFmera leanlns new 
sooss. The lieanty of tbe new system la tb« 
fact that tbe new firm handles the aonsa of 
every pidiUiher In addition to their own. ao 
itbat tbe' pert^inner bas a very large taaort- 
ment from which to dioose. 

In tbe aame balldlng la'a wkdeaalt deaart- 
meat,:^— . wMilt Ika liadr lB.«BB«iit,- aad a 

„. as OVaacII 

street, «h((e-tka pObUe ia slvta a Aaaec ta 
Ike d lB t i e at •■laga . ■ la iMa tvtao aton 
la.,j^ftlai^^aaa^idascr wba dlaplar af • 

That Jkeae 'seatla^ kava the right Idea la 
^' ^ by tbe lauLaMiii;trade tbey<^are boUd- 
VsaodataTa ~ 

Ins op .dally. Aaaodated'witb tbam .are T. GUf. 

ted Bsnto. ae_LsBiQBlriie. writer, and 8. 

"~ ~ *"* Doogbct^ 

are w^ - - 

Xbe Altnraa dtaale PHWIsWag CMC la 
oot' to tbe proteaaloa on receipt aC.ati 
prosiam. their lateet piAUeatiooa.'; aamely : War- 
gte, Tbat. Candy Gbf at .lUne.f TB Take tbe 
CUS Boose for Mine, 111 B* Boeic'on Christ- 
mas Bve, : If s Only Human Natore, After All. 
In Dear Old Geonla. and Goad4)Te. Bine Kyes. 

Hie inofeialooal qoartera of the new mnale 
bonse is eo tbe foorth floor of tbe Mimilde 
bnlldlns. 210 PoweU street. San Traadi 

Vhcae people MTV very coortcoits and poltta i 
Invite tbe professloo to call on them. 

Tbe latest pnhllfatlcB by this wen.«nowa Bna 
ia Aeh. Lonla. a vary fnany Dnteh aoas. and ' 
tbe Kan tno.jOoaatr Ootk. a eomle Iilib aor" 
Both tbeae sooss are beiBB anns throosboat j 
east as well as oa tbe coast. This eoaei 
promises to li e tom e ooe ot the lesitins ptf^ 
llsblng bootes In . the e ouuti i end they are 
continually addlns to their list of soo 
Beginning tbU month tber Will iMe b 
chestral nnmbera which win la «• • ! 
tbe best of Wem. Tbalr pa ' 
soon be off ■ the press. ->■ . 
- -IProf. Ton der IMidcafs lialiuiueutal. 
bers. Battle Trap, martk aad two-atep, 
EUoTcy, baUet-latanaoMu .BW betas pb 


"9i Snbint W 

A OMlodle duale «C tte 
Btmax Soatf 


longiDK tor ne«a oC tb» 

"Ugbh of Hone" 

Of deep dramatic Interest 
andgTsatmalodle beaoty. 


Moie testtait 4baa Tio- 
leu"— wlUbieoB fOMvsr 
la ths snnligbs ot pepo- 

Ooaipnasfl by .AL Xnbsra and Las Osaan I 
snaogbasM .Prniissliissl ssptsaf rss t» i 
slnssrs.' ' It sgnlsr l i Ocut pUaa 
t^ fi**, worda and ^■^i- "ji u asata 
tal. Pafaroary lat ' only, 
Ue (mininy expenses), 
Isr instenmental naxsbaca. 




vanp— Iteacbrasmme aad artlatte 
HBIIwUHE oopatloo 17 Bailor 
IIHM . .1 IHb ed. How to 

sight, mto captlvatlns rag-tlmai 

for C»e book. Chrls t i n sa n " 

8. Wsaten Ave... Chleaso. 


SendlD lateprosrmm for professioDal coplj 
of our late znnsic Call on as wbenj 
All popalar aonss tam^t tree, 
neatvdone. Sonss pabllshed on i 



Sister teams, sketch teams, black-face artists, good.jnusi- 
cal actsi skirt and serpentine danceri legerdemain ^ibid 
magric acts, 8tino*c(M|uc8. con^y jiigglere^ ■ -^^ -i - . 
comedians. • c '-y y - ^y^ ;. 

We do not: dkMe I3ie year rc 
time if satisfactory. 

This "^^^I^^^P^^ °P^,' ^ *"""^*Tif ^j ^^ n pyjt ifti i r fii| L| iiri|^ 




Property Man with Barnum St Bailey 
: Season 1905, send your address i 

R. S. BIGSBY, ^""s?! 

i ia i ?S West 34th St., New Yorit City. 


^SluuSi)^ of a Great Otty' 

In regard to opening oar new house at Akron, la., about Febyi. iIiVIiiibb 

t--"' :»..*■•.? V ^ix>\:~--^ ^ts-^'Oah^ ^c' ilsfjnli. 



People af(i^ walking for miles to hear Miss; 
ThQteheir sing this comic song. They're cornlrig 
down from the mountains^ -'Everybody is slng- 
ing lt^-»ev«ii Father." ^ " 

,,j^y he can sin^^ it some^ t$>t; 

J^.- ' - ^< 

■J'. ■.^•V.t;/>?/:- - 

■t V Vf .iviFi 

r.;--»;,o.V'^-^.''';".- :■■■„■ •- 

■: vi^^uf^^^^^^^v^t^^i^;^?^ ::^..: 

^ I <l<»ii^t^ to forget '^Atii1ilii|i|u^ 

HOME lUMD MOTHER/' because I have beaiiillli 
slides ready for it at five dollars per set. 19 in eaoh set. 
1 will positively not give any away. 

Rfeitlffember, 'IMAGINATION'! wiU^a^^^ 
timoijr'Ht^ doing it now. ^ - 

NrV^^ARNING! I will SiOiH^^^^I^^ 
Sonigs and Instrummital ^iWr^^ 
Qive me your permanent i|d 
^li^ely mail them to you. 

. Sincerely j^oursi^ 



Xlie BIllt>oaP<l 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 


Wild West 


Of Ito . 

(Sp«^l*l to "Hie smiioacd.) 

. : . WlntnliiK sod worklns nnder the lonthcni 
.MB, ..wltb 0017 tlx tliiB .white tents for pro- 
' faBtkio. la Jiat what we are dolus, and al- 
.'.neoth It !■ nam mld-wfnter we bare not sat- 
vSind from Uw eold. In tact, the weather has 
;Jtec& fine Blnee cor clnalng date, Kor. 12. Wnaa 
" WtntjT qoarters ' we have a splendid Tlaw ot 
like Maritime Alps, -whlcti look to tic only a 
rew mOes distant. Some ot the <>07s thought 
tbey-wxrald ran orer to them the other. mom- 
' Xher , lost Vuir dinner In conaeqncace, 
t'tiM dlatanee la cood. Htc miles. 
."■^ BnteUamo, wlw la aa csthoiUatlc 
xmanttr -wcat. gamlBK with u. rres- 
iSiii^aCMko Icadbir ionnallata of Mar- 
— ^* ahoBt tlity la alL took 
■t mtlit 1» atrlea a iDatti- 
, a bay in Om^M"' 
allcs distant -.tea 
be- the day'a sbooliaK 
l>y actual const 2.380 dacka. 

llLankB^lTlnK (Day was not forgottHlAllM 

we -were a looK <UataiK:e from homa i'-OaCf/ 

date oar hoys eosaced In a aame of h aa eti a ll i 
after- which we all sat down to a' rcgnla- 
tioa ThankaslTliic dinner of rout tnrkey and 
an (the t^rnwntngm Caterer Ballard has a way 
mt Ontnc Uicae fionca In a taabloo that la tarr 
aaothlns to tha tn '? ^ r man. 

OSoim Bikaiv oar cqneatxlaB dliaeto^ ataitad 
oo • tintniia talp- tatta Itataa I>ae^•l.^v 

Manaftr Vtad B. atrMnaBB ■ and . fcrtlT-fj: 
niteaDee, 10 for BngUad. Tbar aakejibart 
liilTtrii'* stopa at I«ondon and ftttokc^a-Tkcntf 
and Bail for Ajncrlea Dee. SO. Tbej-.zatam ^ 
Ms^Mtlls BlWTlt Cab. I. 

Ained O. atatr u octnpTlnr the 

dnrtnw Mr. Batchlnson's 

MraetorSeBaral Geo. O. Starr, now 
U expected here la a few daji. 

Wa are all wen aadjofa fa aandlns Ghrlstmaa 
Creettngs to The BOttoasd and onr showmen 
^ — — — AoMclca. 

, taaae. Dec 14. ISOB. 

Daolarea DhrUand of ^^^^^ Omt. — Annnal 

The Tcarl7 leport of tlia> Bannua It Bailey, 
Ltd.. which is an F!n«llsh In c orpo e e ttMi though 
an American IsaUtntlon, was fllcd at a Biaat 

Inff In liODdoQ, JCdk., Dec 18. H eorers th< 
Tear endlnc Oct. 28, 1906, and itatcs that tha 
Amerlouk tour of the Gn-ateat on KartJa was 

jwdBeaTa_qt_graathr^, to g yad^ raa Jl^^ 

to £B1.4T8. 
pnpoie to write 
of~lMHa aad plant in Bnr- 
at «10,000. on antOboUde 
and wardrobe. £3.000; to prorlda 
wiaterbw expenses In London. 8tiake-on- 
Tten^ New Tork and Bridgeport £30,000; for 
«aaitlunal cost of new yspeccacnlar prodactloa 
ji^, and to pajr a dlTldend of 7M per 
cent, oo the onUnaiy, itoek. This Icarea 
balanea of £IS.47B to ]» aaalad teward. 
Tha axttement with Mean Ootr aad^Ballar 
- — ' — — - 

Dr. Vnnk B. Sadlar" and Baaa Aalmal^nan 
StzatT Keja. of Qw SeBa ft Dowia Show, 
laoantlr paifiaaMA an aoantlaB laidr liaaid of 
Iv I * l * " a a ■ II ifi I m -^ ^i^ Hiia*o* aattk* " 
'1»JM« 1b jartMt^hMtth.-a fMt wUeh ' 
tB arbca 9SU t. Bama^- tuuS noma 

. _ _ _ _ an 

oOtr of $1,500 for Um. 

Tbe- Sells A I>airxis Show is w liiteUi iy In Btr- 
mingham , Al a., and la soUdtlng the cood win 
of the people by kind attention to all Tlilton 
at the winter qoartets. .;>.. 

Frank ra. (Hadley paaaed thraogh' Blimlng' 
bam, Ala., reoentlr. : on Us war " to MhUIaL 
Where te^win trt w^gjoja jt ^giagjljjBKC» 

great aneeeefc "'- """'ff.'"^, ' 

^ohn DeveDKi< koaa aaacv 

pangh-Sdla .ttaiw^ daxlBg. .the pait mjen, la 

Hadler, Hariy wmiam a. 
Grlflla, J. 'B. Manv. X 
Clark, an good fellowB: 

Martin J. Oowna 1* on 
Toronto, Can., and wm retnrn . 
eat with hla show la the aprtng. 


KHtt Ua 

Col. Wn>. r. Oody ipent C hU a Uua 

daosbter, BCrs. tjent. darenc* A. 

the 12th V. a. Caralrr. located . at Ft. O^k- 
thorpe. near CbAttMoooft, Tenn. Tba a hlWfliau 
Jumped trcm hla ranch m Oodr, 'Vya.. aod'A' 
rlTed In Chattanooga Aondar afternoon, whet* 
he was met by hla danghter and her SniMl>and 
and by Lleot. CoL Ohaie. a lifelong friend of 
BDlEalo Bm. 
Many ^fnnctSona and leMlTltlea ;wcra aimgrd 

a*' Tanaw 



San For a Swa ) 

. & laaxtih 

' Jebn vBlngUng. of tha Hhigllng Shows, and 
nedeilek Thompion, of Thompson & Dandy, 
sailed on iiaard Uie Oceanic last week for a 
two months' trip abroad. The object ot both 
men is to sectire novelties for next acaaon, Mr. 
RlogUng for the ghow and Mr. Tlwmpson for 
the ne«r specucle to be prodneed next aeS' 
•on. entitled A OBoman Clrena. 

After Tlaltlng Hambnrg, - Berlin and Paris, 
these gcntlemaa will trsTel la an antomoMIe to 


A spirit of oA-operatlon. wherein capital and 
labor are brooght Into doaer relatlona to each 
other, Is springing np In Ctdcago, and the le- 
salt Indicates a healthy and prosperoos fntnre 
m bnalnaas affairs. Many large employers Iistc 
adopted tba cniitom of rewarding their em- 
plorcea at the end of each tnulneaa year, either 
la tha fona of extra wages, or by a share of 
the aelUs ot tha hnalneiia Sneh a coarse nat- 
otanj a uMuuiag a a ' tha emploree. who, feeling 
that the mote the cmployen can, the (Meter 

wHI be hte reward. 

One of the oonoema to Inaognrate tiila aystem 
fai Its boainesa la the United Statea Tent * 
Awning Co, On Saturday. Dec 20, at 12.-00 
o'clo ck noon, an the employees were taken by 
■tirprlaa by tha annoimcefflent that' a ' dinner 
would be aerred In the factory, and that they 
were eU reqnested to be present and paatake. 
The emplooreea haartUy accepted the Inrltatlon. 
aad afte dinner Tlce-Preodent and Snpcrin- 
teodcat WaMer r. Drlrer, addreawd the em- 
gwr aie ^ nwrnklng them ter tlMlr eOonts - for 

five per eeat. of 'Hie year'a pnOti et the boal' 
nesa was to be dl Tided among the emBlorcea 
In the imi per t lu ii of the wage* leeatiad — 
them, and the aQnoancemmt WIS arcrvmnsi 

liy an envelope to each ^nlorca, 
the share elloted to hfan. given in the form 
of a New Tear's gift. 

Wimam Leeper, Edward P. Newmann. Jr.. 
and Edward B. Utalngcr, the other officials of 

the. eoaspaay. ouda apeecbea to tba employees, 
to than Um pioa p a et lliat if the 

year aa It bad daealopad la the peat year, they 
wonid not only be tteeted Oe aaae In the 
(Btm, bnt tbatr ahaiaa modH he'^aseTespond' 
Ingly Inereaied. Many o< the employees re 
aponded by expressing their ai>preclatlon for 
tha oonalderatlons shown' to them, and the nen 
timont amoQE them waa tbat every eflort p<jB 
alU* vfoold be pot forth to bring the boalocss 
to '.t&B -UifteBt atandard of eAdancv. 
V-b .vtinr of the fact -thatSe^Uted StaUs 
Tsat * Awalay 0>. haa baao fa tinalnraa for 
only «aa yaar, tUa trsatmcat «C tto OBpioycca 
polnta the way to tta fotace aaeeess. 
From the data of Ita toeoppocatlOih ttila com- 
pany ban fidTflDcad by bomMU in tba rolintte of 
Its biii iii. .<. jind to-day it Is easily regarded 
one of ilir foremost tent, awning and can< 
vas eutrrprlaes In the United States, Ita fti' 
tare sacceas and prosperity la asitiicd. 


takca plaee gt 4 

la te sale: AweMon 
Sark, BlfBtlagbaai, Ala.', 

Toeeday sod WMBMtay. Aa. 16-lT.' 
■ Martin I. iDowiuc ihC' nle owner ot thli 
aRKTrsatlon. annoonees that he wm retire from 
the drcns field, and that he will Bell the show 
as a whole or by piecemeal. 

Tbe itiow, oooBlBtlQg of twenty-two eata, an 
ta . Otat'tiaaa-oonditioD, is open for lupeetlon 
at ~ — ■ — ' — "• 


The . tBMnr fMcnds of A. ' B. <maeler, tba 
popular handmaater of tba Qtaet Van Ambarg 
Show, win be anrptlied to Haa M hli mat. 
rlage to Miss I>ah DeVaB, 'Whe «M with t' 
Van . Aoaberg fiZkow last acaaon. tte MgMM 
waa parfctmed. Dee. 20, In Atlaata>'' 4e,« nkl 
they wUI remain for the winter. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wbeder wlU be with the 
'Tan Amherg Show again next season, whl^ 
win lie Mr. Wheeler'a flfth csoaecntlTa year 
With that otguliatlon. 


A corresjrandent from the Floto 
Shows writes: "Otto Floto haa sold his prl- 
Taie car, Colorado, to John BoUand of Blchard 
& PringlCs Minstrels, The Colorado & Sooth- 
cxa are bonding.' a new ear to be tiaed .by Mr. 
riotok Wfa. Bdla and Itaak -xaaataB aazt aea- 
A cadoad «( aaliuk from Olaa Island 
came to oar wfatar m m ta n laat mO, making 
our menagerie one of the most eomplete. Two 
more elephants bare been added. «n«vi,. | f eight 
In an. John Carroll and Chris, Zelta are In 
Baraboo, -Wis., spending the holidays with tbelr 
tolb. Lew Sonlin and wife arrived Snnday 
as did Park Prentiss and wife. SanUn wm be- 
gin training a sew pony drill ' In addition to 
lierfeetng bis own stock. Wm. Sells left for 
Topeka, Kan., to spend a tew daya with hla 
amlly. He wUl shortly go to StLools where 
show Is to hare Ua tea aaw atock ears 
He win than valt OfaielaBatl, where 
liBslBeaa ith Badla aad Bosssll A Msigaa Pnat- 
InC On. -wm keep Um tnugr. A bar Ilaaw 
waa bom Isst week. This makta dBoe bOBMI 
tigers, three Hons, two pumas nd • Imr nit 
have eome Into the world thos far tbla -wln- 
lei& and they wfll prara ralnsble attntctkms to 
oar managcMe. Twelre neir flat eui at* being 
MIt ta:flw ahoga of .the OMiSa-* OoBlheni. 

yMtm haa aort na therjMne ot. the saw 
twaaty-toor lanaa hand fahbaa.. lheie.iria .be 
aerea dlffetent kinds of oinsle In the paiade the 
coming year." 

Notes from the McDonald Brothers' 
Show: IhlB haa been oar leoond winter In the 
sooth, and we hare been doing good business, 
considering the opposition we bare had. 'We 
are caxxylng a line : band and orchestra. Among 
those with tbe show are McDonald Brothers, 

Scoptletors; W. S. ' Bydon, maniKrt; Geo. B. 
tailing, annoimcer; BUly Booghton, priniegeg; 
'Wilhcr PUnk, aerlallat; -Woonnack Slaters, 
aerlallsts; B. C. Gee, advertising agent; Jack 
S- Fogg, mnalcal director; J. Getty, A. H. 
Wlllliaia, Orln F, Alger, W.. H Snyder. Dutch 
King, Fred.' Snddleston, Sed 'Waatress. Sam. 
Smith, Shorty Hicks and Ambrose Conley, The 
show la to be enlarged in the spring. 

Notea,trom F, W. Hall's Circus: We 
at Go! try, Okla.. Nov, 

after a veiT sncceastnl ran ot thlrly-one weeks, 
and went Uto winter qnarters at AUne. Okla. 
We open early In April at Aline. Onr horses, 
by the way, a much nicer btinch than la osn- 
ally seen with a wagon show, are enjoying 
a rest on -the fine wheat pasCnrea. They are 
principally dapple grays ' weighing from 1,200 
to 1,'400, and are In the pink of o<mdltlon. 
Before next aeaaoa opena onr show wlU be 
newly painted and redecorated throagbont. We 
are also planning a namlwr ot ImproTementa 

W. A. ' Shannon . writes as ' foUotra 
from Santa Onis, OaL: "I noticed In a recent 
iBsne of The BOBward that Wm. Brawn and 
Ed. Roberta, who had the privileges with the 
Norrla & Bowe Show the past season, wlU 
pnt - out a show of. their own next spring, I 
wish to state that nemier Mr. Brown nor 
Mr. Boberts have In ' any way been connected 
with the priniegea of. tbe Noma A Bowe 
Show. I conttoUed tbe side show concert, 
caody atanda and palTtlma ear, and wUl naa- 
aoa^.tha aaM;. aan^Maoa.? .<>' 

NotM ibrom the teydar: Brothers 4k 

Oowker Oooaolldattd Sbswa; We have taken op 
oocwfatccanattcca la.{Carre Bante. Ind. The 
Soyder .Brothtia ' haVB pardiased Mr. Dowker'a 
Interest, and bare taken in J. P. Hall, a new 
ahowman la the drena fleld. Next seaaoa the 
show win be. larger than ever. The parade 
wIU> be ' enlarged and .aU tbe parade featotes 
wm be new. In ad d ltloa to tha Benrer Stage 
Bobbeiy. we wU pradnee Onster's. but Fight. 

'Mr.' and Mrs. Lano .«los«d' a. season 
eC. tUrte-fanr Weaka 'wtth- the Ortoa- Show at 
Flaat Oity,.na.V dnrtag'rwalch time Mta. &ano 
waa laid np for (bar weeks with tfPbold fever 
contracted while travelljiK. She bsa now re- 
covered, and Ut. Lana has began bookinc ran- 

"Doc*^ . -Waddell, press airent for the 
lohn BoblnsoQ Show, writes: "Tbr printers* 
attlka la .delaying .my . note book of the Bob- 
Inaon ■how, aatttlad t-^m^ Baokwaid ThlHy- 
thiae Week!. . rkK*e. ««w .MM orders for «he 
vdnme, and each day*8 matt bttogs more or- 
dera. It wfll be 0 by 0 inches. 182 pages, snd 

win be neatly bound nud nrratiKed' 

The McDonald Brou.' Show started 
from Hnntlngton, W. Va., eighteen months ago 
'With only twelve horses and were gS,000 m 
It now haa thlrty-flva head of goo" 

P. Brush, C. Bers, C. Graves, J. 
Handle, G. Carey, J. DBowera and B. Hopper, 
of Local No. IS: P. Johnson, of doeat No. 
S; I,. .8aIUTan, of Leael Mdb & aad H. II, 
It— an bare algaef: With Ifee adfaaea e< the 
Great ScUaVleto Aoir. • 

Ed. T. liomjr. ^rtioss Btdbt .OoUsM 
Olrla were tat tifo gMMS the MsM of fae 

Rlngllng Show " " " ' 

Held; III., with 

tha Rlngllng Show. 
Oayety Tlieatre. . 

Edw. Van Wyck, of Cincinnati, Is 
making for Angnat lecert a novel Boiaan ring 
apparatoa with a leroirlas band atand at- 
tached, aad ftr Anhar^Dn. of the noto 
Shows, a Sae ndllns gkhe tor wild 

Miss Goldle TTden was recently mar- 
ried to Ohs riea Orland Knox, a cowboy with 
CoL Uden'a Wild West Sbow during the past 
asaaon. Mr. and Hka. KBaa' left for- Arkansas 
OUy, Kan., on their weddlag day. 

The Four Hcwardk have' signed 
again with Ilia Tan Amhog Show. Mr. How- 
ard la neatly pleaied with tha aeason's work 
oJMkM jM^ate^thlnsi to' av ot .:«>a Yfu 

Tbs Tia -Tbabetv Show dosea ' the 
;fa to lliloty at HOB 

Delavoye and Frits write that they, 
doled a ancceaafnl leaaoo with the Cahipbel! 
Brothers" Show at Duncan, .l. ' T., Nov. 80, and 
are aow - playing TanderlUe datea in the aboth. 

The Great Zenzo, the one-legged 
gynmaat and dadt wire - ertiaV aawr glaybK 
the Ammona Cbcolt, wxltea that , he haa aer- 
oral offers for the coming elrcoa aesaon, ' 

It Is announced that A. O. MUlens, 
down, haa algned with tbe Hageaheck Show 

for next sesson, Mr. Mlllens la — — 

winter at hla hoow In Mnwankcai 

PhogM 2S5I. BatnMiettMl 

Thomsoa ft VamlivMr ^ 


8 1 e B. Pearl S't. , CINOIimAMi 0< 

IHi immRAY CO. 


SKATS. VlBKa« Bti» 

FroBis MtA Baiwera/o^nreet FaUre 


59-«I W. Waaliniton St.. CHICAGO. ILL. 

BAR6AINS! Must Be Si 

Magle, Palatines, Fronta, Pauoli aad 
flgnies. Stamp tor list. Writs I 
8. ELTOV, tOVtaeman 

ON Fin Mriin Uoini 8 Ywt IM.' 
Ooa FIrs Broin Bear 
Eigjit Black and BrovD Bear Cabs 
Fifty Head, Elk, Oiar, ARtelope&Biffito 
Nonkeis, Apes, Baboons, Ete^ ^ ' 

If you want anything in Ah^^mmti 
line It will pay.yoa to w^jfm win 


Deiiver. Colorado. 


OliriweGialty > 



N 4 sa WiMnrd 


tnniM, ECO. Band «Bt*iDn for Utf 




1 for advsr> 

, a. Sendtor 

Show Prtntlngt 
• Print/-- ^ ■ 


nOli TMUW, 97 8im 


lighting Syst 

■'S!L.T??^__?''R*^ ■treota. aiera, HeUiL Etc. om * 

adapted byaUthaleadtwahowglli«koiratldrUchtan*dator 




Yeart EliiriiHlwgi mm mm mm 


» I mmtm I 9 


St., CHICAdOv 111. 126^133 W. Randolph St. 

— " eiRcus. I' — — 


All Kilis ui Sim 

ir. F. I»BITM»» Vi — — 

BDW. P« HKHkuuin. « 

Mi ' 


BLACK and USD I Aivtbiiwgaadaaf e«m> 
KIdd'a PaML 

OormvmMmm B* 

DIstane* TdtaplMM 
McMro* IBBS. 

Write Us Before Placing Y« 
Hwet World Onp FfoM" Tents for 1906 Use. 


y^T'-*!^.'*''"*. ^^'S^*''. Il now «n«m«i>d with _aB in paUiUn^oor Bide- 

USE IN THE WORLD »!?iW.,!!!B^^ 

wltfc m poMMw gMimnm of i ttollMt l Mi , m ni l pnamm rlglitfoTtlie bwt worlan*n»Lp«iKl a - ^ •- 

Th* N*w Tant far Mowinc l>letur«*, ato. 


Made by as, wtaether it Is a BlG TOP, MENAG- 



And bear evidence of painstaking effort by every 
man In cliarge ol oar show tent department 
f roiil mik firae Uie tent Is sold nntll It |s delivered 

rlyll^e of prov- 
' can make 

to onr customer. We beg th< 
Ing oar claims when we saj^- 

The BEST TENT for the tEAff pEY.. 

Gel Our Prices Bciore PlaeAqJ|foiirj0C4cr. 

mill I 


BAk^l, "A LOCKWOOD MFfl. 60. 

N. Ek OBTb^^th MHl liyfliMlottq, StB., Kaasas Otty/M#. 

}!iUKene A. Welker cloaed a vAry'Buc- 
nasful fortr-ilx irc*kB* txigtfmmf with the 
janiMi Shelby Show at itmiMoa, AU., ud spent 
the holidays with ma nUUTCa. 

Bert Carroll, boss property man lU: 
th* John Boblnaon Show tor tin out tw« ~ 
■ona, will act la th* aaaa oapaatr wltli 
Wallaw Uiaw th* eomlac w wp. 

' Th, Monada Oraat KaBtaekjr Show 
chaad a aseeewAil aaaaia •> . 

Ala., .ObitatBU Say. and WMt Mi 

qaart^ at Oi^oitTllle. Kr. 

Ci'/E. Whltaeyt tor several seasons 
canne<:t44 wltb QhiplieU Brotben' ClrcDi 
In an oBdal ovacwj tiaa lolned tlM Ima 

JooalBt ot tSfTwiB MifiK aSoot focty* 
fit BMk lOT^ ilfntr PWW. „■ V ' 

James Duttort, of the KOblnsocr Cli^ 
ena, luft had \' Tcrr handaome nlcklc^ptated 
boAndlns -wire apparatus oiade tqr Bdw Van 
'Wyck, ot cindnsatl. . f 

The Stumon IVunlly Bu^Aand ^ 
elintt* ksTe dosad wMk Sob ' AothanVjUs 
BaONadMtair. aat «n m 
ford, fls: 

Gerry VanderbUt, on* oC tin pilnol- 
pal eiowiia wltb tka ■RaWnw ■bo<r«;«wt to 
hla borne lo 'Wanca, Pa., Dee. -M.'^ for tbe 


Harrys Sells, boss canvasman; Big 
Batch Tbomaa. Billy O'Bay, J. A. Can and P. 
Wertien wm be with tbe Sella-Tloto Show naxt 



Etc., Etc. 

Thm bast moamj'makn, 
ctowdftttneter wad ' 
hoo known In 

torfaU p ~ 


» Oaut tt\ 

luvi^r.iiuu. NEW TOm till, U. S. a, 


ligLWtth Mtt Blddla, TC wltli Mj <Stt.wlthVwa at 
iWl lii »xM and m nnaUer tanta FOB BALK OfS^. 

. I>.]IE.BBBIKnFe. «o., L/ 



ItltnlAVfii • 


1 fna 

' winter 


*0TtM9 Gruid Standis and TaUiag 
«• Chain manufaotored. Srtlmt. 
nunlshed and plang Wlhmittod to p| 
peetlTe piuohaaeB. 

P. A. lWIeI«J4*na 
OliaMplrt. Bt, 0LCVKLMID, 

Tba •Great Bano ap«at tli. 
Raar Powell, musiolaii. wltli iMiw 

bfottais now tbe paat aaMM, W atsadtas a 
few days In OlwrlnnatL 

James French will have charge of 
the xonsh tldeia wltb tbe R«iMiiann Sbow tbe 
eomlaK aeaaoo. 

Prof. Perrino, lion tamer, baa Blgned 

tar tbe eomlns aaaaoa wltb Al. F. WbcdSfS 
Mew Uedel Sbow. 

The Gvaat B«ao> ot the Van Ambers 
MlatiTes IB 



SIM W aa a a mt.. 

Jack Gousiiis and TiOttto- 
played at tbe WUblaiMn. D; Ow 

The Great DeMarlo,' novelty contor- 
tlonlat, win te wlUk tke Vtagulbttk Show next 

oC :the 

L,. Kfederman — Sam. Uss, AndalO' 
aia* Ala.; wouff like to have yoor addreea. 

Al. Wesion. clojwn. has sl^ed with 
the Hacenh^ek Show fw'^the eomlns aeaaoo. 

The Martiaos. dnivie signed with the 
Mackay, anragten CKns. 

ZellenOr'Ihe Mystic, Is continuing his 
Tlalt Jb-dndimatl. 

^U'WaUr Qnartara, OlMnaea, aea pp. 2S-3e.) 


And AU Otbera 
Sat hr UTUN. talka IM M 

StttU MMm GIna Ike Pnf 

'Western llniiorm 

214 S. CLARK ST. 


A -small troop of eduoatod Sbetland 
Fohlea, On* taiUiv voiqr. Alao.rid 
ing dog. AddiesB, 

BlngBarn, AlbanylMj 

WiMno— 2ri Ind Baid Uiifsnn iBiiTeit 

Sorf Avenoe, Coflsy IsliDd 

F<(><* IMMT for tbe waMiiiot MMi a ~ 

with a fneantewioecB fotf Aveniie. 
bMk jdde ot the bast MeiSk on the i. 
Bnidlac oantalBS Tbaatie Mid otber 
"Iber " 

for ovF 

•sdflooxs. money ooaldM 
rl^tUndof ashow. BentTWy 
*- A. T h ajsy a eih SeaMe Bafii 

We ate now easaced In dtamantllna the St. 
liODla Wotld'a fair. Here's aonc ttcma of spe- 
cial Inteieat. 

The Bcctne Tower 800 R. Ugb. ImRt of 
atMl. naed «■ nw PeP un ee l a mi ee a telempby 
etatloa. Tbe flaest aiiiiiaiiiaiiit (Catore (or qnltt 
d^verr to be iwd eaywtiere. 

maplete ebeadeal bose wasons. wUfe- 
blaBkeca, ate. aa 


eompista elccLile Usht plaatai a . 

of oaa ezlO center cnak. bsaTy dity "BalT*.:.' 
Be llzia ecBtar caaak aaU-oOtaC:;' 
two so K. w. lao lait Qm^-/- 
two n H. CP. |S*Sa^' ^'^Vi 

co andeta cr separate I 

00.000,000 KxpoettlcB neketa; eaa be aaed 
for aay pnTi>aee. An oa zolla of S.O0O. De- 
,8. 10, 9B, BO ccata aad ~ 
Mee tn Jots vt 10.000. per 
n Mts. 

Baaa. JO^Staaet Oaasial ■■■hi Mfebiw^ 
adla vtmrn- We aie enrtas ttBs ts Ms' 

taeaadeaeaat Laaape^ 
Ic Makers aad M 
to 110. BMlSDO BjBW. 

Oi>hiced iDcaBdeaecsit 
Opal aad Rahy. 

Bettetednc Tmoatlles aad 
Kadiloes. made by H. V. 1 
is eqrripped with Patent 

MO ••KtakT' DnUmK 

BOO floedal Oreceeata^ nada te tbe M 
Oaaxdi at ibe World's lUr. 
800 "Kbakl" OBpa. 

80O eeta ot Sworta, Bctta aM SeaMaids. 
— laada of otter Iteiaa: r..~j.— «( all 
•{•tars, BaOaa, llintaiia, Oupyei Wka, 
Baatlns. Opera CbaliB. Water (Oaetaa. > 


caabfara few In durerent alaea. State an 
~ aSa. IMPBHO E. HOWglHr. Dowaalaa, 



tmmptl^ Managers at IiOVTBST BOTAUTT 
represent Foreign and Ameriem Anthois, Ibnageis anft Dnatatists. 

For Road Produetlon*. 
Stook and R«p«rtelra 


IKAIIE^IiaiUM, 11402 



MuBwe. aUi w. Of liiaWHt 

T.. . ~ 

; Hunelli. Tbe: Clndiiaalt. ~Os;.14 

^ 3rtx*lrn. N. I.. 1-6. 
.. Harm.- Jerama (Star): Ifnnelc. 
(Orphram) ^rinOkU. 0., 8-18. 
Kceorlrj Jfc ElemiMii* (BUoo): Cdmnet, Mich.. 
(BU<n) UuqiwtU »4S. 
' lUnnlni Xrlo (Ct7«UI>: MOwaokcc, WU.. 
HaluiDeT * I<ak« (Otarnvie): flaatt BtDd, lad., 

. iJjfc N., T,. !■«. .^'r 
I^Mj .* .n|gd» (TkcDt) Tnataa..!!. 7.. 

■ ' Wtjac. lad.. t->. 
, JUmUm. mU3u,ta 

- ■ v 

tteUMO. '; May moa): 
fUnlqiM) Mlascaiislla.' 
Htnrcu * Hiuo (afajMtle: 

Nldola Slstcn ( 
(Ftoetor's J 
Hrama,. Joatnli (i 

IQ.. O. H.) FlObaiK, 
—lie, Huit: Fortamq 
WCTafM , Die mcc (I 

- MB. ^ 

— ■ -^aafAM** 

<n^XOw>' Ban 

r Trio Vioctor-a) : 
<Fn>etor'«) Rvwnk. N. : 
'(ysrlea * Bocklcj (E 
l-«; (Ootamtda) St. 
, Okite Faini]T (Orptmm): 
(Orvhenm) Denrer. 
' .OKfi. Hw (BUoo): 

.Mk^iW Amor (BSJoa): 

tntnnift ft Aaala (Ottia 
" ~ IT.. taOt 

Beded * Hcdler (Omtal): 

(CtraUI) Kofcootow 8JI. 
Balmimd t Good - (CnoiaiBa' OMhaiM: Bar- 

UastoB. Ont.. l-F«b. 10. 
Blefaaidi. rau (Keltb'i): PmUeBCC. B. L, 

Sandolplia. Gmtcaqaa (CaatUs 
Tn ^ 

BayaoBd * THetj (BUoo): 
(BUoo) JaAwa 8-lS. 
Elce. Fuoy (Xtntt): l^BtOD. N. X, W; 

(Keemy'i) BrooUjn. H. T., 8-18. 
Beddlnc. Fnneneo, * Co. (Oinbran): iOa- 

nttvoOt. Minn.. (Orpheum) Dower, OoL, 


BuMlcr, Wella (Banmenteln'*): New Zok 
CltT. l-t. 

Byan. taak Dt OMIfc'a): CIneland. O.. 1-6; 

(Cm^ O; B.) BodiMter, N. x.. s-U. 
Bcna. nw (E. -MazkBt ~ — " 
(Boiler Bla' ' " 

Blak) . OaahoetnK _ 
Bobaan. Ida. Staut (CUianltU): St. Looli. 

Jto., S-U , 
Bed BsTcn Cadrts: Brpokljrn, V, T., 1-18. 
Bene. Ida (Orptmim) : Brooklyn, N. Z., l-d; 

. (Alhamln) New York Olty »-lB. 
BedAird dc Wlndmter (CHymplc): Cblca<o. 

m., 1-e; (Haymukrt) Oblctgo S-IS. 
Beysard. Ba. r. (Keltb'a): Prorldence. B. L, 

l-«; (Aodltortam) Lynn, Vaat., 8-13. 
Boaal. Lnisl (On>henni): Kaaaae Ottr. lUL. 

1-6; (Oipbeiim) Ociaha, Hcb.. t-U. . 
Bnaaen & Dnatar (BUoo): '^■TTWirrl IB./lftl 

(Bijoa) oAto^'.ma.. wiT ^ 'Cr^ .. 

(i<jTle) nma Baota MS. - 
Booeo* * 81ma '(Q>laalbfa): Bt. Irsola, lia.. 

1-8: (Majcatw OUeacOb jn.. -»-ia. 
Byas ft Blehdeld (OolonMa): St. Lo<da,' lio.. 

1-8: (P- o. H.) oneaaaL-m.. 8-i>. ' 

Blea ft Cady (Oi]^eaia>: toearer. ObL, X-6.- 
B«8^* iMla (BltpedraBM): WIgaa. '&«■•' 

Boaarn. BUoo: Btaodaxd ft UUdleaez. Itaf.. 
' 8-18; OmtrMi Bliinlnsliaai IMO. 
Baaarta, Tbe (BUoo): OlBton, Maia... 
BeUnr. ^ Das fri--1i1inTT ' TTIitalBja^.- Haw.' 

Blie" ft Waltaaa mmMr Tiawibjfc 

Boaaar. Mvart OMMr^MSAK iZ. ai> 

Jta. s. 

B««Mi. le.'' (Vamlly):' CkAoadala, Ba.. 
BlBi^ft 'WUHaaa .CBavoU) 


Sbaaaaa ft Statw 

1. Indrl. 

Qlrni ralla. M. T., 

rt. Worth Xax.. 
WaltliiMre. MO.. 

iBB Cttjr. Hex., Not. 
. Ftlee ft Kuop (Btaadaidl 

■T^Oa^ Dan. (Maiylaad): 

PtcIlc'B Does (Bovkliia'): UeaphU, TBSB., 
- 8; (ICajestle) CUa«o. m., B-IS. 

: 1-8: (Bca'i) Ha<^iiutka 8.18. 
Catty Bioa. ..(Moliawk): Sebeneetady. H. T., 


-. Mat;. R««'* _ 

.v ra i a aoa THo (Film) 
'/'RhMfc. Artliar lOrpllI 

(AlI>»ineFT«) New Soak CUy S^lA 
Met rwaOr (Feople'a): Odar BapUa^ .r la..- 

" .i-8. - r ■ - 

.. Ertneeaa Trtde (BeU): CI«k]aod,r. Od., -1-8. 
^ Flew* ft Jialwe (Otvbtfnm) : - New — ' * 

^i^dlea. Uiella: Ifadlaoo. WlaL. 1« 

a^iel, Xoaegldne: 

fan. St. 
BoMh. P. J. (Kaln at.): 

S. ladet. 

SMii'Bietto (Oeatai) 

1-lS: nieliy) FTagne, Ai 
Stewart Bdward (Otpheii 

Bato. 0. K. (Kfltb't): FtiOaddiUl. Fa.. 

(Orpbemn) Beadlns 8-18. 
fSbn. Tbof. T. (BUoa): Appletoo. ma., : 
'Sankej Rros- (Haymaiket) : Ghlcaco. xn.i 
Stewart ft Bajmood (Bljoo) : Boekfbtd.i 
1 I'd. 

BrMoma, Tbe nuee (Baymaiket): Oldeaso, 
1-e-, (Celnmbia) St. Uxila, Mo., 8-ia 
ffimpooda. Modcal (PoU'a): BprlnsO^ VMaa. 

L BadfiBd ft^alaatlne 
\ Jaa. 1-Sl. 

wnuaoa ft 
»a- OCt. ^ - 


■or. t-»9t. " 

1-8:; (Aone) 

Saa Joae. 

. ^jg^ ■ toifawie);. SeiS 

' Baiwfa ft TSoa Kaataan (Oyatal): ' Bodi la- 
land, m... .(BUoo) Dnbaqoe. la.. 'S-U. 
loopey ai8t«E»^(«. ,«. H.); — 

~ * k 0». (Nttftitr) 

ifay (aiaad) : Ok, 

IIMI Karteal (At Booa): VoMow 

wm (XaiylaBd): BaMtnore, Kd.. 
(Byde ft B^mun'a) New Xotk Olty, 

. : Jman B. ft Maode & (OvataOV Rank- 
>•!*«, laa;. 'I-<L ' -■ ■ . . ■ -.. 

-ilar »gp iWaaOrU ■ Vabaaa^ tCBA A«i 
rCFUlOy) taacaatcr S-IB. . 1 1 . - 

llekmrda, Tte Gzmt (Giand): 
^tHA^ 1-8; ('WaatdnKtoB) Spokane 8-18. 

(Peeple'a) Leai 

Bae ft BcDdctta (Brt* * 

tfB. N. r., 1-8. 
Baymood ft Ckrerly (Ool 

Bicbea ft wmtaatt (i 

!•«. . 

henm): Nnr OrU 
pn (TiToU): 


Damvot, la.. 
Hot Sprlosa, 

Cuba, indet. 
Taylor. Krma (Capitol): 

Tbonton, Boward: Toorlns Aoatralla. 
Ty-Bell Sister* (Orrin Broa.'): Uexleo Olty, 
Hex., Indet. 

Alfiena. Kieh., 1-8. 
. Ttio (Itallr):^ H. St. iMla, 

lUbat ft Boteia (ABaUan): •BiiWiljii, K. T., 

1-8: (OcplwDm) Dtlca 8-I8. - ^ 
Teed ft Kaen (Crratal): TrtBldad, OU.. 
(Cryatal) St. JMepb, Vo.. 8-18, 
Anlia (Howard) : 

Ttalaor. Clifford Val. (BUoa): 

l-«; (BUOD) Dea>Io1nn 8-13. 
Toyi, The Mnalcal (Majeatle) 


Ttgge ft Daniel (M^catle): 

To-To (Park): ■^a^aaa^; 
Beaton 8-18. 

toiL Maw; I-at'-Ck J3^)-SMiS^|L Z.. 
8-18. i ■ 
TlMagaoa'a ,' Mniliaata. ^b.: . Mkir - Teck Otty. 

ToUa SiBtala (OiVlieiBr): O&ea; V Z.. !•«: 

(Otpbeian) Beadlns. Fa.. S-18. 
Tannean, Felix ft Oaxtan (Tesvle): Detratb 

■HUli., 1-8. 

Tanner ft Gilbert (Oipbetim: IHiea.' N. Z., I-S. 
Thoane, Mr. ft Mta. Hasy (Bowaid): 

too. Man.. !■«. 
TiMaafaoa Staten t^irwr <rilMa)' 

WaA., SMaa. C 

maavaan ft TMae« .(Mn)t 

Tbeli.'liala (Oyatal): IVankfort. Ind., 1-8. 

TbomvwcHi 'ft lAwtence: Cincinnati. O.. 1*8. 

Tompkina, WtB. (Aicadc): Toicdo, O., 1-8. 
Tiola (FmMz^ . CMnatL-a,. SfSL . 

Trlllera, ttr .OMmSWi 

Jaa. 8. 

rrtt ft 


A Oatl9 (M 

Teaaia BMais (BUoa): AnMa, Wla.. 
; .(BUoM Green Bay 8-18. VY Z7 
~ J^: ft Mta. Howard VrAelS}' 


Ol 14: (BMktnr) LoBlaTlUe. 
wSt. lafcft * MMiril ~ 

HafMh^JL J.^ ~ ~ '~ 
Wlae * 



Wlcbera, Tbe Tbiee (Palm): Cripple 

Col., 1-8; (Norelty) Victor 8-18. 
Woodward, V. P. (Keeney'a): Broofclya, 
16: (Hanunenteln'a) New York City] 
Wdf & Wllion (Weait'a): Peoria. ■"" 
Wella. Irfw (Tmple): Ft. Wajrne, 
WaterbDrj- Broi. ft Tenoey (Coli 

cinnatl. O., 16. 
Walten ft Pronty (foU'a): Nev 
J, ■'■ . • ■ . . ." 
Waldon. Max (HMk-ft -BAMnn 

N. X., 1-8. 
Wacner ft la Cooda: Caatoa. C 1-8. 
Yeager ft Zeaser (Tdllea Bcrccte): 

Fianee/iJaa. - 1 81 
Xoons; .tnt^^BaHftg "iflBia 

Ico I — ■ " 


1-6. . . . 
Zeno, Jordan ft Zeno TMope (Finia 
Ctot Town, S. A.. Dec. S-Feo. 88. 
-• * rearl (Gem): 

Willy (PoU'a): 
1-8: (Chaae'i) WaaUnstoa. O. 
Zinsarl Tiio (PoU'a): Watet«aiT, 
(PoU'a) Sprinsfleld. Maaa.. 8-18.' 
naa,. Zte Great (Otyatal): Lo 
(Oratal) FMBkfort 8-lS. 


ft B^OK'a (£\ 

«ranaport. Indf, * 

An Arlataeratle Tramp (KQrqy 

A) . Hazty A. Mmray. mgr.: Loranaport. 
8; Eokooo 4; Vatlon B; Ooaben 6; Warsaw 
8; North MaaAeater B: Garret 10. 

An Ailatoeratle Tramp (Kllroy ft BrltUa's Ok 

B) . a. E. Leater. mar.: MoKolk. Neb.. 8« 
Darla City 4: Blair S: CoobcU BlnSa, la.. St- 
NeoU T; Walnot 8: Bed Oak »; Malrem 10; 
Olenwood Uy'BVnaiidoab 13; Oa a w a " 


man'a): Mtiooklyn, N. Xv I'll. 
Tracy, MkIV Ka. Otek (OMtal): 
Ind., >«. ^ CnI 




Ft WorttAxi|, 

J,' lBd^l-«S-k 

PatczaosL 1^ 3., 

Omauu Net.. 

, Uo., S-U. 

.•my. Bia^ M. Z.. VS; 

^ . ^tOh Oat.. 8-18. 

TffcoD (Sbcedy'a): FaU Blrar/lUaB.. !•«. 
.Vermette ft Otonne (Palace): W/ ~ " 
sag,, S-IB. * 


. 1-8: .(Pidl'a) Worcester 8-IS. I 
Staler ft Bbtieek (Shea'a): BoSfMi N. 
; 1-8; (Sbea'a) TtnmtOkOnt., S-18J 

Salt Lake Oityi 

-- ^18. 

SbecV Bnw. 

1-8; -(Otphaoai) 
SbMlica,.. Xfae (TMl) l . 
Sent, ■ Chaa,-- (OiiiHaai) 

8taU.-ltoae, ft Oo. (OdanAU): St. 
. !■«; (HalcMe) Chlcaao, HL. 8-18. 
Sylreatcr.' Jones ft Princle (Jeffers'): 

loaw. Mich., 1-8; Booth Bend, Ind.. 8-18. 
Spiasell Broa. ft Mack (Etlth'i): New ' 

City. 1-8; Plttabors. Pa., S-13. 
BrtwWIeM, a B: WlaaSan: San FtaadaeOh: 
to 8-18. ' 
The (BQodT^ Elkhart. 

(BUbo) Bocklacd. ~ BL. 8-tS. 
BantcS: Santa Cnils. Oal.,*l-S. 
Stanley ft ABecn. Barold SholK Ik Ofi. 
Sr): Slosx CItr. la.. 1-8L 

Ml8K (WlllU^* WttV 

toabaw (Wea lO ) : •■ l>*aw». CA, 

iBBpta) Otahnda BpitaSB S-U: 
AOuvkell (OrpbesB): BRMkln. K. Z., 
(Altaartaa) New Xofk CSty S-J%~ 
Charle* Falke (Vtetoria) : . . ^ew Zork 
City. X-8: (Pc^'a) BprlDKOelil, Maaa., 8-13. 
Sttakoaeb, ATczy (Batbaway'a): New Bedford. 
< Maaa., -18; (Proctor's) Newark. N. J.. 8-18. 
Bmltha, ne Aerial (Sb««.'a): BaSUOh 'N.. Z., 

1-8; (Shea'a) Toronto, Oat^ 8-18. 
Stana. BeooUe (Wood'a O. B.): Sedalia,- Ho.. 

SoAr ft Badj0 (OotamhU): St. Loala, Ho..' 

1-8; : (Otaiia)^adlsnipeW*. Ia£7 8-18. ' 
Sarora, The (BUoo): jaekaaa, . Hleb., 1-8; 

(BUoa) Bay City 8-18. 
SnBlraii ft Baaonelena (Otaad): indJanasoUau 
lad.. 1-8. . . : 1(1^ . L'.-.'i't 

18 ft Harrla (HoMktaa'): "MMqMa, 
. 1-8: (CSotaasUa) St. Xaola. ]fa, S-U. 
Slater ft Ftoeb (Slarlt llaael*. lad.. 14. 

fahennaa ft De Ftecat (eda'a)^^ WcMcalcr. 
' Masai 1-8. ' .-S =1,i-c 

iMiortr ftt-Shorty: BatlA^ «e,'n-8.f ■ ^ ' ^ 

UDeslB.Ml«b., 1-8. 
' .): New X«lk 

iniCT-VRriB Trio (I«ite) 
Walkowaky Ttoope (.'" 
Cltj, !•«. 

Wcsto^, Oerella (Froctar'a): ABiaay, N. T., 
l-STcProabc'a BSth 8t.) Hew Zofc City. S- 

.WcIaoB. Has JO. O. H.): Vttmmg, 

(KCItb'a)^ derelad. oL S-JL . - 

Warden > ft OladdlA -■ fllliliwll ■ HtV OO' 

leans, I*., 14. . . ■ ' ■ 

White:- Bd. B. ft 'Bans (BUoa): Bay Oty. 

Mich.. 1-8; (BUoB) JaekaoB S-U. 
Wlsteia. WlBODS (Orptaenm): Saa Itaadaeok 

CaL. Maa. 6; (Orpbesa) Loa Aatdca 840. 
Weatwvrth.' Baae (Stini'a) r Xoroato^ Oat.. 14; 

(Kelth'«) Phllsdehima Pa.. S-U. 
WII(M SMt n* (Oipheaa): Mmt (Mmb*, 

WcBer. Kfnle 
(BUaa) te 

m Bflw ai aa (Proet*r*a): 
14; . <«etham) Breoklya -8-18. 

..nL,y 14; 

ft Bay jPn>etK*a).: ' Mew^. H; J., 

Hargaiet, Shabert Bco^ 
OUj, Scvt. Bl. iBdeC. 
Sew. Wai. A- Brady ft Joa. B. OtImmk 
,: New York GUy, Dee. S. ladet. - 
Baldwla-Mcimis Stack Ool: Now oncaas, La.. 
Sept. 8, Indet 

s ityuMM e. Btbal, Chaa. Fnhmaa, 
Z«ck Olty. Dae. SS, ladet 
laa, Blaaebe. DarU Betaaao^ i 
Zcifc City. Nov. a..laSa 4- . 
Bctace and Aftati jBSMt^BaHB^ ««b: Hew 

daaeo ft Mayer Wum Okt . MeOatt. Oca. 

AOS. S8. Jadet 
Belasea Tlnatie Stock Oo.. - Bclaaoo ft Mly«^ 

ogTS.: . IxM Angeles, Oal.,- Aos. 38, ladet 
Bishop's Plsyeta: .OakUsd. CaL. ladet 
Bowdoln Soaare neatre Stock Oo.: Boatsa. 
-Masa.. todet 

BnHlQcton Stock Co., D. B. BaOnxtoo. mar,: 

New Bedford. Ussa.. Oct. 2. lada^ 
Bnrbank Stock Co.: Los Aaadee. OaL, iadat- 
Boah Temple Stock Ox: , pOeaaa. ni.. Mat 
BIX Hearted Jim (Paa^- QaailiWr Wtmak 
Oasaalo. aagr.: Ptinala^kla. Fa, l-S;'**^' 

Brow a, KBk. J. T.'. - Vaaaahy. aacr.: - -ata^ 
hamtaa. H. ,Z., 1-^ Jhsfea. MIL 

Broadway aaiKtalaeaL OMTr. BriBaii 
JChattowB, N, Z.. d: Beaaick FUb 

lath 8; Acenarleh 8: rt Bdward 8; P 
en. Tt...40: Tlooadcnsa M. Z.. U; 
13; Anatble FCrka U: 

Baaktt'a OilU, ■Hany BhitiTwn, mir.: Ha 
TlDe. Mo., 8; BrookScU «; BIchmoad .S| 
Dorborae 8; Sadalla 8; Versanirs B; CUatM 

' 10: Nerada. 10.: Aurora 13: Jamr 18.- . 

Bar BehlBd the Gbb. with Banr Clay Blaaiv. 
W. W. WoaMblk. mgr.: OUeata, tlL. IT- 
■•Jaa. 8. 

Bnntlag, BBsma, Bari B urgt as. mgr.: Faah- 
keepala. H. ♦.. 14; Pateraea. N. J. 448. 

BicektuOdte Stock Oo. Bdwla Banla. ra«r.t 
Moaett; Ifo.. 14: Bai^ Sptlaca 8- U. 

Beasett-MoQlton, wm A. ParteUo, mgr.: Wal- 

d«n, N. Y.. 1-8; Plihkm 8-13. 
Bennett -MonHod, 0. R. Ocoboci, mgr.: 'WH- 
llmsB|rtf> Conn., t-8; WtaamaiBat.: B. JL,: S- 

- ' ' ^- ■' 

; Show Bttb^Baaa^ mxr.r .iTIr- 
14i BBftaaa 8-10; ^afSsH. . 


Shnbert- Bros. . 



. t.% *.: • :: - ,* * • 



TIsht Wire Artisti 

Four JMaroii&<(' 

; ^ Plovelty 

the Great 

nil Qenfil«men . 

Equilibilstio Novelty Act. 

^-7 * 

AND 'X' 




L i . : Urtim th* Tmitsa^ 'Ads- At: 

* The New York 

TIm World's Greatest Playhouse 


And Hk Mt. 

Astonishiiis Aineriosi^ , , 



ntil Se 

immi IHe Barvcsi llaiyB Ave <hrcr. 


tttaoidiiiaiy «tth Ihekw oi^^ 

foUowliig which are wawd by Ool. Caminlngs'^ "frad: ^n^' 1^^^^^ 
tbeaeataaoIlMe. W.H 

The i 


I niiu 

Many thanks to Manaigers ivbo idn^iy . 
^ PttstlNiBeA cinr time. . 


JANUARY 8, 190S. 

( \ 


■ y 


' oOeeis ud dlnetan lield Dcci^ tbe fol- 
cte put In nomlsmtloa:^ ^ 
Bt— John W. StonebnkcHk 

-BOMIT A.' FTy, Jobn W.- QtSAt, 
Vtmni m VUti. J. EUsworfli Stonebraker, ~wn- 
. ttui B. Boward. iD«Flr« L. Kenlj, Geoixr U. 
Jfltanelnker, l«als iH. Sctmcblj, B. Abaer Betts 
Jaad W. Merrlek Bnrett. 
"^Bceiit<tnc.8Mnui7— D. _H. Btal^. _ ^ 

u* all 

.taart. A Btdpaau fl o to pst 

T«llMr 1 '■ for diicetoiB was votad daan. It 
:lii^';slBtod' flut; ft laz^ flnB])cr oC rtsns of 
'■(Mk tave tea mw i uwa and irin be Toted Dr 
pns7 at Best wcek'a election. vr. • 

ikaoBK tboae' OMntJoned loi o9pcaltion\|Urec- 
tm m Geoin a. Haier, far « BBOtati'W 
jaais pzlTUece clerk or tbe mMMMb; 

W. IL HlUicr, wmiam H. ' 

~ ~ lar .°aad J. 

. o< tlic expoaltliB appe^.Je an 
MOBle In that dty aad- «DaBt7. 
.Mratci* la dialnaan oC^j^^g^ a- 

Tbe ICerehanta and Manqfaclurer a' 
, Xipaaltlosa to te beld tn Ike at Iiowen 

Lu^ QpilBCfleM. Maa.. win be • 
IjuCMC Male tten aartUaK of " 
' ~ iB Kew 

80,000 aqaax*' tbofe' et 
cj the SpdOBfldd ATxaary 
feet. Bon (spoattSon* 
tbe ainplGa ot T)ie Ujcal Mnitaiy 
Oospulea and 'McrdiantB, and tbe inattaccment 

>«e \ tbe Verebaota and Minnfietnrera'' 

clattOB ot New Ttinjanil Many o( 
.•ahiUton In tbe tlDltad Btsica bai* _ 
takan ^aee. and al IndWtlnna viat l» • 
•ttendanoe and a snnd aaceeaa. 

The 'aiiniiiU meettiiK- of tbe Tates 
OBOBtr. W. T.. Coontr Ameolfenal aodctr '■tn 

' bdd In P«m Tan MB. Ilk ' ' 
^ana wm be made for ^-"^ 
aooat ^ auiMj e Mfu l £alr ' 
qften aC that aodety. 

.JleOimib wxttw tbat. be ivni 


' Pr> Horace Grant writes: "The fol- 

toidBK were booted iritk tbe Grant. Kaidl 

•VmM Oa. at Ker Waat. na.. dnzlns Dee. S-U: 
Tie Z«mtf ■ roollah Bonae, Shield's Lunette. 
Dowss PkziIIt. Vemo, Tbe Alllsator GlrU. 
Tajlor'i Vendome Tbeatre and TMp Aroond tbe 
.W«Id. Xdlaoa'a Ocean WaTC, Bantler'a Htnla- 

— Haacom. : Xaodr'B 

irnd Wa^^Ae 

OUBliBl tari- 


The Oriental Temple ' ot PalmlstrT; 
BBdcr tbe manKcesicitt ot Al Strode, dosed witb 
tbo oew PaAer Ammemec* Co.. mt Austin, 
nvy , and Zatelda. and Lad7 Mer^are apcnd- 
lar a few weeks at I««aoo. Hoi fjfr. Sttode 

Bt Tex., dnzinc tbe 
sM held Ocie week Dee. 14. We' wlah to 
sectl^ tbe mistake br atatms tbat tbe United 
States CanilTal Co. foralahed tbe attzaetloaa. 

Eddie S. 6Upln and Mias Rath Sny- 
der, botb ot tbe Hlebols Asmsemeat Co., were 
Baited In miirlaire r«rotlT. the erent belnc 
a complete surprise to tbeir miny firlends. 
aunr were tbe coosimtnlatlaas and eeatiT ^a a 

SmUb OBcat 
See. U. M 

Co. at Annsta. Oa.. 

ga n iiirii baa a^aln "f*** wltb 
■wWny tite third COBMCQ- 

AL Dolson. who fa at present a mem- 
K ot IkB CUBm Han Opos Co.. im flgncd 

! one «e the Pain Fireworks Spcetadea 

on. It «flt make his serenth year 

"PmW vAple. i •- 

C B.' Tornen closed a sticcessful sea- 
son as general asat tor tbe AmciIeaB Oaml- 
TiB Co.. and spent - - " 

1M6^ artb^ye.. Oalncsimib 

beadm .wllk Mki 
Wm. aa« wbn ho 

Tdmr lA.veUe, formorly of the L.elb- 
^ I«TeI]* CanlTal Co., Is winterise la 
K .MriBca, Ark., and wQl open a new com- 
FenaarlTanla tbe fltst part ot April. 

CbUhrands Ferari has Beveral well- 
its OQ llie nod IB brtalt of tko 
Ferari MoOers' en lstmls es. and tte CBodaK 
season Is pracUcsIIy anansed tor. 

• Mile. Brachard closed hfer third suc- 
eesalTe aeison with Tbe Patterson k. Bralnerd 
CamlTal Co.. and la now meettnc wltb great 
sncceas on tbe IfOTelty Clrcnli. 

. . "Plain" Dava Monla lias Just dosed 
wltb ~1kc Oreatet '-WkiAv' flksanb aad wfll 
pot In tbe winter dstas oMrtMas iMtk with 
a.^pletiire Tnsrtilne. 

'j. Francis Miner. oC ^Clie WUta City 
AmbaeiDeBt. Co., --— ™ that tb« Xagb alr- 
(UO hM nieen booked for tbe Haidlluis at 
Mew. Orleans. 

ThSVNorton^^othm Aiiwiswnent 
Co. wm ^jiax. an iilBhi ■• taihiMB li 

ttan - 

P. B.-^and D. "W. Kelly 

lag at Boodbdoae, -'m. - 
(ITiQe Winter 

■I* winter- 






■ bto tbe cate- 

it of Jaa. L. 

•am wnpsny la Ineorpenttd under IT 
of .Ueanessee and has a eanltsi stock o( . 

Kr. Glaaa bas seenred tbe taesrtz oo-epOBlka 
of : tbe veople ot Ifempbts, sad, tbe new enter- 
prise promises to be an Bai&eiise saeeess tram 
the start. Tbe paA eonumaalsnen and tbe 
atreet car r*vrpsny are t«fciwg an tnterest In 
tho new resort and aia glrlng It cTcrjr eneooT' 

^nt. TbrooKb tbe fecial efforts ot Ifr, 

a boaIeTaid^200._fleet wide wOl be opened 
Brewing Co. Is 

.ac — — a. i on tbe site and 

tto Oseo Oolo people Witt' also cicct « botld- 


dttaens ot 
»ake Falrrland tbe 

aad ftom Indlcatlans 'soBie ot tta 

paikB win baTe to alt np and take Boaee. 


A ayndSeate .rpmpoai d of OaBtafa-MB Xoang, 
wbo bnnt Tonai^ Pier. Jtiawpdr CSaaaaa.. wbi 
tmltt tbe StedEte, sirf Mii TisS UMliauiii. 
who owns tbe F w l o s jiB e VsiOlaa, dl oC At- 
lantic Cttr..M. 7., ban nnrrtisacfl in tntlre 
Uock ot crtnmd In ttist el&, snd will at oi 
begin work npoa a new pier and amnseoiest 
park. It win be modeled after I<ana PaA. and 
wHI be me of tbe h a ai lasi i e st In tbe eoont^. 

Two Tanderllle Ibeatrca, tbe Dojle and Oa- 
▼ematoc'a. dtnated In flie block, wQl b* dC« 
Btray«&>afaB^ .prominent noderOle people bare 
plajsdMh of them. • 


mie Uexicsn Con gnj s a bas granted to t^ 
IBgeraoII Co. the rlgbt to nae tbe ^ronnds a^ 
Joining the Chapoltepec site, -Cl^' ot Mezleo, 
for their new resort, which will be known aa 
tbe Mesiditxne. Tbe resort wHAbare sH tbe. 
featnres of a simuuer puk and a hippodrome 
combined, and wUl cost about <3OO,00b in 

Col, . j: iL iSctif*, 
lagasoll people. 

bahalf '«( the 


.Plttabms. -Kot.. Is next season going to bSTc 
one of tbe llnest parka la tlie state. It will 
be flnsneed br Kanaas was, asHB tmtk 
being Jos. Hefan. It wflT «aat la Os ai||h- 

bor bo od of $20,000.' 

The resort will tie located on the deetrle 
ranwar and a Ore cent tare wfll be cbaiged 
from Plttaborg and .bom Weir CUr- It has 

nead. bBt tt is ssid 

wfll »• taliad Oe Ula 


iytad erid t Ings rsea has 
gzoood IictBeen Wadito 

OblOb OB tbe ^yaahl uglU B . 

Don 'Bj.. opon wMcb be wUl 
wm sm^sa In besBtj aar oe ibsbb ob 
lacetaoll Cttcalt. 

Abont. 4300,000 wm be expended npon tbe 
new resort, which is to be mmnlnstcd wia 
orer 75.000 elertrle Ughts. Week wUl start 

Fred. McCIellan, representing Thompr 
eon & Dondr, sailed tor . London laat WMk 
nnder tbe commission to tw^ yn Thoisp^pa 
seeole rallwaya wbereru bOvSnds getjd^ipvsa-^ 
Ings. TnriflentsTtr be will keep his ere OB aor- 
^tles for Xna Baik for aeat siaiiB. 

(See First I^sss.} 

Tbe name of IngersoU la known to tbe pob- 
He wtiererer there are parks or park amose- 
ment plants. Behind the name is Frederick 
InxersoU. whose likeness spoears on the front 
psge of this Issue of The Billboard. Mr. In- 
gersoU is one of tlie most extcnslTC park oper- 
ators aa well aa one ot tbe fotemoat creatora 
ot parka and park amnaenents In America. Be 
la a mu ot iBflnmltahle enenr. t&elen per- 

_ . — . gnat re- 

allk ^ku 

is atm a joong man. He be- 
gan a Domber of rears ago by oanafaetarlac 
slot machine dcTlcea. Tbe Indostry grew un- 
til be became oite of tlte principal opoatsts 
In this coontr7 snd sbroad. Abcat the time 
ot tbe World's Fair, at Chicago, be designed 
and {>erfectrd the Flgnre Bight Boiler Coaster. 
Tbls immediately spmng into wide popnlsrl^ 
and demonstrsted great mener »«»T<nf cspadtjr. 
Qni^ ' to diBoem the tarorable JncUnatlon ot 
tbe popnlar taste, Ingosoll gare .bis entire 
attention to th e origlnatioa snd bonding ot 
other amosement derlees, and In rapid sncees- 

sloB be tnznad oat saeeeastol models of grsT- 

^ _ — . ^ - 


BBtmilr M to 

the ai niiliiiB— I ssiisHsu «C poik psaper- 
tle a thioB^at tk s ooaa ty. . ^_ 

Ingcfsou BOW opcnrtM vsAs or aflrasement 
idaBtB ia tbe tDOoirtBS dtiio: Flttsbnrg, 
QRCBSbazg. .JdnatowB. I te B tjaa e. Beading, 
diartcztd. D uQtt MDc, Pi.; Caotoo. AkroD, 

Xoongstown, Cedar Point, Cincinnati. Cobunboa, 
Caereland, Steabenrine, O.; Atlantic QiXs, N. 
J.; Coney Island, Rodkester, Buffalo, Niagara 
nins, "N. Y.; HsTerfll, Boston. Mass.; Kansas 
City, Uo.; BransTlIle, Indianapolis, lUcblgan 
City. Tt. Wayne. Sooth Send. Ind.; Los An- 
gelea, Cal.; Hontgomev. Ala.; Scand Baplda, 
SaglDaw, Detndt, Sooth Harea. St. Joseph, 
aileti.; Dm Kojaes.. OaTcoport, la.; ToroBto, 
Can.: UtUe Bock. Ark.; ritchbarg, Maas.; 
Cbattanooffa, NasbrlUe, Tenn. 
X«at stssnn Jfr. IngccsoU boUt and managed 
gnat lama parks la " " 

tke ootlay tO. 
daUscs, bat tbetr tiemendons 
rerelatlon to the men In amusement alEalis, 
and gave a pu w iifti l -tmpetoa -to tbe vaxk. band- 
ing boslness. Ingcraoll's methods of eoadnet- 
Ing his psrks were stamped wltb poUle ap- 
proraL He gare hla gafaroBa tbe gi a aleat eon- 

obtainable. Bands Ilka tbe InSea, tba 
tbe Mew Tcrk Marl pas, the random, tbe Oa- 
pooe, tbe Falrman and tbe KUtlea playcdidally 
In tbe open air. ' 

Ingeisoll. pntbsblj mors tbsa .any aingle iB- 
dlTUnl la tba oaa 

wide ^^^e^stl^^t^e 
a faHnra. Qood, wholesome amnsemata sze a 
staple eommodltr in the pohllc market, aad it 
Is tbe qoallty ot tbe goods soppUed — tbe at- 
tracaons and coodoct of the resort — that reg- 
olates the price snd demsnd. 

Ur. IngersoU recently acenred an amosement 
concession from the Mexican gorenimtDt, and 
is now Doildlog a 4300,000 amosement park in 
the City of Mexico. He Is also engaged la 
foor large psrk propoeidoDS in the states, and 
bis Architects snd designers - sre st work oB 
plans for parka in England and Anttralla for 
a French ayndlcate. 

IngersoU corers the entire field of financings 
dealgnlng and boUdlng complete parks, otl^-^ 
natlng and boUdlng amnsement deriees, grar- 
ity roads; bonding snd prodoclns park aaows 
and noTelUes of all desaiptiaasL Be asvlass 
a large fsMO o( aklllodjvtiMa aaS IHajgaigs:^ 
tbe genetal: oflaat. at . 


Verimn Ijeavers, the - hustUng man- 
ager of Ike AI Tresco Park, Peoria, ni., bas 
ue turned A<om a two montiis* cruise op tbe 
lake, daring which time Ite sold tils elegant 
ateam yaebt; tbe -Vernon, Jr. lir. Learera bas 
pnrcbaaed fire acrea adjoining bis park. Ho 
annonnces many .new .featnrea for next sea- 
sou, which opens May IS. A' Use ofe is to be 
erected orer tbe lake, and fsdUties for more 
cooifortable as well as quicker transportation 
wHI be arranged tor.. In addition to other 
new BtttaetlDBa aa atoUs -la to be boat 
aad Itwm 

tba aisaaila aad It wlU .ccstsin all 
at tbe resort, flee ad ia tUs issue tor eoa- 
cessjons wanted. 

The Coney Island people ■ of Cincin- 
nati bare seemed for their oae next aaanaer 
tbe ateamer Franda J. TBseaea. ' She will be 
teCbrlstened tbe rFrineeaa. - 

Oonsldarable stettTtty: aaoiw tfeettte 

- r. s:..ii sHat 

ttat dtr 

Gene Ereko, promoter ot Orlcaital- 

Sbows, has leased tbe IHke at Ima Parte, Ghm- 
land. Ohio, and -wOI erect a Tillage. 

Wm. Dentzel. of Atlantic 
•t aor- 

Manaicer 'V 
Stt&s &saKt*a 


C/<iOP£N MAY 19, '06n^ 

Vl^ ANTED Sponsible parties to build Old Mill and Chmtes 
i^J-^ M. m-iMM percentage, shares or by eonti^t. 


for Stem Wheelf Penny Arcadbk 
rtemaure Bbsts, Grarstd Maize, Gypsy Onnpi. \ 

IV ANTED Grade Open Air Attractions— Bands, Bal- 

a. yqqj^ ABAAiiBmniwtBj Dlvef, for the i 


To hear from rnponaible parties with view oif . 
talking hell i n t ereot in the New Cafe. Alsoloor 
CVcwn aiid.CSpiifBiBtionery ConcesaiHi. / yr 

■AVK iiiMt;jiri|iTE^m 

V. C SEAVER, llgr 
Slate St, - rt Chicago, m. 



Must be in perfect numing'ord^: Also 100 feet of t^ck 

and .one or two- cars. Statls' lowesi'.price in firstt^tter. 

Addrcss... — ^ 


D Box Ball MiaiK 

TSfvw 30 ft. Oak $85. Some gooS as new, only used three months, $J<^ 
Big bargains and big money-getters. Can't use them. Hav|,/(uer 
business. H. o. sprakkr. rich HlLk, MO. 


S. F. TAYLOR, 319 RaAloipli Sta, Gtaicai 

Write me for prices lieCore ] 


Xtie JjSillSoartt 





ud . 


n. B. and 


■■-.THE WORM.TOiUll* 

Saw York BUIpettan, B^Tniad OBoUl aaoog- 
■itiaii, BMk Pnblloit^ Thioodi Th* 

n* Bmbond Is 1b receipt of a letter bom 
■cCKtur riMi. at the New Xork SUte BUI- 
' postrn* AJMdatioa, whie^ la pi«>Ilitaed bete- 
iittt. nctt I* no commtnt needed to make 
tbe p iuiwu " et the lettcz-- plainer tlian U la, 
. tat w« ean aot lealat tbltf oppotonltr to point 
: i'aot tk*. IMt'lttat tlw srai of taToHttn bclac 
' > abitd I* ttiiiaMkaa «t Ipt fm U not whoBr 

Tlw. chart* la not a neir . 

1)^ aax 

fM tb«re tua been no time dminc file pa«t 
tliice je«n Uiat the i c q oe a t a ct the anall bUl- 

' juiir liM aot km keid iw, wbUe tiie Mc 
lai^iiBkaSflK-' -aliatmr be wanted. 
»Kf?iL»vS_— «. M^'a tetter teUa the atoty: 

M. .Z^ Dae. 

- Ccutlei'iiiii — Vtadoaed find cop7 of tbc Nerw 
'-' X<ak State census of UOB, coTcriiic all the 
- --'dtlea Ja ttie itate, wtth the exception of Ortattz 
gi^Jfew Tock. 

-S-V '> Tbe ortflaal tram whldi thla wai copied waa 
- 'obtalaed ' from the Secrrtarj cC the state cC 
Mew Tok, and was iamxdtA w-lth s reqaeat 
-to ' Seeretarir Bernard that these rerised popo- 
;'IatlMia be ased in the Bis Ust as pnbUdied In 
'•':^'''99)paatcr and Dlatramtcr." 

The: i «< iu « at waa otllflsHy forwarded by my- 
i: ,KK,' ia atoctUT of tte Har X«rk State Aan- 
ri'-.cWMB. la the Intoeata «C our men^era. aa It 
£&' la ->ltul7 kaportast to bare popolatkns ear- 
-r reet at the bcslnnisK of the rear, .botli «o ae- 
:-' eoont oC the littenata of the adrertlaeta wtM 
tij oat their canpaisns &>r tht Tear at tl^ 
fL ttme and. tdma, ttr the membera wboae olB- 
l^jdal pcpalatloo would natoraUr be tba basis 

aay icsewal of the eirena acreemcat. 
^'';v.'Be<TFtai7 Bcnatd rvtnaed to aiceept Hie 
" itot aa anthntle and ordered that Bdltar Me. 
.Maona watt nntll be obtained a copy of tlie 
complete ccnaoa before mskln» anj dianses. 
!^-"^ ttort ' time -ilnoc BcueUi/ Benaid waa 
^<aat so sartlcnlar, aa be cbanscd Vb» menber- 
Mo In New York Olty wltboot waltlitc for 
fi^^dv aetioo on the part of the New York State 
SoSaeelatloci. and citued the name to be printed 
^•IMtaal ' BOBtiB befcie It %aa entitled to any 


Tbe condition of the blUboardi In OoTlnxton, 
K7., are probably tbe worat erer known since 
there was s hUiboard plant in that city. Owli« 
to the strike of onion blUpoaters which has 
been on against the GoTlncton BlUpostlnf Co. 
for some time, baslness baa fallen on more 
than half, so that there Is no paper to ooTcr 
the boarda. Cincinnati theatres, at the re- 
ijnest of the Cincinnati blllposten nnlon. tiaTe 
stopped sendlns I>*p«r to Corlncton, and Tery 
IltUe commetclal paper la belns placed there. 
It* esadlHon of the boards baa leossd tke 
dtlMM «C,OaTlnKton to adtate bmMMB 


Ite Independent BUIpostins Co., of Xnuel- 
Inx, W. Ta., li engafed In erecting 2,000 feet 
of Iron boarda. Thla la the flxat oppoaltkm tUs 
Aasodatlon baa bad In thla Tldnlty, therefore 
a warm flgbt la looke d for. The Independenta 
haTe seenred a numb er of good locations, and 
axe fully abte to >«t ip s . ket Jlbt. Tba 
tm^flmO MMMt 7«t lit iflS « tSi 



Six-wheel track Pullman Car; used laat three years by Bichards & PrlDgfle** 
Minatraia.: Saaisgadiilthat«diiliadi. anA.Sptlnr lMiitw 
exceDnft VBiHlr; ]|MlaiVMliM^'*V>oiifl> -'AlMiiri^ Om Tbo 
Dollars. NowatTlBpAm. Adttnifc MMOO^fi HOlJLMn, Ctetrtort 

House, Topeka, 



RINBLINB BROS. Worid's Greatest Slwws 


1h» Bmboszd la la reeelpt of serexal 
ports of the DenTcr OooTCDtlan of the 
posters Alliance, and wlihia to thank the 
eral writers. As the anbattnee of these 
riefl has slresdr appesfed In these eolnmna 
oar ^ce is limited, we are nnable to 
Ush them, ^e fsTor Is appreciated Joat 

of the AUaaee si 
BtsaAJktjrtlh ^i^^f*^ ol^^P" 





It Is said that tbe oMectlim to the dectkm 
of B. P. FcmMT aa pre s ident of tbe Natleaal 
tnisnre was caaaed ir the belief tbat be waa 
a stiiftkollir lb tbb Cum oii. aC .~ 
Mr. fiM^ iibJfeM. mprntT^t^am 

... aB.«(r 
.. aB,nv 

lUt. V( 

^■Ooboes ....... 

'^ Amstaidaia 

i^CWPSpb S2.S72 

KiUmtm ...' 

i?vl}..5 , 
^o;'^ -- 

A boalBCaa ebence!-of mtnsnal Interest to at 
r?larce «Bt-door adTcrttsers «t .the o uuutij baa 
^ Jnst been aoBsnmmatsd. ' Xhe 8. ' B. Boblsea 
£>'<>>..'■ cf I TUMrllitils baTC pntdaaaed tbe en- 
:;:^tlTe. palntafrd^ plant of tbe BlUpostlng-Slgn 
'* -lOo., iadodlnc all the bulletins and wall loea- 
^tlODS In raiadelfUa, Obmden, N. J., and At- 
'C.-lantle City. N. X. and aU oC the railroad bal- 
V- ' Mlaabeftraca FhUadeliibte 'aBd New York. Phll- 
.'bMpUa abd BleUMiid. Tk.. Pmaaelphla and 
{•^AOaatlc aty, N. X.. Also tbe bUlpostlag pUnta 
^^i^ta'l.CbndcB sad 'Atlantic Olty. N. J. 
^^'^'i ■sstord B. Boblaoo,. President of the 8. H. 
^^^BjMiob Oo.. hu been general manager of tbe 
^vpniMMlas-Slsn Cb. since Its e mnlwtten , and 
- -''"-~n;«C:m'sneecaa Is doe to Us cnogy. Ha 
' to;bla latetcst la tola oompaay aad wm 

««lb Kr. BaMBSB la Mm 
tm Mbcr4a-I«ir. Ur. U 

«D » mto- 

, tb tba aomer 

. Ifesr teaer coast cbpceial citela 

^jKB^'be 'SHda to: s»^ply tte uuBiasI d em a nd a 
: Ml iKfb bean nade tar loeattana. tad maar 
r asces lanroad boncttas . win be added. Tbe 
msest bleb standard «( tbe PbUadelpbla sign 
Plaat win be malatalBCd. Tbe ■caoal odHees 
^ ■■ - ~ I hMatod at SOB 

xt A. Suggan has asstuned fuU con- 
trol of tbe bnipostlng plant In Cnthbert, Oa.. 
and baa rebnllt It. now haTlog some 830 llnesl 
feet of excellent bosrds In beat locattons. Tbe 
plsnt wlB soon be extended to all principal 
jgtot sto_* he ^Bout^ jM^lag lfcOO O_pe eg^ 

tettt^bst'jb-W - 9sip - ^^tanaiT^SS^jBlsseaaae 
VBQoInd aad toca eriv aie esiplflTsd. DHtof 
tbe peat sixty daya ab. Oacgan baa had tbe 
tOUowlng paper oa bts baaids: SOoan'a Ual- 
Bient. Uon Coffee. CMd Oast. High Art dotb- 
Ing, OotWlSBSt FJaatoMh 'Wdk-evw absta^ fe. 
3. CR. naa Obi^ '.WMi ' 
baa Fan flMHUTiaa a 

G«oiB« Bettbw. ot Ztardot. tTtah. Is 
boOdliiK • BKitar oC *Mt 'lMB..HIIbondi -to 


The Z<. B. Early Co., of Deadwood. 
8. D., aanoonee a pnating and dlatr&ml 
lee oi te ilaa IB tewaa la tbe Xla<lt ' 
trlet, tmMBg a pcp al a tl oa at 

Cfiariiie BmuHA 

Secretary Titeh baa aMomed tbe 
Tole ot AJaz deO'tng tb* 



jMt tba for ^1 > liiy tin uid oudhoAVd 

dlsMbotor should ban ona. Frioes: WM 


aztsosloo bsadia, 31 liii hss loaa, eacb. SkSS 
iriaB taudto. CI ladMslow, mS «aat 
wMbtbaordar. MaassKtaOLOi 

Virginia Homes 

You ieam all about Virginia 
lands, soil, water, climate, re* 
sources, products, fruits, ber: 
ries, mode of cultivation 
prices, etc., by reading tkv 
Send 10c. for 3 monttn'mb* 
Bcription to- 




Reduced to MiOO each, eolors » 
■Ian books SLSS. KDWZK B. 
canal St.. OmadBapMs, Web. 


IkMkm AdvMliaing Dept. Rinxllna Bras Shows, BAlUaOO, WIS. 


Tbe Indianapolis Paste Co., 

Pn^resslia Billposters all Boy m 

made especlany for their om, becnse BBTTEB tbaa 
nude, more cooTeolent and certainly CUEAPEB. 
soar and will keep for an Indeflntte lengtb ( ' 
tecelpt of SLIS wfll ship jon a sample barrel 
290 pooads, ont of which yon can make (all; 
br redodnc vttb cold water aa needed. 11 

aad eontrol local paper baagcrsP 
IwbraotToar IfbtetaMedataU- 


S. H. ROBH Ca 


Hare Dnrchssed the entire Sign Plant ot the Blllpoatlng-Sisn Company, which in- 
cladea all bulletin and wall locations In Pblladelpbla. Camdea. N.J., aad AUaatle 
City. N. J., an railroad bolletlcs between Philadelphia and Slelunoad. Va.. Fblla- 
delpUaaadNew York, and Philadelphia and Atlaatic Otty: alao tbe Blllmtliitf 

Al^«he Blllpoatinc Plant In Atlantic City. N. J., which will hereafter he eoodaetad 
OHr the name of . 

TIE iUIJLHIl All SMI PUIT I^'5SSSfS?S5i^3Sr^'^^ 

B this a>edto<MraD»^ 


8tunl OfSsM 212 Swih lihUttM SU. 





aiixc^m£a!?nS^SSuTDrQ -am d 

cartfnl^, ioduioaaly, 



f. Loe 

Ml goata w, 

B aOTKBmiSO. Poiaina aad 
best la tbs ally. 


Thic Billboard 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

g^Sells and Downs Show for Sale-*® 


This show will positively be sold as a whole or by auction piece- 
iii^.a^.Mr. Downs, the sole owner, is retiring from the busines^ 
' I : cBh be made of the whole eliow et:.Birinin§fl^^ 

&le irill take place at SinitliVM Mraios^^ 

k Hfpx 2TS, BIRMtNOHAM,' 

An people boldliigr contracts constder them cancelled. : . 

new one for 1906 



The fuM Usnmit Stllt^ 
OiTln Oi Etrtl. 

Yoor pAtroB paji th« price, 
puslin & baUoa. and Ins^nUj 
an electric llffbt U«hC> ap and 
t2ic bell niiKs. CDdcTCftChUgtit 
Is * Bon^enlr of ■oiiM,klBd..AM 

Ujfht Indicate* whl^ 

yoa (ret. Can ffo la 
or laryer. KeTcrgi 
der. Carrfea Ita own 
t«iies. OrtUnuT (ir7 etfl bat- 
teries. AlwajvraulrCiBr wwfe. 
Cu be operatMl la paste all 
leaaonor wttb a tzmTeUnff -clr- 
cna. Xa parfeeUy Jc^Umata, 
and can be opented mnj-mben^ 
No BttiDberB or cbart 
TbTM of them madiloes 
In operaUoa at tbe Ct 
Mava»7 Sbow, CoUaeom. 

■ Naw 

Toric ^ 
rood SbowB 
ExMbltioas. _ 
Writ* plainly <or-Prlees aad 

vSAM SCHWARTZ. 507 School Street, CHICAGO, ILL. 


The Riglit Place 
' To Bi^ Yoor Gooda 

' I Can Save You Money. 

You can buy HOBS£S from me at tbe j^ular wholesale inarket price plus 
a small commission. Have had 15 years experience. Have bought horses 
B. £. Wallace, Walter L. Main, W. 'E. Fraoklin, Pawnee BiU, Sun 
Harris Klckel Plate Shorn. " WMl be oa aifcuittrtTBt titt Ajadt 05. . 

Bernhmrdt, Suih: Wuhlactaa. B. <&, M; 

ruiadcHibla. Pa.. 8-lS. 
Benew, KTTle. UcUer tt Oo., men.: Kaeon. 
- Ga., 3; Blnala^huD. Ala. 4^Xo^tgosaKrs 

5: Mobile 6; Hew Oilnuw 7. 
Burglar** Dancbttr, Taoce & BaUtTan. msn.: 

Erie. P«., 2-^. 
Bowtxr Nen Girl: WOnilBCtaB^ Od.. S-10. 
B*a Hnr: PncUo, OoL. 1-9, - 
Cooke Comedr C*.: Port BifMI^ K- X.. SB- 
Jaa.' 8;_ Tockerton 4-10. t 

.HUM BdMeib '■■««.: Bal- 
Mt Wa«ili«t^. O. a S-U. 

Hiilw iiiiali Budr. asr.r:Pat- 

ooB. V. I'^.Ifew^ick Clt7, S-13. 
CUld SUTwaC-Mir Tork. Cbas. B. Blaser 
Abok. Ok. aniiL: j. p. Eckbaidt. mB.: 
flpciBsMC aSST MaaebcMcr. N. B.. 
4-e; Wiig>; «J«L . 

ChaavBa - OMm K." MMk Cb.: .Xtekcn^ H. 

T., ,* -r-.-; 
CooTlct's Dacghter, W. X. BOTtr/ av.: ■ Bol- 
pbnr Sprlnsi, I. T.. 8: .ATdmaB»>4r- MadUl 

5: Dormot 6; Terrell. Tex.. 8. • 

OmcU. Stock ' Co., W. B. OanieU;-iii«r.:.::Ak- 

roB^fO.. 1.8; ElTTia 8-18. - r> -^^ i 

CoofeMkma at a WUe, A. H. Woods. ..agr.: 
^ooklya. X .Z.. Willie ■HI. Jb-ll..^ 8- 

. 10, • ■ ■ ■ 


Carron Omi ilj - Oo.. loo Cam^ 

lanMa. Pa., Norristown Ti 

Crodoc-Merille, Chas. N. NcTllle. a 

TlUe. O- 1.6. ■■; ; 

Caster's List Flsbt. truk C. lUxHulea. mcr'.: 

CUcago, m., Z5.Jan. 8; OeOlolacs. la.. 7.10. 
Cliecken Cornelias flmilMT agt.:: -Ubl O.. 

3: Plqoa «; aprlngaJd »; P«yt» g^lfcrlii- 

oatl 8-ia. 

OklofO Stack Cn- Ona. B. BooKam, msr.:' 

Anbwiit Jl. '.T., 1-^ 
Crane, -Wdl. B., Ohaa. ^i*".* mgr.: Ban 

FntDCIseo. C«l„ 2S-tma,: 9. ■^s-: ■ 
Creston Clarke, Jolaa 

Va. 3 
Collier, WUllstn. Chaa, 

dF>pbu, Pa., 2»^aa. 9b.' 
Cook<%nrcb Btock 0»V-S 

DilBols, Pa., 
Clarke, Harry Canon: Hot Spnocs. Ark., 1-6. 
OoUege Wiaow (HeniT !W. Sarage'i Western). 

Will BaH, mgr.: Ban Jose, CaL, 3; Stock- 
ton 4; Sacrameoto 
Ouhel Byroa'a 'ProfeflBion. -HenrT- B. Harris, 

mgr.: fiartbml. Conn., 2-3; Merlflen 4; 

^■rlngaeld, Maaa., S-e. 
Oaaiman, ' Geo. H.'Bt«nnas, mgr.: Albasr, 

N. T., 3; Boebeater D-e; BransrlUe, lod.. 
■ M. 

Ooantrr KH. H. B. Wblttsker, mgr.: Strong. 
Su., 3; BmUosame 4; OiaDDte 6; rviT..^f- 
6w ■ 
Cmn of TborBa,-rai SnU'BBK: flAatC 

Udr. K. Y., 8: OiBriicn. hTV, *«. 
CbaoplOD. Jack, finpatlal - Asnae. Ooi.. logzm.. 
. meport. Pa, 4-B; Hcv 'KcoatngtoB 8: Broma- 

-Hlle S-IO; Jeaanctte 11-18. 
Obase.IJster T&eatic: Bra^^tdd. Ho., I.S. 
erase, Boae: mHsboro. O., «. 
Coooty Chairman: .Monde, Ind., S; Karlm 4; 

rt. Wayne 6; BooQi Bend «. 
CalosMt Stack Co.. John T. Oonnota. 
BoatH Chlcaco. m., Indef. 

Dora Tborae (Bovlasd * Cllfford'a Oo. B), 
D. G. Hartman. mgr.: PIttstown. Pa., 3; 
OlTPbant 4; WWte Mills 5: Hawley 6: Pot- 
reat City 8; SoaQnetaaima 9; BInghsmtoa, N. 
X.. 10. 

M noBW CBawland t CUffocd-s Co. O, 

FM4 Soiythe, mgr.: SmItbTlUe. Tex., 8; 

BeUerUIc 4; BreB«am' e> ;OaIiiireQ 8; Maw^ 

aoU: 8; Biyaa •;. OilTcn 10; OoraieaBa U; 

MexJa 13; . Hmabara .lS. . 
Dora Tborae (Qowland ft-OUrord's Co. D), I.. 

B. Pond, mgr.: Oooncll GroTC Kaa.. 4; 

Osage City 5; I«wrence 6; LeaTe u»uiHi 7; 

I^exingtoo, Mo., 8; SedaUa 8: Blebmond 10; 

CtalUlcothe U: Stanbnry 12; MaryriUe 13. 
Dora lliorae (RowUnl H. CllSord'a Oo. B), 

W. T. Gisklll. mgr.: Salt Lake City, ntali, 

Sl^no. 3; Brigbam 4; LeU 5; Amerlou 

Forks 6; ProTo 8; Payaon 8. 
Drew, Jobn. Cbaa. f^otanaa. - mgr.: 

Masa.. 1-13. 
DIxey, Benty E., W. N. IMIOM 

Tock City, 2S-Jan. 8. 
Oeaa;- VaiOa, 3. V. ' Watd. mgr.: ' — 

Vt*^- ML- 
ooke •( KHUcnaUe, A. Ii. Sbepatd. 

Cbarlotte, N. C, 8; QreenTHIa 4; 

8. C. 5: Cliarlestoa 8. - 
Darld Biram (No. 1), Jolca - Jfai7r 

IndlanapoiUa. Ind., 1-8; KaaerrlB^v: 

Desperate Cbanee, MIttenthil Bma.' Jumiii titt, '■ 

Tngra.: PUlsdelotila. Pa., 
Core, Jane, In EsA Lynae Joaeph Klac. Bfr.: 

Coming. O., 3; CrookarlUe 4; Coaboeton S; 
' Neirark 6; Maxkn 8; Maiyarllla 8; Xaala U; 

■tal MoA Ob.. Bdbneo-- « ^tbwm, 
mm Wtmattaeo, iJaL; tnatt; ■■ ' ■ 
Beozletta. iU\ 


Ibdt Itiiti last ItiMf 

lead -to 

gms. billboab: 

_ lf«w Z«ck C^, Ote. SB, 

' Jan. l; ladet. ■• 
DarcT * 'Speck's Ml 
Bept. 4, tedef.- . 
DePev-Bardette- Stock '■Otab, - 

■ mgr.: Peaskfort, Krt'l-i. 
DtTll's AoetloD (Ohaa. a. ~ 

las, la.. 8;I}nboaDe 4^ ~ 

ford 8; Oblcago 7-18.. ■•' ^'.--f.s.i 
Dangers <i< Wocktmt aitfeL'-'A,. Bl 
PblladeHikia. Pa., ' rTl^llllBj 
»; XcKeaaport-lX-tt. - ■'. " V 
DeTcode Stock O*^- nB?Aim. iagr.: X 
^town, ga.,.VSj;Tliil88m it 'Z;^ 8-U. 

AUcs. Keaaey A .Wotlkk]. dszl: 
Pa., Mf aea»tfl»- FUIadd- 

DenTcT Bziiresa, B. J, ■■IMIIiiT.'aMl".- MHt. 

■ goiacty, Ala., 1* . ^ -.• 

P ««a n wy (B»irt«aa.ife 'caMMffj <3o. A), 

oC tte Oodi: St. iMla. ^ U-Jtau C 
_ jB and nr. Brd*. mm-Mwj^M' 

raioD. xo.. 8. 

I>aly, Arnold: Wallitacta< D. 1^ 

Bben Boldeo. W. S e o im iio u . nsr.: 1 
log, W. Va.. 1-8; Colamms, O.. 4^; UV.-'. 
rlefaSTtne 8; Canal Dorer S; Cuntui^ke lOj 
ClarkAnrg, W. Va., 12; Fairmont 18. '« 

Bmervm. Mary: Waablngton O. H., O., 
Samilton 4; Blcbmood, Ind., 5; AJezaaddk v 
6: Bhiffton 8. ; . .1^. 

Bvlng. Gertrude: Denlson, Tex., 1-8; WUt*-'.!<~ 
wrlfibt 4-6. : . Uf 

EMt^^J^nne (Beech CT JSta^y 'a). Wgter^jt.: ;^ 

8; Anstln 4; Saa Antnda S4: BoSaa ^ 
Beamaont 10; Gslreston IX^ . Oonlena ' St 

Gnttrle, Okla., 18. 

Bdeson. Bobezt, Btoir B. Banli, agr.i 
ha. Neb.. 1.8; DaOteiBea,: la.. 4^91 
S: Peoria. 111., 8; X«fayettc . Ind., ' 8; T Ib- 
dlanapoUa 8-10; Day too, 0.,.13; CblOBAraa 12; 

Akron IS. 

Onplre Stock Oa.. 7oa.' B. Oaren, mgr.: New 
Weatmlnster, B. C Sl-Jan.. 4; Naaalao B-8; 
Port Angeles.JWaab., 7-10;. Pim Townaend U- 3- 
18. . * 

Bmery. K4irla- Sbafihas. & Cook, 

T«r. Oo!.. i^Sp^. r ; 
Jhwood stock cmPki^;' 


4. tadeft ilwi. ^ . 

; Tort catnwoet."'^^ 

VocepaDgb stocki 
Flsb. mgra.: ' 

rotepaogb Btoi 
28, Indet ' . 

rranklln SQoare Stock Co.: Wcceeater, MUi.. 

- indel. ■ - -'.f- 

S\aj mSDV 3i*m Harley, mgr.: Jeaaette. Pia., 
8: Xoooacalwla 4; Booetsea B; WaaUsgtoa 
e; Heveomeritoini. O.. 7; Oadls 8; Xatr 
l.<xlnctan u; BaaenOe 12; OaateldtclS. 

I^ukesSeld. La«a.:'XMa A. OlaoK aM 
et. Jaac&. Bin;; «; WaMUwMa 4Ljia.<- 

-- - - - 165 aewkrt li:^«tl^ 

aeld, Kob., Sj- 

city IS: AAaa M. - 

ByotlC vB; Obrydon sI^jGSmBk^.SM^ 
9; Leon 10; CalaerrlDc.- HOl. . MTjIt. In ~ 
la., 12; Grant City, tiSL fir* ^ ■ • *^ - 
Vast Life In Nc<r r<*^--M.' 

Colamtins, O.. 1-3; 

CUeago, m., 7.20. . 
figbting y«te (Geo. E. GIH'i), WtaL BjaOk 

mgr.: Ksmii city. Ho,, Sl-Jan. 8. 
nr. Bl* Jiiotber's Crime. D. D. Scan,, uia^ : 

WOalBCtaa, DeL, 1-8. , -~-r^- 

Mn^ aterif«B. eitr fMH( agt.! Am*. 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 

Ttie O ill board 


Yankee Robinsen Wagon Shew 

Want Performers in 411 Branches of the Ciran 

Bknd men, boss caaraMmui. boss bostler drivers, grooata, clHllJ»lllf ' 
elepbant man. animal men. Want bUlpostars for ad^uigaL - Bhgw W 
tormnra and band men sle«p and breakfast In botels. XIB wOl'M 
MolDDed wacon show In America. Address at nace. 

YAWKBB HOBlWaON gHOWg. Pe»BfoiBe», Iowa. 






fDTtteg iBujuglU BM tarn Mraar CBganlntiofi 

Can ot Cbutfls Park, 



•---rlclan.C . . - . 

, etc Dzmmm. VanderlUe. Burleaane. Hn-iical 

Klectrlclan. Chicago Lk cal. 13«. AUo Marie Larerre. ckMMta* < 
~ " " ■•■ " — ' Comedy. 


J'amily Orchestra 



Queen & CRfCENT 


ilNtKkii tennessee, 
^Alabama, Mrs^iiiiii 


ifiiiMtiilliil aintuSm. 

For rata* I 


f.tM. wtomotimr Htem. oo. n nun* st.. r. T.oi^r. 

■usAa nrro conov oavst.S 

FaT* far UMlf la two dar*. 

Por Whmt, Wben, Where Vco. 

'~WiMrtauBa,skB«eh t—mt and etaonu inrU.\ 8t| 
' ' l>^lt M«w. Addfan, aCO. MAO EL, WUbuA"^ 


'A-l ninatTat«d Son«8tar tbat flan/filay 
■traUbt Id acts If ceceeA&ry. PoberTffid re- 

— liable- All In a nst letter. E H. JOHNSON, 
■ . Hgr. Eleclrlc Tbeatre. Waterloo. luwji. 


JoKfh J., stock 0>.. Balph A. Ward. 

: /Bri - -- 

ocktoD, Man., 
Pot, Edna: Weat Point. Mlaa.. 
FansK (Porter J. WUte'a), Olsa Veme, mgr.: 
ipstOD, U],, 3; Cbatffiroitli 4; Pekln 9; 
ampalgn 6. 

line Amnr (Lloeoln J. Ckrter'i), W. T. 
JiEkioB .mgr.: New Tork Oltr. 1-8. 
rreooDt Stock Co.: SUanton, Va., 1.8; Poca- 
hontas S-IS. 

Click Stock o., Harry Oliek, mgr.: nocaaca. 

Ala., 1-8: Bnntnllla SUM. 
OMfltb. John. Mia 3C. HIAer. mgr.:' Dor- 
ham, N. C, 8; Otunibora 4; SuUboir Si 
Concord 6: Noctdk. Ta.. 9. 
01Cac«.«a«(lBg, AMDh Sioaed.' ogi 
■ — - - MnSdgmffle 8-lS. 


arlek, OL, MDMgmffle 
Gennell. Xtaa. lIlDlim Bia*-. mgrs. 

lotte N. C 1-9. 
Gallatin, ABicrta, In CMaln Kate, Kane, SUp- 
man it OolTln, props.; MelrlBe Jeffrey, fligr.: 
rrtnio, caL, S; TlsaUa 4; Bsnford 0; Bak- 
ersflrld 6. 

George Grace, Wm. A. Brsdr. mgr.: ' HU- 
lokee. Wis., 1-8; Oblcago, m., 8 20. 
loic. Paol. jDlea Many, mgr.: Uttla Bock, 
Ark.. S: Pine Blair 4; Balcaa g; OcceBTUU. 

iOn.. il; JsckMtt 8; VMpMar.*: 

Rouge, 'La., 10; .N«tcbc%lHL^' H; ' 
lA.. 12: .gbtvievort 18. 
amuar.. Bagla Ainoac. OOb, mgia,: 
vnW.yPa.. 8: OMcala 4: Oallltili 

Wtatki'ti Okcaaaa 8; Wlndbar 9; Mt 

TrrwM U; BlaUvrUlc 12: L^tTOba 19. 
OOT 9taek> On,, Ckaa. W. Ifer 
OU OUj, Pa.. S-M. 

Nebraau VVlNK.'^SMilMik IK. U-n. 

u-is. . ■■- 

6tri et Oe Streets. De(!k» ViMMee, scoos.; 
'-.'bao. r. DriacoU. mtr.: WStgikmi Man.. IjU 
New Britain, Ogon., 4: llMtlM9 B-C; HaW 
~ ■ City, 8-18. V 
wnUam. Ohai. Robmo, ap.! 

, ■ «sa.. 2MaB. 8. 

Gallaad. Bertha, DaTld Bdanob mgr.: 

York atT. 1-18. 
Gray. Julia. 1b Her Onir Mb: OpeloaaH 


- - ft, to. 

-vinfldd. Mta^i inSm*s WmtioM ■: 

IMpeka 8. 

B(«zt at MatTlanO, Darld Bdasco, mgr.: rtdl- 

aTdiiUa .Fa.. 

Htemelela'a IdcaU. Jno. A. H&Bmelein. mgr.: 
^ Chester, Pa.. 1-8. 

Hlmmcleln'a Ideal Stock Oo., Jao. A. Hlmma- 

leln, mgr.: Madison, WU.. nacpact, 

111., 8-ia. 

Hlllyer'a Ctaek-a^ack Ooaaedx 
Hlllycr. oigr.: KInstwi. N. C, 1-9: 

Hunt Stock Osk. 3*. A. 'Baat, iscr.: Battle 

Cecek, Mich.. r«i BastJnss 8-18. 
Hnmaa Hearts {Western), Wn. I'ranklln Blley, 
/Mgr.: Bscansbs. Mich., 3; Gladatoaa 4; 
/'Hamaette S; Oslimiet 6: Hancock 8; lah- 
y pemlag »; Dolath, Minn,, 10; Sopcxlor, WU., 

Hnman Hearta (Sonthem). Jar Bbama. mgr.: 
Larayette. Ind., 8; WaTelaad 4; Hahlimlli* 

5: Marlon 6; Tipton 8; ■hraod Wt 

10; MlAlsan City M; ~ " ~ 
IS; Kalsmasoo IS. 
HernnanB. Adelatde: New Orleana. La., Sl- 
Jan. 8. 

Bomcapim Heart (King Perkins'), Frank G. 
Xiag, Bgt.: Sotherlud. la., 8; Sloox Bap- 
Ida «;^)ew«U 5: Maasoa 8; Fomeioy 8; 
fltnda 9: Sac City 10; LohtTllla U; CSsr- 
te IBs -Ciaitaitll* ML 
iMaaTBtarla OOlat »t Qmma^.WUUtm 
Xiibcl, Jr., Mr.: Dwrar. (M;. n-Jan. 8; 
Central City T; Idalw tbrlnga 8; ttolmdo 
Springs 8: LeadTllle 10; Sallda U; Canoo 
City 12; noicoce UL 
Hall. Howard. In Tbe MimoMtre Detectlre. 
'HeniT Plerson, mgr.: Atlanta, Qa., 1-8; 
Mobile. Ala.. 8-10: Montgomery U-13. 
Biggins. DaTld. E. O. Stair, mgr. : BrooklyB. 

•N. I.. 1-8. 
Hamilton, Florence. Garland Oadea. mgr.: New 
Britain, Oona., S; Bristol 4; Watertmy B; 
Pntnan 8. 

Herald Square Stock Oa., Bitter A Faaahaw*. 
mgia.: MMmt J««ett. Pa,, 1-9} Bdnd 9-lA 

9<' * ■ -•• •- 

, . . 

bai Ko.. 8: qBtacT, hl. st mmmm u-, 


Bafwaid, Gzne: Braaarllla^ lad., 9-9. 
Harris-'Parklnaoa Stack 0>.. Bobt. S. 

mgr.: Owenaboro. Ky., 1-8. . 
Hearth A Home. B. A. Haaki. mgr.: 
tlae, m., 8; FalitioiT 4; Wati^ 8: BOOOB- 
ton 8; .OlntOB 8; MoatiaeUa 10; B Faaa U; 
Wenona 12; GBiaaa IB. 
Belr to the Boorah: Yoongatawa. O., S. 
latentatloBal Stock Oa.. B. L. Biee. baa. mgr.: 
Beading, Pa., 1-8; New BmawKk, . N. J.. 

ImriB, May: St. Pad. Mlna.. A 

ilB .Old Keff^ A. W. ** 

__ ^ 

OiiMin Stock Ok.* 

finianrr Stock Co.: 

A ladet. 
Qlaaer, Taogbaa, flbgbctt BM8., 
dence, B. L. KOT.Ji^ — 
Grand Opera ffnnaa 
La.. bsdeC 

Hacfcett, James K., and Mary iCanBcrlng: New 

Tork City. Sept. ZS, tndct. 
Bltebeock. Baymood. Hauy W. 
Boatoa. Uaii,. Dm. M, 

Bprlngfleld. Uaaa.. Sept. 


Hooaler Girl. Witt Kato Watwa, Gog Ooho, 
Butattio. a. S: ObiMaTHIC 8; Oi- 

Donr 6; 
Pa., 18. 

8-10; T«)raato U 


Haatliga, The Tour, . Haor DaU, n>gr- 
rails. Pa., 8; Tooagstown, O.. 4-8; Newark 
8; (^rntddge 9; ZaaesnUe 10; Wheeling, W. 
Ta., 11-U. 

w". Jeaate Mas, la The Street Singer, M 
H. Lester, mgr.: Benton Harbor, Mich., Si 
Grand Baplds 44; Detroit 7-18. 
Hana Hanson. Jaa. T. MeAJpln, mgr.: Bca- 
aon. Aiis., 8; TOmhstona 4;.JIaaBUa 8;'BI*- 
tx* e-T; TnesoD 8; Plioenlx S-IO; Maaa U; 
Temple 12; Preaeott IS. 
Bow HearU Are Biokca. J. B. OUflDia. auf't 

pktUdelphla. Pa.. 14. . ■ 
Be^fi^of Gold. Bdsraid B. Tttaa, _ 
Cbcater. Pa.. 4: laUlUia;. K. I^tt 

Headrlcks. Beta, . WoiiaB Onj.- aasr.: Dodge 
City, Kaa., 8; Laa Aatmaa, . Om., 4; . La- 
- - - - _ . - Pnehlo 7; rioccaci 

JbbU S; Bocky Fcrd 8; Pnehlo 7 


Bendefaon BUx^ On.. W. J. A B. B. 

ingn.: Maqsoketa, Is., 1-9; 
, towa 4^. 

BoeOer. JaA, ^t^Jtm^MBMIa, ■».» 

too. IB.. !■«: j£*!n.Ka% lisw...j^^ 
Ball. Don a: Hiltaiwra. M. lU, MfJk 

town 8-18. i * . ' • - . ■ . .*- 

Hontley'*. 8«»«y ^ChMtr* Stock . .flji:. Wooo. 

socket, B. I., 1-8; HaTerhill. Maaa, vS-U. 
Hareoort iXhocdr Ox... a-': A . Kaaaadr. - -m. 

Blddeford. Me- 1-9: Osacofd. M. B-.tMA 
Hort'a Oonady Qt.. H. Oi tut.i ^OkA' 

taaoofa, Teag., : l-9; q a t Mo tn fe- 0«y-,»U. 
aaoae . oC MvataiT, ' l^tMMal^a 

$itisf Scnaj 

iBj|na». Wirtata r 


M wBttan BUjt m ^r j^^i ^ J 

111.. 8; CI iilHlnf 9s MattoaajByj 
DanrUle lOS DtcatB U; 

. Llaeo]B..IA.vM-.^.vi.3 X a rxt -i'tyi' ' 
BU Father's 'Ha,' Jad OUttOA-VI 

8i_ " " ^_ . ^ 

^ • .S>rarJ*H.-41i' 

Uaa and tha Ifoaaa. Heaay B. Baala. 

Maw Xork City, Nor. 90. ladst. 
LMngaton Stock Co.. r. H. UrlacMaM. 

Detroit, MIcb., Indef. 
C/oralne. Bobert. C B. SnllngjhB^ agM 

York OUj. Sept. B. Indsl. _ _ 
I«ceam Stock- Co.: Oapa Jtay, VU. «^ 
I^ccnm StoA Ob.: ~" 

I3«caaa Stock CA: 
Ifami. Li ~ ~ 

[cart at Oktoagi 

FltageraU. . baa, MBtiHi;J| 

sr B-9; 

X4: Toledo 4-8j. 
da tbe BMwp's 

8; Brtdgepwt 4. 
-jifNtrlal Stock Co. _ _ 
Jeny tram Kerry (Pattea 'A' PvrrTal 
bany. Ore., 4; Bogene 5; B u s iAaig A 
Johnson-Bsrrlngton Stock Co.: 

WlSL, 1-8; Belolt 8-13. 
Zohasoo. Alice. Jolca Marry, mgr.: Stoox OKy. 
-la.. S; Slooz FaUs, S. O., 4; Mason City, 

la., S; LaOoase. Wis.. 8. 
JohBsoa. Grace: Oakadale. WaiA, 44. 
Jolly Americas Tramp: Aatarla, Ore. ,1-A 
feiiisll, Bn, Wilson A B4iaa, mgr. 
'^fldd, Masa„ S; Bolyoks 4; .Wan 

PniTldenee. B. L. AU: IfaHia. Basa,; 19; 
Sooth Framlngham IS; AtlUtaM IS. 
King o( Ttampa, Oohsa A gattatlaaA ii«M.| 
v. H. Dalrjmple. n«r.: Kltkarffla. Hs„ 
4;. MacoB g; Mobettr 8: JeCtaiaiB Cttr 8; 
Centralla 8; 10; . BailT, BL. 11; 

JaekaoiTme IS; laylonUle U. 
atkhoFBUBaaa, Oaar J'^' .Kaayen, baa. nsr.: 
Beatoa, Ban., 14; Seneca 44. 
Kcnaedy Playciaw T. H. Delcraa. aw.: Dal- 

too. Om.. 14: Olofflbla. Tean., 8-lA 
Knott, BoscHc, Kane, Bblpoi a n A <MTln, rngtSL: 
MltcheU 8. D., 8; Sloox FaUa 4; Ft. Dotta. 

B; Odar B«plda 8; Kanaas City, Bo.. 
7.10; (Hlnton. la., IS. 
Keller Stock On., A.^. B.^_unaf;,_ aMV.t Dc- 
Soto. Mo., 14;." 


Misa.. 1-8. _ 
KeUar. Msgtflsn. Dndiv BaUov. mgr.; tt. 
Lonls, Ma, ai-Jan. 8: LoaiaillU. Ky.. T>ll. 
lag et the Oplnja BtaK Ohas. B. BIsaar 
Amaae. Oow. imm.: WBu M. Baddy. 
Nartelk, Vs., SOA 
Kanon. Dot, J. Ol 

'Ooon.. 14;^ Hew 
iCcnnedr. Jamea, O. 
Masa., 1-8. 

Kallch, Bertha Bazrlsoa Grey Flak, mgr.: St. 

Loola. Mo., 1-8. 
Leslie, Bosahele, Sfan Allen, mgr.: 

Fa...'14; Morgantown, W. Ta., 8-U. 
Lyccam Stock Ob.. B. G. Oroajeaa, m^.:- te- 

Graage. Tcz., 14; Toakom 8-19. . 
Little HomaateaA Wm. MacaalVi 
Tine. 0.. 8; Wheeling, W. Vl 
ton 8; Clarkaboig 0; 
lauaa 12; Darto U. 
Lared from Home. A. H. Waadi^ BCCt 

land. 0.. 14: 9>Mo T-a. ^ 
I«wla, J. O, in a Fta^ud^W;.A _Jbak«; 


i:- u»» CSaiiM 4-7. 
LoAea, The, Win H. . _ 

; Kaa., 1-3; Logaa 44; Mactoa AlO; CWBIia- 

barg U-U. 
Lo^ Itaak - A. Stock Oo.: in 

Iiewla. Oorotty, 'oba Bae, 

Pa.. 14; Bocriatowa AlA 

Uttla Ootaaat (B. J. CbfaaMat'a): OblrtiiBa 
I. «;'Lawt«A OluiL. 4: Aaadarka 8; 
' xau. 8: Mcdfort T: OaldirtB. Kaa.. 9; 

wenbHtsa 10: Wladrtll. U; liiaaaas OMy. 
19: Bla<£ Wen, ' tlfcla.. ' 18. ' 

■ «b>A»«4;_§l. ---'^L-^ "-■ 

gteatp<i«islMB«aiA-'MiiMNMCI*^ /«itmM 

Loals and Claza 

_ l: Naw Xork t _ 
Harks. Tba. Stock Olb. 

Brandon, disa., ladaA 

Uarlowe Stock Ool: CUcaget m.. Scot. A 

Indef. „ 

Mooic Sbtek Co.: BsAaatH^.B. Z. fliBA Mk 

Indef. ; . . -. ■ ,„ ' 
Moroaco, OUrer, 8tB*.4llLS .BM-'Aagiktt-CMs'' 

Joly lA Indef. ^ 

Mriefile. Boae. bi Sis HooUas. T. B. tm- 

ling, mgr.: Baa Aataoio. Tbz., 8; Oal- 

ineatoa^^ 4j^ a y rtm i B; Bcaaaoat 9; Mav 


Minn., 8; MbineapoUs AlO; St. Psnl U-». 
Mitchell's Star Players, B. Ftaak 

mgr.: Peeksklll, N. T.. 1-S. 
Meog. wnilsm V.. In Tha (Xay Baker: 

W. Ta^ 8; Moigantown 4; BrowaseUla. Pa.. 

B: MOacawn S; lAtnibe 8; Mooongabcla 9. 
Morey Slack Co.. LeComte A Fltsb er , mgra.: 

Sbawnee, Ofcla., 14; Maakogee. L T.. AlA 
Message trooa Mara, with Oarld Proctor: De- 

eatnr, Ol.. S; S^ingddd 4; Qalatf 8: 

nlbal. Mo., il; Keoknk. la.. ij 

»; Galeabnrg. HI.. 10; r — 

tine 12; lona Oily IS. 
Morrsy A Mackey, John J. Marray, mgr.: Le^ 

anon. Pa., 14. 
My Wlte'a FamBy (Basteca), fraafc CBofcc, 

Bigr.: BxKeeigact. . pa.. 44; : KtttMHB. . 

Morar Cbaudy Co.. J. Baa amttk, maga 'iA> 
Monay Ooaudy Co.. J. Boa 'Smith, mgr;: Aa> 

gnats. Oa., 1-6: Saranoab 8-18. 
By Wlte'a Family (Western), W. MeOowaa. 

mgr.:' Maakato, Minn., 4; New Oa T; 

Bloox Falla. B. D.. IS. 

UUoaalro TTaam, Fred O. Ttrimiit Bgr.s 

Olyphant. Pa., i; SaBqachanaa B; Falteo, B. 

Y.. 12; Oswego lA 
Mnrahy, Joaepb. Kenpey A -WeotfalL mgra.: 

WUkeabazre. Pa., 1-8; Serantot 44; Phllao 

delsiiU 8-18. 
BooaaUBcr'a Daoghter, B^ m^fmtmm 

BhmpMa, la., g; Maain City 4;- On 

Blaa.. 8; A»a>t Lta 9; 8A ~ ~ ~ 

H. Dt, 9; flfei — - 

aadcViB. .jia: 

lack, ■Hiidiia. O. F: Wlesaad,- 

aaanslB.. Minn., ai-Jsa. 8;- Bsa-'iaafeK.-Wla..; 

boKBC. la-Jg; OBatOB Ms Cadar BaSB IB.- 

Mgtiyy^jliygiy Wj ^ag jSiggl^^ 

Mlssoorl Girl (Fred BaynoAr-BMaBltfi Baak- 
'B<dc4, .mgr.: Dayton.. O.. M|- «9biBH8|9' 
5: Flndlay 9; Toledo 11-lA 
MlsBOorl GU (Fred Baymoad's Wcatsta). M. 
S. ; Nacted. mgr.: OtvtUIc. OL. 8: Wieada 
City 9:- TaBOo Id; Santo Bona 19; Bs»a ». 
Byxkls-Hardcr Stock Oa.. <BniWig>. iBB JL- 
Saidsr. mgr.: New ~aadkM;'-'iii|a^rMtv 
-nawpart, B. L. S-IS. ■ ••- :•• =**" - ■ 4 
[yikla.Bardat Stock. 0DjWaatmt.Bn9na & 
X^gJS^- . xaakaiA B. 

Myiiil^Barder gtoek Os. (Ssafbaia), finfiag 
A Leigh. a«>a.: Ft. BiMilab 'Bu, 14; 
cols, m., AlA " 
MeAnlUTe. Jcin, AL W. Wllsaa. MB.Z «M< 
. N. ?., 14: OsdnSbaisML,'^^, 
Marks Bros.. B. A. Marks, mgr.: BMaa^ Ml^ 

H., 14; Msrtao, Bass,; AU. 
itorko Bros., (B. A. Maiha. mgr.: !«sAaa. H. 

Bay. Vena. Stock Oa.. H. A DoBatar mgr.: 
Baa Claire. Wla.. 14; MaiAgill «4« Waa- 
saa 8-lS. 

ManaScIA BlAard; Ben D. Blwisi, ^r.: Sa- 
Tannah, <3a., 8: CTisrhatina, A O,, 4; Noc 
■ folk. Ta., B; BiehaioBd 8.' 
Bren, mac. Big Stock BBI a: Byoa. 


— weira Boot- ■ 
: CUy,' 14, 

. Oa,, 


Bidalght riycr, BA 

too. Pa.. 8: Baacb 

tleoka 8: .ta«at CBy A 
Br. BlaiBcy; oC lialaaA ChM A 

Co., mgn: Bcw Xack Oty, 14. - 
Bta. Wlggs ct the ObMsjpa Patefe. tAMa A 
Co.. agta.: Syrscase, X. 

- - . - . A8. 

By Iba-BoT OlrvB. B. WlacbeTl. mgr.: 

waokee, WlftjlA4aii. 8. 
Mmnmy and la e' 'Bfammlag Bird : Hjcrriaburg. 

14; ^Loek BarcB 4: ^ WlBlsxa^ort B( \ 

Mahaaof City 9; Aiklsad A 
toaaciB Stock CSk; — 


Cb. xj, a; 

NeTta^Uaaacr, Wallas - Brga> 

Mo.. 14; Bempbla AU. 
Nattonal Stack Oow. a 9. HsUtaB. lav-t i 

Chark>tte, N. a. 14; QneaTfljcrirr " ~ 
maaiy sad Nlae, Obaa H. Toaas. ■■&» isnm 
■aaATa., 14; Atlaata._ Ga., *a«- - 
Drth Broa.: "™ " " 


Dlzcn. IB, 1-A 

. Otos. as. 
Xock CUy/MoT. la. 
Bsw Grand Thaatra Stock Oaw: gdt 1 

VttA ladet. 
Baw^aople's Stock Co., Fred 
OUeaga. UL. Seat. A todat. 
Bosraantea Stock Co.: BoBHaal. 
(VNaa. Hanea. BcKea Baakla. 
daeo, OaL, Dec SB, tadaC 

4Md nnaiiislaad. F nsaiiisa TbosMoab . 

. PitiabatB. Pa.. 14: Stetibasietila. a. 8; 
Kailatto 9: Patkanbars. W. Ta, IQ: Ohaili 
-MB U; Baatlastaa li; PartoSoatA O.. 1 
Old Cletbsa Baa (Bawlud AJSMMTslj ^ 

aty 4: Pottatffla SAeoth ■» « 

tbs Bridge at BUnlsbt (Sllmt A < 
^M^^tan._msr.j^ BUaabslA.IL 

ta tha ! 


Xtie Billboard 




1^ Penman week 2S; fla* _ 
■bcw. The Parlih Prleit wMk Jaa. Is Xh* 
Man From Mexico week 8. r . 

Boston Tbeatre (iBert Tllilwtti, acr.} Tu- 
derlUe week 20; S. B. O. 

People's nieatre (Hut^ Woodward, jngr. ) 
norence KlppUs. Ollle Pctklni. Jennla Berry, 
UDa Darenport. and oUiexs week 95: Inaioeu 
«P o<l. W. 8. BOLT. 

MHVI B£I>rt>RO.— New Bedford TLrmtre 
rWm. IB. Cnta. msr.) Dot Kama OootOr 
Co. week llr " - - - " 

Frenat, Grade Bmmett 

mmM On., and «ilicra-<wcek SS. - 
- SaniT (Heitwrtsoa fWiliBMk. oat.) 

Bearta week n. by the 8tta4art .M 

good bnalaeaa and alwir. W - Oaae «('ZiU* 
week 18; good peifacnumee. 

BPSnfSZIELO.— C\>U'a Tlieatre' (J. C. Oid- 
dle, mgr.) iBnrke Lanie Co., Ked Nje. Bom- 
dow and VfUry, Bu- an dBraadie, Anciuta 
BloK, DeTmore and 1**, Marrelom Frank and 
moviog picrturea week 20; good boalneaa . 

Kelaoo Tbeatze. Boae HUI FoUy Oo. 2547; 
VbcI* Ton's OaUB 9M0. 

~ 7 aCyateiT 26-27; good 

' Ad SBs capacity bust- 
Ob BallT' ZT; nw 

ta tha Blabop'a Ota- 

zlase Jan. 1 


BAT CUT.— IWaridncton (W. J. Daont. acr.) 
PanUal ZL-Vt; tatt Cmalsea and line ttow, 
itPell'a Band 2B; good bnalneaa. Steepliic Bean 
tr and tlw 'Be«^ 21-SS; s°oii bnalaeaa. A Xe*- 
uge ttOd'JIais 36; erptr Bid a3.H»,lil* at 
(Dawn Jtei 1,;'. Tolnatect fltcaniat ' 
Mmaoela 8; War Van But 9- 

mgr.) aeepins BMigr;aa( -Mm jMit ti,—. » 
peitananw aatf tik Mriboa; ItaMU M; 9> 

Die at DMs 80. 

XACXSOH'.— AtlieDaeimi (H. 7. Porter, 
la a Woman't Foirex aS; good bnrinf. 
miltpliig Beontr end tlie Beaat 37; good Hww 
a iMlSjwrtnf . Pair — - — - 

g*w|^ » ^ 

BuoB cvr. e. B ut t ai a a ^; trj KamoBrs 

Trained Antmalu, Sea Sta)^ ^JD. 
Olck and Sffle Qnlae. B ' 
w eek 3S; big traatneas.' 

T.tlfUnw*. — lBalrd'» Open Hooae (F. 7. WH' 
Han*, ii«r.) SleeptaK Bcantr and tti* Beaat 
ao; good ahoir and flue biialBWi. WaCa Banf 
a; rood band end tat buteaaa. AnlBa XT 
k jfeaaage tan SCai» SB; Tt> Ola at Sam S. 
SUoa ^Ebwtn (O. J. Bsbaon, nvVXmi 


boalnen. AlTln Joslin Jan. 2; Denrer 
press le: Bliodes and Bratton Mnalcal Ccmedr 
Oo. 17-18: Bgggar Prince Opera Co. 20 

OOLITKBITS. — Coltnntms Tbeatre <P. W. 
Maer, mgr.) Jewell Kellj Stock Co. week 25; 
good b asIn esB and performance. 

EAXTXESBITBO.— Aadllorlnm (Field & IjoA. 
mgrg. :) Florence Darls 27. 

JACKSOir.— Century Tbeatre (V. O. Eobert- 
soo. mgr.) A Madcap Prlnceu 22; good boal- 

ness. Doonellj' and iBatOeld'a lUoitreU SB: 

good boalaeas. A Pair of Ftski Jan. 2; Little, 

Jobaar Jones •; Sweat dorer S; Xke Xasdar- 1 ward 

• 7f 'Duigcia mgr.) 
' 3(; good per- 

HABttrartB. q pet a aw 'fCr«i><^; 
> .WliT WcBiea-8ia «r«r— 
>• AzSaooM Jaa.^ 1. 
Btjon (W. A. Boas, mgr.) Tandavflle la tA- 

TBtSMXBGS. — eiand Opera Boose (B. H- 
Ifeyentiiov <ncr.) Message trcm 3faza 24: good 
Bnalneaa. WelPa Band Z7: PianUal 28: Wlaud 
at Oa Jan. 2; Uild and the Mnnmy 14; Tlie 
Fatal Weddlnc 21. 
SOBT SDXOS,— dt7 Opera Hooae (O. T. 

Bennett. m«r.) PaisUal 20; • 

cserilent pesfcrmaaee.. 
" beast VB: tair 
. Ool. week Si. 

AVi^-iAeadeiiv (3<BaL. 
" «: «alr " - 
and fair 

Or Beast .aBe:^'> 

, il^''^ ^ ' " f' t^iar Qill 

i .JeBenf nea^re CW. Br. mgr.) Lafiyette 
^; IjBDcat, Xuxan. •\ellz and CIiytaB. aoBatA 
siaad artb. GnpoDt and XaObirae. Ifr. 
^aBts, Cta» BldBcd^ Xi^te. Ad^ Finla.Ond 


Ban (A. B. HsskJna, tnsr.) 
.Horingr Pletnrea and -rande- 
food boaineM. My Wife's ramllr 
Jan. 4; TVitMTntm Ladlea S. 
. r i anwgflf . l o pera Erase (Tom Arflunv 
) Tiie Tenderfbot utt-tooi. l e tuma toA 
Banrer and BaUow'SL UnstielB 
tm)T boalneaa. Howe'a Korlnr Pt c tut e a 21; 
r nod boBhteaa and flue sixrw. Wbat Women 
[. Wi n Do-2 8: Jfy Wtfle'a XnaUr 4- 
\ 'IfmHTFIdTIMim — VftHTirlltin (!■. K. Scott. 
\mB.) _ Pegg y, ftam Faiia week 17; bnatneaa fair, 
f -May Iwi tt J iaafc 24. - ' 

<Tbee. It. ■ Hay% .ngr.) _ 

niiaali week .17; Mr barfaasd. My 

Oepbean (O. B. WsjiawiJ, mcii) 
' sdMoo. KOwta I«teB, ■ Tjilillili, 
r Tine and Annie OUe : and oBina ' weak Hi.- 
Unloae IJno. EUtott, BcrJ Soigcaa,' Oaa- 
lels acd BorKes!, Foar ElMractba. Btaa Ar- 
den. Tbe Basertys, Jaa. Baltas-'aod atbo* 
week 25. 

Deirey (A. H. Filer, mgr.) Wtataoo'a Oil-J 
-■entala Treek 17; sood bnalneas. Ktoetf a. Ann 
^loana week -St. ' A. 3C. WIAUBLSB. 

£ ST. CLOUD. — Dartdsoa Opera Hoose (B. T. 
^Oarldsoo. mgr.) Vema >Iaiy Stock Co.- we^ as; 
(good perfomanee and bnabwsa. .Onfaemn 
^tartalneia Jan. 1; -BlaA Gbook 5: -Moonabincr'a 
-;Daogliter 7; The Bdwery- Kenrqglrl 10, 
I 8T. PATO.— MetropoUtan (IV. W. Scott, 
t Andrew Mack week 24: (air tmiliiess. 
ilrwis week 31; iWalker Wbiteslde -week 7; 
• Urn Knrpby Il-lS. 

-i Gimnd Opeia Hooae cnieo. Bays, ngr.) 
.'Hie ttamd Boy week 91; .good wnpan^- and 
-^bnaiacH. A Boo of BeM week at 

«ar Ska«be (I. a ToBoa. assr.) Tba Bo- 
tMDlaaa <«cck 24; pat4u«' b u i is ss. ' Tbs- TSB- 
lee Doodle Olds week flL. ' !« - 
Orphean . neetie (Obas: Rock i»f) Taa- 

ICTlUe is draw ing wdL JUS. J. VMif 

SI. nm.— Opeia BoMe .(LDdO* 
ngia.) node Bl Haildna'2Br 


BOOHlfVUXZ. — K. of P. Open Boose (G. P. I BEAXBICEi— Opcni Booac, AB a i fa hm a Me 
mgr.) Cinderella 19-SO; flne_ show and | l^amp 23; good baalneaa. Baa'a ObL tB4n 

Brlntoo's VoTtsg Plctorea 28. 

IXHCOUr. — Oliver ThMtre (Frank ««-iiniiia, 
mgr.) The Liberty Belles 18: lair abow and 
good bualneaa. Ibe Irlsb PawnbnAcrs 20; good 
boslness. Wcafa Ulnatrels 23; good sliovr and 
bnalneu. Bra Viagllay 25. 

I<}Tlc m. X. MlUer. mgr.) Beirlan and Uack 
In. Brrdon's Dog Olrcns. Bates and Bmest and 
moTlng plctnie* week 16: good bnalneas. 

star TUeatre (Ik'M. (Sorman, mgr.) Beflned 
T sndeTll le Is a tfanct ing Immense boslnesa. 
HEBRASKA OIXT.— Orerland Tbeatre (Wood- 
' * Bntgaaa;-' nera.) West Miaativla 22: 

«ttroa>in»._ Hotjama la Omb 

MIMOilltf ■ ' '■ • |a^As%d!nU tba BUU 2S; 'ne lisnlsga' or 

nesdre. The DarBng | K'j^.gO-. , 

. mm. good bniliieM and pet- _,Sr'5fez555 IS*"? 
Bstlba Kalleb week Jaa. I. I^*»n Knighthood Waaja 
<Hmpia neatte (P. BkKt, laii ) Ilaiaiil i I " ' &lr rctMM. 


Oeg«Biy Xhsatia (P. Short, mgr.) Way Down I ba a lne si, _lla»g Bugs JM>; pk aa rt fair 
Bast week 2S; good boslneu and pe iXgnaa nee. 
WUtOB lACkaye week Jan. i. 

Grand Opera Bwae (Jno. O. Slieehy. mgr.) 
Bnsr laiy's Vacatlan week 26; good baalneaa 
and serformasce. EeUar week Jan. 1. 

CUombla Xtaeatre (Tate A Wddleton, mgn.) 
Hcxmann, Macy and Ball, Qalnlan and Hack. 
BedToQl and Wlociiester, Bryant and SsTllle 
and Bonnie Gayiord and others week 24; boxl- 
Bcsa One. 

BSTlln'a Tbeatre (Wm. Garen .mgr.) The 
Bocky Boad to Dublin week 21; boslnesa good. 
Wby SlOa iLcaTe HoBse week 31. 

Gbycty. (O. T. Oaartaci, mgr.) Bnnaway 

^la -week 84; good Anr aad bnalness. Tanl^ I ilacton, mgr.) Soth^ and Marlowe 
ntfWaCk 'U. > r l • Inaaasood. Xbe Blnla nnderllned. 

\,^^S!^JSP^ '^L9' £S ^ ^ ^^^JS'^*^V.iS^^'^^^ tf""- St"e«. myr ) Ho««id 
intr nte week 24; good baalaMa aod jfifiiiui lglet»e Oa. IMD; fair bnslneas. Boa Ton Bor- 
anee. Tbe Bonaway Boya waak-SL-r. ^ : JlaasaHS^ 90^; tab boalness. Biyaat'a 
' Slandud Tbeatre (I/. , MckgSkMk,; ^ Mg.) 1 twyigaan Go. 25.37: A Wlfe'a Secret SMO. 
■naer UlUea week 24; goad.abow aad MfiSg.! — — . 
The Dtoplana.week 31. . \ 'U: ■ NEW JERSEY 

GWbe Tbe^re (H, P. Heck«, mgt,) Ja^\ jammo OITT.-SaToy l»«atre. Btbel 

tSKiS!'*''!"^ *■ O- WIH Be Girls 

MUB|25: apaa^ »; Boward Kyla 27; Oyer Niag- 
ara Mia SMP; On Oie Brtdga at SUdnlgbt 80. 
Tonng's Pier and Theatie. .dforlBg plctncs, 

Bunwuud- Tbeatre fW. J. Burgess, mgr.) 
Woodward Stock Ox. week 24 In Tbe ChHsUan. 

Oipbeuui Theatre (Olrl Btfter. mgr.) Fran- 
ceaca. Bedding and Oo., BaroD'a Barleaqoe Me- 
naeerie, CSias ntUAer, meBe Wordette 
and Oo., Joe Flrim, Oorla Wo, 3hiee wx*^. 
and. moTlng pictures week M. 

H. 7. BOOEL 
XAVOHESTEB. — Opera Bonse (B. 





index and Wblte. Nellie Bak^, 
■er, Xbe HodaoetbL BdOA IbT 
Beasebnan. VOmv.- aaS Widah., BCwta Goald 
and moTlng pletBatf ««^ a4; good boabien 
and abow. VfSXj J. 1>ASUiz. 

.1. "f ... CQS.EBm at. 

BBOOnZEIJ). — OeGmr (Fred. Sb^lnsoo, 
gr.) OTdson fMihnin. Oo. 2547;- good bnst- 
ssB and pleaaed. Walker ' WblteaUa 27; ca- 
pacity ntons. Ber IWal Sin 80; caaeded. 
C baae j Uater Oo. Jan. 14; Tba Bankers Oblld 4. 

llHIl.TiTnOTHK. — LoeHa neatea <S. B. 
Xyers, mgr.) John GiUUh' 18: sood ' 
boalness. - Haaa - and 10: 
fair bnalneas. EMI A 

Fnttr ~ 
Oo. week 2B. 

CUHTOB. — IBttman Open Booac (Wm. P. 
Jarrls. mgr.) A TMp to Bgypt .»; flair boose. 
Hans and Nlz Jan. 2; Tbe Basker'a ddld 10; 
Dora Thoise 17; V^l>en Wooien Lore 28; BeUo 
BIB 80. 

good Taaderllle. cttiw tia 

Steel Pier. Batqr'a 
tlooa'are drawing. 

Selnx Pter. iBnilnesa la 
as nnsement resort . 

JZBSET mTT.— «Uoa (J. W. 
Totmg Buffalo 18.83; S. B.. C 
Slncer es-30; James OWetl Jan. _ _ 

Aeidenky (Prank B. BendcnoD,! 
Baxter Butted In 18-23: boaiae« 
genlc Blair 25-30; Al. H. 

Boo Ton Theatre (T. 
Ccntsry Gliis Ott;^ ' 
ness. Mascotte'a 
Bellea Jaa. l-d. 

Blebard Oarle In Tbe Mayor of Toklo began Us I 
lirtb week 1. ■ i ' ' 

Princess Tbeatre (Henry MlUer dtreetoc) Vfi- lU 
garet Anglln In Zlta beglna her sixteenth CMM-° |l 
ity week 1. ~ J% 

Joe Weber's Tbeatic (Bobert Stone, mcr.)K< 
Tbe Pttoce (Bap, d aaed 80 , to gtaa-wa y rft ^^ia ^ 

new^ li arl ei^S^*^^'*^^y^^^^^^^^^ 

Crlterlaa OMba (CHa.- MhiiB, > mgr.V 
Ethel Barrymore la AMea MtfrdBi P b t sultW , 
upon ber aecood week 1. •■■f. Ct J 

KnlckS(t>oeker Tbeatre (Al. Baymaa A VTT 
mgrs.) Xrltxl Seheff in MUe. ModlstJ atdtW 
npoo ber second week 1. \ L. 

oamck Tbeatre (Wm. B. B«jnoli!a>«r»a.> 
Beniletta Croaman^ In Mary, Mary, QaltQ Ooo- 
ttaiy atarts npoo. 'bew-ascoDd week %. 

Garden Tbeatre' (Henry W. ^T*e. smgr.) 
As Te Sow atartS' npoo- its «ec«idLit«lk 1. 

Lyric Tbeatre (Sbotiert BA»fr.Sfes.) Babes 
and tbe Baron euters^'Dpoa its .s^fKl week 1. 

Bcrald Sqn&re Thntre (Cbas. KixflSian, mgr.) 
Olga Netberaole coatlanes the attracOon here.: 
, Ker Abuterdam Tbeatre (Klaw A Brlanga, 

^A^^^SSL^i&JSr " ■ — 

vny fxangucoaa^Dnaga saau ■! 
BraaSway to Ihla bsose 1. . 

FMd'a Tbea3a (IWm. B;,' HL^iW^I 
F. Dallay bcglaa the atadb' — — j-»-=^' 
Agent'l. - • 

^«?J«^c ThaMsO, B. nakatr. "fr.) 
rle Cabin battas laat week 9f^^ 
1. Tbe BcdcasOw. ir navld ' 
glren 8. 

IHaneni Opera Boose (Alex. Ud^ 
mgr.) Mrs. Lefflngwtil's Boots opens I tor _ 
week, foUolwlne Edna May In Tbe Catcb of tbe 

' Liberty "nteatre (Klay A Brlanger, mgra.) 
Tbe Gingerbread Man ataru ivon Its aecmd 
week^ 1. - " 

The Bippodrome (Thampson A Dundy, mgrs.) 
Tbe holiday boalness at this booSe tests Its 
cnonnoas rs p s clt y at evMy pertortnance. 

Tacknue Tbeatre (M. U. Klmbeig. mgr.) 
Walts N. LafwtcBce began tblrd wack bia 
wl* JIB - - - _ - 

raXiXOV,-retatfs Tbeatie iO. r. Wllkersoo. 
sr.)'Baaa and Hlx'Jli Biod boalaaaa. I^un 

ItoMJV; aianaess Btbefc Aa. 14; JebjT 
and' Hyde 8; As TViU- ia Hie RUb lAL- ' 

JOPIXir,— (New canb -Tbeatlc <Ii. a", 
mgr-) Oentnry Sto<^ "Oo. IsaO; fair 
Bose HelTine 24; line sbMr ' " " 

Niagara r«Hs 25; good - 1 

HanCom Jan. 2; Nancy Bsown 6: A 
Keya. 7; -Pretty Peggy 0. 

New Lyric (Obaa B. Hodkioa. msr.) 
lln and WQson, iWDey Ferris Oo.. Cbaa' , 
rell. 6ree:t Gay and morlng plctnrea week 
good boalnes s. . 
KdBHAB OITT,— wmis Wood (W< 
BgwAln. Co., Dsts.) Tbe TItglnlsA 24-27; 
is/LMfi"} The taMddes Land jS^D; Pan- 
!]lBa-=Shll dO-Jan. - 8. ' 

OWiautlon Ball Ok' W,; 'Bbaaae.lBilL) Dar- 
JtaV at tbe G«A v^K'-BL' '* " 

Grand (BadsiB B Talak 
week a4;: Mr AowVua 
ney week an. -,• ' 

Tbe Gflllsa (HL 8. BK^bam. nsr.-) „ _ 

a great City week 24; good Hnenr aad Hf lia8l-| linftr ICorpby, Mattbews aad. 
~'^J^,E^^.S^^^^ ai. (era wedc 25; good bnatsesa. - Taaajr'ftlae; 

_ And ltarlnm (Woodward A Bnrgcaa, mgra.) | tor and Bis Band, Jsa. DCHKtnai aad'Oa- Ifa: 
-Aivmid the TCrsrn week 84; exedlent perXorm-land Mra. Jbnmle Barrle, Qoarler. SaBy and 
an«and bnalneas. Baney GOmore week 81. (Sourley and Mmpby and Elands week Jan. I. 

wpbeom (BkMn T^Hansn, mar.) Broomstick I Stats St- Ibeatie (F. B. Sbalten, mwr.) 
wltebes. •OxIm, Fierce and Maliee, Jaa. • B. I Tbe Foor Hontliqts 21-23; good boalness Obas 
OdMn and others wedc 24; boslnesa good. Bos- 1 Grapewln 25-87; line boalnesa. A ITespaate 
"•'JL^^**^ Borsea week 81. ■ Cbanee B840: Street Singer Jan. 1-8; Qa tbe 

Oenttiry (Job. Barrett, mgr.) Tbe Utopians i Bddge at Mldnlgbt 4-d. 
2?^ Hv,*"* ??^?*" ^ P«- aykr Opera Boose (M. Moses, no.} 
jMsb BeBes we& 81. I asiS Shanaon SB; good boalneii^^Hlfiia 

. J^.''*^*^^'^ WaUOaum, mgr.) Tan- iticto »: 8pai«U SB; Btfward BMrl&'C 
Ity lm tt_.waek S4 ;' -geoA-bortnaaa ai^- ' — ■ ■ 

- ^-i;* to tbe atage of Oottam. For 

'vu %Jj!^9f*&2^^'L'''-'ll'*"^l^*:^*^<Bk aosclty is pnmded bt Tbe 
•*"* *%*!l'AMBin>^u lOraaBw; .at, SBlr^ .^nrty-Are Mlnntea from 

Ptoetor, mgr.) Ber Mad \ 
TUban Stock Oa. 9B40. 

mtfT) l%e BdncatliK' i 
anplie Ibeatre .^; 
*aale week i. • ■ .— . , 
Blaney-s Zbeatia (V. B. Bnck^ mgr. 
t the WIM Weat mitt 1. 
Wal<bnan's Tbeatre (W. S. ICIbrk. 
l"&ocadero Burlesqaeia week 1. \ 

•Proctor's (B. c. Stewart, inkrj Florem 
Troope, Barrows, Lancaster Col, LobOk Dreaaer, 
ISaee Eeatoos, Jack Nopworth and others 
w eek 1 . . Z3 

PERTH ABBOT.— 'Wjlder " Theatre (H. P, 
Foot, mgr.) (aampHn'ii-.Eeij.^Oo. week 18] 
good boalness. MorlaB PJctarea Jan. 1. 

Sweet'a Mnalcal Bali (£>. Sweee,^mgr.) Le- 
taido aad Boiward, The iidalMnss, IFlo Lewis 
aBMf-w a^ 25. BasMt^od.Veek IB. 
mMMtOM. — Tkent .TbcatrcT. (Bdw. ~ 
.) ABiertiB aad JcaHA^air ~ 
Aztle San, 

TOBZ CITX. — Christmas week dladoeed 

.at, SBlr^ .:liarty-AT< 
,^',' "it jk e', ptv . -jBaab 
laUjiu qC YaasaB ' 
to wabofa.llBrie 

MetJopoUBus OacB 

and the 


- _ >y CXB^UCBt P^ZfOC^D* I 

san'^pad Imalnear. P ietix IPesgy 28. I J?** , - ---- — 

lkl3m»_«»^_ Opera Ba^ (a, «. Wat- "^S" ^m.-* 

eBMB. mgr.V PrettyT^Sgy ao; giod bnibiess. BtaSsfs.wSSSw-JS'^ 
A Trip to abvt as: A Poor BeUtton 30: Mfl- tSS^SSaSPraStoi >Ma»« 
died goBand ?an.,g; Barry Beresford 9. ' Im^Sl mf^SMtWaflim^ 
_»IiATTBBUBa.— Opera Hooae msmpaoB ik Jan. 1. • . ''.■^T^r :. 
TMmble. mgrs.) KbiK of Xsaa^a SB: good botf-l Bodson , neatHb-' 
Omtafai Akartt Ju. IS; I«ccun 16; I Man abd S^fetmat 

Jmm. Ootn. Oo. 24. | week Jon. U . - ..>. ... , 

■ •1HUsna r fc r ii T» .— I Bal dlrlB Tbeatre (Geo. H. I -Wallack'a Tliaette (Xia. Tkill '^j^ mlmi i 
tBodotf, ngr.) A TMp to BkTPt 17; good ib<nr Wm. FaTetAan la Tbe SOBwr SS'Stm 

Haw aad.NIz .ag; leased fair upon his eleveirib week Jan. L 
»nT- SR. — S .'^SfS^iF^^t-^Boat Mel: | Bljon Theatre (Benry B, Sire, mgr.) David 
^ ^'rSS^tn. ^ i? *'-*^ ^- °^SS? ^ elgbteentb week Jaa. 1. 

rSf: V T?SyiP*r* ft^MdaWS at A Owatl Madison Square TbeBtre (Walter ». Law- 

S**"* jy.^W.rniBBa^ -BfrJ. Dla-I tbe BoK. '«penB bis fourteenth week 1. 
^ paHoHB- 1 MsBbattan Ibeatre (Hasisoo Grey Flake, 

^.f^£l^'-/<w Ti n, > ^ aad After Ji on. ita foortb week 

Star ■ njaatie: -(Gso. H. 01end<a-f. m^.) Go- 1 bete. ■' ■ 

ftvtb and Dtyle.: B.. Gumr. J. T. Derine. SS-I BsoaSmy Tbcatn (a; W. BburwaB. mgr.) 
Tcn-aaa morbic plctnrea- wec^ : 24. Bnalaesa | Teranlqae at^ttJlSi tnr- — ---^^S*^^ 
•^d... - I SbivF Tbcatia maak 


ek this bonse. 
- - - --t. Theatre (B. Bob- 
lason, mgr.) ^odeTl|e\bls of excellent clsaa- 
sre sbown here. 
Froctor'a TwjKty-tSbd Street Tbeatre ((Jeo. 
GrabaK, mgr.) TSie Tauderllle bllle. 
se If of excellent elasa. 
TMrd -ATennOfTlieatre (A. H. Woods, mgr.) 4'.:* 

Bace tor K% touosa Dtalefs la Wblta . 
'omen. week ea A ' -i. ' : 

TbaUa Tbea|K'f (Somani tt 
T. Ala^0 Is tbia ssat 
Last week Tbe Qoeca a( .4ha : 
bM attention. — -iaii -'• r-A- : --'j 

▼letoria Tbeatre (Osesr nsaaaiiililaV inu:) " ' 
nae, Taaderllle itetfws Mg attendance ttettT^'-' y 
: Ooioolal Tbeatre (Percy wmiama, mgr.) ■»-•='■ 
eeuent TanderUle blBs emmnand attentloQ ' 

Bnrtlg A Seaman's Music Ball (Ben 

tig, mgr.) Fine Tandeniie Mils draw eapadty * 
boalness to this house. 

AH i sna jra Tlieatie (Fetcy WUllams, mgr.)' 
Tbe TaoderlHe bills sbown .here are of bi^i.-'/V; 
claia and wen patroalaed. ■ 
»>ny Paator's Tbeatre (H. S. Sanderson;-?'- •/< 
). The TaodeTlUe here iBTarlaMy packs tbeJ;pi^ 

KeKb'a nnloa Sqaaie Tbcatie (B. F. Albea, ^'v.'''' 
gen. mgr.) TandarlOe . MBa of steals ez-. ^^4: 
cellenee. attaact Ug baataaa bera. -'i 
Defwey Tbcatie (flalBiaa . A Krans, mgra.) ' ''f- 
The.Batabaa^ tUa till »ii tbe Bose^dell ; ' 

g.— Opera , Boose (Wi- BBMitiB.|K' BtCkett Bad ICitr Tlamiaimr cater apoa 

r and 1' f iii(1 liiiifrtM ^TtHsT I **" dtteenCb week of Tbe Walls oT talAo i: 

*~.,Oak IB aad wfek; «qd''baaaea,| Bmptae Tbeatre (Cbss. Fyotanan, am.} " 

I Artssna and Peter Pan began tbe 

-Daly'a ncatrs (Daniel Frohmaa. mgr.) 
I Toot tbe town departed 80 aAer ira pi«a- 


Nenr Oentmy OUa 
this boose week «C 1. 

Miners Bcnreiy Tbcstxt (BMltrll; . 

mgr.)' Tbe Ketrturtr Belles sn bcia'wsA ^ 1. 
tollowlng tbe XoiT Kbldesa. 

JOoer'a Blgbtta ATenoe Tbeatre (BMa O. 
Miner, .jngr.) Tbe Brigadiers are here week at 
1. sneesedbs the Fay Wister Co. - • - 

AtltaOe Ouden (Wm. Kramer's Sons,' mgis.) ' 
Fine TaadCTaie bills attract large attendance .i . :i 

HtAer's Museom (Jobn B. Anderson, mgr.)' ~T - 
iVicaks and enrloeltles Ixdd attentloa prcSlUlda-'. ^ ' 
as oaual. ii 

Circle TSieatre (C. W, Williams, mgr,) Wine^^v 
Woman and Song followa Hie World Beatara.- - J 

Gotham Tkestre (SttlUran B Tiaaaj' iia 1^ ' " 
iWee-* Bartaa'a Big Gaiety 00. MOfm^i^Si 
'World Beaters week of I. . .;..rjv.#^-5i-^^ 

Fual^ Tbeatre (AL Onken. '< mgr.) Ttei blli:^ 
week ending 80 named: (Jcrdoo and (Xiarai, . 
Tboa. osnen. Qua Leonard, tbe Ia Kailca, 
Brace -Miner- and Haysa and Wna. ' > ^3 ..; ' ^ 

Palace Tbeatre (Frcoi ~ 
Tbe btn-weck doata 80 1 
Oo, tbe Jla JotsaOk;. r 
and Bamer, tt«LBa^~ 
and BliAe. 

BBOOXLTV.— Sioadwar (Leo a TteUej^ '^^ > 
miK) Tie - Bdoeatiea at Mr. Pipp week. IS: r^ .' 
Iba Bta&a la tbe Cbss week Jan. ^l. - S -i^- .7 


Kan Star. >' 

J InA Crjreua 

AtlaBUe City,. KJ.,aarmuiUti'u.. 

AtlanUo Clar^-N.J..DoylaPB. 

Albuqr. M. T.i. Pnetn'a. 


Jobn Anunoods.. 
....Sid Wtm. 

mS^SIoo. WIb.. 
Atlanta. Os..... 

Atlanta, Ga 

Ansuata, Qa.^. 
Bar City. ICleb... 

i.Btar .h*.**** 
.. MaJraUo....; 


B." CL iDaalartli: . 
i«m''«-VL THwihwoii. 

Belllosbam, Waal>..Qraiid.-.. 
Btrmlnsliaiii, Ala.. ..Majestic. 

Batta, Kent. • ■ • Famll} . . . 

Battle Creek. Mloli. BUoa 

BakeitAeld. Ckl Union... 

-■ im""*"*! MarylanJ 

B«ioit.vma. .Wert BIO*.;... 

vBloanai^iia. HI;.^. Caatle 

Bnffftlo^'M. z........ Oardeii.. ...... 

Bridseport. Co&n...PaU'a 

Beaton. Mass Ktlth'a 

Boaton, Maaa Howaxd. 

Bwton. Uaaa 

■ . Addreu Hacoker. 
.. C.V.M. Aa8n..%7 S. ank;CMNMb' 

... AddreA a Manager. 
...Wm. Mom,, sw. MT. a 

.. Ad<]ress Manager. 
... Addresa Manacer. 
... Addreea Maziacer. 
... C.V.M. Assn., 67 S. Clark, CMcaso 
... AddreM Manager. 
...F-E-Camithers. M.& J.B'r.,St.IiOula 
... Addren Manager. 
... C.V.M. A«UJ.. »T 3. Claik. CtdGWb 
... Addreaa Uanacer. • ■ - ■ » 

... Addrew Ifanaicer. 
— ftA^JC Aam.. wa caaric, CUeacOi 



BrooUnS^Xi T.. 

...... Wm. Avery. 

K. ebouT:. 

K. B. Mltchtil 

J. B. Keatli>c...» 

......Oarl Xjutlirop..*.... 

xuatla A fltoaa'a..- Stan* A^Sbaw..... 

Ma....~..8.K.IIodcdon. St.Jam*BUL,N.T.O. 
Addrsaa Manacar. ^ T 

.. Walkcr'a Moaae. 


• • . Ampliloa.........' 

... KemM9r*a.....— > 

... flnttiain 

.. b B. ■Walkar.. 

AMresa Maaaccr. 
■ ■0-K.HodsdOD. St.Jl 
- Wm. Uorrla. $W. 
. 8.K.HodKdon. St.Jl 
• Addieaa Manacer. 
Addreaa Manacar. 

SCBcooklyn, N. T Ii 

SCanton. O.. PaUn.. 

cantoii. O Oarden. 

K Colorado Si>sa,Colo..E:mpiTO....^ 

£' Oolmnbna.' o. Pboaalx...... 

S. Oedar Baplda. la... People'a. 

C^'Oadar Kapidai, la... Andltortan.. 

Glqalnnad. O Colombia..... 

&;Ciiicl]matl.~0.... ....Casino 

Kotlaiaiat,~lIIdk...... buob.;. ...... 


^CCblcaso,'!!!., ' ■ " 
f-.C3ilais». HI.. 

...Hfclk MoftflB.. 
p. O, winuuna.. 
P. O. WUllama.. 

:W. T. Grover..... 

^ Cblcaso, XU,. 
tCUeasit, HI.. 
fCblemMO, ni.. 

— ,ni- 

CUrk B t. JWaiw ab..^^ M- 

■...K«lUi'« A. A. 

, ... .l^yrtc *........«.«. ••••^L 

2.''Crippl*Ct«Uc'ODlI.Palm •••••• lilfi" 'iill'L' tl* 

e -D^a«'TeK« MaJeaUe KaOm Pttacheet. 

■} ■f*iafT *r*i "* F'1 — 2 ...IT. o. 

... Addreaa Kaaacar. 
...Addreaa Hanacar. 
••'YliJ*""^ « w. atii «.. N. T. c, 

aadnaa Manaaer. 

...Addraaa Kaaasar. 
.. Adftaaa Kaaasar* 
■ ■ Addreaa Manager. 

Addreaa Manacer. 

Via Hnco. Addreaa Maoaaer. 

&KrW. TV Addreaa acanacer. 

K. C Aadamo.... XJ.Uurdock. Aahlaod Blk. Cblcaco 

Any F. WHt Addreaa Hana^. 

W. aLOmWbaU.....C.V.K. Aasn., era. Clark. Cblcaso, 

) n eaam XXKnidock, J-fcim it Bllb OUemmK 

'W. W. TkMmui....XJ.ItnTdock. — — 

Arthv IkMlk J. J.Knt^elc, 

SM J. Koaon Addreaa ICaaacm 

.....M. U^aaa Addreaa Ifanaiw! 

Addreaa Maaager. 

tLOvralaBd. O.. 
.OUnrelasd. O.. 

I Kolacc U 

nMe^ OH.... 

Denver, Col... 

Denver, Ool... 
Denver, Ool... 
Seaver. Col... 
r . Detroit. Xleb. 
: Detndt. HleK.. 



. Addreaa ICaaacer. 
.Bert Plttmaa. Kovaltr. Dasvar. 
■ F.S^^mittaera. U.* XBr^.SUoiila 

. Cryatal, 

• l^rrlo..'.. 

• Novelty. 

• TmpM.. 

. Ci^ala>l......M. 


.MMartlB Back.... 

..... Iia Adama 

......F. LetTCT 

„,,JBtarj Lnbelikl. 

. XXItedoacTiablaaA Blk;. (jbkaca 
■.Addresa Uanaser. 

• Addreaa Maoacer. 
..AdAaea Kaaacer. 

• C^JB^jUMaad Blk, Cblcaco. 

■ Addreaa Kanager! 
..Bart Plttmaa. KovaMKDanear. 
fUC.Ho«|doii. ni TliwillM MTCl 

aTCOMR. U1.........BB88 

Taa Rlvar, Kaaa.... BUoa .... 

. . FUl lani, Uaaa....OMtBw-;.»... 
r.WM River. >taBa.., MIcMaaaMB.^ 

: Ft W<a:t£^^r....;.lM«Me..'... 
Ftel Wovui,' ViK... Ctuva< 

.X I.. OnaoB 

> O. DavlBa 

,.C. B. Oook. 

.Al Hayaaa 


i'iibs jlpa'tt^.' 

Addreaa ICanager. 
•Addreaa Manaser. 
8. K. Hodadon. St.J'amva Bid*. N.T. 

,Fitauo,' C a l ....'...4^. ■ II ... 

naaoo, Cal Qrand.. 

v,(W)ace»ter. N. J. . . . Zmplra 

UiXm Tuna, Vt. T.. Capital...... 

- (noveravlUe. N.T.... Family.. 

' Onsd Baplda. lUcb.Oraiid Op^** 
' Chaea Bay. Wla.... guon... 

**~^^kaa. It, J...... Uaplre 

'priaca. Ark... Haspy Be 
. ^.JrrtaisK Arlc. Xajcvtle.. 
«.KadBnB. Can. 

Itoa, O.. 

Baaleton. Pa 

V Bodgbton. lUcb.. 

- Hooaton. Tex 

' Bonaton^Tes.. 


TM CM, Mich... ... 

.MM. ill..... 

. #8pllW, lto.» aaaa aa»»g 

; JlgggTlU*. Wis.... 

. Kaaaaa Clty.Kan... 
r Swaaa City. Mo.. 
1 baaaa City. Mo.. 
I ^baaaa City. Mo.. 
> Kkaaaa City. Mo.. 
' Keooabak Wla..;... 

Kegcok, la. 

Kekomob Xad. ...... 

l«e a » ac WM t h. Kaa 

ifnnaaa, ctMi 

tanalag. Mleh 

Xxia Aagalea^ Cal.. 
.Ixa Aagalaa. Oal.. 
Loa Aqgalaa. OU.. 
■■- pea Aagalaai, OtI.; 
<<ea Angalaai. CU.. 
toe Angrtea, Cal.. 
Loa Angelea. Cal.. 
Loa Anceles, Cal... 
I«advnie, Col. 
I.yrn. " — 
l<jmn, J 

. Addreaa Maaagor. 

•F.acarrutbera, M.* XB'g.,StX<oiila 


Asan., 67 S. Clark. Cbleaaau' 
Pittman Novelty.Daavcr.OoL 
•^ittman Xovelty.Haawi.Oal.' 
Be Manage?. 
AlWyerarnWcat UttWL 
Addraaa Managar. 
Addreaa Maaagar* 
~ V.M. AMn.,'^S. Clark, Cblcaga 
<^^» TamaamM*.T.C. 

People'a. jC. J , 

lCBjaatte......*.......Kcd . 

Katl OBal. ............ R Xa 

Oc yto e tt ai..........M. MU 

Tua'a......M.MM.. u, 

BUoa , 

.La Salle.. 

. Crrvtal X 

People's. ......... M..Ja, X^l 

I ijoDdoc. ■•.•«•.'.«..•. ^vr* Ct. 

BIJoo ........Ih X' 




.C hat f 


^iecn . . . . . ............. c. w _ . 

AndltactaM.......... Harry Xatxaa. 

.Pataea, ............~.T«emay 

Wm. Mamai, fw.maL, kt. c 

...CV.M. 'Assn., S7 8. Claik. C9ileago. 
.vAddreea Manager. 
..CV.M. A«n., ST 3. Chuk. Cbleago. 
. . F.E Carrothera, M.& XB'g.,St.L«uia 
. . Addreaa Manager. 
.^C.V.M. Aaen., 67 S. Clark. Cblcagq. 
... J.J.Motdock, Aahlaad Blk. Cbicaau, 
.. CV.M. A»Bn., CT s. Clartc. Cbleago. 
V w. F. Hei]deraoD.«ra.Claika^Cblcaca. 
. . .A ddreaa Manager, 
- - * ' ' * **^**^dTri 
f. Addreaa Manager. 
M. J. Cunning ham. 
AUdraea Maaagar. 


AOaraaa Hkaagir. 
Jbo. Naab. Uttlqna, ... 
XJ.MIodock. A^Uaat 


ZiOgaiaaport, Zad.... 
Little Bock. Ark.. 

Mnnole, Ind 

liaaltowoe. Wla... 
Mamphla; Tenn..., 
Mempble, Tena.... 

Marlon. Ind 

Marlon. Ind 

Mahoney City, Fa. 
MUmakee. Wlr. 
Milwaakee, Wis. 
Minneapolis. Minn. 

Minnaapolls. MUm 

Marinette, Wis 


MWr Totk 8Sr^..».«To(kvlll*....;ira.»M. 

Naer TOrtt gty..— eNawTork I- - 

Haar ToMc CKr * American.. 7... 

Maw Tortc City .•Oiaad Op. Booaa. 

New York City CDIoalal.... 

Kaw Tork City Alhambia.. 

New York City ^•Oaway.. 

New York Clty....;.^nM 
New-York City..... 

New York City..... _ 

~ ' ..Burtig * nMmiw' 

. Vnloo Sqnaia.. 

. TooyPaatae'a. f MSfb. Banderaon, 

..Pfo eU n'a tttb flt... JprBablaaaa. 

. Proctor'a St... v. BL Gralaam... 
..Pivctor'aUEtb«b:.J. T. Fmee. 

New York City Victoria.. ' " ~ 

Jww York City Family... 

"~ *Waataad 

New YoA City.. 
New York City.. 
New Yoik Citx.. 
New York- City.. 
Naw York City.. 
New York City.. 
Naw York City.. 
~T«w York City., 
.few York City.. 
B«w Yortc City.. 
lliMr.T«ik Ctty. 

Kav Talk Cli . 
NaaHi iui »wlck,y 
Niagara Fana^N. 
NnJolk. Va. 
Norfolk. Va. 
Nortolk. Va. 
Necteilk. Va. ^ 
HartnlUe, TeanT^ 
Naaalmo, B, 
Naw Orleans. lA.' 
Newark. N. XSTT. 
Haw Haven. ~ 

Naw Bedford. 
Oakland. Cal. 
Oakland, Cal 
Oakland, Oal 
Ottumwa, la. 
Offdan. Utalk. 
Omaba. Neb. 
Ornate Neb. 
Oehknab, Wla. 
Paraona, Kan. 
Patearaoo. N. 
Paaaale. N. J. 
F uualik aepeleL 


Fw rttM dL ^W^ i 
FBatlgBdL ^ka.. 
Boatlaad, Ore.. 
Port Horoo. M^. 

Portsaoutb. O 

FbSadelphla, Pa.... 

Philadelphia. Pa KeltbJ 

PbUadalpbla. F 
FBUila. AU......I 

Feorta. Bl....... 




Pawtaekat. K. 1 
Fawtn<tot. S. 1 
PIttabunr, Fa... 

Qnlncy. Ill 

BiebmoBd. laid. 
Rochaatw. N. .1 
BockZord. XP.... 

mnTa'a a • aka 


Joea, Cal.... 

Ban Joa^Cal.... 
BaaJoae. Cel.... 
St. Iioala. Mo. 

IkUa 8. D... 

■haboycka. Wla 

Bontb Bend. Ind... 
BaaPVandsco, cal . . 
Ban Francisco, Cal . . 
BanFraneiaeo.Cal . . 
SanFranclaco, Cal . . 


BaaFranclsco.Cal. . . JEatplza... 

aaa.gtanelacft oal. DnlQge ..^ 

Beattlaw Waab. Ctystal.......^ 

Saattlai Waab Comlaaa... 

Oeattla. Waab Central. .., _ 

S«ittl<^- W^ tflaaaaaaa MMBl» » ««»»« y ••••••••VM********** *f' ^ 

, ■•••••••••••^L - 

SMttIs; WaaH. Star.... O, 

SeatU«. Wub P3tiiUrMr...,...-....^gr_^ _ 

filimninnD.Pi» Ffc mUy.. ...b...,W. D._NIeM*:. 

Sta^FWlla ]UlB.saa>a OVplMliniaaaaaaa****** *• Ce 

8L TmnU Utaa ttnln. A. ir«labalx. , 

BiCtaMW, mdh JflaaB....e..*.».. — Sms ICsr^.. 

8t* JoZ^i^ N. H.a»a X'Prtt*»» «»»»«««»*««»*«« g^^* * _ - 

* * ^ * ■ . 



Waab..... IBHaoa* - 

, ^ N. Y Oraad Op. Boaaa....C H. Flammer. 

SprnvHeld. m Oalety S'&S^ 

Sprlaglleld. XII Bmpire ...TOMt 

SpHaglleld. HI Olympic ...J^_gt 

Bprlngfleld. O Orphevaft.. ........... Oaa Ban 

Bprliwfleld. Maaa... PalL'a. X C. mddle. 

Bprtiwaald, Mo....,.Btar.^..... .O. B. Olandarf . 

Be b enectady, N. T. Mobawk...., 

Ba cTame ato, Cal O ak P aik.... 

Bacramento, Gal.... N4nral^^..........'MM ..i^Tr 

Baata Cms. Cal....T7Bl«aa..... 

Sta_AatonlOk Tex.. Majastle... 

o. Cal. Braad way.c . . ^ 

cal.... Ji^.—lty-.-— . ^ — V%irmm9^ J 


, CU.. ...... Nowal^.) 

^am Mkana, Ibd... ' 

TMaBo! O 

Vofaatis, Can. 
- N. J 



VAUbmdLE THE«ITHEs4Boiitiaaed 

'Orrr -^^hea^^ makao er bc^su^^ Kepbbbenxativb 

Tmromk, W««h....jBrB«t J.... A..^.v. ....^f.. AddnaKMasaMr. - 

Ikeoms. Wmali .tSsiibX.^.lM >.D.<9roric7 n i|Jlliinii i 

Vuoma. WHh...^OiHa^.-.v7 I II Winlii ^glilili i M llpium 

~ IS. Waab.»3^0«Bb«<u(-T.?. ^.vr. B. Hori>cek..^BjL<kl>«M Snuser. 

N. T :.'urghcaA .-■j....... WllarnxftVliieiV^^ UcrrU. « WJiawK VIA 

, Jf^Tn^..^ Dtti^..X...^.„^^J3m.nd Burr.... - -> 

A. C VMr:«y.. „ ^. ' ..,^^ 

yietaria. B. C7t — Hatoy — _ 

Vlctorls. B. C.—..iiiar...^..Kr.Ma>«.>i. 

Victor, Col Or»iuI<,.....w...;.i. 

Xfmoi. M&lerftlo £«-...... 

W««hl««t«B. D. CChaM'a .t. 

WtUarboxT, OgaB...Jaii«H« Opi. Hm*.. J. W, 

Watarloob juhoaotf a.;. ^ E. B. 

W«t>b CItr. iVrie^..^.?. ^ 

WtaMllac. W. Va — BljoajK..«..^..^. Bkirr Bodcan. 
Wonaaiar. mar |..Palaea...^a....^..VfHir«yMrii«rtl« 

. B. l... gal». ...I^.......».^ J. W. 'QaaUK.«< 

~teB****** DiiiQna*a«**««**BM««* l^ah A Bunv^n. 
^ _ - P^i»»— W a y rtefca^y ■■■w^y* M*«'^P pBfcat aJ 

Iffij^ilta, ITafi I Jft' O^*^^ro80tt«»»«»*L _ ^ 

iraahtta. -TMj«» ■,■,-1,.--' ' -T-C i IK <|IW»i-iriTTr-- V^^' **- M«n««er. 

.Ty...- Mliirt— Manager. 
Jta..V^<Inn Manacer, 

S.._^E-^rruUicr., J.B'K.,Bt.IAmU 

Sa WI((^K.Sdted<ia. ec JtenaaBIA. JLX^ 

'ijkddraaa lUaMtr. 
-.. Addraaa Manager. 
.'. Addrcas ICaaasar. 


, TtiMtie (I«ir Kaiteri^ Bsr.) Tbe 

Beact aC Hafytand week Ss< lfia^«Ae week 

*Gcajilt Opera Honae (iC T.'Tf1(1iTl)i||i!'nnr.j 
Baw'- Baxtar Batted Is m^attii. Ttew Ooofea- 

< (Dndlej Mo&doif, 

A week IB: Sbcc 

I M;. ma I«at'4>ol& nSShs.' K.J 
ronr (Ben 

Dvlulk nuck 

week Jaa. . . 

' Darla and MMwdcy, Laa 

. .r Traope. TtaToOoi Ocatl aad 

TIalat ABciu Potter and HartwcII and otkera 
a Ua. .Jb'i 1^ Mowattca, Okmllte 
I«Mr nai^Bkpa Oottoo. Tta OameBoa. 

- ^^^^ - 1, 

(Bennett WUaoa, iaBW|/ 9»>^IMi 
- The BtimSipamLrnm 

TmrlQ. _Hoai-«ltan CJo., 


Alttoaa Twlaa. Wm: q, WlndaD and BoAt^a 

PoBlea and _ 

Mr. sad Mia Sowatd TllM a di n, 
Mgr. Mr. and Mta. Mark UvtAf. Baa and 
Bendetta; J(az Waldoa. Artie BaU. rtrnm Mad- 

Md Ohaa, "E^eaaa wcA Jaa. 1. 
^^aStr <nuk^''I.. BtalcT, msr.) ' CUlSgrala 
OUa week »: TUbAteiiT^.Makeia wack Jan. 1; 

Ito Woater Oa. week 8. . _- _ ^ 

PartaoTa (S. 8. AUen, mgr.) Dip Tok Ststa 
vvek a^Jtai. IMiM*a Iteteaae week Ma. I. . ^ 

Irewa. Wm. OtMII, Kee- 

_„' 6ar<ai BMthetn. EUI and . DeC' 

!iaer aad mvrtar Bletnzc**waak IB. Ited Kar- 
'Sm.Somaw SOditeta, man^Md Bemlnstan, 
mttW and- wmiteia aad?MWi_week J^aa. 1. 

Oaretr <(Aa. tpaA. ■■&> Ondac Jaeka 
week 25. 
Imperial (V. T. 

tUn Week ». 

Amphkm (W. T. Qrorer, msr.) WIIBaan and 
Walker, Blccatncw'a s,Hane«. Too - Nawn and 
Ca., AlMlnl Kader. r^gp'and Ward and otteca 
week 2S. .... . - 

Oaidte Xheatn (B«w. T. maJtT. m^-i 

Teaale. McATor, KIttto 
18; laxye ^tnmi. 
' SLOTERSVnXE.— Dainns Tbeatic (Wm 
Gaot, mgt.1 Lome lawm Stock Co. 17*19 : (ood 
retnnii. Bowery New^flxl 26; erowded booia. 
Mandos Coneert Orcbeatna SB; Tbe Danltea tO; 
Bobt. ManteU Jan. 8. . _ 

S1unll7 Theatre (P. P. Craft, mp.) Flo 
Irw^aod Walter H«wley. OaocBe aad Bai- 
rtBsMo. Tbe Bertellea. W. "B.^^WbltUe. AL 
Mce aad' otbera' week 2B; ImrineBB flaa. _ 

- J AMMl a OWJl.- ' O a m nera Open Saoe Ot. 
Baii.ViwrJ •rUMtelaon Flcfat Pletnrea 14: 
aoad ihow aad dUr lmebuaa.- Simple Bbnoo Sim- 
ile IS: food attnetton and bnstsea. Baiter 
I 16; pleated tiJr cetuma. Kirk Brvm 
.ood bnilneia. The Old ' Homestead 22; 
-^Bmwn Co S3: iBlclit Bells S5; Comen Glee 
..ii^airetetaoa's V. T. C. 21; VUt, Faff. PouT 
88; A Boral .Ma Te a>; lale .of Bplce 80. 

! urti H x u a mvaiv. — fvTiin«r»ntwt Tbeatie (W. 
a.-MnUard. jn«r.) Vogera Mloatrels 2S; It* 
Boaae of Mrsteir 28; Wlien Loodea SleeBa 80. 

-Vamnr Tbeatie (fttd Dn BamSr, aw.) DU- 
oa and AA. W. WUttle,.D.-B. OaBcr aBd 
iMbeUa B«a; OhMtotta OMte aad " — 
18; - - 

XOOBEBCEB*— C9<e(i — . 
put, pair. ffooC SBOTt P»*au 
die Twaddle -S»ai>: -lbB. ^nn8 
Pateb Jan. !«;■ Tbe Ol a iiaaiaii aw. _ 
MctloiBl (]Iax airtlfc mtr J: aar Hew York 

b^neaa Out. ' 

Baker (W. B. afeOaUnm. mfr.) Darj- OMAett 
bT- tlie . itock compaar week StC exeepttsK 38: 
fine bnalsen. Sank Dei iiliardt.M> - _^ 

Ccrmthlaa (B.. C. Jaeoka, .Mr.) ..B™- 
ban ^IrU week SB; COOd .IwalBeaa. n» Ms- 
le«1((».weelc Jan. ! Ol 
'TjlOTr-^and'a' Opera Boon- OKj; K; 
aon, aicr.)V "^ben Loodoa Blaipa St -a 
llea.ST: Sapcv Hoollcan 9P. 
^netof a Ortswold (W. H. Qtaham. oxr.) 
KtS Bmt and Oarrle IDeMar, Mlaa Bumr, Foid 
aif ' Dot West, and otliers week 3S capacity 

lorcenn Theatre (AL W. rremoDt, mgt.) 
Tka itaek-.coavaay picaentcd A Plaj Witboat 

a Maow. week 18; dcltfitaA laiaa r 

Batreat week' IS. 

Boyal-llheatxa (Wta. B,:BbA, jacBi) 


week Jaa. L 

oao. H. 


toKft} <»ecken 2Mlt^' 
B"^ i e'n t week r^* 1. , « * - - . - ■ 
t«^eeaiB TUeatre (Mik~ UafkUa, mgr.) Xk« 

N. Ti a 

BIsbap week 2S; gr e el leB t patraiace aad (oodL 
peiMmaaee. Hezleanaa week Aa.'1. 

Teefc Theatre (Jno. «. Pe^i^^tt«l.1> Bafto 
Saatos week 25; MalBea aad^^MttnMaee aat- 
lafaetory. Loreza aad-nmatlce"wec8r«a>, "I:' 

Aadeoiy' Theatre (Ohss O. .Steeeaa, isgr.) 
Lured from Hime week 2B; pleased 8a9d,binl- 
acM. Qneaa .at the Onrleta week ' J^a;,^^, 
Vi abea'e Theatre (It. Shea. m«r.) OCMer'ud 
PJxma. Boae Wentworth and odm areek.aa; 
boslacaa sood. inncaa IIcbi. M^HL^'.K 
tcek. BDaalMtb Cbik. Beaxl Mi^lMK.:dM 
aad otbeiB week Jaa. 1. 

I^aterette Tbotre (Chss IC BaW; atcr.) 
. BHtt-Melaaa ri«iit Meterea and The 
Gtrla week 2S; boalaeaB tood. BeOlr aad Wodda 
week Jaa. 1 . 

Carta Theatre (Ciiaa W. KelUboa. m<r.) 
Ivwta'a Majesties week 25; (reat pertocmanee 
;:aad Mk boalacas. Kew Xock Staia week 

^^^u'a Uim t m (Dr. Una. Bici.)_^lii«ai 
'■tit. CSAS. W. OORZ. 

i las Adam It 

BnrOHUnOV.— «taoe Opera Hooie (7. T. 
dark, Bsr.) Jm McAoUffe Stock Oo. week 
;-tS; (ood linliiiaa Klrfca Brown . .Stock . Co. 

■B far two aweka; Sarah Betnhardl .SS. 

coHOZa.— Opm Booie (B. a Oanfc^Mb) 
ffbe OarllBS ot tbm Ooda M; aDOd h^ttA. 
Hadley'i MoTlBS P l etat eB S: fair koBBHa. 
Wbn Landoa Oleepa ST: Vocel'a; 

'tier First ralw Step Jaa. 1. 

SUDXAt—CdveoB .Theatre (X. Bela;- ace). 

■ ;«ri^IIMe JaSripeaeelo- »: Xtar 


smSAIC^T^AeadBBr ot Voale. 
Ktamer; mgaL) 'Sowte the .Wlad* 
" ~ (W.. f.B^nleiif 

Opera Booaa (W.. 
Yeaag Steefc .Oa. w e a k _ 

TUTiTtrmCff-AaaJMif <» 1» .IK 
tt8 wnC 


TAmOO.— open Bonae (O. Pt Walker, mcr.) 
ne Taafcce Ooaaal ttt cxccUrat peEformasee 
aad kaalpeia. BittMiebaa' Flsttt Pictures 23: 
food abov aa* MaaM.. Aralr'a..UIaatieIa 


«lJiU II I1l*T r. O ia u d Open 
witn. aaai .l lama HI wawB - asf 

and exeelUntt 
Jan. 1, 

Walnnt St. Theatre (M. O. 
Keller, the miglrtan. week 2* 
and pecfocaianee. 


sood boalBcaa 

la Kev Totk Town week 

Ue.' Dallay aad Ob. weak ,91^ 

'BflHuoa.'* .OWM Hdoia. Id&k.T. A'L: V«m- 

pamK Fbb. niia.) Tlie jtoek- iwnpaiir la The 

ObrlatlsB week M: good boabMaA'-'. In Hie Pal' 

ace of the Kins week 81: 
Benek'a Tbeatre ' (Geo. Beoek. osr.) - ne 

Qnecn of the ' BlshUndeta -week 2(; ' sood per- 

fonnanee and attenduee. Ttaekcd Aionnd tbe 

World week 81. 

t^eemn Ili aa U a ~<Jiio. . Anm oisr.) Wtv 

Glrla Leare'aHM' week MS fqod ha ala eai aad 

pecformaaea.' n»' aadow BeUaA' " ' 

week SI. . 

People'a ilieatee (Jaa. ' VeD ium/i _ 

-Star ' Bbaw -GIrIa vett Zt; Matana •■1*1(9^ 
tSoraunee ilBe.'. JoOr .Siaas WidMra Sli 

Staadard Theatre (C. B. Ano1d,'insr,) .Qay' 
•3|i*rnla8' CHorfea.' week M; '.Inalnees and <iliaw 
.e^ne"'"^ -BoweiT ' Borleaqnera . week .AI. ■ 
■ .A^tOr.^-ClanM >The«tt» . (mr- bL . ■aOK-tOKH) • 
Bim-Velaoa Flsht.;Pletiircs.-SO«l; «ilr bori- 
acaa. . T<m Hontli^ia'Vr -(dbd- liniHiina. Tbe; 
wabaimtiaiat ai; i>«Tia ;Bari » , Tke- , oacei 
i Bor.'rSO^'Belr/to.-tbe Basrah Jtei^Zr '. 

Ualqne Theatre- (A. PtaUoo,' aicrO 'Ovy^Stisai 
Ok week: 29; :..a9od : bulnen and - per(aiauie& 
H^RI»ng!i0^plgaitogrton_j^eat^^ ^ 

pleaaed bis bnelneu. wby Gbto Lear* BMBe 
2P; line boatneaa and pcrfonnaaea. A Hat. Old 
Tbne Jan. 2; The Hooaler MS t| 
Jack 8: Texas Sweetheart 10. 

n>lfBXTT)!BE,-^hmUl ' Theatre ( 

Brae., Disra.)' San Toy 23; pleased larse biU- 
aCM, . Tbe (Kew ; OoDlalon 27: -Volnntaer Or- 
mtet^»>t aidd'a lUastrcU 80; Slga aC :tte 

OUuS* JMink;;-^ftardeety's thintte (W. 
B. Cox, msr.) Tbe Kinc of Bonnes 20; fair 
boalaeaa. Tlie Tolonteer Oisaalst 27; good boal- 
nesa. Tbe Booaler Girl Jan. 4; Eben Balden 
0; BaOroad Jack IS; Deserted at the Altar 20. 

CAOTX>ir,— Grand Opera House. Oodoe-Ne. 
Tine Co. week 18. 

Bijoa :ni««trc (Jaa. Thomas, mgr.) Bdwardi 
and Glenwood. Fotta and Harte and others week 
25: good b nilneaa. 

(SiETZIiABS,— Opera Honse (Hanr EUne. 
m8r.).The Bam Tne week 2S flue performance 
and sood retoms, 

Keltli'a nacatre (HaxxT Daniels, m^.) Tas- 

aar Giria, Bdmimd Day and 0>., Felix and 
■any, Aadciaaa and Oorrea. !« Aabreta, Sey- 
aad BHI and odieia week SB; bailBeat 

aaca excellent. 

l^cema (Geo. Todd, mgr.) 
Kayme Geitine la Iiorera a 
25; TiinTiu'es and' show good. 

I^e (Edw. Lans. mcr.) ICAaiicy and I«kk 
Fred C. Sty Ira, Wise and MnuD Oa.-, Oieal 
Alpine FamUy and others week 25. 

CleTeland Tbeatre (Artfanr Oolnon, mgr.) Fast 
Life In Nelw York week 2S: bnslness sood.- 

Bmplre Xbeatie (Caiat. Desxlncer, mgr.) New 
York Stars week 25; boalneea and pertonnanee 

Star. (Seew Ownplien. assr.). Misy Bcnrard 

BMKi O. 

OPLTimui,— Oieat .IMalteni TIsMLfte" (O. M. 

ficftoar. mar.). Vrlts Itt ^Dsmaaay B^ 20-21; 

S leased giod bosfaiesa. ISie Bclr to the Boorah 
S; capacity bnalneaa. Tbe Maniige ot Wm. 
Ashe Zi; The Bald and the Mnmjny 90. 
. Grand Opera House (W, W. Proaaer, mgr.) 
[Brltt-'Nelsan Fight Pletnrcs 18^; good bnsl- 
ness. The Fanny Mr. Dooley 28-27; pleased 
fair business. . 

Bmplre Theatre (Fred Ii. Neddemeyer, mgr.) 
Ont of the Fold week IS; pleased good bnal- 
neaa. Dorothy Teiaoa of Baddon Ball week 

Blgh St. Tbeati* (ObaA W. Ekncr, tagr.) 

Side Ikaekcd IMk Mr akaer aaft^ 

Vby Glrla Lane Bom SMSi_caa« 
The T.lghtheiiae ty lhs Sea 95«: xak» 

W. C. UOftB. 
OOBBOOXOH.— Sixth St. Tbeatre (7. P. Ckl- 
han, mgr.) Balah ot Btioog 22; tab' alkow 
aad bnalness. lAtsyetCe, tbe Great 23;'. good 
aboar and fair bnalneaa. My Wlfe'a Family 25: 
food ahow and S. B. O. The Fatal Wedding 
29; When We Were Twenty-one Jan. 1; can- 

c«led. Eisst I^rnne 5. 

SEKlnSOir — Opera House (Geo. T. BUsa, 
mgr.) Tbe King of Bognes IS; fair boatnesa. 
B. J. Brwood Stodt Oo. SMO, ■ 

ZV8X0BXA.— Aade^ Oven Vaami'' Ifii'^i 
Osoiitall. mgr.) WlaBA «C Oa M: fdoa'-bat' 
aesa aa< ^ erllBim a a aa. . IDn a«b tAua M. 

tn ms- 

' anXSBOSO.— <Ben'a Opera Beaae '(W. T. 
Ayrea, mgr.) I^dlea Oemooa Orctiaatra 32; 
geased fair attenduice. Bon Oranr- Jan. 6; 
T he Hwo Johns 22: AIoDg tbe Kennebec" SI. ' ' 

JLUHTOV. — Grand Opera House (B. Dlelnon, 
mgr.) Sandy Bottom 23; big boose. - Boater 
Brown J an. 12 . 

T . dWCA BTEB. — Cbestnot Street Tbeatre (W. 
B. Cotter, mgr.) Tbe Great I^fayette 23; 
geaaed big boHneas. Deserted at- -tts Altar 
28; good bnalneaa. Tbe Heart of 
York State Fulka, onderllned. 

ana— VeAedc Tkeatfe (M. B. WIUaBU, 
BV.> HMn'B naoHce 25; A Bat (M Tine 
28; Tbe VBDr Bihtlais 28; Wtsard at Oa 80; 
Guy Stoek Oo. Jan. 1. 

XOBTB bALTIXOKB. — iHeanAa OBaea Beoae 
_A O. Benry, mgr.) Along tBC .Xeaacbee 27; 
Ktna^ Komedy Co.' 28-80. V. 

FiaUA — Hay*8 Opera Boose ^Cbaa. TtalftT 
mgr.) Ban Toy 19: pleased ^^ae "a^Knee. 
Sandy Botton 2S: canceled. iBlad^CrAV2Sc 
S. B. O. Ch eckera Jan. 4. _ ; j 

' 8ABDU8KY.— Grand Opera f'%sate ' (Slnllfr 
* Smith, mgra.) The Black' 9ook 22; latl| 
retnms. Mlas Bob White SOt' good bnalnesT 
matinee and night.. Brown'a In Town Jan.. 1: 
Side naeked 8; WeU's Band 7; A Hot Old 
Time 8; York State nilka 10; nie Bte oo the 
Box 15. ' • 

SgBlgOTTTTil>, Orand Open Booae (L. J. 
Dalle, mgr.) Saa Ttay IS;. BleaaaC flstf bnnneaa. 
The Bam Tree-. 19: aifitliBt. '■atnoage>>" ne 
Booatcr GbrI 32-28;" fab ' taafienT^SMrloek 
Bolmea 25; good show aaa bufteaa! ^ Tbe 
Belr to the Boorah 27;. The Smart set 28; 
a%e Idttle Homestead SO. ' i^. 

Otphesm Theatre (Gna Bmi, mgr.) Great Se- 
wald, Bartbelems, I«aoard and . Drake, wa 

BIce'a IMoeated Plga week 18; excellent bnal- 
neaa. Mr. and Uls. Otaaa. D. Hammond and 
others week 25. 

BTU B JUUI Vm a.— Grand Opera Bonae (C. W. 
Maxwell, mgr.) BlIaworth<s Morlng Pictures 19- 
20; good bnalDeas. Ths' BtltUlelaoa Maht Pit- 
tmee 22>2B: good' atteadaaer.' inj-'aUa Leaye 
Booe 25; large boalaeaa. - Btiaft «t : Chicago 
Jan. 1; Al.. O. FleId*a-MaatidB Ss-TtaBaS: 
O M Bmne afead . 8; SttoOtta M.' 

Tmnr,^Boblaa Opera Bofat.fObaau V. Col- 
Un8..:BUir.) ~ Tbe Uttle DaehaML-JS: .saed bnal- 
neaa. .wbCD' We Were TweMy>«M 18: can. 
eeled. Wlsard of Oa 20; talr.'ifeair giU' bnal. 
twaa. Blaa Beb White 28: flae abow- aad bnal- 
neaa fair.', ne- Oflee. Bop 98: Bla- Blghneaa, the 
Bey 28; Dtaertcd at. tto AUar Jan. 1; Vol. 
.onteer Organlat 8;' Well's Band^A; York State 
Violks 8; Svater BNWn 15. -i . - 

TOLEDO.— Valentine Tbestre -(Otto . SIlTes. 
mgr.) Tim Hnrpby 25: good bnaucas snA .per> 
(Drmance. cbeckera 30; Uttla. Cbay- Iadly jka. 

■1-2. . ' :.:r- ■ : .-. 

■ Lycemn ^ba«tre'- VMk 

BeMhd' thecal — " 

bnMneaa: A'" 

Jan. 8. ^, . ^ ^ , • •_■ • 

^'nmHie: .Theatre .'(i!be . Shapiro. '."ttiiir.y 
Golden CMok wrei .91; llpe' abowlan^ ,cuaettf 
.,^i>^ness..,Dal«ty. DnclMas' week;-8|^.^4,.V' . , - 
Ardide' Ttteatrr iB.' .ifiaaUbn,',. qwr.jj.'XMll 

Maaa aad. otliei»:ire«ki'a*; ^-"* ~" 

Male PatU wecfc' 
•'^3inl:'s.''11ieatTr-"{ii;. -v-K" - WUkf Ui 




Orttr In. 

Union Elevator 

144-6 Ontario SI 

&Hnelln Ce. 


WANTED, Medicine Perforprs 

Sketck Team. CJomedlan.- Boabrette.i 

All kinds otDCiiEaiiBSCStairaMaaB 1908. Sal- 
ary reasonable. Add. HOU.(B A, BAIIjET 
WAGON SHOW, 1215 Oak St.. Houston. Tex. 

Itano player to slnjr Illustrated songs, or 
wltbsoomplataonCOt to give balf boorea 
Only the b«at wanted. Oontlnaoos show. State 
wm buy machine' and films. OUXMOBII Nir 
DKOW, ftamoot, O. 

Doden cmbLnot wlrcxl for batberte^ 

CnP V A i K—^ genuine traak. A UoU with a Bj/aamr 

run SALE Bod. o. tr. BABTON^ 

Tnsoalooaa, JB. > 


iNDiASsi ifmitill naafaiaiib Siiia 
abort nouoe to all caapaatfHa anaagaia I 

ajul other sbo«& 

Addreo Valantbia, Ksh.. Box A O. SBAWJ 

II H mOHS VIIXE.— OpsM Boaae (KiTin A y* 
Ostran, mgis.) The Mlasaarl .GIrl IS; geo« 
booae. Olnclanatl liadlea Otebeatra 18; cxcd- 
lent bostneas. Brltt-Kdaoa. rUkt':sr' ' 
My Wife's.. Itamlly 98; The .Taaa 
tCB: A Tcxaa.awaaOisait Saa. !:,: 
Girl Jan. B > ■■■ 

WAPASOnEA— ermrn Theatre (A. J. 
Broira. mgr.) Mlaa Bob 'White 19; good show 
and fair baalBeaa.' Tbe Ma 

28: Saady Botteai-Jaa. L. 

WAKmr.— 4)Mm.Baaaa-<Daaa 

tcellc. mgn.) ' Mack Ckaok 87; tatr- I 
F our B imtlBga 28: 

'WIumieT0>.-^4)pent Booae <DeB D* VSoaib; .; 
ragr.) Bndolph ' aad ' Adotph 90; exeeUcat aat- 
Istactlon and tUr bnalaeaa. ' 3Ibi7 ttaeiaon 80; 
sign ot tbe Foar Jan. 15. 

YOVBOSTOWV.— Tbeatre (I<ee Nortaa, aigr.) 
Intematloaal Stock Co 1848; fair '■ ' 
Bace for Ufe »; Tba Oi« :~ 
soD-tBritt PletiiHf 0: GbaetM'-Bt : 
Time 80.' 

<^ra Bcnae (T. ' K. A&angh, mgr.) 
Grea t Lafaye tte 2880. 

ZABZariLIZ. — ^Wellcr Tbeatre (J. O. / 
lead, mgr.) San Toy 21; 
ay . neld'B Minstrels S9; 

Tna Uarrtage of Wo. AShi . . 

^ a|iow. CM'>"Bgd-B07~ SA,..-: ... . 


FBOAmzmA.— Z^ne racatre. Wvit ai.: 
Mrs. -Kf>ile« carter la' D« Barry;' baalBaaa'' Uff. 

^e aeart «( Maiylaadt 
nwatrc. . Weelr. '9tk 

Never Ten, with 
of Otadlda: 
8. WUlBA-k 

irrXIbeatre.; . 1^aik.<>al^^iniiik.'.': 
'Bme; geOd tmummf'St^lMty 

Week rta. : 
'^road _ 
IWy In Yi 

In db' the 
Jan.. 1. same 
'Oieatnnt S 
Daniels ' la .Be _ 
Jan. -.l. pune attraetloo,: 

Ohestant Street i 
Olaser - In Mlaa I 
Same attraction week 'Jan.' I'.". 

.- Walnnt StifWt Theatre. WeekrM.' 

Olcott; oTcrtlairlng' .bouses In tBmaad' Baito 
Week Jan. 1. same attraetloa/ tX.^A :,.'.- ;:; . 

- Tark Tbealye; — — — . 

TSfiertotre; ; good . 

^^and.Olpera Home. Wcclc. SB, Tlie' Saia.-ta 'i 
"Down the. Bike;. Mg bnalaaaa. Week ' JIu.: .1. 
Bap'Ward In The <»after. 

Olrard Theatre. Week IB, Tbe . CbHsttas; j 
ezeellent. bnslaesa. Week Jan. U Bvw BeartSj 
Are- Broken. 

VRktloital Theatre. Week SS, l%a Bbr^ar'a 
Darter; : good bastheai.. Week Jaa; {« -Qar 
'Nw- York.' " ^ i'. 

■ 'Peoiile'B- Theatre. Week SB, Tbe Ontpe- oc .' 
Drink; big bnalneaa. Week Jaa- 1, Daagnt-'aC ' 
'Woilflog Q&l*, •• 

" Hsrt'a . Theatre.- Week. 2B,' The PkcUay .OM; 
good toslnesi. ' Week Jan. 1, Big HeartN''7|B. 

Blaney'a Aidr St. Theatre. Week, JAM^tW 
Bia Brotbcc'a ,Orime; caoDaooa baalaeas, -.Weisk 
Jaa» l,.:.3L'Uaa. ... 

' Staadard T h ea tre. Cbst Ufe la irew-<!;;Teck 
It the ' atock: week' 2S; good " 
Jan. 1, For Ber CUIdiai'a Ba 
'Eeiiif't Cbca^nt ^t. Tbeatre.' 
d«mie., atllL' '^CpBtlnoea to. ' 
" — ^'?h«Ildar Mm 

shtig 'att 

IdaFa^i. !f«"t-35 : j'.'!.V.'.'Vif''' 
• jjWWj ^tTB. ! iH ro^^gj The HWj; 
-airlap:«li kMaaaA- viWMt. fta. 

.VI *' A '*'' '^— 






FtrtyFive Minutes From Broadway" and "George Washington, Jf, 

Are posi|i7fily. restricted and cannot be used in pablic, ■WetakeUusmetiKMl.of aoti^ineperfoimersaiid^manageni thatt^^ 
iiliis tiotica wiU Be iHNMecAited. • r . . GEORGE M. COHAN^ ^ 

-^•^ '-vj ■ • . (&»i£:nea) SAM H HARRI" 

i v| The SoojE$ iR tkir Above are PuklishBd ky JF. A. MILLS, 4$ 29tti N. Y 

yt*A Aa. 1, «M Mtrry 

Week SB. The FttttoUn WU- 
ffK vtirtjjp ag!., Jan. 1. Bow B,. 

w-Cmwil jtbMtie. Week Dec 3S. AI. Beeres- 
'..0».^>Up'fialM«. Week Jan. .1, The World 

V^^SaS^Toiil^Tbektre. 'WRk a lUsIit chanse of 
inaiiaseiaeDt. lUrtliis Vec. 2S, this boase oon- 

. ttnun wltB' Its oU pcOIcj of reSned TsnileTllIe 
to fair TMDlts. 

Mnseom. A onmAr of ttartllox codoiltlei 
and (<ood TsodcTlIIe are ilrairliic well. 

.BOB WlAfTI, 8oe Waloot St. 

ALXOOVA.— EleTentb Ave. Opera Boose (I. 
O. MUhlfr, ' m«T.) Manar and Jlackey Stock 
Co. Zt.QS': S. B. O. Bowery Borlesqaeis 22; 
cood staow and bnslness. Kolb and DIU 25: 

rsbow and line boslness. Uooollstit Halda 
fine business and cood sbow. A Bace for 
life 28: Princesa Clilc 2B; OlrU Will Be 

: Girl s SO ; Sponcles Jan. 1. • 

<ASQiJjn>.— Orand Opera Honae (O. H. 
XaadefeM^ mcz.) Tb* Toal -Honsc 8; Sue abmr 

't-mtutSHSum: Bad griri-falasas Other Peopte'i 
WSSa3Sl titali - akow W fair boslacas. A 
'HUUoaairOTAiBp U; good show and lioalneas. 
:''A«nM« UWiSocklfa 18: tali.aliow and .imalneaa. 
:e«nlde^ockiCo. es^: Two UtUc Walla 
Jan. 3; 'Nelcliborlr Nclshbors S;' Tbe Unmmr 
'.and tbe HomTnlngMrd 8. 

. ' BEBWIOK.— P. O.' 8. of A. Otm House 
•{r. B. 'Kltctaen, msr.) NelsMMrlr/ NelsUxns 
. S ; Oora TlMicn e Jan. 1. 

' " nWWHVlLLX. — Grand Open: Hooae (Wte. 

A.'. aidShaflrtr. ..Ba.V Watermelon Xnst 20: 
' Air ■bov.iua MM taiatW ' .'Sast Doar St: 

The V)]lasa,:«Mraii^ 

(F. A^' Bhlnatooek, mcr.) TSPUaamr iad tk« 
v: Hnnml^^ 5S2S?"iim«. ""SS 

ite;Ba«E^o««*rt.oojfaB. , 1. J^- ' ■ 

X ■■itMBS MWnnWBinte.-— Mev/ Oraad Opera 
>%iHoase (F. ^ r. . Beller, nsr.) Fanat U;- ceod 
i£rbasiDcas aiadrpaCfn^BBce. .Orer Niagara raUa 
f >U: falb.. I«tnnss;i4i^ peilonnaiee. OsrroU 
-.OamedrriOft. w«elrlj|ia. B. O. 

i . WTTi' Miiwnr . 3^tn (Jdo. . !>. Qllaon, 
I- acr<) Xlie ma anicatcad 20; excellent Dal- 

' >acaa aad- perSannan,ce. Bight Balls. '28; gaa^ 
' : tctoms. ' 8aaa^. SaaA '2T: good bodMaa. Oheek- 
^ era 08: CUr...PAirj Potrf 2B; Bfanple Sbnaa Slm- 
SO; ntCilMe of Spice Jan. i; Borglar's 
»»' Daogbter 9.8.^^?. ,f ..> ' ^ 
$2 . Park Open >Jlai>se (Jao. 1.. GRlson, D^r.) 

■ — - ■ B€»l Blnghr 12;^ toodV' basl- 

ir M: crMrdM booa. " l>n- 
W»r?Sr?w"jS!a<5^ «?; 
— 98; DaaoOgr Lewb Co. 

Jl^ -,. . . 

JOBJ|MiUWjte_CtaiM« «aali« : (B. W. 
' Bbtt^^SttXWtt nacked »; good boslseaa. 
■ Bam'tS':dtttSmt: netattt TLi good, boslneu. 
Tbe Old CIotBe* Hin' 22: fUr koalMaa. ' Bowery 
Borlesqnrrs 28: good baslnces. Darld Bamm 
-S; S. B. O. Intematlcglal Stock Co. 28^; 
Ob««tf r Dc Vonde Jan. 1-7. 

LAITBDALE.— Opera Honse (D. O. Attaer. 
'UEr.)- KIii« of fTrunpa SI; pleased pseked hooae. 
. -/Vba Wdnlgbt Flyer SB: Oha Boly City Jan. B. 
v^v.-IalXBOBE. — Bbowalter Xbeatre. (W. A. 
i'T 8bowalt«r, cngr.) Black OMok 18; excellent 
fonnancc and . patronase. The Old dotlica 
feilCa n 21; aeod'j artormancea and business. 
^' ' .■ UEVmoWV. — Temple Opoa Ooua* <X, Zi. 

Ttm Ml . 

tXat Thialia "(Hf O. Bnrington, mgr.) Ble« 
and BartCB'a Oalety Co. 18-23; good ^mr and 
business. iTtoeaderoa 25-80: big baslneas.' Jer- 
sey unies Jan; 1 - and week. 

family Tbeatre (Dan UcOoy. mgr.) Oregny 
Famtly, Three Baneyt. Sastord and Darlington 
and' others week 28; Imalneea good. 

xmrsnuc.— Opera Hoaie (Hanr Ociaao, 
mgr.) Bnster Brown 25; good tmstacas and 
Bbow. Sbnale Slmoii Simple Z7; Oreat Lalay 
cRe Jan. 3. 

' WABBSV.— UbraiT Tbaativ (T. S. Scott, 
ao^.) Simple BSmoa 8Ub^ SS; plaaaed big 
't ntlnes a Bnai» - MeOsnn • Co. waek Jan. 1. 

.WZUJAIOBOBT.— f^eoailBB Opera Honse 
(ti. 7. .Flak, mgr.) Al. B. WUaoo 18; good 
tnsliMMS.' Bowe'a' Storing netarca 18; good 
boainlniL, ' The lale of Sple* 20: fair abow and 
boatne^- XM' Boljr Oltr SI;. Mr boalaeaa. Tbe 
CMa|.irMa«.aB: vIaaaedjB00« boauiaaa.-. Cook- 

• ; ■» ^OliTH CABOLiNA^ ' 

esitBZaBSOV,— Academy «e Music' (a B. 
4Iatthcira. asgr.) ^ aowiag the Wind 18; fair 
noiineaa. Saraga'a BngUili Grand Opeca Co.< 
83; good bnalneaa and flu performance. Dayld 
Harom 38; WUton liackaye 28; Bobln Hood 
Xti, Kyrle BeUew 28; Blchard Uanafleld Jan. 
4; The Bnnawaya 5; Tbe Dnke of KllUcrankle 8. 

OOLUXBIA.'— OolnmbU Theatre (F^ Ij. Brown, 
mgr.) SOTTlng the Wind IS; good pcrtannani« 
and .basinets. BngUsb Grand* Opera Co.__21' 
packed honse and One perfomaaoe. Bobln 
Kyrle iBoUew 27: Mm- -Taa ■■' Wlal ik 
Kersand's Mlnatrels Jan. 4} ~ ~ 
S: The Bnna waya 6. 

OBEEBTVnXE.— Grand Opcm BoM <B. T. 
Whltmlte, mgr.) KcoMdr Clajtca 
week; good bnalneaa and pactemaneaa. 
Hood A wh«n Kennedy Players laid aC} 

f.^fdQnney. mgr.) t>tbtt PMdara/Mgwr-. 18: 
^fpod company, packed bona*. l&MllMHr.Si 
giMTs eampany and bnslnaaa. Slda^nakaA - SS; 

. ^company, packed hooaa. ' Ska -Hair.- City 
• rrwtf ^kffllwit oompaay, B. -B. Oi.'. Mneaaa Obie 
.^>Aa:|»S;: Spanglaa 10; Boyal Slam IB: Malik- 
llMrJNelghbora 17; Midnight Ryer ST; Heart 

p;;^aajt»nLIX<-Alcad«a£««- Haale - H. 
r»$lhS^<a^.) She Wd^^ltbMrtMa U: plaaaed 

• e. Onela Tw'a Oabia 20; iilr Ml- 

Mly TSramp'SB; Bnatar Brawavw; 

i^Wt/^CijtktBSA!i^.lL:. n. opera Honse iJ'. 
?.,B» ■qqqld,^mrr.X:- Olrfaaa tite .l^i^klea 18; fair 

: :£aX)r^O«amx.— 0|«ra Hooae V. Oeok- 
^ -.Mer, d|».TrBbDple Bteon Blaple 28; good 
Vakghr aSf biMtness. Gradoc-NcrUIe Oo. SB- 
' {28; (good . bostness and penformances. Lyman 
-^owc's;:Pletnres Jan. 1: Smuy Booth 2: Tbe 
" Boy 8; AI. O. rield'a HlnattcU «: Boater 

OWV.— Grand Opera Boose (Cbas. 

v^— Bonthlwcll. mgr.) Uncle Josh Bp iu ceby 18: 
^Vaalr, abosr and tMislnem. fCbt Sine of THuops 

./joj^food ihow and attasdaace. A ^" 

'^mp BS; pleased fair IIIMia' r~ 
^Unr, Across the VoeHta Wi 
..3taek. a». WM k Jan. I. .. " . . . . 
. .(nL'OirT— Teilieck AeatHf iflaik M^«k, 
. :ificr.)^BBtke-MoOaan week Wj.jna* ^ fim » aaA 
.'MiDCM. A Boyal BUra SS: vm/k Tml» .OMIa 
« — — ,Bntt4MEa riM Pie- 

■•Jan. 1. 

Theatre (T. F. Kirke, mgr.) . 
the pnmkln week 28; Ug baalneaa. 
_ Brothers In Ireland week Jan. 1. 

J^fcln Tlieatre (B. M. OoMek. mgr.) 1^ 
\.-WBnL.In ^le Gratfter .week 2S; bnsinees and 
^jnmtaUiet good. Til* Old HomMttad weak 

Orand (Batty Darla, mgr.) HIigh J.~Wli^ 
r.^d::-leaale laett. Piccolo Mt4ie(%^riU B<|g«ra, 
'-nM8..-Xeatoiia,-0bazIatt».U>«y«lv Qsnrpi: aad 
8W*B week SB; baalneaa Mg. 
■^■mtm (B. U. Oallck, awT4'; 

week 28: good ibvw and bnslnaaa. GU* WU 
be Qlrls week An. I. 

Gayety (J. B. Qrr,- mgr.) Bowery Bnrlaa mur a 
week 25: good show and big bnslniaa nn»- 
pean Sensation Bnrleiqaera week Jan. 1. 

Bmpire (E. J. MoCnlloogh, mgr.) Tbe Sign 
of the Craea week 23; good bdaCiess and per- 
formance. At Plney Bldge week Jan. 1. 

Academy (Harry Williams, mgr.) Sun De- 
r«re*8 Own Co. week 23; fine . a how and big 
bnslness. . . L. L. KAtn<UlAN. 

402 Pemi bidg. 
POTTSTOWV.— Grand Opera Hooae (Or. C. 
M . VandersllCe, mgr.) Bljon (Jlicns, Tayloc 
Twin Sisters. Unalne and Gandy. John Walsh. 
Cramer and Oasper, Arlo and Arlo and morlog 
pictures week 25. 

Aodltcrlom Family Tlieatre (Amole A Elnney, 
mgr.) Ben Omear, 'Schelly Trio. Halnden Broth, 
en, EUlott Brothers, Dlda and others week 18; 
baslneas good. - ■ 

SCBAHTOH.— iLycemn Tlieatra (A. °J.' Dnffy, 
mgr.) Th« Isle of Soice SI; S. B. O. Olrts 
Will Ba Ottla ZT; TlwOooniT' Chairman SO. 

Aeadeny <H -Sloale (A. t. Omj, mgr.)'. Oooa 
HoOoirlMS; fair ahane aind bwteeaa. Bog 
tax's Baagkaer M-Wr aood atwi 
Inma. Van «> be Pified fhaa 

aa^^M Hnmmlngttlra 2840. . 


OSAXTAVOOaA.— Opera Boose (Fan! B. AI 
bcrt. mgr.) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 16; good 
hasloMs and fair perfacmaoee. IFlainioS B«to- 
erts 2S; fair business and excellent sgUaeUu n. 
John Griffith 28; Fahl OUmoie 28; Baae t 'M- 
bambra 28; K einand's Mlnatrels 80. ' 

QAUiAxnr.'r-Aadltarinm (T. M. Anderaan, 
mgr.) Gtttdctalla 80. 

XHOXVniX.— Stanb's Tbeatrc (IMta SUOb, 
mgr.) IMPew«aMetta 8to$. Oo. 1848: good, 
baalneaa. ' Pgnl GUmoK 25; .laiga .baalaa*. 
John Or lMth 2 8; talr.baalveaB and food afaoW\ 

KdOnmiX.— BoaeUtt'a -Qpats Bnaaa (B. 
Brown, mgr.) Beggar Mnet Opera Oo. 28; 
good vertotmanee and laica 'banieM.' Dlxla 
Tanderllle OOw ST-80: CUdodla Jan. 4. 

MUMUHtii —MMwr k^canm >(T. Oiay, mgr.) 
ILewla Morrison In Tmmtt 10; vleaa«d.'v>od bnsl- 
iiess. Florence B«Aerts 1I8.1I8: ' good : paitronage 
and attraction. Sbe Sbepberd King week SS; 
ninl OHmore Jsin. 1; Florence (Darls 2; Tbe 
{Tenderfoot 8-4; Uttle Jobaay Jooa* 8: . 

(Bijoa (B. 01. 8taiiijbacb^|r.}: Bair lBar*a 
Vacation week U; 8, (B.' !lK^MMM.'tke nr 
clflc 18; good bnslness. ; . ' ' 

Grand .(A. 3. iMonlaaa. mgr.) Itoook dlln' 

itrela, Bedford and 'iWlnehcatcT, IB^r<aa and BMb' 

Held, Kelly and Tlolette. Tinea iNenioa and 
,^1^ ^ 

.-';;•"■ TEXAS ;•': 

BEAXmOirT.-^-Kyle Theatre . (E. 31. iWelaa, 
mgr.) Dora TMne SO; tatr boslsesa. 

OI<EBnBBB,-~Braiwa'a Opera Hooae (John B. 
Johnson, mgr.) Gertmde Otwlng 18-20; good 
tmslness: "Scggsr Prince 41-32; capacity bons^^t. 
When We iWeic- "Twenty-one Jan. 1%-' Beggar 

'Prince Opera :Oa. 18:- Dg^ .» 
SAlXdike-Opara Bonae' (GM.2^||ra 

pleased fair basi- 

Ae Bbow OM IS-lg; goaid 
neaa. aCfce- Baa aw ay OiHa-M: >le 
neaa. LttOa fabaviMnaa UM8: eapadty 

aaa. Baaaae^sa] I*)' fair bmdneaa. 

Base, and Lcbmo, Unrpby and WlUatd, - Alma 
■rd BanaHeld 21 ;- pleased large aodlaace. Tlie 

aiajestie Theatre (Nathan Platahek, mgr.) 
Bcae and l>moo. Msrphy and WlBard. Anna 
OiTMaley. Mai lUAerU and others week 11; 
bosiaeaa good. Kit Oarsan, Olem Maglll. Maekln 
and wnioa, Oareaea and Bnrttm and otboa 
week IS. 

XL VABO,— (BUoa Theatre. BMard Mass- 
fleld 18; good perfaramnee and Bae boataHa. 
Bamn ri'a Attw tetlena 8848. . 

aimBmXZ.— Brdwra'a OpaiA BMiae (Ainl 
Oallla, IBMeatle ▼•ndcvOIa Ooi 18: good 

^-^TtaeaeT Tbe 8ebol«^'alrl lit amt 


OMga-BoBie. (OaTe. A. 

WeM, awr.) faaUae BaBU; good amonMnec 
and bnaaaaa. Ohaa. B. Bainrt A; bnalBaai 
balr. Tbe Bnaasrays dg; good baslneas. Tbe 
Bbow Olrl IS^: <alr attcadance. Tboa Shalt 
Not KUI 92; Soea Tbcne S; The Great Bla- 
mood 'Mystery 21: Uttle. Mmnr Joaaa SSiJUIria 
IMorrlson Z7; The School Otrl" 28-80; ^^Btkla 
Hnsk er 31. 

OBK1UIVII.LZ. — Khsg'a Opera Hooaa (Walter 

Bean, mgr.) W. B. Patton la^ good ' 

and ahow. Pauline Hall fair 
The .LUU« Oateast 28;" beary 

Bmpire (E. J. Tamkln, mgr.) Large bnol- 
nesa la the mle. 

XABSKALIn— Open Hooae (Jka. Drake, 
mgr.). ABiert TajMr .Stoa P>. week U, ex- 
cepting ai; iSatr baalneaa. Chaa. B. HanfOrd Bl; 
large andlenoe. Adelaide Tlmrstnn 28; <W. B. 
Patton ao. 

MEXIA.— Opera iBoaae (H. 3. Hansen, mgr.) 
Beggar Prince Opera Co. IS; capacity boose. 
The Pnnfcin Hnsker Bl; iklr . biialniaa Son 
llbome Jan. 12. 

BAB ABTOmO.— GiwDd ttoeia House (8. H. 
Wels. mgr.) Tbe Bbow Girl 10-17; good ahvir 
and business. Xboa Shalt Not KtU 18; (Btr 
bnslness. Little Johnny Jonea 18; good staaw 
and boslttess. Blcbard Mansfleld 20; azecBeBt 
performance and business. Tsylor Stock Co. 22- 
23; fair returns. 

... Majestle Theatre (G. O. I«ke. owr.) Base 
and. LaoMm. Mnrphy and WlUatd. Mermaid, 
MItehtil and Oatn, Be a tr i ce and Leonard and 
iTda -Pet ty , w e^ Ba; bn a law big. ■ • 

BUJUactM^. jL a. ^toenBoaae- (7. r. 
Oaler..aan.) ne Wr Cl^ M; >lji8H «MWda< 
BOOM. Qovft ThoBft SBl 'y ' 

ramlly Theatre (W. S. Ml4d< «0rA Bnll 
Brothers. Klaners. BddIc Madt aaA aWlAK M* 
tnt ea week 25; line bill and blHlMih.- 

arzPHXBViLU— CioWe Opera Bawe IT. 
e... Walker,. iwr.) Jby Stewart '•; .Calr .taal- 
neaa and good abav.. Ise laat Baae eC^ Ssmni 
14;- Mg boataiMa and good petftnauaee. MU- 

aiwaaef ," !? , i nr ''^""*|f ^ . Open 
'Badd. mgr.) Uttle Joimny 
good bnslness, Amertcan 
22 : W . «. Patton 26. . .. 

TZIiEB.— rOrand Opera Soose (A.' HIcka, 
mgr.) Sweet CJorez 18; pleased fair atteadsaae. 
cue. B. BkotiBd 10;. excellent ihow aid.tkb 
boalness. 'Idttle Johnny Jooea SS; ,cipB«Ujr boal- 
ness and pleased. Xooia 'Oeaa . SB; AaNatdi 
nrarstoD 28. 

WA(X>.— ^ndttaatam' Ope^' Bonae (lake Gar- 
flnkle. mgr.) ZJttle JOfanny<J<Bca IB; good bnai- 
nesa Blcbard Man^eld 20; pleaaed large 
hoDse. The Scbool Girl 2S: good boalness. Tbe 
IPnmpUa Hnakcr SB; The Paradara 98; Tbe Gei- 
sha 27. . .• . . 

. Majestic "niealTa (W. JL- Beit, mgr.) Jhnmy 
'Wall. Tbree Troniadoars, Mack Wbeticr, Mr, 
and Mra. Kelley and Co., The TOja, Dare L. 
'Irwin and moring pictures 88 and >a«ek; boal- 
■nese and per<«cmance good. < Mareaa — 
Great Martyane, rctnande-Mar' Xtl%' 
Ttonpe and otbera week BS. : .1 . 

WaTlWIMniTr ■ — Slieltna Opera Hoaae. 
Boaeb at-.Keye 18: good ahow and tiinlnses. 

Pamnjda Hnakei Wt Mr- ahow oad 

The iMt bms.^ aBBpat.aa - 

BtrCLASB,— Opesa.. IBoose^ (Boyle * 
m er. mgra. ) iManbattan Stock Oo. j2840. 
BSBBIBOIOH.— Ubraiy Hall Theatre (Ayxei 

Benatng tsm^Qpeta Boeae (C.Jk. Woad.-*<Oei,; 
mgra.) .ai8M;.alanteU In Slag C<ear Jaa. iS,-.-.; 

.wASHiNortN; ■ "^^^^ 

BEACTTiB (Ireng ' Opera • Hooae (Aha Ooct; 
awr.) - .ne-'Sh»6an St-ST; Baa ahow' and - ea- 
pedty - boateess. The- Yaakae Oaoaal SMO; 
Modleaka Jan. 1-2; OailtOB ; Opera Co. 44^ 
aeattle Theatre (Jno. Ogct. ^mgr.) - The. la^ 
neeent Malda week 25; ' good . JntsIaeaB and 
a p l endi d sbo^r. Dreamland Botlcaanera Jan. 1 
sad week.«^° 

Uilrd Arenne Theatre (Bnssefl A Drew^ 
mgrv ) JoUy American Ttmmp week SS; good 
bnsln e ss. Her Marriage Vow week Jan. 1. 
Star Thaatne (Mdein O. Winstoek. mgr.) AI- 

'Vantagea , 
Boyal Troope, . Bobb|r 


mUnd Hollaad 8: Bae pertaaa- 
aaa fair. Birant A Bwala'a -Tao- 
detlllg 7; caaetM. She TUdacfoat. 9: talr 

aal 10: BBoC l5 

iBg the Otalaa ISj fair 

Tbe Bollaa. of Sain -18: good . 

fair timliiaii Stank B.- Losg. Stock Co; 24- 
28: BUcfc Crook. Jr., 80. . . 

FOBS SV UUl.— crescent Ope>tf:Boiiaa:ff. 
B. Raber. mgr.) Wlnninger IBrstbtia. Own Ob^ 

week 18; trig bnilneia add fair meiij Beeita 

of IG^d 23; Bnltan of Bnln 68:' Boman ~* 

Idea Vaaderllle Theatre (P. J. (TBrien. age) 
Zanlltte aud iMsnstlcM. Frank Hall, Arery aad 
Pearl. Bbrrey Oe Mario and others week IB; 
bnidncsa good . .. . ... 

JABE8VILLX.— Mycra' Grand (P. L. Myein. 
mgr.) iBoman Heart* le; fair tmidneas. CooatJ 
Chairmen SI; 'fair traaloeaa. Gordoa'a Minatiela 
aa;I«nd of Nod ST; Black CNok 28: Bnre'a 
P letnres. W lneiw Stock Oo. Jan. 1-4. 
SKS W ii Wi Qda apaa:,.Baaa8^;iUo8k O. 

) nam aaiB lacakfetB iat:- aaea 

Beerta o( GoId..98i. 

BemlnaiT Clrl Bl; Homaa BeazU Xaa. 1: 
mate 4-7. 

BUoQ Tbeetre CT. 

OoxsTe. I^rauk HaUr 1 

Gandy. Tbe Beanoa aad .aeetbc pletoea 
2S; baalneaa good. 

aon. mgr.) Why W< 
once and bnalneaa 

, t. . OiVtlCB. . act.') Tka 
Bealer aattSiatSe, Otatk 
aad aMettg plctnrca watt 

KBVBBB POIHT. — AaaA Onesatl 
MotSc t 1 


Howe'a . 

Baltaa - e( .Bata 

Qade'Vn'e CafetaT 



KAMILXOX OBT.-et«r Thtjitre~'''T3r'.,.j3i. 
) rwilaon and iVazan. -jess 

bat Stlrk. rapSigce aiiA (« Mq 

aad Holler, Gbariea ~B^ -"^ ' 
IDtfienV CMng Btatoary "dnd 
week 18: bnalaeae good. ' je 
Co., nree avidoa, Shg iJiiliaa^ oaffery- 
Orant. Mllano end Alrlne and olBQs.'-JifME 

Grand Opera Hooae (A. B. lCaadaa:*InK) . A 
<Wlfa-s Secret 92: Sky Varm 2B.'.,' r' ' •" 

lOHDOV, OBT.— Beanett'a (0. W. BenaeR. 
mgr.) Gtiy's Parlor MlnstreU. EUly' O'Oay. J. 
JWaltlioar and Co.. Bobblna' and ^nenkmab, 
Woodford's Animals, Mooroe. Mack: 'ud^' Law- 
rence and Dora Pellltler wedr l^gAod bhal- 
ness and_penCoraianee. , "-^ 

. ST. jomr v. B.— Opera Bodae' (A. tli.lttifa- 
ner, mgr.) iWalte's Comedy Co. . 2ff40; Ug boal- 
ness and good shows. 
York (B. J. Aimittoag. . OKr,)',' Yande^iipc 

r«r. xranUBr— Kaw OnnS \(D: .lUikyW. 
tagr.) Bb-nghncM T1ia"iB«^ IS; bbrMSriMva. 

YoanKStockCnTwieASatsSalrl ' ' 

lined. Vltagrapb Oat^B^iA r ~ 
MelaoB Ptetniea Jka.. !, .. 
. TOXOBTO^r-Mneeaa. (O.. B, 1^ 
Veretr Bary Ana weekis; goofbS 
Plait. Pofif Jan. 14. .• — --^ • ■ ... . 

Grand (A. J. Small, mgr.)i_Ptlmniac'' Mb- 
strel* 2540;' paCEcd boases.', Btfakin^aka Bak- 
ers week Jan. 1. . r^:", - -:rT- 
. Vaiaey Mnalc Ban (S^.Hoonqo. JDgr.X Sols' 
neas good. ' .'.'''.,. 

Star neatre (F. W. Stair, tng^.X BcIBr aad 
Wood'a Big Shear week sTdna boaUM^a. Mias 
>etw Tork. Jr. Jan. 14. . 

Majeatla (A. J. Small, ' ihgr:) Tbe Peddler 
^week 2S; good baalneas. Th^'Wn' of fba 
Jransgresscn' Jan. 1-8. ' " " J; >; QniBOW., 

W0OD6TO0X.— Opera IHonse (O.' A. 'Fyaa. 
Dtgr.) Tbe Ugbtbooae. by the Bt^^tUt bOg- 

WILL TAKE $100:dOv 

DeShidda nai'it/tJB^ni, Tbi ° deaSut*TrIo. . Mai_^ 
CartK. Arthnr Xlwall. and ittorlng. pletoraa 
wkek 28; good boaliwaa. 

Central (Ooa. '0. Pooler, mgr.)- Etald<7 and v 
Bodd. Geo. Berere, Andetaon TMs^ Sadie Bite, I 
aad^.owliaa pletdrae week .28; good boafaMaa. 

888 Bntto -Kitr, : 

\ ' WEST vmoiNrA ' 

HUBTIBUTOII.— Hontiagtaa . Ttaeiatie (J. H. 
Beeber. mgr.) Adelaide Herrmattn B; fair bnsl- 
oesa.. Qnlney Adanu .Sawyer 11;. good baalneaa 
and fair performaiice.' ndd'a MtaatielB^U: 
good ahow and capacity baalneas. . Tbe Onap- 
erons 21; Via Stock Co. week SB, eaeeptlnK S8; 
Ctest on CM rke'^BS. 

XABBUimttK— 4)Beia Baaae' -IT. If. Bas- 
teckv mgr.> Uckad. lit tttt taljMM, ^VkSar- 
" * JClSiL S|..lBat.lllg8 aCJhg Ww.SSi,*' •« 

ntr.). TKBdeTiaeSBW;.4||Si 
^^S ^-gb^^ w .(■■•^"otijiiiSiglSg 8<n» 9M- 

1 ti oup ss plaster. Bomethisg new.*-'W« I 
- for tba profsssiohal psopler to tey.t" 

wlgi,troapses.beer4a,n " 

■wBMwr aU tMa tri cal jy yMesa 

beratabaed atyoor wtrgSsta, write to B^.„ 


|6UMg« FHtt €x^il^^ 

IS^Si .llBli% Sfc| 


Ttx^ B Illboapd 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 




And wM b» pleased to send samples of sam* ca ttN|iiwt, 
toitether with our lowest price. 




-Wants laige- 



BEST LOCATION in the Park. Address. / 


^Fourth Awaae, ^ : 7 1^ 

JMachinery Drives and Other Metal 
:j^^Farts for Roller Coasters, Carous- 
selSy Chutes, etc. Amuse- 
meht ilevices Flhan- 


Crie Av« 





-ror th»- 

Greater Norris & Rows Circus 

(Opens First— Closes Last. 42 Weeks Past Season.) 

Curiosities of every description; new and novel acts that are suitable 
side Bbow. Wardrobe must be In keeping with the show— ttie ver 


ItroEmet tbat can be featured. State positively joor'^a^ lowest 
PaaoartfiBateshact. Bend photo U possible. Also waBt the rery 
'"i^ntlMVSMlh sood female slnsen and dancan. Address. 
" TWr^ : W. A. SHANNON. Santa Cniz, Cal, 


, iluctimMfSr MsdiGiiiB Men 



272 L IMitMStvCHKMfl. 



For Fraak Adams* Soafhern Shoir"?^°°''*^^!?°^ canvasmen: |iso o^or 

■wluuir. BiliTKLa. La. 






Tbe toUoirliis list sItm the wlattr qurtas 
•Cttac Tatlowitai* ^nm^j lnmm and wiM 

a*t all) tbc ~~ " 
rat aiMma. 

eoitfer a tayx _ 
to aay €u«»a or aalniam la 
Is rerlaed tad eometcd weekly. 

AdAOQs, Fruk. Soothem Sbowv Gn roote. 

jji-AmerletB Sbowa J'atanoart, W. Va. 

BMa IHiia ....... liBif rl«. M. O. 

railllla. ShawB Jlctndt, USA. 

^^^^^ »T ~ - - • 

^......JfcQtli MUfort, lod. 

ft Bifltf^- Brldseport. Conn. 

(Kev Task (Mtalk SMT W. Utb St.) 

a.9sctiia.iL ^toa. 

Otaldla ft Onm Sbowa. 

r>initiw)ala1» Gnat Nortben abow 

I«cfc Barea, Pa. 

(MtA, M. L.. Shows New Orleans, ta. 

Craft's Dec and P0D7 Shows Vonds. la. 

Oanct's Vtoderllle Olms .Sacimw, Vleh. 

CXawfcrt's, Old., Shosr .Bed Kc7, lad. 

~' aihas* Wild Wast aa* f«sii Oocfieas, 

«aM».'jQftsflstsvbsrB iit i 

DtshlactOD Bros.* .......^ Danrflla, HL 

Dock's (Sam) TMerlckabnrc, Va. 

DeO—tro & Da Iltz'a Ualted VaD<l«TiUe Sbowa 

..SaTannah, 0«. 

OeCoapt' Show .....Jha IWaelscot OaL 

Dowsle's, AadiTW, flhav ..... Jledloa, N. X. 

DolancT's Shows. ..Jtar Matttasvlllc. W. Va. 
BBis' lOc aad Ms. Wkimm..^Mmm atr. Pa. 
nstaa>s DsB sad Wmf mtm^SSSlm OUr. Ho. 
Pertpatli Bills Bmi? ......... jIMaBfeas. O. 

Ite (Buns) Sbawa r^i.iisln. Utah, 

■tank ft Tliiiiiiss'a TMHrtSl »ow ..... ... 

.................. .......... .^Wspahisif ISy O. 

Bkapbe Oooedr Oi>. Wapakooeta, O. 

rttAce -Brsa.' Sbowa J>etTait. USA. 

g ggtiy Bros." Ke. I IHscilf HtM . Ind. 

Otuixf Bros.' 29o. S ......j. Bl oo m Ington. Ind. 

OMi's Blx Otjmnte ■hs«.....-Wspakaii«ta, O. 

Qlssseoek's (Ales) Sbana Loacrlew, Tex. 

r Kva.* ..... .......... ...Banhoo Wis. 

mwrtrsn Waiter Ctms Iraotda. O. 

BaOilo WQd West JOssoela. Mant. 

Til— Bm'B wild West .Boone. la. 

.SOB Ds arhwa St.. 

Chlesco, m. 

ORflair ft WMII Adv.... ..Back BUs. 8. a 

Hacenteekis ................ .....XhrOase, O. 

Ra«eTt7 (T. ■>> Wt Mat MMT JTtsnktan, Ind. 
HsU. -Wm. Fi^> nMM..-.;....>^jKanea>ter, Mo. 

^^^Mml^»»mJNmt da lac, wis. 
' .k.4..^BnBaTiUe, Wis 


........ •.•*.■•«...'.... .lAllne, Okla. 

and Tar' Ktastrat Clseas. 

HarsresTes* Bhoir. ^. . . . .-. . ..Ohestsr, Pa. 
HsTTOOp ft OhzioU Vested IQuslpels. ......... 

Xineoln. Neb. 

Blnman's Teat Show Norrlstown, P», 

BowsTd's Tented Blitftiels Dttbnqne, la. 

HnMn's (r. B.) Sbowa AtUatle dtr. N. 7. 

Brdbanl's Wild West Phnadelphia. Bt. 

ladlan Bin's WOd Wrst....CUrt<m Tort*. Vs. 
James A Loss Show, ,. .Booth UOwaakec, Wis. 
^ones, Ansntos, Shows. .. .Tooilnc tbe SCTith. 

joUan's Anipltb«atre .Sarana m. 

KeHoR's Great So. Shows Alezasdrla. La. 

J. 3. SUOr'm lOe.ft SOt Show.. Laaslas. Itleh. 

O. P — — . 

Kalcbf* Sc. Cbcas DBBk&t. O. 

Kaott's Pcrftct Show.. .Beldlny. Hleh. 

Ka o a les Show ..HlBtin, Okla. 

iMottitt^u (Owl ....^...........OrTme, O- 

LcMoat Bros .•...M..MM.........8sleB. HI. 

Utt> ton's lOe sad MB 'nHr..BoekTOIe. Ind. 

LoRtta's Shows CotTj, Pa. 

I>e'a (etas.) Sion WDkeabarie, Pa. 

I/ConaiTler Bros.' C71rca*..t Portlanil, Ore. 

t,eopoM'a (Veaak) 8bom......Nocxjstawii, Pa. 

LmiKS BnS.* ShMM OodsOB. Uo. 

Lowery Bfoa.* Shenandoah, Pa. 

Lock? Bill Qoeoecu). Esa. 

Xjoof Bros.* 0b<nr ^Xrclerale, OtdO. 

Mann's (H. A.) Otjeriln, O. 

MsBsaeWs. W. J. PsTlUaa Sbows.'nilloate. Pa. 

r*a fWi. a.)'BW Van Wert. O. 

's art. K7. Show ....OwlnsETllle. Kj. 

roate Sooth. 

1 •••••...IMsnBik O. 

Moore's naallr 
H«rcaa's (7. m.) 
Mto** or. K.) I 
Vstkay's ■n 

Nefi's United 
Hoble's Tent 

& Bowe 
Bros.' C__. 
on on Bros.' Show 


Pawnee BUI Wild West 
PsniBS>a (Dare W.)... 
Panya (tai* W - 
gHsfa, W.- J.. I 

PlCSUflt ft ODbli .«••< 

PoUUsM's Koi 1 -k..... 

PsbUkM's No. S 

Pimilss' D. T. C. On. 
BMd'B Boopeaa nam 

Beno ft AlTord's I ^ 

Beno ft AlToed's (f 
Blado's Show 

VamtBg n«ids. 
XcHnston. Ind. 
■ . . .Upton Za. 
Datntt. Mtak. 

Doitea. Mo. 
....Oaata.. O. 
Baplds, Mich. 
ZatCB CUj.m. 


. ni 


To Gircos >Bi Theatrical People 

(Una Toll tun.) 

For those who suffer from tbe resolts of blood 
poison I make a vlorlooa utTer to core then 
for life, at a trreatly redaced rate. This offy 
(Hdjr bolda sood tor two moatbs. Tbe f 
~ !■ painless, the resnltsurej' 
ttorfortber information ( 


4«4, 117 BMrtm SL.^ CIICAM. 

Boatt, SdSto.tP. M. PtaoaM. Cratral 1 


W« efsr jtlt liig yoTi Deed for vtreet or tAlr worki 

ifoveltlM, notions, ievelrr. csnes, pocket cutlery, rfb-v 
bom, Jnpnnfs ennas. gonlettl. dosten. si 
oats, peper boras, whistle ballooni, rabb 
gone*, gimm cntter knlTes, memo books,^ 

We buy and sell 


Send iu (2.00 for 

shells to be found. 


2H Charter St.. 


roN. MMK 


Sample of Our 756 


Hail fir PijrtNii llinM% Ninpapere 

iiess PI 


Cats delivered by mall or e: 
wbeu cash accompanies the 01 




Pox. Boar aad Poar Booada. 




M. ■rrcHEU, 

ens cue picture Show. aaoslMiaa of oaaprlTi 
run aRLC oLrUtt-.EOOdooadltloBs onetantr 

square endi one tent Sx£0 kiojmv exfed; moTlns r'~ 
mactUna complete , musical Inatramenta, 
slides, elsTated ssata for 9M peopls. reaerred .. w * .. 
100, and other thlnas not mcntlonao hers. nttaBs. 
a whol aora twoihlnia IX) Intarest. OaU tnjK 
ana JETHRO ALMOHD, Albenarla. N. C 


Brokea for the 
wei^it about 
parttenlan to 

p.. Xr law <S toot steam msnr co-i 

TOT Mira n rocking pomes. < ctisriotis, 9 
powsrsasinis. lar^eorsaa; mil In ftooA shs] 
■ MepaessnRen In ibori teaaon. WILL H 


rAa ail p— AnonredeemedmoTlnspIcturaoatflts 
rvil OSLC cartwn ugtit plant, alomlnam taakiu 
one 700 ft. aim. Ad. Wtdilta Loan Oo., WIchJO 

£ Umtiim''TktBiab»mrdf 

JANUARY 6, 1906. 



Th« n. ft M. BsrcBln Oats- 

{ane tor thirteen rears the 

in-HI L HtOtn Slntt, 


Wholvwl* JawclrWTOptioal 
Oogd e . C«itli»rJ and^/ 

I APR BivsMisau 

y4*' M» . Bm»un aiKl Labia HotIii«[ p. lUcblnn: ten 
MMUdfaet aim, aonr rbea«t>U.axc barnei», 

Sfc-J5SI">*.F2?*J^ "^^P- I>««lb» foIlT la Bm. 
WthiB^J—AJI UnddFjwnnjr riot nachiiMa. FOR sale— 
^fS.^'i 3,' JjP ' nm BoUlac BaU Table*, B-OO; 
»JS><x« ■••««<i^W with pe<l<»t.l.,»ire; 

T «lot phoMpmplw. lusMt with 5 bstMrles, 

«»MTI J * ' " ■tl ' m n i " VL m, U Tisws each, 

r^^ — ^ f Ujiilii Piano. With m rolla mmte. 
>SV***«i<N^ air M(: '•Bkantad CkfeT woy 

■ ••**'?».*?«' «••»: I eomptels Mt "Olu 
buscn,«tor 1 PbotoKopeM; ITlntrae 
2Si.??'^**»J'TH"' Ho»cta. and iAboi 

pmt mi*. IWlmewhkt 70Dwsatork«T«. 

P*OW t.OeB.4ir Broadwy. Hannibal, 


WkwUnadtouyaddnM. tneo(chaTV«, OD recall 

Comio PomtfH cardt, ud onaol the best 

Price of SoQc and Joke B 

•Spartboaeud. Price of 
*. Ooattalltonndforiai 
-ii^«'' *bOlllvl* Publishing Comifllhy. 
gBeW.Btreet. new YORg. 


Galloping Rough -Ri^r 

tan Ml lOe lannr. Cncultd i 

■Mia at llsht eTacrwbere— the jear roani 
aadae a taaa tar eaaaple and dreolar. Tha L. 

BtnsUnc Broa.' BaraboOk Wis. 

BIppel'a gbowB rtaaktart. Isd. 

BoU>iiu' (J^nk A.) Showa..JcrW7 Cltr, H. J. 
B<*ln«on'» (Happr Bob) .....Bald Knob. N. J. 

BobiDsoD'a (John) .....VBraea^ Park, O. 

Bock Bto« • s^:ow» ..jBoahtooro, Pa. 

Hock Bro«.' showa ......PIcketta. WU. 

Boekr MouDUln NeU JHcahboro. Pa. 

Bawna'a Animal Bbov OakUad. OtL 

BamwaU'a D.. p. * M. Sbov Honatoa, Tkx. 

5«>tellc. ««.. Shows jHoncr. V(. T. 

|*Us ADarwaS' Jttmb^lbMm, Ala. 

'. .JaMg^ ^hawa*.»..*...>Ba aoala Snttt. 


..^ _ i .*o»t Wa»Be"ind. 

SbalTer & Spi7 Brat.' .VomooOi O. 

surer Broa.' .Aoaa, lAdi. 

Slpe'a Nrir Staowa .Kokamo, InL 

Smith'* Imperial Clreos Backatswa. Pa. 

Snrder Bros.' k Dowker Teire Haote Ind. 

Star Sbowa, No. 2 flrmoa^ Lnd. 

StKlr'i. Al.. BIj Sbowa.. VanderBiUt Hta.. Pa. 

Sterena & Uoaamaa 8M HIch St. Ixmla. Mo. 

Stewart rami]/ Show .Ft. Warae, lnd. 

Saa Braa.* SsTaanab. Oa. 

Wmm Braa.' Show (Ka l)....0«UeB Gate. m. 

^ — , ~ w* a . aw aiwa.. ....... jmia Baas. la. 

Tnaa Blira WU mat A taota. 

Todd'a. B. H., Mr Wm ttaut. .Boodbooae, m. 
Todt. Wm.. nh awa ......... ...Snirw Hin. Xd. 

Tonner's BIppodieaM ......W«at Berlin. N. J. 

Tattle'a Olraiple ..UsnearlUa. Pa. 

Odea's (W. J.) Wild HM ...-.Blamdcaa. UL 
Van Ambere Show .Atlanta. Oa. 

Van Viaskea'a Sbowa ............. .Beatt, O. 

WaUaoF Sbowa ........j. JiSrB. lad. 

W^ah Slatera' Sbov Jttm <MT, O. 

ward's Sboira Pli mouth . Mass. 

/Waabbora <t D* Alma's Trained Animal 

Clrcna Ba rotita South. 

WasUinm'a Dec le Pear Sbowa.I>ateTaao. N. J. 

WelA Broa.' Show ILaneaatcr, Pa. 

Wbcdar. . H, r.. New Model Sbow* 

...«■ JcbeaectadiT, If. X. 

WbecteX J. WL, MiakCT ■bav..»Q(tlaBd. On. 
wui>tca*a, taut, 9m tlmm...Jttt lanivtaBd 



mvwtiea BjBToItelonixlor the Market. We 
f» ye aere iai of them . SendnsScIn stam 
ao Cpvar ^oat of mannfacture. and 

Papt-B. »-WfaB»na Sfc. CHICAi 

MtA MifcR' ggWy M IP WU a; .te^aaaTlrt and 

-jll-SOUlman make. lo lln&«laas 
— snd will five a barf ala (op cash. 
Box 8i. R. P. P.. No. a. Harrodsbnrg. jty. 


JnUsn a Amphitheatre. Can be 
easrdrajnatic or Tsndeville pu: 
tkiarpartlcniarsto — ~ 


•^"P set HotrCln Bona slid 


lja|:g*I «-*UO>> Ooaderman Ferria 
.naiillluii; ased two seasons. Address, 
MB. «a Wabasha Street. St. Panl. Minn. 


y— *bow,«idertiowm, tot* »tiov.— a. 
.fOTuy show baflneo; ma kw good on 

tll«ont;=_t J .r- f, luBtructione 10c. 

■ilA^UtY UiXd.,1808QttcrBt.,BAnFi 


Cut Prioas. Cut ~ 

^ WeldalBK SeiUea tSSai 

: Picture Machines. Talking- ScJ 

n St., 


Baoactier Casi.. Oa ....^•^••••••i 

BIc Otto TialMd A 

MUwaokce, Wla. 

Bnsler'a Sbowa J aiats tllte. O. 

Capitol Am. Oo. ...Oaates,. SUeb. 

Owisa Am. do.. 8B1 Frsstaa i*^..Fbllad«lpbla. 
Cash, T. I.. CaislTal Ca 488 Wabash are, 

St. Panl. Minn. 
Chicago Am. Oo. ..>■■........... 

Dreamland OaotM Oik •..••.Aa 
Eagle CanilTal Ok. Ji M. 

too. N. C. 

Bxeelslor Csmlral Ckk aC T^iWtmt- lk 
Fatima'a, I^Belle. flhMr.i.,..Si 

Hoboken. N. J. -• •<',:ij-,- _ 

Ferarl Broa.' Sbows SHM.i1MaMw.mMik w- 
riasb A Wood's raiilial Oi ' " ilr'SJf at.. 

CWniWbns. O. .'u 'li: 

............... ^.■■•>> ..... .. BtAmoad. 

Great OaskSl Shews Anciiala.6a. 

Greater Smith A». Oa JMobUe. Ala. 

GraybUl A Rnslmwr Am. Co. .'NaRlstown, Pa. 

Hatch. J. Frank. Sbowa Unlontown. Pa. 

Hewltt'a (Flcd IBxp*!! Sbo«s.iWaahlnctoii. lnd. 
Jcthm Akaead'a Blbla abo<r..A»cnarie. R. C. 
- - 

UBoas Bleetilt WmatiM„»Mt'Wt^ 

rt. Scott. Xaa. 

LalBelle ntbns's Show ?aeksonTin«, ria. 

Tfhmsn-Keetcfa Sxpo. Ca.....I<«nbeTton. Mlsa. 

McElwee's Merr7-Go-Boimd .KsUjrcs. Pa. 

iCoCsTthr Am. Oa. Taiiiiwillla, BL 

Mltehell'e Anthmelte Baad .... 
MetropoUtaa A» . 0».....X)tal 

al <MM1 flaL'....Bot Sprtafs. Aik. 

.St. Lools. Sto. 
.CUtnant, Ttx. 
...Austin, Tex. 
..AbUcnc, Kaa. 

_ _^ .AbUeae. Kaa. 

Parker! O. W. Am. Oo. AhUow. Kan. 

Pttcnon-iBialocra OunlTil 0»..WiiifleU, sas. 

Pleiee Amusement Co PbUade^bla. Pa. 

PUbeam'a Am, Enterprise Laaslos, Mleb. 

Boblnaoa Am. Oo. .Bodraaa Bldg., ■ Otiwlnn ati, O. 

BobiaaoB. Bflly I«al>TlIle, Ky. 

Bojal ADoaemeat Oo route. 

ae em a a-lMlDleaa Matdl Oras Oo 

Ftedmoat Fmt, Attata, ea. 

Tt mil Ml t Caralral Oo^ ..-.... - . S i rrli 

Wcldar. wni Ontfal Os....Wi. 

Waaaake Oanlral aC aaaMlin..aB W. UBtb 
at.. H«v York OUT. 

» _ 
Mnndr Sbowa 
MoCnllar Bros.' Am. Oo... 

Parker New Am. Oo 

Park^a lUirlaad Am. 0». 
Parker, Great. Am. Co. 

■llnaa SIttpIng aod Dining Car 

tt., laacth OTer sU M ft., Iielsbt It R., width M ft., sti Iraa whasi 

.A, wMis room,toll«t room. Un«B cli T . t . tol^ w]nipp.d wHh earpo^ .- 

I. hot sad cold water, sink, buffet room, with refrlfferator. Baker bsater, closet, 
fortr-dTs peoplai cellars andemaatb car: in flrst class condition. Just 
- ■ <>«a»llt. Vr 


Tie 'fAULTLBS" m 

HanntaetBTod h7 

The FanlHccs RallbcMBM^By 

Selected fine para f\Jfibffif Clear co)ors. 
Unifona^i size aft^welght. Entirely 
seaml^Srkpur sizes: . 50, 60, 70, and 90 
oenttiTOte^yTwo weights: Light, alr;^ 

PFOiKisiti0ii froin Carnival Companies 


State Dates, Time of Holding: 

Address all commuDications to T. T. IME, Gleik, Biwa Biver 

Owecsboro, Ky. 

Tti8 Younger Bros. 

Three Cow Oltis, 1 Hope Splnnar, 
suitable fbr Wild West. One 
People wa woold Uka to hear (rsi 
8ws«gart. I<allarair,wlaacaai«7oal 


The Watling 

BiMssiiig Sisalu, 
Pictora MafihiBas, 


..SooTBDlr Post I 

nuu i wan 

lANC P WflT Si 

MTUn ■£ 


irijh ■ riii—iin mill 

poBaa,Aja^ i 

lailruil Ce.9 

74 Brsalway, Rtw Tsrk CIfy 

OaM Madal 

Oar trains are moner-makers and tha attractlTs tsati 
■salaallthelarseet parka la ftba world— B ' 
Laa* Park; Bteeplechaae in Coner Islandi ~ 
CkTsttkl ralaas and Alsxandim Parks, ~ 
plaes joor orders at onoe. 


TO im^—tf^ri^TXr'k-:^ 

> i;L-r Av^,. Col 




Medical Dplell , 

Leamrer, Ititet Man. CmiagviBaalar, 
Opttnlsn.OarbetDne Seller, and tq all 
sallli a Kedldna TsUet or CBratlta t 
♦ht^^nab tiasnh Tails whattosar la 

atiaatlon. amnaa. Inatmct and 1 

I aaooj^ to toBOb tba ' — ' — 

1 woald not part with It s. . . 

postoald fcr IS. orsend tl#eposlt«id wlU 

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Blood Poison 

^ ' ^™ ^ ^ and Ita attemUffg P**. 

tlam aod Oatarrb, la aar •tasa.earad i 

nentlr b7 BTBBUBQV B0AXi BBI 

Sold Under A Bank Cuarai 

Sand for Fr«a Boak sItIbs fall laformatloa 

Br B«IIo*aa« 
BoUMr Balls, 

Par CamlTal Sales. 
Rack Caness 
r* l(ack^l^alToae 

aar a«t 
lofae drivers 

. Jcas. Blanche 


GbM T oaaa a r wia. Braaeh Boasa Ho. 3,'TaeamaaIi. Oklahoma. 

HIOB DIVtMO I>00, axUnalon 

outfit, for iS: worth IIOO. 
Wren Ave. St. Loaia. Mr 


Win i CU andBatiT Bear. JAMBS ANDERSON 

tMWiiber AVI 

ibvs, Ohio, 


lfa.»nt»aiiiitto«k— Wb per dosMi. 

WabaT«tMIai|aatasaortiaent«tKBire Bmi> 
Kn l Tea west otthe Mlari s st ppa rtrer. Our—''' 
are abMlnte rock bottom. Wa~*^ 
Una ot Btnetmen'a Uooda, 
and Kooda tor Fain. Wean 

Streatmea'a sopplr 

Wa tasTe thoinaMii of i 
eaa aatlefTToa aad 


shipped tha iame day ■■ ] 


OOS* ati CO., 

•A osuf M. CharUa St.. ST. XOUIS, Mi. 

eel all otbeca. 

—1X700 will bare another make, w, I 
ebaap. BTarTthlaa for baada. Oord 
sala list <rea oa reauast. 


-rtie Oillboapd 



A. (brswing popnlation of half a million- Vaudeville, Carousels, Sandy Beach, Salt Water Bathing* Beantiful Gc^es, 

Pine Boating, Fishing, Elegant Picnic Grounds, Free Band Concerts, Dancingf, etc. X 

The Management is now prepared to make liberal friiMVpeits f or mw attrtttiois. What haie you to offer? 

Til Sum Opus n Ouuatiu Oai ud CaitlaiiM UitU October 1st. For IitoraatioB jUid P||ilMlirs iMnss, 


I ttooaBmr iiiuut & unmn tmm. 




20 PLAYERS—RITA MARIO, Conductor. 

NELLIE MAY HOONE, Solo ^^^^^^^^ B ERTHA B URDIC K, Contralto, and Ot hers. 


,-W. S.ITH. mar. It Mnatc H»n Bollding. (froplre Theatre^ Bl 


(Oaottmca ttom picc S.} 

lUb (Bowfiid.* OUifcrd-s Ewt 

■). ]M» r. Buntt. mgt^ Otuce. N. J., 
-t; BegstSK 8: Nor ^oebeOe, N. 6: Mt. 
TcnxM 8: Port Chester 9; New Oiiinii 10; 
Mertdea U; Wtmagtma 12; W«teitMiiy 13- 
Old AAuww (md BamoBil's), B. Lacm- 
; i>m. ,mcT.: Pntt. Ku.. S: — 4; 

Bupcr S; Ifrdldne Ltxlse tyOomnj String* 
8: B«Uc Plalse S; (Mdwell U; WenioctaB 
"12: WicMta IS. 

Orer Nlann Cilia (Bowland & CUfford's West' 
' en), Lk H. Newcomb. msr.: Sedu. Mo^, 

S; .OaMwcU 4; WelUngtan 5: WlcbJU 8; 

yintnw 8; BntcbinsoQ 9; MoPbenoa 10; 
U^Brnt^gom. »; Jmctlon Ct^^lS. 

w£t*m&^^ **** * 
ll; rms s; 

. . 10; BuUl' 

nraa BIsteis, C. S. 

Ga.. !-«;. Blbertra 
"10; RewbetiT II-U. 
Flckerts, TKe'-nnr. ft Co.. Wmia Pldtert, asr.: 
.Miami, na.; 1-6. 

Pattoa. W. B.; In Ttis Lut BoM of BnimtiCT. 
>• K. Stovt. msr.: palestlDe, Tex., 3; 
Taylor 4: Bryaa t; Hmaton C 
~ ' ot Ognatr; Kldl. ^O. Jar Smith, mgr.: 
. i u fci^t H. IM..- K-OwmctM 4; Honti- 
I •« KayaMfoat Btae^MaaO, DL. 7; 


WtmMaiBt of Otm Hollow CWestam). Geo. P. 

Balnes ft Oo., mgn.: Grand Baplda. iUeh.. 

i4t IBenton iBartMr S; Hammond, Ind., 6; 

CUeaso Belgbta. m.. 7; lUIwaakee. Wis., 

8; (BdgertaD 9; Pt. Atkinson. 10; Oconowoc 

U; WamiBil 12; BeaTerdam 13. 
B o > «i i a, Klf— a r . UcUer ft Co., cnsza.: Baf- 

BMMHL.a. a. Btacfc Oa, 9. m. 

tt. iMMtt Vk, !.«. 
Banawar Boy: - Bt. Lonla. Us., ML 
BaOnMd Jack: Baitartoo. 0..' Bt 

itr 13. 

SoUy, DaaM. WOBbb A. MMnoa, nsr.: 
BcldfcpiM; OMlv^^JMip.tariM 4; Bfrer 
Faint. B. L. •{ lfc » p « «t .t -HIl Blnr. 
Stass.. 8. 

Shadow at a Great City: SprlosSeld. Uol. 7. 
also of tbe Foot, CamptwII Stzattaa. mgr.: St. 
Ifarra. W. Vs., 3: Vaamaj, 0__4; GalU- 
polls 5; Irontoo 6; HontlMi^ . W. Ta- 6: 
Point Pleasant 9; CbaiSSB!\Bfc MBud. 
Sr., 12; MaranUe 13. 
Sottiem. B. EL, and Jnlla lladowi*, Ctaa. Flab- 
fltlaadd. Vaaa.. S; Water- 

Pbelaa Stock Oft.. B. T. 
h Mass.. .? 
; Plodlcal Baa. Uathr ft Oib; iwa.r':>: 

: ■ H. T.. 4.8. ■ 
Fiteee ^ar, K. Lavnaee. msr. : 

Tack <atj, SS-Jan. 



, FaytM'a Vtf ATanne Stock Co.. Oscse FaTtan, 

i msr.: AoUja. H.-Xw " 

I Vmle'a Tlmtta 

KMtac>a' mtk' 
"OMr. ladef.. - 
Qacaa ot tkc Hlchblndaca, A. B. Woods, inr.: 

CUdCO. m.. 1-U. 
QoccB «r '«« White SlaTea. A. H. Woods, mat.: 
BobOkea. N. J.. Sl-3xn. 3; PateraoB 4-8; 
Caaadca 11-U 
Qaeam at tlie Oosrlcts. wltk. Selma Bemiaa. 
P. H. SaUlrea Amna, Oo...!«isni;iI BufUo. 
N. T.. 1-8; Toronto, Onti S-tS. .3-> • 
Qolaer Adaass Sawyer: 1>atetatm. TS. !-«. 
BaUe Tbeatoe Oo.: Alma. NcIl. 1-8; Ot- 
leaaa 4-8; lOtierllB. Kaa.. 8-lX.- • . :: 

■win, . lOTatar, K. I. Tajlar.fgjf.ia 
Westaiastcr. B. C. 1-3; W^>lliiir-4-6f -Jart 
Aaaelea. Waah.. T«; BoccrSbwaaaad' 10-12. 

far-Ute. P. H. Hallliaii iiiiin Co.. aicza.: 
New Tack Caty. 1-8: BoatoD. Uaaa- 
BIp Tas Winkle. OarUae ft Hartaoosii. naaS 
aiialdna. R. D.. 3; ICoorebead 4; Sluio^S; 
OilitllM 6: Valley Cltr 7; CrartiMT 8; Oaz- 
tbtgum •; New Baekfocd 10; HiBaewaakra 
ii U;- Tiiti 12-18. 

fimm.^ (Oocte ft Bcametr^ BaatOB). OdL 
a W. Bsbartib Bi«r.: amctHpoct. Pa.. S; 


10; mtaB 21: inbnMowB a; lotaot IB. 
layal Oave (Ootdon. ft Bemrtra Weatmi), 
B. T. StetaoB. togr.z Pairta, Eas., b; Oaa' 
[1' watomle 4: lola 6; *Tates Center 8; Chanote 
•: rx. Scott 10; Gliard 11; Brie 12; Patamta 

H loyal Slare (Gccdan ft Beimetfa Nortbeia), 
|1 rred. Miner, aan.:' ICatcBa. Ia_S; X«3(ars 

si o- Hartley ^(:'BmeMav U; lUim S; 

Btltt 12. 

'roberta. VbnaDce. B. V. Olronx. ncr.T Pine 
BInff. Atk.. S; Uttle Bock 4: Bot Sprlnsa 
-i S; Bbrerepact. Eia.^ 8; I^ake Charlea 7; Beaa- 
> csont. Tez.. 8; OalTeatno 9; Houston 10-11; 

San Awtfinlo 13-12. . 
i.oe Oomedy Co.. TTarlanrt U. DaTla. msr.: 
ir Portland. Me.. 1-8; Blddeford »-13. 

OBOAnee of i>xra Hollow CBastem). An^ O- 
V AneB. nsr-t BUIibtHIc. Pb!>S; Ut. Pleaa- 
r<»mel1a¥lll» -8; r-PMootowa 6; Gtaf- 
-Bt'Lomberport 10; 
lOi .WcOabgiB U. 

DOIT'. OooB.. 4{_Bdd8eoact S; Kcir-Bavea 8; 
Bnoklya. n. x__B-IS. 

hea. — tnaaa. ft aaaacraan, msis.: 
-New X9fk OUy. Fttlabais, Fa.. 8-lS. 
■ « OmcMra MMbBn), 

V. O.. 1-8; VVon 
City. U-12. . , 

kadMk HoImeB, Gna BotSuer ft . 

taB, msrs.: Ctalcaxo. HI., 81<JiHi,.- IB. 
Stoddaid Stock Co.; Aerinooke, Qoe^ 14L 
aUTC' of the uni'^^GocdaD ft Beooetfa), H. 

Ootdon. msr.: Wabaah. lad^ 8; Haatlac- 

ton 4: -OoInBtbla Cttr 8: P*ca 8; Ckswtada- 

Tin»<8; .Wa ja a tu w a - B;..M^rtM, HL,- 10: 

Pads 11: AMDia-U: Sata^wT^ 
Slater'* Cinwdlaas, ■ Wm. SkataL- aia.; - Lo- 

natTlIIe. Ind.. 1-8. «■ ' : • - 
Sbadow Bebloa tbe Thrane. ZrtaaiK. DeCaiBora. 

mar.: Ctoelnnatl. O.. 31-7SB. 6. ' - . 

laoDwa of SiB. Q. H. TTamntwi, aicr.: Char- 
lotte, N. C. 8. 
SklBorr. Otla; Ctawfordarllle. .Ind. 8: Ca- 

tayette 4; Daarllla 6; Ohoavalsa, IB., 8. 
Sweet CIOTer.'V. W. DMaakai^-^awu Osinm- 

i»s. msa... 8^ MaMMa-.^XSMtaM-B^ Bat- 

tteabors S. \ 
SIsn of tbe Ctqmixdto. 1), B. O. Craciia, mgr.: 

Newark. O.. Sp. 
atnrart. May, 7. :B. Vftot, mgr.: Seeatar, 

Tex.. 3: Bowie 44 t . . 

Bnlo-Oamle nmiiBiM Tiiiii 9. OattK ai^'s 

■Cbatliam, Oat,. S:.8tiattea 4; Tiiallim 

St. THomaa 8; Salt 8; Bcantfod »i SL OaO- 

CTlBca 10. . ■ . *j 

Shirley. Jeaaie: Spokaae. Waah- f ladef. 
Society C!rciis.-fnompaaB ft -Dundy. »saa.z Hew 

York City, Dee, 13. ladeC, 
Spooner Stock Co.. UiB. B. S. Bpooaac. nsr.: 

BropklTB. N. T.. AOS- 21, lodef. 
Swain. MmA, tnieatre Oo.: Tacoma. Wash.. 

Not. 28. indef. 
Thniston. Adelaide, In Tbe Trlmnph of Betty, 

ftaacla X.. Hope, tagt.i . Tt. Worth, Tex.. 

8: Dallas 4; Coralrana 6; Waco 6; Ifatlln 8; 

Taylor 9: 8aa ABtaoto 10; Aoatln 11; Hooa- 
.. ton 12-18. - 

Ten Nlshta In a Bai Boon. Jaa, T. Btawe. 
.' nsr:: OoOia. Cel.. 8; Ifewnaa B; B luA l u a 
..6: HBteB 7; Saoamento 8-10; Braadon 12; 
• 'Antram 2Z, - 

Tracked Annmd the World. A- H. Wooda, msr.: 
Clndnnatl.' O., Sl-Jan. 6: Daytoa. 8-10; As- 
deiaon. Ind.. 11; Terre Haote 12-18. 
TolBsn Stock Co.: Ft. Smith, Ark.. 1-8. 
Texas. - Broadhnrst -ft~'Gnn4e. msxs.-: ^ledo. 
. O.. 31-Jan. 8; Elyrla 4; Lorala S; Bteoben- 
Tine 8; New Oastle. Pa., 8; Beaver Falla 9; 

10; I«tiate U; JoimatowB 12; 

iTTc^n. In. W, jMOaem. .ati.i lUA- 

deB, -O0BB., 1-?. ■ ^* 
Temptation of Bolne. Horace A. PoJley, ngr.; 
Bradford. Pa.^ 8: Ssslmsnra, S. T.. 4; war- 
aaw S; Perry a. 
Than Shalt. Not Km, Frederick Scbwartz.. aisr.: 

New Orleani, La.. 2-5; 
Two Jabns: r BoshTflle, Ind.,. 3; MadlaoB 8. 
Tacker. Etbcf. Stock Co- Mack Bna., msn.: 

CHfton. 'Ar)&, 1-8; Globe S-IS. 
Texas Sweethearts: Ba t bet te a. O., 10. 
Code Tom's Cabin (Tetry'a), W. O. Dickey, 

nisr.: Uttle Sloaz fa- Oct. 28-Apr. 28.' 
(7n<3e Toah Perktaa (R. H. Ftaaee'a Weatera). 
Joa. BnniBser, msr.: lAmboy. ITl.. 8: Ues- 
dota 4; Peotta 7; Faincr City 8; iJetar S; 
LexlnstoB 10; Wataeka* U; Sheldon 12; Kaa- 
kakee 13. « 
Under Soatbem 8kIe«.,-(BaaterB), . Tf ait j Doel 
Parker, msr.: Boston. Maaa.. M: Chaster. 
Pa.. 8;..Tock 9: I,aBcaster 10: Tifcaaan 11: 
Atlaatle City, N. J., 12-13. 
nader- Boathem Sklea (Weatem), Bany Doel 
Parks, msr.: Faltfleld. la.. 8; BBrllaston 
4; Canton. HL. 8; Miaii i w a ith 8; tt****-, Wla., 
7; I.aporte, Ind.. 8; JlUart •: Vt. Wane 

10: HontinctDB U; Wahaab Ms " ' 

la. / 

trade «oah Fetkjlns (B. B. Flaiee'a Eaiten): 
Gntbrle. OUa., 7; Arkanaaa City, Kaa., 10; 
Wlndeld 11. 

Cnder Sontbem SUea (Central). Barry Doel 
Parker, msr.: Caibondale. m.. S; Faaa 4; 
MattooB S; Paris 8; Tnscola 8; CMwtorda- 
Vfll^lnd., 10: BockTlIle U; BraaB 12; Waab- 

Doaakae, nsr.: ' DmaUamrOic, La.. S; 

FlaqocaiSne 4; Atezandila 0. 
tjnele 81 TTssklna, O. 8. Prlmnae, msr.: Til- 

masc Neb.. 8; Hlflrman 4;« b.s. 
Dwde Tom's Cabin (Stetaon's Eastern), John L 

faisnn«ai, msr.: Uotrlsbars, Ont., S; Ottawa 

Dnele Jobs Simceby (D. (B. LeTia'): CornUss. 
N. Y„ 3. 

Uncle Josh ShnpUna: Sooth Nomlk. Conn.. 4. 
node Tom's Cabin, Ed. L Uartln. mgr.: B«n- 

nlnston. Vt., 8; Batland 8; BnrUngton 10; 

(Hardwlek 11; Waterbory 12; Barre 13. 
Via Stock Co., E. G. Via, mgr.: MailetU, 

O., 1-8; St. Marys, W. Va.. 8-10; New 

KartinaTllIe 11-18. 
VanDyke ft Batoa. T. Kaek, .aasr.: Charleston. 

W. Va., 840. • 
Volnnteer Orsaalst: TUBn, O., S; Jackaon, 

MIch..J>; Bay City 7. 
Why GlA'^-lMTe Home. Vaaee ft SoUlTan. 

mscs.: I/onlsTlIIe, Sy., Sl-Jan. 8, Ekansas 

Cltr. Mo.. 8-13. 
Weed Stock Co., E. D. Toner, aisr.: Jndlaa- 

spoUs, Ind., 1-6; MartlnsrlUe 8-10. ' ^ 
W*ldni»n, Edoard: Plymoath, iDd., 3: Blue 

Island, ' HL, 4; Kokomo, Ind., B. 
Warner Comedy Co., Ben B. Warner, mgr. 

Chand)erlals. S. D.. 1-6; Vankton 8-13. 
Wolford. Mamie Sheridan, B. L. Panl, mgr. 

Stockton, Kan., 1-8. 
■Wle*iOct, Joaeph. B. L. GllTen, msr.r.-Boa> 

too. Mass.. ll-Jan. 8: <%leaso. nL, 8-Feb. 8 
Wailleld.. Datld. Dayld Belaseo. mgr.: New 

Tack CttF, Sept. Z, Indet. 
wnilaaia, . Ifalcnlm, Stock Co.: Woreeater, 

H"'- < -:itl. " 

I Wbdta. Barter 7w la The Vool'a Berense, Bow- 
land ft CUffocd, mgra.: Kokomo. Ind., 8; 
New Castle 4; Mtmcle 5: Wapakoneta. O.. 
8: St. Marys 9; Eamiltoa 10; Mlddletown 
11;: Delaware 12. 
Woodward Stock Co.. Frank Woodward ft Bobt. 

Borgess, msTS. : Sedalla. Ma. SlO'an. 6. 
'Way Down Bast fWeatem),. J. 8. HaJe, mgr.: 
Son Francisco. Cal.. 2t-Jan. 8; Santa Boaa 
8; Vallejo 9; Oakland 10-13. 
When Women Lore (Frank W. Naaon's). Sol. 
Biaonls, msr.: Flora, m.. 8: OIney 4; 
WaahlBStoB. Ind... S; VlaeeODea 8; Terre 
Baota 7; Oaml.' BL.' 8; -Ut:.. TanoB, Ind., 
9: Cheater. BL, 10: Gape fflcardean. Mo., 
U; Morpbyboco, BL, 12: Beat St. Lools 13. 
Wben the World Sleeps. Mlttenthml Bros.' Am. 
Co., msrs.: Bartfotd. Conn., 1-3: New 
Bmnswlek. N. 7., 4; BillBllaa Philadel- 
phia. Pa., S-IS. 
Winnlnscr Broa.' Ova. 

ZanesTlIle, O., 1-8. 
Walsh, Blanche, Wageohala ft Kemper, mgia.: 

Brooklyn. N. T.. 1-8; Boatoo. Maaa.. 8-277 
WHson, Al. H., Sidney B. Ellli^ mgr.: Jeraey 

caty, N. J., 1* 
Wife's Seciet. Spencer & Abora, mgn.: Boa- 
too, Haas.. 1-8; WatetliDiT, Conn.. 10. 
WaanB ia tta Caa^_ Waaaahals ft Kemper, 
noiL: a^dnaoa: Kk^ w Fadacab 4: Cairo, 
aC'B: VacftaoB. ten-; d; Mtaiphls 8: Pine 
Ha& AA., 9; BotSpcta^ 10; Ft. Smith 
11: jgalfai. Mo.. 12; Ottawa, Kan., 18. 
Wayward Son^ Knlshtstowii. Ind , 8; Blwood 4. 
When Wc Were Twentj^ne (9a. 1):' Sevark, 

C 4; NelsonTlUe 8; Oanifslli Id . 
Wliea We Were Tyrentji'liaa: (Ba. 0: 9mtitt, 
Tex.. 8: cnebnroe 12. ' • 

Walker WUtetlde. A. W. OMoa, s>sr.: Albert 

Lea, Minn.. SL Peter 6; St. Panl 7-10. 
wniard. E. S.. Chaa. A. WlUard. mgr.: PhQ- 

adelphla.. Pa.. 1-8. 
IWbr Women Sin. Jade T. White, mgr.: 
{.aCroase. Wis., 7: Albert Lies. Itfinn,. 8 Wa- 
terloo, la.. 9: Oelweln 10; (Mar Baplda 11; 
eioox caty 13-14. 
Way of the Transgressor: Toronto, Ont., 1-8. 
■Way Down Beat (Eastern): Detroit. lUch., 

1-8: Bay City 0. 
WdOa Oomedy Co.: MrKlnney, Tex., 3-5. 
Wlnaor Sto^ Co.: Janesmie, Wla., 1-8. 
Why Be Dlroteed Bcr: Bew Orleans, La., l-S. 
Why Otcia iMta Boon - (Ma. 2): Flndlay, 
O., 8. 

WebeCow Joe, AI14lar Oit: Wmm Xoik CUT, 

Tomw BoOalOk Ooa. K^Manr'AduTOk,- MgHis 
K«in?i;i B. J.. M. . - ■ „ 




Onr aaoortment or l M*rn m—ta, 
Aceeaooriea, and Vta aw la ika. 
moat diTeralfied anU eampiataaa 

any tn tbe Vnlted Statea. 

Oar Free CataloK No. I D eon- 
talna deocrlpttono, wtili price 
mnA InTomaatfoii s^oua Bia« 
cblnea, l,enaes Bleetrle Iianipa 
and eTerjrtblns or iJBtereet to^ 
Uae exlUbltor. / 

llsmiGGIROS 30ePER 100. 

styles nf enamTliijr perfectly 
latest In script, text or block. 


OKETEirT— Aeoft<«e.,|)iuikt 
in ffoodabmpa; - -- 
get of To ol ■"" 
Is ' 

itt.00 takes t 
vaaon in t 
S Mta ntl 

people for 

Oancen and sina era. . . _. • 

W. O. DtCKET, Bar. Box OS. Uttle gloox. Is- 

Black top aboot nxi*t 
price >od wj « dH lei fc . I' 

■Ion I'lay 

$800 Outfit JF^)K~ we 

FOB''SA£E— One Bioscope Moring Tleluic" Ma- 
efalne and Stereoptlcon conjblnei S^RIO' feet 
mm, Indadlng/three reatar«f::7iBia^;S?Saiiac^ 
witb fopea oaft.polca; Gaa. X^aac.-CMtt^Br**' 
Sons %I<ML Xakiif afe^aB^Wf is BWr. .O 
pw: t88d tafcn Ifef^ wjffT 
leatiaB. «n-yu a^ ocpotata. 

susBT 09r want TBIOXB — har Hi can da 
tiiem. nVe Cnndred. No two alike, wdtay 
fai>. saajptot BOB. Addren JOHV 
141t W. ani* Am,. Xhfladatohia, Va. 

roM.\fiALB—&iv^rya Onlmaal Klaetaaaapa. Mi* 
aoMns Strreoptlcon, with MeAIUata'a OnoMy 
lug k^. All comoleta and liraad ae 
for parflcolan.. 0, W. fHABTB. Atlanta 



ear. 2Ec; 
ete. Bamples 
Bex 7U. ~ 

WASTES — BooklDgs for OooTentlon HaD, 
Utiea. N. v.. VandeTllle. Expositlons-lndoor ^ 
Clreita sad .other attraetkma. Ball TSxSZ feet^>r 
Orer 100,000 people to draw from. Addrcnr - 
OOBVBBnm KU&, Vtka, ~ 


I IMaaaa Oaa fnMM ta laaka 

es ascT vmrt at «]>• DbUmI a<»««s 

SH Elm Street. ST. LOUIS. 

'2%a BiBiaard" mk 

Ih^tesa aHoi 
htmm au^ peon 

IS. Mtf . M 
*m. iiiV^M 




JIMES L 8USS. Pnsdiit 

0. TROT. TnaiirH' 
n. fU SIZE. Bn. Mir. 


Morieil Comedj Gonpaoi 
Drutriie Stock Gm^i 
Fal of P«rt Irthar 
Hadrie Tktatra 

Bloiiplils. Tenn., Boasts of the Greatest Park 
in ibe Soottilaiid. 


'niink ofif. Aqiwterof ftmilKan people to do bosiBess with 

in the UvelisBlnia fastest Krowinfirtown in theSonlii— Occar fore. 
Brains and monegr put ''Furyland" in the front row. Every 
legitimate concession ' wekwme. Bemember, it's a park for the 
masses and not "classes." Fairyland adjoins Memphis' only 
popular public park, enjoying the co-operation of the Park Com- 
missioners, the St.Car Co. and the people at large. Three special 
excursions each week from near-by towns. No gate admission. 
A change of sensational free acts each week. Extenatye. 
improTements now in course of constraction, inchldlii^ A 
theatre 140B(B0 . ieek elnb. . . J^^ 4S^S(K tand la ' Ma^ 


Old ^ 

Ferris WtlMl 

Penny Arcade 
Laughing Gallery 
Miniature Ry. 
Bump the Bumps 
Riding Ponies 
Lunch Stands 
Novelty Stands 
Chilli Parlor 
Gypsy Camp ^ 
Photo Gaifery 
Bowling JVl§^ 
Crystal Msrae 
Shooting Gallery 

-8-' ■ 

. Btekel. Wataom ft WtaOc. la 

BMiiy. A. H. Woodi, msr.: 

. Bniter Bi«wi (Uelrill* ~ 
.'• Und. c, 1^; Buffi' " 
' Beistr DoetK, Thoa, 
phi*, Tcma., 1-0. 
Bimck of Kcra, Oaa Bothner, 
. ^Ku., 8: ladraradeaer 4; Ji 
r- Bluter Brvwm (&I*lUe ~ 
V J. Doae, Bsr.: Jofea 

'XcDtaa. a. IX .i 


. St. 

^ ^ l^Ia^t^mn B. Bk*. 

Op«tm On.: lOctanL. 
■Bd the Buon. mak Ih ftdcr. 
^ leck Ott, Dec. 23. ladet. 
- CfeMCMos. O. W. Wdtr. aar.: ShnTeport. 

i life ^5^^ K 

I Hi. t. O; ABer. 

CurUnxBC. AMoh. KlaV ft. 
CUcasth m.,^ 25-Jui. S. 
t' OtbOU .-U*^ Daniel v: Arttar, mgr.x TXew 

' l«a|Slu_J8kUee Slncen. W. T. Out. BCr.; 
' ' . \.rSiunoae. Ulch.. 8; L'Anae 4; Bann 'Sii 
'.I '.adamet C-T; Hucock 8; Boashtoa B; Oncn-' 

-..iMier, rcicc r.. Mkm Bna^ 

Tort CItj,- Mori-'*',- MlC ■ 
i;:WtA ami he OU.- IMMt am,. «wm.: Hnr 
V ^^«k atr. Hot. a Mrf. 

mei7 Baad. The: vtM Aafelet, Oil.. 

?r 81-^. ^f*' 

nak'a, Dode, Orebettn: CDopentown, Hi D., 
Saakoia 4; Jommcown S; Mandin 8; Han- 
das 8: BKBarck 8; Oakes 10: I^aMoore 11; 
UabOB 13. 

*kr. aa*. te Bell* of Arenne A.. A. H. 
~ " M Hew York City, 1>U. 

tm iMnn and Tmmttn, JDt- 

^ Aanwe. Co., mna.: 

M. T- t.«: Tmronta, Ont.. 8.1S. - . 
Mr. Dealer, rrad. Rider, 

. bidee. 


Hew Orleasa, I<a.,. 

lad., t; Logauaort 4; Xene ] 

■tetiiBe /VeOer. KOton A Sarceat AlntB. mgn.: 
Hot Barllca. Ark.. 8: Teiarkaaa 4; FarU, 
Tez.. akeiaiaa 9. 

- - - - - Mo., a. 

vaataama, Wm. * 

Phtladeiphli. 7a., 1-6. _ 
Oar Hew Xerk. Cbaa. B. Bartoo, last.: Pklla- 

dldplila. Fa.. l-«; Waahlncton, D. a, 8-IS. 
Glaier, Lain. Opera Co.. Cbaa DUUosham. mgr.: 

Phlladriphla, Pa.. 25JaD. 8; Washington. 

D. C. 8-13. 

Olrla WUl be Olrl*. Wm. A. Brady, tagt.: 

PittatarK, Pa., . .. 
Orapewla. Cliaa.: •BalWmatet'Md-' 1-W. 
Qlnce ibi e a d Maa, Caarcne ft Patent OBrtk: 

Mew Xoik city. Dee. SB. ladet. 
Bla Beoor, Uie Uayar, KoU ft Castle, Bin.: 

CUeacob ni., Oct. Id; lodet. 
BboUsaa'a Troablea, A J. Ay laa a uiUi . tngt.z 

Oxaard. Cel.. 8; Ban Pedro 4; Santa Ana 6; 

San DIeco 6; AnfClee T-U. 
Boi^ TMly: Princeton, ni., 8: Kewanee 4; 

MonaMath S: Oaleaborf 7; Spriac Valley 8; 

Ottawa S; Hoapeaton 9; Areola 10; Taylor- 

Tine 11: CentimUa 12; Unrphyboro IS. 
Hocan, Ernest, in Botos Baatoa. Geo. H. Bar- 

A, Oft.: Hootical. Can., 8-1 8. 
H a w Uwi ue Maatcal Coaicdy Oo., - WHlla Bay, 

lacc: Deeata^ TlK. S: DaUba 4: McKIa- 

n<T S; Saanr 6; Ia«a Vatk TtWlAlla Valla 

8: Qrecnrtne B; fteacr 10: net Mat U; 

XCooey Omc '12. ' " 
BooIIsaB in Mew Tort (Traae* ft Biuwue'a). 

a A. Korrin, aigr.: Klasaiaa, Aria.. 8; 

Heedlea. CaL. 4: Saa Bcrnardloo 6; Bed- 

laads 8; Blrnalde 8; San DIrto 9; Saau 

Aaa 10; Santa Bartmra 12; Veatora IS. 
Ban. PBaBaew Opcta Ob.: Blaaaaa CUy. Hsl. 

•Una. St OMmK Mik^-M.. 

Batoa Botve. 

O.. 8. 

Berald Sanaie Open Co.: 
!.«., 7. 

Hmnpty Dampty, Klaw ft Erlanser, - DCra.: 
ClneliiaBil>''ttii tSi KooIaTOIe, Ky., 8-18. 

Bot Old ShMS JMiAllto. O.. 8. 

HoncyaMon. AMHaet- Kan., e. 

Bonpty Dampty (Oeo. Adama): Hew Odeaaa. 
I*., 1-6. , . 

la Hew Tork Town (Hnrtic ft Seamoa'a), Looey 
Btiken, mcr.: Cincinnati, O., 1-e. 

lale ot Boac Bone: Atcblaon, Kan., S; Maa- 
battaa 4: ' JnneUoa City 5: LeaTcaworth 8; 
Tbpeka 7: Lawrence 8; Ottawa 9; JopUa, 
Me., 10; SprlOKOeld ll; Ncrada 13; CUatoa 

bllh Fawtfbrokert. Mack ft Spean, ansra.: 

Bntler, Mo., 8: St. Joseph 4-6. 
lale of Spice (No. 1). B. C. Whltaey,^ aifr.; 

BaeeltDB. Pa., 8; Beading 4; Xaataa B; ,A1- 

leatowB 0. ■ i. _ _ il....- • ■ 
lale eC SMee (!»«. «. B- O. WMI»Wi~Mr.; 

Ooaaenarllle, Pa.. 8: UataitawB 4: BsBet- 

aet 8; Falnnont, W. Va., 0. „ _ . . 
iTTlne PUce Theatre Opera Co., B. Coarledk 

mar.: New York City, indef. 
Inna Opera Co.. Wm. Heywood, bp^ -afl.: 

BeUeTUle, Kan., 4; Concordia OM* ■; 

Clay Center 8: Manhattan 9; ICaiyanBe H; 

Beattle 13; WaahlnKton 13. 
Kiltie* Band.. T. P. J. Power, mgr.: Gallop, 
. H. Mex., ai Albnqnenjne 4. 
It Bappenrd In NordUad: Waahlncton. D. C. 


bnaa Twins, In The Bestlers: Charlestm. 
aio., S; Sarrlsbnrs. 111., 4; Mt. Vernon, 

lad., 5; BOOnTlIIe 8; West Badrn T; VInc«n- 

ac* 8: Waahioaton 9: OalnabDS 10: RnshTllle 
U: Oouei*^ 13; IftelBaaeld. O.. U. ., 


A.n A. 1 Drama 

For about Feb. 1, 1906, to 
We want the beat aid 
Akron* Iowa. 

up^iKdate Opeia Akxau, (a. 

Uttle Jcriuiny Jonea (Western), Chaa. C. Stamm, 

mgr.: Mcddlaa, Mlaa,, 8; Jackaoo 4; Oreen- 

TiOe 8: Ifenplda, Teaa.. «; NaahTlUe 8: 

Wrmlaahaia. Ala., Chattannoca. TeniL. 

10; . Atlaatv- O*^- U; Sdsaa. Ala.. 13; Pen- 

aac^ Fla., la. 
Little Docbeaa, MUtoo ft SaascDt Abora. mtn. : 

Terre Baate, lad., 8-4; VlBcenne* B; Cen- 

tralla. 111., 8. • 
Marrlace ot Kitty, Jules Marry, mgr.: Sleoz 

Falla, S. D., 3; Sioaa dty.' to.. 4; Maaea 

City 5: LaCnaae. Wla.. (k OMsfc Ia_'9: 

Iowa (Sty 10; MeUB^OL, Ut^aMt^Stoad 

Ik; l>aTeDpart. la.. 18. 
JClB* Bob White. Nlzon ft ZImnicrman, msr.: 

Wabaah, Ind., 3: Pern 4; Kokomo S; Frank- 

tet 0; Tipton 8; Andenoo 9; Franklla 10; 

ahdhyiQI* U: Uadlaoa 13: Colamba IS. 
Umta * Hack, onie Madt * Xoa. W. Spean. 

ewte.: Onaka, Kcb.. SI:Jaa. 8; Treiaiiat Aj 

anal laiand B; Mortk Platte «. 
IMhaddea'a TlmtrnJ Vbo^ BL Henry, 

tiatt, aciA.. Sl-Jaa. 6: Toledo, O. 
Ifottoea, The Fonr, VIenr S. WIS , 

Craad Rapids. MdL, SI Ma St_'ft,j' 

lad.. 4: SoaUi Bn* 

Looia, Mo.. 7-18.' 
Maaoa ft Maaoa. J. D. Ryaa. Bgr.: St. Loola, 

Mo.. 31 -Jan 6. 
Mardiins Tbroafb Oeoisia, Chuk^ B. Oiecn*, 

mcr.: MUaneapoIla, 1 
Me, Him and I, Bdw, 

inctoo. D. C l-«. -•' • 
Hsy, Xdoa. Ona. ItOiaaat avn; enoHyai 

N. X., 1-e. 

Loaiatlllek Ky.. . X*, 
ton C • '" . 
Mayer at Tofele. Cbaa. Ifiiifci; loi. osr.: Hew 
Tort atr. Dec 4. tnder. 

dfdntyre ft Heata, Klaw A Erlascer, mcra.; 

Chleaso. m.. Dee. 81. Indef. 
Neighborly Nelsbbors. with Tom Waters, Frank 

W. Nasoa, mcr,: abanwikin. Pa., 3; Lelsfa- 

toB 4; AaMand S; Pottarllle S. 
Maacy Brown; Ft. Scott, Kan.. 4; JopUn, Mo.. 

8; FlttaborK. Kan.. 8. 
OIBee Boy, Nixon ft Zimmerman, mgn.: New 

Castle. Ca., S; BtDokriUa 4; dearfleld 5; 

WnUaaapect •r'*Lewl|>tB ^ JMIcttate •: 

Lock Baeea .» .JMBAMi ns 'ClHkfc .ft. 

T.. 13: Ukaeallf^ 
Pollards' Llllipotlan Opera Co., Jos. Mailer, 

mgr.: Braadoo, Maa., 84; Calsary. Albena 

8-lT. • - • - .-- - ■ - 

Panl Joaea Opera Co., Jao. B. Oaitiaaa, 

DenTcr, Col.. Sl-Jan. 8; CMnile CMA ' T: 

Victor 8; Colorado Sprinn O; PiiebI*>W;-^Cs^. 

Jonta U; Hntehlnaon, Kaa., IS. 
Prlae« of Pllsea (Henry W. SaTaae's). 

A. Shaw, mcr.: Wlnnlpec. Haa.. 2-tt 

IMS. H. 4:.SalBtk. Mtaa.^ B^ 

Pretty Peggy, with Jan* Oateeiaa: Ft. a»* t^ 
KaiL, 8; Ula 4; Obaaat* S: Paiaaas Flti» 
tare 1: CWiMahae 8; Joplfai, Ma.. B: WMk 
Olty 10: rt. SnUtb. Ai£ru; Ume Back 
12: Bot Spnags U. . ' V' 

Prineeaa Chie: Lewlstawa. Pa... BL 

ProfeaaoF Napoleon. B. Wade aad W. imia 
DaTls, mgrs.: Atlanta. Qa.. 8-4. W 

Pearl and the Fnmpkia, Klaw ft ■danger, 
mgta.: Clereland, O., 1-6. 

PUT, Pair, Poof, B. C Whitney, myr. i Taconto. 
Oat., !.«. 

Paria by Might: De* Moinc*. la. 81-Jaa. 8. ' 
Peggy From Parlay»-. Cscey. agt.: Lonls. 

Tllle, Ky.. !•«. 
Parattal:.. XIsIb, BL. 4. . 
Bonada* ImSSf Otcheetia: 


Bay, Jebmr aad mama, M 
•emUya. X... 
Baceta- nnelbrra. ;:<dDaw ft 

Httabms, lajt 14: - 

Badolpb and Adolpb. A. P. 

-.Ft. Wayacr lad., 8: KeadalMllar. 4; , 

6: Sootb Bead Vtaaktat'B;!bCvetla 
Bsailsu;Ojafa.-CDw, Wm. OaaaTna,^ ~~ 
.•.]aiid,v0rc.,'r44L^ ' • 
Bobtn Bood. MIIt0B:c* Stant >akt^- ^ ^ 

,-Albasy, Ga., 8;. BaMM^ -a(.-'nHMak'«l 

JartaonTtHe. Fla.. &. £uV 
Banawaya: Oharlcatoa. ■.. C. S; 
-rNertolk, Va., B. 



land, lagr: 

Uma 4: Spokane 84; 
Sbow GM. &, O. Wbit 

Viae.. S; eieeamie 4; 

Inn OL 
Sidney, Oeoegc, ■■ D. 

City. Mo, U-Jaa. 6. . " i 
Saaay Sonth, 3. C Baekwtt.'?a _ 

Pa., 8; Sbazoa 4; Xaaacstowa. •. 

ma •. 

Icwlataa. Ta.. lA. 
'a Saad: v Fan Bteer. Maes., 

and the Beast: QAey. flL. t . j 


JANUARY 6. 1906. 



:ena keife.. 

S yean featared with orlslDal 



or m WMU. A BUZIH MT. 

flu* Ilttaoa. For lerma 



..Jolly Delia Pringle.. 

M Har Eicillwrt Stocfc GnipiBT. 


Qmi If AMrictt E|HitriiiMt 




Addren. The 6lilbo&nl. ClucLaa&tl. O. 





"WJIk UtUa TloKlas tbrawn In for (ood aMMn. 




. Jlw Gyclfaig nUard Bros.. 


. «• AMD M 



■w IMno 131 ViMiif An, SMW R.. 





f The Great Irfsb Singer. 

A Per. Addreaa. 

609 Amitags An., • ,_ ,CHICA80. 




Sol* central :ln Vaudvvlll*. Cm H, 
Itow York. 


' Amgrlc, a. 




lYlU'api^ la London 8 weeks next 
^t^Eair^ ani 'Apdl, »ad ImUJu. nth. 

' HOWARD ffSW, Mgr. 

^;21 Wes(42niSt., 



World'. Greatest iorlal Act. Address Billboard, Chicago. 


UnrlvalMl Japaaaa* Arltols. 


Walter BipiMr mt His Juggling Giri 

ISO mipaM A.<iNk, 






The Polite Vaatfovillo Eifortaliors, 


"Queon of Clubs," 

Daustater of Dr. Oesch. ot Partland. Oregon. maMag «ood in VandgrUle. 

Billy Onslow and MUe. Gametl 

....Burlesque Artists.... 

Qmbw sad OOBtODtod tonxinir California; the land ot SuiLsh'ne and Flowers. AddreSB* 







IntrodadDK & new oomblnmUon of 
Ojsmartlc and Ou ntOfU on. : : : : 

...a MTONJPirEII^^X ... 

AtPTeaeatontheFacUleOoaat. BatB|tadataaaaiMMdkr««*VSi 


The Aoknowledged Leading Skaters. 

New, Novel and Original Features. All Orstrclass managreis addieM w per 
Tonte or. 9 Fair St. Grand Rapids, Mich. 


for. Aidius 41 FUll liuai, 




Just closed a successful season with John Robinson Circus to enter 
vaudeville for winter season. Per ad. care Billboard, Gincianati. O. 

— . ' . ... THE ONLV— 

A •••H A1 . . ^ 

MiutCBl Sketch Artists. 8oloe 
on Varloua InstnuiientB 

m Olson Hie Coal Man 

JEUKflE— D' 

The Famous French Fencing Girls. 

The abOTe Boveltr act Is mixed with sood eomedr. Tbit ladtea are tiao dxamatlc arUats. 
MMe-Iwue AHalap« t — W . Aadi«a.,Bi 


Fment tbair .nnlane and eocentile ereatloB. ■ ■ 

*<THK MUmOAb BAltiiiEltS." 

A. Mg hit eTMTwhtre. Addreas. WlIiliIAJI MOBBIS, 6 West 28th Street, N. T. C. 

warn m st. angmon ^ m jm m m HNy 

' Fennaiient address, The Bililboabd, Chicago. 

Eva Thatcher 

Twentr 1 




Slnser. and Expert Xrlple and 
BeeaiUile IVooden Shoe IlaneeM. ■. 




In.<saniMl7TtlekHon«a Putomlma Mt. I 

tBMDj bmaj sltuaUoiu, comwl/ jonUAS sad a daw 
pnfonBaasa OB tlw ilMkMra, fer naOimr. 

ejiiwimi B. iMi» 

L&AbiNG MiM^ 







4U$T niAiH WIERS. 

Theatrical Hotels »< BoardlDgHusii 




Xtie eillboapcl 



"At Liberty" 


sar Ineli. 


One Ineh ot iDace. (ooiteen Omea (time 
Months). tU.OIt, mnd lancer SMces np to serea 
tnchea at tli« Muna rate Der Inch. 

NOTK.— That all apace Is measured and 
cbured for mt siairleGolamn: A e»rd one and 
ahaU IncheaUH) may be set dooUe «<nlnwiw 
thiee anartera (K) of an Inch deep. Specify 
In your order U the card la laraer than one 
iDch. whether to be aet slo«Te or doable 

Tie BlUboard Publisiiinf Go., 



Medicine Lecturer, 


OtIcIhaI moth.Klfc Po«ltlTel70n«of ttetail. flfrtf 

flntnKht. Pueutas*. Hoboota. 

PHIUF DKLCBOm, Cratiml Botol, St. 3cm»rh, Mo. 

At Uberty 

Ho Bells— JXo B00Z&— Ifo Ticket. 
Anything reliable. Ouk JoJii on win. 

J. e. HtfUj 

CM of Home Band. 



Theatre. Canton Ohio. 
Ctodu gxxxl fabow. 





And make yoa a fortune. If 70a harr a 
SONG or BOOK Utatta worth anythiBV. 
ron sboald copyright it. Don't tak* 
ehaacMwbaa yon can MCnre odr trrr 
icnat Raalt cost. Seadfor oa r SPIOAL 
Om« TO MVfNTOKS befoccapplzmx lot 
a patent, 't »tg pavjiou} 

Die or not, WKK. wMi incorpoi 


I'wiMraT^Riflm . 

kCMsply, most promptly tsd 
Ijr- AU of the Important f( 
of the Ineorporatlng buslneaa anr^ln- 
«luded 10 the Ariiona sUtotM: W« 
*n tte pioneer iooorponton/ Items, 
t>luik forms sod copy at o^r Ism tret 
teUMiMitr AM! 

'"^"^^T *' 'I l lT mnf ri MM mfl 
edleaaod Z>ruau B«Tlaed. Only Uu 
material Utai will make josr act a 


Soags, Gomadiesy Drai 

WSTTTEX TO OBOBB. M<»olo«n«a sad P»rndHea ^' 

TONY l.ijoe:lski 

Tba AffiGatttd Westam CIrcatt 
916 Marint Smew 

IMR. AND MRS. 8TIRK. of Oroat 

8TIRK FAMILY, OrigiMi Triek BiefelUis tf tanrlM. 

PSr. addrev, Kael 


In Their 
Ba£h>n£ Succoam. 

A Woman's Way 


.Tho Dnlboard... 


• Eccentric Comedy Duo m 


\^^'*^?'. DONOVAN STOCK CO. 

Management, r. WARD MARION. Care Billboard. 



Address all Ageuti. Billboiini, or Woodland Ave-, Clevelaad, Ohio. 



• ■ aH—ia M i rt eMoCI 


Ctaamplon AII-Konnil Acrobatic Darrel Jumpers. Mou Tour, Kns . At Ulxirty 

for Hr^t-'-liss V»iid(?vlllH FTuusu-s. C. ini usnlri or C\ n-uses f rxjm Marc-h 5. IJKM, 

Per. iddrtv, Zh Palmeralou St., Stocklon-on-Tee, lAiodon, Knu. 



I ■om-d^planM. Known In tlw Eut u well u t 
Vow plAjloa Blioa Clrcalt oC tbe We«t- K 





y^^Jg j^fji Three jreare for P. P. Proctor's Enterprises New^York; 2 


rite or wire. 

years Gea. Adv. Agent Iietaon Bros Shows; part 2 seasons 
agent The Cradoc-KeTllIe Co. Pu. if. 12 iirtsn St„ Ikm, OUo. 


V^"-??.' > 'itikiya j^anlg iriHMk 




Ifiss Edna, principal bareback somersault rider; Miss Rosa, balan- 
cing trapeze; Miss Irene, swins ladder, contortion and carryins: act. 
Have no stodc Address 406 W. IStii St., Kansas City, Mo. 



OwntaS and OperatiM SO Plret-Claaa Vaudavin* Thaatraa Cael. Nerttawrat and WmI 


WIUl 1 mMm ibst «>a dallnr th* aooda. 



Vr So. Clark St.. 


Li9t Chairs 

XMs li»t b mU i a «nrT«oJJ*_ 
Raadan win ooafw a fa.Tar <^• 
taati«a to uy ana or amitiin a i . 

HirtfnWI Own DalOMa'a FalTfJ^BB. »•) 

■. ~ " — 

New Street Fairs2 

ThM* datM kaT* kMi_ . 
paUieatioB of oar lait IM. 

HaUrttsnUe. T*x. 

. Pnitiw StiMt Fair. Jka. 

oubUe; Ala.— diaxei-eias. nil. nxt, not.. 

Sew Odcnn, ainidl-eiM. — 

FamllT Thaura, UMb St., Ill 


aM»; v is K. 

Jhm«e K 

Pencanli,' ' 

AUwnr. X. X.— C«aliy Aan. 
— . laoe. Or. Ja».. . OartK 

p»«ri »t. ■ ■ 

ABwR Lea. Ttliiii niitwra Oa. 

Jan. IMS. 

Atlaata. 6a.— AtluU Pooltir m. 

S3. laoa. C. O. BartwcU. ck-? 
Aatnn. N T. — Ankara PoalDT ajbb. Ju. Vt- . 

xs. J. a. Scott. 

BclTldcic. ni..-Nattbcra nUaols PesHty AaM. 
FVb. S-IO. ISOe. But lU Jjirmm. MC^. 

BoMao. Itua.— vlmcrlcaa VTUta WyaaMtS 
Club. Jan. 1M» UOO. SUolce r. DckaiK 
wc*7, TInexa<4 Amm, Viaa 

Boaton, Maaa Baat«a PooItiT »M SSott. Xaa. 

tS-90. S. B. Bobcrt*. accTr. Soatk AtlMoi^ 

Beataa. M—.— K»w 

flkew. JIu. A 'b. MMiL ' Mn. <. ^ ' " ; 
OudMta. «. T.— CkniMtM VtfMxr JOB. Wtmw. 

Jaa. ai-V«b. 1, IMM. 
OaataiL 0.-<kaW PaaltiT A F«t Stock An. 

6bow. ra. 1-7. noa. C. e. Bmc*. aw^. 
Oharlaata, It C— Ohailaate Pimltiy Aa 

Jaa. iiax UOB. B. a Oayia (» 
Cbleaso. m.— NaUoaal raaetcn* * 

Sbow. Jaa. S-ST, IWM. Frrd U 


ChieasoL IlL— Katioaal Boaa Oantt WhU» ttt- 

bora CI(d> Sbow. Jan. 9-37. Mia. W. I. 

Ptiailt>a. gSGP SoDcrlor at. ^ 
OiBdnnaa. O. — ^American Wblce Ptarnwntk Itoak 

dob. Jan. IS. UO*. Sath W. Onaoay. Stt : 

avaa. Wla. 

laalaaaa. • O. I ■artra » raaltir Aaaa. SMr. 
Jaa. I»n. WN. T. J. Fan. IMTr. 
Oladaaatl. O.— CladBaaa Fooltiy ArnkJ^ffr. 

Jaa. M-SO. IMM. T. I. Par. aSTT. 
CtadoMtl. a— andaaati P. S P. B. AM. 
Jaa. IS-n. 1906. E. 3L Banm iM'r. _^ 

ClebDni*. Tex Johaaoa Cioaty Paoliry Sbow. 

Jaa. t«-U. 1904. W. R. Stcnas. acCr. 
Cbarlaatao. W. Ta. — State P. A P. 8. Aara. 
Stunr. Jan. SS-S5. IBOO. Q. C. Stzaawr, 
ate'T, B«Un, W. Va. _ , _ 

OtanUnd. O.— Poultry. PlsaoB' Cbt * Dot 
Bzhlbltloo. Jan. SSPab. S. T. I.. Goahl. 
ace'7. uei Woodland aw. _ . . 

ClfTcUDd. O.—Vbt raaetcn' CInb of Otenlaaa. 
Jan. »w>. 8. TT. B. BlBa, aee'y, eara 
rint Nattoaal Bank. _ ^ 

Dnltoa. Maaa.— Daltoo Pooltxy aad CM SiMk 
Aaan. Show. Jan. ie-19. 190S. "W. RJ Odi- 

woM. ace'y 


■ insw.M^. 
ry Aaaa. As. 

Pti«t, wMfr. _ 
DtlwIM llleh.-8tat* Fodtty aad JEM 
AvaTebow. Jaa. ST-PM.. 1. 

Dnbnqnr, la aUiataaipnl VaBcy 

Sbow. Jan. 12-30. lOML JaaM* 
Foatorta. O.— Tb« FOatorla PooMry 
IS-IT. 1008. Cbaa. Maaa. aaCy. 
OrnrTa. O. — ^Pcaltrr A P. 8. Aaaa. ■ 
33-3T, 1908. W. H. 'Slns. a*c*y; 
Ooabcn, Ind.— Ooaben Pedtiy and Pat_ 
Aaaa- Sbow. Jan. — . 1088. 

Gi»d''Ba(ilda, J*lcb.— «ttoWiy A Ws*!* -„ 
Sbow. Feb. IS-XS, laOS. P. B. IMsU. 

HarriabWt'iFa^-FB. Itaeteir Am. Jaa. as* 
ST. Isrfr-^d lW.K. Uun. Bapaltoe. ace'y. 
iataa. Xlcb.— «oaltiy, Ptotao aaa Of ma flbow. 
Jaa..«t-Palt. S. H. A. sSaa. aac^. - ^ 
tndtaaamlki, 'lad. Paadafa' AM •( lad. M. I 
ilO; '■ i7-A I < Plam. SB WaaUastaa at ! 


JobuSown. N. Y.^dlroBdadc Foidtiy and Pat 
Stack airtt Sbow. Mb. — . IMS. . N i» B. 
Cbnot, aee'y. 
Jobnatown. Pa. — Jobaatawa 
tiT CInb atKnr. l>b. MO. 
Kaaaaa Cltr. Mo^— Kaaaaa CUy 
elatleo Sbow. Jan. O-Sa ' 

Kankakee. nL— Kaakaka* Pl — _ 

Stock AM. ahMr._Ma. U-11. ISOS. B. P. 

Shaw. Jan. 
SIcdd. ace-y. 

N.- T. 

M48. 1908. 


O. «. • 

IT-U. 1908. 

^ PodtXT 
Dr. J. ■ 

Stock . 

Llaeobi. ' Meb.— Nabraaka State Paottiy AaaL 
Jan. 15-90. 1008. Lather P. LadtoB. •ce'r. 
Laa Aacalea. OaL— VWvtMlk ASBMl BiWM. 

tloD of the Loa *— ""-^ — • 

8-is, looe, o. 

W. Adama at. 
Uanltowoe. Wla.— ^tecoa A . . — _ 

Aaan. Show. Jan. lS-31. UOS. IT^' O. 

aoo. aec"y. Pcwaakac, Wtt. . .. .^ 

VaxabaAee. Icx.— StaaahachM fwdter *'F*t 

stock Aaaa. Sbaw. Jaa. SA. 1808L. P. 

navfaport. aac^. _ 
Mnwaakc*. Wla— SIllwaBkc* Padtqr Paadcnf 

ShMT. Jaa. at4S, MOS. O. O. I«lbar. actfy. 


JANUARY 6; liO*. 





Our SUPPLIES are as , , 
Good as Our FILMS. 

: 85e. 

Bitt4 M il. Inporttd GOIDUSEB Urn 
Tm GMdMMn fai JtoMl - 

Onr New Mbdet iEOiebsbit^fg^^ 

volts, or 25 amperes at 220, does the -v^ork. Complies 
with all fire regulations, the best model on the 
market. Priccj $9.00. ■ 

Paths Cinematograph Co., 

42 East 23d St., New York. 

35 Randolpb St., Chicago. 


FORT smith; ARK. 


New llm of ooniea and (aaey eaida. "The 

daeed pric«».- SMoorvrlce Usu 

aMN.SIIiat.. PhiladAlphla. Pa. 

Show Printing 

'Typ« ..and Ka4nnr«d. Pesters, 

MlsortiwUy'^lnn. — State Poaltij Asn. Skoir. 

Jxn. TSjtO. tOOS. e. A. Lotk. M^. 
MltcbeU/8. D.— Sooth Dukata . S- 
Aran/Sbow. Jan ^Kb. 1^ .Ml. Tra- 
lUqr ScoUln. teCr. 

N. J. — PooltiT Sbaw. Jin. 2M'el). 
IBOe. T. rams BodUiain, sec'y. 
'eamentown. U.— ^uacumwm* Coonty Pool- 
try Ann. tDwir. Aa. KMSb UOe. . T. D. 
Mnloaac, ateY. • 

Staoir./ Jaa. 2S-2I, ISM. 


Baltlmot*. O. 
Feb. W-20L ISOa, 
N«c^alk. O.— fDolax aboir. . Veb. 14-18, 
. R. K«Uon. aee^. ~ - 

Ida. m.— PoaIti7 Aaaa. Sbow. Jan. 
toe. Geo. H. Pl<*ett. •ec'y. 
abcnia Ot7. OkU^-^Ualmiia State 

ju. i^-Wf/b. a, laoa. .x. a. abaw, 

»ec*7. / ■ 
Oleu. X. T. 

10-1?; 0808. 
(Mikyfai. wUv— Stmte FMlttr Aaan. 8bow, 


■so, Midi.— lAUitn Voattn *-C«t 
.- 8him~- lami 
8-U; IMM. ~ 



r. Jaa. 


Thefamona PODoornOanteecloa. and - 

..Reiiable Candies and Chocflrani 

In Attractlre Packages, pnt no ezpreaaiy 
' 'for tbe Amosemont Trade, will make mol 
money for you than aiurthlDrelseyoamaL. 
sell at yonr Theatre or Show. Write for 
Samples and Prlent. atatlnc what aelltsK 
prlTllena ;on eonuoL 



Ca(al«BliLB*aaata,M ^ 

■at Pbu, S«K BhtVa and ab«n Hnvettlei o< 

aaveHptlon. Wr tf\l yon how to •ell QUAJfTlTI 

T. N. MOTT. <1S-417 Deirton SI., CHICASO, lU 

!■■»■ Unto print (rmnoraifeototse 

Id or Wife Hiotof. whits, black. ' ' 
perLom. SendlbrMnipie.. 

Feb. — . UOa^ Mn IMke, aec^. 
Palaearine. O.— Ponltiy and Pet Stock Aaaa. 

Jan. 10-U. 1908 T. O. JohBaon. aeCy. 
P itt^uiH. nu— nnelei^ JObtb Sbow. fW. 
-lO-at. aooe. Q^--C Sntcb, aeCy. 4 XiydU 

•treet. .•' i 

PItttfeld. O.— Booltiy Aaaa. Srblblt.' Jan. M- 

2S. 1908. N. 0. lAtMr. aec'y. 
Poatlae. Midi. — sixth Annual Poultir A. PUT 
ec« Sbow. Janv 10-20. 1806. Daniel noaiaa, 

PortUnd, Ore. ' " Ota te Ponltry Aasn. Show. Jan. 

lO-lT. 1808. ~J. O. Hnrtay, aec'y. ■. IStb at. 
Portland. Ind. — Baateni lod. Ponltry And. Jaa. 

15- 20. ISoe.. Cbaa. VoFadand, «eCy. 
Boebca^, M.' Y^^^lmm City Pooltty 'Ama. 

"Gccat ItMuftrw Show." -Jaa. S-18. U08. 
Oeoi. 3. KeUfiF. we^. - ' 

Salt Lake aiy. Olak,,r:^Mift BcMHy Aaia._ Jiaa. 

16- 21. IMM. T. J, 
•re. / 

ScheoreUdT. N. T^l , . 

Pet Stock Aaaa. Sbow. Jan; SUNk. *, t>08. 

1. V vrutmyer. aec'y. 
SdaqtoD. Pa.— Pooltiy Sbow. Jan. 15-20. U08. 
B.Weeka. aec'y 
<y. O — Sbelby P. * P. 3. Aaan. Peb, 
11. ls)oe. J. a. Blnea, aec'y. 
iSlleld. O.— Sprincfleld' P. * P. S. Aaan. 
>w. Jan. S«T. 1908. J. H. 

Stamrord.' Omn.— Stamford Ponltry Aaan. 

Jan. IT-SO.. 1906. R. M. Clarfc. aec'y. 
St. Pnnl, 3Clnn- — ^Minnesota Fasdera* 

Show. Pefc. 5-11. H. J. Goetb, aec'y. 
Tteton. Ind.— Tipton Cbnnty Pooltiy and Pat 

8to<^ Show. Jan. lO-ia^ ISO*. Aa. ~ 

Is fhe Largest and Most Rdlable WholeBrtly.: 

Strectmcn's Supply House In the Country. 


. PLATEO and 















TOiLcr ARTieues 


Wa mak« a specialty 
of Prantain Gooda 

IT 18 GO JD 

For Your 




And .Your 

.„ WELFARE... 

in geDenlto consult 

us and our catalogue 
if you Intend to start 
business or are in 
business, before you 
iB. foar' itoek: 


Ini jM Ufc- 
est V«Mr Ml NT 

Prices are Neier 
















: - MienONEERS. 


IV. shure: 

Wholesale Streetmeh 

2M-II8-W27I Mtatlt, 

Lowell, Maaa.— Ixjwcll Retail Oroeen' Aaao- 
datioa'a Fint Kaad aad TaSeitrtal ■nwlllriii 
Aaaodate Han. JiaHh.- XHt^ MSS. CL B. 
Green and K. J. Reea^ wum^'MtrWmmtmmft 

New Tort City. 
Newark, N. J.— iRewark Betall Oroeen* Food 
Show. May T-19, 1906. C. H. Orecn and B. 
J. ^we, agn.. STT Brgadway.- Mew Xork 

1908.- c. -a. ereca 'da8 'm.>=~X. 

Bowc.' Bgis., 237 Broadway, New TaA Oltp.. 
gji a ma e, N. Y..^yiaenae Groeera 'It Heat 
Dcalera' AaaedatlaB Pood k ladaattlal Bxpo- 
•Itloa. The anambra. ApM 18-28, IWO. 
C. B. Green , and B. J. Bowe, msra., 2TT 
Bnadway, New York City. 
TForeetter. Maaa. — BetaU tiroeera and ProTtaloD 
Dealers' Asaodation'a Pare Pood flboar. Me- 
chanlca Hall. . Feb. 
H. Green and B. J. 
way. New York CUj. 

IWaaUnctoQ. — iNatlonal afarlae H i iglm aii ^ 

fldal Asim. Jan. — , 1906. 
■WaiUafftoQ — American Inatltnte of 

Jan. 18, 1908. GlMB " ■ " ' 

'. at OR- 

AntomOblle Sboir, 

1S48. lM»L-: ..OhertK. L 
Obteaso. HI. — Annnal At 

laenm. Feb. S-IO. 1908. 
dereland, O.— dereland 

Feb. 17-M. uoe;- 
Dettott. Hlcb.— Til-State AntomOblle andSporta- 

men'a Sbow, at Idcbt Gnarda' Asnoiy. Peb. 


New York City— AntoaobUe Club of Amerloa, 
Sixth AmiDal AntodMblle Sbow, it Slzty-dnth 
Beslment Aimoey. Jan. 1^-20. 1906. 

New York City— Aaaodatlon of Ucenaed An. 

- tomo4>ile Mannfia otmeia , . Aottan<8>Ue Sbow, 
at Vadlaon S<inare Garden. Jui. 18-90, 1908. 

Onnond-Daytona. Fla.— " - - . - 

Jan. 22-27, 1908. 

Washington. D. C 
Feb. 6-10, 1808. 

IObb. — Beneb Sbow. Jias 
i Vkank Woodmn, ae^f..-^,'. 

":' szvosinoBS 


JUteh T-I4. 190S. Oo^WM 
vm. Park Saw bUc Ke«. 

CBft. '■ "• 
m:. WiiiUkl ttportttaa. Jaa. W3a. 
Stewart Spaldtas aec'y, KB Adaais^at,; 

Cbleaco. ni. ' O ted a d Aaona] Offlee AppUiaee' 
•and Bna luc aa Sraten Sbow. Ccdlaeam. MarA 
:IT4I, 1906. Ooebrane A Payne, msra., 17S4 
itek Bow bids.. New York City. 
JaAaoBTlUe. ria. — Erpoaltlon. Jan. 4-18, 1906. 

Tbe Pure rood and Ind. Exvo. Oo. 
Topeka, Kan. — Kansai Uld-'Wlnter Bxpoaltlon. 
Jan. 22-Pcb. S. B. S. Bflsbam, atc^ and 

at-fUb. Ob »— - 
•Walla Valla.' 

Aa«i. -Vek,;'»M|, 

Show; - tmm. ^fHHm.' 

aec'y. ■ ■ 

. Tnm 

Rrooklyn. N. Y.— Bnoklys .PIIM ' Betall Gio 

era' Aaaoclation's Tblid 'staBaBl«*VtMd Sbow. 

Clermont Are. Rink. ItaMh 141. 1908. C. 

R. (Srees aad B. J. BiiN;-aMlia , J77 ^naA- 

war.. »Mr;l»*..Owv».v >■ 
HarecMil. lliefcg^awRiifll"- Biert Xnde 

Pnod and laaaMlHI 'SBaMlIlM,' Itar JaKU. 

March «-A|H« £:.lBaft,'-"ik' '9.! %*m aad 
.R J Row*,. ■»iu-.SR..SaaaaTCP;'B<HK;T«(k 

. city , .. • .. . " . : " - 

aooet<lalr. e^.—Tbt A. 8. C. Indoor Olteoa. 
Jan. 23-2B. 1808. Bea. Olttileh. mv. 

New Coflyartfems 

BOTE.— Tha fiUowins datM 
pawad in tUa Uat b«f em. 

Kewark— I. 0 .H. Grand Oaaelaee. Peb. 13. 

1S06. Geo. W. HlII. 
Waafaiustoo— A. o. V. W. Giaad Mae. Peb. 

Caafalnstoo— A. O. V. W. 6n 

jnxOt Bd. 

. Oble 

22, 1S08. 
. find. - ■ - 

EraaarfUa — Ohio'- YaUcy 



OealMabiea— Vhawcr tmw' Kaketa. 

ao. 1906. W. a. Haakin. •• 
MarabantowB— Gbnrt of Hoaar, Btatc ON. 

13, leoe. Jno. M. BoUer. Moacattae. 
Lezlneton— State Maater PInmbcxa' . 

— > 0808. ;6. P. Boaer, US^K. 
■• LoBlarffle.*' ' 

, '"i JOCHIOAiJI ^, 


.fan. 18-17. 

Kewark— state Bmnane Society. .9aa;'9, 190^ , 
Kewark— State Cbailtl ea and . Cortec tfaia Aaaa. 
! ■ Peb. 16-17. ■ Ber. WdlBW'nRrHeBt.-'OBMS,- 
irrcDton— iNttknal »i MfckV AOIasea. .wmiy 

^ 1908. nSn^ OHIO « i . : ^r 

-Middle Statea ler'* 
JlB^ — , 1906. 

New CaiUe— Sute Trained Nuwa' . 

— , IBoe. Mazlettm Znarmaa, •! 
PuketdlBIC-'X. X. O. A.. 

Mardi MOB. Oaak 

iagtaa, 0. 0. .. 
PH1illil|^i ^iyi ftg}^-"j||'|,ff,fi*^' 

riWbwf liMwfMB • Mrtittfl OoDenr 
March — , 1008. ntd O. ZapSe. 1TB4 I«a-. 
ington are., Cblcato. m. 

mUiaawolrt^-State BetaU Hardwan Ocatea* 

Bnral Letto 
P. a. Meai 




BeatUe — Boyal Areanmn Grand 
17, 1006. Tboa. A. Parltb. 


MUwankre— state Bottiexa' 
March —, 1008. J. P. 


Xlie Billboapd 







(ObDtlnued from pn£4^ 3a.) 

To* V^T&.%'SSS^ -«r.: N.W 
Vnnpletaa, r*T, Kltir ft Brlaiuccr. 

New York Cttj, Jan. 1, iadef. 
TiToU Opm Co.: S*n maelMo. OO^^tttdel. 
Trip to BtTPt, C. B. Km, mcr.: SctilMce. 
'Neb., 3; Llncola 4; Finnoat 6; PUttaobaQi 
6; CoancU Slufll, I*., 7; Schorlcr, Neb., 8; 
Kearney 9; EasUcgt 10; Falrbory 11; Oo- 
luinbas 12: Norfolk 13. 
Telephone Girl, SUrr I,. Plilej. mir.: Knoi- 
Tille, U., S; SIconmey 4; Wlut Cbeer S; 
Marco^o 6. ^ 
Tsosnar, Bra: uawaokee. Wla.. Sl^Jan. e. 
TCndtifoot: M^Ophli, Tcnn.. 8-4; JtekMO, 



Merry- Go • Round. 




Oentorr n«ii|*4)w> 

machine for CarnlTl' 

No stakes to drive orboli 

^B4>b4 Is the onir machine for CamlTals 

''•naStrtet I iLrb " 


'M 4tol Mb set on a floor or : 
■anufaotuped by 

AmuMmest OatBUerB, No..Tonawaa ' 



Dee. 2.AbM. 
Veronlqn^, Klaw & Erlaniw, atr.: Mair Zotk 

Clty/Oct. 30, Indef. 
Tan,/BUl7 B., In Tbe Errand Boj, P. H. Snl- 
Amoa. Co., mgra.: lUnDrapoUi, mnn., 
^an. 6; Mlltniakee. Wla., T-U. 

A Vokea. in A Pair of Pinks. JaL 9. 
I«e, mgr.: Jacbaon, Miss., 3; Natehei 4; 
' .onroe. La., B; Pine BlnS, Aik.. 6; UtUe 
Bock 8; Texarkana. Tex.. S; Shrereport. La.. 
10: Beaomont. Tez.. 11; Oranse 12; aalreaton 

Wonderland. Jaa. L. Bnford, mgr.: Woreeater, 
Uasa., 3; Frorldenee, B. I., 4-6; Uoatreal, 
CanU S-13. 

Wills Xosleal Oomedr Os.. Jao. S. Wills, msr.: 
McKlmwy. Sis.. »«; Uliiiim ••10: Fuli 11. 

When JoKaav OOBM 3tndUm_'a»ma, W. T. 
Carletoo. MM* ■■t'^TnHMn. Waah., 
3; SeaM* " ~ " 

la.. 10. 

Wttard of Oi. Hamlin. Mitchell 

cifr.: Chicago, lU., 25-Jan. «. 
Watermelon Truat, Col. M. H. Welsh, mgr.: 

PbUllppd. W. Va., 3; BelltoKbam 4: Elklna S. 
Well'a Baad: Tiffin, 0., 5; Sandoakr 7. 
Yankee Coosol. John_ p. BBO CBIB^ "E" 

mento l^hiS« 4?jSSm l|R~lM.A»Its 

Yorte * llis i- .SMMiw 4Mw M. 


Barlow'a, Great, J. A. OObom*. owner A 
Colnmbns, Ot^Jt: "If*'"'*. ^lA, 4: Ul 

bam 6; S"' — ~ " 

Hlsa., 10 
Damont'ay^ Philadelphia. _ 
Doekiud»'a. Lew. Chat. 

Bosta&r Mass.. 1-12. 
Gnr yBtos.', O. B. 007, mgr.: Kewtoo, H. 7., 
Bangor. Pa., 4; East Stroodsborg S; Bel- 
, Jderq, N. J., 6; Dorer 8; Washington 9. 
Ifldjf, iX.O.. Doc Qulgley, mgr.: East Ur- 
I erpoai; O., 3; Nenr CasUe, Fa.. 4; Sharon 
6: Toongatown, O., B: Bearer Falls. Ps.. 8: 
' Sfooesscn 0: Cnlootomi 10; Gcceubozz 11; 

Fatanoht. W; Ta„ IS: OmBlMHlsad. Xd.; 13. 
Qarton'*, C. C. PMrL ncr.: m^iu CItr> 
Ind.. S: Bwdisnan. Uleb.. T: Bcntoo HartMC 
8; Three SItcts 9; fonesrtUe 10; Angola, 
Ind^ U; Anboni 12; Botlar 14. 
Haverly's, °Chas. S. Bngbee. mgr.: UtIdc- 
ston. Mont., 3; BUllDgs 4; Fargo, M. D.. 6; 
Wlnnloeg, Uan., 8-8; Grand Forks, M. D.. 
10; Braloerd, Minn., 11; Superior. Wis.. 12; 
Dnlath. Minn., 13. 
Sarkness A Fox's, Boy S. Fox, mgr.: Gtcen- 

fleld, Tenn., 1-3; Trenton 4-4. 
HI Henry's: Allentown, Pa., S; Beading S; 
Laneaate^ 8: Lebanon 9; CarUale 10. 

i Billy, Geo. A. Treyser, mgr.: Spar> 
J, a. C, 3; Colambia 4; Angnsta. Ga.. 
rannah 6; Charleiton, S. C 8; Snmtcr 
irence 10; Norfolk. Ya,, 13. 
I. Frank: Coal Cllr. HI- B; Stic*' 
•: Galeshnrg 12; Eewanee U. 

lae's. Geo.: Detroit. Ulch.. l-«: Sagl 

naw T; Bay CItjr 8; Undon, Ont., 0; Ham 
nton 10: Buffalo.. M. Y„ U-IS. 
Blchaxda A Pi1ngle*s: Smith Centsr, Kan.. 6 
Son's, 0ns. Fred D. Fowler, mgr.: Grnsa Tai 
ley, CaL, 3; Carson City. Ner.. 6; Virginia 
City 6. ■. . 

ToKcl's, Jno. W. Vogel. mgr.: Ft.lPUIn. N. 
Y.. 3; St. JotanSTllIe 4: Home 5; DUea 3; 
Berkinuf 8; Little .FalU 9; Saratoga lOr 
Graiwllte U: BatUad. Yt, ISi ' 

Alcassr ^anttea. OiaB. Tay^^' 

fREEITliB Cutlery Ktnr 

Write for -it to-day. Harry L. 
MO E. Madlaon Si.. GBIOAQO. 

MC1IT< C»o»aania,g«r««t,IWr,P»p»rtm«n<Btor» 
ABM I •) or Mall Order Workwa and for ikiBpla 
bmtlBehonaaholdarttela oath* market. 4M pa" 


makera aU 

la Uodaon Btroei, 




PUDOamsoodaot all klnda. Pilv 
(TOtalur.prleea. ■ y 

' ojmomH CITY POP corn woimb. 

wraan k Sen. Rropa.. CMoaso. 




S«narml Practice. SPBCiAtflPT:— Domestic 
DUBeoltles and Theatrical Law. Reduced 
*•*•■ to the profeiislon. IMItor Law De- 
aeov The BlUhoard. 

~TU ametFiT wim mumm fag a* 


ksoe. Wasir.. Jan. 1-8: Seattle 8-1 
AmerlcaoB. /Bdwln D. Altncr. mgr. 
Utnn.. Y*\ Butte, Uont., 8-18. 

ria, Geo. Hale, taxt.: Detroit. lUch- 
; Grand Baplds 8-18. 
Beaotles. Lonis Grant, mn.: MH- 
WIs., Jsn. 1-0: St. Paol, 

nu<i nibbon Girls. Jsck Singer, i 
. 'Sr.- "Y.. Jan. Troy 8-18. 

BiAemtana. Barney ainM..inR.i 
/ Minn., Jan. 1-6; Ddotb 8-18. _ _ ^ 
/Boo Tona. Rnah A Weber, agta. Maw' Talk 

CUT, Jan. 1-6: Fhllad^Ua. Pa-. 8-18. 
Boyeiy Bodcaqma, Joe OntlSsjBSr.: .OtadB- 

jdrnXi, C Jan. 1-8: NashTlIIc. Tean.. 8-18. 
Brigadleis, Chaa. Cromwell, mgr.: New York 
' Cltyi/' 25-Jan. 0; Brooklxn 8-ao. 
Blatf' Crook. Miller A Fholm, mgrs.: Ifo- 
llne. 111., 3; Rockford 4; Aorora 6; JoUet 
a7 go. Bend. Ind.. 8: Goshen 9; Battle Creek 
>Uleh.. 10; Lansing 11: Jsckson 12, runt 13 
Broadway Gaiety Girls, James H. Cor tin, mgr.: 
f Salt Lake City, Otah, 8-13. „ „ „ 

Bryant'a, Harry C Extravaganaa. C. H. Ken- 
yon, mgr.: Boston, Mass., Jan. 1-0; New 
York aty, 8-13. _ _^ 
Calltomla Girls, O. H. Tomer, toB.x Fatac 

son. N. J.. Jan. l-«: Jersey Olty 848. ' 
Casino Girls. Jamea Ledmr. ^r.: r 
K. Y., 25-Jaa. 8; PMrMeaea, B. I„ 
Cherry Blossoms. H. Ja««*a, mgR: _ 
liaM~ Jsn. 1-8: Montreal, Csa- 8-18. 
OMr atoerts, PhU SheHdan. nwr.: Kanaas Olty. 
. ao.7Jan. 1-6; St. LonU 8-18. 
Colonial BeUes, Chas. Frank, o>gr.: Jersey 

City, N. J., 1-0; Philadelphia, Pa., 8-18.. 
Cracker Jacka, Harry Leonl. mgr. : ProrMence, 

B. 'L. Jaa. l-O: Boaton. Man.. 8>U. 
I>ataly_fan>isa. BSfeAT^jig^ **** 

Dalmty Parec. Joa fiames. mgr.: 

~ ».Jaa.^«: Mmoa.^ J., WL 

_ BreoUya. N. 

X- »- - - ■ ■ — 




Dieamlaad Beaotles, Frank Calder, mgr.: Seat- 
tic, Wash., Jsn. 1-6; Portland. Ore., 8-I3. 

Kmpbv Bnrleaanett. J. Fennes«y. mgr.: Mon- 
treal, Cao.. Jan. 1-0; Tonoto, Oat., »-IS. 

Fay Fsater. J os a pb Oppenhelmer. aigr. Broak- 
lya, N. Y.. 1-18. 

Gay MaaqneradcTs, John S. Bayaor. mgr.: 
Brooklyn. N. Y., Jao. 1-18. 

Gay Morning Glories, Sam A. Serlbner. nuT.: 
NaahTtUe, Tenn., Jan. 1-4; New Orlaana, La- 

Golden Crook. Jacobs A Jermon. mgis.: Clere- 

Und. O., Jan. l-«; BnOBlo. N. T., 8-13. 
High Boilers,- A. &. Woodhnll, mgr.: Kansas 

city. Mo- 8-13. 

High School Gbli, AUKd HajOb aigi.:_ GU- 
csgo, 'UL, na. lOlwaalHtt 

HowarA iba, ktaavagaaaa. Oaib 
mgr.: Pfflsaia. Va.. Aa. Mt 

D. a. 8-18. 

Ideals. Sim WUllaati. mgr.: Baltimore. Md., 
Jan. 1-0; PhUadelpbta. Pa, 8-13. 

Xmperlala, Joase Borna, mgr.: Grand Baplda, 
Mich., Jan. 1-6: Cbleago, UL, 8-13. 

Innocent Malda, B. W. CUpmas, mgr.: Port- 
land. Ore.. Jan. 1-S; Saa Vnadiaab OiL. 8- 

Irwin's Big Show, Fred .'Mav Or- 

leans, l4i- Jan. 1-6. 

Jersey Ullies, Geo. Hotfer. mgr.: Setanton, 
Pa., Jan. 1-6; Newark. N. J.. 8-18, 

Parisian Widows, Boah A Weber, mgra.: Bead- 
ing. CkM 'aa. 1-6; ■ecantoa 8-13. 
reeaif. FMISftaia. Pa- »-lA 

Bamr Jb ^oad*A VBtRiilly. agr.: BaSalo. 
». T., Jan. 1% .mSTXM- 

Benta«antley. A |y JUft ; J|^: ,Sy» 

yoke 11-13. 

Bice A Barton's Big Gaiety Co.: New York 

City. Jan. 1-6; Brooklyn 8-20. 
Boae HHI Eaigllah Folly, Blee A Barton, mgra.: 

Boston. Mass., 8-18. 
Boae Sydell's London BeUes, W. S. Campbell, 

mgr.: Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. Beading 

Bnnaway Olrla. Peter 8. Clark, mgr.: OUeago, 

III, Jan. 1-6; Toledo. 0- 8-18. 
Star Show Girls. W. Fennesay. mgr.: dere- 

land. O- Jan. 141: Pltttboif, Pa., 8-18. 
Thoronghbtcda, L. J. Oherwartb. mgr.: Salt 

lAkt our. UMfe, Jaa. Mt DtM<K WL, 8- 

18. •- ■ > .. - . . - 

Tiger Uniaat -^MlaMfMik' - Jn. M; Loa- 

Ttana-AtlAi aHlHiMk 
nwts.: . StoAflM. IiMa.i Ska. 14: 

yoke 4-6. 

Trocaderoe. Chaa. H. Wsldron. mgr.: Newark. 

N. J.. Jan. 18; New York City. 8-13. 
Utopians. T. W. Dlnklns, , mgr.: St. Eools, 

Mo., Jan. 1-6, ^ 
Tsnlty' Fair, Bobert Manchester, mgr.: St. 

IaiIs. Mo— Jan. 1^: Ohlfsan, UL.. S-IB. 
WadHngtoa jMHar -ShK. Aaai?* ..VHMa. 

mgiB.: MpOw Ma.- Mi- CtakMO, 

O., 8-18. 

Wlaa. Womb and Soag. 1C.-1C. Tlitlas. 1^.8 
«ew Tatt Olty. Jan. \*\ PWIadalpMa.^M 


World Beateta. J. Herbert Kaek, mgr.: Phila- 
delphia. Pa.. Jan. 1-6. 

Yankee Doodle Girls. Lonis Harris, mgr.: St. 
Paol, lUnn.,' Jan. 1-6; Minneapolis 8-13. 


SlaBar Broa. Naw Book of Spae- 
ialHaa oairtalnatha lateat and baat 

Sl .lNiq^ III Tut 0l|s 

Csnsda Frank'ar Waring, Tex- 3; Elmendorf 

Ely's, Geo. S.: 'Pendleloorllla^ XleK_ S; Bel- 

falU 9; OenaTlUe 10. - ' 

Eller'a Big Show: Bagle Lafcai SW^ 9% JNeb- 

mond 5: Wharton A . ■ v.. -r... 

McDoDsld Bros.': Mllwood. CM^- Sf IHDIaaU 

4: Pearson 9; wniocoocMa Allv*te 8; 

Enigma S; TIffln 10.'. ' ■ 
Sbelbr'a. James: EUm. Ala— A 

AisbaM ciitaiiai «klU '»Ma OOt m**-. i-6; 

Csntaa.MSL ' . ' ' * 
Bnnell fjaiiinl "^Oa^. ' D- B. BarrdL mgr.; 

Woodw<rlkiJtK,^li4: Vorett Bm 4«; Oak* 

dale S^nTnMBi^-lA 
OosmopoHtan Aamsement Co., Snyder A An- 

detsoB, o«ra.:' Jennings. La.. 1-8; Opeloaaat 


Dixie Csmlral Oa: Vofak; Tag..'' 14; B Paao 

8-lA ■ • - . ' ,"• . 

Dodge Amnsemcat Oa^t - It VUik 9iB«' ZT- 

Jan: 7. ■•• ■ - ■ ■ ^ 

Enropesn'* 'Amns: Oo.: Boekdsle, Tea., 1-6; 
Cnero 8-18. 

Freed Amnaement Co.. B. T. Vtccd, mgr.: Oan- 

ton, Ala., 1-6. 
Graybni A Bnahmer Amnaement Oo..' Graybfll 

A Ruhmer. mgra.: iNonlstowa, Pa., Oct. 1. 

tndet , 

Hamatga^AMaatatat Oa:: - Unkm Bjrfins, Ala., 
1-6: OpeUka A-IS^ - 

Honibeck. la.. BdiTSa BUik Mfi' ' _ 
Sontkan euattal-OAS'StfMi Attai'.M: Globe 

8^IS, ■ ■ ■- 

worura iMr Cjialirt Ohi «^ 

SealF. " 


Frankim-Hooston VsndeTine Co.: Bslrd, Tex. 

8-4: Sweetwater S-6: Colorado 8-9; Big Springs 

10-11; MldUnd 18-18. 
Lafayette. The Great. Show, T. S. Lafayette, 

mgr.: Tltnsrme. Fa.. 8; OQ OUr -4;^T8lik- 

Iln B; Bradford 8: BenoTO 9: M 

10; Lewlsbmg 11; AUentown 13. 
Orphsom' Show (Martin Beek'i) : Saa 

C8l- '9B.laa. 6. 



Aognatlnes Electric' Stndlo: Indlinnla. 

•""lef- ^ ^ • _ . 

Carpenter's School «C MMMVt ' .mk I 

Ark.. Indet. 

Ciocker'a Bdoeatad H o t a t a, Jaa. O. Patrick, 
mgr.: Chatban. Oat., M; Tpattaatl. inch.. 
830: Adrian 11-18. 
Oast, OoL A. M.: Saa Bemardlao. Cal., 1-8: 

fUrerride 8-13. 
OeOornm's, ' J. T.. Dog A Monkey Show: Vic- 
tor. Col- 3-10; Colorado Springs 11-lA 
DstIs* Vcndome Electric Theatre: Madison, 

Ind., Indef. 
ninta, Tbe. Herhert Xk Pllat, 

WU.. 4-T; Oak Park. IB,.- . 

a. IF. H.. Itiiij naBOMll • bgnage, 

A sora money ibwksw 
tliayearroond. Fl^ 
Sta large and pazaaa- 
.naat. BaaUFManad 
by InxeDeileiiaad 
' panooA weaiatia 
only artgtoatocA~~' 
sell tho _oply_ • 
« .w^^*- " ■ f caaafol pmcMO 
a-TS?^..*-'-^-^'^ maohUiea. 

V. Z. LONe, Sprincfflild, Olf« 

-P- PUZZLE— Just Out 




HnS QBADB OF TOUmS mads by 

MlBTItATAR. t.ynn. M»fwi. Onn-^po 

Is by LOKBABD ti-y 

Lenteh, Prof. L.. Palmist: St. Lools, Mo.. 

Llngennan's. Samnel A Lney, Magical A Veo- 
trUognlat Entertainment (70B North Sth St.): 
PhlladelphU, Ps.. Indef. 
New Edison Alectrle Thestre. P. TL. Brown, 
mgr. (930 Eobertsoo Arc): SprtncSsld. Ha, 

■ Indef. 

Ptescelle. Hypsotttt. F. wniard 
Bath. lie.. 1-8: WatemDa 44. 

Slli«r..raall7. Swiss BeB Blani-. . 

Coma, m, 8; . IfliarBa M 

B;'BodM8Mr 6. ' 
r' drens: Ja^aoBvllle. UL. 

Pletmcai AicUe lb 
- - M. J.. Hot. 18. 

ly.: " AlBa tl o . in iy. v. X.. Slov^^l^' ' 

SUepard's Moving Pletnrea, Archie -I^''^l>9*'^ 
-.^-y.Am.H Uaas.. Not. U.'inilef. 

Shepaid's MoTlng Plctnres, Archie L. Bhepard. 
ogr.c. lAwrence. -Uaa^ Not. 19, Indef. 

She^rd'a Morlng Plct«a. J'AnUe Ii. Shepard. 
mgr.: Washingtaa. , O. C Nor. 19, ladit. 

WmUns Mr.: Slaai CHb lA. <; BMjlMM 


Reunions, Conclavea, AaaembUes 

Urt Ja aaneotad aad i si ls at 

'. : XmBBOZA. 
Ctoekaton.N. K A. K;9 
era' Aas. M. l-t; 



ipoUa — -Nortfaweatera Cement 

Jsn. 17J9, 1906. 

MlaaespoUs — ^Northweatem Lombeimen's Asaa. 
Jan. 16-18. 1006. W. G. Haliit. OOB Lnmbac 

Mkmespolis— Brieklayeis A Msaooa' laliraa . 
tlonal Unloa of Aawriea. Jan. S-88. .188^ . 
Wm. Dohson. .41. StHnnec.-ab. . Ha 



Xlie Oillboard 

JANUARY 6.-1S0& 

ooKK unrxa bed 

Pathe Films 

One Quality. 

One Prl04 

12 Oents Per Foot. 


TRAGEDY AT SEA. 393 Feet. $47je 

The tourists embark and the steamer leaves the harbor. with everybody in merriment. Soon the heavy sea proves f&tai to some of 
the excursionist^ and th^ enter their .^l^. thinkios to find relief by layinir down. ■ SnddoUy aaiibrs. appear and wake iip'the sleep- 
ers. The ship is aflame and mien' iud wonMn have to leave the borni^ JMt'.atgf$ii^,ii^:t>- 
wrecked crew is at the mercy of the waves ontil they are rescued by life-savers. ' ' * 'p:,:M '••^ 

THEI Xlnted. 360 it. S43^20. 

A beanltfal sabjecCi ahpmiw thd -^fitmouty of a Clei^anaiaii in. refodnff to ] 

; ' ' ■ ' had been ffiven"dieHier ^ the nUifat. . 

>te a tramp, who liaa stolen from 

|ATME f yJIS An n and Steadier Than Any ptbei Films 


. 42 E 23rd St. 

■ y3S Randolph St. 

Om. IM>. —, 3909. J. 

HO Bt J>t«- •t_ »t. Paid. 
"«*«trr— Btatr BctiU MmhanU' Am. Teb. 

14-16, luoo. Bkiiou Clark, Onlutli. 
St. Paol—Coart of Honor. 8lst» Oon. Ftb. 

18, aaos. ar. m. sttcbwj, at. dooo. 
St. EtaJ—Dtczw at Hooor. Gt»iw1 Lodst. fW» 
J99S. Mr*, ac. Spnxoe. uns Park m.. 

.•oC Boaor. . Btata Coo. I>*. 

Aaan. Jaa. 

jg ^. M " . lu. t-lX 1S08. Om 

— . »o«. 

Ooiambia— lUaMOTl Com GraWcra' 

— ~ "-It. , jt r. amtot. 

■IBM ImpCDTMi UTr Stock Bmd- 
' 'Z*^.?!^ Ofo- B. KUb. 

"[ P a l < l i» M « Dcml- 
Nd XaiwUliMr. 

j i— a -t: ■ A»oeUtlon. Dm. 

jyjjj^JL JtelttWI. XM a«lftM 

"^S^f •^'» — 

▼•Uek !>■«]«■• Amu. Jan. 18-: 
1. Ho4k, AtiUrae. Ku. 
KOMs Cl^— SooUiwMteTS LmntienMn'a Am. 
.Ma. as-ai, IMW. Henrr B. Oocmdi, Kanau 

• CItT— et«t« BArtleBttiml Soetetr. Dm. 
i^A, Oooteu. 4000 Wanrlek Hit. 

J. ***';^'**e" •**»"- o»««- 

.wiA — . UOS. 3lx. A. Mima*. 

j ^ j fi? ^S iS T^i? ^S"*"* Eecocd AHB. 

_.'»*;J*-^"0«^ W. T. Oamtt. 

T._°^S4r%!! IfP^UcBn MJtorUl „ 
^> H. MltdwO, OUatoa. 
0I^X«i»— VMal^ Olalm An. Ifar UL UOS. 

(aS<M[tr w. - ■ 

0. UOS. , „. _^ 

'a Xodea Ptma t U ra Aan 
. B. CUho. 7X1 Om« aL 

,,MOS. J. >. Bali^/iSS. 
T i nn a lBj ataf Actlenltaial - 


Uaeote— 6Utg Torcat A Puk 

Uneolii— state ImpiOTca lUl*' 

Asm. Jan. l«.ao. lOTSC"^^ ' 
ZJdcdIii — State F ax n i gral 

1806. E. A. BMMMtt. 
Uoeoln— State Dnroe Jener B m dwa ' 
_ J". — . UOS. R z. Baaarn. Blalr. Neb. 

iFA. 18-14. 1908. jr. Prank BiSr aw 
ama Hork. 
UacolD— 8tBte Vetetburr Mfd. Aaaa. Ji 
aJiaMt—?- W«?plng Wk(^ 

"•-'JOBart oCHowR-. State Oo«.' ■ 
entK r. Haivln. Beatilea, 
^ta TiBiaii ItaalMif Afl 


Cboeord— State I«ttcr Oniln' 
VtOB. 01. A. Bllla. 

8. 0 jOooU, HanebMtcr. 

7aa. IT, U0«. 

AtlanUe Cltr— «tate Baokata* lAaaa. »M>. — 
1800. Wm. J. Tiatd. IS Bxehance Flaec. 
I«r»ej Oltj. 
VorrUtowD— 6Ute St. OPaMek's AlUaiu* o< 
AoiCTtca. Jan. 2S. 1006. C. J. TlpfKr, OBB 
MadlaOB arr., EUxalxtta. 
Kcwack-^NorUicia S. J. Athletic Ormnaatlr 

.Sbct. JlnA^lMS. 

BUtorleal Aaao. llar^b 

VMC. Aadnrwa, Btja Mawr Oct 

Stav aL Sfazaanaa, 

Mlj»-4v:M0. • a... M.. anat Ooaaall. Mb. 

aaA; ' CaaidaB. 

of TMsptiaaaa flnad DMita. 

AuL.M. IMS. Soaa Slaek. US Baaa ft.. 

ttcDton— aiata BaaM a< 

k lt u y ata te Bdaeua OMkal Saeletr. Vaicb 
T.S. IMS. Dr. W. 3. Kmm, m. Patnaa 

arc, Urookiyn. 
BlngtamtOD— State BetaH Waalataf Aam. Kb. 

ao-22, 1806. J. B. rokj. ejncaae. 
BrooU^ii— Alpiia cm Bibo natanltr; Veb. 22- 

24. 1908. Oarlton H- Barca, Aftoo. 
Bnfftlo-'Bmilin State TrrmUrowrt Mcs'a OUb. 

Feb. 22, UOS, E. D. OanMr. ' Bmlau . 
Boga ki fgtm iatlonal Bod aazrleta' * BnUd- 

Ibx SjiSxwtn' Amn. 7an. 8, 1806. n. A. 

Stcloberv, 08 Stli aTe., Chicago, ni. 
BnSalo^tate Blcctrlcal Oontxacton' AMB. 

Jao. I&. U08. r. TIah. Boelwater, N. Z. 
Qaneva— (PBtxaaa eC HnabaDdrr State Oraaga. 

mb. 0. U08. W. K. Oltea. Wkanfatelaa. 
Hnia— t, O. Vtaa Sooa at taA r 

^tea. «Ak U. M)ac^ "lAba Mi^rMv 


7aa. la, 
VOtetan— O. A. B. Xntiiiatata" 

ZZ, 1908. C. A. Carey. 
Sew ,T«(k . Clt7— 'Aaicncaa. Piotcetlre Tariff 
t«acn*. Jan. 10. 1808. AMr. •» Broadaray. 
Sew rork: OUr— Anctleaa Tombla Club Aaan. 
Ian (lit week), UOO. W. W. Babcock, Batb. 
DooUttle. Djiper Daibr. Pa. 
masata Falla— Nattoaal Beten Oroeera' Aito. 
Jan. 38.39. UOSL Tred Kaaon. Zll Dlapatcb 
bide St. Fan;., Minn. . 
nets— II. O.-O. V. Butem Slat. Okm. lfax«» 
— , 1900. 

Boebcotei^-WcatcTa W. Y. HorUenltntal Sa- 
Ab. M-as, UOa. Jbo. IBall. 

If-Uk IHO. a. B. B. 
" 1 Oamer'a 

. aad BaBd 

Ing I«bonn' Aan. Jan. 8. UOS. H. A 
Ste uitmia , 'WcUIov bUa., OtOcmga, m. 
XoBkeia— X. P. 8. O. S. Weatebeetv i 
OjB. Kb. SB, 1908. O. HUbbard, M 
an*.. (Mt. Vemon. 

O ai ak a 8 late 

Uno. T. ' B. HodslB.- 
Omaba— Central Short- 
reo. 8-T U08. . B. Oi 
. a«*_ Chlaacob. m. . . 



.. . . . »OaTH OASOUM 

a riMi iii j n . o. tr. ji. oi. atata 

so, IMS. T. D. Btvm. 

Fargo— State Bctall Giocen' Aein. Flh. 
1806- W. W. Klnr, Tower Cltj. 


Canton — State Banlwaie Aaan. Feb. 27-MaT. 

1. iPoe. EkBBk Barr, ManaOeld. 
CInrtnneH Btate 3laate> Flmben^ Aaaaw 'Tbb. 

B. BUea. 980 Gential am, OtmlaBd. 
Clnefainatl— OUo Oaa Ugbt Aaaa. aiaieh 81 

23, 1908. T. c. Mea. Detowai*. T 
Ototdaad— Onltad IabImt Dcal«fa> Aanu JkK 

M-aO. 1808. H. fc " " 

OWBiiliai *i 

Jan. - 

Ol^i ' 

Oo ?MmiiM a u ta ramltore Oealen" 

— , U08. A. Voocbece. 
Oalombna — Court of Hooor, State Ooo. flW, 

13. UK». r. H. Keenan. Newark, 
Oolombua— Bute Conntr OamtnlaaloDeia AIBk: 

Fab. 8-8. 1008. W. B. Darllale, iptca. 
Oolnmbu— State Hone Bnadcr'a Aaaa. Oaa. 

JaiC'.lO. 1808. Bam Tarktr, Ororc Cltr. 
DartoD-^-Wate Oon. of Bagle*. Jan. 10, 1808. 
Oarton— etaU Svrloe Sr<>rdrTS* Aaaa. Jan. 88- 
24. 1908. Ira Jackacm. Weat MlltOB. O. 

0908, r. o. 

•T. U.:^X. Slate Oaa. M. 

Altoooa— state City A Bonongb Snvertntend- 
eota* Aaan. Peb. — . IBOS. r. D. Benoad, 

Baaton — Saat Feno. BrmnceUoal A1, Fliat 
week In Vab.. 1908. BlAop «ioa. Bamaa. 


HarriabiiiK— Stete Bdltorlal Aara. Jan. IB-IT 

1908. B. H. niooaa, UeebanlaMniiB. 
HknUdiart— fltete Bebool Dtreolm' Aam. M. 

8-0, 1808. Wen. Btdwo, Cbcats; 
BaoUbaic— Y. Bt. O. :A. State Ooa. Pak. 98- 

95, 3bA a. at. Bard. 
Tanwatar HVaa CMkaae Benrfrtal _ 

onud OnMO. fWk IS. UOS. Dr. H, 

Hyen, S» B. Bat at. 
ItaTlattfwii— Saibaia' Nattaal Tiaasaa. Teb. 

B. 1908. Wm. r. AbeL ftaakAxd. fa. 
rblladelpbla— LtdlM' LoTal Oiaafe Lodcc «( 

i>. s. A. r<i>. — , 1008. 

PhlladelphU— Natfcaud Brick Manobietoitn' 
Am. Feb. S. 1808. neo. A. Bandan, Be- 
dUnapoU*. lad. 

FbiUdel|ikla-3amaUaaal Stamrt's Oia. 1«>. 

32, 1906. ■ • 

PbUadaiphi a B te l a XaHMMirt aaaa. laa. 

U. 1908. 

PIttabnrs— State Dalrr Aam. Jan. IT 18, 1908. 

W. B. Ferbam, Niagara, Pa. 
FbOadclpUa — National BnUdeca' fimlr Aaaa. 

_ IBeb. 8.&Ua8. Wl. ~' ' 

SuidfuxT— 4taltaA Sv 


Prondeoee Utete Maatci Barbcn^ AMB, Jan 

IS. 1906. J. H. Sllea. 214 Wlefeaadaa at. 

soun (MaouHA 

CbacleatSB— T. M. O. A. Cop. at Sontb '* 
Korib OuoUna. Teb. SMB. 1808. O. a 
.aaallaston, Cbarlotte, n, C, 

BOBTB nsxoxa. . 

MltctaeU— Stete BetaU afuShaMt *_Bq>*i» 
Dealera- Aaan. Jaa. JMa aMt. L. 8. Tj- 

kr, Skmz City. 

Cbattanooga — I. O. 'B. 01. Great OonncU. Ttb. 

8-8, 1908. Oco. A. Oowan, NaabrUle, 
Oraad Jonetlon — United Statea Vleld Trial Club. 

Jan. IS, 1908. W. B. BaBocd. Tnntaa. . 
atcmpUa-atate SMamtlaB aC ~ 
10, 1906. O. «. Swiak, SI 

a. A. 


„ O. O. ». Orand ladst. 

alaaNBt Aaaa. Jaa. 

VaxA — . 1808. 7. *. JBaiaakanv. 
Vert Wortb— H. O. A. Sttta OBk 

— , 1908. I<. B. Jaaca. 
Bfllabaw flatllreW Vsattt Mat Xh% 

—V ISOa MBloa Clretto. ' .1 
P l1l|Bl8 |,JWt8" iBorticaltnral.-MiaiW' 

■f** UTAH 

BaM I«k« Oltr— Btate Traebera' Aaaa. MBc 
8, 1906. Oaear Van Oott. 1798 Mala, at.- 

SaH Lake Oltj— Btete Pica* Aaao. Jaa. 

Borllogtoa— But* DalTmea'a Aara. Jaa. B-U, 

1908. 7. U Dana, KerIB PonUret. 
Middlebmr— V«nn<mt Iterlno SbMp Brtadv^ ■ 
Ab. at, 1806. a A. Owmaa , M- 



ntttak—'Y. it. O .A. Stete Ooa. n6. 18-18. 

1908. v. A. Oooltcr, Blebneod. 
Fetei*nrs— Btate Aatt-OaloaB taSMk, 

18-18. 1908. Bd. J. r-^ 

Main ft.. Blebmead. Va. 
Rlcbmond— «Ute Bartlciittnial - _ 

10, 1908, O. B.'BidBK. -.: 
BlcbmOD^— ffeij^ 

OnnnliiB ■• 

TUle, Sy. ■ 

0. C. A. lii 
Xfc a. Utaet- 

4t8te Mtl^ 
A. ». Baal; 
.ataita BaetMitanl 
F. OiaamM. 
Maaiaaa Btata AsiMtt8Ml ■sptril 

Veb. 8^ 1806. ilAiCid. StMN. 
Madlauit Slate Jf^LmiK'Wtn. M, 
A. JaCkaoo. JaBeanBa: 
jIadlaoD— Stete Bnttennakaia' Aaaa. - Jaa. 

lleaoinoola— eute dar. WeAanT, Aaaa. - 
■i — . 1906. O. BamUtoa; OnBd Bsflda.. 
Mllwankec— state Oaa Aam. Vab: tM-Uk 

H. H. Byde,' Baeioe. ' ■ 

MUwBskee— Natlooal OMBcot Uan^. An. Jaa. 

8-12, 1806. ^ . ' . ■ 

VUIwaofcaa— Matlonal t>cacne of Ooa„Mac«haate 
Jan. U-18, 1006. A. Wanca Patch. IT Ho. 
Market at., BoatoB, Kaaa. 
MUwankee— INoctbwcat ISlecMeal 

18, 18081 list WaUa hb' 
MUwaukcc— State Be tall 

art! . T il Ml •l i a i».';iMC,., 


■f^^v^a ■ 

canpgr-eteta " - "" * * — ■_- •-*•.• 



BiandoC, Man.— A. O. D. W. Inter-Piwtt*., T 
elU Oon. Marcb 4, 1008. J. M. MaMbear, 
Drawer 1280. Wlnnlpec. 9Ian. - ^;|^..v 

IncerKill. Ont. — Weatcm Dalirmen'* Aaaa. . JkB., 
18-18 leoe. Oco. H. Bair, tiaadoa. Oat. 



10-12. 1006. B. S. Maegby, 
Toronto— Otnadlan 

Jao. B. Bone. 

JANUARY 9, 190C 


..•us to U Of 


t^SUam,iM»it,fm—t XV^IVJU 'JiJ 

SSioDtleraa. two Biadas. ^.WO—d MJS 

B^^gHj TODglct* wltb oolor irbaal.. 

AielWBB*, floMt 

SSprOTOd 0»bl», lojrart prtoo. 
TjSoitoldo atuai tor MafhltiM 

rotoButle WktMT Bimla, niu fkmn. 
SSS^OtetMHU. OobUiiM, BU<UCkn1jnt 
^Moidar.' ftepalrmc by «x]i«rt workBtB. 
Ql^g^^^Bfti^gl^i^fttaa cliMpor tbu okb boy 


t04 W. 40111 St., N.T. CITT, Btt. SntiwiJ aid 6tt All. 


l,j»U and ezeluuigMl. Kuuu atj lMU^m» 

"t" SOAP 

oar 0OU>*B ■MOTtodbozot^to* Mi—jnw 

uc. OMtaronttlparlMbam. Dont mla ikl 
■iTaiaklaC IP wmo* » d«r. Wa alio nukkr 

t. Mttt Wtf M., W WW rirt flaw, 



>^i^Tertla«meDts not ezc^edlns ane line SJi 
Xtnglti, \rm be poblUhwl, properly elaaailM In 
tbla iDlreetoty, at the rate of (10 tat eo» year 
(SB lasnca), proruoi tbcr ue at an aeoeiitatic 
utotc. Frloe loelodca one years* aniiaarlptloa 
to •at Billboard. Bccolar adTcrtluia, w]m> 
In exMaa at ftO wortb at apace annoaUy 
ue cntielad to oae line (tee of efaaize for eacM 
flttr dolan or tnetiea Hicieof, oaTcrcd tr 
tbcir glbtoaieti. Sh* Pteactoij Ja icTiaed anil 
la fltaa name* and 
, » WOD a* UMy «i* 


■ — i AWO 

Stereoscopic View 

Oiir81otlCa«]iliieaaaOTtmento(Foat Oarda 18. 
itat and flntat on tbe markat. I 
■uiplMUd prloM of oar naw nol a g 
aooido Tiewa. DODOLAS rOR.<UllO 
OCkTlT K. lOtb 8«., PMUdalpttU. 

::Texas Snakes:: 

buisiloek all kinds oonstantlr on baijd^ 

VI ptuanc m. armstronq. ^ 

'■ 'i: BrowasTllle, Texas. 

'JEa^rr. «otpa appi 
f , aeanna lea pie 
dMiLforaaiBpla. Vi 

'oria. II do«a the work of U dSai 
parlns ▼•satablao, r«moTlna:#i 

polaiMa and pineapplea, cnttlnsBaralogmJ 

— -a — — . c *•" -■ * 

oaMlaf eold alaw, 
Vw g tom M. Addnaa 

lis Fourth Avo., Plttabi'r;^. p. 

Not Plutar Purla, biit 
Uie cennUM 



8aiapl* lOe post pa 

■tnn f " " ■ 

I ta- Jip Cmk 

Finud tor Oatalcxraa to 

EISETiSTEIN, 44 Ann St^ N. Y. City. 


BEST TYPE WORK ,A;:."c.-;r^r,"i'.o;y' 

■ DAT E s ;r,r; 9 o c a s et^ 

uoa\iCmc?'"'CRrscfNr Enc-Ptc O 

timoioa i.AT4toc 

EvAMSVii-Lm. (no 




8IIS0I Pint 

1 IB ina. 

BE ein lOTEL, I ERIE, PA, 

•IAMBS I. MoGAIN. Prop, 


Kew B[Mdl«iuurten For I 

1- D. Rarrlaoii, the well-known Clrona 
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WH. waahlQgUja St., I^vrla, iil. 


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SUaa J. Oooyne, MB UOjtta. am, 

Bleten* Ballooa Co., Reed City. Ulcti. 
Balloon Co., 71 S^IertoaaT.,Obleaso 
Swmrta, HnmAmMt, Teoa. 

Bartela, U» Gteeowlob aT., N. T. C. 
Wild Beaat Merebant. LlTerpaoI. Enc. 
OlTl Htfcnixck. BtclUnxen-Bambais. QeTmasy 

ScbUUng** Zoo. a-^OMpw .Mr XMl Ottr- 

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Oa., 371 WaiMtt aftM CUMio. 


leatrical Lawyats, Who Speolalisa In 
_ Theatrloal and Olrcni Law. 
Maorlce B. Boaenswcls, 83 Naaiao «t..N. Y .C. 


Patmwl & Co.. *y Warren at., K. T. C. 


* Co., 107 E. MadlMa atCUeaco 
f, am Waliaah aTc., 


HuBtiMB, 99S IPoat mt., San ^aneiaeo 


MiTTOiMb ne. 

»i. 4U iMa «*a.. tt. Laola 


Gro. A. 

L UMt Ob., us «tta at^.OMnatt. 
OUrEtght Co., SIB nrnMU StEMla 



ileetrle Ouidy Machine Oo., NaSbTlUe. Tenn. 
Bmptre Cream Sepasmtor Oo.. BloomAeld, N. 3. 

Paik*. Wimmm Oaidau, ato. 

Oa.. W Taitak at., if.X.O. 


UT iliefilsan at.. Ohieago. 

m at.. New Tort' OlJy. 
(tta. SO Aon at.. New York CUty. 
ae Bowezy, New Zork Ott 
~ Ok. aMS Ollbert, ~ 



*Oar <»., Ohloato. 
Oo., Mt. ▼( 
tlon Oo., St 




* Drieatacb. 788 Poate •!.« 
IftlK. OB.. 10« E. fcatl at, I 
Look, 8Drlnclleld, O. 

St t.onla Ooatfettl Ok. Bt. iMla, Mo. 
U. S. giawU 0» Inula aa«. 

lU M. Btt at.. 
Halftonaa, ZngTwlaga, ala. 
dark /Oaf., KSwankee, Wia. 
Knaz/Bkw. Ob., BB Batea at., Knozrlllc. Xan. 
Ltfa^O'i n 'at iu a Ob.. TaQeaai. Wla. 
QoMa Olty Bv. Co.. B^er bUf ., CtodaaatL 
~ ite n^. Co., VmxX Bow bMa., Naw Tart. 


McAllister's Best Dissolving View Stereoptkoo 


PlctarMHw«ii mm Lutern BUdes and proaadnff M 
Nwnewiy where ihe beet reenlU u« daalnd. 







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Here Is the burner that 70« haTa,tMen IooUbk tor. ItM iMimar 
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iaiiiaaa.dlini BwlilBalaM>atBa«iai piiaiata,andwa wiuaandy — 


Now doB*t mlM tfaln. Write na todiaj. 

bonier wu Jtuc rlRbt. 


BOOK It, un-a bboaswat, rw tors. 

Bole asanta for the United 8tat«a. 


Uip Uh MgitlMti Coin CoNtrollii 

' I .. ar. ua.d in Aroadea. RmotM*' ' 


786 Mission St., Sid Franeli 

irS UP TO YOU , 

"^BiiMlaBeo K iBrimaatafcan ' 


Carnival, Fair aid 

Jewelry Iota, Oomb lota. 
S bear lota. Notion lota. 
Purse lota, Handkercluafa, 
Baxor lota. Memo. Booka, 
Glass Cutter ELnlTea, W. B. W. 
Brand Tableware. Peerleaa 
Sbameneia, German OoUar 
Battona and Neadle Oa 

BlK Une of 81 
Flab PoBAa, KllU.>l 

\Te bny and sail tor eaah. i 
wUl And onr ] 

laity Oata, 

yon bay In our Una* f 



106 GimI St., I. T. eH7, 




la tbe reooaalaod orsaa of VaadeTllle Artlata 

OndaMoadlyweleomeatWlBtraad. NewTnk 
York City. TalapbeBe-anS KadlMB. 

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Xtie l9;lllb04Arcl 



signalizing tiie opening of the 



Golar«l Com Special lllystrations. Eigt^f-four 1^. Masy New Lists. 

season of 1906 will be 


4^sicatcmJKnoiN guaranteed to 

nV^ri - - . No adTkoce In price or adrertlstiw rate*. 






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MB a. ai«ik »t, Cklcacn. 

oaa» A Oo^ 2 w. i4th It, -s. X. c. 

Xfk. OOl, SI Union •q., Snr To«* CltJ 

riMlw X«Uc« SHH E' 3Stb it„ New York. 
OtiDt OptlCBl Co.. 9e SUte It.. CUcaco; 127- 

m w. m »t.. Nrw rCT£" CTtT. 

8. L-nbln. 2S a. 8tb it.. FUUidrlpbl*. 
MeAnistcr m Naann it.. New Xock City. 
UOn Bni*.. 10 B. UOt. it.. New JTork Clt}-. 
3tntm Braa.. IIS Turk Saa StaaelaeOb Csl. 
XatL ma Benttsc Co.. 82 N. 
Fatke Clncnuitorntiti Co.. «2 ■ 
— BaaMpk at, Chleisa. 
— • n * Co., 4? Feck, 

aapsvne* St.. _ 

Annln A Od„ 88 Foltan (t.. New Tork 010. 

aplKdiH, OiBk Boom g> miUui« . ate 

Bur A Ckk. 58 5tli m. Oilsxsn. 

B. T. Oaik. S Wentoawt it.. ProTldenee. K.I. 

Oowpcr out. Co-, 108 S. CUntoo it., oaesxo 

Oemae. IVSt Ccatnl are.. ciBcInsxtl. O. 

H. CX 9nam Oo^ 139 S. OUrk Cbleaco 
- Jc«e Mom. »ort Scott. Kmjt. . . 

. KMa A Jimar. Leonard it.. New Talk dV. 

■aka-op Bozaa. Cold Cnaa. alL: .-. 
Tbe Heaa Co., 22S rUxha^h tt.. n i iLt M lU. 9.t. 

A jUgU, 121 W. 9tlL It.. PkOaMpUa. 


. tat Oboaa aaA Ato. Vaa. 


-Botel BahDont. Bor.. 153 W. Uadlaoo. 
AH..«n.r. (New), Ear., cor. 10tli A State. 
City Hot^ Xor. and Am., ax. Uth and SUta 


Oatnile. aWBIooialltld are.. Bloam- 
. v. J. 

■L 'Waatoa. 4 Caxxotkata. LasTcnce. Uaas 


Bennett JiMMBic-Oa.. UlT Poplar. 

Anted SancafedB, aw Brgadwar, N. X. C, 
Bbbmas * Alter. 178 B. Jiadlaon it., Cblcaco. 
Bocei*. Ttaonas A- Co.. iss WalMwb. Ctdeaso. 
- - Mr Xock Gtt7..- . 



V ' LIQHT8~ ' ' ^ 

B»ai.aiii, TonAaa for Ctnai ai and T<Bt 

Bolte * Wejrr. 2SB-22S Mlelilzaii it.. CUemfa. 
Qto. Ttflor. K ma It.. New Xoefc Olty. 

\ . Stanaptieeoa, ate. 
OleAHUtet. tt Kaaaa at.. New radk;0lb'.^S 

f^^*^aaSi?*-nniVi? oiSeSSf^ 



Wheal*, ete. 
Oo.. No. Tooawanda. N. T. 
Worka. «4 Bfwmj. N. Y. C. 
HocBcUamie. M. Z. . 
*; 00^ N. Tiaaina«a. .ILX. 
. aor 4tlL ave:. PUHbans.- 
ladlaaavoUK. Ind.:; 
Kan. . ■ • . r 


C. ~ ^ 

Supply Hooaea. 
J. T. R. Clark. aU WalBOt it.. Kan. City, jfo. 
P. P. Bora, lau Centtal are., ClndaaatL O. 
SInear Bna.. SB Bowety. New X«ck Otty. 

^rV. ipRCtlESTRIONS / 

J. S.-:Ol*iiaitl. aOM Cawxeocaat.. PhllaartpMa 

J. M. NaocbtOD Co., ISO S. ITIlll. nill—llll. OL 


ULlea-o tlim Ex.. 13S S. Clark at., "^f- - 
(^sene CUne- A Co. SS Deazbora St, Ck&sa. 
.virrrd u Oaiaai * 0*.. J» 1^ Ittb. N.X.C. 
HortMcti A Ok^^ FhnadelplUa. 
Kleiae OvtfcaL'OK^;^- Slate Bl;.^^aUcar>; UI- 

MaaiSMCT^.* mmam i-au-^Mwr 3iac OBy. 
XOea Bna.; US Talk at., laa nMcMtTcUU' 

-XiatL FSb tttmtSng Co.. 52 S. » >^<*llial 
Xar. Hae. Pie. Cbenit. Sl> HadMt; 
Patbf Ctawnatasiafk Ob., ST ~' 
ClU ago. 

Pat!>t Clsaaiataceapa Oa^ 4* B.- SM at.. »«w 

iJIk at». 

SriU rolyacove Co.. 41 PcA Oaart. Ckleasa. 

wffl >a glad to I 

at Vaw I 

Altnm Muie Pab. Oa.. SIOt Fawdt . at. Baa 

Francisco. CaL 

Fetot, .134 W. 37tfi It.. New I'Qtk OtT. 
.Vafl Mualc Co.. 41 W. 28Ui it-, N. X. C 
Jeime H. Bcml<:k A Co.. 46 W. IMk. V. Z. C 
wiu Soealter. 225^ WaMstaa: abt^Oleaca. 
i. L. Tod der Md4nffVl^':4t mkBdl ft, 

San Francisco. 


American Pearl Hft- Oo.. 2*7 N. 2d. Phil. 

Boai Cnrk» Co.. X^redo. Texas. 

Uasdr Thlota Oo.. es Bawe gt-.Laddlpgton.lMleh 

Cieen & Co, TIS WeUa at, Ctilcaso. 

rbe Eaele Co.. 12 Dateh at.. New Xork Olty. 

Joaapb KoeUer, 1$0 Park Bow, New Z«k Oily. 




izr K. ock at, 


Who Cataz. TliparliHy ta fb» 


Haalari la, Aatheia. Acaata and Tti' iita n 
CbM. HeDoaald & Co.. 53 WaiMngtnn. OUea«o. 
lOaa BHaalwtb Maibnry. 1430 B'way. N.X.C. 
wm Boariter, 226 Waililnrton it, Oliieaso. 
Saoccr A Jordan. 1432 Broadway. N. X. C. 
SelwjB * Go.. U4I Broadway. N. X. 0. 
rir:. B. Watmr 383 Peait it., BraaUra. N. T. 


Straaman, ata. 

.Vckanun-Qoljpley Utbo Co. 

AmertcaB Sbonr Prist Co.. Mllwaakee. 
Bell SIiu>T CrtnC Cb.. Sltoomey. la. 
c. H. Buck & Co., Boetoo. Maaa. 
CtUeayo Sbow Print Oo, 140 Stii are, 
Creaccot Kbk. A Pitg. Co.. 3SS 2d at, Bran*- 

TfUe. Ind. 
Doaaldaoa LUbo. Co-. Mew^oft; -Xy. 
K. k.Foataa A Oa, OT Daaancat;. CUeaso 
Faiaaa Ms. Ca- aS 'Iafea-.i^'tBacaao. 
Ctaat ye. ma C&. SIS warn ^tiWt; iMda. Mo. 
Heanefaa A Co. ClDebmatl 

MaaalSoo S>sn 4: Silow frlnt Co, HmHOemf O. 
Peno' Prte. * Poii. Co.. f lilliiliailifa. Vai- 
ataueac* E. Konry. Biniey l>ldc.j_ClaattBatl.' 0. 
Steser Poetar Worka, Staser. tS. - j 

m 8. Utlu>... AmaeO-MacsaAraiit. N«c«iai.*«fc 
Valostaar Prtc. Co,. BcynoiOarflle. Pa.' 
Wlteaaa A^B^aat,: 400 Mala at:, DaIlas,.Tez: 



Chnreh Prtg. Co., 416 Bfaa' at.. daelBaatL' 
Ckeseeot Bag. & Prtg. Co..-n M tt^ Bnaa- 

TlUe, iDd. * 
NaapaieU Prt«. Oo.. 4Q6 Elm at, darlaaalt, O. 
StasK Poatet Works. Steger. m.. 
WMk Pdatta* Cx. WeMwnrinc. ilwu. 

Bcrttrt L. W i— . M» JTylfc .at, .a. «^ a 
Aad P aa l e r i in Beeaaiy, etc 
iakm Bcrtatth, 21S Boooe at., Cincinnati, 
'amaa SUppac ISS E. Colambla at. Detroit, 


Soaoiaa A Landla. 236 S. Clinton, Cblcago. 

I Eiae Uaad aae.. Obieago.* 

Oa, lOS FaUaa at. 

Dttmt. ■ 
_ 3faeb. Co.. MM AMh. FbOadalpUa 

ODaaopoUtaa Nor. Co,' 214 N. CNli at, PhUa. 
B. Edesa. SOS Arcii at. FtaUdelpbla. Pa. 
Gaaacr BUg, Co., Weiiater. Maaa. 
MUla Naaelty Co., U S. Jeffcxaoa tU. CUeago 
Steer Btoa. SB Boweiy, New ZaA-Oite. 
VatUas ilfg. Co., IS W. Jaekaaa; tMaaa. 

Wni: Boadter. 22S Waahlagton it., Ciiicaso. 
I. WUtcami. »0 B. MadliOD it. Clikaga. 

Xor maattatad Sosgi. 
Ohlcaso PUm Bxdiange, 13S 3. Clark at., Cbi- 
eago, m. 

Bogeae CUne A Co, 10 E. 14th at.. N. X. C. 
^lelae Optleal Co., 3B SUte it, Chicago; 12T- 
: a» W. 32d It. New Xork. 
•MnAHt a t er. 40 Naaaan at.. New York City. 
Nattooal FOm Bentlng Co., 82 N. Clatk it, 

Chicago, in. 
Sellg Polyscope Co, 43 Peck Coort, Chicago. 

J. B. Olaaey;_,aig Jjaa^ _at^ grracaae. H. X. 

Ooe. ZonceA Oai,.«»flt. 
Fatoldaa. SVT K..Bna*l _ 
B. B. Faataa A' Oa, IBS nnstara at., 'Ofehago 
K. Gerber, TSB Sootb at, PhOadelplila. 
The Goldanlth Toy A Importing Oo.. 122 E. 
. 4tta It, Cincinnati. O. 

AH. Gnggeslielm. S29 Broadway, N. X. C. 
Holiinaa * Alter. 1T8 E. Madison st, Chicago 

mie H. B. Co.; 106 Canal «t.. New Xork CItT. 

I. Elaensteln. .44 Ann it.. New Xork Oltr. 
Lerin Broa., Terre Hante. Ind. 
W. F. Miller, 144 Park Boor, N. X. C. 
Newaian.Ufg. Co., 81 Woodland are. , Clereland 
Bocera-Tbnrman A Co., 15 Wahaah are. .Chicago 
wm Boaslter, 225 Waablngton, at, Chicago, 
aiirroek/rcidd Co.. ai7 N. 4th. st Looia. Mo. 
N. Sbore A Oo, 284. Madlion st, Chicago. 
Shaplio A Karr. fiS Sootti at, Philadelphia, 
aioccr Bna.. S Bomy. Hew. Xcik City. 
Western Bazsala ' ITiiaai. SB' B. Madlaon Chi- 

Har g^Wets baaca. »I0_1I_^ JlailMa. ^Obkago. 
L.-^tttMaSi SN.'K' 

as WJ-tik aL.,nilaiitoiiUa 

Iltt- BidaMriL K. x. e. 

» ;,v.- .» - - -■: " J 


Baker t Tmtw mt oL^'.jU 
aaa aty. HAw rTT^ . ....... 

Sc*- B.,Da8«lB ft So, Colsmboa. >ll.- 
W s M k u l j BniCVTMt Co.. St Urila. 
3. C. eaaS Oa» Dalsalt. MWi.^^ 
M R._KaBka]y. Jt»;B<Ntik. at.^M. T. o 


V. 8. TtM A Ai>A«:«b^'-l* K 

- Cklcago, " . B * " . 

Chat,.- P.- Wastoa. mm. W dji t n'as tt ' aasa^; .Cl^aafo 

10^ Ark. 


Aatermann.Qalgley Cht.' TUnaii City, Mo. 
Amatkaa "aekt*. 0»~ XMado. o. 
Tliraik-r di* fc t«.^a.. It. Bttftt^ Azk^ 
Weldoo. wnUsM A Uck. Vort Saiith. Aik:v ■ 


S. B. Call. 244 Main st, S(>rlncfleld, Mats. 

Q. Nervlone. 66 N. Franklin st, Chicago. 
Geo A. Patntcl A Oo.. 41 Wanva st, N. Z.xC.>. 


Co., 225 DtHMli^ZCilleasi»'> 

Beiber Tmnk A Bag Co. ,IS2 CoJomhla 'tnk^'i 

Philadelphia. - ■- 
& A. Taylor Tmnk Wki., 37 B -— ' ■ 



Frank MelrUIe. 1402 Btsadway. M. T. aVi-- f^^^ 
Kdn-. Sbayne. ST Waahlastoa at~ Cbieaca.' . ~- 
Tliearle-Bocklry. 82T St Jaiaea bldg., N.ZwC. . ' 


l:enoett Jewelry Co., 13-17 Poplar. Ph 
T. N. Mott, 415 Dearborn st.. Chicago. 
~ ~ A Ob.. 158 Watissi. Chicago. : 

Advano«, Privilaga_Baggage, Sto^k and ^ 
Mor . ~ 

W ft. ions. D«alrBb 

Baaaonable terma. Writafoc partie 

srry-Go-Round Cara. J >^ 

Irable for Stii.w and CanUml Comnar 


Call on MB8. H. JACOBS. 8ee her llie of 
STAOE eoWNS. Fanc7 Dresses. SefLkslj 
and FoTS. some sllxbtlr nsed. 
No. 257 Sixth St. TeL Bout' 


Clnbi. Boning Globe. Hoops, Batons. Qmajfliar 
>VaIkflra* apparataa and Noreitlea. Stamp imtMEb- 
alogne. BP W. VAN WXCg. Clnflnnatl O. 



of all kinds. 
Speolal terms to 
tne profeaalon. 
aso. gEiuriiisD, 

IS Stat, 81. CUttlca. 


Xrf&rsa laUt of i^vm )fT%>Xtm\ 
and Amatear PIajb. Vu<* 
Bketchea. Mlaurdll..: 

Erit^rtelomentA. K 

bUsh^r, l>ryf. 16, C 

*Xki IfSRitHird" I 

JANUARY «, 1906. 

Tlue Billboard 



It hma stood the test for ream, and has come to stay as belnf the only Perfect Hotlon . 
features. One-third more Ueht than any other machine with the same amoont of ku < 
g t^ iitalT. tatene film without damaee, and wind up film backward as well as forward. 



tb^bnlk and less than halt the weight or any ataadard 

le. OM 




photocTSphlcaUr perfect, a sntdect wlthoot an eQnal. DlfFBBENT FBOU ALL OTHERS IN PLOT. Lenirth m feet. Price 103.001 

Don't Forcet THE SERENADE 

-Th* OrMtMt CfWatiaa vf 


Onr Latest Copyrlehted Sah 
Phocorrapby Ic 1& a '°cbas«" 
of Cyclonic Activity and Be^ 
Motion Ploturo motocrapliy. 

A wmdertnlly realistic series of scenes and Incidents aetnally made In Colorado, and toUowliur with exceedingly flae accuracy the trae erants 
t^nottt. TOO F-eet. Sond for lUuatratod Clroul«r. 

^- ...J ^_ ^.--j.. -■ ■ •• •-■ ' • -■ — ■,00. The OlrU In the Overalls. T.«nKth. 

Leneth. 600 ft. Price. S7S.0D. 
BUCK WALTER. General West^ A 

•nil llClhl IIIFR^* Tracked by Bloodhounds, or A Lynching at Cripple CreeK. LenKtb.~iSO feet. Prire. C51.00. The OlrU In the Overalls. 
9IILk nCNWkiiiKnoi Tbroueh Samoa and FUU Islands: only plctares ever taken of thOM wonderful Islands. ~ 

Mtice3s]Si^1^^^ THE SELIG POLYSCOPE CO^ Inc. &Wdc co»«. Chicago. iLtm 







Greatest Attractioi, 
, , . Yet Invented 

Our bandsome catalogue Is free and 
fully describes tbis machine. Also 
many other styles. Hand, Spring 
and Steam Power. Botarr Pop- 
corn Poppers, Boasters and Ampers 
CombinecL loe Cream Freexers, Gab- 
Inets, Tabs, Steel and Porcelain; 
Iron Cans, Dlsbers, Soda and loe 
Cream Spoons, Ice Staavers, Ice 
Breakers, lOlk Sbakera 

Crystal Flak« 

The celebrated article used so vs.- 
tensiv^ te ia^pravtajK lee Cream 
Sample ----- 



Will relay or surface your floor. Will famish jou the best Ball 
Bearing Steel Boiler Rink Skates made. Will get you ready 
business 30 days sooner than ordinary i 
For further information write. 



320 Lneas Bldfl.^ ST. lOUn, MO. 

II Go. 




Aigtbtog new or attBMitf» tihs>'win de tbs bnsineM. Only porl^ In/O mlieB^ 
ofTOpSka. FopalatianSMmiL ^ 


nil CuMiillil»l»ilT«»MI«»niim«ii«g»r«' m«<irl«ilnn li r<inil»ntrrtniiitinlirf «rrtr>»fi«it» rorbalBcasieaasaii 

lutuU uiJhj uialiia l i wiit. Itiii iiim p i n nTllnfnlliiTr1iirii«i"Ti ll iii l i ii nimfflriTi thiilr Traj- clear la plajr 

■in Till t»<)i«ai» iililrli r''J nttiiirtlMntlnitimwt»iif th tt«nT-*-r — ■- any of ^ foUowUnc auMd ctatosj, 

too. Inhcmlnc. KaUausoc, Battle Creek. TjiMlng. Iirtllii. Bay CItr. Fort Bunui. aipesa, and T 

C^taTTSeaaea-lluloD. ADderwn, Kokoam. l>>nBiwM~naAfart^ and Okhut. Urph 
8DrlMflaM.O..F«»tainaatb •cd lUosflekl. aimod ncatrea— BamlltOB, O.: n>llllp> Tlieaira, I 
^^^^HMlfa, WbMllji«. W. v^. VAodevlUeRlak, evmnrrllle, Ind.. Star Tb«»tre, Mandr, r 

*^ CtBMlUated VaiiwUls lfaM<»rs' AssMlatlta, 

m-in i fwi H. 

The Iieading Show Printers (Llthographlo or Block) In the United Statesose 

la Ault & Wiborg Coinpan 



New York Chicago St 



MaaaaJwis»w»»o»analil« »il ia«w aerial; no«iea»Mia»««^ la «»• »i»*"wa«IiiM#l»i«»*« 

concert ; man to break rUi» and trtek eloek and teadi riding. Want to boy a troape of *«a broke doi 
•UteloireU. DoD'taakBamnmialary— hell dead. Dan Coetcllo. Oko. Richards, Frank »nd Ocean ^ 
. and Bntb OUaaooek, Bagb or Sons Jonee write. Addiaea, HAMftY HOBSOW, Box m. Tenarkana,^ 


One to ten years. On South side "THE PIKE." 

- Gb , BAML 



a Oe.. 204 Wataah Av«. CHiC 










(e Blllt>oarcX 

- rrJANUARY 6, 1906. 

V:" - A Now 

Tbe Olograph Co., originatois of 'Tesstmal,'' "The Lo^ ''The MV^qo^hinen," Mid-oiUiwwdl<4cniinm liftk ! .> 

Feet. ' ■ ■ ig-'^en*e -ffe r:!jf^i<W^ 

indications firom first exhibitions of <t>bis film in U ewr-Yorlc are that <1!£ WIIIL'^BKTHB BIQUWI' -tlUOQuWO' ^F-.^CSB SBAfldif. - 'li^ft' flg^ns,'^ 
sharp andctoaJt and STRITHNGLY FIJip^^ — ~—^r^--=^- i^^/ 

BsKnifn.. 9&0 ft. 

Snsnikoi ttie'ka^c-trac^ 627 ifu 

^l£i!(ir>V^s. V. . 837^6. The inUiiata^ r^ The. Widow and tkedAlr|iK^;~«i»- fiC|S«^ 

-EaeaLped;XanaUc, . - ' • 617 

Xh« Coi^se bl Trwe Lova. - . 538 Jt 

. 758 .ft. 

- - 650'fl£|^e Chiden Tluc&'^ ; 

mWSlee^ ' . % 640 .ft. 

-The inUiiat^ r 

Thei:Jp',«ddiivg, . - f s- . - ' ■* i*M-tL 
Reulieiriin ibeiS^liwar. . -i- t 367^ft. 
"Uttn^Uie iidi- r-:-. — 461 
The'.SwImrbcLAitei > - 718-lbi^^- - 

Thc WIdow and itke Otkiy T jm.-Jtp>«*n>"*' 

^■5^56 ft, 

■ ""'■"^-/ft, 

1^ Dearborn St. 



-MAN^. WAN T^K Di^Ciliilh^3UM^- '^ 



a state St., ChIc«BO,-lB. ■ "''^i. ". 


We have decided to manufacture and place on tba BMibBtHbbttifa'ooaii-^ 
try our Fnneh HMtol Oxyltth 8as Oitflli^ j^oduoiog: from eUier^aiw ozylith, 

pure oxygen gas. ;- It' gives, ne^tjto'i^fei^^ Ught, tJiefg^^ 

Mr Stereoptlcpn axA tlLayias Picture ' ' ' ^"^^ ^-.i-vk-^i.^^ = < ^-jm -.• 

It-wbziEB aaTonatttBaUygBiteej 



New York , is tlie Place wltere Films Originate 
or Land ITirst from-^Ali IVfakers. Patrons of tlie 


Hav-e ttftcdlr Films to 

lein- Direct 

Ta-Day for Furtlii 


OwmVkg Dmfp as Otaira Fastar la Tha Waauui la iha Ommm 


This illustration shows the new Klelne Fire-Proof 
Motion Picture Machine; 1906 Model. 

Pieturo M«ehln«i 

ffiKi-- 4 ; L. ' '.■ ^' ■■ ■ ■ ■ •' 

After a great deal of ezperimentation we have finally evolved a 
inodel wtiich has not only passed the official Chicago inspection, 
but has met with the enthusiastic approval of exhibitors to 
whom the model has been shown. 

The various features embodied in this machine are intended to . 
make it tiioroivhly practical as well as fire^proof . Theatres 
operating in towns which do not require precautions against fire 
will find this instrument a profitable investment if for no other 
reason than that it saves Jffilms in case of accidenti and may pre- 
vent panics. 


A lamp-house entirely enclosed at all times, yet admitting of 
all necessary adjustments -of the lamp; equipped with wire net- 
ting and gauze according to city requirements. An electric lamp 
whose carbon-holders grip the carbons at all points, making per* 
feet contact and holding carbons rigid. A lamp-house base which 
is absolutely impervious to heat. A heat shield between lamp 
and film, which is lowered by means of a treadle ; when the oper-; - 
ator rdiiisves his foot the shidd returxis iautomatically into place.; - 
An upper reel-box made of aluminum into which the flame cannot' ' 
pass if from any cause the film catches fire. A receiving box into- 
which exposed film passes. At the opening is a trap-door which 
is closed instantanieonsly by the operirtior ifl case of danger. Four 
stout j^-inch steel supports* sepatatdy adjustable for inequalities . 
in the floor, to support the complete machine. The moving pic-' 
ture mechanism, lamp-house, etc., are placed upon a heavy alum* 
Inum bed plate which rests upon the receiving film box. The 
lamp-house slides to the right and left for stereopticon adjust 
ment. The crank which actuates the motion picture mechanism , 
is fastened with screws and cannot slip off ^while in use. The 
motic^ jpictdre miechaiiism is the B&mi /I^ Modeli 
equipped with our special long, short or miediimi distance lenses, 
for stereopticon and moving pictures; as may be selected. But 
other mechanism can be^ used. The receiving film box is stoutly 
braiiced ; "tiie entire iiuuchniii? 16 Strdng, and will run ^^oni'viSra* 
tion. I^ery machin€ bears th^ official approval stamp of the . 

tif :<I^tiicit7 tof ty City of Chicago when delivered. ' 

NOTE— For the benefit of exhibitors who are. not familiar with inspection regula- - 
tions, we would explain that conditions are becoinin|r more rigid even In nnaUet oltles, . 
and the' fires which are sometimes caused by inOfiag'JteteW iw SB Wl lM ttin tti'tUi tOf . ' 
.avoided by the use of a maeblm w described. 

New York customers can inspect this instrument at our New 
York address, 127-129 W. 32d St; Maiii . supply depot at our ^ 

;l|Biiiiio ii^di^ss. .v.; .p'^'- -^m-^- ■ ^^-'■■iii 




Opposite Masonic Tcmple 


Volmnc Xvm. 




nat Wb. a. Brady Might Best Chas. 
FnluBaii, Who is GttlMriiig Ma- 
terial Tor the Siin Bid 
•,v ti Pl•^^ , ■■ ■ 

TUB recent llglit batweni UaUcr A Co. 
and DkTld BdueOk ta wblak whtah tb» 
Man to K«<r York 'to OOWt tk»nal- 
i .tn*s n* Olrl from tb» GoMan Went. 
'Mri ie tstaUlik « prior etahn to tbt orlcto 
at that aalBN at- dnau. to IutIds a vaiaUel 
In a Uttlt'MlMia.Mr MwmMMapw tbe 
tliaatrlaal afiSStjM* M . W MJ inUMM A. 

Bradr aAd' 

Inently. . ^ , ,, 

It IB all OD account of tbe poor Indian. n-lio 
lins been lionnded about till* country ever gln» 
iho flret arrlTnl of tbc nblte man. No sooner 

hrul CliarU'ii Proliin.m minonnwd that he liiiil 
^iMiI. ilr. nt'MUlc urHt to obtiilii local color for 
n aew Indian drama. I ban .Mr. Brady got busy. 
.\bout aerrn months ai;o. It la aald. Mr. Bradr 
recrlred from Donald MacL.sreD, Of MII«ra,nkM, 
a new Indian drama, entitled The Good For 
,:XauKtit. Mr. Bmdr laid tlia naauaaript aaldc. 
iilntandlBs to pndaet tt aast aniOB with Wll- 
■Mo Laekage or Bobart ManMU la tba lead- 
ing role. A tbought atrack Mr. Bradj — he 
iraold have Orace Oeorge and her company 
■Ir* a alngla performance of ^he nenr MacLaren 
drama in MUwaukcc, and bf that performance 
he would ealabllah tala claim to the orlslnal 
Indian drama. Mlaa George iraa going to Mil- 
waukee, anjway. and It was Just the move. 

Accordingly, tlie Orat performance of Tin- 
i;ood For 'NaugbC was giTen &tturday nlctit. 
Jan. 0, In the Davidson Opera Honaa at Mll- 
wauk«r. Orsci* tScorKc spr * * 

raaaiaA .wttk mat dU- 
SiSSmt at tt* imt 

rblef of tbe Okatcbees. 

Tbe Good For Naught doea not treat ot tbe 
iniiian of to-dsy, bat ot the utxaaae race Uiat 
the whlteman found when be fliat landed nppa 
.vUlli coDtlnent— when Indian brarea ware true 
\ hrare*, and before tbe war ot astnnalnatlon 
"bad began. Iionawamba, tba old chief. U grow- 

«aUi tba ■ MMW i'^ivlH. wBe to decide who 
•hall be the batlbaaa o( Adolata. bla only eblld. 
There are ao many anltoiB that it la at laat 
agreed tbat Adulola aball neat tbe yoong 
brarea who want to inarry at tbe VtxA ot tbe 
LQlea on tbe fallowing day, and make ber 

After the eonnell. one «t tbe wanlora taunts 
- Lonawinda aboot bla daughter's fair skin and 
vaaggeats the taint ot white blood In ber Telna. 
■ Ibe old eblet kllla blm and bides tbe body. 
,Tbe meeting takes place at tbe LUy Pool, 
and each young brave pleada lila canse. recit- 
ing deeds ot conaplcnona biaTery or notable 
•cbleremeot. But Adulola lovea iNlatawa, tbe 
bunter and tbe lover ot animals, whose gentle 
BQd unwarllke character bave earned for blm 
tbe contempt' and the nickname Good For 
. Naught, from tlie more warlike members of tbe 

" . Xbe body ot tbe niurdered warrior Is fonnd 
awl ia dlaooTered to be NlaUwa'a fatber. 
Ihraoih tbe talalty ot LasboU, tbe taltblesa 
Mnaw ot an honored warrior, Sheanana, who 
•area Vlatawa and la aaxloaa to be dd ot her 

■■ebaad aa that *e najr tta aoie opeBly Md 
twr the tore o( tbe kantet, tbe nUt of tba 

, la reflected upon Sheanagna, and br a 

lavjot tbe tribe be and IllaUwa mnat Ihbt 
•e. tbe death. Nlatawa does not defend STm- 
•eK md Is klUed. Adulola dies, and tbe cur- 
tain -nils on a view ot an enipi.v cnnue paas- 
lag down the river towsrds tbo fallH, bearing 
the eon] of Adulola to tbe "Happy Hunting 

The play u In Bve acts, each beaattfolly 
. nwunted, repreaeattng. aprlnc, anmmer, autumn, 


Jamea A. Ryan, manager of the Grand Opera 
goose at lafayette. Ind., tendered bis rea- 
Ignatlon to the Prank Burt Amnaement Co.. 
^^weea, Jan. 1, In order to take up tbe man- 

^JS!S^*^.^?• <'**>r P9tut neasnie Resort In 
JISPtSS'i ^ """""e «lty. Mr. Ryan's lea- 
imtten baa eaiiMd mndt renet amons Ua La- 


may at 


Ma n da eb aeli. wha aaeeaada Mr. Rfiaa, 

'—v. wars. 


* Hcattas In 


mt lha Heir to the 

Hoorab C^.' wmFi boBn •(/ wbaae JbJut at 
Kewarfc. OUk . «MaMC Ja. lagtwae^ toaaa 
of thin paser. flMj^- «M IMtar Oanltal. 
Chicago. tnim dTCRkW, lha. S. ot 


Mlaa IfeNwla<a. naUa waa atoabad la a fall 
down an elevator abaft at tbe Hotel Warden 
In Newark Dee. 28. She waa taken to tbe 
West Main Street Sanitarium In Newark, wbcia 
she remained until Sunday night, when abe waa 
taken by her mother to the hospital In Chi- 
cago. Here abe was placed under the care of 
two of the moat aMUfnl sargeons In the Wlndy 
Clty, but t!belr efforta were fmltless, and Miss 
Morewln died late Tuesday night, the victim 
of lockjaw. 

Mlaa Morcwin watt tbe daughter ot Madam OS. 
L. Beyers, of 235 Michigan arenne. Chicago. 
She was a woman of mnch refinement, and waa 
considered a competent actress. For some time 
Kl!c had been playing the role of the mother- 
In law In The Heir to the Hoorab. and It Is 
Bald that next season she would have bad a 
much more prominent part in a new play, 
enjoyed the trlendAlp ot a boat ot people 

Twurrv.nPTH annivkmaiiv 

Oreene'a Opera BOM at Cedar Baplds. Is., 
celebrated lU t w a a ty- lt tt «anlvetaary Dec. 28. 
The houae opened See. M. 1880, under the 
management 'ot T. B. Bdlers. The opening 
attraction waa Bmma Abbott In Tbe Bobemlaa 
GU. Both Mlaa Abbott and Xr. Sellera are 
now dead. Tba bigsaat boalneaa to tbe tala- 
toiy ot the boaia waa daaa <om tbe night of 
April 10. IMS, whas Hm itcdpta taaebed 

Booth aad Ba " — — " — 

tton. Tbe aaeslpt book 
Oie name of T. B. **' 



In the proteolon, 

tht cam of and 

aad ber nntlai^ death la 

David Belaaco, twTlnc seen his latest com- 
pleted play. Tbe Olrl From tbe Qolden Weat. is 
already bard at work on another, wblcta be 
probably will present In the spring. He wUl 
iKkt t^ anytblntr al¥>at It. oxcept Uiat St 

deals wim a locality, a pailod. and -types of 
character altogether dUTcrtBt tram any tbat be 
baa ottered beretotore. It ia aodetatood. bow- 
artU be laM la Itoanra 
lb. Salaaeo MdMad w ■Mor.vlaM. at 


And CkMd Bnsiiiess lit 
Northern Towns 

Prospects Brightw hi SmaUer (Mi #! 

Cities— A Buckeye Critic After 'i 
Cohan — ^Notes of TitTdfav 

TSB winter so far baa not been se- 
vere In tbe MaraUme ProTlnces, and 
Price Webber and the few ahowa 
tbat had the nerve to make tbe 
tda- ua l a iwala d to be dotng waD. 
Dp to Cl u l a tM aa tbe aaow tad not Men dteil 
enough to Intcrfeca with tba yaaaa ' 
and connnnnlcatlon coottnoea with 
ward Island. 

Wairhbnrn bai an Unde Tom'a Oabla ay 
there and to getting nice boalneea. Tbe abow 
Is not a strager to Nora Sootto, and tbe natlTce 
turn oot In great nombcro to see It. Beeently 
Washburn got f 185, In the D. J. T. A. ball at 
Truro, my Informant wTltea. and any one ac- 

quainted with tbe limited capacity of that ball -• 
wUl *ee tbat the abow bad 'em coming. Then 
again the D. J. T. A. bonae la owned by a re- . 
Ilglons denomlnauon and fully two-tblrda ot 
tbe people woald not enter tbe hall under any 

Business In the Oblo towns sccma to be lai; 
proving with tbe new year. It waa rair.tad . 


managera, i';'*^^'- 

Harry Rosenthal .11 . . . „ 

Kennebec aa advaaaai(!«taBt M -la owIObk a 
splendid (bowing. 

Ous Son will abortir opea tbe i 
at Springfield. O.. aa a ee mWji a tlBB hai>u-V3l 
bad planned to opea It O P CTU 
could not get It ready la Una. 


The illssonrl Olrl Co. aBjayed a Oiilail|W. 
•pread at St. Maty'B. O- la additloa -t^M* 
members ot the eompaay. Aariwoae ead Bdward. 
Kobler and their taalUea, ot Til ma. O.. iDd 
Miss Mwle^Oryaa^jt ^Uomj^ wga ^gjat^ 

banqoet at Oartoo, aaSltt^iiM^MNatil^ipS' 

antly. ^■-.w.V;'.;>'.:'-:' ..■ •Vi?---'-.'? 

Bad 'Bej Oa. ~ 

The Volnntaer Orgaalat >.kad,-jiM. 
paid admlsatona at tba MMT- JWri 
and capacity at^gkt; at 

Hoosr, Ttndiay, 
V. A. V< 

SUmoad Uc.Ok: 

Say. , .-^fc fiif^ 



C. L- Uagee. manager at Che wan — 
Windieetcr, Ind., to alghtaeelBK la Ona. 

OBd. -Back la again tbla aeaaoa aaaa^tac tte 
Grand Opera Sonae at raoldliv Ohto, Be took 
tbe bonse Ute In October when tbaca were ao 
booUngs, bat be baa a n c ceeded tn settlor at- 
tnetloBa aad la dolnc a nice bui ln tos. 

John -Neer. adTertWagagcnt ot tbe Faoiot 
Opera Bonae at U«a. ^Uft sPated a ' 
baseball team tbrofA. flBMUM 
neat omnmer -wlU toa*fta-aBBa^ 
the northwest. 

Rodney I>e, of the Toledo Blade, goes after 
Geo. Cohan, beoaoae be pokea fnn at the Tal<^ 
critics who aaw little merit in bto rocty-tlve 
Mlnntes From Broadway. Xte Blada aaja that 
Coban'a sncces made bim get awellad OB Wa-, 
self. Ooban_mma ^^^^Mg ^^flMtac'lhSB 


Meurs Kennedy A WeettaU. iiiaiisgew ■'•t- 
Josepb Mnrpby. vigorously deny the rcportatW'.- 
tlrement of tiie well known Iilah e0PiedlaB ._O» 
the contrary, itiarrt bl» maoasoa, >•»- IdBT- . 

lAy will be on the boaida dor. naar oaaaaaa 
to come. It u a fart. .>«wee«ftv|l>ht'Tlr .liar- 
phj has tamed orcT to AlkR-TBWfjUi >a«e-a! 
olgnt atanda. but he wilt COWthMW to ba toiarj 
inam «• hw olttn aa baa heen hia on;? 
torn Cor — - — — <? 

Sir. ~ 

the onc-nl^t 
ban decided to 
aU at aazt i 


Xlie Btllboapd 

JANUARY 13, 1906. 



Corbett and O'Hara Make Good in Comedies 

Twiddle-Twaddle Shows Weber in Song and Hack Smsler and Charles 

llyimni Pw ft iita i ftma Futfist 

[ OB WUSlMOtt and Us compaoy rerurutd 
to Webci'* Ttantre, Mew Teal's nlgtat 
to Ud for Vioadway paUooac* in the 
BCV moslcml faive br Bdcar Smltil 
and Sf*atlc« LctI, entitled Twlddle- 

Joe Weber 

BbciM«r Dodse Cbarles A. Blselow 

Blehard Jones Edward J. Coanellj 

Hon. Alcemon ntz-Bagsla-'Erocst I^tmbart 

XUe Ciwxd Dnke Josef ...Baonle Macin 

Oivtaln Sctamltt Sam Marlon 

Xancror rrana Joaet ot Anattla.Sam Marlon 

JCatUda Orabf elder Marl* \Dteaaler 

Mks. "Jack" Van Sbalk TMxIa S'TlSBoaa 

JtHSle McGnrk Mar Montfort 

. Oadra Dodse ;'.l!Bnliil* Barle 

■ cgmt umu ...Mgtt* Mogrcr 

Ooottt BaMt ... ...May Oiant 

▼era Sbapelcl(li Mar Grant 

KbxI* WlDser S*Im« Mantell 

■Twiat twaedlcdnm and tweedledee 'tl« bard 
to tf altpg"**'* betwe«-a tbe aatbor and the cast 
a* to whlen la tb« greatest twiddle-twaddler. 
AnrviT. BrotOwar basa't slopped laagbiDg loDg 
enoogla to glre tbe matter scrloas consiiicrji 
Hon and probably It doesn't care, so why need 
Bor one else. Thtj amj tbmt tbe new farce 1h 
a bic hit and tliere la no twiddling about tbe 
matter. Joe Weber and hia bis llat ot fa- 
Torltca were tlsht vp to tbe mlnntc Id tlie 
gea i i t te awt ot ^ tt e^ jaatoig r»lw^^ tW^ Jjnl- 

0oe A pieBilese. 

TwMdle-Twaddle la a mastcal farce In two 
lets. -Bdsar Smltb la zespooslblc for tbe dla- 
losne and lyrlea aod Manrlce 1>vl wrote the 
mnslc. ' If SmltSi erer pat any serloasness lnt«( 
tbe piece it droppeil ont looj^ before Joe ami 
hlB company erer sot bold ot it. Like iiie 
former Weber eaccesaes tbe new piece la not 
bnrdened witb a plot. It Is a bolty-tolty con- 
coction «nd tbe spectator needn't mind about 
what la comlDK next or nliat has (one before, 
becanae tiwre la enoosti dolns all tbe time to' 
Intoxicate wltli bUarlty tbe moat sciloQa. 

Joe iWebcr liaa the Important lole ot Philip 
OrebMlder. It l» a dacb that FUUp Is a 
taur Oecan.' bat baa yon at* Jntonaed Ton 
Hiiil nnt WBjnt TtinT ir- Is- ate • elagtr. but 
in > ' fiet> '^Waak oar Jo*, alosa a aon( and 
is>ll-'| - «.'"-"' ^ Mr. Alcaloir to tbe president 
ot a ■■fcf. lMlllM ee company. Marie Dreaaler. 
■soaiir^fUlB. Trlxle 'Prigansa. Ernest Lam- 
. fenb BME Moyer and tbe rest at the fs- 
: vofitaB that ' made aood In HlscIedy-PlKSledy 
and Tb* OoUefce Widow hare prominent roles 
. In the new farce, and they are In line for an- 
other enccessfol mn in Weber's Tbestre. 

Tbe tbeatre was crowded tbe 0|»*nlng night. 
In fact yon bad tu bor mU tirir tor 

any nisbt In tbe weelu'-iTWlMi TNleWe- Is 
peononnced a «ucce«s. 

. Ticlddle.Twaddle was Snt p todaced OD any 
, stage at the Lyceum Theatre In Bocheater. 
..JC.. T., aatorday niclit. Daau gll. ptOTlag one 

ff;' lb» aaaat .poldio, ««p|«i M tU. IkMMcal 

' .4m0-tajtxKXT iBoiri^-jiniMaB 

liki' BliHMr Tnm Ireland, a aair eemcdy In 
lOer acta by OhaTlee S. Blaiaer. «aa prodneed 
tor tbe flist time open anj stage Monday 
afternoon. Jan. l.' at tbe American Theatre, 
New Tork Oltr. with Flake O'Hara In tbe 
leadlns rule, 'rh* ent:. - 

(Daniel Blarney Flslte O'llara 

Mldiael Murphy J. P. SnUlran 

earles Mnrpiij- Edwin A. SparkH 
mncl' Barker W. F. Walcott 

. FMda Ckoker ..r.^j^>.......Jaha Martin 

- JlBBle-Snte *;..«»M^i'^;.<lMfBe Ooopcr 
' Atck TrslMSr v.-^VVj2t>.iri*»«» a»a^ Ora aaptan 

lt0Mf T1absc-^*Vr****p***'^******Bt^"t Jooes 
Tbsewe^Jg»»;.,.jij^»'i:i...,>,..A. R. Tolgbt 

FcUx Watts : '.;.W. J. Walab 

Isadore Cobn , J. B. Floyd 

(Benry Foster .............Chee X. Pair 

P. H. -Dermott ..........f;^...Wm. Trent 

Junes Conly ...........i^'.':rAIbert Retnor 

Song Foy .w...^'.V'..Senry Farwell 

Kate Mnrphy ....'BuKenle Hayden 

Sadie Croker ....Jlorence Roaslsnd 

Sen Scallen ...Maggie Weston 

Little Mary MeCiaa ...Qneenle Marble 

Monie Oallaban Blanche Marble 

Mabel Jolly NeUIe Samard 

Motbec Qnlnn ...... ....Grace Marble 

Jennie Ctautt tan OlierUe 

Wtamie Tbooaa Ollre Carr 

- Arllae Mercer Myrtle Lorlmer 

taum Dewaoa .Merle Bennett 

Isadaee Csta ..„.......<Uga Wagner 

Vamda Oiark ^.Soe^blne Carr 

8a3Ir Parker La render Byeia 

Tbe Baby By Blmaelf 

It waa Mr. O^Bara's firat appearance aa a 
star, nerertbeleas It was nnder tbe most an- 
SPIekwB etrcDinatancce and tbe Irish singer- 
actor waa accorded a welcome that almost 
ceacbcd the firoportlons of an oTatlon. Of an 
attraetlTe persoiuIltT and possessing a ricb and 
melodlog* iDiee. Mr. O'Hara took well witb tlie 
Amfrtffen audiences. 

Mr« maxatj' Vma Ireland is of tbe Blaney 
^pe. bot oomMncd with tbe Blaney tlullla 
ItMce la plenty ot Irish tanmbr which pata tbe 
pisjers to adranUg* with tht MdleDcee that 

aafer>jliM not dalm. ftr lOtrjmr piece that 
ItW • mKtur'm,tt*lk^-wm^mm us par- 

popnlar In 

Vnfesaloa, a dnaatlaitiin by 

of Oeocge Bg liUi ' Chaw's 

noTd lUt mm name, waa pregnseJ tar- tbe 
first time ansa aar atace. \tasi<lay afternoon, 
Jan. I. at tte ^pielaa VMetM, Hear BaTcs. 
Conn..^itlth AaM J. Oatbett and Margaret 
WyitalF to tSlMttft iiiHt. 9kt cast: . 

BashTlBe Mmik Ugoar 

Phoebe Madao Little 

Lord WorthlnKton Herbert VdCcnale 

Mlas Wyeberly ataarad bonota with iSi. 
Oorbatt In bar lapeiaonatlon of the bwolaa. 
Xb* others la the eaat eoatrlbotad worthy Im- 

At tha close ot tbe matinee performance Ur. 
Corbett was gtren a dinner at the Union League 
Cinb by Col. Theo. MacOonald, Jndge Blehard 
Tyner and W. B. Hamilton. Others picaent 
were Mlas Wycfaerly, Mr. and Mra. Stantotona 
Stange, TVlUUmi Harris, Cbamp ti Aadnmb 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Harris, Mk. aa4 Sbn. 
Jamaa Forbes and Ben Stem. 


•Xlmt Snt*k Is the etate that boaata of 
Oeoiie AO* and aoae ot the rest of them, 
dalnn te liare fonlabed to the atage ita fall 
abate ot nelon and artfiwi. Xttia Saate 
has • fooniatlea or 0,000 i ia salat Her* -la 
lu Hat of atage cdcbittiee: ^ec Flaher. of 
The School tat Hnsbands; May Wheeler, ot Tbe 
Ooonty Chairman; Bose MelTllle. of Sis Bop- 
klna; Ida Melrllle, of Sla Hopkins' Sister: Cora 
Bearell. of tbe Lyceum Stock Co.;- Pearl Mel- 
rllle, of Qie Baldwln-MelTlUe Stock Co.; B. F. 
Boseman. of Tbe Siiadowa of tbe Gallows Co.; 
Geo. Msbare, of York State Folka; Harry 
Blelgbt, of Tbe Earl ot Pawtncket; Bod Bramen 
and Mable Orlfflth, ot tbe Jack HoeOer Shows; 
Bobert Sogers and Loalse Macktntosb, of a 
stock company in Los Anseles, CaL; Mary Brld- 
weD. of The Prince of Pllsen; Chester BIsbop, 
of tbe ChsB. CBdwards Stock Co.; Reese V. Prus- 
aer, of Al, O. Field's Minstrels, and Jane Van 
Busklrk, of the Mrs. Grundy Co., London. 

Wm. Borcham. o( Kellar'a Co.; Dner Broth- 
eca. of tbe Derando Amaaagaaat Cm,; Barry 
Adte, of SATtfe'i Bnavtr iMVir Okl.Bngh 


Jack DoBoean, whose Ukeneas appears above, will next season star at the bead ot the Dono- 
van stock Co. Mr. Dooona la an actor of aterling worth and pneSMH tlw OC wlB- 
nlitK hla audiences upon lliet a|>peanince. Ot a flne stase {ircsenc*, being o*er ate «s*t la heUht, 
and possessed of a aplcndld Toice, Mr. Doooran, or Jack, aa he to fhaslUarlF eallal. 

foTinii it not a difficult matter to portray many rolea that to a Ifea iortmiatalf tWtfffTtfl IHtrtT 

In. C4' t»een almost Impossible. 

Kad Skene John C. Dixon* 

Bob Miniah Lake Martin'' 

Caabel Byron .Jaiiata f. Oortett 

Lydla Carew •Slmpnt WMsr^ 

Alice GoK .........^...t..;vIXmaemiy 

Lnclen Webber ........... ..Uonel Adams 

Captain TieUtaa SUnsj Blow 

Mrs. Skene Allee Lel^ 

Mlas Glsbome ^te Lester 

Setgeant ot Police Obarles Btarges 

That Jamea J. Corbett la a real actor, ca- 
pable of portraying resl comedy and patbos 
was demonstrated upon the opening perform- 
ance of Caabel Byron's Profession. Tbe ex- 
pnglllst was accorded an oration and so hearty 
was the applause that be was forced to re- 
spond time and again. After baring Iwwed his 
acfcaowledgments more than a dozen times. 
Mr. Oorbctt stepped to the footlltdits and asked 
the indlenee If It really meant It. Another 
bnrst of applause conrlnoed him. 

Oasbet Byron's Profession Is that of a pu- 
gilist. Caabel is la lore with a girl ot cnl- 
tore and reflnrment. Ths subject is dramad- 
eatly treated, and with ita tender lore jilot, 
tether with the wit and aaceaam that Shaw 

ping Md Ua wnii, u taakea aa «i«aiat 

Ids, of Tbe County Chairman Co.; Dare 
I. ot A Gambler'a Dangbter Co.; Alice 
Toik. of The lale of Bong Bong Co.; Jaa. Mac- 
Albem, ot The Fortune Teller Co.; Louise 
Oaa^. of The Maseotta; KltUe St. Clare, of 
The Dean's Aaetloa; tte Foot Keatona, stdnaj 
Jesomc, Blllle XJafc. Wanen and Bibbcrt, Ma- 
rie ■Borslyn, BayJen and ULsnde. the Smith 
Brotbera. and the CtaDMlF Stotera. tn eande- 
mie, and thaDwyv BnMsib ot the Blngling 
Brotbera Show, aad tha Binrdy Brothers and 
Dirlgfat AUaa «e Ita Balaam * Ballcr Bbow. 


The twolnc of the aaar Bodgais Opeea Beaac, 
P«rt Aitbnr, Tex.. Dee. 32, was a Ua aae- 
cesa In eyety reepeet. Boarlaae * OHBicd'a 

big attraction, Dora Tbomt, 1 
bill, and ererr wie of ' Ike 00 
new theatre waa taken. 

Just before the -lltst enrtala Olayot Laades 
escorted Manager Sodgeis to the atage and 
introduced him with -words of wdoome and 
congratulation. Mr. Bodgers responded In a 
happy rein expresalog his appreolatloa ot the 
cordial reoeptton given blm and bis enter* 


Aiiplauded Vociferous- 
iy In 'Frisco. 

Fitzsimmons Back to FootUfiito— 
UilNp EMarttdn— Bdaaco wbA ■ 
Ibvw doM Tlieatre— Ottir 
Coitt News. 

ran sasst 

llghtfia and ewT tnaaiger frana Ui b 
entirely too small to acco n wnodata the da- 
mand. In fact, the floating population of the 
MetropoUa ot the West— the Vest Pocket Edi- 
tion ot New Xork— abows Ihe healthy growth 
of our city In erery line ot business. Witb 
eight regnlsr booses, ten TaadeTHle theatres, 
all ctiarglng admission, and Are large concert 
balls, we can hold our own with the beat ot 
them. Hie new year -will see fire new imasea 
open for bnsiness — Tbe Bell, Coiooisl, Sixteenth 
StTvet, Oriental and North Beach with a pos- 
Hlblllt^- of one In the Blchmond District, and 
the blR Dreamland, modeled after the already 
famous White CUy of Chicago, only oo a larger 

Alice r^ieJeen was grceica witii thunat-roun 
applause upon her appearance in I>oa Psa- 
quale at Che Tiroli Dec. 26. Tlie house was 
packed with tbc elite, ot tbe city, and tbe 
performance waa moch appiedated. The fact 
tbat the engagasscnt waa ilinlled to one eren- 
Ins performance and one matinee canaed many 

Bob Fltxnlmmons, the defeated pugilist, ketit 
tbe Alhambra full the entire week ot bis en. 
ESgement In A Fight For Lore. The Ute write- 
ups, caused by tbe deaertloa ot his wife, hept 
tbe ticket sellers busy. Besides, Mr. Fltaalm* 
mons la a favorite In this city. 

Florence itoberta, the most popular Califor- 
nia actre&a, is booked for an engagement at 
the Columbia the flrat week in March. 

A new andltorium will be iHiilt on the site 
formerly occnpied by the Baaard PaTlUon, lot 
AnRcles. Tbe deal baa slready been consom- 
mated. and when tbe hoose Is completed In 
'.May. tbe Independents will take it for a 
period of fire years. 

il. W. Bishop, manager of the Majestic and 
.Sew Central in San Frandaco aod Xe Lib- 
erty la Oakland, gave a ~ ' 
an hto employee la the 
Chrtotmaa Bre. Frank 

and dlaixibBted fUta Iw all fNoi a bl( Glnrlit^ 
" tbMt M. OeOie. the geolal aad 
t maaagsr. was presented win 
lisndsome gold ssooatcd ombrclla by the 


stage handa, 
Meeata. Belasco 


did not ptoTs a aae 
Vaneooeer, B. C, to te bar* a new tkea- 

ir* In the nelghbarbood of OeorgU and Bowe 
streets. It wlU be bnllt by local capital and 
ivlll l>e managed by J. P. Home, of Seattle, 
nlw will lease it tor fire years. It will play 
the Independant attracttona, aad - ariU aeat 
about 1,900 people. 
Loato Jsiaes, soppeetsd tv Matmaa Haekatt, 

ius, 8 

itailesh. OsL, will baee a new theatto after 
Feb. 1. It win aeat ebont 900 people and wIU 
bare e eery torge atage. Senator O. M. Bel- 
shaw la the bwaer. 

Carita, the clrl oonjoter, dauBbter ot Prof. 
K. Beaiy. a lotlred magtclaa and now. a book- 
lag ageat la San Francisco, ams msrrled on 
OtartotBMM Dsy to looto Itata. who to aagased 
in tbe taatlMr boilaeM. Attn a hfldal Omt 
of floBtbem (MUDMa* Iba eaapte wiU 


Archie Levy, the booUaf agent, to aa peead 
as a peacock of a aaw watch which he dor 
lights In ahowlng to hto many trlenda. The 
uatdi is a real Bnrenean noeelty, act In mother 
of iiearl. and Is highly prised by Mr. Lery aa 
It is a Christmas gift from John W. Cooaldiae. 
In addition to the above, Mr. Levy leeelred a 
cheek for «ao>.aaw. tba^Vaaaaeafe etaaassta' 

M. . |lolgll ^_wpa al ia remembered by numer- 
BDBB OOOm.. ' 


iF. F. Smith, correspondent for The iBlllboard 
at Oosboctoo, Ohio, takee exeeptlOD to an ar- 
ticle In the Issoe of Dec. 23 In which E. E. 
Meredith stated tbat the abow buaineaa In tbe 
smaller Oliio towns suffered greatly because of 
toller skating rinks. 

Oontlnuing Mr. Smith aays: "In regard to 
Coshocton hsTlng three rinka. I will say that 
tbe town nerer bad bat two rlnka and one of 
tbem haa been leased to the Toantain Dty 
Oooda Oa, 4w a retail store. 'We haee bat 
eaa alak asfw la Osahoetsa. The erttote also 
atatea tbat.Oe big sbowa do not get the oseal 
ameont ot business. Here to a case. My 
Wife's FanUly took orer fOOO. Obrlstmaa mati- 
nee and erenlDg. Miss Janls took over $000. 
which Is more than abe took In Newark or 
Zanearllle. It Is true tbat the amaller ahowa 
do not get the larger boslness, bat It to tbat 

way an tae year ontaide ot the lamr a 

Manager Oallahan and the .afletia afTttO . 
Blz«et Theatre Oo. are eety 
this season's boslntsa," 

The nflw opera house at Romney, 

JANUARY 13^ 1908. 

1 r&e Biiit>oar<l 



Is General Manai:erof 
Savai:e Enterprises 


Well Kmnmlbaver Leaves BnrleiQue 
Far Ihriaal VIdi— Stemnd 
With CongratalatioM. 

Belli* Cooler, for four yean 
tbe G«a Bill attractions, ^as been 


_ - . . eufafcd 

b7 (Hearr yf. SaTige to aacceed Ool. B. A. 
Braydea aa general maDager of all the Sav- 
ue eBterprlaes. Tbe transfer took pUm last 
HaaiMj, and Mr, Cooler bas been abowered wIUi 
congratolatloiia opon Ills soeceas. 

TbcK lan't a ^ttcr known thMtrlottl xELan- 
sger In ttae business tban Is HoUla E. Cooler- 
Hr. Cooler began bis career aa manager of 
Vix Opera House at Wlcblta, Kan, For nine 
rean be managed the Ninth Street Tbeatre in 
Kanaaa City, which be left to manage Oor- 
Ins. Be aitarwards became foaaager tor Da- 
* XMCh. B. H. Onllcli £nCo.'s. BUoo 
— ISSimt War ncatic, Htv T«& Olty; 
.Ohn% ■. Blaaw's attnctieaa, rxd 
'Har IMaa sad QtMnn In The High 

_hntfar. Mr. Ooid» piared a trump 

' MM -la tlw wgialHttoo of tne Bistem Bnr- 
' iNqn Tni««l, and was Instmmental In bring- 
IftW iixt drenlt to his present atandard and 

- pMSparltr. 

Hi. Cooler 111* the b«st wishes of «T«iroB« 
In the prafesslon, snd It Is the general belief 
that OoL BaTsge could not bare selected a 
tetter maa tor the place. Ui, Cooler will 

- DMke good aa general manager of the Sarage 

' n* •eoBlaUloa la another feather in Ool. 

Managers Hontlngtoa A DeDern, of the Himt- 
lagton-DeDern Stock Co., at Lowell, 'Mass., 
bSTe dlBBolTed partnerships, and In the futnre 
the HnntlaKton Stock Co. will be managed br 
Mr. Huntlsgton. Mr. DeSern, Miss BsteUe. 
Miss Fletcher and Donald Mc«k withdraw to 
go Into TBUdeTlUe, and are noir ItsAtiMi Ihlli 
act. enUtlcd Sapper for Two. 

Mtas Taosha. fimnerlr of the TanknlSher 
S?-J'^!*^ aamged to play leads with the 
Hnntlnglatt Bte* Ob., to soceeed Mlas nstcbnr. 


In order ihat he might opcap/ |ha pcssidsnf s 

Aalr at the Players' Clnb onVoaader's Night. 
Mew Xear's Ere, and not miss the New Tear's 

autlnee at the Montauk Theatre, Boston, John 
Drew chartered a special sleeper which left 
New Xork for the Hnb City Monday morning 
abont 3:S0 o'clock. This enabled bim to re- 
main at the clnb for all the fesUrltles, and 
It did not occasion bis cancellation of the 



' Cbarlea Frotaman has engaged Xrette Gall- 
! bsrt. the Parlalan cbantensc. who Is now ap- 
peartBC la the eontlnental cities, for a namber 
of tnatlaee recltala at one of his New York 
theatres, toward the latter end of February 
and tbe beginning of March. Miiie. Gallbert 
haa bwa la this coantry only once. She bas 
'pd bemclf by a number of artists, 
ClTes a full concert performance. 

: • ONE ro w ■■•K EESPORT 

Dr. «. White, omtr of ttia whltt Xhes' 
tn IB HsKsMpott. Pa« haa pBrabasad a alt* 
— Iheatra at Wataat atrtat aad eer- 


Bernhardt Makes Good In The Big Cities 

Mtnacm in BalftMnnm Wo Cnne For rmiiri rt I l ij iini lr Mi tni m 

Soccess in Washington— Where is Cilfs)-dlhar(% lm w t^^^^^ 
The Billboard's Correapoodeiits. 

TBB liotel managers are looking forward 
to a big aeason. By the middle of 
Janoarr this cUr will ban about 
06.000 sialtsiB. Xh* Manlce Bath 
Hooat^ headtaartaaa ftr theatrical 
people, la being cztrasfrely tnprarcd. Ihtooch 
these mlrnnns BUIr Maurice wishes the pro- 
Ihaslaa a tuggr M*w Year, 
n* thsa liaa as* playl 

(or a Btw . 
Mth atana 

to that altr.^^Or. WUIs takea 

Mlao Helen Oranlley Is playing tbe title role 
In Sidney BoiwHect's new comedy. The Lucky 
Utss Otno, wbleb was ptoduecd at the Madison 
Bqnar* ThtatK, Haw T«ck dtr. Monday, Jan. 8. 

Xk* thsa lBss as* playtnc to good hashiess 
J. ftaak Head laparta big boalDtas Car ika An. 
dltHinak «aa baaOaaaMat thaatiaa, ii 

the wMkimt. Ob Okdaiaaa Sar^Ilaaacei 

Btad with 
iiandis* —hsana hj tha 


Prof. A. 3. Slartaar. anatesl dliaetor of the 
MsjeaHe Xhcatia, feaa «tlttm « waits to whicb 
he ha* clv*n tbe titl* of The UajHde Olrl. 

Fredensk P. Baleigh has bsM' aapalaled 

.tsaUtant manager and treasurer.-r*C'.^tt*- Ma- 
jestic Theatre. Ohaa. Athena Is tt*-a*ir ad- 
vertising manager of this hoosc. 

Famine Ball, who aacaared at th« Audi- 
torium Tbeane Obdatmu Day, amiiced for 
one hundred and llfty poor people to take 
dinner at a local testanrant. 

"Bappy" Oolmcs Is taking life easy at tbe 
Arlington Hotel, and Bud luassle is taking a 
course of batiis. Mrs. Jack Harerly Is spend- 
ing the winter here, as Is Cspt. W. D. Ament 
and hia family. 

I.Bora Bsrt made a very popular tilt at tbe 
Maiestle xcceatly. She Is a rery clerer ac- 

i at th* pr«p*nr to MaiA, and will 
tbtfaattar b*^ tha atMUaa < 


"Bxt sew theatre built at Crafton, III., by 
the Xlfler Hardware Co., Is recelrlng Onlsblng 
tSBChc* sad will open Jan. 20 with a flist^lsas 
^'^baaHsa. 7. W. Asbenback will naaag* the 


.'Harry West, a performer. Is serving 
aS.tWttnty year sentence in tbe lUlnola 
Elate PrfaoB for a orfma a< wbl«h he 
eiaiiiw ::,lM la not cnilty. havliw bMn 
naiaiily convicted The Billboard la 
'holdlB* • fond for his relief. 

Contributiem Reeoivcd. 

Prerlsurty a«taMllM|ld .,i„.,.,,JIIUM 

, Manning Trio .....,..'«•.;.. ' 1.00 

' 2rf7 Bobanaon c,^*******.******** .25 

Tom Crimea .23 

Jack ftwlD 25 

Wm. Blckett M 

, T*nt Welch 25 

AL apaoldlBg 25 

..ftot. Ii. Barkncas 20 

';|<a*aBd*rJtlehardaon a Go 1.00 

' n^SF ^rown .80 

Clark a Tonse ...••••»•■••••..••.* .6J 


ClBdlus a Seatlat ' 

armnr Kroaa .28 

▼Buchnn* .80 

r; Y*iU*la ..V .95 

* a? ^bloBB ..•..■**••■'••••««•-•'«»'.••'. .80 

JX."' *[™"« ^••.•.••..••V........'.i... ■ .0 

BfjiTaf*; .....,iii4.,.<..v;.,.^ .98 

.» ■'''ll. KlUg ' .'..••c4.*'«9«9«a«'»f «a«i^V .25 

':; Newtai ...i,.-..>,;i.;.,.>:.;... .25 
■ ''•2!™ oelka .*..••«., •.•■.■••'•.•vi«..-'i.B 
jv <jnns i4»n» .,;..i,.i..,,,i,,,.v..V.V.- 

- ******* ••••'••«• iji • ■ • •«'•'• • • iji,*^ • 


Joe Tjotc 

^"^^y ••'••■'•'■•iivSo'aooWooo'o'oioV,'; 

: Rdward Barter 

. , Olrdeller 

* Hsny Ashton 

.5- Clerer Oonker 

: S><1 Meley a wife 

.Otstle* Koeoter 

. HBRT J. Armstrong 
HatyyJMdiiey ...7^.. 

. Will Kla« : 

"^[^asd Vorrts ...... 

D's a V» 

Knhler ft TIctOTla .. 
Ol^s. Sankey 

Tom OiadoB .... 

SSf- O. Johasaa 



: .«0 


Do Harris and Cohan 
New Year's Night. 

Sam is Toastmaster, Bnt George Car- 
ries Off the Prize — There Was 
OaaclaK and Mach Merriment. 

Oaorge M. OiAaa and Sam. H. Harris cele- 
brated the New Tear and tbe arrlTal In New 
lork of Forty-llTe Mlnntea From Broadway, by 
glTlng an elaborate banqnet Monday erenlng, 
Jan. 1, to the membera of tha aboT. eampany, 
tbe Little Johnny Jonea Co.. and to numerous 
frtenda. In all shoot two bandied and fifty peo- 
ple. Tbe celebiatlOB took place to the spacious 
parlon of the Helal Bpaldlag Just toUowUig 
the OTenlng p*rfi»maaea at a» N*w Amster- 
dam and aa Grand nieatrea. 

Sam Harris wss toastmaater: that means 
that ererybody bad a good time. A number 
Of toasts were made, bnt the interest did not 
reach Its blgbestt point until Assistant District 
Attorney Henry J. J. Goldsmith, on behalf of 
Mark Klavr & A. L. Eilanger, presented Oeorge 
Cohan with a bandsome silver loving cup de- 
signed by Tiffany. A neat Cohsnesque epeecb 
followed the presentation. After a most en- 
joyable banquet, dancing began and continued 
until tbe smsll boors begsn to grow quit* 

%<Mntnent among tbe Cohan-Barrls guests 
were Mrs. Sam. H. Harris. Mrs. George Cohan, 
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Cohsn, Mr. and Mrs. 
Henry J. Goldsmith. Mr. snd Mrs. Abraham 
ffUdlng. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dooglas. Mr. 
aad Mrs. Blchard Carle, Mr. and Mra. P. H. 
anlllTan, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Werba, Mr. and 
Mra. WHllam Bepner. Mr. and Mra. Claude 
Robinson. MIm Fay Templeton. Miss Adele 
Rafter, Tom Lewis, Bddle Dunn, Jame* Wbl*. 
tendale, John H. Sprtoger, Lee Barrisoa, Geotte 
Ade, Felix tamaii, Toaeflh Onae. Tlctar Moocc, 
Thomas Carieo, WalMr Moore. Ftcd Mills, 
Usx SUTer, Myer IjTlngstOB. Tod Bloan. Jack 
Mayer, Sam Ryan, Engena 0*Boa(k*, Soamp 
Montgomery, Mr. and Mr*. MMhao and Ur. 
and Mrs. Jack Welch. 

T. R. MacMeehcn, dlreetor of pnhUelty of 
the Interstste Amusement Co., with hesdquar- 
toFH In this dty, Is a hoatler. . 

Mme. CdlTC Is reported to hSTe gone to Hot 
Springs, Ark., to recuperate, but your cor- 
rcspoDdaat has not been able to locate her. 

Hany Oonoa Clark ft Co.. began thalr cn> 
gajtemwt arat tba. JatawtMe Ofcwlt' Jia^ Itto 



The old year has paaaed Into eternity, and 
tbe new year bas dswned with ptoqieets of 
, bright future If tbe line weather can be taken 
as a forecast. Since the opening of the ses- 
•on, tbe l>est attractions bare done phenomenal 
business, and theatrical managers luire no 
caua* for complaint. 

M. J. Leinnayer. manager of the Academy of 
Music, bss expressed himself aa being liighly 
pleased with Isst yesr's result Bnd witb OMuy 
aCToDg attractions on the list the new year 
has prospects of exceeding it. 

The concerts of tbe Irish Ladies' Choir at 
the I.yrlc last week, were a great ancecss. 
They were given under the anapleea of the 
Ancient Order of Hibernians, Cardinal Gibbons, 
Gi>vernor Warfleld,. and many other prominent 
dignitaries being present. Tbe members of tbe 
choir received mnch social attentluD during their 

Tlie ncofeaalonala In this dty enjored them- 
aelres Immensely on Christmas, aad many gUta 
were exchanged. 

'Harry Hondini, the famous Jail breaker, who 
recently sppearrd at tbe Maryland Theatre, 
gaTe a public exhibition at ttae new courthouse 
before several hundred ofOdals. He was Ixnind 
and sharkled and aueeeeded In ewaiplng from a 
cell equipped witb sU tbe latest Improved locks, 
* ~ at. Alhaoga'a ZbMtre, 

A serious accident was narrowly 
BTerted Dee. SO, when tbe shout of fire aeroae 
In the Avditoclom at Newark, O. Manager 
Chm. a. ,IfeMh«rs ^sanmd^ la qolsUag tbe 

Mrs. Flak* 
matinee Dea.' 
land Society ' 

Young Buffalo, the atar In King of the Wild 
West, waa tbe redolent of a beantUnl sold 
watcb^jCbristnMS. ^^T^^y ww at. jm* .ftooj C t as. 

hsndaom* watch *h■M^(M^i.'tt•i|Mi8Sr^MBy- 

wrlgbt. ■ -, -:v r-; • ■ ^-^' -X v 

Tba.> 'MMi«ilMt ■ ^aitc-'1tt^ 
was aa-laMfaattag avaafc - 

Henrx K. Warner, who baa been connected 
with the Baltimore Evening News for many 
.rears, has resigned that position, to set as 
tmttoesa manager for Sara Bembardt. Tbis is 

•aVlcml venture, and b9 has the 
aC Us many friends. 

STLVAH 80Bsinaai« 

engagement at tha Oaaiao Dee. SO. 

Tbe Gagnoo-Pollock Stock Co. dosed a veer 
successful engagement at Uia Oaaiip Dee. gOi 
The company^ 

It la hoped " 

Clirlstnias greetings were 
among the show people in Tampa. Ed. Law- 
rence and Jimmy Bcyasids, of the MettopoU- 
tan Theatre, paid. ;tha.,:Q>ga«a Polls ' ~ 
Tlalt. and wate gMata'',aC''lMM'',iagf;i 
jnas matinee. 

cMk ' aSSe eSacerts ^"""Sai ^''^ 
ti»iSr^S SS e y '^Ihe/iecenUy * elBBag a' wy 
snecesstul eagagcment at,'" " " 

Fair. vr: 

Pat Cbapella and hto ■■ ^ 

headed this wsy. their eagageascnt being set 
for Jan. 1. 

Paster Ball and Babe OociB Bfc atlU with the 
Gagnoo'Mllock Stock. 0»..,aaa aw.Mettag wltk 
RuccesB, ; - - - " 
■wnied MSB IMrH wttb 


Manager Obas. 0. Psrsons, of the Tamp* Bay 
Casino, tendered a big dinner to th* boos. 
BUff Christmas Day at tbe Tampa Bay Hotel 
In return, the boys presented Manager Parsons 
wltti a handsome sliver mounted Ink stand. 
Stage Mauaj^r Johnny SmlUi making the ptv- 
sentatlon speech. 

£d. Jordan, one of tbe be'st character co- 
medians and buck dancers that ever came ta 
this part of the cooatry, has retired to private 
life. H* Is the owner of the Dixie Hoose la 
Yhor City.. Hr. Jordan formerly maaaged tbe 
CrIterlOB aad> l«l»;iba HBltsgslHBB Tbaatra. 
Mr. Jordan toevwf'-iMaiMailvJBlih tb* Dblik. 
as be Is wdl kBMm-aaa qnlt* a pablle tb> 


Tampa eaa boast of havtBg an airahla. init 
tbe "aacanabn" la atlU ta be heard of. Three 
attenpta wHa'saoMtly n«a at BaUaat Fatot. 

wasHDioxoH. o. a 

with Benhaidt at tha Balasaai, AiasU I 

at thaJlatomUa and Law FMdi at lha 

Tbe tUkat . lalt for 

gagement waa Immense, many Btandtag la >: 

all night to pnidiase Beats. Manager TaMiilto 
proved very thoughtful by bavlag hat coahe aai 
aandwldies served to the patient waitera. 

Ceo. Beraard Shaw's Too Nerer Can TeH, 
waa on. of tli. dallgbts of th. week. Mr. 
Daly'a portrayal of th* leading tola was gea- 
eraUy satlsfsctory. T 

t>wlng to tbe big success of the Hippodrome 
at Convention Hall, It wlU be continued far 
another week. Tbe act of Gertrude Bretoa ta 
her I«ap tbe Gap was a decided feature ot 
tbe bill. She la claimed to be tha only womaa 
doing thla daring teat. 

Uncota J. Carter to bei* loaktog afltr Ih* 
ptodaellaa of bl* latest efforts, Bsdncd'a Bana. 

IM. a reesrd-bnaklBg 
a t 1>» Seattle Thea- 

Mo ctmUJna'al^it' iri&A 8Sib»^SmSS',>v8^ 
Barton do one of th* b**t tiitt '«Kto ~acto 'atar' 

seen in Sesttle. 

The JoUy American Tramp did capady baal- 
neaa at the Third Avenue Tbeatre. Clark 
Rosa, Blrtlne Famsworth. Delia Dooley and 
William Lee deserve spedai mention for their 
character work. 

Tbe Star presented one of tbe Btninjre«t hllla 
of the season. rhros., has one of tbe moat 
wooderful acts In vandevllle. Kentoa and Loe- 
ralne and Fynne and Dandy made kits. 

It is not every week that a top Uae act 
from the . best eastern TaodevUle hoosea vlalto 
Seattle, hot tlw Otplicnm has m» ta 
White who appears to nonoto g ne. 

Tbe Zankee Oonnl «p*aca That _ 
Ing for five pert^manee* aad dM big 1 
Tb*r* Is nouUng bmi. b*antlfnl m 
comic opera than the scenic Inveatnre la 
piece. Teia MIchelena. the prima donna, waa 
parUablady attiaetlve. Harry Short aa Abljah 

— V'eBsallent, and tbe rest of tbe con* : 

i^a* t» the aundard. 

^ LBJi. A. saoBxaaMM. > 



J. Vorbes-Bohertson, whoa* lltoe** eanaed tbe 
clostog of Us eugacement to Mrs. Gmndy at 
th. Seals Theatrci liondSB, Bag., bss gone to 
Swltierland to recnpsr a te. TUB aetor'a friends 
Insist that he to aoOectog from a mere tern' 
pera ^r^U laoant. 4m to a^a^aefc at 

irrocK mm aiULKttB 

Wmism OUett*. tbe aat b oe a et SB who opened 

hto Americas aeaaon to Cladea to Bostoa Christ- 
msa night, win Best year, '"■■■j'lt to the 
annoonoed plaaa at Cbarlea fWbiMB; apend the 
entire seaMm la Kew Tork City, wbCI* he win 
appear In a namber of new plays aad perhaps 
revivals in one of Mr. Probman'a theatrea. 

The nature of the new plays haa not l>een 
aaaoonced. bat Mr. OlUetle to to Mm IbHr 
- - ■ - - ^; 


If Jake Wells can make a succesa •t the 
plans be bas under way. Savannah, Ga.. wHl 
get a new tbeatre. He is working In connec- 
tion with the Masonic Bolldlag ^^ssodattoa ta 
constmct a Masoato ^bmpto aad l boo( te *.to'—*. 
building. It to baliawa^ib*: rilM.: '«tt'<;si*iai 
ont aU right. ■ ' ■■V'^-c'-^ . 


.Mls.1 Msrie de CampL whose marriage I* a 
Cblcaco broker three years ags was followed 
by ber rellremeni from the stage, liaa been 
engaged by A. 11. Woods to star la melo^ 
drama for a period of three year*. Ha^.ig^.toto^ jT bt ai^ ali .l>MB|..t 
Beaab:^,flB|.>VMa.^^^^^igj5^; ^ j a ! ^^ ^^r 

Rumor has It that - the^ bid COlttm^ ' 
It.'a Theatre at Wauaau WIb.. arlU aaas ha' 


Xl\e Billboard 


Broadway /. Topics 


town to take Ihe nuctgrmeat for 
Wm. A. Bradj. of WUton Laekaje 
in The Pit. He win aoon greet blM 
boat of Chicago friends for six weeks 
M McVlrter's Ttie«tre. 

Nellie McCoy, fully recoTered from her re- 
sent I lln ess, retnms to the Casino on iIon{3ay 
night, repladnjr Florence Sinnott In her old 

put Of 1X137 FaUowfleld In The £arl and Uie 

JUIUI7 38 ud not Jaa. 23 bss bcw deddrd 
■ i p^i MM Afr Cdc tb9 snassZ ftcBcflC la 

•k <C.lto. Aclw.|f .FMd Boae «B SImlCB Maad, 

'Ftgetoc mitccnatr wKk'T A.' 
Bom as lesrttnc nuut •f. -Ihft;atock eoasiiuqr 
at tlie Fifth ATCBoe ThfliiL .>3fkB>(er Proc- 
tor slso roars me of b]> 'IcalBic-iDm to M. 

H. Btmbers. of Uie Torkmie Tbeatie, wbo will 

xe-estshlisb a stock company St that boose on 
Jsn. 2a, Kith ■wmism J. Kelley, of the present 
One Bnndred and Twentr-Sftb Street company 
as Its liead. 

"^larlc Twain** was the gnest at a dinner 
girea hi the Players' Clnb. Ko. 18 Grsmercy 
Park South. eTenlng of Jan, 3 by friends, who 
welcomed liim as an honorary member of the 
w jan lra tl nn. to wblcti he has helonsed since Its 

is to star L««rrBoe Jyonaj 
. Ban. vUcb taa been lewilt- 
t» Br it> aotlNr. - "i''lT' • W i H ti f Imi es- 
Sased the f(dIowlns Mafos to mn ii m tte. Mar: 
Charlotte Walker, Ilaitaa Pariy. Itnat HbI>- 
hard. Ida Darlliur. W. E. rorrest 
Boblnsoo, Geor/e Clsrfce, Harold Heaton and 
John Ha^kelL The Comedy will open In ProT- 
denee. Jan, 22, and later come to Sew York for 
an en^eement. 

Flofene* Gerald Is In town. hsTlng recently 
elosed her eo^pi^ment ^Ith the Woodward 
Stock Co. In Omaha. She later played two 
weeks with Ralph Stnart In The Christian, 
and now Joins the road company which is to 
fmcnt Tlie Lion and the Moose. 

Harry ^asoa. who is to mana^ the No. 2 
Car bic^tbe Ftoto Show this season. U at the 


_ . atmt' for the 

atie -Ika other day aad the rU- 
hroke. pndpltatlBC him fifty feet to the 
atbrtle attewalk. 

Bke plot of the play centers largely upon 
tmo characters, and It was a wise se- 
leetloa wblcb entrusted these Important roles 
to these clever aeatlemen. In Moonshine there 
la much merriment, sereral girls whose oear- 
beancy Is forgotten In their sprightllsesa, and 
there are several catchy songs well sung. Dick 
Teniple makes a clerer leading man, and the 
entire oompaay la sot at all hadlr balanced. 
IB fUt to baA tm lUa Cabin's liiMlUae U 


As a. roolt ot negotlatioiis which 
bare beta pcadlBC tat tome time, IliomfMaii 
ft Doadr bare pnctMaed Fort Georce. This 
' be aUtcd with moce tbaa the ordl- 
«C eomctntaa «al^.^«Mnid- 

Emope a CortBlght ago. 
This is the first published Informs tloo bear- 
ing upon tba deaL Fart Gcoge baa for many 
years been a Bodcstir popular resort, situated 
on a high bloft whl^ overlooks the Hudson 
rlrer just this aide of Spnytoo Dnyrle. It Is 
reached by surface electric can. and Is eon- 
renlently bandy to transfer passengers from 
the Subway. In the hands of Thompsofi & 
Ihmdy it Is sare to blossom forth next summer 
as an Immensely popolar resort. As Lnoa Park 
la more than a score of miles removed from 
Fort George, there wIU be no Immediate com- 
petition l>etween ttie Coney Island scenes of 
gaiety and the HodsoD river resort. Given the 
mammon and rastly popular Hippodrome, the 
h— ntlfal and •iwttaii Miiy aUumcBti of LOBg 
Park, aad the aiore tbaa prabaHe gleelea of 
Fort 6eotsa. tbe aaae of Ikaavaaa * Dundy 

s a baaaehold 
■I that haU 

yib>aaii» !!• '»■ °«n|nl '«M Ja aU that 



iWbat Is Gas HUTs loss will be GoL 
Sarase'a gala for wltb the New Tear BoDIa ■. 
Ooolert the best known aad most popnlaz tlicat- 
deal, ttaa in all New 7oclc, Saw -up the gCK- 
eral management of the Hul cstetpslBea to 
tab* a slmllsr position la diarge of the Savage 
attractions. Mr. Cooler soeeeeds CoL Edward 
A. Braden who resigned bis position as general 
manager for Cot, Savage to branch out as a 
theatrical ma n ager on his own account, Charlea 
A, Barton, who has for many ypArs been In 
the cmstor of Gas o a mahager ot hU 

Mr. Coeley aa 

I as tt di 

wbra tbr fact of^Xr. Gbokj^ ttaaaftr .oT bk 
ts CM. Savace ms aaae baosra. Ife 
I local theatrical life la ao universally 
-as SoUla E. Cooler. He la j)resident 
•r tbe Sreea Boom Club, and only a few months 
ago waa elerated to the dlstiugnlsfaed station ot 
a thlrty-thlxd degree In Masonry, an lionar 
wtilch Jjad never before been conferred uiMm a 
theatrically associated petsoa. His traQ of 
poDularlty In the abow linnliwaa 
wic&lca. Kan., where. reitB agi 
the theatre in that town. 
After leaving Wichita Cooley became the 
tot jjpmt foe the pranoters of the C^elo- 

_ the battle of MIsalooarr Hldge. 
tatKjbtL aul w* te Ti— ■ CUr aa 
It waa 

!IIfe la 
. tbsi-iaaBager 

of the best- 
kaowa ot g a i i i aa tl aa «C Ita dar. Be neat man- 
aged tbe- ■•Tftmball Opera COi.. of which . Co- 
rlnne waa the 'atar. Some years ago tbe firm 
of Daris A Eeogb needed a general mauager. 
and tliey wisely selected Cooley, Later on he 
went with the Bljoo Theatre Circuit as gen- 
eral manacer. actin? at tbe same time as man- 
ager of the Star Theatre In this City. Charles 
K. Slaaer won him away from that position 
* his general representatlT*. ' Iken 

Bd his serrlces, and for ttv* yeaza 
been general nmnsger of tbe RIU 

With the close or her .cpnond an<1 last 
week at the Majestic Marie Cahin. on Jan. 8. 
flnlsbed her third S'ew York engagement In aa 
many^ moatbs, Moooahlne w«^ars well and tfa* 

aaaemblages at John S. Flaherty's beanllfnl 
theatre were larse and enthuslsstlc. The good 
in the piece go In pairs-, te-wlt: Miss 
avottlght: George Beban and 

sliailij. ao teoa- spel^tlr girls on the right 
mM_tt no. Dae aad H. Gor Woodward and 
Imnti. Ot Ulas Ca- 
be TiBtbl WIr aald that her apet- 
la aawacthr of so dewee a 
!Ms«r dse bas It and ser- 
«nl mrmbent of tho esanaar aeed It moth 
worse than she ever coilC -Ber booyancr of 
spirit, ber magnetism anA bcr- asatbtlant grasp 
of bubbling comedy mark ber - tho tmest sort 
•f a cnmedlenne. Geocse* Beboa e u fe ii^ him- 
self irlth glory and lends nmeb life aad action 
to every scene or situation be 'engages in. The 
two diplomats are the real artistle element of 
tta piece, H. Gay Woodward makes a .dig- 
■Mrd and tacrtfal ani»Tt lag Bpsslan: aad his 
p ain e cUwi la oalDe^p' t> oalr rtralM br the 
J sja ai si type i tpn aiM M t br t V e ae rteb .Paald- 


MansgT A. P. Owens is more than 
pleased with bustiiaa at tbo Ifaaonic Opera 
Honse at Oskalooaa. la. Be took the manage- 
ment ahont two TM^t*** aso. aad has been 1 
meeting with the beat of eaeeeea. FoUowlag 
is the staff of the Ifasoaie: A. P. Owena, man- 
ager and treasurer: Bobert HeCabe and Thomis 
Gosaage. door men; Will Beckman. musical di- 
rector; Frank Sloan, head tuber; Geo. Gordon, 
electrician; Harry GUmore, stage manager, and 
Glen Taylor, property man. 

Manager Cone of the Grand Opera 
House at Waosau. Wis., is being complimented 
upon tbe hlgb-clssa attractions be U playing 
at hia honse. Among the attractions be has 
booked ato Taming of the Shrew. Land of 
Nod. BttUaa of Sara, Pegcr From Paris. Yan- 
kee Osoaal. SbatfelBS Tbroagh Oconda, Liberty 
" -^^^ B.1S«% FIo- 

The new Empire Theatre at Des 

Moines, la., is fast Dearing completion, and 
will sooa he opened to tbe pnbUe. The new 
boitae, which will be under the msnagement of 
Manle J. Karger, has been ballt at a cost ot 
HJ^WWK aad wm hare a saatttf csgacltr ot 


The Bilon Theatre, Port Huron, 
Mich., which has been dosed since Dec. IS. 
oa aeoooat of a lack ot patronage, Is to be i 
reopened aadir.the ansae 'o( tbe Temple Thea- I 
tic br (X a. IISBiiiii n aad J. rcaiee. Tbe Ma- 
lestle Theatrs oa BoOcr oizcet wm gtobablj be 
completed Brnte tiae la 

Jim CWMtt, ax^iWtfltt And vaude- 

viile headllDer, sptaa. at 'Ilii]r*s Theatre Mon- 
day evening In Oaahd lbiaa*a Profession. This 
Is the result of a harried detnmlnatlon to send 
The Crossing npon Its- one-nlgbt stand way, 
minus any rejoicing. New Tork theatregoers 
have tsUed to patronize Winston Cfaurchin's 
play in nnmbers anfflcleDt to warrant Its play- 
ing oot the three weeks originally allcted to 
it at this theatre. Corbett's manager. Henry 
B. Harris, held the time Immediately follow 
tng Tbe Crossing and by caacrllng l^o weeks 
oot of town, moves In a fortnight earlier than 
a iateoded. Petaooally. James J. Corbett 
la «■».«( th* alCBat men It has ever been my 
pleia—.js' tcl. - talk to and know, and it is 
not aqr Mnitlaa to aar anght against him 
a man among mca. Bat aa aa actor amoac 
actors and a atart at dtalr^ IheatiB- Mr. Oso- 
bettra adrent mar powM r.pate A«n*llB VaSr 
tuxB oiev. ba hlB,^iavCy^ 

of high art and the 

des of union labor daahed 

last week at tbe MetropoUtaa Op a t a Boose. 
Tbe Cbona dedlsed to onl iwIiim mn Mtm 
a substantial increaae la lhair aOlMal, ' Herr 
Conrled said be vraold aat r s e ei iala o the aieiB- 
bets of tbe efaocaa aa s se iab ei s of a lalnr 
union, and the dwraa walked oot Wednesday. 
On Friday eventas Ttlsta and Isolde was song 
with a chorus which compdsed salalsts of the 
Metropolitan forces In Its SSSiheasUp. Some- 
one figured it oot that tho avaaage i>ay of 
the soloist cbortis would make the figures 
amount to $2,000 a night for the work. This 
was tbe situation at the Metropolitan Opera 
Honse Satnnlay at noon. The oU of lilgb art 
and the water of union labor refused to mix. 
However. Sattirday afternoon there was sn 
agtecmeDt reached, and Manager Oonrled 
granted m weekly te atz performances and 
9XM^ Im. «Mh cxtCB pcrtotBaaee. Bad the 
strlhB' aat bees actae& aealg tbe Bod Carriers' 
0nlaa hare boycotted fte gland opera enter- 
tainments, or woald tke DM Washers' Amal- 
ramatl aa bare wllhhd d ita patnmage? No 
end oC esavilaatiaaa mliht .baas kaaa pgaalble. 

A new vaudeville house te soon to 

be opened In Oklahoma City. Okla., nnder the 
management of H. A. Carelton. It Is said 
that no expense is being spared to make It one 
of the finest tbeaii ea in tb* aoatbwest. It 
wm be booked ia eoBatetioa with the BIJM 
Theatre at iWIddta^ Eaa. 

■Tba Coats Brothers n«w thaatt* at 
G to o BlM d. Tiia . oaaaad Taa. 1. with Ike Har- 
keaa * vas JCIaatRas. Tie aaattag capadtF of 
tbe new hooe la aOOL Tl alasm haotf *. baa 
aa olcnted floor and la a«a|M«l «w kt- 

est and meat cemlSrtsWa .opaaa- *altfc' .a>e 
stage la S br *»-' . 

CoL L. n: Scott celebratail-Ws flf- 
tecatk analretaaxr as 

an arttstle point. 

The Grand Opera House at New Al- 
banr. Ind.. lias been closed and Manager Jas. 
McNarln has signed as adraoce manager ot 
the Gllcfc Stock Co. Tbe theatre was closed 
because of tbe excessive license exacted by the 
city authorities. 

The Grand Opera House in Bluttton, 

Ind.. was recently sold by "Rie .Indianapolis 
Loan Association to Frank Smith and Fred. 
Tangeman for $25,000. Tbe two men are both 
hostlers, and will no doubt ma^ It a paying 

proposition. " - 

What was formerly " Uie - 'CMurdoi 
Theatre in Canton. Otilo, has lieen remodeled 

and was opened ChrlRtmas -Day by Tbomas & 

Potts. Ut. Thomas, formerlr a randerllle per- 
former, wm be tbe tQitbtM. 
KId:;kMiter ' 


Hany Pierce, manager of the Miss 
New Teck. A.. Puihaaatii. writes the fol- 
lo wlBs ; **We ace bow b oar eighteenth snc- 
eesofbl week, aad oar estehy asaslcal comedy. 
The King of Kokomo. is msklng s bit. Our 
stsr olio is also a strong featare. It includes 
Wlora Trio, Allen and Bright, Bandy and Wil- 
son. Hayward. Conroy and Hayward, Tlw Boa- 
ton City Quartet and Gagnonx aad Gagnoux. 
Onr raster is as follows: Bairr R. Pierce, 
manager: Bniy Allen. Jno. F. Vincent S. 
Straus. F. W. KraCTt. Harry Hayward. Geo. 
W. Bandy. Jos. Rose. Geo. H. Irwln. Fred. 
George. Frank Con roy. Ed. Ganoox. Jesale Hay- 
ward, Lottie WUSOB. Jsoie BHgbt, Marme 
BaiBca. umaa VfeaakUa. JUIa Jlooie. BeU 
Gaaaaz. Beta Wlaia. aOtm. Hmm. Bd- 

Wblle the Bowery Barleaqnets were 
plariK tbe Oalely Tbeatre at Flttabarg, Fa., 
recant. Manager Jo*. Hortlc waa pleasantlr 
surprised br belag f i r eseatad srith aa denat 
Japanese silk quilted amaklaa Jacket aad a 
lounging robe of the same mantuL Tbe pres- 
ents were from Mr. Hitrtlg's bunch of gobd- 
looklng cboms girls which includes Babydoll 
Wilbur. Rose Moore. Anna Bomalne, Flo Rus- 
sell. Gertie Hart. Ida Boy too. Minnie Craw- 
roril. Irene Gardner, SUdCed Kenlleld. Violet 
Schaffex. ,\nna SUen. and Betta Merrill. Mr. 
Hortlg oonld liardlr eags ea a tbla tbaaks t>e- 

roa*: M > l i » fttft.» tf ^ t/tt tmrn kt wsold be 


Clisrles T>. (Ba| 
the Eternal CItV < 
Iniiwrtant part B 
De has a hast «C 
wM Ub an tbt 

Oa the Baad, oaa act; 

Becange of lack of patronage the 
Wmiams Oi>era House at Primghar, la,, baa 
beea permanently dosed. It is reported that 
the nme condition confronts many of the mao- 
•cm In northern Iowa. 

Manager R. M. Harvey of the Grand 
Opera Honse, Perry, la., has left to join the 
Bamnm & Bailey Show. Hia brother, A. M. 
Harvey, will take charge of the theatre from 

DOW on. 

Manager Jos. G. Rhode, of the Rhode 
Opera Unoaa at Keaaaka. Wla, ta ■nadisa ont 
a twdst 

daai oc 

Tbe BijoD Vaudeville Tlieatra; Port 

Hnroo, laeh.. wm bcnaftcr be ~ 
Temple. Tbe boose wm be 

ment of PhlUp McQnade. 

The Bijou Theatre at IJecatur, 111., 
remained dosed Christmaa Oar because of the 
death ot Martin, father ot Mia. Lena Hartt, 
tbe beadUacr for that we^ 

W. F. Mam ham pngwhass il the-o pera 

sbape for Ike wtSbluff^t* loSaf^Sed* 


I. C. Mlshler, manager of the Opera 
Hotise of Altoona, Pa., last week visited Tren- 
ton. N. J., where a new ttieatre Is being' bollt 
for blm. 

One of the handnomeat theatres in 
the stMe eClIM- VklMs PM-.«HSCd Jan. 
10. at SidBasaat br A^Saaaaaa orSam :pid- 

Manager Sturgis of the Grand Opera 
House. Keoknk, la., has given notice of the 
Closing ol bis boose owing to poor boslnesa. 

A .new vaadeyine dieatre will be 

opcoed la Losaaqiort, lad., 9th. 1, br Wm. 
BoadaH, fcnnerly manager of the Crystal. 

The Mirror Theatre. Des Moines, 
£Lj'^Li^» "SL *y * TaadcTHIe to a stock 


Carroty Nell, t 
(Valter H. Baker ft Oo. 

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Half-back Sandy; copyrighted by Norman Lee. 

A Jay Clrens: copyrighted br Neal Hamer. 

King Son; cogmlgbted br )bka O. 

The Ladr of tbe White aose, ia 
oopyilgtatcd tr-J. O. F. OfaaUao, 

Tbe Lore of lOaa IT^e, la Sre acta; eopr- 
(Ubicd br O. WeHm. 

Mia. Btlsgs ot tbe Poultry Yard, la throe 
acta; cuu>llght«d br, Walter H. Baker & Oo. 

OUT«r TwM: durrHhtid Ir Abtaa Taa 

tr Gtaa - 

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The Pretender: copyrighted br 'ohn Staple- 
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The Bustlers; copyrighted by Herbert L. Lr- 

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Tbe Whale Itath. Ia oae as 
L. B. West. ■ 

Aasle^ Oamv. aae act 

fSuaUt KlBC In three acta; copmcbica br 
B. King. 

A BnrlesqoevOB. OamOab to eao set; etiS^ 

''l^'blmlD.' In we' 'act:- Mfll t WH . ly W.' K> 
Fnrgeson. ' ' " ■ 

Children of Ere, In five acts; eoprrlgbtaC W 
M. Boss. ■ - 

The CoUece Bar: eegrtlsbtcd br >aek IM^ 

& M. 

^'%%lil wnh 'lbe Oieea . 
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Yellow Man and a White; copntghted br 
W. Toller- 


riBhted br F. . _ 

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M. Brcn. 

AotMBaOe Serraat Girl; ode aal: oopr* 

iMrted by Walter- H: Bafcen* Oa. 

Behlad the Scenes of War; u sp f l i gh ted br 
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In one act; copy- 

M. J. Warren 

Tlie Watermelon Trust, 
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by M. H. WsWi. 

Hansel & Gretd..'! 
by R. Rnlhaaa. 

Jennesse; I' iiarrttfllid.-br Mam 

Anna ITiiiaMa, la Aar aetas 
A. Stannard. 

A Country Girl, In one act; 
T. A. NicoUs. 

Cbnck Coao« 
G. N. MeElnr. 

Expiatlaa. la aae am 

F IslKiiu an's IrfKk, tn 
M. D. KimbaU. 

Fortr-FiTC Mlnotca 
risUcd br G. 41. ~ 

How to Win a Baritrlor; espfilghted Ir 
3t. SBDderUad. -:- 

ranyrlgfated ir O. M. Oadca. > • ■ 

eoprrigbted br 

CoDneis, la Chiaatosra; ooftrrlgbtcd hr 

JANUAflY 43, -1906. 

j/^riie Dill board 


SuK* «l. 
Grand Op«ra 
HOHS* Blill . 


THE flrst week of the New Tear 
proTed to be a contlouatloo of the 
splendid biulneu enjoyed b7 tteatrl- 
c*l mulBKerB durlns tbe vreek preced- 
iBg tlie lioUdiri. 
Chicago ti*s been having somevrtat of a sur- 
feit of musical comedies, for some time past, 

with the rewiJt that the attendance of some of 
tbe booses was Jiot so larse as might bare been 
dpected. If It could odIt be smnsed tb«t 
A« drama and moileal pleen could ta« bap- 
Mti balaDced and doTCUlMd, tbtte Is ao doabt 
Eiroold yield greater latlsfaetloo to tbratte- 
(om teBerallr. ud, bcalde*. fwore more ut- 
liCtetorr to tbe box-olBcFi. 
.Qilie a BBBbcr ol ebansea ue Kcltteted tt 
--==■ 1 -mk m 'fff tkc eaxrrat week. Ser- 


that baa prc^ 

■TCTaUcd (D 

fiufii tbt 


The Grand Opera House la filled to 
tbe doon at e'ery performaocc of ne Wlxard 
of Os. It seems as 1( MootgooMfj aad Stooe, 
In their orl^ual and mlrthfnl ntatlai. The 
Tlnwoodnan afid - Tbe Scare Craw' will «lwa7S 
ie la mtatg denuad. .'Frettx Vna.llMaiood 
■1 itaiiilin JJlcae Oarter im alw-Milit la- 

Before Xbt. 
tbe Colonial. 

trcqocaicta at -tte 

-oC -Ika ,Baai Ttae at 
fa latohid • a a ml I to 
latw ^ScaaUffil" 0( 

r Xelnoie aad Hcatli, 

__ I wUk ■ Bam &ee or any other 

fekil'aC a 'liee a ac a gt a geaealoslcal one could 
Mt te aonnlaed. Bren now tbe title Is as 
■ack a pozile aa erer, bat It la not lost al^t 
«C la Ike acceptable and mlrtbfnl entertala. 
■cat pcoTided.. Mncb praise la glTeo tbe alDS- 
lac aad il«t»^«wg cbonia of this prodactlon wblcb 
la wltboet a drobt tbe best seen in ais cit/ 
tor a long time. AttractiTe Jobyna Holland 
tonna a atrlklng stage picture in ensembles tbat 
Indade a nnmber of exceedingly prettj girls. 
It la not generallj known tbat Miaa Holland 
Is tbe wife of Aj-thor Stringer, tbe well known 
New York poet sod noreUat. 

HlA Honor, tbe Mayor coatinnea Its long and 
iacMMtnl mn with as mncb popniarltj as erer 
at the Chicago Opera Hotise. Blanche Slagt 
JMa SiaflB aad llabel Barrlsoo. aad— let It not 
la saiilsnM Ifcr Bmg BaUtt. the best erer 

^ - - weekly. 


sa baa 

«tf%e t&^ec'&*% artha ptscT 


The most notable event in theatrical 
drdn dnrliiE New Tear's week was, wltbont 
doobt. the opening of tbe ^jescic Theatre. 

This magnificent modem atmctore. wlilcb em* 

bodies every feat-are and erery coDtrlT«nc* ttiat 

tBgenaity cooid conceiTe for tbe comfort, safety 
and entertalomeDt of Its patrons, easily ttaods 
at the head ot aU thaat i e a deeotad to Taude- 
eBe^ It aat. hidced. to the legttiaate aa wen. 
Ike SMSt Bitiatle eye la pitaasd tr a aarrer 
aC tbe Inttflar tMm aay and craiy ~ 

■nttal.aad irsll toned colors prteilM Omaih- 
sat the latctlor; the nugnlllccat MUsa, «Mi 
their pletare galleries ot masterpieces; the 
aoUe andltorlom and coar balconies; the i^leir 
with tbe best appalatmeats erer placed In a 
theatre; the vadona and artiatlcaily flnlabed 
amoklnE-room, sad tbe snrnptooBs rest room tor 
(he ladles: sll form strlklac aad beantltal ot>- 
Jeeta of a grnnA and banaonloas whole. 

No leu ttian sixteen cxpenslTe nnmbers 
formed the opening program, and everyone was 
tboroogbly enjoyed by andlencea that tbroQged 
the theatre nlgtitly. The program for the 
second week promises to surpass Its predecessor 
la excellence and talent. Some of tbe leading 
' ' aa ate Leslie and Dalley. In their sifetch. 
Abrsad; Bose Subl. tbe Cboms Lady; 
Ptelle. Vtw SoUy, tbe Melani Trio, 

fcy the solemn and attentlre 

9>irector Stock's efforts to make tbe 
oceaaiaa fltting and apntaptlata haea taeelecd 
the UghMt csmm^Mhn. Im CMmnm hsM 
musteal akdaa. : 


Chicago theatregoers, in addition to 
Just Out of College, nlll also be treated to 
local premieres of Monaa Vanna and The Mar. 
rln^e ot William Asbe. JoEepb Wlieelock. Jr.. 
will be the star in Ade's latest comedy, daring 
a tour weeks' encasement. st i'owers* 
Theatre, beginning Monday night. The com- 
pany comes direct from Boston, trhere ex- 
chaacca ahow tbat the crltlca hare bestowed 
laaeh pialse both oa the aathor and the pro- 
dnetlmi. The mmpaiiy asassa heralded aa being 
eaeeiitlaBallr eaaaala sad ■ IncladhMj amanc its 
Bcmbeis aaeaM' jIavM-.aC^aatlaaBl'i -aaau- 


Verbaps the moat prominent of the new playa 
win prore to be Maorlce Maeterlinck's Monna 
Vanna, which wIU be seen at tbe Garrldc. 
Monday eTcnlng, lor the drat time la Ohl- 
casik The octaalon wUI be notaUe aa belne 
the ttst appearance In Chicago of Bertha Ka- 
lleh as a ' star in ao English-speaking role. 
Mme. Kallcfa is a Bonmanlan and the make- 
op ot her eompsnyi Is remarli^able for tbe ra- 
rloas nationalities represented. Henry Kolker. 
who plays tbe part of Gnldo, bnstmnd of Momfa 
Vanna. la a Oerman by blrtb; Henry Stanford, 
wbo playa the role of FrlnzlraUe. ia an Eng- 
lishman; Frtdrrlck Ferry, nho playa Marra Co- 
lonna. Is aa American; and Bobert Ullton Is a 
Bnaalan. Notwltliatandlog tbe diversity of na- 
tlooaUtlea, It la stated that the purest and 
moat perfect Bncllah Is spoken biy ereryone in 
the eampaay. Soenlcally, Oa play Is said 
to ho caccedlaCly artlBtle and ba amtl l 
eUlly ibe-dawB aeeae lB tka 'IkH „ 
the tavhftlag heaatlea of aa ' ItsUaB shy 
trary Uie band ot a maetcr. 

Patrons ot the UUnols will welcome Grace 
Georse In The Marriage ot William Asbe ss 
a snceesaor to Trltx In Tammany Hall, which 
was scarcely op to the atandard demanded by 
tbem. Jndglns from Its New York mn at' the 
Garrlck Theatre, this play sbonld enjoy a popu- 
lar mn here, as from all accounts It gives 
MI-«8 neor;re the best opportunltv she has ever 
bad. As the play Is an adaptation from the 
boob of the same name by tbe clever EnplUb 
auliiorera, Jlrs. Humphrey Ward, its prodnc- 
tton here la awaited with more than nsnal 
Interest. . 

At McVIcker's, Wilton Lackaye v/M 
appear In The Pit for tbe week comaenelbg 
Sunday, jsa. 7. and the week toUnwIng. Trilby 
wiU be pre«eaee<l; Tbe play for..lbe . ttllrd week 
of his stay has not yet been .anuonnced. ■ ' 

At tbe StDdrbaker,. Woodland will be suc- 
•scded by Xbe rrince ot Pllaen. tbat ever popu- 
jse maMeat..comedyt' wtilch la doing as well In 
lialtaartb aeasoa'sa la Its first. The old ta- 
amnsa: y*aa rnandy. Artbor Donaldson. Bntb 
■MilMb lear Andeismi and Louise Wllils wIU 
« W «at bi tba caat. 
At te OMt MadkMa Iba Saltaa ot Sola 


. F. -Wilder, the famona orlg- 

laal atac; " " " " " " " - 

This wo 

The Allison Tronpe have been transfemd 
l«>m the Majestic to tbe Haymarket. 

Ryan and Slchfleld tiave been detained for a 
•*cond week at tto Harmarket. owing to the 
•eee™ «t Mllie TlaBserty's Danchter. 
Mr*, smart Robson Is at the Olympic this 
- Edmnnd Day's sketch. The Sarins Ot 


Jt Is Just a little over a year since 
.Thomaa died. That he ia aot tor- 

In order to make way for one of the 
three promising plays that will be produced dur- 
Ina the week, a prime favorite baa ticen with- 
drawn la Maxlne Elliott, whose soecesa In Her 
Great Sfateb might well be termed a trinmpb. 

The Powers Theatre, where this clever Clyde 
Pitch play aas nightly attracted orertlawlng aa- 
dlencea for two weeks, is to Chicago what the 
old Lyceum Theatre and Daly's Theatre, under 
the old regime, were to New York. The clien- 
tele of Powers' Is conceded to be tbe moat ex- 
clnalee and intelligent In Chicago, and when 
Manager Powers snceeeda In providing a play 
that appeals to those wbo frequent 4iU coxy 
theatre, as be generally does. It can always be 
expected that sundlng room wlU be St a pre- 

At none ot her prerlona appearaaeea bare did 
Miss Eniott aa cwrlndngly prore her claim to 
he aa atWMa at. eawmsndtec taleata than she 
did bi lb* taMMT vehicle which Clyde Fitch 
bas an desailr aaaatraeted. It ta with reteret 
tbat theatrecoera aay fareweU to her at the 
present time. notwlthatandhiK that Her Great 
Matpb will be replaced by Genree Ade's latest 
comedy, Just Out of CnlleKr, ML<i!> Elliott mil 
her company cnnid easily have remained here 
for fonr weeks lon;;er. bat the complications In 
booklnaa aiaat aot he aeerlsoksd. and ^tem 
mnst le.i'ikMnal at 


McDonald and Hoffman closed their 
encacement at the Crystal Theatre. Mnskegon. 
MIA.. Jan. T.- snd are enlo.vlnp a two weeks' 
rest at their home' In Flint. Mich., prepara- 
tory to taklntr out their own vaudeville com- 
pany. They have engaged W. S. Stoddard. 
Mack and Pearle and E. B. Stockton, and will 
make neek stands in TandenUe through cen- 
tral . and nortbem MIchlgaa. 

The nibbs Sisters are brpakln^ all 
records thronch Indiana and Illinois In re- 
Bned VBudeville. together with movine pic- 
tures. The- roater Is ss follows: H. S. Tennis, 
general manseer: W. E. Kerns, advance scent: 
A. Glbbs. treasurer: Miss Lotta Kerns, 
musical director: Cbarles Earl, electrician, and 
Iflsais Mattle and Myrtle XJlbhs. 

Eddie Mullaney has closed with Op- 
penhelmer's Fay Foster Co.. and baa joined In- 
terests with Cbarles Summers, formerly of 
Snmmera and Winters. .They opened at the 
National Theatre. Kansaa Oty. Mo., week Dec. 
tS. Mr. Mullaaey srblle .law a Wy .- .flafiBC In 
Denver, Col., was made a acMbar -9t.- tha T. 
U. A. Lodge. 

GeorR-e Aujrer, the tall man. writes 
that on Jan. 29 he openssin Hot Springs. Ark .. 
for a alx weeks' toar of the southern drcults, 
after wblch jie will prepare for bis scssnn 
with tbe Bamnm * Bailey Show. Mr. Anger 
oae* fonr people to his playlet, entitled Jack, 
the Giant Killer, and he says It Is a Us aoe- 

Havn-ard and Haywnrd have severed 
connections with Charles Farrell and have Joined 
interests with Frank J. Conroy. late of Con- 
loy and Pearl, who will do the black-face oom- 
edv part In Marriage Is Snhllme. They are 
itill oloslng the oUo with Miss New Tork. 
Jr.. Oa.. and are meetlaK with ssceess. 

TII«"JI«#:Mt way ItilMK^Iggj a gSg by 

iMUdr mC <w»s» j*;(MIIM li imp So- 

Fred LaMont, of the lATroupe Car- 
men, writes that they arc Introdndng two orig- 
inal teats, naa^. a backward aoaersatilt 
across sbooldeia on a ticbt arlia and a flip- 
flop on a platform beM on a tifht wire hy two 
members of the tioapc. 

The Four Seasons, a new vaudeville 
act on tbe order of tbe Vasaar Girls, was pro- 
daeed at Jacques Opera House, Waterbory. 
Conn., week Dec. 25, and proved an Inatant 
success. Tbe music and scenic effects are said 
to I>e splendid. 

The EIlsenbarth-Henderson Floating 
Theatre is now In winter qosrtera at 'Marietta, 
0. Tbe boat wUl be tboroogbly repainted and 
renovated for the coming season, wblch starts 
ApiUl. Ahoot fifty peopla will compose tbe 

linee and lAiee. comedy musical ar- 
tists, have been making' a hit In'.iha ^vaade- 

rllle houses thnnigh the middle MMt^-'-Skty 

open on tbe Kohl & Castle Circuit; MK U, 

and are booked solid until July. 

The Rialto Comedy Quartet, which 
opened tbe 6ea«>D seven weeks aco In a small 
New Tork town, were laat week aa added 
feature at the Arcade Theatre. TSI e da, O,. 
where the best of TaodeTflllaiis play. 

The Martins, novelty musical artists, 
are Isylng off in Chicago, rehearsing tbelr big 

musical comedy act, written by Lawrente llus- 
sell. They will carry a complete set of scenery 
and win open about Jan. 16. 

Fred Kamo's Ix)ndon Comedy Co. 
kM'''iMt^caBcInded its third successive week 
la Ifsiaiaiisli ln'ii victoria, New York City, and 
bas msny excellent bookings to fill dorlns the 
balance of tbe season. 

Phillips and Hamilton. Alfred and 
May, hare cl<»ed a very snceessfnl saaaoa wtHi 
the Price Show Boat, and are takinc a mach 
deserved rest in ClnclnnatL They have signed 
with the Price Show for next season. 

Ferguson and Mack opened at the 
Tlvoll Theatre, Cape Town, Dec. 12. for a six 
weeks' engagement, and they write that tbey 
scored a lauglilng hit. They will return to 
this coimtry some time in Marcb. 

Reid Miller and Lillian Zerda fin- 
ished the Crystal Clrcolt Dec. 27. and opened on 
« Cttaalt la Ban Vraadseo after which 
~ V ---tta: »aUtsi» ,>* 'OwsMlne Cli- 


T. R. Irving; stace manager at the 
Palm Gardens, Syracnae. H. 'T..' waa on New 
Xear'a Day presented with a handsome dia- 
mond stud by Manager Austin ot tbe Gardens. 

Tohle Stark is scoring heavily on 
tbe Western Vaudeville Circuit with her Im- 
personation of Anna Held. Her gracefnl danc- 
ing Is bringing many flattering press notices. 

John and Maud Brewer opened at 
Pnllrr'B Opera Hoose. Aocklaad. K." &• ^ MOT. 
3.1: at Blckard'a Tlvoll. Sydney. AaamK-Hee. 
30, Saea. TIsI Iaia>d,..laa. IL 

Walter* and 'PrmttT-.' '<irrlt»:.tliat. tl>«y 
have Just dosed orcr the Mt 'ebcaU. aa srhl4 
ttacy msde hitf hits In their new act. entitled 
The Hebrew and the Singer. 

John P. Hill & Co„ presenting a 

Ublotd version of Rip Van WbttiC la vaade- 
vllle, have oat some new poatai.caids that are 
atttaetlTe to say the least. -f 

The Two-^; Jainefca a ii et i It ?/^^ 
artists, opened'at Uatka. M.', lot week for a 

lengthy eogagement over tt»e Western Vaude- 
vUla Clrcnlt. . 

Nibbe and Bordouex are making a 
hit In the __ 
elerer act. ladl^lMiKBB^I 

Tom Arm-strong and Ella Vem.v late 
of the Land ot Nod Co.. are now appeailw.ti 
TandcTUle and Incidentally aiaklBg a MgCUt. 

John J. SnJUvam and lUlMrt J. Mttr- 
phy haye joined tntctcata, and are OoIbk aa 
Irish talking, singing snd danetnK act. 

Alexander Brown, of the Musical 
Blows Brothers, has slsned as atage manager 
ot tbc.Otak Smet Slaseom, micago. m. 

'HSiTj^ Ij. Hanson writes that his act 
met with the best approval over the Keystone 
Circuit -which be has Just finished. 

After a year's work in the west. 

Brown and WUmot are going eaat. Tbey re- 
tum to the Coast sgain in the fall. 

Frank : Bowen, trapezlst and song 
and- <aaa>''^»tlafc- haa ?des»d with tbe Beh En- 
teH^Mw/aai win ' go lato atock. 

irbblette and Karsliall . write .that 
they haao a »«r act ,lhar wMs^iniy 

preaent on the Orphenm CSrenlt.- ? : .. 

After a brief ensatrement;>l«i,^^Mt, 
Paff. Pout, World and Klnsatan ?aa<r*iaia 
making good In vaodevlUe. • < : , . 

Amann and narOer-'f^moM -Cn^ Qie 
Moss and Stoll Tonr. OM;=iW^.at ^.Sha^::Bni- 
plre, Man cbe s tar ,- tag.- . <: ■ :■"»: . : v .7-''r 

Polk.: -tbe :iawjjDMi^^»«»y; 'ij ^'i '^ *^ 
King OalliBB, irttt-wOt taa ia i aa akaa aMr the 

Kohl te Caatia Orealt. 

Stanley and LeRoy, now meetlngr 
vrltb snecess In the middle west, will so In 
burlesque next season. 

Jack and Clara Roof write that they 
hare Jnst doaed a sacecaatal l a c a gin at «a 
the Keyatooe dradt. _ . ; 

The Nortons will hereafter bdiltnown 
aa Nor too and Perkins. They toport s nte ssa In 
their comedy act. 

Dave Deeden has canceled all vau- 
deville time and has signed with the E^K of 
Trampa Co. 

Slater and Finch rested Christmas 
week aad ijniH JlHar etlWt'— 

Mnnela; lad. 'y ,>:,;'':■'.• ■ 

Kherns and Cde scored hiir 'at the 
Grand Opera Bonac. .todlaaapails. lad.. X< 
Year's week. " I'.-j '\ ■ - , 

Gladden - and . iM^fgMVam^^lbodlwa.iitor 

■Ixteen. .-w«eli»':..VaC... -a»salaea,\vllBia».<,vbashi 


ilarry Earl. pIctUMI uwre. la the gcecral 
teprewniatlve for Hie Rowland & CUfford en- 
terprises, with office?* In Chicaso. Mr. Barl 
Is ttM> Avetl knunn to the profession to need 

Introduetluu. II,- was l:i^t ^eaiiOn the general 

press repre**-uiative of tlie Great WaUaca 
Show, is a fine gentleman, tbotoughly eipen> 
enn-d, and with uls characteristic agsreaslTCDcai 
la sure to make a mark In tbe theatrical world. 
The Bewland te CUlIord oOlceia are now la tha 


Just before going on In a comedy 
role In The Girl From Kay's st Iowa City, la., 
recently. George Decker received a telegraia 
announcing the death of bis mother In Call* 
tomia. Having no understudy, Mr. Decker 
was compelled to go through hla part. 

Chas. E. Kennedy, manager of the 
Harcoart Comedy Co., starring Chas. K. Har- 
ris, -writes tbat they broke the house record 
Christmas week in Marlboro, Mass., New Tear'a 
Day played to tnmawsy business at the City 
Opera House In Blddeford, Me. 

The Macauley & Patton Uttle 
P o me s tes d Co. played to' tUS at the opera 
hoose at aab^ OUa. Dm. 38. la aplte at a 
tain' wblcb began at 11 o'dock la tbe 
and lasted until after the pcrtocmance. 

During the performance of the Royal 
SUee at Coccy. Pa.. Dec SB, Mlsa Occtrada 
Lewla, «ba -Biiin' tbe part at ' 
taken aetlMBr-aL She tecorand - 
to depart wm tte company. 

Omer S. Kmyon, acent Keildiolt- . : 
Hlllmaa Co.. wHtaa that tbsy am dsiaa bte' 
business In Kanasa aad If thrssl s Be. Titfll 
and Mr. Hyde and ItsiBiiaelliai aia tbeb Ik^ 
tore hina. 

. c. o. Hamilton reports that tbe Na- ' 

tlonal atock Co. la dsing wall. - — 

arisbaa la aaaaaaea that ha la"; 
tbe Waclll Tiiiirbsii ar Mte r 

The Missouri Giri and Jerry From 

■etty Ch'a. both veat a deUghtfU 

PMtlaad. Oae., aad naay ptcacata were 


Robert Dndley and EHaine Dadtagr, 
It Is reported. wOl shortly go on toor ta 
Shadows of Old Home, a tnral play by Hr. 


Mr. Max H. Meyers, proprietor of A. 

Bunaway Boy and From Baga to BIcfaaa. (O- 
ports great baslnesa for both tila shows. 

Manager Frank 'W. Kason reports 
fine boslness tor both 'bla attractions, Nei^* 
borly Neighbors and When Women Love. 

R. G. Payton reports good business 
for hla Prestoo Stock Co.. which rested Chzlst- 
mas week In Hancock, Md. 

Walter Meyers closed as advance 
man of tlie:!RIlmt & Gaxzolos Hookst Searta 
Co..- Jan.' 6. ' ' ; ;^' 

The Shadow of Sin Co. la ^dlicltlnc 
excellent haalneas throoghoat the - aooth. 

Stetson'3 ' Uncle --'-'Tom's Cabin Co.- 

iMtall mwmsi liiii Itar Danmisw HL. • ' 

■- ^ ■ iv^H'^iTTiCI^ • ■ '.V — i: ^— " ■ 

■ • •-• • -1* !■ ^n' 7- -J*- 

.. .;. MINSTREL 

Fromptlv at midois^t. Dec 31. at 
Schenectady. X. Y.. the John W. Vogel Big' 
City Minstrel Band began to march through 'tha* 
atreeta ot tbat city. Tbe streets were ctowded- 
wlth people going tram watch nil i ting's and 
parties. The band finally pnessdsd ^ta^-Cha, 
club tooma ot the local Aeria oC'BaglHk-tAae 
a big banquet was enjoyed. 

The Richards & Prlngle Minstrels 
are "going aome-" Their new first part was 
used tor tbe first time Christmas matinee at 
the Tabor Grand. Denver. Col. Messrs. Rnsca ' 
* Holland hare also discarded their ear. West- 
erly, which has been replaced by a new one 
from the Pullman shops. 

A calendar that is a calendar has 

Just arrived from Lew Dockstader. It Is a 
hsndsomely finished card, T by 11 In else, and 
carries a splendid likeness of tbe minstrel king. 
It la a flae piece ot work and woold grace the 
deak : at aart CdMsrial or aumagerial sanetam. 

- : - Walter . J. Gosaenz. the "AJabams. 
wtaatd.**- xapaeta that he la In hla twenty-ctaUk 
saeecSBlWl week -with the OeBaa BMOacs^jBd': 
Jflnanela. and .that the show; has aot -ailMd- 
a aalaiy day alaco Ita opealag. ' , ■ -'. < -. 

.'During th^r eii8asenient'4n -bswes«, 
K. T.. the Gny Brothers were baaooeted by tba 

The reorganized Beach & Bow^tm'. 
Minstrels opened at SteHlag. nL, Jan. 1. . 




8 Oxandon 

L>ondon Rialfo 

O.C. Babtbam. 

Tel. Qamrd. 

Telg. Ilri'nflair. 


JUST now everywhere In London 
Uieatrrdom one flo<l> trastllas, butUlBi 
pnpanttaiw for the pantomime kuod. 
Ttat7. aom^ of* tlie pantomimes bar* 
opeoMl already; ooe. even, aa early as 

■ic md at November. Tbe bU i*3 wben tbe 
Tiat majorltj of Xmaa plars atart tbelr aea- 
aon. bvweTer, Boxing ^Dmj — Uie daj after 

Oiltatnaaa. Tliia T*mr pantomimes wUI occupy 
ttie hoards of twenty-alx London tJieatrea. be- 
iMes at leaat a doxen otben wlUcb wUI pro- 
<nca "diUdicn'a playa." It tlie older folk wen 

aaniutl Otrtstmaa pantooImM with quit* 
mm macli interest as do Ih* ^tHI*^'*j the man- 
■gax is qnlte content In htHmtmt that If the 
«iiUdien Uke bis Clirlstmaa entrrtabunent. tbey 
their paieata to bis tliratre with 

Cinderella imA AlaOdin are the two 
MM popular ttaama Itor fntwl— ttto year, 
•at mt the on* Imditd and twcnlr pndoe- 
idoM In Zjondoa and the Prarlneea. eaah of 
Waam anbjecta have been duMcn flftccn UmM. 
■•Kt la popnlarltr cornea Dick Whlttlaston. 
vlth foarteen. This la tbe third year In mc- 
•aaalon that these anbjecta hsTe led the way. 

la former years the rale was that panto- 
Bimea were played at one tbeatre and re- 
Balned there until the eoticlnsion of the nm; 
aow, tlie psDtomlDir ttist does not go on ths 
aud St tbp 4*D(1 of six or el^t weeks, !■ an 
exeeption. Tor this reaaon. the ttatnn !■ 
ppoloDged much more than formerly. 


Much has beea recently written, said 

aad sans of the dMHw^C MBtntfaw eC tbe 

■arleqolnade. whldt at 'eBe'HMr «M'':lke MB- 
•Dolia* Itself. 

It we atady the aathorltlpn on tbe anbjK^ 
tbe leamad people able to tmci- flDytlilny from 
aaytUav— we ahall find tbe Hsrleqaln Is the 
fM JfMCafj, with a abort rod or sword to 
htimif laslaltalei that Colnmblne U 
(hat Pantalom U Cbaioa, tba ler- 
iadaa. B a aitiu bertag what a 

what a par. 

■■ii^iiit^ Jadldallar ' aldanaaale old 
ua jPaatalooa - lasaxlabv la. thia laat 
•utfmeiit wffl ctOM fotmlie. Hie ebswn U 

llomua the bnttooa of Eayalmn, tbe (od of 
salllery and wit. with a gaplns month la iml- 
Sstloa of tbe ancient msskv. To what b«a« 
■aea may a family of illsilnriililn'd mythoIoKlcal 
decent be rediirrd! Tin- • inirriHui <if Elrnlnm" 
■edoced to ateaUoK sausaKfs. wnrmlDK poken. 
KnmM&nt elides, and tlsubliiK Uic trousers of 
DoDdrcary awella with bUciL pslnt. Psyche, 
'y cabolUns acroaa the ataic In dell- 
■auae. aad tbe herald aiarcnry. anfferlos 
utooa Cram tte ataae aiaaaser to "so 
qole^r £ooUn« thtoocb 

. at 


aalek aad coi 

tte bills paU _ 

this preaeat Obtlitea aMM, to It iMa 
aarleoalaadce aie tllktt . WtaolV ' aalttM 
wveCaoj' abteerlatM. la some eaaes tbm la 
' jMt diit'Mta*; left— a indstaf coacetaUn to 
tbe qnaloia of caoaerratlnB. Xbe'dtowD, how^^ 
•fcr. la Bo loogtr the mlar and dl^fiiMr at 
Ibe feast. MaDaccrs ate tronbled oMif about 
(heir '"pilnclpal bora" and "vtii 
■Mt alooac aajaae win do ta. 

But though the harle<iulnade baa 
■Tactically disappeared, tbete la no doobt that 
tbe nnmber of pantomimes prodneed Sacb oo^ 
aeedlnc season la on the ineteaac. aad alio 
(Alas! say the managers) the cast of pro- 
dac^ them baa Increased to formerly onheard 
•f soma. JL pantomime most t)e gorgcoas to 
nowadays. Therefore, a Callorc 
I of a fortune. ^ 

• ■;. ■" .,r' . l'~ '■' ' 


Tto'-wbietpal artiats In pantomime 
■aa f i il tad fton tbe caaka of the Tandertlle 
itof«*aI«e. and thIa tmz. aae Mes a Mnililns 
aomber of Amerlcaa perflbrflMaa OB tbe w^^^^^ 
vantomlme bills. Tbe matfe ball aatniallr nf- 
fera, wben a eonple of htmdred acta are taken 
firava tbe halls to snpplx casta for the paa- 
somlmea. Tbla. of course, opens a isarket for 
American and Continental pcrftKman, lo we 
srv Dst surprised to see mnnaaooa aats ftesa 
"over the water."' both east and waat, oa the 
sorrent music ball profrrams. 

Camn anil HtirlHTt. who ol(>S4^d at the Palaoa 
Isnt ^tiirtljiy are Tlie last to Join tbe paBIIH 
■time ranks. Tbey opeix to-day In Llrerpool 
at a* Baval. and we ezpeet to besr reporta of 
a Ms (DMMi. For at the Palace they prored 
t rgoo da" of wbldi^ the EnsUih 

■airiTm mceaat^ 

Naturally -with all the pantos OBen- 
las there has been IltUe dolni; thl» coapu Of 
weeks In tbe London dramatic world. 

Tbe noDcer Society produced Tbe. -lUeB rt 
a story of diplomatic intrigue, bf^' .WIDaia 
Toynbee, at the Scala Dec. IT. 

Ar the JDake of York's Peter I*nn was itnc- 

sessfully rerlved Dec. 19. which together with 
Mie three prarlncUl prodnctloiia. Tbe Partlk'Ier 
Pet. Tby N-el8hbm»>^.WUI»<aBd,<,B«r^Mtt.,M( 
b tbe whole st«i]r<'.ar.''.«^':'lHt(,'«Mk:atj>tbe 

Aa interesting Incident was tbe sale at Chris- 
tie's of the Irrlne eolleetlaa of theatrical rel- 
ics. The total amoant realized was nearly 
tlOO.«iO. .\n ITOTT trrrinj. a atnluet or Ir- 
▼tng as XIamlet, a crcclform sword used by 
IrrUsg In Rlcfaard III., a <la{;ser. Clnrleif I.'a 

Star of tbe Order of 'the Carter, seme costumes 
aad a cloak were among objects that realised 
■aina rarylac from seven pounds to three ban- 

dred and ten. Albert JaekMa. «lw koft largely 

tor American ellenta at leed mim, WW tbe 
largeat buyer. 

cbarley's Aunt will be rerlTed st Terry's 
during the Qirlstmaa bolldaya, commencing on 
Boxlas Saj, with Mr. Braadoa Tbooaa la bla 

otigiiii «iK.aC Mr VHMls Ommt. 

Percy French, tbe author of Noah's 

Ark., tbe cnildrea's Christmas play at tbe Wal- 
dorf Tbeatre, Is an astonlstilng TersatUc man. 
His "one man show" of water colon at tbe 
Modem Qallery baa only Just dosed, aa we 
hear the annonocement of his work s« a play- 

^Ir. French, who belongs to an old Irish 
family. Inherited literary tendencies from bis 
father, who was a One classical acboUr. He 
was one of tbe best of Irelsnd landlords wbo 
retained their popularity through all the tzon- 
blona times, tboogb bis tenants were aolBelently 
up-to-date to wlthbald their rent for maay 

ilr. rreneb wai edncatcd at Trinity CoUige. 
DnbUn, and chose englneerlaa for a profession. 
It was while holding s posMoD imder the Bosrd 
of Works, Ireland, that he began to write some 
•C bis best known songs, IndndlnK the Song 
Of tbe Prophets and PbU, tbe Fluter, etc. 

He was offered tbe editorship of tbe Irish 
comic paper, Tbe Jarrey, about 18S0. and 
was then well-known oo the concert plstform as 
an amateur ol some repnte. and also ■■ an 
antbor to woia extent, nie Jarrey only Itred 
a coaple of yean, bnt Mr. French bad defl- 
nltsly tamed bla baOk aa angloaerlns and eea- 
tlDDcd to make felt IMBg hy wiltiiw. r*''««"r 
and cntertalalaK Salt a dsaen yean or so 
ago be came to Iiondon, where be speedily made 
a place for himself as one of rbe most popular 
and orlglasl entertainers. 

A school for the forty odd ohlldren wbo are 
engsged In the production of Noah's Ark. Is 
now eatabllKbed lo the tbeatre. Tbe claaaeB 
are held in the wardrobe room dally, and the 
serrlcea of an efflelent muter aad mlstrenn 
bare bMB aoamd. Tbls la la aeeoMaaee wirji 
the LoodoD Ooaa^ OoaasU rtgolatlana. 


- Robespierre is the title of a new 
sketch which Is going itroog in the "balU 
The trifle takes the form of an episode In tbe 
life of the great Prcocb rerolotlonlst In wbleb 

a atri plaj^N a aame of oazds wltb thm latter 

for the bead of her loser, who haa been eon 
demned to death. In ordtr to win she cbeata, 
and a flgbt wlUi raplera (oUowi. The girl la 
woonded and then Bobcsplerre dlscorers tb|lt 
she is tbe pretty aristocrat that be has loTed 
at a dlstsnce. Tbe Inerltable bsppens. Robe- 
spierre offers to sare her lOTer If she wlU 
msrry blra, and Just as matters bare reached a 
climax the lorer bnrsts Into tbe room, harlng 
been libersted through a mistake. Of conrse. 
tbe ateru man relents, forglrea and all la bsp- 

A new snd brllllsnt scene Just prodnceil at 
the Coliseum, Is In Bells and Motley, In which 
Miss Mabel LoTe sppears. 

In a Tillage In Arcadia May Day arrives 
and flw Tfllagtia are without a "Queen of tbe 
May," laanrach . as the test at the Maypole 
baa latt tbem In perplexity, tbe rotes bsTlng 
beta etMdy dtatilbirtet tttwMa tba atx juUd- 
dantifltdA ftv the poiltSda. 
1 aacleat nstte fanMt* that MM 
be made to dance, and the May 
be siren to tbe best dancer. This fslls 
to adlfe tbe dlfflculty, as tbe tlx are rated to 
dance equally well. A trayellng Jester and a 
fair maid In motley come upon tbe scene snd 
alng and dance, after which tbe Tlllagera 
tmanltnooaly acclaim tbe maiden as tbelr 

While execntlng some Terr pretty dances to 
entrancing music tflie Lord Chamberlain of Ar- 
cadia and seTeral courtiers enter In haste and 
make obeisance at tlie feet of the maiden 
wbo turns out to ba the disguised Princess of 
Arotdla. whoac lore of adrcntoie haa canwd her 
to wander far flrom bet tbtbct's coiurt. Tba 
festlTitles ■ p ioBs s d jad oo n dnd e wltb a sHr- 
rloK ehoraa *^,ftl~ 

Amonc til* American performers 
who will eat-lfeib Obrlatmaa ^ Jboedoa 

tbls year are SobUni, iDare Derll Bdircyar, 

Bnrkc. Moller and Teller, Belle DstIs, Jordan 
and Harrey. Julie Mackey, Tbe Gothams, Col- 
lins snd Hart. CllIC Ryland, Booker and Narbla, 
BUon Bnssell, EUa Shields, Albertas and Bart- 
ram, Seeler and -West. Cbang Llna Soo. Ttiree 
Mstrllls. Cole de Lasse. IDoo, Tbe Harmony 
Fonr. Will Van Allen, Otant and Orant. Cooke 
aad Clinton. Wood aid. BjttMb BaMNd and 
Valentine. Able MltcM^' BMBlB and Oreen, 
and Hart and Lee. 

Monday, Dec. 14. was an nnlbrtnnate day for 
BCTeral American gymnasts. At Cardiff, one 
of MoPhee and 'HlU'a ban broke, steel core 
and all, wUle they were dolaa a doable trick. 
Hm brake bit collar bone and MePhce trae- 
tani hit lea. Xt Obeltea Palace. Jack Stack 
thteir hto jhonldtr «wt.jMi>^bt th» gwawi. Te» 

lain, and If not oOclally 

independei|tly of any otnalaal 
been a analatnt llgvre In Birmingham poll- 
ties fee Jmhv years, and alaa a founder of tbe 
Befona flnb ia the city. Ur. Nathan made hia 
firat appearance In London aa an actor at tbe 
Gaiety Theatre In the borleaqne of Carmen 

On tbe same date. Dec 28, that Dare DotU 
Scbreyer opens with his dire at tfee Iportt 
Palace. He opens st tbe CanterlMBir Wltb his 
new stsge sensstlsn Cylomoto. 


The rapidity with which variety 
booaio bare sprang np in I«ndon in tbe Isst 
few year* Is almost phenomenal, bnt schemes 
for new Tentnrca eontlnne to be ptoUllc. The 
latest news Is that Messrs. Thompson a Pnndy, 
the managing directors of tbe palatial New 
York Hippodrome, are about to extend their 
•ntcrprlalng efforts to London, where necotla- 
tlODB are pendlnK tor the erection ol t com- 
panion house to tbe successful American es- 
tablishment with a similar bttildlos to follow 
In Paris. Frederick Tbompsoa will sail for 
Englsnd on Dec. 27 for the fortberanee of the 



Workmen are busy day and night 

compIeUng the Alywydb, IlkMl !■ 4oe t* «Pcn 
on Saturday with a T»ll««d TCCIlea Of Blwr 
BeU In FalryUnd. 

A bUl has been passed by the London Comity 
CooDCll which mskes It necesssry for sll sgen- 
clea and registries to be registered, bnt es- 
pecially exeapta eoneert. tbcatrleal or music 
ball enplaraient atmelea ealcaa a prellmtusry 
tie or comBdatloQ la nqolitd «r aeeepted. 

A aeir moale hall, called the Oellatoa. which 
la dalmtd to be tbe laistat la lb* wartd, baa 
iMen boUt at Ballnton stioet. Olaifew. by tbe 
Moss Empire syndicate, and was formslly 
opened this week. Tbe new Ibeatre which baa 
been dettcned by Menrs. Frank Matcbam a 
Co.. liondon, on tbe model of tbe Ardwlck 
Empire, at Manchester. Is built on tbe cantl- 
lerer principle, with two piers sbore the pit 
and stalls. Tbe anditorlnm. which Is seated 
for fonr thousand persons, has tblrty-slx exits, 
all tbe doors of which are fitted wltb auto- 
matic alarm bolta. The fireproof curtain Is of 
steel and weighs over eleht tons. A novelty 
has been Introduced In the waiting rooma for 
the audience, that for the "Pittites" being car- 
peted aad fumlabed wltb Telvet setteea. 

Stella of MocrU ^. 

Jdrles to bla back wbtab wOI 
olt for sesitfi yiik*. 

te lay 

In consequence of an accident which 

occurred to Hackenscbmldt at TTottlngbam, tbe 
big match which was to bsTe tsken place wltb 
Madrall at the Sport's Palace (Olympla) haa 
.been declared off. It will be remembered that 
fat the last match between tbeee two. Hacken- 
I Kbmldt put Madrall'a arm out. Madrall aaya 
• that the "Ruaalan Lion's" scddent la a lucky 
I one for him, ss die (MsdrsU) Intended to put 
his (Hackenschmldt's) neck out this time. 
An Interesting aaplrant for Parllamenlnry 

i honors Is forthcoming. In the person of Mr. 
-Iten Katban, of Nathan & Somera. tbe theatrl- 
cal agents. Mr. Katban is deslrons of conte^t- 
I Ing one of tbe dlTlsions of bit natlre town, 
IBirmlnthim. - at a topportcr ot Mr. Cbamlier- 


The recent engsgement of Tbe Dsrllug of 

the <;od« st Convention Hall was little less 

Ilian ft r'ersonal trlsmpli for Itobert T. Ilftlnes, 
tlif leading innn. .Mr. Ilaini's In one uf the 
inottt widely known of the "native sous" wlio 
have left here lo make their mark In the tlie- 
atrleal uorld and that his friends here appre. 

elate the belgbt to n-blcb be bat risen was 
sbotTtt by the enormons aodiences In attendaaoe 
tbrouglKHit the engagement, 

AlthoBgh tbe Woodward A Borasss Aana 

ment Co. hat withdrawn lit rotd otianlittlODl, 
inillcatlont point to tUa season a* the mo*t 
prosperoo* In the history of thli incoetttnl 
company. Boslness at tbe Tarioas bonsas andsr 

tbe direct control of tbe Woodward company 
has been most gratifying thus far, and a con- 
tinuance will mean the poatlng ot a new reC' 

Win R. Winch, (be tratbtui press sgent of 
the Orpbenm, snnoonees the ai^pearaoce of tbe 
Orpheum Show In February. Mr. Winch further 
''tales that reports bare it that business wltb 
thIa orKsnlzatlou so far tbla aeason bss been 

"Voura Merrily" John R. Rogers, presented 
his star, Barney Olbnore, with a solid gold 
match-iafe and clfar-cntttr dorlnf ' tticlr r*- 
oeot May at the Andltorinm. 

Mantgw Lonia Shonae ot Oonrentloa Ball, 
bu bookad tba MttropAUtaa Grand Opara Oa 
for hit boot* early In AvrlL 

Jam** T. Porter, «n*rai maniff of the Ottat 
Mnndy Sbowa. wai Injored In an automobile ac- 
cident Kew Year'a Day. The driTer lost control 
of tbe maehiae In which Mr. Porter waa riding, 
and It ran baekn-ard down a steep hill for 
some distance before It was stopped. Mr. Por- 
ter's InJuTlee wlU not ptoTe serious. 

Mrs. Ceonrls Brown, director of the .Audi- 
torium School of Dramatic Art. which baa en- 
rolled a large nnmber of students this season, 
snnounces the first matinee of tbe year early 
In February. 

Ted Sparka la Aodlne plenty of work for the 
performers on his books thia winter. Many 
lodge and dab raedeilUe rteaa wter hi* di- 
rretton are Icadlsg .Ife'. Ivvii a Stnsvotis 
life tlicae days. 

Melb. coa^ to the A^mg^J ^^f. 


Xmas week was one of good cheer and ban- 
qnela for membera of the different companle* 
playing here. 

After the eyenlng performance at the Orpb 
«-iim. Xinaa nljrht tbe players, tbe employees of 
the bouse and tbe members of tlie orcheatia 
were tbe guests of Msnager Carl Relter at a 
banquet spread on the stage. Mr. Relter was 
toaat-maater. and many clever toaata and 
■fieecbes were offered. It waa a rery enjoyable 
affair and long to be 'remembered by Iboae pret' 

The Paul Jones Oh laid over In tUm eicr tbe 
entire week pww d l f . aftaaa. IfaaaiK S. B. 


Doe. Bleed asd frank Pbelpt, managCT and 
lna tBi er , W Mtttlrriy. at tbe Kmg Theatre, 
wtto the reclpleatv ot many bandaome Xmaa 
sifts from tbelr many friends snd from last 
reports they were ttlH IiolnE received. 

The gebtlrman members of the Woodward 
Rtock Co. gave a banqnet to the ladles of the 
compan.r on Xxnas nlgbt after tbe performance 
at tlie Ilenahaw Hotel. Toasts were called for 
by AB>ert Morrison and responded to by Miss 
l.,anf: to ^vhom was as.Hl;;ned The Ladles. Otli 
er responses were nie Stage, Sedley Brown: Onr 
ManaRers, W. J. lluri;«>MS. and The Par, Fred- 
erick F^ilton. The splendid ban/jiiet and Rpeeches 
were enjo.ved by all present. 

Johnny linker, tbe crnck rifle shot, whose set 
was featured wltb the IfulTalo Itlll Wild Went 
fv!K>w. vlfilted Ills old home In tbls city. ^Ir. 
Baker Ims Iteeo trsvellns around tbe country 
buying ring horsft to replace tlUMe which vtte 
killed Ity the French autborltlM, Be lalla tat 
France early in January. 


Tbe above Is a good likeness of Billy "ttwede'* 
Hall, of the well known team of Hall and Ool> 
bora, in bla famous Swedish character. Olson, 
tbe coal man. Miss Cuttioni'a clever acting 
and beautiful stsge preHenee is attractlDg wide 
attention. 3he poeseaaea a sweet. w«U-coltl- 
vsted voice. Tbla team baft b^-en very socce*- 

ful ever since Uiey flrst Joined hands. 


Msnagers Uursess snd Relter, o( lb* 
snd Onpbeum Tbestres. »«• pr***at*4 
with a badi* from tb* B*ir*b*ra, aad as a 

of apsMdaMM ( ^ 

atteiM peincBaafl 
of Uie maaaten. 

Tb* Omaha Ounalnf Syatem report baiineta 
better at. tbli muoo o( tut jfu thaa crcr b*- 
t«i«, an tonaif* b*Mda «*!■« aut« wua Meat 

' * — *— ~lf*C. a. 9. BOOT. 


Manager John Cort hat dedded to dltctatlnn* 

the production ot Ann LaMoot. tbe problaaa 
play in wtalcta Florence Roberta baa been atar- 
ring, and accordingly tbe laat performance of 
that piece was gtren on New Yest's night la 
Vlcksborg, Miss. 

The oembers ot the conaany went t* Dea- 
T*r, Otk, abcf* thay will r*b 


?lo3( ^.^^iaviiead. Ohl*, clo**d M 
an, 8, at th* dot* «r Tbe Belle of Bk 
the nervous strain canted by overwork havlas 
brought ber to the verge of eoilapoc. Orase 
Mby Lambkin, accand lady. . wlU ' ' 


Charles Clrlch's new wettera play, aatltlcd 

A Cowboy's 'Honor, will be prodDced tor th* 
first time upon sny stsge Jso, 14. at tb* Ave- 
nue Theatre, Chlrago, III. Prsncls Boggs wUI 
be seen In tbe dual role of s cowbay aad a 
road agent, and May Hosmer will araato the 
part ot Mary Aockley. the bcrotne. 


At the dose of her toar In Monna Vaaaa Ber- 
tha Kallch will return lo the Xlddlata ttas*. 
Her first new prodaetloa at tb* Xallcb Thea- 
tre will be a new play by li«lm*e Ubta, en- 
tltlcd Tb* tPaat. Mm*. Ballcb wUl SMMt aL 
•0 J&* sew tlw kr J* b Mfsto, aZiddMk 


The Mew Coliseum Skating Rink, 
recently opened in the old Columbia ^leatre, 
Wauato, wla., hat »o far proven a great draw- 
iDf caid. TandavlUe may be added a little 
latif on aa a tp*elal (tatnr*.- 

Business ICanamr O. W. Christie, o£ 
tb* American BntntoUMat Oa wiltte •( cosd 
boabMat In Tennattt^ The MMaur^lffll Mta 

go Into Kentucky md ttea toto^Mt ^n^lla 
abont March 20, 

Sam Schwartz is meeting with a big 
demand for hit Blcclrle Soarcatr Sdllag Aa- 
aaaeUM. ud la taartos oa aetabllthljMT a tatn 
plaoi to CUMte wMteiw win MMSttMett iBa 

J. C Fish opened a NIcltleodeon In 

Wnahlnston. I'a.. Dec. 2T, and la making good. 
The Bfcatlng rink and bowling alleya run liy 
the Washington Amusement Co. are doing' good. 
Caylor and Jefferaon write that they 

Thejr sre'^M«bM eatfi' Xajr. 

J. W. Randolpb writes that Texas Is 
omtna with all kind* ot ttaowa, aaay ot 
which are ttaTellag oo ib*lr bisgac*. 

JANUARY 13, i9M. 

Ttie Billboard 




leiK«. Therf Is « tre«t ta store for tte Sttth 


The EMpnore Slirt^n, irtio ar« pte/las tbt 
Keith Circuit, nrc maklns a teatoi* •( tha 

new Iriah soiiK, entitled Larry. The Blrnore 8U- 
ters are at Uje top In tbelr line and deservedly 
Ko. as they are alwajs on tte look-out for novel- 
tIeB and good aonsn. ProfesBlODal copies of 
huts Can be bad on applies tlfm; there arc do 

^HB nrw prodnctloii . Ifi* Vnm Agent, 

wbldi la a musical comedy tMcknoand 
wlUi tte talenta of Peter Daller, 1* 



■ noiv runalng to lats* endlcneee 
* the 'Ltw FleMa* neatM. Dnrlac the 
actios of tbe flnt lecne « Tctr ae«*l dittr. en- 
titled I Think It Itatt bo l|1>UnaBted. 

eoapeiv* vho fCDolf A VM 
ntUtiiit thine la eeoBcetlHi 

SSSrm tb. atadns of U W | 

«h» «ta think up mort «igutk whm 
orer nlsbc tbtn tbe •▼tngt ttan 

In the CMt ot I TblDk 

rir CtD In a month. _ _ 

Moat be Liore, Mr. Dnrnslde ha* ocltliiatcd 
an epUMMle In atasecraft that caasea a tremeo. 
4o4ia aenaatlon, for be haa cut ten trap doors 
la the ataae. and at a given signal tbese fly 
«|)en. ditcloaing an eqnal Domher or crimson 
bearta. ta which presently appear the faces of 
ten pretty glrla. This remarkable and strlk. 
Ine Ulttstratlon of tbe text of the sonic, sdded 
to tbe rendition by tbe varlODS artists of ' 
verse cscb secures for tbe song as many 
tirenty enoorea at a alnsle pcrfonnanee, a fact 
vhlek Mriua tk« mat tb ftMna at Om ttum. 
U waa writtM ir — yW A. mnmt. 


A aireet voiced vocalist, who la very popular 
la Greater New York. Is MJsa Joale Antoinette, 
WHO poMeflvrs a voice of great power, beauty 
and rmnee, and who has In addition a very win- 
vme personality. In her work sbe makea i 
specialty of tbe songs of Sol. Bloom, Including 
RaymvDd A, Browse'* Oood-^e, Olgle Dcu; 

Uarry Clay SOUtVa. OM* 

H. Peon's I've 
Look at Yob. 


Katbiys Hil*T la singing Jont • I/lttIr nock 
bg Ohalr aod Yon, Tlie lyt-ndiT of tlie <;erraan 
■and. Starlight and Daddy's Uttla Girl, and 
UiM an all going great. 

U. J. Bord It a&cinf Oaddr'a Uttlt OM 
and SlaiUghl, lllnstratcd. PiBkar WUUana, 
Mar Slaeeaa aad Ulaolt IDitlMr ala» lepoct 
' tntt ul ffUh tb* aaa* loafa. 

Wtekir and Mar flod It* LcadCT of tbe 
Oaimaa Band aneh an immenaa bit tbat ther 
(eatoie It on all Ibelr billing. 

LUy Seville, tbe great KngUab oomedlcone, 
la immaaaair aaccaaatul la a m» tkatah bv 

Jesnnette Dupre la slnglag. ■•Br vanee ot 

Waj^ef- f'^.f^i'If J^* gett^a>U( SlBfb. John 

Xouas_la dolag Uttea ailMlB la (bla loag 
aara it li ika ktacaoMig^aSi iM^ffiwlad. 

wmcABX wnrasas 

■Vngela May, dramatic contralto, aad J. Lonia 
MicBv<T, author -racootean write from San 
Francisco that their appeamnccf In artlatle 
conreru over the Pacine coast have been unl- 
foniily and legitimately succesaful. Promlneot 
bi tUelr repertoire are Good Night. Beloved. 
Good .Mgbt. Star of My Life, I Love Yon, Dear, 
Une la a 'Trrant, Awake, Mr Bctored, Airake, 
and otbera of almllar character and merit. 

Ttieae orcbeatral dance nombera were played at 
ne ball given at the Annual Grand Masque snd 
ureas Carnival, which took place Thursday eve- 
•lag, !>•«. T. at Central Turner BM. Ctncln- 

^ ?!S2ISW» »«!!• »a!kJSLSf-?t»'«j 


One of. the el 

to Jlmoir Mia) 

good, as naual, with a 
Mack and White. 

ta eaadeelBa 

. mm Um 

'Itaark amaber. In 


.I'll Be Waltlnjt In the Gloainlng, Sweet Gene- 
■.nere, J. Fred HelTa big balUd hit. bad another 
I aaaaer. weak taccat^, it being tbe feature song 
':1tJ!'V VltntuiM theatres ot Ctaas, Falke. Ira 
■JJMK^lIltCliell and Marron. Tommy Bur- 
SSr-T!!S9!t'^l!!'4*k ^li* Oraham*. Baataa Quar- 
'••w'-WBi»iBtM and otbera. 


Maater Jahimy McGulre. the youngest song 
Ulastrator In the bnslnras. la booked In a cbalo 
™stem vaudeville bouses for many weeks 
u I'""'' Where Uie Sllv'ry Mo- 

nank flows. In tlio Golden Autumn Time. My 
Sweet Elaloe, My Ilearfa Tonight lu Tennea- 
2*- Stem & Co. claim tliay can hardly supply 
rae demand for these populsr numbers, 

Janes e>T)e», author ot lllawaiha, lias handed 
»» JOi. W. Stern A Co.. what be calls a new 
IMIaMique. It la entitled younc .Kotelope. 
ua M. certainly catchy, novel nml chnracterls- 
'i!i-'"_5T*.''' '«»Pec«. Mr, O'Dra bear.l tlie luel- 
aor, wueb mm written by Anna Caldwell, and 
naedlatelr. eagamd hlmtelt upon the lyrics. 
!■;«">• »MBlt to aiat Vonac Antelope is a very 
happy ineplrallM. aad a. aON ftv^t. Manr 

Stem aoBfa Cor tbe BMr^earT They 
incjudc the great Boaton tong farorlte. No- 
K,i Trootile Than Me, with an 

"orklng up to It. Ills other niun- 
hera win includa You're Graar wlib tbe Heat 

-.JJte.-^m'lolte Ooo^w a aew eantsalto la th» 
^»^tTliip Arid. Iiaa been reeeWlait tarorabia 
J»«tmt ceo In FaU Hirer ami Lawrence, for 
tier beaniifui rendition Ot the new song. Dream 
.„! which sliows her beautlfnl 

'o great advantage, aod ahe meela with 
unbounded auceeat aad applaoae (mn her aud- 


The Irina Opsra 06» ms royally 
•ntertalaed by the matugeaioit Ohrlstmas Eve 
at Palrbory. Neb. A hall waa rtatad and a large 
OiTlatinaB tree and a samptnona apread were 
prepared. The featlvltlea opened with an ex- 
change o( presents, after which dancing, mirth 
and muale prevailed antll a late hour. The 
company vlalted tbe winter quartera of the 
Campbell Brotbera' Circus, where a most en- 
joyable afternoon was ipent. Among tte gneiitii 

of the company on thin occasion were Chas. 
WriKht. of Seatfle. Waah., Ohas. Wahl and 
IflM Vorla, of I'eorla. III., and Fred IlalfleM 
and C. E. Whitney of the Campbell Brothers 



Billy B. Van. of The 
will lay oS week Jaa. 
Prof. Samuel C, >a■■a^ • 
of Missouri will CO ea a 
Indian Terrttocr, 

Missea Carlia and Sbirlle Baaaatt are 
now pUrina tot etallaa wltb IMaUa'a tepe- 
OMbaafia. at^ttt ItoaaiMMr nMna^Oanr, 

of aiia. aaif'wapSnaaaauvfflfflSE* 

The Oua Edw.ards Music PublUhiU 
0*1, 1312 Broadway, .New York. wlU b* iM 
to lend coplea ot new songt to reoogalaad wai- 
hers fl( tta a 

A Dtamond for a Valentine 

early ebl l dbocJ uUI thaa ., 
boor wbenlEaji a bluihlng 

ffbnuty U Offea CaUed "Ci»ld's Month" ftj^ 

VMS, every woman looks back npon St. Val;Btla«*a Dar mm SJiadi- 
» "row mapr Umea. Write tod^ Ibr dO-pue Cii«lieri.«i'oiriT.riili«"^~"' 
ladT";.'J'b!SJL'rS u'SSf '5 IV «™iJ»ken ot lo«" »?w li tuo awSSpVite t^^^^ 

dar^wbaa Uttla 8Ir CDpid sped 

Our MtfBificntNMr Catalan. sfe-StfSSi^^t'"^^^^^ 


The Tenderfoot Co. made merry at 
tba Botal Delavan in Cedar Baplds, la., Cbrlat- 
xsaa hr erecting a tree upon which hong 
gtfli tor all the memhera ot the company. A 
awell banqaet gare acat l» Ika . aaaaiton aad 
good cheer paaralled llii niilbaat . Ska popular 
manager, Wte. B. Onllen, caaM ta Cor a heavy, 
ahare of the glfta and good wishes. 

Mrs. Mary Nevins, mother of Marie 
Nevlns ot The Bam Tree Co., attempted sui- 
cide New Year'a Day in New York by entUng 
her throat with a bread knife. She was taken 
to Urn J. flood Wright Bosplul, whcta aha wUl 
recorar. It Is thaagbt Ibat Mta. .Marlaa waa 
^ _ ; __ anar . ftana bar only 


Miss Emma Janvier, playing the 
wardrobe mlstreaa with so much buccesn in The 
aiayor ot ToLlo in New York, has signed with 
the BIcbard Carle Amusement Co., to etar 
next sesson In Fnmlshcd Booms to Let. In 

Etc Ufa Ulaa Janvlar ta the wlfv of David 
nee. who playa Lord Spoteaah In Tbe 

The roster of Cohan & Sutherland's 
King of Tramps Co. la aa follows: WUl H. 
Dalrymple, manager: Oacar Oahea, Dave Der- 

den, Fred Armstrong, C, C. Roberts, J, H. 
Pratt, Clyde I^on^. Klnsel Poarce, Geo. El>el. 
Ofaas. Ewlng, Harry Sutherland, Fred Henley. 
Hazel Bourne, Ustber Krana and rtiyllls Thorn- 

The Royal Chef Co. spent Christmas 
Bve in Sioux Falla, 8. D.. where they at- 
tended In a body a performance of The For- 
bidden Land, and then repaired to the Cararact 
Hotel, where the chef abared bonora with the 
royal one, A Cbtlitmaa tree wrred to la- 
creaae the merriment, 

E, Z. Gardner, formerly private sec- 
retaiT (or A. L. Brlanger but now in Chicago 
at tba baad of aa aatomoblle company, re- 
newed aoqaatataaaa wltb the Bembent ot The 
Ham IHa Co.. aaw.riarlBC arcqr .paaaMfM 
engageiMBt at tba .Oilailal InaaM ta Obl> 

Kaate Brlckson, who was featured 
ta na:8Nataatr OlrL alopped ovar ta Gbkago 

few dara aa bla wa7.«» Mew 

aoaaon Ua*-' Mnahaaa : wUl 'ataa ta _ 
under tba aaaadfamMt af SMTHIa 

Miss Elfrelda BuslHft 'ttae noted con- 
tralto, is in Chicago. TUillaff her bualwad. 
rorreat Huff, the Emeat BnMttt ~ 
Tree, Mlsa Basing will rem ~ ' ~ 
tlr« Chicago engagement. 

Ada Blauvelt, of The Son of Rest 
Co., was nearly anSocated by smoke from a 
arc tbat broke oat In the Kirfcwood Hotel In 
Dea Moinea. la,, ncentlr. Sbe waa out of the 
cast aeveral dara. 

Owinc to poor buaineaa the Shooting 
Hia Chatca Ok, waa farced to eloae at Ban 
Clalra. Wla., recently. The eompamr will he 
reoisanlsed for a aoatbam toor earlr ta tbe 

Albert Straaaman. bnaineaa manafar 
iiataa Malta, be a apw- 

iretalalt,pajlaff ona-flrthoQ aGcep.juioe and tba 

rri " — ., " ■ ' a '■■ .""^J rmj mmiu m . a ww_wiM aos aslsa she amall pavmenta from y onr lotxnna, 

DiamOfluS as an InveCtlUMIt aronecortnan a aavlngs hank account. Tbey bars Inraeased In 
»i5,^lISJJ?« "4_!rTrTH55?* J!dnainorsthan»perccntdiirlnKth«p««ttw.fv«monthjtllISS 
l*a laading Onancieis antarssting their money In DlamondsbacauM of thiirJapJdiy lna?i53;Jv55S 

IpjrIiGrade Udies'and Gents' Watches SSr^:IiJSS;%^^f'^SJS^»"i!SJ 

■ApVI^ Diamond Cutters 

Mvr 1 1^ aig,»j^^ • "w«tu.s.A. 



AH Hllaas A" Originals. Mo "Class B" 



A jipiendid Film with a Ho* Vlaiik. aad taUoC mw 

title) aa feet. 




Eierfuoe is lalklnK about it— it's REAL Comedr. 

MEN .. 

Lenrtb 730 leet— all sure. 

wtchter POSTNO^BILLS[ f>o 

BT nn yitMHfll&SiSl9 op axhiioa. ) Al 

Write for ctrcnlani Of VITAORAPH HITS. 


Itt iMua St 






lis Tnrk Bt, 

.11 hraiiriiHVj, <:^L 

er ID voicago 

t^iSfer SS 
ma B. 'Bar- 

oC Xba Ham 

BcnictlDg OM plarcd 


to 8. 



R. o. 

Miss Helen Irwin, a member of The 
Itnni Tree Co,, was taken serlouslf 111 wltb 
aa attaak ot heart troobia Jan. S. Her phy- 
alataa aara aba wUI ba aU Hfbt ta a taw daya. 

. iniM BOM WaaAtirltli aapnDa last 
..aaaa.' aaaw: ftata-.'Mli wa aB w' : ta wend laat 
week wltb Bella Ohld ot Tbe Haai Tree, now 
playing at the Colonial Theatre In Chicago. 

Jos, Cawthorne closed in Fritz In 
launaar.Ball ta BL Lonlg, 3fo» Jaa. 18, and 

tt la saM - tbaC ka w« i«tan> ta Hear Xork 

to taegln tahaaiaala M Tba Jaaltar. 

MelvUle B. Raymond's The SemU 
nary Girl dosed lu season Dec. 30, In Mil- 
waukee, where the company played to raoord 
buaineaa at tbe Alhambra. 

Stella Wllmot, of The Ham Tree Co., 

reoBvcrcd froaa her lllasaa 
with that companv In C 
ened with tnberenloalB. 

Richard Lambert cloaad 'tw leading 
man ot the Snphle Brandt A' ~~ ~ 
Oa. it Hot Springa. Ark. 


"Ughtt if Hone" 

Of deep d M s H amter. 
a aa an a f aled lB baaut 



. -J" 

"My Sunbufit U||" 

A nialodle 
luva plaint. 


Mora htsL 

Ccmpoeed by Al. Trahen and t«e Oseaa Bmith- 
aaoasb said, Px«feaaioiim] eoplaaf tm ta neOfaiaadL 
aiagais. Bagnlai fO-oant plane aeplsa hsaullftj 
tWea, waadaaadsMMiaaUaata aaab, psstpaid- 
tOl Fatenair lat aalr. OnbeatmUaas of aU tear 
Ifa (aaUlBgexpeaaaa). Bead tar saw list of popu- 
lar inatmnental numbaia. 

SanAlalalepraitam tor ptotMaUnial coplea 
ofoar iat« aanMe. Oall oa na wbea In FriMco. 
411 poBBlar aoogs taaalit tMe. Arranging 
■aatvooMb 8oiicBpabUiMi«iMysltir< 

2IO Fowell 8t« S«n Franolsoo. Cat. 

M ■ «i w|up— I CMebnc>tl]n« And arUvno ayn- 
M AIIm I IHt copfttlonl^ntallornoMjiwfoad 
■ ed. How to conv«rt any picc*. at 

•Igbt. IntocmptlTatlng r«K-()n»- If you play piano, a«Bd 

for fTM book. ClarlsCeifcMn School of Fopaubr Ma»to. 917 
8. Western Are.. Chloniro. 

"^ACH LOUIE.*" eomle DaWh M^i«<TBa MAH VIKHI 

THK COUNTY CORK,** comic Irish aonjr. 

MalllTir P"- <■«-■!! J T n(TlS VON DKR MKHOrv, JR «f 
0'K<irrt ll Htr.-. t. Sah j-'rani^lBt'tK ( a1 

BOKBXSJHO •uivMAinir lu |M«jm» «»f •cnmr 

:rATlOSAC XCSK} OO. bne a tot «C 

hits. Can aad aaa aa. ~ ' 

Aaa. Naw Tork— U W. 



maker* nC aU 

sa, Hadaon attaea, 

NKW VOKK tner. 

We Have the Best Adveriiser 

TET IBVm T Bl) BOB (^rensea. Shova, Bn 
Steamers, KloatInK Tbeatres. SpeclaltiM mt aU 
We takvosold ttaem toadverllaa aven Soapand~ 
TEOS. J. HIGHPL * CO., 8. X. Oar. Ii 
Iindlew Bta., Cuoaaati, 0. 




Ortir low. 

Uilti Einitor 



S1.2fi ptr te. 

SMI fw te. 




At Franklin. Kj., Op«ra Booh. Popniatloa 9M^% 

hmrff ♦eai.nir capacity iOO Wb bt^we JuKt takt^ rbanr9 

and V, an: .""mm- ^■■■■■<\ .>nr- iJ u ia hti'i • B iMirv'. Addrcaa 


Lata aoodals. Beivlvr doable laatcra, DarloS IS B SSa. Mk- 
OOOtaat aim I ISS alMaa. Tcnr abaan. Stamp fDrUai. 
B. C TATLUR, MS So. Mthtt.. Omaha, M. 


Tl\c Billboard 

JANUARY 13, 190t- 

The Billboapd 

I Siraet, Ctnolnnati. O., U.8. A. 

Wy PM a n c i e Ttlepbom 


MI>S7,RuiisnBidK.,aM Market lb 
Oor. till* at Mid LcIOMMr PU W. 41, TalaptaOB*. Ml 

MiTud: Talaaiun. BiHthar. 
^^Mnm^m^^wamn^^^Umm tor «b« «dltoTlAl or 

The. Blllboavcl Publishing Co. 

SabMrtpUon. 94 ■ yean S menthB. $2; 3 
month*. 91 In advance. 
MMmcbUBa to foraign mlaenMnk 

Tie Billboard u far tale on all tralm anj micf^amu 
d^ottlumt t»» Untlr,! Rt^tr, and Canada, tckirh art 
l^plted bu tif American Sew to. and «• tranche: 

Bai^tlamett tkokU te flMVfe poet oflcs or exprtte 
mSmn^eSr^ar rtgUmd ItUtr aadreued or made pay. 

r*« edUor omraot mnderlaie lo retmm eauolicUtd 

Tp. . ecrreepomdeoU ikmud titpi eopv. 

wL_ iT a %»emtari) to wire — Me mmttloiu and 


Th« first form of Tho Billboard, in- 
•luding th* laat alght advertising 
MSee> aees-te pran Saturday morn- 
ing. No advertiMmenta for these 
pages can ito alven the desired posi- 
tion, and no ohanBaa can ba made in 
almding ads on any of these pages 
*~~ I the eo|qr roaches us by noon 
ir«'-N% adi.far «iw laak feras «will 

Ttint the instmmentBlity of The 
Billboard In adjusting conditions .to 
the satisfaction of both manacini 'itlid 
performers on the western TUdnrllle 
obvuits was iiMc«,«aEMttv«:itlwai'r(i*tB 
th* most ''^^w^'ht'-'niHifilmftflmtVi'-ta^' 
votna .dandTtaopck-' la •rrtneaa 'tor .ttw 
.eC' all coinitlaliitB. ' 

a proanctfon i« no aartae ttf Ite taa- 
ceas, to judge from the number of 
elaborately staged plays of all classes 
that have failed to elicit a profitable 
' '■caa of pomdK<'asB(o«atj idDHiur the 
flnt half of ttS'vmS^'^^S^nSi- 
aon. It's braln9[xtBiM:'''niake the play 
as the man — blWajs- i'ahd cleverness. 
There's no sdwtltallia worthy , ths 

The question may be raisecl. what- 
constitutes a success? To answer su- 
perficially but alons true lines — a poor 
company wllt4r^.^,fta«;ehP( lot plays: 
mediocre eomaOr will' tUava^ the most 
neriforiouB music xvithoiit • 'appreel.-i- 
tlon:"Just-a3'the ablest <;(Jhipany will 
tall to elicit. -enthusiasm for an un- 
intiiU^BnOTplay. or poor mnsto -spoil 
V0ad"mni49t?''.BUanee .Is„.the 'xepre- 
sentattoa'^oC bril^: aqflj^l^e Is'the 
chfef essential aaeeessfol produc- 
tion. •■. '!■.•■.' .-if«a', ■ ■ ■ 

HUT "■•■!'vv;!»ir4f- • » ;?,;.;-r!.i.ji.">T!i.-.. 

Oift' eompiuy 'iiinif'c^^ 
accessories of lavish production, has 
toJ»#>- closed a metropolitan engage- 
ment becatise of a laolt of patronage.- 
aawanfl afcii tbav^aa tj il tf ia i ;aigs- of the 
MaaoB 'wwa- anoar/lta.^raiMlc. and In 
places Its comedy was sparkling and 
brilliant. But the piece was Ul-bal- 
anoed. There were J|itenrals of dull- 

It la cialT.- tbr»%ig^i:maicaii^ 
axperlences ^.thatV-tnanaciiis - win" f&m 
what the people wUI pay for.. 


The aaaoat Aettoa of ttie Istcisatloaal Ai' 
MiV t«4iv. iTccntlr iwM In lAodon. icsOIttd 
SS lUIoira: ]fax. B«ioI Kononh. p tt eM e st i 
lea. Hei^mr vtee-iFmldent: Betorleti Btsnk, 
treamvr: WUIIan) Bmi and rellz Wagmr, 
•ecretarle*. rnnd CU, Mntciu. Henry DeVry 
tad Slemrt G«Btn, andltm. BzrcntiTe Com- 
■Ittce: Jma Olcimoet. OnstST WiUe. Miibol 

Wotp^rt, BembHrd .vi:i-on Paul Mllon. Max 
Zener loaet Adelnunn. Unxo PluctZ'L*r»lIe, 
Fredy Baakwood. Max Frankllo, WUUam Scliuff. 
Max d'OntIa, Anton Ssttler, Max BoM Mar- 
zelU CUadf C. Bnrtram, Albert Bill. Valrolla 
Klein, W. Zimm<>rniann. Jo^t Rubens, Uuxo. 
Cultano, E^nil Kin Willy Pasaparta, Jeia 
Osraol. Max Aussncr-Marlnl, Ludvrlg Tellbclm, 
II. .\ertKns. .Vritiiir MartlDlua. H, UouDtronl 
Franx l'o«*pI.*'«-ulI. .V, Va^lleacn, GeoTS Calder, 
B, Newaome. Harry Lubllne. Paul ybbs, W. 
Plcanly, E>d11 C^kowaky. E. Brlegardj, A- 
Hubertos. Ad. Battnvsky, A. Baralkow, W- 
Uasrdom, >ual-.«el Kua. W. nawmm. Harnr 
n saais i. r.: rMaw.- OfaiK.. XMhev aaa. B. 


ar. ixTins .nwa ,io aaoma u 
the ci«sa ot the phv. hat, .otrte ti 


C. M. S. McOlellan'a new play, ' The Jitry of 
Fate, was produced for the flrat time Monday 
eeenlaK Jan. 1, at tbe Sbafteabnry Tbeatre, 
London. £ng., wltb Heni7 B. Irrlng and LUlali 
McCarthy in tbe leading roles. 

Reports have It that the new play bad the 
advantage ot good acting, but that owing to 
tbe Dorelty at the lettlog, wHIcb was In tlx 
tableaux, and the metadninatle character ot 
the piece. It has « donbtfnl reception at the 
haads. at the BhUA ..aadtenec. .The crltlea 
MSSaotlees tp the pcrfocm- 

that'-the play has ■ gved 

deal back of It. but they conalder that Mr: 
McCIellan did not do hknoelf joitlce. 
Mr. Inrlng tried ,to addreia the pnbUe at 
to the demor, 
Jt -with thank- 

pet aaiaht. 

naak, ' eaiiyhw the ' dghteea 

eC the-XuHS a Steece Odalaal Ihew 

Oe.. - sank la .the Vlieleelppt KlTtr. acar: 
O'Brien's Landing. HI.; Tnesday blsbt, Jan. 
2, and it was with macb dUBcnlty tiiat tbe 
people were all rescaed. The boat waa .hound 
IOC Colambos, Kj., where the show waa booked 
at tbe opera house Wednesday night. 

The boat was about to cant anchor for the 
nljtht -« beo Capt: ' James 'Connera ' ' diacoTered 
somethlsff wrong. Tb* enalnaa were atopped 
and the boat began to sink. The paaaengera 
all eaciped to tbe shore, clad In thelf oubt 
lelothea. Tbey were taken hack to . OSKOi 
AU tb< elTecta of tbe company wate'vlist sad 
the bolt la a complete wreck. : " 

will' raoouoB HIS MAJiiry 

PhlUdt;;>hi;i .Forepaoslj'B, week Jan, 1. 
M'Llss; wcfk Jan. 8. Banished by the King. 
Standard, week Jan. 1. For Eer . (}hUdren'l 
Sake; week Jan. 8. Cangbt In the Web. 

Providence — Imperial, week Jan. I, Ovtaln 
Jenka of the Baiae 3faileae. . . . _ 

Pawtucket— Beith^a. .WB«kr. Sta.- .1. . tte VSi' 
cant Chair. 

Portland— iBelaaeOh' .inlk".|lHk L .:.Jfea SiT 
Mr. Tuompfcins: week jSk arm tte-Vslsss ec 

the King. Lyric. 

Kocbester — (Baker, week Jan. 1, What Hap- 
pened to Jones: week Jan. 8, The Christian. 

San Francisco — .\lcazar, week Jan. 1, A 
Btiaager In a ;$trauge Land: week Jan. 8. 
■ghse la the Mcoollglit. Alhambra, week Jaa. 
1. 'Heart of Maryland: week Jan. 8, Woman 
in Black. Majestic, week Jan. 1, When We 
Were Twenty-one: week Jan. 8. A. Contented 
Woman.' Central, week Jan. 1, Br RlgUt ot 
Sword; week Jan. 8. Qaeea o( ConrlctB. 

Seattle— Third Are., week Jan. 1, Her Mar- 
riage Vow. • 

Spokane — Auditorium^ week Jaa; 1, NWUMm 
Lipute: ,*ui..-S^J!fiiiBds. '-' .^ • ' 

St. Jeifeph— ljrriaL''waA' na. V The' wUts 

Tacoma— Star. 

Worcester — iFranklln Square, week Jan. 1, 
Zaza; week Jan. 8, Oorotliy Vemon of Baddon 

His Hajesty. written by Shatter Howard and 
prodnced. nnder bis auspices at a priTate per- 
formance at Daly'a Tbeatxe, London. Eng., 
about a year ago. la to be produced at tbe 
Walntit Street Theatre, Philadelphia. Pa,. Feb. 
12. nnder the dIrecUon of Nelson Boberts. 

Tbe company baa already been engaged and 
rehearaals are In progresa. Among the large 
cast, the following players will appear In 
oromlaent parte: Wallace Brownlow, William 

Sloan, Jitbel 'Day, Caroline WUllams, Walter 
r. DTCtt, Alice Hafemun, Beatrice Tance, 
Hnthie DeNoaiie, MOSiid Uictta, HMtot Bla- 
eoak. Hclea 'Weelheaahr, OiaaeSaedSl. Uatse 
Blbblette, Pannle MatbwS aad Jeanette Osle- 


. ' JIDs^ .'Omms^ who emttd a trasstlan la 
ths. aMMawat wacM by her marectoas ipltal 
tamtr Bet.'.w«s Tcceatlr eoopelM tonmifo 

a snlral 

tower while siir la completely encased in a 
large globe. Tbe . act is ipwaa .of by tbe 
preee ae'S i ii t,. a il > l l M fi ssd matllM asd as 

Tcceatlr eoopelM 
as aperatlea at her home In Oranat 
aaaae eC an lUnees with which 
bet ininmer. 8br Is Improrlng 
hecin work In the early tprlog. 

Mile. 'OrrociM> ai«cmds and desceods 

steodaclr JMHp 

The 'tiaiiowiiiart-hidlMa/^AftosMidQ^ Osrcir 
ft wtuoti 14W BiMdwaKV: Haw xm* ntr, 

nhoTTs tbe o n s am tl— a ' eC tte steak eaes p e al e a 

snppKed hr tsera: 

Boston — ^Bowdoln Square, week Jan. 1, Fanst; 
week Jan. 8. Robert Bmmett. Caatle Scpiaie, 
week Jan. 1, OUrer Twist; week Jan. 8, Oliver 
Twist. Bmplre. week Jan. 1. The Silver King; 
week Jan. 8. La Toeca. 

Brookljn— 'BUod. week Jan. 1 True Irish 
Hearts: week Jan. 8, TVoman Acalnst Woman. 
TmperUl. week Jan.- 1. Secret Serrice. Lycenm, 

week J at u^ l^^^to^ M^^j^; weA^an. 8. 

OitcaKo— Bosh Temple, week Jan. 1, The 
CoMDty Fair; week Jan. 8. Oraostark. Cain- 
met, week Jan. I. nrongh Georgia; sreek Jan. 
8, A Rsggcd Hero. People's, week Jaa. I. 
iMt Tveavfonr Honrs: week Jan. 8. Up Tork 
State. - MSiWwv. week jaa. I, Bine Jeena; 
week Jka. S. Ihe- SUrate Bitnlaij. TUrtr- 
llrst 8ti wttk IaB. -l. Bast I^aas. 

ClnelBaatl ttSMssoa^ .OPM SoosCk week 
Jan. l. 'ln the Wscr of the nsg; week Jan. 
8. A Xeasege Omm'lOat. . 

Ootambns— Omplre.' week' ^Jha.- 1. Waamn 
Asalnst Woman: week Jaa. 8. The PaHsh Priest. 

Detroit— 'Lafayette, week Jan. 1. Ont of the 

Indlanapoll't — Indiana, week Jan. 1; The 


Lo« An^plos — HpI«»«). week Jan. t. My 
FWend Cram InrUa: week Jan. 8, Face In the 
MoonlljCht. Bunisnk, wpck Jan. 1. Tbe Light 
ETtemal: week Jan. S. Northern Lights. 

Loiwell — Academy^ week Jan. 1. The Parlab 
Priest: week Jmi.- i.i3laB.ft«Si>HlBllfe.'. ■ 

)iinneaiioIls--QrcaniB.-'-a«A na:- Bight 
of Sword. 

Xew York— iPtfth Are., week Jan. 1. Cleo- 
patra: week Jan. 8. A Fair Exchange. 12Sth 
St.. week Jan. 1. Janice Meiedlth: week Jan. 
8. aeopatn. MetK^oIli. week Jan. 8. Sign 
of the Foor. 

New Haren— Blloa. week Jaa. 1. Tbe Lit- 
tle Mlalater: week Jaa. 8. Dn Bany. 
Jaa- I. Tbe Oar Lerd Oaex. Lrtte. week Jan. 
I. Why He DIrorced Her: week Jan. 8. No 
Wedding Bells for Her. 

Oakland— iLSberty. week Jan. 1. Heart Of the 
Gelaha. descent, week Jan. 1. Tbe MUUcnalie 
Deteettfc: week Jan. 8. Mldalsht Mantaas. 

OMhs Wsi aiiiidi . - ■ 

The Union Elevator & Machine Co. 
of 144-16 Ontario atreet. Cbleago, 111., haa Juat 
gotten out a well Illustrated sixty-page cata- 
loge. It contains descriptions and lllnstra- 
tlons ot a number of new and useful articles 
as well aa a nnmt>cr of Improved ones. This 
house Is fully equipped to furnish the manager 
with every conceivable aitlda asil takmA the 
footlights, from scenic effects ai ~ 
talna to nails and bolts. 

Carl Dice, for aeveral Bcasons . In the clxcna 
bo tin ess. died at Mankato. Minn.. Dec. U. 
after three weeks' illness. He leav e* a >r 
wife and Child to moam bis departoia, 


toe, D. Cs 
amnsemeat patkT 

J. W. Pltoock. 

Royal Amusement Co.. WasUsgtoa. D. 0.:' 
capital, $0,000, Will bnlU aaunsment parkn. 
Incorporstors — F. Sherman, O. T. Cox, Obeeter 
!>, Cake. 

Manhattan Beach Securltlea Co., New Xork 
City; capital, 83,000,000, Real esute. hotels 
and amnsements. Incorporators — Herbert B. 
Dodge, Jas. F. Olcott. Cbas. B. Horton. Vm, 
H. Peck, Wm. Dolley. Jno. T. McOOTflD. BoM. 
MdiCOd JackiMii. all of New York Olty. 




Pearl Weber, both of ~ ' 
28. ' at Davenport. la. 

DBEAGAMT-Lmvis. — Mr. Lean 

the Bojal LUUputlan Co.. and MlM 
Dec 25, at CouncU 'Bluffs, la, 

ORAZ-ADBLMAN.— Barry B. Oray, formerly 
stage maiuger of the theatre at IngaraoU Park, 
IDe* Molnea. and Miss Jcane a^»imf,. jn pan. 
Tcr. CoL, lecently. 

MOOIDX-VIAIN O'W.^talph UoodJ. of tbe 

nek eoBwaay at Bast StTlioali, HL, aad Mlas 
Hcna Tan Ow, •( tbe isMS dty, Jan. 2. 

■NBAIrVBOMAB.— Orta A. Heal, manager of 
the BUon Thcatie, MOntfomcty, Ala., and Miss 
Bra laomas of the sane dty Jiin. 8. 

OORMAN-BOTSB.— A. F. Oorman. theatrical 
man, and Miss Irene Bojae, o( Carlisle, Ky., 
Jan. 4, 

LAWLESS-MBBKEB. — Jno. J. Lawless and 
Miaa Meeker, both ot the JIald and tbe Mummy 
Co., Jan. 4, at Padacah. Kj. 

McGEB-HESS. — Mlctiai-1 McGee, msnsger ot 

tlif OhnKt Show, with The Cosmopolitan Amuse- 
mi'tit Co.. and MlHH .Vnnn Iless, a member of 
the «amc compsns', Di'C. 23, at Lake Charles, 

.vriii';i-LtM)aaMLUN. — LjBtott e. Athey, 

comedian, and Miss Msjorle Llndemsc, sou- 
btette. In Pomeroy, Waah., recently. 
BTBBN-OABITA. — ^Loola Stem of San Fran 
~ " aad Caill 

» gU aealaier. and 




Sam Sanford, for many yeara famous as a 
negro mlnatrel, died Dec, 31 at Brooklyn, N. 
T., aged 87 years. Though a native 
Yorker, Sanford was best known In Philadel- 
phia, as he played a prominent part In stage 
history there. At the age of 19 be adopted the 
profession. Onrlng tbe flO'a he became con- 
JS Ot ed wltb a elrcua, and for one season 
astad In tbe capadtr ot a down. MInatrelsy, 
beweve i , was his parUcnlar lorte. It la aald 
-that he waa the best end man that minatrelsy 
ever pradooed. 

Wm. J. Ranch, who for ten yeara was treas- 
nrer ot tbe Grand Opera Bouse at Chicago. 111., 
died Dec. 81, at Elgin HI. Mr. Rsucb was 
forty yeeia ot age and the bnsband ot Alma 
Wawerda. aa a aU aaa. BaCsaBscmeot from his 
wife tad ths eoaUanal raih at the box office 
bnogt OBmramBiaBtntiaa. 1 ended 

r. B. abddon, better known aa Btgati Ct- 
rsBOa died at the Orady 'Hospital la Atlanta. 
Ga., Dee. 21, of nephritis. Big. Ottcno was -for 
a nnmber ot year* eclebcatad seoat under- .Wm. 
F. Cody and wa* a inaa «t gicat iBtcUlfenee. 
He la snrriTcd by hie flwthar, Jfta, Mary aiiel- 
doo, a sister and MepdsaahMr. Qs was-'bnr- 
led at .WestTlew OHMlaty. AOsata; aadar^-the 
ansplce* of tbe LoeuLodts ef ■astas.'ot MtOh 
he was a member. 

Wm. H. Lyons, aged M years, dectrletan at 
Smith's Theatre, 'Bridgeport, Oona., died re- 
cently In that city, after an Illness of live 
months. He was In the Inrentor of many In- 
genious devices nsed In electrical work, and 
waa possessed ot a sunny disposition, which 
won him many frlanda. He la aarvlved by n 
wife, pirenti. brother and (liter. 

Frank Elmer, stsge manager of the Savoy 
Theatre. Atlantic City. N. J., died Dec. 30. 
or tutiercalosls. Before coming to tbe Savoy 
he was connected with Wormwood and Bryant 
and SavlUe'a Minstrels, 'His remains were 
taken to 'Baltimore, Md., for Interment. 

Mrs. Kate Phillips, mother of Al. Phillips, 
of Phillips and Hamilton, died of consumption 
In New York City, Nov. 11. She was formerly 
with an English opera company, and came to 
this country where she retired. Besides Al- 
fred, she left another son and four dsngbter*. 

Cbas. Bi Bnlth, of tbe Two Johns Co., who 

iws ' itMBi i g jint jiy F.. .0. ogiaw jB 

eme. 'OL^'^dlM' ,af.VliH wesads 

Harry Xlehoir. for a nnmber of years a bill- 
poster wltb Jno; Boblnson'a Clrcns, died Jan. 
I. ot consomptlon at his home In ClndnnstL 
He was 24 yeais-Md sad hsd.heca lU clghttfa 


A .nwiidMr lit Bennett's Big Show 
n-rltiM .**W« aia aow la oar flttaenth week. anA 
biisln*** Boatlnsi* aatlstactoiy. Chrlstmaa Bee' 
found ns la Bapid City. Man. Mrs. Bennett 
and Mr*. Sights decorated the dining-room mo- 
fusely with holly and mistletoe and Chl- 
neae lanter*. On tbe dining table lu the cen- 
ter of the room was placed a full rigged ship, 
seven foot long, wltb tbe name, "i'rosperlty." 
on tbe bow and stern, the handiwork of J. W. ' 
Sights, our stage director. The hull ot the. 
ship was piled high with presents. About, 
eleven o'clock the entire company assembled 
around the table, and after Dr. J, E. Shafer 
had secured a flash light shot of the ship and 
room wltb his kodak, Mr. Slghta distributed 
tbe presents to the different members. There 
was over 200 presents exchanged, proving the. 
prosperi^ and aodd cheer we are enjorlns. 
Mr. and Mrs. BcBDStt sad. Mis. Sights tceatiad 
the Uon's ahsie. Attor ths dtstdhstlaa . aC. 
the presents Ifes 'tsHs waa cleared aad a ales 
loneb waa aaerM Jby tbe ladles. Obr Chrlatmaa 
dinner piavfi a'fHtt aid-time affair. AmonB 
the meals setrad w«e turkey, elk and mooaSk 
but the feature was a genuine English nlnm , 
pudding, prepared by Mrs. Bights. Bverytbli — 
wss fully enjoyed, and we were in aoch i. 
hnmor that we did not grumble much when onr 
car waa laid out at Brandon six bonr* oo 
account of a wreck, and we did not leaeb 
Moosoyln until nine o'dock. We did not expect 
to give a performance, bat a large crowd was 
waiting, so we bustled to .the "rIuiw Khoii" 
and rung up st 10:10 to a hall well filled with 
an appreciative audience. When we paiesd ■ 
through Vlrden tbe Tom Marks Co. came down 
to the station and exchanged Cbrlstmas greet- 

A member of Home's Rip Van Win- 
kle wrIteB: "We opened our season Dec 23. 
at Geneva, Ohio, to S. K. O. Chrlstmss Day 
at Conueaat we gave two performances to 
s pscked house, and did the same at Alli- 
ance New Year's Day. We have an excellent 
cast snd Al bsnd and orchestra. Our roater 
Is as follows: H. F. Home and Ed Hale, own- 
ers and msusgers; J. E. Cole, sdvstiee inao; 
Arthur Fordam, baudmaster; F. T. Ulckrriiun, 
liarry Homer, O. E. Owen, L. A. Stenscnbsch, 
II. C. Whitney, A. R. Van Husen, Arthur 
Jones, James Otaest. Peter Cbrlstensoo. B, C. 
'McForland. Lillian Montrose. Jennie Treiham; 
Bsby Oladya and Baby Edna. 

Several chanKes were recently made 
in the cast of the Vis Stock Co. The roster 
Is aa follows: E. V. Vis, maosKcr; D. A. 
Ilellman, agent; Ralph McDonald, director; 
Walter HUle. musical director: Chick Uarvey. 
stage manager; Fred Ecker. electrician; John 
Walker, maFter of properties; Grace Porrctte, 
Ave Gordon, Blilecn Muntford, BUsabeth Nel- 
meyer. Marls Deatoo. J. Wlllacd Bayley. Ctaaa. 
Denton and L. IL Boat Tbe repertoire in- 
dndss AicsnilOB. Beware of Men. A Oaab- 

derella and ns Winning Ohiid. ' 

The members of The Tollers Co., 

under the management of Gordon ft Bennett, 
gave a New Year's supper at Alexandria, Ind- 
and invited all the members of the National 
Stock Co. to partake. An enjoyable time la 
reported, Edgar Jooea, leading man ot Tbe 
Tollers, waa master of oetemonle*. The Toll- 
ers I* sbM to be a flnanrtal as well aa aa 
artistic neeeis. It 1* a beantlfnl prodnetton.' 
one scene showing tbe Interior apparatus of a 

Under the management . of R. R. 

Spain, t^e Spain Comedy Co', la meeting wltb 
great success through Indiana. Iloy MorrlnoD 
Jalncd, the sbow about two week* ago. The as follows: Tbe Bnrkea. aoTcttr akstcb 
arasni'. .Jimmy Kelly. Ocbnw Imptisons' — 

Roy Morrttoo, .blaek-faea and .,klA " 

Bahett Bwtbet/.^li'erobnta aad " 
IiaxA Sialan. alntera aad 
▼adoBMS. mosj^ -, .u 

The Copeland Brothers Stock Co., a 
new organisation, recently gave '.their Initial 
performance In Wichita, Kan,, their home city 
and received a great ovation. The roster In- 
cludes Kd. L. Copeland. business manager; Clare 
C. Copeland. manager; Bonnie Waddell. L. D. 
Kirk. Graydon Fox, Qua Bspler. Cbas. Hagan. 
H. OeLong, Wm. Hater, Miss Jestslee Rapier. 
Miss Zeis Leroy, Minnie Copeland, Blantdie 
Jeanette and Lee Maynard. 

Perce R. Benton'a Comedians are 
now playing In their sixty-ninth cunsecntlve 
week, and record-brcaktos buslnpKtf la the rule. 

They arc booked solid until tbe middle of May. 
The company Includes Perce B. Benton. J. R. 
isnrrett, Chas. Stoddard. Jay Bay, Tommy Bob- 
iiiKon, cdgar Mayo, J. B. 'Dodson. Annette Oray, 
Anna May, Alice Beantord, Gertrude Betton. 
and Baby Carmen. 

The members of the Eiler Rip Van 
Winkle Co.. enjoyed tbelr Christmas tree in 
their csr, Beatrice, behind an L. & N, flyer In 
Alabama. Expensive presents were exchanged 

and not one trooper was forgotten. "AOBt** 
Helen, the godmother and anecl •( tbe.aU*- 
pany, saw tbat nothing wa* IsrMag te' IMiad 
oat a very merry (Hirlstmas. . 

: A member of the FranUyn Comedy 
On. write* aa follew*: "We'luve had only two 
bad weeks out of the elgbtiecn we have bees 
ont. Clirlstnins was celebrated tiy the mem- 
bets of our company and many presents . were 
ssshanged. Manager Wm. Franfclja rcealrsd a 
a*M h*ad*d eaae and a — — 


Xtie Otllboapd 


Wa ou not imdartak* to rrauill FAPEBS or 
;aCKAOES on wlileb la nquind «ztni poitwa 
to forward aalaM tha aacaauzy amonnt of poat* 
■cs i* raUU. At tha tUkt band aida of ouna 
r»u will lad tka amonat laaitiiad. 

AppUaatiaaa fw mafl aAvHtlMd in thia liat 
nst ba aivnad indiTidoaUjr Iv aAiiaaBaaa* 

•Hail is Haw 7«ik OOa*. 


Andenoa, UaKgi, 
Andrews, Marie 
Arnold, Mrs. Cbaa. 
Beall. HatUe 
Beardslejr, Adelaide 
Bennett, Mar 
•Berri, Maude Lllllaa 
Berrx, Mrs. Obaa. 
*Blataop, Maa 
BUtx, Ut*. Fraak B. 
Sonnell, Mute 
BaawtU. Mr. * Wa. 

UM, OaW-. 

Block. ItcK^ 8. B. • 
Brownlac,- Mn. Wal- 

Bryton, Georgia 
Bntler, Helen Mar 
'Cameron. Grace 
Oarleton, lilrille 
*Carson, Gt'orgic 
•Carna. Emma 
n«TaaB. * Oraee Lfna* 

Knott, Boaella 
t>eMarr, Mra. Bmma 
Lachman, Mra. Oavld 
Ijuha. Mrs. J. Stanler 
LaTla. Oamtla 

Lecke, Lann 

•LeUnd, Mn. .lloc. 

I«rle, Mra. P. B. 
LewU, Mrs. Edltb 
Lewis, Pearl 
lioodra, Bra 
Laeaa, Oeo. tc Helen 
KeOleUand, Jenale 
UcOonald, Mme. Dell 
McDonald, Ura.<3UdTi 
McBendrlck. Nellie 
Marten, Letba 
M&rtln, Mrs. Oaa 
Maeon. Bessie 
Matbetrs, Zora 
May, Mrs. A. J. 
Miller, MlEs A. M. 
Mlakel. Cora ft* Mile. 

(Lion Trala«4 
Cobltt. Mar 
•D'Alma, Mra. Wba 
DeArmond, Inna 
•D'ArrlUe, Jeanette 
DeBall. Gertie 
OeMott Nellie 
OeOescb, Mamla 
Oavl9. Annie Vaoglm 
Dean, l.oota 
Delebor, Mra. 
•Oemlng, Mr*. B. J. 
Demona, Dainty 
Dopica, Oao. A Ub- 

Bddr, Albert ft Hay 
Edirarda, Mattla Ih, 

•Bdrtli, Ulle. Bow 
BlUaoB. TiUl* 
EUawottb. Mra. Md 
•Bbner, Marie 
Brerett, Jolly Nellie 
Farmer. Mm. M. B. 
•Platcber, Isabella 
Fontain, Mra. Butb 
rontcb. Pearl 
rank, Mra. DoIUe 
«oMen, Mrs. M. B. 
Gorman, Mrs. John B. 
Graves, Lonlisc 
•Hackner. Mabel I. 
•Hale, Bcasle 
Hall, Mia. Mair 
Hambnrc. Mra. Phil. 

BwrlngioB, Uim, 

•Bart Mra. Boaa B 
•Bawtbone. Malllt 
•Baaeltoa BuilMaaa 

Oo„ The Habal 
amiar. Adelaide (or 

Mra. A. J. Mar) 
maaer, Margaret 
HoekInK, Mn. Char- 

Holmea, Violet 
Hoist. Rita 
Hoorman. Katie 
Hoaa. Mra. Bart 
Inbella, Qneea 
;Aclnta. Madam 
Minaon, Mra. Fred 
*Jolwson. ' Mrs. CIMtrlle 
{aaaa. Toots 
MUM, Grscv 
' *Kecnaa, May 
Kanlbrair, Mn. Map- 

KiSS, noreaet." 
K^Str, Mia. 


Montgomerr, Mra. F. 

Uooner. M. MUdrM 
.Moan, Mti, Anna 

Mecria, Oorotbr 
MobId, Mra. D. 
NalbondUn. Mr*. J. 


O'Brien, Kittle 

•Ormsby, Janatta 

Peck. Lnla Bar 

PbUlipa, Harrr A BeU 

Plearde, Sola 

Prattyman.. Mra. Joe 

•Prlngie. Delia 

Prlncle. Delia 

Badford, Dick A An- 

Balbum, Jndltb 
Bathbum. Mra. Ida 

lur. BUacbt 
nBMMTMt*. ri 

- nron a. awaa ■ 

■amW. r—a 
Saaapaaa. floAla 
ieUompf, GtBitaoa 
Sctanmann, Un. Fian- 

Semon, Mrs. 
Sbalfer. Annie 
•Sbaa. Mra. John 

Sbeals, Mn. Maggie 
Simpson, Mra. N. VIt- 


Smith. Mra. Helen 

Sotanki, Princess 
SiM^ncar, Cecsla A. 
Stewart Mra. D. L. 
Sutton, Mrs. B. B. 
Taylor Zalla 
Terrr, Jennla 
Thatdier, Bra 
Tovaoend. Faeile 
Van. Mrs. Jo* 
•Vlda, KidNMiMlla 
VUla, LaeU K. 
Vincent Maale 

White. Rose (Wild 

Weat Artlat) 
WIckUBe. Mrs. J. D. 
Wilktns, MIM wm 
Wllkinaaa, Mts. Xat. 


•Wlllard. Mrs. I. 
'Willla, Mrs. Emma 
Wilson, Mrs. Stbel 
WUuoD. O.aca 
Wlnooa. Mlaa 
Worbler. Mrs. Ma'nde 
Wylle. Alice (Flaau- 

tlon Performer) 
Zoung. Frank A Bm- 

/ AMot, 7«Ma"«>'''-. 

Abbotts •Banr'- 
' Adaaw, Andiatr 

Adam* Sontbna Shaw. 
Frank Ic 

*Adaman, Bddle 

Alton. Thoa. 

*Altca. Tbomaa 

Albloo, lioula 

Aldrleb, W. H.. Mgr. 

Alctoo (Head Bal- 

Alger. Oria T. (Musi- 

Allen. L. B. 

Alpolnte. Joe 

Alton, Jerry 
': Anderson. Will 

Analer. B. 8, 

Arllngtoa. Qte. 

•Arnold. Vi B. ; 

*Artbnr. .sOa*. : 

<*Aaatln, J. 0. 
Babcack, : Oscar 
Baldwin, 0. 0. 
•Ballenger, Bal 
Banner Exblbltlon Oo. 
Barclay. Fiof. (Ua 


Bonlait T. 
Ba^lnB. J«ha 
BassL SIgDor 
Batlon, Deloa 
Baser, J. Paul 
Bangta. Prof. (Col- 
ored Musician) 
Beasclj. H. C. 
Beasley, M. V. 
BelfonJ. Geo. W. 

Ben. Hamda 
Bermlo, Tbe Wlxard 
'Berry Stock Co.,Milea 
Bickers, It. W. 
Blabup. W. H. 
Blackbam. Geo. 
BlaDchaid. F., 4e. 
BlaaadtB, Xb* Great 
Sllla. Fraak B. 
Bllta. Fraak A. 

Bomeman, Alfred 
*Bostock, Jamvs W. 
Bosirell. Mr. A Mn. 


Bonidln. Clarence (Cu- 
ban Wonder) I 

.fkaMM, '.Bart.v •. . .■ 1 

v. ; 

BMd. W. 8. 
*Bradrorda, Tlie 
Brandman, Geo. 
Brandon. Barry B. 
Bratton. (Carles iH. 
Brennan. J. Francia 
Brewer. M. A. 
Broderlck A Jealckalc 
Brown, Q«o. (Lunch 

Brown. Alex. 
Bryant J. W. 
BttUock, Gns, Mgr. 
Bunch, Harry 0. 
Burke, Barry O. 
Borka, CbarUe 
Burnett C. E. 
Bnma, Jamea B. 
Bnsey, B. B. 
Buabea. AL 
BnUer, Max 
Oalllaon. 7. a 


Carlosa A Silverton 

CJarroU, Allen W. 

Carroll's 'Big U. S. 
Oil. Minstrels 

Cury. Mike 

CaaUe, C. A. 

Carana A Once Iirona 

Chapman, Cbaa. D. 

Cbappelle, G. W. 

Charles, Colondio 

(HieTeron, Bobcrt 

Cherront C. C. 

Christopher, Cbtl*. 

Clark. N. Tex. - 

Clark, Fred. J. 

Clark, W. F. 

Olark. Oeo. A. (Ac- 

Clazton, Tom 

Clereland, Geo. W. 

Clereland. W. H. 

CUttoa Mad Co.. Mgr. 


cosart F. 

Dodd. Jaa. 
IMd, Shorty 
DoUpc. Jama* (nata 

Dooaar. Wm. Ii. 
Donworth, J. J. 
'Dowman. Walter H. 
DowalDg. W. W. 
Doyle, Jack 

•Doyle, Fiad P. 
Draper, Q. A. 
Drew. Carroll 
Driscoll. H. F. 0. 
Drucker, John 
Dairy, Mike 
Dulaney, J. 3. 
Dunliar, Prof. 
Dnnbar, Archie 
Oanbar. Haixy J, 
•DaaeaB, A. O. 
Doawordi, John 
Dupree, G«o. AUbbey 
DnmlDg. . J, t. 
Dyer, W. W. 
Barley, Joe ((Jane 

Eastern Cam. A Am. 

Co., Ort. 
Eckert Family (Mnsl- 

•Eckles, R. K. 
Eddy. Ablert & May 
Edeson, Robt. 
Edwards, Edwin EiUs 
•Edwards, I*o. 
Etarenbnrg A Trendall 
*EUfeld, Max 

Boael ft Craamar 

Briekaon. Clarence 
Erans. 'H. H., Mgr. 
Bvans, Doc Lee 
Evans, T. WlUla 
Bxum. Tbos. M. 
Fagan Cam. Co. 
rannlng, Tom 

•wumm — 


* The United States Post Office ♦ 
Department haa announced that <^ 

* uncalled for letters will not b« <f> 

* advertiaed la the newspapers 

* hereafter. First Assistant Post- 
4> master General Hitchcock's re- 
4> port, following an Investigation ^ 
4> of conditions, advised a reUn- 

<f> quisbment of this enstom. argu- 

* ing m behalf of his proposition 
that 90 per cent of the uncalled 
for mail Is addresse 1 to persons 
who do not live In the city to 
Which the office belongs. 

Mr. Hitchcock did not state 
that a large portion of this 80 
per cent, of unldentifled mail la 
addressed to theatrical and gen- 
•nl UMMMBBBt psopls. bVt ttO- 

doubtsdly that ta ths Cut 

' In view of the contingencies 
that may grow out of the new 
order, rssultlng In ths loss of 
valnabto omU aaattSTr Vb» Bill- 
board Invltss all traaslsiit pro- 
fesslonal people to have their 
mall addressed In our care. 

Whenever addrMsss or routss 



•!> arc not avallaUSb tha 
♦ advwtlasd la ttala llat 

Faaat, A. Jack, Mgr. 
*F*eny, J. E. 

Ferguson A Glorer (A. 

C. Fergoson) 
FlnnefMO. J. £. 
Fishell. Dan. S. 
nshar. Boas O. (Trap 

1 1M »» MM »» M #»»» M »#»»*' I 

•Ckile, Lonii A. 

Collins, F. T. (Vagi- 

•0>lllns, Capt. B. 

CoUlns, Oapt. B. 

0>aley, Pete J. 

Conlon. Ja^ _ 

•Connolly, m«k 0. 

Continental Aaraae. * 
Bx. Oo. 

fkotno ft Lawrence 

ODMC ft Barrett Show 

Oook, Cbaa. W., Mgr. 

Cooke. Emeat 

•Coons. Cbaa. 

Court, Percy W. 

<>ane, Joa. Y. (Erie) 

•Cranston, A. B. 

Crawley, Geo. 

Crippen. J. C. 

Crohn, Gilbert 

Custer. Mr. (Glass 

J>e Aorlen, 1.. 

DeGarmo, Ocorge 

OeOact Wsi.^ 

DeLoriSi (MTSlitC 

DWsta, Fred 
.Jleflhaa. Barry 

'DeVaalt B. 

DeToro, Cbaa. 

DeVllIlen, Or. Louis 

Dakea, Joe, 

Dale. Wm. 

aDaleaalo. Jo* 

Dalton. r«als M. 

Daly A Morpby 

nnnleltt. Chas. 
D«nvllln. H. B. 
Darllnsr. S. F. 
Darnald. Blaine 
•nnnKlierty Broa. 

Davenport. Marab 

Davis. W. H. 
•Darla. Ed. B. 
Davlo, Ben^ 
Deantand, Sock 

Sedrlck. Dave 
DeltroTC ft Frin 
Delgarlan B. 

Delavoye A Frlta 
•Devlin. Henry 
Diamond. J. B. 
••Dickson. D. Earl 
•Dlttman. Cbaa. B. 

Pits ft Wei . 

•piemlBg. Win C 
Fletcher, D. X. 
Flnoee. AI. 
Flonee, At 
Flowera. I.ewla 
Ford. Vie 
Forrest, Herbert 
Foster, Harry 
•Frank J. 
Pranzmatbes. H. A. 
Preeae, Jatt . - 
FrelltainrT^tMt.' <n> 

Prey. Henry 
Friedman. H. 

Fatten. Artbnr H. 
Fnlton. (Aaa. M. 
GaWanl. Prof. 
Gardiner, WIU S. 
Gardner, A. O. 
Oarrlgua, F. D. 
GMUet. Al. 
Gavin. Frank A. 
Gee. Pattle 
•Oeiger. H. (Aotor) 
•Oelicer. John 
George. Jacob. 9c 
Gerllnger. Edward B. 
Oettman, w. O. 

•Qtlllncbans. Edmund 
Otrard. Hill 
Olant's Cm. Co.. 3. 

. etover. J. W. 
Oodard. Joe 
Goldstein. Ixrala 
Gordon. D. C. 

Ooms, Frani, 0. A. 
Roogb. Flank B. 
Otaidlag.' X'- A. ' 
•OraTaa Stoak CtoMTbe 

Gray. W. H. 
♦Oreen. J. Elsworth 
Green. J. Bony 
Ol«*B- ^hMt W. . Ik . 

.■■T» • 

. FM. 
OitBneU. Feod, 
Oroae. Bnaasn J. 
OMfeL. had. 
Qny. O. (J. 
BagemsMHb^ Ic 
•BamllM^ CM. 9m. 

Hammoad, Billy 
BomptoB, John 
Haoiptoa, BsMcll 
Bordy, Mlcbolaa W. 
Barringtoo, W. B. 
Harrington. J. ttt. 

alcal DUtdoc 
Hania, Bait O. 
Harris, au. ' 
Harrta, Frank 
BarrlaoB, Bask 
Hart Geo. 
Batch, J. Fraak 
•Batbcart Odle 
Haogan. Elmer 
Bavenatlck, Geo. 

(Penny Araadal 
Harden, nssk V,. 


•Haaeltoa BariaaciBa 

Co.. n* 
Belse, Oapt Ben]. 
Hendler, A. B. 
Heodrltika, Spot 
Henmerlng, O. ' 9. 

(Basa Iiraminer) 
Henrlcb, Harry 
•Benry, Hugh S, 
Herman, Artbnr 
'Herrlngton. W. 
Herrmaa. Wlllard 
HIeppo. Slim Snakea 
HIgtafleld, John 
•HIU, Harry Wlllard 
•BUI, Harry 
Hlmmelela. B. F.. 

Hlnctaboma, The 
His Hlgbness Tbc Scy 


Hodges, C. J. 
•Hogan. Mike 
Hogan. Con. 
•Hogan. ThoB. 
Holland. Sliven 
Holliday, Joa 
Holllday, Geo. 
Holloway, Art 
•Holmes, Happy 

Honnell, 0. O. 
Hoosler Atiu Oo. 
Hopkins, Barry M. 
Boss, Bert 
Hoaa ft Smith 
•HoogbtallBK. OM, 
•Hovet T. F. 
Howard, James 
Howe A Scott 
HudaoD, Wm, (Ttala 

Robbeiy Show) 
•Hudson, SyWeater J. 
•RuRtaes, Walter 
Hunt. lUrry 
Hunt. Dr. 
•Horat. Brandon 
nntohlnn, Foster 
Hntchlnson. Sam 
iRorrote Village, Mgr. 
Ivey. TIlTle 
•Iker ft Abey Oo. 
Jackson, Edward F. 
Jackson, R. B. 
Jackson. E. S. 
•Jacques, Artbnr 
Jamea, Brarett 

Jarrett Chadai ' . 
Jeavoaa 8t*«k Ok • ' 
Jetrrlea, Sam 
Jenkins, Oar B. 
Jenka ft CllBOrt 
Jennlnga. Ja*a* . - 
Jerome. Fruk-.M.- . 
Johnson. Ftaak 

Johnson, mine 
Johnson. JAmes K. 
Jones, RolUe R. 
Jordan, Harry 
Jordan. Will 
Joseph Bros. 
Knljl. Heroda 
Kane. Patrick 
Kardel ft Zhardma 

Leopold, Bennoa 
LeaUe, Eddie 
*X«slle, James 
LeoUe. Jay 
Leslie. Frank 
Levis. OeU L 
•Lentt MMV 
LcTy, Ed. 
Lewis A Lake 
Lewis. Harry A. 
Lewis. W. F„ MIT. 
Iiswtt ft .Blows 
X«irta. Ft«4 J. 

^Ing. Oao. K' (Boaa 

King. Geo. (The Two 

Kaufman, Dare 
Kearney. Jno. L. 
Ke*teb. Ed. 
Keeler Bros. 
•Keitli, Darid H. 
Keller. Geo. W. 
•Kelley. Waller S. 
KelloKc's Great Show 
Kenned.T Broa. 
Kerr. Wllbnr . 
Kerria, Segar 
KUpatrltik Braa. 
King. J. Ifeco. 
King. Jas. T. 
•King ftOo.. B. 8. 
King. Geo. 
Rlnsel, J. M. 
Kireiu. Harry 
Knnpp, Edward. 
•Kohler. Barry 
KObler. Harry 
Kobler. Ctaarlea 
Kokemnier. Frank 0. 
Kolb. Gnstarr 
Koler A Koler 
Koler A fteymonr 
Rraeeer. Tbos. H. 
LaVelle. Col. Wm. A. 
LeMnnt Dan 
LeBoy, Carl ■ 
TjsBoy. Bob_ 
Leiloy. J. Oe*. 
LeRuah. Bm' ' . . 
Ijicer. J. Ai • • 
Lacbman ft S*aa 
Lanfter, J. ' 
I.*%nff«ton. R. L. 
Tjitell. Edw. 
Latta. Clyde 
•Learltt. H. L. 
•LeaTltt. J. M. 
Ledmix. I.'<<vrence II. 

(Dark Room Kid) 
Lee. Joe 
I,el|cbton. B. _n. 

Uak. B. W. 

Listoo. Feed. (Batr 

Little Harry 
Llewellyn, Oto. 
Lloyd. P. W. 
Lockwood, Barry 
Logsden, A. B. 
Lone Star Cam. Oo. 
Long. C. W. „. 
Lorow. Beit, CQIats 

Lonle. Jack 
Lneal. C. B. 

Locaa. Oeo ft B a Um 
Lrkcaa, Wm. Ik 
likens. Whiter 
MeCarley, Xcnaat 
McCollnm, Herbert 
McComb. Kid (HUH 

McCoy, Jamea 
MacDonald, CbMm, 
McDonald. C. H. 
•McFall, Prof. 
McFall. Prof. 
McFarland. Mr. 
McGeary, B. W. 
McOee. Ed. (or Dad) 
McGnlnnesa, J. J. 
McHenry, Lonla 
MCIatm. 0. D. 
Mock. Walter A. 

(Barr & Mack) 
Mackey. Edw. J. L. 
Madison. Chas. 
Maker A LaPlaee 
•Main. Albert B. 
Malloy, Jamea J. 
Malay, F. 

Marlon, Bdw., Mgr. 
Marks. Geo. 
Marsden. Lawrence 
•MarstiaU, Bert 
Martin, Ben. 
MarUn. B. J. 
Manrels, Tb* 
Mattbewa, Fraak S. 
•Mattler, Bert 
•Matty. Herb. 
Maxwell. Jas. (Vcn- 

Maynard. Fred. K. 
Mayo. Edgar 
Meldroth. Bnd 
Melrllle, Howard 
Mercler, B. J. 
Mcrrlfleld. Don O. 
MrrrlU, Sam'l D. 
Meyer*. Harry 8. 
.Meiker. Frank 
Mlchelson. Harry 
Miles. Wearer Show 
Miles-May Sbowland 
MUlor. Olyda 0. O. 
•MlUen. OoL BdwlB 
MlUar^Bui (or 

'ba. F. 

. ft Jbdr) 

_Jman Trio (Ttgbt 
....'iWlre Artlata) 
'HBIa, Web 
MUnar. Panl 
Ulracle. Hunk 
Monoban. J. J. 
•Montgomeij. W. D. 
Mooi«%-.ffMiilr Ikew 

Moore, Cecil A. 
Moore. R. Jnnlna 
Morley. 0. A. 
Moross, J. 

Morris MedMs*' Ol.. 


*MOrtlmer. Cbaa. 
Martao. Charley 
Moartey. Wm. M. 
Moaeley. M. A., Mgr. 
Moss, Jamea C. 
Mote, Ed. 
Muller. M. 

Mnnataelm. Ted 
Monroe, Harry A. 
Unrphy. Tim 
Mnrphy. B. 
Mnrphy. C. Mn Mgr. 
Myer*. Joe 
Myera, M. B. 
Myera. N._P. 

Nuie. 0. L. 

_ Jack (or Bar- 

~xr iBtsHi) 

WaaUtt Jamea A. 

ye-. tnn. Harry A 

NUS. I. 

•Nice. Arthur B. 
Niederman, L. 
Nixon. Harry 
Nolan. Jess 
NortbSeld Band Rob- 
bers. Mgr. 

Vorthcott. John H. 
Noren. DaTC 
Nnelken. Wm. 
O'Brien. Prank J. 
O'Ponnell. C. G. 
Oppenhelmer. t-ewls 
Opplce. J«e S. 
Osborne. J. Tuarla 
Oaterling Geo. 
Ottke. E. E. 
Otto. Mr. (Trained 

Onisenbnry, R. E. 
Oventieet J- M. 
•Owen Co.. - Wm..Mgr. 

Owens. John T. 
Palmnnlst. Gtinnar L. 
Paterson. Tom 
f^ittersoa. Al. 

CO»as.Btiw*i J >" 

Peek. <3eo.. Mgr. (D. 

T. 0. Oo.) 
Pelliama, Tne 
Perkins. Cy. (crNnte) 
Perry. H. C, Agt 
Perry'a Vaud. Circna 
Phillpa, E. I., 3c 
PtaUUps, 8. P. 
Phillips, Geo. 
PbllUps A Lyons 
•PhUUps. Harry ft 

BeU Qordoo 
PblUlpa ft Gordon 
Fbinney, Fzed. A., 


Pleree. Biohard J. 
Placne. D. H., Mgr. 
Poir. A. M. (Baldy) 
PoUard, H. 
•Pollard. C. A. 
Porter. Chas. W.. 

Porter, Blaine 
•Porter, Herbert 
•Porter. J. D. 
Powiey. Wm. 
Prairie Broo. VSuu. 


Pi*lty Mir Oa. 
Pnjo, 8. P. 
QnUllBL^ Tto 
tfnlne, Oao. W. 
Badtord. Uefc ft An- 

Bafferty. James (Ele- 
phant Man) 

BondaU. Frank 

Bandall, Cbaa. L. 

Banney, Geo. D. 

•Bapler. Jno. H. 

•Ray, OaTtd 

•Raymond, Ftad. A^ 

Regnary, P. A.'' ■. . • 
Reld. BUUe 
•Bend' ~ 
Beaaw ' 
Renaing, Herman 
Benter, Henry O. 
Beoxetta, Barney 
Beynolda, A. N. 
Beyimlda. Jno. W. 
Rhodea, J. B. 
Bice A Edwarda 
•lUedel, Anton 
BIcgs, BUly 
Riley. Fred. 
Rirels. Emllto, Mglk. 
Roberts, Geo. Ol ' 
Bobcrt B. a 
•Boberta. Albert 
Roberta. Harry 
Boberta. John H. 

(Fertla Whaal) 
B«*erta, Oawald T« 

BAht.MM, Ed. 8. 

Robinaon, Aldil* H. 
Boblnson. P. B. 
Boltalr. H. 
Romallo. Walter ' 
Boot A Andetaon 
Bose, Frank (Kid) 
Boeer. Sam. 
Boamyn, BoOf 
(Leader) " ' 

BosUlng. AI. 
Bowe. Ed. 
Boyer. Archie 
Bnnulng Elk A Wan- 
na (Bine Shot) 
•Ryan, James C. 
St Clare, Oiaa. 
Samnela. Tom 
Sandetaoo. W. B. 
Sehofar. fta ~ 

Bcaeort, n 

Sceman, Adolpb 
Seymour, C. B. 
•Seymour. Rdw. 
•Shannon. John I. 
aheak. W. H. 
Shelby Show. Jas. 
Shelley. John 
Sherman. Robt. 
Shockey, A. D. 
Shropahite, James 
•SbntUeworth, B. I. 
•Slain, Barry. 
Smith, Will 2. 


amitb ft AAccman 
flajdar, Lcoaard A. 
Snyder, Geo. M. 
Solomoo, Jolm 
8ond«r. Frank H. 
Spa'rn,' Charlie 
•Spragg:- W:' E. 
Stafford. F. 8. 
Btahl, C. 
SUlr. Barry L. 
Stanley. Tboa. 
Stanton. Arthur 
Statr^ Eddie 
Sterling. Max 
•StcTcna, Bes D. , 

stone, Ja*. «. 
Stone. Mr. 
Snirta, CanoB 
Stranaen. FraaA 
Stranaa. Hany 
Street J. 0. 
BtrlckmaD, OsB. 

Strode, AL 
Stnart G. B. 
Stulx, Wm. 
Bampn Jan. (ft 

Sathcrlaa^ Oaa. 

(Olaaa B ngia ea« > . 
Swala. Tom 
Swain. W. L 
Swallz. Sam'l 
Sweeny. Mr. (Baaft* 

Swift. Owens W. • 
Sykes Broa. 
•S. A. 

•Xaggart Oscar ' ; 
Talbott Jotui (Aft. 

•Iky lor. Albert 
Tkarp. Aa»a 
2faspao«. Wm. C 
Tbompaoa. J. 
Thorp. Amaa 
niasbtr. OiaL' . . ' 
Tbrasher, C. B. " 
Threlfceld. Balia 
Tharmas. B., Ii;' 

Till. Ed. 
TlUman. "Slim" 

Toblo. Mr. (or '. 

Traband/'ABi, O 


•Tracey. Artbnr 
Trout P. N. 
Tomer, J. I.. 


Van Oocft Btaek OS. 
VanDyfea.BatsB SMk. 

Valdes. Frank 
Vallon, Hngh 
Vardon, F. A. . . 
Vardon, Pcnr,'*^.^|lii> 

VemeU. B. 
Vincent, Tom 
Wade. U 
Wablund, Emil 
Walker A BryoBfa 

Vaud. Go. 
•Walker, F. Laiifii 

WallaeaL, B. S. ' ■ ' ~ 
Ward. C. B. 
Ward'a Mtastrda^- > . 

•Warner, Ben B. 
•Waahbnra ft D'Alam 
Waabbnm. Qua. A. 
Waabbum A D'AloMS 

Tr. Animal Circa*' 


•WaHhtmm. lieoa W. 
Watklna. WUU* 
Wsy. Harley O. . . 
•Weaber, H. L. 
Wearer. BlUy, Mgr. 
Webb. W. G. 
Welab, Jamas ft fl**U 

~ Vi-.a 

.Nhi*iaa. wa; 

Wlcklltre. Jno. D.,|t> 
•Wicks. CecU 

Whitaker. Sam 
Wlllera. Wm.. B* 
WUllama. Jamea 
William*. BUI (T 



WUIard, C. D. L. 
Wilson. Barry 
Wlnnemore. A. lb 

"tS&k' oir •* 

WoadaB, Bin 
Woodford. M. >.a, 
■Woodle. H. y^. 
•Wooda. Mr. 

Wright, Elba B. 

Wycard. Edward J. 

w. W. A. Okia. ~- 
Tent B. a (■ — 

Tork. W. b;- 
•Yonlurkey. PL. 
Yoang, Nathan 
Toiinr, Frank ft Ba 


Zeb, Jolly 

•Zlmmermaa, WtBy 


Hits letter llat every week for nwU 
matter. We sure not reaalrctl to 
bold anclaUneA letters lomoer ttaaM 
ten dAya, ozeeBt ast M^tiasC oC tho 
person addreawed. 

Buster ifrown played to phenomenal 

business at Decatur, 111.. Chrlstmaa. The koaac 

was packeil at the mallnei- performance and a 
nUmlH T 'if I- will.- wiif mriu-.l a\s-«7 la tha 

Cars Wanted 

Sleeping and Blner Gomblned, 
and Baggage Cars. 

T f . NYE, - Jai J^o- 



Tb* ambMid 

■Md apply. Han 
— • good I«tUr 

- - paid 

ite » npnMBtatl** la OTvr al^ not abaady pmUad far.. Oaly hiiatlar 

ba yoBBC maa of taod panonal addtaia. paniaaaatly loeatad. who oaa 
r for pttUicatJan, aad wka hu a kaaa <7o for nam aad bnaiaaaa. A 
paid oa all taaaaaa aaemrad. Tamia aav; mta for paztiaalan to tka 


t.— BUoa Theatre (M. L. Scmoa. 

r.) BlUr Clifford l^M: enmrded taoDica. The 
' ' Oaetw S. R. O. aU w««k. Acnaa 

ui. M. 

JCoMe TbeotTF (J. TaniiedbaDD, 

r.) SaTase Grand Opera Co 20-30; eood bn<l- 
acaa. KTeat and Vokes Jan. 1; Mabel False 2; 
K^e VtUew S. 

THOT. — ^rotmar'a Theatre (Frank P. Polmar, 
■tr.> Mabel Palee 3; DoDoeUr and Hatfleld'a 
lUiatiela 8: DaWd Hanun IS: Sweet Clover 1«: 
~ Dt Co. Dec U-30: food bo^- 


ADdttaclnn (Brlshaia 
) OeatDiy SMOk Co. week 18; 


Sfaicatte Theatte (T. B. ^MaeMecben. d>st.) 
Oo ed Ta ndeTlUe bill week IS; (air bnxiaeaa. 

LITTLE BOOK.— Capital Theatre (C. T. Tay- 
lor, msr.) Tbf Triumph of Betty 28; good 
boalneaa ana K^a-.v. l^aullne Hall 26; capacity 
boshMia. Bow MelTUIe ZT; pleaaed good bnai- 
acaa. Ohaa. B. Baatord 28: fair attcDdaoce. 
Raao aad AlTwd'a Sarpriae Oo. SB: A Madcap 
PriD c aw W: Tte Fortnae TOItr Ad. 1; Oia^ 
■aaa 9s Mat . QOmm -M, 

KaJcaSa (K. IC. Sodga. mgr.) Whaa 'wa 
TwaBtr.«aa waa k 1; good perfortoane* 
oad flaff baataaaa. 

Aleasar (B. D. Price, mgr.) A Stnaait in 
a Strange Land week I; good ' 

TlToU (W. H. I.eahy, ligr.) 
Hadea week 1 ; good bnaiaiM aan- mmmwi • 

Orand (3. L. Ackerman. «gK) Mlnct' 0*1MII 
week 1; tiiialacas fine. 

CallfoniU (C. P. Hall, mj^r.) The Tolly 
Olria week 11; good retonui. 

^^tgicmB JJ^to Morriaay.^ nq^.) Orpheom 


week 1: inialBaaa flae. 

. VMaa aad LarDa.^ra 
liar and Cbmn. Jolla Biacbard. 
mm, «Bd a tt a ta waak It ' 

LycaiiB (Bert DooaallaB, aurO 
IcwlB. Ethel Whltaatda aad 
aad Adair, Jaa. gan a aa i a y . 
1; good hoalaeaa. 

Colqoe (W. H. Ponk, mgr.) Woodaon and 
WoodaoD, Black and Leslie, Zaino, Conlln and 
Uagaalre, aad oUnra week 1; tia^lnesii k'kxI. 

ChatM (Ed. Lery. mgr.) SilTlnl Rmthers. 
our ranen, Hawklaa and Uazvl. Urowiip ii 
Oalety OIrL and othera week 1: builneiui eood 

mer. Georgia Lewis and Tom lUplcy week 25; 
hnslnesa good. 

Cnrtls Theatre (A. B. Pelton, mgr.) On the 
Bridge at Midnight week 23; good l-nstnns. 
Boiie»t Hearts week Jan. 1. 

New Eteptre (J. E. Cllffori:, mgr.) Mcir Lon- 
don Gaiety Glrla week 25; good bafloea*. Mi- 
ner's Jfeay BDrleagoera wtA Jaa. 1. 

Vovelty (Beitfy 

•laki. aagr.) Thiaa WUh- 

er* Pmbaakd. Clay Traia Slma, Iha DaOooa 
Novelty Olieaa ,««tk 25; batlacaa good. 
Oiratat (Sa*, t. Adu^ Digr.) aaaaoaay and 

DMa Soah 

„ , Sbair, UeUtoad aiil 

Xatraie. Kazwia aad MeMlIe aad Aaetlc weak 
S; baalaaaa seed. B. T. BDBliSIDB. 

Oa the BtUga at UMalgtt te. 1; ~ 

Spmeaty 4. ' 

BBISeZBOBX.— Smith Theatre (E. C. Smith, 
mgr.) Ena Kendall IB; plaaaad eapadty. Ben 
of Broken bailaeai. Wandtrlaiid 
ST; large angltoea. Tba Ugbtolag Conductor 
2S: good bnsltteaa. A Olil of the Streets 20-30; 
pleased good bnalaeaa. The Eye Witness Jan. 
1-2; Dan Sully S; lo the Bishop's Carriage 4; 
Sortiem and Uarlowe S; The Choir Singer 0. 

Poll's Theatre (B. B. Mitchell, nicr. ) Miiwiirs 
Society Belles headed a good bill »itk 2->. utiM 
acia excellent. Miller's Blephants. Simon. G«rd- 
aar and Co., Vao Alden, Marrelons Frmnk, 
BMadow and W-Ucy week Jan. 1. 
. KASTFDBD,— Parfoo'a Theatre (H. C. Fax- 
sons, aigr.) The Prodigal Son 25; S. R. O. 
In the Bishop's Carriage 26; capacity boslness. 
Little Lord FanDtleroy 2T; good ahnr and fair 
buslnets. Ben of Broken; good bnal- 
ness. Wonderland 28-30; piMgad IHI* Iwal- 
orss. Bars Kendall Jan. 1. 

Hartford Opera Hooae (B. B. Jeaalago, mgr.) 
John C. BIc* aad Sally Otbaa. Daflbt-Badeay 
hnded a good MB week M. 
^ 1. KBbgr, mgr.) 
and Co., the Poor ATolaa aad 

Mi'B (U C. 

_ ^ itt Ooirigan 
moa aad Hw OaOar Tnape 
were the beat weak att Saa baataaaa. Sate'a 


an* Jan., 1. 




MiairtnB , (ML rued, mgr.) Dallen and Hayes, 
aad OtbaiB sraak 1; good show and bnslness. 
_aawlra fWai. Waaton. mgr.) Mr. aad Mrs. 
Brad. CMdea Wtat (laartet. AIL Jamaa. , Chaa. 
O. Gayloc. Baooa iTaa. and otiien weak 1{ good 

Baldwia Theatre. Keliey and Parfca. Fred 

gtwxslleld. snd others week 1. 

Broadway (U. Solomoo, mgr.) Era Thatcher, 
Bawsoaa. Ora Ott and Bams, snd Lasetto week 

1: good show and business. BCBE: COHBN. 

37 Phelan Bldg. 
Bd K KHH PIKLP. — Union Theatre. Saleh and 
taeraoB. Jaa. Haggerty, The Campbells, and 
si tters week 1. 

EtntBXA. — B. Street Theatre (Al. Rlchter. 
■« r.) T he Gottlobs. and otheni week 1. 

ntEUO. — Theatre. Daulton and Dalee, 
Ibztell aad Moore. Max Hoen. Ptanx. Uatbewa 
"~ win waak 1. 

ridWW Ml Tbaabe (A. Ooha. mgr.) 

1 THaia. Ttank 'BUy, Jeanne Bnokea, 

Boae Fuller * 0>., Uabd Bowud. aad.otbeia 
week 1. 

Empire (Cham. Knchs. mgr.) Beradaya, 
Lewis I^omar. Brltt-Nelson Fight Pletnres 
week 1. 

BACBAHEHTO. — Acme (Chas. (loddard, 
aagr.) Maafeal Bentlcy, Geo. Stewart, aany 
jamaa Oa.. and wtlieta week i. 

SdV BBBirABBniO,^-Openi Hooae (Mattba 
L. Klpllnser. mm.) X«B ZOoaoa 3Bt l-MdMd 
bouiie. AltM-Ttii (^llBtlB.'lB OaVfiB ''XUp' Wt 
good perfunnanee and att o n d aaea.. ■■' Ag'-ttV OM 
Orot>4 Roads Jan. 1. 

Broadway Theatre (E. E. r^Is^pden, msr.) 

<iOod bill week 23; good business. 

BAH SIEOO.— Fickwltii Theatra. Mr. and 
Mra. Phelg. McAnn '<5*ffiSf.~ 
BymoDda, Holmes aiw IBWDaai: " iilff TCfal 
Oseoar week I_ 

BAB JOSE. — Theatre Jose (Joe Blam, mgr.) 
■d. Richmond A Co. week 1. 

Victory (Sam. Harris, mgr.) Marrelona Md- 
rOIe, Nat Pranko. Claire Maynord, Hatchlnga 
aad Lnetiee. Perle et Dlamont week 1, 

MSXA GSTiXr-Xiicatie (Anjn Boberts. 
aaift>- TBnda aMa- fla^ ■wnaB i. 

>f PC H B y»— BeW ncatie (A. i^goc mgr.) 
Baaalms Trio. ManTTo, I^teU Fml i u i t 
BaaAML aad Jones and Frank DamellitMah: 


IMLHVJLK. — ^Bnaihrar T^:ea!re (EL r. Uc- 
Oeart, mgr.) Bobt. Bdeson In Stpwgheait week 
S: pleaaed good bnainea. Tba TIigiBlBB. week 
tmm. 1. 

TslMv Oraad (B. .P. IfcCoort. nigr.) ' RIciiard 
and Prlngle's Mlnvtrelx week Ki sood at- 
tendance. Base Cecl!la Kiay In Paul louat 
week' Jaa. I. 

(Ifartla Beck,, oqtr^) Fadette Ot^ 

- ■j'*-'!^ii?ft2!r*. i2!;- 

r.— Oaiilek Vhtatn (W. L, 
wmtwin. uwi.) 'Wm^t 1, Ooo. W. (Snmlng' 
baa aad Qeaeea Smtlb. Iroalae Mea li ooi , WQ- 
liaaia and Dermody. Hr. gaf ' 
& Co., T. W. Eekert asd 
ilagher and Barrett, TOlper ' 

and the klnetograph. 
f Lyccnm Theatre (Daniel Hnmphrlea. mRT. ) 
, Itig Hearted Jim packed the hODse 25-27. Tbe 
I Eleventh Hour played to unsnally large liauKon 
S»-30. For Uls Brother's Crime lu big l>u»l 
neaa 1-3- At the World's Mercy -t-(t; In n 

i Woman's Power 8-10; No Mother to Guide Her 
11-1.1: Old Clotlies Man lS-17. 
Grand Opera House (Jesse K. Baylls, mgr.) 
Mamie Fleming Stock Co. played to record- 
I breaking bnslness week 1. Philadelphia Or- 
. chestm 11: Little Johnny Jonas IS. 


WASHmOTOS.— New NatloosI Tbeatre (W. 
n. Raplhy, mgr.) It Happened la Kocdland 

week Jaa. 1: good p — " — ' 

B. S. WlHaid week 8. 

Belsaeo (Ira J. LaMotte. aigr.) Baiah Bern. 
hardt in repertoire week Jan. 1; capacity bnal- 
nes«. lira. Leslie Carter week 8. 

Coitxmbhi Theatre (Lodiett & Dyer, mgrs.) 
Arnold Daly In Ton Never Can Tell week Jan. 
1 : Lulu Glaser week 8. 

Majestic Ttaatre (E. P. Sargent, mgr.) Me, 
Hhn and I week Jan. I; good business. Gay 
New York week S. 

Academy of Music (Jno. W. Lyuna, mgr.) 
Bedford's Rope week I; good boslness and 
excellent performance. Fantasma week 8. 

Kemaa Theatre (Eugene Keman. mgr.) Sam 
Devere's Own Co, week Jan. 1; good bnslneaa 
and show. May Honrard week 8. 

(Hiase's Tbeatre (H. W. DeWItt, mgr.) Harry 
TToudlnl, Carxol Johnson, Mother, Houghton and 
Moshac aadvOMiezs week 1; boslnaaa aood. 

- - luim. 


(W, H. Lowry, mgr.) 
Attooal Stock' Cb. week 23-30; good bnslness. 
JEasaoad*a Minstrels Jan. I; good bnslness. A 
B ree gy -Time 2; good sho^w snd boslness. 

ATUBTA.— Grand (H. L. & J. L. De Olre. 
mgrs.) The Banawaya 37-28: good boalneaa and 
staovr. Robin Hood 2D4iO; gaod Imainna and 
Sh«w. Kyrte BeBev Jan, 1.8; good bnslness 
and pertocmanee. Tbomas JeSernon IS4I; Darld 

BIloa (Jake irena. lea.) The MUllonatre De 
teettre week l: good boslneaa and performance. 
The Xtlnety and Nine week 8. 

Star tJ. B. Tbomiiaon. mgr.) Burlesque and 
Taudevllle week 1; gooil hnslnesa and bill. 

AITGHBIA.— Crand Opera Hoose (Sehwelgert 
& Laurence, mgrs.) Tbe Paytoo Slateta week 
ss: excenent bosinesa all - week, Tbe Mmray 
stock COk.Jan. 1-0. 

OOimmiB,— Opera House, Omcj CSmnets 
asfi good boaacs. A Pair oC Ftafta agj aadMd 
boaae aad good ahew. a ttOr Smb aftTTUr 
beaae. -The Banawaya M:''BaMM^liap|Nk '■ 9ia* 
low'a Jiinatiela Jaa. St aJSt^^toilT^ 


Wintam A«be. 

Power's Theatre * Harry powers, mgr.) Week 
8. Joseph WLeelock. Jr.. In Just Oat of Col- 

Grand: Opera., Itooae (Hairy AaklaL asgr.) 
■.We^.at;.- Me B iH «m i i j -.-aad:- Bw»;-Ib /Tba wiSvd 

of :OBi-i-i-'.i ■ 

Stndehaker Tbeatre (B. E. Harmayw, BOr.) 

Week 8. The Prince of Pllsen. 

Garrlck Theatre (Samuel P. Gersoo, mgr.) 

Week 8. Bertha KalKMi In Monni Vanna. 

Colonial Theatre (Geo. W. Lederer, mgr.) 
Week 8. Mclntyre and Heath in The Ham Tree. 

Jlt^VIclier's Tbeatre (Geo. C. Warren, bus. 
msr.) Week S, Wilton Lackaye In The Pit. 

Creat Xortliem Tlieatie (P. C. Ebeita, mgr,) 
Week 8. David Harum. 

LoSalle Theatre (M. H. Singer, IBgr.) Wbafc 
8. Cecil Lean In The Umpire. 

Chicago Opera Bonse (Kohl & Oeatle, mgrs.) 
Week 8 His Honor the Mayor. 

Olympic Tbeatre (A. Jacobs, mgr, for Kohl 
* Ckotle) Week 8, Empire City Quartette, Ma- 
aart Slateta, Jlia. Staart Bohaoa Oo,, Waterhury 
Bma. and Teony. Alf . Oraat. Gatdaar and Stod- 
liafd, SMCae and Oaklll. Haigaiet xawtoD. Ar- 
lington * BUatoa, BA. flawyat^ BacKky^ llaBt, 
waiten aad Howard. Kittle DaTia, Loa Fietta 
and Mansdeld and fclnodrome. 

Majestic Tbeatre (Lyman J. Glover, mgr. for 
Kohl A Ostle) Week S. Bert Leslie and Rob- 
ert Dalley. Rose Stahl and Co., Prelles Talk- 
icf$ Does, Lem SuUy, Clayton, Jenkins and 
JoKper. Milaln Trio. Three Xavaroa. Qulnlan 
and Mack. ©"Hourkc Bamette Trio, John Llm- 
mer, Costellat and Hall, Gordon Eldrld, Roecoe 
and sinuus, Alabama' Quartette and klnodrome. 
. Haymarket Theatre (W. W. Freeman, mgr. 
for Kohl & Castle) Week 8. Eight Allisons. 
Marshall P. Wilder. Howard and North. Mabelle 
Adama, Byan and Bicbfleld, Browning and Miss 
WbaUy, Bedted aad Winchester. Lizzie Mc- 
Keeeen Tminm* XHOk Bonnie Male, Mr. and 
Mia. Oao. Laskncoed. Tyler aad Jamea, BoU- 
back and Parqaette. Waag Ooote Xkto aad 

Boah Temple Theatre (Unbotk SChabar, 

mgr.) Week S, stock. 

People'a Theatre (Wlngilrid, Rowland & Clif- 
ford, mgrs.) Week 8, Holt o< 'ftiaco. 

Columbus Tbeatre (Webac Brat,, mgn.) Week 
8, Behind the Mask, ■ ■ 

Ho»-ard Theatre (AL 6.' Wen in ay. mgr.) 
Week 8, vauderlUe. 

Alhaiulbra Theatre (James H. Brown, m^z.) 
Week 8, Queen of the HIgliihIadeis. 

Academy of Mnalc (Wm, Bocbe, mgr.) Week 
8, Sherlock Holmes. 

BIJon Theatre (Wm. tla^t,r aUCj WaOk 8. 

Past Idfe in New Xork. 

Sld J. Boaon'a Thcam (Sid I, Eaaon, mgr.) 
Week r, Tbe Itely TUeeea. 

Troeadare Thcatte (Rmbt B. Hedges, mgr.) 
Week 8. Fittalmaaeaa.-aad OWea Fight Pic- 
tures, and The Vantty.fBBS. ' 

Folly Theatre (SuDCa J 
Week 8. burlesque. 

Clark St. Mnaeum (Louis M. Hedges, mgr.) 
Curlo hall and theatre. 

London Dime Moaenm (Wat. S, 
mgr.) Carlo HaU and theatra. 


CHAMPAIGN — ^Walker Opera HOnac (O, F, 
Hamilton, mgr.) When Women Lore 98; flair 
business. The County Chairman 29; good busi- 
ness. Bus ter Brown 2; crowded house. Fanst 6 

DAINyiLI>£,— Grand Opera House (W. L 
KeUey, mgr.) Holden Brothers 25; S. B. O. 
The Two Johns 26; capacity business. When 
Women Love 27; good hnslnesa and ptrformance. 
Faust 28; good bushiess. Tbe Woman in tbe 
Ottt 2D; exceUeat aad bnaiaeaa good, 

BUoo (Baoy - avtodiaa. aagr.) . Ortaaana 
aad Mack, Jeaa IjaaapBatTBiaiiiiiillaUa ««ek 
Jaa. I. 

UemOTtal BtB (W, L, Kelley, mgr.) The 
TwoMhaa 18; good boalBcaa. 

DIZOir,— Opera Honae (Obaa. B. Eaatataa, 
mgr.) Prom iBaga to Blab — 
NnrMi Brotheia Gomediana 
U. E-urslfal 8. 

DECATUB.— Power's Theatre (J. F, GiTen, 
mgr.) Buster Broivn packed lionse. Black 

Crook 28: fair returns. The High Flyers 27; 
heavy buslnesi. The Woman In the Case 28: 
plesKed good business. Garter, magician 29: 
M.v Friend from Arkansas 30; liOnd of Nod 
Jan. S; Tlie Holy City 9; The Forbidden Land 
lU; In Old Kentucky 11; Parsifal 13. 

ELOIN. <>i>erB House (Fred W. Jenks. mgr.) 
Tiie Holy City 20; good performance and fair 
hnslnosB. OlhcUo 2r>: S. K. O. Land Of Nod 
26: S. R. O. Parsifal Jan. 4. 

aALEBBVBO. — 'Auditorium (L. T. Doracly, 
mgr.) MUdred Holland 2S; good business. Black 
Crook 28; fair business. Cousin Kate Jan. 1; 
good house. Sleeping Beauty and the Beast 8; 
Marching Through Georgia 4; Holty Tolty 6; 
Holden Brothers S; Mcsssge from Mars 10. 
BUon Tbeatre (P. E. Payden, mgr.) Big bnsl- 
ness wee k 31. Good UU for week 1* 

JA0xaOBTl£LB,— Ofand Open Hooae (Geo. 
W. (Thatterton, mgr.) Tbe yfcmma la tlie Oaae 


to Blabaa >T| awed b 

- " Jan. It a 

27; good business and abow, 
28; fair bualne«s. The TeaderfOot tOi 
and good sboiv. Bnster Brown SO; capacity 
business. Sblpp's Indoor Clrcos week Jan. 16: 
capaci ty b usiness. 

JOLXBT,— JoUet Theatre (J. T. Henderson, 
nigr.) Hearts of Gold 29: fair buslnexs. The 
World 30; fair show and business. Docie Josh 
Perkins 31; good show and baslneas. Ma.-dilns 
Ttrongh Georgia Jan. 1; ^rapacity returns. 

Grand Theatre (L. (^Idberg. mgr.) Bnal- 
ness good week 23. Kate* Brothera, Dill ind 
Ward. Smazel and Razall. WUIloms and Ifel. 
hoome. Great B C, ecru 7s T, »r.gnlHnBr WTl 
bourne. Great Bruce. Clay and WIImb and JMav- 
lug plcturea week Jan. 1, 

MxarDOTA. — Oermaala Opata - ■oaaa 'OT. A. 
Uubbs. mgr.) Haarfli and BaoM Mi saod *ow 

and hnslnesa. 

aTrnrOY.— 'Empire Tbeatre (W. L BMhy. 
mgr.) The Isle of Bong Bong 21-2S; CSCellent 
show and baslness. The Black Crook 27; good 
business. A Runaway Boy 30: fair business- 
Slaves of the Mine 31; good business. For Home 
and Honor Jan. 1: W^ben Women Love 2: 
Sleeping Beaaly and the Benat S; MUdred Hol- 
land t; Meaaage from Mara 5; Marching 
'nmmgb Osos g ia 8; Howe's Moelaa Pietures 7; 
^rUaJBtider Stock On. 8-lS; InOld Kentucky 

BUon Theatre (Patrick * Uo(»nneU mgrs.) 
Baatia aad .Taa KaaCaaaa. Frederick the Great 
gwa- ;» aaah .gawifc- OraiUa Jtoaae aad mn- 
IBB pletarta wtak An. 1. ' 

BlKWTg Grand (Ohamberlln A Harrington, 
lagia.) Mildred Holland 27: fair business. Black 
Ckook 31: good Iwalaesa. SIccptaig Beauty Jan. 
1: good baateM. .Itaaasa Omb Man 2: good 
ahow: aad' ' fair ^haalaaaB. 'JgaMMhis ' Thraogh 
Gcefgte 5: Bobt. Bdeaaa 6: OMe'Xs* Per- 
kins 7: Koae of All^amlm 8 

Main St. Theatre (J. C. Ontler, mgr.) Jag. 
sling Matbloa. Joacuhlne Coin, SanfBA and 
Oariiimiaa. Beatilse, Mtitea al e and Oo^ ~ 
OmUiSx and <Mhera weak S; .t ' 
Weaat (Chaa. Battaaa. 

Kramo Brothers, Brown Brothers. Sawtell and 
Sears and others week 1; business good. 

BOCKPOBD.— Grand Opera House IGeO. C. 
Sackett. mgr.) Ooufln Kate Z3; capacity bnal- 
aess. From Bags to Klchee 20: fair business. 
Hearts of Gold 27; good bualneso- Uind ot 
Sod 2S: fair shoiv and capacity hualneas. Howe'a 
Moving Pictures 29: good bnslness. The Sambo 
Girl 30; good business. Hohve's Moving PJc- 
torea 31; good business. Holty Tolty. Jan. 1; 
capacity buulncss. Josh Perkins 2s frtr bald- 
ness. Tim Murphy 8; Tbe Black Oltt^ -4: 

Devil's Auction •: 3ly 
Oakn U; 

Flints lu 

10; Nobody's 

nana and n aa to rma 
Bin laa. .1; Maha 

SPSnroSIXU).— Cbattartoo (OaOk W. Chat-- 
tertoa. mgr.) Othello 87; fair bnalaeaa Deteb 
Bdwaua Oa. SMB: pleaaed good hadaeaa. ,^TeB- 
derAwt W; fair baalacan ud good MMMr. -Wbrn 
TnaMB IiM« H; fair baalnira The Uttle Dodb- 
eaa Jaa. 1; eanael^ ' 

Gaiety (Smfth i 
Hughes, Sammcn 1 
las. Mr. and Mrs. 
good bi»tness. 

Olympic (C. J. MdCann mgr.) BUIy J*=- . 
son's Burlesquers, Davis and Jerome. -Kitty Idt 
Belle. Allen Sisters, Jackson and Sparks, ASnea 
Clark. May Gibson, Williams and Ulbnaa week 
1; bnslness good. 

Bmplre (John Connors, mgr.) TtmOfe aad 
Bartlett. Anna Meyers, BInney and Chap 
Eira Voulettl. CamlUe Ambrose and otlMIB ' 
1; good hnslnesa and good performance. 

8T» TMTOB ,— glnmb OVeia Banae (J. & 
WUUama. aigr.) Daelc Mb Feeklaa IS: goad 
baslneaa. North Brothers week 18: good baalr 
btrmanees. Marotalng IS' 
Slahara's MLsstrela S> 

AKOOLA.— Cioxton Opera Hoaac (B. B. WUr 

'"SLlITXoS&Sotud (BadOi * . 

mgrs.) MIM Bob White XD; exeelleat peiAnn- 
ance and good bnainess. National Stock Cto. 
-Mary Bmerson 8. 

BRAZIL.— McGregor Opera House (Will H. 
Leevltt, mgr.) A Pair of Country Klda Jan. 
1; The Holy Cnty 4. 

E7AKSTILLB. — Bljoo (Geo. SelUnger. mgr.) 
Bthel Robinson. Klein nad Clifton. Majd Mnl- 
Icr. KItamurn Jajis. Count De But* and Brother, 
Mr. and Mrw. Jno. Powers, Great loitirent week 
St; business good. Azmstrong and Holly, Ban- 
ner Family, Clover and Pollaid.- W*U^ 
Maltland, Alice I/ewia, Don and JUa 
moving pletmea week Jan. 1, 

Grand (T, A, Fcdlay, mgr,) 
Stock Co. 23-80; Mg bnalneaa. The Teoderfaot 
Jan. 1; Otis Sklaaer 10; The Bollleklag 9M 
Id: Saa Toy IS; The fflanaman 17; aba. Vaa; 

ga'a HMtsna aiaiy Ineraon ST; Jack 
oeiBer week OB. 

People'a (T. A. Pedley, mgr.) Tbe Ohapeiona 
31; good business. Grace Hoyward Stock Co. 
week Jan. 1: Wine. Women and Song 7: Ueanty 
Doctor 14; Miss Bob White 21; The Ue of 
Spice Feb. 4. 

FOaT WAYNE. -lluJiJitlc Tlicatre (M. B. 
Rice, msr.) Fritz In Tammany llall 23; good 
show and hushirn^. Tlie Little Duclieas 25; 
fair fiiow and packed house. The Fool's Re- 
venge 26; fair show and buslnesa. The Smart 
Set 27; plcssed large attendance. An A ri atO- 
cratic Tramp 28; fair show and hnslneos. 

Temple (F. B. Stouder. mgr.) Bxeellaat van- 
deruie U attiaetlng cafaeUy b a alaeaa. 

nLAllXT0BT.-3llaa Theatte (LaaabialM^ 
HaSoid, ogn.) A Mr «< .Oewtey ^KldaSii 

Sa!v^£i%i£^ SS^aS 


Cryatal Ttieatre (Chaa. Welsh, mgr.) Great 
Lenos and others week 8; btulneaa good- 

OOBHEK. — Jefferson Tbeatre (Harry Somera, 
niET. ) Otis Skinner '27; good bnslneaa. Sleep- 
ing lleauty and the Ueast 28: fair buslneoa and 
show. The Fool's Revenge Jan. 1; Mr. Oooley 
8; Howe's Moving Pictures 4; Bdilnd Uie Mask 
5; Tbe Millionaire Trump 6. 

HABTPOBB CITY Van Cleve Theatre (W. 

L. Van Cleve, mgr.) Tlie Holy Oity 28; laiBO 
Tramp _Jaa, It 

audience. An 

Sacked bouse, 
ad ~ ' ' 

Along ItM 

Bay 8: Hnmpty Damp^ Ut Oatlnr MoA 
Co, 1040; Parta fr Night a: JarTiSmiSBi 

Tramp IS: Bnach of Km 18, 
Opera Hooae (J. H. Patt. n>gr.) Tbe KdaoB 

Holman Comedy Co. 4-0. 

KOKOKO.— Slpe Theatre (W. B. Hclmlefc. 
mgr.) York State Polks 2S; good hoalneaa, A 
Pair of Country Kids 30; good bualneaa, Ba- 
dolph and Adolph 30; good bualneaa. An Aria- 
tocratlc Tramp 4; Miss Bob White 5; Human 
Hearf* 6. 

Crystal (W. B. iFliilej, mgr.) Keed and Had- 
ley. Holmes and Dean. Hazel Good, The Bver- 
etts an d mo ving pictures week Jan. 8. 

LAFAYETTE.— Grand Opera House (Jaa. A. 
Ryan, mgr.) The Smart Set 23; One abow and 
capacity boalneos. The Lighthouse Bobbery 
31; The Two Johns Jan. I; Human Hearts S; 
Otis Skinner 4; Llllhin Blauvelt S; Wilton 
I.ackaye R; Robt. Bdesoo 8; Bodolpb andAdoIph 
10; The Jolly Bnron IT. 

LOOABSFOBT,— Dowllng Tbeatie (Jno. B. 
OowUag, mgr.) The Little •Docbeaa SB; pleased 
gaod bonaa. Te Holy City 90; pleaaed good 
honae afienooa aad night. 'Taming a Hna- 
baad Jaa. 1; eapadty both attarnaoa aad alght^ 

An Aiiaiacralle Tnunp S: pleaaed good 

Mr. IDoeiey 4; A Fair of Oonatiy Kfia 8. 
; Oiyatal Theatra (Tom Bardie, aogr.) 
1, Luta Tbela, Jamea R. and Haed B. Byaa, 
Jamea Porter, Captain Sidney HInman and hla 
llte-savlng dogs, nod the klnodnnne; capacity 
busin ess . 

' MICHIOAK CITY. — .\rmory Opera Hsuoe (E. 
F. Bailey, mgr.) To Die at Dawn SS: good 
basIncBs. A Romance of Coon Boiiaar S; fiilail 
to appear. Gorton's Sllnstrels 5; HaBaB SaaTIa 
11; Majestic stock Co. IS-SO. 

UAB.60N. — Grand Opera Houite (Graham A 
Srl'elk. mgrs.) llunipty Ihimpty XO; good bu-*!- 
ni-8!i. The Ttro Jolina U: Miss Bob White 12. 

iniKCIE. — Wyser's Opera Hoase (H. B. 
Wysor. mgr.) Little Homestead 23: fair busi- 
ness sod show. Rudolph and Adolph 26: good 
hnslne.sH and fair allow. Sherlock Holmes 20; 
good show and fair bnainess. Bnster Brown 28: 
capacity hnslnesa. Heir to the Hoorah 2S: Bne 
ahow aad good hnalnaai York State Folka SO: 
goad abow and fnir baatneaa, Ifisa Bob 'While 
Jan. 1: good baatneaa. Oonaiy Ohalnaaa 8: 
Fool'a Rerenga 8; MeVaddea'a Plata T;_IIMa 
Tom'a Cabin IS. Oader Soatbaca Wan- M. 

Star Theatra (B. B. Oaioodbr« aiBr>> BUI 

as pasa MJ 

JANUARY 13, 1906. 

Xtie Billboard 


c — 

— \ 

Routes Ahead 




DMt. CU., 8- 

B«irord, AL O. & Mtlw (G«m): Lrnn, Mau.. 
Bmlon ■Iftcn, .Tlw, Capital) ^tlCBt, Moot.. 

waion BUtcn, T«* (Cmpltal 

4|mM!> litigaoo (Trent): Ttntoa, M. X. S- 
iarkc'a SAnlcU Dog* (Tmt): TMBtoa. N. J., 

Browalog & 3dlM Willj (Htrmarkct) : Obi- 

c»so, in.. 8-lS. 
Bu^nr, Nina (TMpIe): Ft. Wamt, Ind.. 

Black 'ft JOBM (Darle): Yonker*. N. X., 8- 

13; (Famllr) Paasalc. N. J.. lB-20. 
BcllTrnn & Bobcrta (Yale's): Kaniu ClCr, 

Mo.. 8-is. 

B^noette & Newmin (Bljoo): Qiili>C7, Ul.. 

Brown & Wllmot (Orand): VIotarla. B. C. 8- 
13; (Qiand) B«lllngtiam. Waab.. 13-20. 

Borkca. Tba JoskIIdc (Blion): Port Boron, 
Uleh.. 8-lS; (BUoo) Jaekaon IS-20. 

Bute Bmi. * VoaDall (Lyric): aareland. 
O., S-U; ((kyaul) Ottrolt, JUofe« 

wi«.. imK 

(Crritid) MUwankfc. . 

Bernard, Rboda (International): Chleaso, In., 


BamnstoD (Gennett): Blchmood. lod.. 8-18: 

(G. O. H.) Grand Raplda. Uleh.. lS-20. 
Borton A Barton (Bennett's): St. Tbomas, 

Ont., 8-13: (Star) Hamilton 15-20. 
Bogert, Lottie (Elite): Rock Island. lU.. 8- 

13; (BIJon) Kenanee 15-20. 
Bnckley's Dogs (Oljrmpic) : Cblcagn, ID., 

13: (Cnrstal) Marlon. Ind.. lS-20. 
Bgigen. P. Dair (Pbllllps-): Blchmond. Ind., 

•■Ui (Ortnd) Hamilton. 0.. 15-20. 
■mat * BaTilir (Orphrnm); SnrlnffleM, O., 

(CoIombU) CInetonatt 15-20. 
:8anie(, T. B07: KantM CItr. U&, t-U. 
Birrt, Frank (Unlqne): UluMapoUi. Ulna., t- 


Barton & Rankin (Idea): Food da Lae. Via., 

8-13: (International) Cblcapo, nU U40. 
Bnckere TMo (BIJoalt Matt. MlMk, MSt 

(Unlqne) '^^^'^^ 


Bartelmea, n* 


Box.^*d. S. dVMHB)! 

Bma, Mtaa B. W. (tffrle) 

Ul Ufoide) SMedo i»ao. 
■mIo% * BiookM (Keith's): ProTldencc. B. 

•L. ••U: (Keith's) New Tork City. 15-20. 
BtaA, John .Park): Worcester. Meu., 8-13: 

(BMk'a) noTldcnee. B. I., u-20. 

Baker, Pete F. (G. O. H.): Indianapolis. Ind.. 

8-13; (Oilambla) Cincinnati. O.. 13-20. 
Budworth & Wells (Unique): Winnipeg, Man., 

1-13: (Unlane) MlnneapoUx. MIno.. 15-20. 
Browne. Wblsiling Tom (Orpheom): New Or- 
leans, La., 8-13, 

.Jlrmple) Ohicago. ni., wv. 
Barrowa, Laneaater Oo. (Empire) 

N. J.. 8-13. 

Bergere. Valerie * Co. ((Aaac'*): Wa*hlaS' 
*~ " " — m't) - _ — 

ton. O. a, 8-18; (SUM*! 

an t ea p e wf a ll y nqsaned ^m ooBMtMa 
raaok Tha BiUlward Batmday, ta tBsm 

(orirardn mall Co aU profeaalooala rrce of dure*. 

■NMmB are iBTtted, wblle on tlie read, to have Ibelr mall addressed in 
HUMOId, aad It win be promptlr fbrwaided. 

Aigall, WllUam (Odombla): Cincinnati, O., 

j^lS; (Hopkins') UralsrlUe, Kj.. 14-20. . 
Atlaatia, Great (Oiotea): San Francisco. Cal., 


Americas Newsboys Quartet (Grand): Tacoma, 
Waab.. 8-lS; (Grand) Portland. Ore, IS- 

Adler. Do (CV>hmibU): St. Loo la. Ha., ••Iti 

(Haymarket) Chicago. Dl.. 15-20. 
Appleby, B. J. (Lyric): Wlcblta, Kan.,' 


Albene & IjiBrant (Dnlqne): Winnipeg, MaSM 


Addison II LlTlngaton (Otpbenm): SpilocfleU, 

O., 8-13; (Orand) HamUton IS-SO. 
atod Comedy Fonr (Keltb'a) : Boston, Maaa,, 

8-13; (Park) Worcester 15-20. 
AlllsonB, Bight (OipbnuD): New Orlaaoa, La., 

8-13. _ 
ArUngton & Helston (Otjrapl*)! .'.flMiUib ID.. 

8-13; (Grand) Jollet IMOl 
Alpin* Family: .Clereland, O.. 8-18; (Boward) 

BostCB, Mass.. 15-20. 
Anbetta. Les (Cook's O. H.): Bodiester, N. 

X.. ••IS: (Shes'B) Boffaio 16-20. 
Ansa * Featben (Bljoa): Oatikosb, Wis., 8- 
^U; (BUoa) Sheboygan lS-20. 
Adsan. Mabells (Haymarket): CWffagSt HL. 


Adair, Art (Main at.): Peoria, IlLr t-Ui 

(Gaiety) Spelnclleld 15-20. 
Atkinson. Goo. (Csliimet): Calnmct, Mich., 

8-13; (BlJou) Hancock 15 20. 
Allrns, The (Wood's): Sedalla, Uo., 8-lS; 

Blchmond. lad., U-20. 
Acker * OOday: MInaaapoUa, MIbBm 8-18. 
Adama, Bl Kirk, di Oo. (Xcrna): Horfolk. Ta., 

I'U. . 

AUiM * £M: Bangor. Ua.. 8-18. 
AitatM * mrtlDt (Acm): HwMk. Ta., l-is. 

Adama, MmImIi A»a>laas«. Ka^ fcMj (0«m) 

Alsbama QlMMt^OngMdllt. CMMfltk lU., 


Adams A Ilwir."(«saUr): ' Bkaiitqa. »a.. 8- 


Auk, Edna (Ilyde & Bebman's) : Brooklyn. N. 

v., 8-13. 

Allen A Krnoa (Star): Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 

as. Indef. 

Alqoeat, Nellie (I^rrie): ' -MWMa^''Thn Oct. 

•2. Indef. 

Amann & Hartley: Moaa & StoU Tour, Eng.. 

Beckrosa * LalPiaiir (Unlqne): Vimieapolls, 
i Mian., iadsf. ^ . „ 
. Bta Baabadl XMo lN8.>)l '(Xtr M Mss- 

.,^ie^ i-reb.'*, . : 

■nqr, KIttia (fiNw«)i Vti iTlecto, ttR.. Oct. 
v at iadaf;' — • . 
Btwit Bioa (TitoU); Loodoo. Eaf., An. 1-2T; 

(Oxford) LoodOD Feb. 5-8. 
uroim * KeTsiro (Albambia): Puis, FT., 

Dec 'Wan. 20. 
Bunkerr, Great (Standard): Ft. Worth, Tex., 


Brctjst Trio (Unlone): Winnipeg. Man^ 8-13. 
Black * LaaUa (VIcMtr): San Joaa. OsL, S- 

Black * 

•f tbe 

of TV 



BaTroelF BioNisrB (AMtta * StoWa) 

Maas., 15-3r. 
Barrle, Mr. h, Mrs. JInunle (Empire): Hobo- 
ken, N. J., 8-13: (Empire) Paterson 15-20. 
Bruno dc Rossell (G. O. H.) Indianapolis. Ind.. 

8-13; (Colombia) Cincinnati. O., 15-20. 
Barnes, Stnart (Temple): Detroit, Mich.. *- 
IS; (Oook'a O. B.) Bocheater, N. T., 15-20. 
Ba^ * Braaat (BUU): OaTeaport, la.. 8- 

Bra«p Bms, Unaleal (LaSalla): Keokuk, u., 

Baker ds I;ynn (Boplia): Mottlafham. Eng.. 
IB-M: (Baplre) LelCCttcr S2^; (Empire) 
Mancbester 29-Feb. 8; (Empire) Glaacow 5- 

Bell ft Henry (Empire): Nottlncham. Eng.. 
18-20; (Empire) Leicester 22-27; (Rmplre) 
Manchester 29-<Feb. 8; (Empire) GUagow. 
Scot., 0-10. 

Bs^r Wjj"* ^""^ (Sfajsatic): Hot Springs, 
BaUc^"* AMtk UBfhUl): T.. 

^.■^5 * '^'"i CWQne): Los Angeles, Cat, 

Bastes. Lsoia W. (Btloa): Baa (nalrs. -Wis., 8- 

^^^g^ *'M»-<n9Mtt)t-. iK;.9iisiik.' Mo.. 

BordcTeRF. OeL Oaataa. (Tietarta): New Tork 
City, 8-18. 

Broim, Hanr A. (Keith's): ProTldenec, B. L. 


Bnrkbarl. O. (People's): Marlboro. Mass.. 8- 

Bark* Drltat (0. H.)i Dppar Sai^daakF, O.. 
cai^ ttng k . Wmflmyt "diiwiM*, ' 0., 8- 

Clifford * Mk. (U^Mt Clereland. O., 8-13: 

(Family) 1imMm;TIL, 15-20. 
Clandlns * Scarlet (Orphcnm): Omaha, Neb.. 
8-13; (Orpbenm): Minneapolis, Minn., 15- 

(>«|wel^ W._ P. (S 


Cowier, Jaa. B. (BUen): 
8-13; (BljoQ) Isbpemlng 
(Hark tt Turner (BUoo): i 
Connelly, Pet* (BIJon): ~ 

Cnllen, Jamea B. (Orpbenm): MInneapolla, 
Minn.. 8-13; (Orpbeum) Denver, Col., 15-20. 

Cogan & Bancroft (Garrick): Wilmington. Del.. 

Caberet'a Dogs (Shea's): Buffalo. N. T., 8- 

18; (Bbea'a) Toronto. Ont.. 15-20. 
craig A Daogbertr ' 

Care'w * Harea (O. O. H.): Syraeosc, ». X., 

8-18: (Trent) Trenton. N. J., 15-20. 
Cameron & Flanacan (Dominica): WIoBipoc, 

Usn., 8-13: (BUOD) Dnbnqne. la.. 15-20. 
Cattaneos, The (Orphenm): DUca, N. T.. 8- 


Carter A Waters Co. (Baymarket): Chicago. 
III.. 8-13; (Colombia) St. Lools. Mo.. 15- 

0>le. Dolllne (Family): Bntte. Mont.. 15-20. 

Clarke. Harry Corson. A Co. (Ma}FStIc): Dal- 
las. Tex.. 8-13: (Majestic) Waco l.-S^O. 

Campt)ell A Johntao (Orpbeum): San Francisco, 
Cal. 1-13: (Orpbeum) Loa Annies I3-2T. 

Cramer * Casper (Benson): Philadelphia, Ps., 
8-18: (Howard) Borton. Mass.. 15-20. 

CorweF. Fenr (Hnrtig & Seatnoa's): New 
Tork CUT. S-IS: (Hyde * BAauB's) Brook- 
lyn, 15-». 

Camarss Slaters ' (Foil's): BrMgraort. Onm., 
8-13: (Hyde A Bebaaa'a) Bteoklfn, H. T.. 


0>ln'8 Dors (I>o1l's): BrldgfiMrt, Ooaa., 8- 

13; (Poll's) New HsTen 15-20. 
Clayton. Jenkins & Jasper (Majestic): Chicago. 
111.. 8.J3. 

(Siaiuino (Colonial): Vew York Cllj-. 8-18; (Or- 
phenm) Brooklyn 15-20. 
OoTTlgan, Ernest, & Co. (Poll's): New Haren. 

Conn., 8-13; (Proctor's 5Sth St.) New Totk 
City. 15-20. 

Clifford A Bnrke (Shea's): Buffalo. N. T, 8- 
13: (Shea'a) Toronto. Ont.. 15-20. ' 

Csrmenclta (Mobanrk): Schenectady, N. X.. 8- 
13: Brooklyn 15-20. 

Oolomblans, The Fire (Proctor's): Tnv. N. 
T.. S-IS: (Proetor'sl Newatk. K..X> XS40L 

•^ix^'k, 'sassUF.'ac^lsaL^ 


Creasy. Will M.. & Blanche 
Newark. N. J.. 8-13; a 
New Xork Gitr, l&-3a. 

(Lyric): Wichita. Kan.. 8- 

Be.\sos, Tlie (Idea): Fond da Lac Wis., 8-13; 
(Crystal) Milwaukee. 15-20. 

Colby rainllr (Trent): Trenton, N. J., 8-13: 
(Empire) Paterson 16-20. 

Crucible, The Mysterious (Orpbenm): Ports- 
month. O.. 8-13: (Orphaam) MansHaW 15- 

Carlin • OWi (Oqk«M)l BW l MrB . >. T.. 


CUrke, WUtred (Orjibenm): Beading, Fa., 8- 


Canon te Behan (Andltorlnm): Beading, Pa., 

Oaaad * DsTciae (I<yile): SispllD. Mo,, S-13. 
Caitoa. . CbaSL (Ortla Btoa.'): Mcxleo City. 
Mes.. 1-18. 

Carbenr * Staaton (SordtF): neano. CtL. 
Castle'* omw qPis t is>>jt Oadar BavU« U« 

CarietoB. ju: flMlBMa)> OBSlBaaCf. :e., ' 


Caffery * Grant (Moore's): Lima. O.. 1-13. 
CameU SUters Trio: Focatella. Utah. 8-13. 
Cberry A Bates (Proctor's)! Albaar. X., S- 


(^per & Boblnson (Hyda-A 

lyn. N. T.. 8-13. 
Caieedo (Paywt): -Bama 
3far. S. 

(3urall, Crcat (Aleaaar): Dasiar, OtaL, la- 

aHOam A-SMt' (TlToU): London. Eng., Dec. 

CoiMter. Beicn (BI}on): DaTenvcrt. la.. Indef. 
Cook A Miss Botbert: Moss-StoU Xtoor, Bag., 

Jan. 1. indef. 
Carroll A Clarke (Cnlqne): ShebOFgaa. Wis.. 

8-13; BIJoo) Osbkosh 15-28. 
Clans A: Fields (Grsnd): MUwattkee. Wla., 

8-13: (BUou) La Crosse 13-20. 
Comar. nask (Ciystal): TrlaMad. GOL. 8-U; 



Caprice, The Original (Star): Seattle, Wash.. 

8-13; (Grand) Portland, Ore.. 15-20. 
Celesac SUters (Proctor's): Ttewaik. N. J.. 

colM, j ow p Mie (Vala St.): Fwadlii^ JB^ >- 
ConnellF. ;Bnay - lllaiB; SU t ' SMrti.' OL. ' 8- 

13. '\ i.-,: 

Corey * Oolue' itPaiil]r)t' &aMltai.:'Va., '8- 


Coote. Bert, A Co. (Columbia): Cincinnati. 

O.. 8-18. 

Carmen. La TMtupa (CUamMa): Oacinaati, 

O.. SAS: (JtajHtW^OfellUOk^m. »«. 
Delmar d: DnMT- (OtpkMlB): BWivart, ' b- 


Derenda A Green: Empire Toor, Eng., 1- 
Feb. 3. 

Donoran. John G. (Otneograpb): Loa ABCelcs. 

Cal.. Indef. ..>.. • i .. ■, . ■ 

Do-.VDe.v. Le.Ile T. QHlMtf )t B>a*H^ CM.. 

Oct. 30, Indef. 
Drew. CarroU (Rocker): Boekfofd. DL, Jime 

U Indef. 

Drew. Dorothy: Barraslted Tonr, Eng.. in- 

Dnral. Jos (BUou): Mmrille. It. J.. ladaC 
Day telle. Madge (Moore's): Una. O.. S«>. 
Derene ft Sbnrtx (Fsmllr): Carbcndala, Pa., 

8-13: (Family) Pottstown UMO. 
D-ArrUle SUtcra: 7epUa, MOk. S-lS. 
Dell ft Foada (Majsatia): r - - - 

IS-SO. . 

Dewitt, LaTlna (OotaaaHa): 

Daly ft O'Brien (BIjon): Oshkosb, Wis.,* 8- 


la.. 8- 

Derrln. _Jaa^ T. (P Mnl 



Dancing Violinist. Tbe (BIJoo): Blchmond, 

Vs.. 8-13; (Granby) Norfolk 15-20. 
Dorothea Sisters (Emplrs): PIttsboig. Pa.. 8- 

DYle. kfajor <p«lft>t vl(iw amal Ooan.. 8- 

Dorsch ft Bnasell (FsmilF)i Stamford. 0>nn., 
8-13; (Academy of Mawf) PotlSTlllr. !>«.. 15. 


Darrow. Mr. ft lira. Stnait (O. O. s.): Pltta- 
hiirg. Pa., 8-13; (Empire) Pataison, N. J., IS- 

Danoraa. Les (Indlaaa): iBdlanspolla, lad., 

8-13; (RiTcrslde) XMr " " 

Doyle, Major Jaaa* '' <ranf t 

Conn.. S-13. 
Darla, Josephine (Trent): Ttenton, N. J., 8- 


DoPont. Mary ft Co. (Trent): Ttanton. N. J-. 

8 IS. 

Dnrrea. Mar, ft W. A. Mortimer (B^da * Bell- 
man's): Brooklyn. N. T., S-IS. 
DarU. Kitty (Olympic): CbMaj^ HI.. S-IS. 

DrVelda ft Zelda <Blioa>: 

lines. la.. 

13: (Oarrtck) BuTllngtoa. la.. U40. 
Downs. T. Mtlm. (OqriMwiJt HMr. 

La.. 15-20. • : -: ■ . 
Delmar, RogCM '•' IMM ' (SIB): 

Oa., 8-13. 

Dixon A Holmes (Trent): Trenton. N. S*' 
13: (Pastor's): New York City. lS-20. ' r' 
DeBoU, The Great (Poll's): Bridgeport. Conn.. 


Duncan, A. O. (Chase's) : Washington, D. C. 
8-13: (Gotham): Brooklyn. N. Y., lS-20. 

Daniels, Walter (Bswlia): . BstUBM. X.^'T-. 
S-13: (Bortis * SMMwif .aiS-^SRlWr. 15- 

Douglaa *. DsatfM iW|sa)t Deeatv^ n.. S- 

IS: (Xnpla) >t.-WafaauJBd.. iMOi 
DUoB, Bofrm" ft SIsao tBatbaway'a): New 

Bedford, Maas., S-IS; (BUoa) Tan Blrer IS- 

IS: (Flom's) Msdison. Wis., 15-20. 
Delmore. Tbe Misses (Proctor's): Newark. N. 

J., 8-13; (Keltb-s) New York City. 15-20. 
Pay. Geo. W. (Keith's): Clereland, O., 8-13; 

(Maryland) Baltimore, Md« IMOi 


Dnrant, The Bros. (Proctor's): Albany, N. T., 

Delraora ft Lee (Poll's): Hartford. Onm.. 8- 

Wks.. * ea. ' pattl0mtflfmm, Tn., 

naela ft MaeaiJaF fPwiiart- SMtlfc); Haw 

Xork (Sty. S-lS. ' ' 
DeCamo, Chas. (PMiiH^-at'il^f-VBSv/terk 

City, 8-13. - •. •.w-s.r.T;;-.^:: .it- ; • 
Deimonto ft aMK-y^rmgtimmit^mi':!^ r t-ti. 

Dlzoa ft 
. S-IS. 

Doyle ft aigglns (BUM): lUfMsarn S* 
Diamond A Smith (llatbawaF*»>t Kaw Ssd* 

ruid, ilAss.. 8-13. 
Dolan, Boger A Belle (BIJoo): Oahkoah. Wla,. 

Donovan, Arnold. A Co. (Umpire): Bobofcaa. 

*N J 8-13. 
Dollar Troupe (Shea's): Buffalo. N. X.. 8-13- 
DupRC. <i««. ft UMf- lOlmptc): 80 Bead. 

•H Owfcr. ObL. 

*;B«aa XMr. Bac. liar. 1. 

BJer. UMe 
taion, Sani: 

Ebipire Comeily Four: 

Oct. l«l'eb. 2S. ,■. ■ 

tiSnlgmareUe: Vienna, Aaaal8.' JU. l^tr BW* 

11a. U«r., Feb. i-sa. 
Bldrld. t;<>tdon (MaJeaUcji: Cbtcago. III.. ^13; 

tColmnltla) St. Lottia. Mo.. 
Emei^ ft Omega (Praelor'a): Kewazk. K. 

Eldrldge. Mia*:'(Oi::Hi): ^ aBlMa, OMS '^is- 

Ebnoie ft Cottrell (BUoa): Bcloit. Wla.. S- 
10: (Empire): Bockiurd. IlL. U-13. 

Paia ft AlUa iUlymplc}: ■p-^'g*^^ ML. 

m» tCMphaam): . 

UaL. BSD. 

'Bltlags, Iba Wonderful (Keith's): Boaiaa. 
Maaa., 8-13; (Keldi's) Prorldcnce, B. L. U* 

Crerett, Wm. ft Maiis (OkTMal): 

Ind.. 8-13: (Ctrstai}.''* — ^ " " 

Estelllu (Teatto ~ 

Jan. 2»-Feb. 10. 
Ellnure Sisters (Keith's): New Toik Cliy, 

8-13; (Keith's) PhlUde^hla, Pa., 15-20. 
Bbert. Frans. ft Co. (Orphenm): New OrleaM. 

La.. 8-13. 

Esffionde, Mr. ft Mrs. Edward (CoInmhU): St. 
Lonia. MA,, S-U; (Majsstle} Gblcsca. UL, 




Bmmatb Gnde ft Col (Amphloa): 
N. X„ 8-13; (PoU's) New Harun. 

(Joan.. 10- 

Erana Trio (Pastor's): New Zotk CUf, »- 


EllDoee Sisters (O. B.): Lowell. Maaa.. tt-U. 
Eigonaa, Xba (Orpbama): ~" 

Emmett. BMa 


Empire CItr (Joartet (Otrmple): Chicago, liL, 

Esmanlda Slstscs (Fracior'a SSd St.): Kcw 

ETw^ ami /wTToimity 
F^ft ataace (CkFStal): 

FsrtBSao. Dick ft Oiaee 

Louisville. Ky.. 

Tenn., 19-30. ;.o 
Foo, Lc« Xaag: K 

ne) JortJnTMBl. 

FWItr. fames ft Bonnie 

Mass., 8-13; (AniUtorla 
FarrsU. (Siff (Acme): SacL 
(NoTclty) Stockton 16-20. 
Ferry (Majestic): Hot Springs. Ark.. 

(MaJeaUei Ft, Wank. Tag., U-XO. 
Fields ft Uaaaea (FaallrX 

Bailak Meat., S. 




8-18; (Bennett's) 
Frederick. <3aode ft 1 




Flower. Dick (Oiutsa): San Ftandaeo, OaL, ^ 

13; <BeU) OaUand 15-20. 
Flnl^ft Bnrka (Oiplwnm): Xaaasa OttF, 

Fox ft Sommeta {BIJs 
. iJon) laaaan 

iFay. Oowley ft Fay <: 

inilea.'''l». -T, 

Glasgow. Scot., 

Ark., 8-13. 
Vox. Delia (Orpbeum) : 
(Doric) TonkCTS IS-ZO. 
Fergnsoo ft Mack (Queen's) 
Feb. 12-17. 

First. Barney (Paalor'a): Maw X«ck Ctiy, 

13. ... ,. 

Frank ft Albrlslit 

Maaa., 8-20. 
Flalda ft Wooiej' 

UaUL. 8-UL 
Tadettes Ortiiestra 
Mo., 8-13; (Orpbi 
Flvtcticr. Ctias. Li 
leans. La.. 843. 

S New Bedford, 

VtMdarilMi Tte Tbret (Uad's) 

B. 8L LaolB. 

') St. Loals. Mo.. USO. 
a): BsaasvlUa. Ind.. S-IS. 
nsMtatatoWt Mav -Taik 

Fen*»M tUaibawaj's):- X«w BedlsM. Vaa:* 


Frobel ft Boge: Glasgow, Scot., 15-20; Bel- 
fast. Ire 22-27: Dublin 2B-Feb. 3. 

Fayblo, Adonla (Grand): TanconTcr, B. C., S- 

For ft (Hark (Howard): Boston. Mass., 8-13. 
Filsao ft Errol (Eelth'a): Boatosi, Mass., S- 

Flemaon & ^lUIer: Astoria, Oie., 8-13. 

Fox ft Hoghea (Temple): I«wlstan, Ida.. 1* 

Forbea ft ^* sa.-C > lsa8» 1 i ) r^ l i H aiiBlliia i ,'»|».s 

mca Sl i t i w' - ;<MBwai W tMll i s;^ ^.' Ta.. S- 

Fkcderlekai Tbe CBmslniBB): Wlanlpis, VBB.. 


Glenn^ ft Bussell (Dominion): Winnipeg, 

Gordon. Don ft Mse (Temple): Ft. 

Ind., 8-13; (Lyric) Terre Hante 1S41- 
(lordon ft Chacon (Boo Ton): PhUadeI|tlli.-Vaw 

8-13; (Family) Scranton 15-20. 
Oane, Marrelooa (Weast's): Peoria. IIL. S- 

13: (BUoo) Darenport. la.. 15-20. 
(Solden ft Hn^ies (Castle): Wonmlngtnn. DL. 

8-13; (Usjestlc) Chicago 19-20. 
Gaylor A Graff (Gotham): Brooklyn. N.' X4 

8-13: (Proctor's) Newark. N- J- 15-20. 
Oofortb ft Do^te: Bloomlngton. IU„ S-13L ■ f 
Omette Sisters (Family): StamXord. 

U: (OKie) Teaksza. H. x.. 


JANUARY m, ma. 


AUIion, liuagsn sdA 

Im M 



Etc.. Be 



'li^SLSo? lar TOM cmr, a. s. i 


Far all FInt-eiass Attraetlau 

Lumina Park 


TUa IB the finest S«uld« Enort on the Soatti 
AtluitSe Cout. wltii a flostlcs populAuon of 
S,0aO. and Tlliltrd iimnallT bj orer 30.000 ex- 
corsloolati from ill parts ot Nortb and Sontta 
Carolina. WUmingtoa baa a popnlation of 
8S.0O0 is onlj- thirty minutes' ride from Jjn- 
mlna Park by a hJ^ sp^ed trolley system, 
which operates three car trains every half hoar. 
One attraction of each class only will be al- 
lorwed, and oaly attractions with flrst-class ref- 
•rencea wlU be considered. Plots of ^roand 
will be furnished on application to A. B. 

Xaiuicar OonaaUdatsd 
— niMifj. tr Horth 

> x« - 

t» Bay iga Hhtsion. Complttt 

Also the Dldl nioslon. Spot cash. Mnst be 
cbeap. Also want to Iray wooden-top Mnto- 
•eopea and Reels. Hlsh class' Colored Fboto* 
for MQla Qnarterscopes. I hare ten Qbarter- 
scopes, Jr. for sale; ^ood as new; am over- 
stocked. Home address. CAPT. W. I>. asnrwr 
Sot Springs, Ark* 




I WMk 

Tton oenta for Minple mnd pvtlealars. 

182-184 Daarbom St.. CHICACO. 

Ga.4 Balloons, any ahape made. Place yonr 
order nonr, as It takes considerable time to 
CDannfsctnre and treat Gas Bags propeilj. We 
axe makers of the 'Damons** Wldte City Ba^le 
Balloon. Practically the only aneeesafol Oaa 
Bogs In nse to-day are made by as. HOSTH- 

Two fne African Uons, both males, jomg and 
Ib Bat condition. Also one Cbmbintlon JHnInc 
and Slee^bii Oar. Also «ae WKftl'TUt Ckx. 
Property can be seen bete. ' Also three Csges 
ot Small Animals. Bond Wasoa and Ticket 
Wasoni'<«]I(lB -Sr«t'«Ua* eoodltleo and cbeap 
Me ta^--'Aaattm 680. W. SAZXi IB., Box 
flt;- B t ana i i m. - Vis; *>■ '■ 


(BUM) Port 


m, 15- 

Blnnlngham. Eng;, 
tt 22.Marcb IT. 

Hamilton, O., 8- 

Cn«. MM.. S-I 


Ganlcc Ponies (Famnr): OtrbODdole, Pa 

18; (PaUee) KewYock CUj, IS-aO. 
Gordon & Hayes. Iflinf (O^mM: 

Beld. ni.. 8-20. ■ 
Gottlob. Mr. and Mrs. flatt fltaNtts 

Cal., as-Jan. IS. 
Garscn. Marlon (Orphenm): Omoba, Neb-, 8- 

13: (Orphenm) Kansas City. Mo., 111-20. 
Orohs. The Fonr (Earl): Pueblo, Cal-, 8-lS: 

(Crystal) Trinidad lS-20. 
Gardner * Vincent (Moore's): Portland, Me., 

8-13; (Park) Worcester, Mass., 15-20. 
Owdons. Xhe Bonndlns (Crystal): Pneblo, CoL, 

GoBaAer A Barrett (Keltb's): Oereland, O., 

8-iS; (TtaBt) Ikcntgn. N. J„ JMOl 
OoolauM. Ttm Kaateol pUJeaOe): Bn An- 

taolo, Ttx.. 8-U: ObjeMie) Wa«o U40. 
Sarlord. Bonnie (Ocimett): Bletamond, Ind., 

8-U; (Temple) Ft. WsTse lS-20. 
Oieen* tc Werner (Keltb'a): FrorUenee, B, L, 

8-13; - — 




Oenero & TkM_ fap fct); 

Grose, 'Banco '7. (Onad) 
IS: (Star) Mande, lod.. 
Close, Anensta (Park): Worcester, Mass., 8- 

13: (Poll's) Bridgeport. Conn.. 15-20. 
Gardner & Stoddard (Olympic) Chicago, m., 8- 

Grant. Syder (Moore's): Poctlaad. Mc 8-13. 
Oalbteth * Kama (Oqhnalt. Kkana OUr, 

Mo., 8-lS. ■• /V 

Olrl In th* Ooada ( PiuuUa ' a) ; nVi' K T., 


OrrenwiT, Hr.: Fan Blrer, Ifaaa.. 8-U. 
Grlerson Slstrrs (Cdombla): St. LooU, 3fo.. 

8^13; (Olyaiplc) CMeaca. IIL. IMS. 
Grant. AK. lOtfaple): ; CUiHa^' ' Illi, 848. 
Coolman's Oaaa ■Clluil.luOt'^ XMaiflta,. 'J^..' 

8-13. ■• ■ .- • : 

nnrtt. Lena B|jM)r - Dratarrllli'lBM' 
Howard A StaUk -(RajvoAct): 

Holland, Zay 

Mass., 8-13. 

Goldle. Annie (31st St.): Cblcsgo. nL. Indef. 
Gross, wmiam (Homird): Chicago, 111., In- 

Hanvey 3c Doone (UEdqoe): Minneapolis, Minn.. 

Nov. G. Indef. 
ITarper, Lucille B. HIbbliig. Minn., Indef. 
Batch. Ceo. H. (W««t Side): JanearUIe, Wis., 

Indef. ■ -.V 
□ewMie. ■gb'-ai'-'SAr/mtar): Atkata. Go., 


Hnntooa. Dad ft Olaia (Star): rt.'WtHk, Ta.. 

Indef. .-, ■ ■ 

Hnegel Btoa. (BIJoo): Ma i ' lu e tta t "Wfc., 8-13; 

(BIJon) Eseanaba. Mlcb., 15-30. 
Hnston & (Dallas (Poll's) : New Haren, Conn., 


HamUns, Tbe (l,rnc): Qereland, O., 8-13; 

(Crystal) Detroit. Mlcb., 15-20. 
Earner, Ben, A Jessie Baynee (Eoson's): Obl- 

cago, ni.. S-U; (BUon) Sfaaatllte, lad,, 16. 


Berbert's Oaca {OiifeaaB): laa VkaMlHB,' CU., 


•Hall. Frant (Grand): JoUet. m., 8-18; (Co- 

Inmbla) St. Lonls. Mo., 15-20. 
Howard's Dogs A Ponlca (Cook's) 
N. I„ - - — - ■ 

Han * 


Hastings A Barn* (L^c): Tetre Bante, Ind., 


Bstbaway A WaIt«B (OiphHim); Dtlea, M. Z.. 

Hay man A ftonUlB OBHim MM &Ltt Wn 

York atjr, 818. 
B^taa 2 wnar (Tala'a): Wtmua CUr, Ib^. 

Bamaoo. XlBBle fBlrtimwid): Kortt Adami, 

Masa., 8.18. 
Holmen Brotben (PsTret): HaTana, (hiba, 1- 

<HL. 8. 

(Hatbawap's) : New Bedford, 



Lady or Gent. Wire 7<>ar hnreat.- I par ex. 


Slot Tadki]:\g Scale 

kaovB. .Has e arned 


oow • -w. aif St.. 

, wmcE 

Two new acu. Flee M> tkktr mlnntes escta. 
Done anywhere. Gennln4 Boreltr. Not Msglc. 
Easy to learn. Satlsfaetloa guaranteed. Suit, 
able for lady or ;;ent. If ambitions to "make 

good" ^i-d afamp for descrlptlTe clrcnlar. 
BEKJA-irT'r ILLUSION CO., 8088 H, Tantb Bt„ 

T«rTc 11-. lad. 

WAHTCD — MannKcr and backing for a new Col- 
need Sbow, 'The 3Cayor of (^omrrille.** Twenty 
people. I. C. KTT.T.FB, care billboard. Chicago 

Profltabto BuslnMv-Small Outlay. 
Catalonie rreo-lt Eipialns Fully. 

■. a. 8- 

Howaid Ic Bland (HaOaway's): Itoir Bed. 

ford. Mass., 8-lS. 
Bin Familr, The (Star): AtiKnita, <M.« 8-18. 
Horsky-Seivere Co. (Oipbenm): Omalw. Keb., 

8-13; (Otpbemn) Minneapolis, Mlnii.. 18-20. 
Hyams, Tofaas. A I«lla Mclntyre (Ploetor's 

58th St): New York City. 8-13. 
Hpoo, Prince Smatin Sing (Proctor's 28d St.): 

New Totk City, 8-18. 
Harconrt, Daisy (Maxrland): Baltimore, Md., 

8-13: (G. O. H.) PltUborg, Pa., 15-20. 
Hoeb, Bmll. Jane Eaton A Co- (Keith's): Pror. 

Idence, R. L, 8-13; (Keltb's) Boston, Mass., 

15 20- 

Herbert. Tbe Progman (Costal); Detroit, 
Mlcfa.. S-13: (Olyatple) So. Bend. Ind.. 18- 


Hsnback A Paiqattti (BvmM): €HMfOk 

ni.. 8-13. 

Blnman. Capt. Sidney (BUon): DanTlUe. m., 

8-13; (Olympic) Sprlnitfleld 16-20. 
Howsid A Rntberfotd ((3intal): Bock Island. 

IIL. 8-13: fW—tV »}_haita. .1MB, 
Hapa na. Banr tk iftttt ' RuilMbl 

tneket; B. X.. 880. - 
arlsada. The nree (Jeffera*); SagllMr. lllclh„ 

8.13: (BIloo) Port Bmoa 15-20. . ... 
Snmes A Lewis (Gennett): BlAMafl.' bd-, 

8-13; (Grand) Marton 15-20. 
Hart A DUlon (BUon): Oes Mcrfnea, U.. 8- 

13: (BUoa) Dnbnqoe 15-20. 
BniAcak Sic A Mrs. Nick (Graad): Haanton. 

13? ' . 

Belston A Hood (BUoa): WbeeUng, W. Ta.. 


Befmn, T om (O rphennO; _Maaaada, O., 8-18; 
Balnea. iVaak &?SisMW|s°; IsiBa^ It. T.. 


HawaiA Braa. (Arcade): Ilotoaa. O.. S-IS. 
BiHfi*, Cbaa. A Edna (OrpbeniB): Beadlns, 
848: (Howard) BoctaD.' SUaa.. IS-SO. 




Ootaabe. COrtii * WCIfb (Ploctot^t 

V. T., 15-20. 

Harper, Desmond Bailer (Boward): 

Mass.. 15-20. 
aammoBd. Mr. A HBa. Ohaa. D.: 

O., MS: — ~ 

Banlcaii l_ 

Z.. »-28. 



HIU A BUI (Orrln Bros.'): Mexico City, Mex., 

Hoadlnl. ' BaziT (Kattk's): PMIaatlpMa, Pa., 


Hnehn, Watai (TiltWilt PailHwiH B. L, 


Hyde A Heath (Bennetfa): London, Ont., 8- 

Irrlng, Pearl (Anatln A Stone's): Boetn, Mass., 

Inness A Brsn (Majestic): OaUaa. Tez., 8-18. 
Italian TMo (Sheedj'a): FaU Btoer. Boaa., 

8-18; (^tfenm) Bav Bmort, sun. 
JnUana. nt 'flWa^s^^ZMCMMib. Vli.. 8-18; 

jbsT^l^ y.C0l|>l8l» BlllMliiw B. C 


Jewetl's Sfaalktas'COqpiwn): 'BCaMiB, B. X, 


Jackson A Spark* (Ebnpbe): laSalle, HL, 1b- 


Johnsons. Musical: 

1-Frt). 2S. 
Jordan A Harrer 

Nov. 11, Indef. 
Jack. ilT. i Mrs. (GalriCk): Bnrllngton, la, 


Jones A Walton (Colombia): St. Looia, Mo. 

813: (Olympic) Chicago. lU., J548, 
Jennisss A Jewell (Norelty): 

frl3: (BUoo) WlcUU 18-20. 

JUIaaa tallr (Pnelaea): mr. B. T.. 8-18: 
'Practat^ 68th St.) rurw Xork OUtr. U- 

wm ute car. 

Sdieneetadr, N. 

Jobnioo, OorroU (Keith's): Syiaense. N. T., 

813: (Keith's) Mew York Olty. 15-20. 
Johnson, Hooer: Gloaeecter. Maia., 8-13. 
Earao's LoadOB OsaiSdl Ob. (PsiFs} 

ford, Ckinn., S-UL 
Kemp A Peail (OlVbm); 

Utah, 8-13. 
Eoppe A Koppe (Moharwk): 

Y., S-13. 
KeaUng A Goodwin (Bijaa) 

8 13: (Idea) Sbelboygaa IT 
Kelcy. Mr. A Mrs. AlfioC 

Orleans, La.. 8-2:7. 
Kelly. Sam A Ida (Psmlly): New Y<wk Catj, 

8-J3: CFamlly) Scranton. Pa., 15 20. 
KlDEsIev A Xe'Wls: Stamford. Onm.. 8-18. 
Kohler 4 Kohler (People's): Oedar Baplds, la., 

8-13; (LaSalle) Keoknk. la., 15-20. 
Knrtu A Bnuc'i, Doss (P r oe to e's S8il> St.): 

New York City. 8-13; (FamUr) PatcnoD. N. 

J., 15-20. 

Kelty A Adams (Bmplie): BoOfocd. HL. 8-18; 

(Flon'a) Xadloaa. Wia.. IS-ao. . 
Kent, 8. Bflla; * O*. (Barrland): Balttancn, 

Md., 818. 

Keno, Wolsb A Mebose (Keith's): Clerdaad. 

O.. 813: (Keith's) New York City, 15-20. 
KeUy A Vlolette (CtdombU): St. Lools. Ho., 

8-13; (Majestic) Oilcago, IIL, 15-20. 
Eokln, Mlmonette (Orphemn): MlmieapoUa. 
Minn., 8-13; (Orphenm) Omaba. Neb.. 15-20. 
A Bcao (PoU^i): WatabBT. Omu, S-U; 

gei^w,* \ > BSS r*S fe » SPfir r ~iS«ay, K. T., 


Klein A ClUtaa (Hopkins') 

Klein A Klein (Crystal): St. Joaepb, MOm 8 

18; (People's) Learenwortb, Kan.. 16-20. 
Korson, Kit (Majestic): San AntoBlo, T<ex., 

8-13: (Majestic) Ft. Worth 15-20. 
Klelxt. MDBlcal (Grand): Pittsburg, P»., 8-13; 

(Olympic) CWcsgo. Ul., 15-20. 
Khems A Cole (Orphenm): New Orleans. La., 


Keatoos. Three (Proctor's): Albany. K. T., 8- 
13; (PoU'a) New HaTCS. Coo. 18S0. 
- (KalOi'a): PhnadrtpWa. Fa., 8- 

Bair .Z(rt 

Atlasla, aa., 

B.. T- 

Lloyd. Ueifeett: Mmm ft 

Feb. 28. 
Lowman SIsten (Star) : 

Lon FrctU A Maaideld (eijrBplc): 

lu., 8-a. 
UkCint £wmk ibhImIs 

L^£to. Baa; 

LoJeaa. Tkea. * Otmsat (O. O. ■.): 

bntg. Pa., 818- 
Luce A Lace (Unlone): abebojcaa, Wla., 8-18; 

(BUoa) Badae U-OO. 
LaMole Bros. (O. BAs 

813; (Mnsle HoU) 
Little BUck Man. Ik* 

York (Jltj, 8-lS. 
Latina, MUe. (Proctor's): Ttoy, N. T.. 8-18; 

: Hatha way's) New Bedford, Msss., 1&.20. 
LaZelle. Edward (Majestic): DaUaa. Its..8- 

13; (Majestic) Houston lvi-20. 
Laramie Sisters (Phoenix) : r 1 liii, Ot, V 

13: (FamUy) Mlddletorwu 15 20. 
Lewis A Harr (BlJon): WbeeUnc, W, Vs., SS- 


LaCrolx. Panl (Family): Scranton, Pa.. 818; 

(Family) New York City, 15-20. 
LaAdella (LaSalle): Keoknk, la., 8-18. 
La Renos, The (Gennett); Richmond, Ind., 8- 


Lat^. Edwin (Orpbeum): Kansas City. Ulti, 
8-18: (MaJeaOc) Obicago, 111., 15.20. 
Xkto (Bansarkct): CbMaasi, BL, 8- 

B (Grand): Bamlltaa, O., 
TrrlniifliM. .IMOL 

IraXiar, Irona gjina)! .Bcw Britala. 

8-U; (BraaCmr) Monrttt 1540. 
li^e, Geo. W. (Ondc): DlsiilaHw. IB,^ 

Le3Ioyne Sisters (Star): Maadc. lad., S.1S. 
LoBarr (Ben's): .Eseanalia, MIeta., 8-18; (Btjoa) 

Calumet 15-20. 
Lancaster. Tcm (UnlQae): Winnipeg, Mab., 8- 

13; (BlJon) Superior, Wis.. 15-20. 
LeBoy A Woodford (Maryland): Baltlmoce. 

Md.. 813; (Shea's) Bnffslo, N. Y., 15-20. 
Lakola, Barry A Carrie (Bljoa): GaleatiaiK. 

111., 8-15; (BlJon) Sewanee 15-20, 
Lawman & E'wlng (Grand): Bamllt«o. O.. 8- 

13: (Orphenm) S " " 
Loclrwood. Mr. A 

Cblcago, UL, 8.18. 

LadW * DaDer (Majestie): Ohleago, BL. 

S-IS; Cnaple) Detroit, Mleb.. 15-20. 
iMdntt. AL (BUoo): Darenport. la.. S-l*i 

(Peak's) Cedar Kaplda 15-20. 
iMaa. Ed. A Baael (Ljrie): J«pUB. Bow, 

819; (Orpbeaa) Webb dtf 16-30. 
LeDent. The Great (CoUseom): 

m.. 8-13; (BlJoa) Decatur 16-20. 
Leonard, Eddie (Orphenm): Minneapolis, 

8-13; (Orphenm) Omsho, Nek.. 15-20. 
Ltbbey A Trayer (Hyde A Behman',) : Braok- 

lyn. N. Y., 8-13. 
Lee. HeniT (Bdem Maaec): Mcrw York GttfV 


Looc A OstMB CIB miMilr Mum Xak «i«r. 

8-13. — 
LaTeli Bros.: Freaoo. Oil., 813. 
LaVails (Alexander): Sbeffleld, Xsg., 22-27. 
I-atooa. Frank A Jen (Keith's): 

Pa., 8-lS. 

Le Bran's (Srand Opera (CHtaHlt 

FraDCiaeOk CaL, 8-18. 
LeSai Xkia 

Loolsrine, Kj. 

Klein, Ott Brotber* A NIetioIson (Hyde A BA- 

msn's): Brooklyn. N. Y.. 8 13. 
Kelly. W. O. (Orptacnm): Dtlca, N. Y.. 8-18. 
Kennedy * WUUm (Gtnfck): WUiBlactaD, 

Del., 838. 

Kolllns, BliK fCkfaU): BBaaMa*. Ula., 


Knox isros. (BUon): Badne. Wis., 848t (Uh) 

FoDd da Lac 15-20. 

Kates Bros (BUoo): Racine, Wis., 818. 

Kelly & Kelsey (Star): Hamilton. Ont.. 8-13. 

Kosore Sc Chaplain (CHark St.): Cblcago, HI., 
8-13; (International) Chicago 15-20. 

Kelly, Jotaa T. (Hyde A Bebman's): Brook- 
lyn. N. Y.. 813. 

Knight Brothers (Temple): Ft. Wayne. Ind.. 

Eortem. AOxrt (Kriatal Palais): Leipzig. 

CMr.. Jan. 1-31; (Boaaebei's) Vienna, Ans- 

trla. m. 1-es. 
KantBaa, BAa (Albanftaa): Landog, B>c., 

Jolr l-Jas. 81. 
Ranfmaa Slstcra: .StoU Toar. Eng.. 1-Feb. 28 
Kellr A Attbgr: Boss A Thornton Toor, Eng., 

Dec. IS-Bar. IS. 
Kemp, w. A. (VUaQr): FatMUc; nu, aept 

18, ladet. - ■ - ■ 

KerAsiw, Otargi • 'OCirirt't' -UMibL' Bin.. 

Dec. 11, Indef. 
Laasner, Lee (I^ite): Tore Hante, InA., Dee. 
18, Indef. 

Lataard * Ikike (Aicad*): T|ded% O., t-lf. 

Lee. HaA * 
Bleh.. 8-lS. 

LeooBid A Baatedo (Star): Bnaeie, lad.. 848. 

Lrnotte Slaters: dodanatl, O., 818. 
lister A Cook (Noyelty): Colorado Sprlncs, 
Ool.. 818. 

Munlns xao OiajMtk): CUmm BL,. U- 

Merl'cle, Ba8k (BMtad): BmMI Ony. m. 


Melroy Trio (Internationa: U Chicago, ni.« 


.Macks, Two (BUoa): WbccUag, W. Ta.. 

8-13; (Mrt OlllrtiH. ft^iijiL 
MoGratb Bm, (OMkMi): Bw i flpil , B. Z... 

May A Miles (ramlly): - E. St- LoaU. OL. %9t 
(Globe) St. Louis, Mo., 15-20- • 

MdCae A CshlU (Olympic): Cbieag<^ UL, 8-18. 

Macart, Will H. (Hatha way's) : New Bed- 
ford. Baoa., 8-15. 

UcKecfor.iUsle (Baymsrket): Ohiesgo. Ul.. 

Meeban'a Dogs -(Family): Haselton, Ps.. 818. 
Male. Booate- (HskTowrket): (3ileafo. llL, 8- 

MUons, Tbe Pmk I 

MeKenzIe A (3a— 

111.. 818. 
Mario A 

1 31. 

MarshaU, the Mystic 

Hon., 1-31. 
Mason A Keeler (PasiUaa): 

Dec. 23-Jan. 5; dMMIjL ~ 
McClelLan, Janr— ^" '-■ 

3. Indef. 

Mid^lond, Jamea (BIJoo): lUrqnette, MIcb., 

Meredith Sistets (Booaeber'a) : Vienna, Ans- 
trla. Job. 1«: (Apollo) Berlin, Ger., Peb. 

Merrilis. fha StoaK ItaB Tout. te- 

def . 

Mlddletaa, CXtta}* 

Aug. 14, 
MUton. Mr. A 
Ga.. Indef. 

Mitcbeii. J. V. aMmt 

26, Indef. 

MltcbeU, Llxzle (Alcasar): Dearer, OoL, 


Mootagne'a Ooekatoo Olreaa H 

ot Mexico, Mex., Mat. StL 1 
UoitU a MotrU (OtCMkaM): 

Oct. 8^ jadaC 

jANuXbY 1* 1906. 



LUNA PARK Opens May 19, 1906. 


%A# A ^ITETn All. kinds of Up-to-Date Amusement Devices 
Yw#^l^ I Eifti/ and Out Door Attractions. 

5c CAR RIDE 12 Minutes from Heart of City NO GATE 

•.•.Get on a Live Wire — Quieli.... 

Address, I.UNA PARK CO., 906 State Life Building, INDIANAPOLIS. 

Madfe. Woodmrd A UontsooMiT (Stu): BUB- 
Uton, Ont., 8-13; (Bennett's) Lioadaa 1520. 

Motogirl (Oivlieam): Gru, An*.. Jan. ISl. 

Morton. PUl. (Parlor): F»~ JM?- 

Uairiott Twins (Futat'«)i7)il« XMk OMr. 

|i. Anally <Itarie): Xoakota^ M. T., 


10316 Brellwm (Ohnrfocd): TOpeka, Kul, 8- 
13: (Fc«|>Ie's) Kansas Otr. Mo., lS-20. 

Maekie * Stock (Noreltj): Omslia, Neb., 8- 

Jtclnmiey, Jaa. A. (Kamll;): Huelton, Ta., 

1-13; (FamllT) Poturille 15-20. 
MatJileas, JngglinK (Main St.): Peoria, III., 8- 

13: (BUoa) QalncT 15-20. 
McNatt Trio (eiand): Oefakosfa, Wl*., 813; 

<BUoa) Greea Bar 15-00. 
MOSorley ft Sleanore (BIJon) : Marquette. 

Mich., 8-13: (HJoo) IslmsmlSK 16-20. 
UallorT Brollicz^9NMtL*HllllMr CMfhMui): 

Brooklrn, N. T.; fAIknitnt) Msv Tork 

OitT 15-20. 

JIarlow. Plnnkett * Co. (Family) : Shamokia, 
Pa., 813: (Familj) MaJiacoy City 15-20. 

Maipber & AiHlrews (Famllj): Passaic. N. J., 
8-13; (IMKle) Xoakeis. H. X« l»Mk ; 

Mardo TMo (Aok): ^ ' 

* knav ni*wiilrt)j jmamK m, s- 

Traope (Bennett's): London. Ont., 

Mareena, Xeraro * Mareoia (Orpbenm): San 

fYaDCUco, Cal., 8-13. 
Mitioney & Lake (JetTers'): Saslnair, Mleb.. 

8-33; (iDtematloaal) Chlosso, ill., 15-20. 
MoGDlte, T. J. (Elite): OaTrDpot. la., 8-13: 

(NoveItT) ODSlia, Ne4>.. 15-20. 
Marco Tvrlna (Onitaeiun) : DenTer, (XL, 8-13. 
McKInoon A Beed (Bijou): MarQuette, Mich., 

S-13: Ben'*) EKuaba I5-M. 
Ultdiell t OOn (Majestic): Ft. Worth, Tex.. 


Mon-atta. The Fire (Albambra): New York 
City. 8-ia; (Chase's) WasUlngton, D. C, 

Msrpby * Wlllard (Majestic): Ft. Worth. 
Tex.. 8-13: (MaJeaUe) UtUe Bock. Ark., 15- 

Marptay. Mr. * Mra. Mark (Pastor's): New Tork 
atj, S-U; (Bm^) Palcison, N. J., 15-20. 

Xllta- *^ Maria CBsaktaS'): Memphis, Tenn.-. 

IIH ■>!■■) ItIB (MttlW. Jjt.. 15-20. 

Malcstle Trie <S.' O. H.): Jfrnense, N. X., 

MUlsr Bms. (BUoa): Appletoo. Wis.. S-13. 
Msralltir, Mou IBt]on): WldilU. Kan.. 8-13. 
MoCnsc & Grant (BUoa): Marinette, Wis., 

8-13; (Ben's) Gscanalia Ulcb.. 15-20. 
Meera, Tb« Three (Proctor's 23d St.): New 

Vorfc CUj. 8-U: CVraeUr**) Msaraik. S. J.. 

13-IOl ... 

MeA*or. Sn,- * en. (BnOi VtaataK M. 


Madcaps, Tbree Original (WilnrMi New Tork 
City, 8-13: (Kelth-s) BosM; &■„ 15-20 

Macy & BaU (Circle): New Task City. 15-20. 

Miiten, Klxde B. Ic Co. (Majestic): Waco, 
Tex., 8-13; (Majestic) Sao Antonio 15-20. 

Mantell's Jiaiiaaetics (Bljoa): Jlarlnetle, Wis., 
S-13; [Ti— "si annMa. Hli* _ IMIi 

M^kel. Cm* OlMt aSST Owtk Uleh., 

Mimnan Trio (H^Una'): Memplils. Te&n., 8- 
Maearte Sisters (Otymplc): (aiicsco^ lU., S- 

K. J., 

m.. s-is. 

Vmct. MMk * Hkwitmee (O. O. U)t Flttt- 
bnrj. Pa., a-ifc ' ... _^ , 

Hams, Miaa. * Oo^ (BsvUm^) aiafciWii Sy:; 

8-13. ■ ■J'^- ■ 

Maeart: ■irtimr: N. T~ ML ' 
Mama * Aden (ftaOr): sTk- UiM m., 

Ma:DeU * OarUey: OaMias: 
MarreUea. Ibe: HamlHiMi. -ft 
Marlon « Ocuw (CkjataQ: ~ 


Meier A 'Mora .(PaUee)> 


MUlersblp Blatcta 
113. ... .. 

Morae, !B(a - 'nfeMMlMA: 

4- 13. 

Msiarta.. FKd ft Era (Q»er d'Alene) 

kaae, 'Wash., 1-13. 
M<dlea ft CoreUi (Caato): FH BlTcr. ]|an„ 


.■■rmana. The (OipkaHB): MS- Site Qtr. 

- Dtah. ia-». 

IMMJUlOQ): BiSbiaiir, SOeb., 8-18: (Orstal) 
VMsiBlaltn <Floetar*s SSd St.): -NCir York 

NellJoo, May aMips>8 — 

5- ll, 

W. T., 

■land, Gn^., 15- 

Soatoo. Kasa., 



WCTaros. The Three (Majestic): OUcafO, Dl.. 

8-M; (Daymarket) Oblcago 15-20. 
Xorao ft Mlobalaaa (Sbea'a): Tonatai, Oat.. «- 

Mew Xoik City, 

X S-13; 

Norwarth, Jack (C<dODlal): 

Xa*«J» Obis (Shea's): BntTalo, 

(Shea's) Toronto, Ont., 15-20. 
Saman. The Frog Man (Yale's): Kansas City, 

llsw. S-13. 

Xcwton, Margaret (Olympic): (Alcaso. III., 

Kasmyth, BUIy (Oasino): Lanrrence. Mass., 

Oct. 23, Indet. 
Nelson Family: Mt. (Semens. Mich., Jan. 1-31. 
Nelson. Helen ((}tyetal): Marlon. Ind., Jan. 

1. Indef. 

OIlTe. Mbm.. Bardlas ft Ab Sid: Itoaa ft StoU 

O'Toole. X. JNfc. .gfawQl B l ll ip i b^ fc.. ta- 
il ef. / . - ■ ■ ■ 
otte, sacks ..BiBBi-Batiait.'antfc. MiCi . 
O-Dol * £• Tte Offtlnh . J«*Mb. Ila.i 15 


O'Hoarke-Bnmette Trio (Majestic): Chicago, 
m., 3-13. 

OrKneya. Lea (Bjde ft Bcbiiiaa'sl' Brook.:; a, 

N. x~.M*. > - . ■:■ 
Orvala. !^na .t<Cksratal>t - IkUkfss^ M.^ s- 

frUtO, Tfet Oicat <Pw«Vs>: Ibnaas Otty. Mo., 

baiatir THe (FMelac's): Kemik, 21. J.. S- 

O'BrIca * BaeUsj (CMimibia) : St. Lools, Ifo.. 

8-lS: CUeac»; m., IS-SO. 
Okabe Family (Oipbeom): -SeoTer, C<^., 8-18; 

(Orpbenm) Minneapolis. Mian., 35-27. 
Ozara. Tbe (BlJon): lUancock. Mich.. 8-13. 
Pero ^& Wilson (Ben's): Escanaba, Mich.. 8- 

13: (Idea) Oshkosb, Wis., 13-20. 
Poivers A Theobald (Craytal): Detroit. Mleb., 

S-13: (BenneM's) London, Ont.. 15-20. 
Prelle'a Dogs (Majestic): Oilcagu, IIL, 8-13; 

(Harmarket) Chicago 15-20. 
Priw ft iNocrla (MoBtaaa): aarze, MonL. 8- 

13. ./ -S - :; -: . . - ^ .\ 

Powell, f. m - QlSJialHI?-^ Bit 'SpaiBta. Ark., 


Pelbt. Fred ft Aflftt IBMIk's): Portland, Me., 

s-13: (Park) "WMciaM. Mass.. 15-20. 
Pattl Bros. (Mohawk): Schenectady, N. Y.. 

S-13; (Orpbenm) Brooklyn 15 20. 
Prince, Arthur (Alhambra): New York City, 

S-13: (Procter's) JCew York City 15-20. 
Pierce ft Malzee (Bmpbe): Pateraon. N. J.. 


Piccolo Midgets (Sbea'a): Totooto, Oat.. 8-U. 
PTobasea: BcDSb Xrr^ MS. _ 
Paplnte mtoB Palasa Of TarteUes): Oape 

T«wa. 8, A., Jan. IS-Feb. IB. 
PbllUps,- Arthnr (BIJoa): DanTUct UL, Jan. 


Plrrl. Antonio ft Annie (Orrin Broa.*): Sfaxlco 

atr. Mei., Not.. 27. indeJ. 
Power's Elephants (Hippodrome): New York 

City. Ang. 30, indef. 
Price ft Knapp (Standard): Ft. Worth. Tex., 

Oct. 1«, Indef. 
Phinips & Far!arde->o lE»il): fa sM s , ? Col., 

8-13: (Crystan Trinidad 15-20. 
Pope. J. C. ft Oos (Unlqae): Sbebeygan. Wis.. 


Qalnlan ft Mack (Majestic): CblcacOk VX., S- 

13: {Sbtf^JtaM^*^. TU.. 

Win * 3tStSSi0mmW \ 


Unncle, Ind., 



Bassell, FbU ft Carrie (Star): 
8-13: (CiTStal) Marlon 15-20. 
Rawls ft Von Kanfman (BlJon) : Dnhoque, la., 

8 13 

Bozalex ft Malone (People's): LeaTenworth, 
Kan., 8-13; (People's) Kansas <^ty, Mo., 


BeoasT SMcTS (Odnmbts): ClaelaMtl. O., S- 
U: (Hajmarket) (Aleago^ HI.. 15-90. 

Roaalica, The (Olympic): South Bend. Ind-. 
8-U; (L^) Tcim Bante 15-20. 

Beded ft aedley (taTStal): Kokonot lad.. 

Roberts, B. A. (PiacNnlt Jt*<>»!bc"'%_'- 
S-18: (FMClM*s 9M St) MMr Mk Oty. 


Rlcbards. Tbe Gresrt (WaSblngtoa): Spokane, 
Wash.. S-13. 

Rice Bros. (Family): Lancaster, Pa.. 8-13: 
(Howard) Boston.' Mass., 15-20. 

Rogers, WIU B. (Hyde ft Betanan's): Brook- 
lyn. N. -T., 8-U; (iuapbloa) BraoUm 18-30. 

Bedding. (Raaana^ -* Cm, (OnbsaBit . pa- 
ver. CoK Wit QlilMim tluirBa*. Aik.. 



Raymond k 


Bastos ft Saika (TtNin: Qnmiriir. BW.. IB 
SO; (Hlppodroow) KaU 124et; (Boyal) Old- 
ban 28-7 eb. 8. 

Bran. Frank D. (Cook's O. H.): BoCheater. M. 
Y.. S-U: (Sbea'a) BaSalo ISJft. ^ . 

Rexoa. the (B*IIer Blnk): Mt. gwgw. .a..>- . 
10: (Boiler Btak) Cosboetsa Xl-IS; (Carina 

Blnk) Erie, Pa.. 15-20. 
R<A>aon. Mrs. Stnart «i>lombta): St. Lonls. 

Mo.. 8-13: (Hsymarket) Chicago. 111.. 15 20. 
Reoe. Ida (Alhambra): New YvA dtj, 8-lSr 

(Proctor's) New X«tt .IM^ ' 
Redtord ft Wlnehsatar ( Haj ra i a i* « t> « 

ni.. 8-13. 
BoaU Lnlgl (Orpbenm): Omaha.' 
RnsseU ft Donbar (BlJoa): Os lit Hl l . IHfc; S- 

13: (BUoa) Appietoo U-ao. 
Reno ft Rlehaida (PreelW^ V S& *' 


S-U; (FMOtoCs) 

.V. T4 MS. 

llennee Family (Lyric): Terre Hants, Ind., 


Roflcoe ft Sims (Majestic): (^eagOk UL. S'SS: 

(Haymarket) Oblcago 15-20. 
Reynard. Bi. F. (Auditorium): Lynn, Mass.. 

8-13: (Keith's) PblUdelphla. Pa., IS-QO. 
Rose, James (BlJon): Wtieellng. W. Vs., S-U; 

(Otpheom) Portsmonth, O., 15-20. 
Ryan ft Bicblleld (O. O. H.): CUeafa. IB., 

S-U: (Haymarket) Chicago 15-20. 
Ross ft Lewis (Foresters): London. Bbk.. 18- 

20; (Sozry) London 22-27. 
Rayno's. Al., Canines: Pateraon, M. J., 8-U. 
Randan. SalUr: Webb City. M.., 8-13. 
Beidien's Dogs (Amphlon): Brooklyn, N. T., 


Rosser, Edward (Family): PottsrUle, Pa.. 1-13. 
Rosser, Reese. Jr. (Family): (^rbondale. Pa., 

1-13; (Family) Haieltoa IS-20. 
Robinson, Btbel (Oystal): MUwankee. Wis.. 


Rowe. Slay: Lawrence, Mass., 8-13. 
Kn&sell, BIJoo: Eknplre Toor. Bbs-> UfH>. 

luckptt ft wmits Waii^.Vimi. Wm^'Mur. 

aOJan. 31. 
Radfocd ft Valentine (Hanaa); 

Aa. 1.31: (Victoria) DreadSA .'Kb. 

Balainna ft Good (CteninS' : OccSaiS): Bur. 

Uastaa. Oat.. Jan. 1-TCb. 10. 
Baama; ' WUUaaaa ft Lakaaa (BlJon): DsTcn- 

port. la.. Oct. 23. InOst. 
Reed, Frances ((aicM SdinMaa): BkdiB. 

Ger., Not. 1-Apr. SO. 
Klanos. Tbe Four (Hlppodnoa): Hasr T«A 

City, indef. 

Rlualdos. Tl>e: San Jose. Onatanala. Ontxal 

.America, Dee. 23, Indef. 
Ritchie. Epicene: Ft. Worth, Tex., Indef. 
Kola Si L<r»-lci: Berllo, Ger., Aug. 21, Indef. 
Probst (Orpheum): Brooklyn. N. T., 8-IS. 
Rollers. Francis ft Virginia ((>yatal): Marlon, 

Ind.. 8-13: (Crystal),;. Aalitaia-lSJlL. , 
Romalne. Julie ft Mia lUekV <CkTBt3jS'^-lleB' 

ver. Col., S-13. 
Itenrfrow & JaTi:ten (Unique): Eau Claire, Wis., 

S-l.J: (BIJou) Dalutb. Minn.. Iti-IO. 
Klce ft Cady (Orpheum): San Francisco, CaL, 

13-27. . . .■ . .,. . 

Ritchie ft niMli.tVNclHfi):V:lli«aik.<^ W^ J.. 

S-l*. - ■■■ . 

Rsymoad * Ca^Mr (BopUaif) LMatflK 'JC^- 

8-13. "-' • ■"*"■' ■' 

Stapletaa *:€b)iac]r:.~<«rra.-;Ial^,]j^': " . . - 
SalTsggis, ElBbr (0>lti»lla>t-:;.:qailMMlM^' Oh 

8-U. • - : : . 

Ssnford ft DarUnclon (Vnla "St.): Feo^ m.. 


Shattnck, Truly (Orpbenm): Brooklyn. N. X., 

Sawyer. Bd. (Olyoiplc) : . CblcatOwIUL. S-U. 
suii}-. Lew ((Hyajlrt s ■- flbWrafS^ '■Ifc^-.S.JSL.-- 
Sabpl. Joseptaue: ^niplw :-3Mn', '~ :'ans^ "Sae. 

4 -Feb. 28. 

SniltU. PJ.. (Main St.): PeorU. m.. Not. 
5. Indef, 

Enaae, Anatria IB-Sl; 

.escM. 1-as. 


Hartford, Oonn., 8-18; 

Boiyaistawa. Pa., 

Steln-Eretto (Tic 

Se^^oos. Four (Poll's) 

CVill RiTer. Mass., 15-20. 
Seymour Sisters (Family): 

8-13 • V 

Spaoldlng. Tba'.-'Mli iAm'iBOt0i 

III.. 8-18. 

Stanleys, Tbe (Family): laneaatcr.) Vb4'>94S: 

(FamUy) Mahanoy City 18-30. 
Surazal ft BasaU (BlJon): BattU Ota*. 30A.. 


Stoddard. W. 8. (moo): O weaaO b Mtb.. 8-20. 
Strand ft Strand ((ayatal) : Lccaa^act, lad.. 


Spook MtnstrclB (OotaoiMa): flbiefimatt O.. 

8-13; (Hopkloa') LoalsrlDe. Ky.. 1540. 
stork Trio, The (Crystal): Asdeiaon. Ind., 8- 

18; (Crystal) Kokomo 16-20. 
Sato. O. K. (Orpbenm): Reading, Pa., 8-13. 
Stanleys. The (Family): Lancaster, Ps., 8-13. 
S.iuinela. Maurice (Empire): Frecport. IIL, 

s-13: (Orpbenm) St. Paul. Minn. ,15-20. 
SliaDDon ft Straw (Empire) : Springfield, 111., 


Sulllran ft Paaqnelena (BlJou): BransTllle, 
Ind.. 8 13: (Hopklna*) Memphis, Tenn.. 15- 

SUM. Rose, ft Co. (MaJectIc): Chicago, HI., 
8-13: (Orpbenm) Brie, Pa.. 15-20. 

Sloanes. The (TItoH) : BntTalo. N. Y.. 1-13. 

Sbeck Bros. (Orpheum): Denrer. Col., 8-13. 

Staley ft Birbeck (Shea's): Toronto, Ont.. 
8-13: (Bammersteln's) New Ycrk City 15- 

Stmpsona. Mnalcal (Park): Worcester. Mass.. 

S-U: (FoU's) Watcrboqr. Oaaa., JS40. 
Sddaaa. 'Thiee ((Maasbla)iiTK '— ^ 

s-tt: ousacok m.. hmd, 

- " - (Sth ft AKh): 

SenntdDB^ Ybe (BUon): Koekflnd. UL;' fe.n; 

(Btloa) Oabkoab, WU., 15-20. 
SdKSleld. C B. (Acme): Sacramento, Cal., 8- 

Splssel Bna. * Mack (O. O. H.): Fittabnrg. 

Pa.. S4S. ■. " ■ 
SyiTeatetb Jkaa*.* RlHle: SesA SM. IM.. 

8-18. ; ■ 

S iaaaa, tana. IUbc;<Mr^t 

S48: (Mrs) -WMMtaBT. 

Smith ft CkmpbsU TAIhamihra): New York Otty. 

8-13: (Elmptaa) Baboken. N. J.. Itl-ao. 
Simmons A BfeBia.tOsbndiiB): St 

S-U; XOtoasjia) CMWBC^ r 

Scblosser A Rakestnw (Empire): Qilorafta 
Springs. I'ol., 8-13: (Norelty) PaebW 18- 


Strakascb. Atut (Proctor's): Mewark, V. J.. 

8-13; (Praetor's) Albany; N. Xn IMO. 
Smltiis, Tbe Acilal (Slica's): Tosonto^ Oab, 

8-13: (O. O. B.) Plttabarg. Pa.. 38-20, 
Sims, Bcoidde (BamUy): Bntte. Moot,. »> 


bydcr ft BoeklfT (O. 0< H.): ladfiaapcHa. 

Ind.. 8-U: (O«heom) IkHim, <U„^.1» 

20. - '•.■.v 

SaToya. Tbe (BUoa): Bay Cllr,' aOcb.,' S-H; 

(BIJon) Port Huron 15-20. 
Smirl ft Keasner (Auditorium): Lynn, Mass.. 

Salerno. A. (Orpbenm): Omaha, Neb., 8-lA 
Seymour ft Hill (Cook's): Boefaester. N. X.. 


Serrs.' C%a8. (CoIonUl): New York Olty. 8-U. 
Searo. GturKe (Mullen's): Omsbs, Neb., 1- 


Sherman ft IMForest (PoU's): WORCatcr, : 

Stoddard ft- 


St. Felix Blstcis (Bteptrc): Fateiaon, K. J.. 


Svlft ft Backlaj (Mdbawk): Scbcnectady. B. 
Y.. 8-U. 

TSsmaalaa l^oope (P B jtB l on c a'): HsTsaa, Oa- 
ha. ladaT 

Taylor. Brma ((kplbd): Olena lUls. R. Y.. 


Thnnton, Howaid: Tootins Anatialla. 
Ty-BeU atstcn (OBia Btsa.'): McHaa cnr. 

Mei.. I 
TriCT ft 


Teiana Slatera (BIJou) : Green Bay, Wis.. S- 

13; (BUon) Marinette 15-20. 
Tatbott ft Rogers (Orpheum): UUca. M. Y., 

8-13; (Hyde ft Bebman's) Brooklyn IS- 20. - 
Tourists Trio (Oolnmhla): dndonatl. 0.. S- 

13; (Hopklna') LonlsrlUe, Kj- 15-20. 
Toys. The Mnalcal (I^ile):. . Mlai.' Jiai^sS4a. 
Taylor ft Bailer (BUptw):; -MUtail.- OM; 1^ 

20. . . , ..-yJ'Zz^i.- 

19.20. - .■ --'r • I'V-" .' 

To-To (K«HM>) t Baatna. Maaa,; SSai ' 
Ttaiaar, (SUM Tal (BIfoa): OMMaaak : la., 

8-U: (BUoa) IMbaqaa 1S40. 
Teed ft LaxeU (Qrattl): Bt. Mqki: Hft, 

8-13. • '.-^ ■ 

Tbompaon'a Bleptaaala: Naw Zaek ^CHpV^^'lrlSt . 

Brooklyn 15.27. 

Tobin Sitters (Oqliiai)!^ ; 
Thompson Ststcl* '(OHor: ' 

Wssb.. 1-U. 
Thompson ft Vldocq (PoIVs) : fftnr Hmytmi'jOtli^ 

8-13 ■" 
Tulaa:' Battle Oeek, Mich.. S-13. 
Tyce ft Jermon (Keith's): Prorldenee. B. L, 


Valpos, Tbe (Crystal): Logansport. Ind., 8-18; 

(Crystal) Fiankfcct 15-20. 
Vardman (Liberty): Portland. Ore.. 8-13. 
Valdare Ttoope (nent): ' Ueotsn. N. J., 8- 


Von Wenxl, MIrxl (Orptaeimi): Kansas CttJ, 
Mo.. 8-13: (Orpbenm) Denrer, OoL, 15-». 

Van, Billy (Shea's): Toronto. Ont.. 8-18: (Or- 
pbetmi) Brooklyn, N. T.. 15-20. 

VaWeno Bros. (Keith's): Boston. Msas.. 8-U. 

ValOere, Bessie. TMope (Treat): Tccntsa. B. 
J.. 8-13. 

Volples' Bears ft Don: Bl 
Valmoie ft HortOB (XtraU): 

Dee. iS-JaB. U. 
Vance, Obilatlaa (Staadaid): K Worth, <XIK.. 

Indef. . ,■• - 

Vernon: lUl Blsar. Masa_.S4S. ', > 
Wftoir. Babr Irma A Co~((St]riBtal):r:'__ 

Ind.. S-13: (Crystal) Logansport 154ai 
White, Clayton, ft Marie Stnart (Sbea'a): 

falo, .N. X., 8-M. 
Waterbun- ^nk d^ JJuv... (OI|«gie>t;> 

Warren ft aosRBS ' WH|iinll)t' CUtitt, 


Wham; Doodle Trio (Baymarket) : Chicago, 

111.. 8-13. 
Welcb. John J. (Dtal^is): 

Indef. • ■ . ■ > ■ • - 

Ward ft Okalc. (BMrtMs .*iat;:M.-'MM(?:l 

Indef. .' ■ s- • '-. .. : - "' 

Whalen ft :W«ab'. 

WUber. OdaVfCkfalaD: . 


WlUlsms ft Psdre (Star): 

Sept. 25, Indef. 
Xeager ft Teaser (Falles Betgere): Parish 9t., 

Jaa. l-U; (Wlatcrgarten) Bcrila. Oct.. M. 

;- . - . 

WolC * miiOB (Teaiple): Ft. WaToa. M- 


WUey.Syrrls THo «;ea): OooneU BtnOs, Is., 

Walters ft Pitatr . <3hMiy'a)t JlaU llisfc 

Mass.. 8-U. -. ■ ■ - 

Woodiiard's Antmala (S.' O.' B.): Biiaiiiofc 

N. T., 8-13. 
Walsh, Frank (People's): LeaTenwacth, Kaa.. 


Winter. Winona (Orpbetim): Loa Anteles. CU., 


Willis ft lArkla (PhUUpa*): Blcbmoad, 
8-U: (Orpbenm) Portamaotb, a, U SOl 
Wa«Me.,*:g. Ola Is r - Ckfj- .ft, - MM. 


Xlre Btllbo 

JANUARY 13. 1M& 

Tent 3howjs 



W. a. HcFarSaad. nuinascr of ttip nlde Ahow 
Via ttaa <lmt Wallace Sboir, left Fera. Ind., 
Uau for U* boo* la TltasTllle, n*.. for 
fk» farpow of «bJi«1bc • tlx weeks' flahlnc 
■dS I i mUih ttip Oowa tlie Indlu rlTcr. Ac- 
companylnr liim npon the trip will be C. A. 
B«U, W. H. McFatlind, Jr.. asd 'Harry Crramer, 
•t tbe Wallace Show; Fred De Wolfe and B. 
Jotuueu, ot the ForepaoKh-Sells Sboir, and 
Botiert Bell, a merctmnt of Colombaa. 

Tile trip will be made In a flfty-foot jacbt, 
mtmrtlBE troB Daytona. Fla.. after ttie automo- 
bile raeea. Tbe roote will take tliem down 
the Indian rlTcr to Miami, theace tbrongh the 
Florida Key to Key West, thence op tbe west 
coast of Floilda to C. N. a&ampaon'a place at 
, C«za Eola. 

oZ tmma g^thma br flMse 
' b* gttat. IB tact, 
■ t» «flK «» MM to 
an tb* came tiMy want. 
: S. Xdtelaiid, tsamploa aUlcator 
r «it n*' iMCld. TltaaTflle. Via. Bowerer. 

HfH» to ablp to any nfr panoo mote 
mmm.~«u» band at docks, one band o( flab, 
WbV'alBbtr-painid snen tsctle. one alllcator 
bataPMB aam aad twet«e feet In lencth, bat 
flav; win as aav ntUa aoakca U thair 


e. Ban. 

The foUowlnr letter fin 
la selt-ezplanatatr: . 
"Vdltor Tbe Binboard. 

"Dear Sir; On Dec 22 Mr. Toacpb Karer. 
treasnrer of the tnnd that waa lalied for mr 
lather. B. a. Ban. met W. H. Oaidiier aad 
mrwOt at Mr. Majcc's oOce and Ur. Gaidner 
- - - T"* " '"'- and foand that tbare 

warn A.balaMa laft at fttaM. aad 

tnr < 

~1 make this atalaaaat a* that an tbe sob- 
■olbeis to this land nay kaaiir tkat tbla monay 
baa been banded OTcr to ae to ttt 
stated. Mr. Oardaer Anind HitH ' 
tnistacahlp ot tbe fond bad biH 
dad OBt la arary respect. - 
— " r aU the sobscrlbat.lK jMt 0Mt 
av father and nUMC 'Xoi. 
**Ztan tmly. 


. . -i ; ««122 Hollywood are, 
• •■■ "Kaat Onage. S. J." 

C^suteus eiossip 

-Brown, for thirteen years 
wttk tbe 6t«at WUIace Sboir, has 
tota Maw York City and Is spoidhis 

t green anuDg bla nany tstesda. Wbea 

ne- bow aU set together they have a fine time. 
Tbe gang eoniltts of Hatty wniiama. H. Wal- 
ker and B. Carter, of the Bamnm & Bailey 
Show; B. Lane. Ben tTsmllton, H. Jordan and 
C Oazr. o< tbe Slir- Santell Show; C Bajika. 

Wm. Mack and P. Claiy. of the Frank Bobblna 
Stuw; A. Martin. B. lank and 'IDoc" Lane, of 

Ite a neoit'teiie ot Th« Billboard it 
was stated that Uto. Itailck would bare 

dkaige ot Hie SsBaVlela .' band next aeaaon. 
This Is a mlstaka... Sadt & Prentiss, of the 
Robtnaoa flhoiw laot aaaHf^ wfll ban tb* band 
with tka , C fci g rji toi itll il l . It tojto^ aad t« 
ssys tbat % iMa;M •■• «C ~ 

Waltar t*. ICiltfs Hippodrome ele- 
. g^~*- eloaad toeir Mba Tesk city engagement 
•g Madtow Ifninr i O ai d su . flstnrdsy aianlag. 
Dse^ », aad waat dbact to Omm, OUo. 
Baaa an amr dgfat depbaais to the Main 
wtoMr qoartexa, tbe largest herd that has erer 
feasK boosed there. 

W. H. Fltzserald. press agent with 
toa ^ s iiUj Brother** Show last seaso o , and at 
«■• Haw IdentUed with the Shnbert Brothera 
picaa stair. Is spending a few dsys in Chi- 
cago. He Is considering a nnmber of offers tor 

After a very pleasant season as 
manager of adrance car No. 1 ot the Norrls & 
Bowe Show, Herman Q. Smith is ^Kndlng tbe 
winter in Minneapolis. Minn. He will go 
with Nonls tc Bowe agato aaxt .aeaioB, 

W. S. Dnimlngton lias b««ii engaged 
by W. H. Gardner to manage adrertlalng ear 
No. 4 (excnrslon car) with the Hagenbeck 
Show next season. It wlU be Mr. Donnlng- 
ton's second yesr with that organization. 

Uii IMce. a brother of Caxl Dice, 
died to Vanlrato, lOna,. Dee. 11. after ant- 
tog toaat aaectol ' yaan^ST^^e baatoaaa. 

OoL Fred. C- Cummins has gone to 
Stoava. Ohio, where he will remain the greater 

rr «t the wlnto:. He has a desk in Walter 
^^^Maln'a office and wIU stay at the Tnttle 

M. L. Sliker Is to lake out his new 
and noTel performing cat and single trapeke 
act the cominf season. He will do an aerial 
cetmn and caiting act the seaaon following. 

km Me- 

_ . ' WaHd'a Oisat- 

ast Shows, ttaaSBcted bnslneaa to Chicago last 
week, lesTlng for St. Lonls Friday night B. 

The Great ICarinellas. marveloiia 
lady and gentleman ring czpectt aad wander- 
fnl eqnUlbrista. are "■■►<t a big bit with 
tbalr act wbatarer tbar play. " 

Horace Webb, clown -gymnast, who 
has bacB wlto ~' - - — 
past ti 
beck ■ 

Col. J. C. O'Brien, of the Campbell 

Bros.* Shows, Is transacting bnalncsa at the win- 
ter qnarters ot the organisation at Falitmry. 
Neb., thla weA. ' 

Much activity la being exerted In 
the winter qnarters of tbe WaUk acethers' 
Clrens, snd the show wlll„gg gat fHgllesUy 
new esriy to AprQ. 

Whiting Allen, formerly of the Bar- 
oran & BaOo' aad Joa. T. MtOaddBO flbewa. 
Is a^ead of Klaw A Srlanger's Frits In Tam- 
many Hall. 

Jas. Cops 
yeSeraon SsM 
to make to* 


Eddie Webb, formerly with the 
Webbs, is pnctlebig a aew act wUeb lie win 
pradnaa wUh aae aC tba big ahowa tbe comag 


purchased tbe 

. Ba will aoiilliioe 

<mI at kaaM at all 

Haas's Mli^ty Shows closed 
season Jaa. 9, at -SattMbar 
shipped to wtoter «aaztera at 

Bert Carroll, boss pi o p s rty oma last 
acaaoB with the BOblnaoii Bbow, wm go with 
tbe Orcat Wallace Show the coining scsson. 

Fred. M. Clancey, manager, writes 
tkat tbe SamweU Trained Show will 

open to April as a twantr-flTe cent show. 

The Ted Sparka Amosement Co. re- 
ocatty parchsacd tlie stock sad good will of 
the Bales Balloon Go, of CUalaa. Mo. 

After a very suoceasful season with 
tbe Sella a Dowbs Show, tbe DeEspas are la 
CbattaaaoflB, Tenii.i for tbe winter. 

D. J.- Hlgglna writes that be Is going 
to Btadlbrd. Pa., to accept a psdUon ot gen- 
erd SoKmaa of the Bradford Mfg. Co. 

Gea W onn aM wlU have O hante of 

Otto RIngUng: and Chas. H. Davis, 

legal sdjnster, wllli the 'Singling Show, spent 
sereral daya to Chicago laat weak. 

Ai. o. Bu»M is •njoyliHr a nst in 

Glenwood Opttaga, (M. Bla ealnais arc in 

training quarters at Austin, Tex. 

Blondell and Bancroft, with tbe John 
Boblnson Show tbe past season, are playing 
TaodcTllIe dates to, the weat. 

Otto Floto anil W. R. aiusgat, of tbe 
SeUs-Fktto Shows, were wdcome esUen at onr 
OMcago oOlees Thniaday 4. 

The Two Xiafayettes write from 
Jackson. Tenn., that they will be under the 
white tents the coming season. 

Silvers Holland has b««n engaged to 

^uei^S'shMr MstlmiaD. ^ Steat 
W. E- Fe tms oB. bscsa dntias as 
general agent oC Ifta OaouB md Waat at 

OencTa, Ohio. Jba. 1. 

J. G. Carroll wiIl'MaiaiaMa.fatnlsh 
the Xonnger Broa.' WM UlNt 'WHk k' gttoog 
twenty-piece band. 

Ki Jo* lllllsr:.'iirfll take charge of 
the pnn ie it lt a wllli ' the Tsrepangb-SeUa Oiow 
next season. 

Gerald Fitzgerald has signed agraln 
as press agent with Uie WsUsce Slow for 
next season. 

V. O. Woodward will be general 
agent ot the Welsh Brothers Olrcns next sea- 

Fifty men started to work for the 

■G rTm-Tnlns WUd West at Geneva, Ohio, Jan. 1. 

Dollle Castle is spending the vrlnter 
at the Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs, Ark. 

0'D<rie and La.'Vaii, acrobats, will be 
with eoe of tka Mg oaea aest aeaaon. 

Jafik Soibumate passed through Chl- 
~IB. X en ronte to Denver. 

The fOIIowbiK 
gaged wlto T ~ - 
larde. Chaa. 
Wm. Bsgsn, 

Miss aThT 

A. Vaindai Dada. 
AltMd &SM. 
▼is I 

liave been en- 
.to Co.: Harry Mn- 
Adbor R. Booney, 
lb OtUesple (lesds, 
Qraee KeadaU. Miss 
Buck, stage director; 

- Ds- 


Rose TtsBaeimt 
Joined the 

Hayden Stevenson for tfw 
Knott Co. playtog to When 

Wniiam Swot, fu t iimly ot the Swor 
Bntbera, hsa Jotaed the eon of Bait Oa^ 

Emma IHmn for the riHa oC Faaneta 

in Tlie BedemptlSB of Iladd OoaSlS. ' 

Albert L. Bels bas Jolnstt5tbi Xen- 

£ WEIL. 

77-81 WOOSTER ST. 

(Bet. SprInK aiid Breome), Mew York. 

Tlit atrical Sappl ies, 

Tights, Wigs, & 6rea88 Paints, 


Gold & Silver TrimmlnES, Spangiss, 


Stigi Jiwilrv, ate. 

In OiMALOGTE No. % , 


Wa Mnd eeod* C. a D. gubjeet Is Ingpaetlsn 
but raquira a deposit on all onleis. 


Our Specialty 



6S & 68 Waodi&n] Ivt., DETROiT, HIGH 


WM. ARMSTRONa. Mgr.^ ^ 

Hanafaetnrera oC Show Canrases at all Kinda. Black 
TeDUi ftnd BaUooiu a Sped^ty. No. S MavksC SC. asar 


We are beadqaazteia for aappBea ot orexy 

esnnlate cbSfUOlA 
Uaakets. ate. Aa 
tcetlTe «atem for any large park et 
swat en teipils e. 

Two complete electric light plants, eoasist- 
Ing of one 9x10 center crank, heary doty "Ball" 
engine, one 11x13 center crank aslf-oDlBS 
"Oreen" engine, two SO S. W. UB Tolt Oaa- 
eeator, complete; two' 7B H. P. Bdleis; wlB 
adi elUier eomifle te o r a eparate Itaaa. 

uSuHiiU TlOKIglH 

00.000.000 Expoaltloa TIekota: eaa ba oaed 
(or sny ptopose. Are on mOa ot 2,006. De- 
nominations S, B, 10, as, BO oeaM aad Ooa- 
pUmestary. Pdee to kitt «C MJOM, pt tbeo- 
- 13 

■t ass ta gosd 
Tbv ass Sdl- 

aen Base. KM vaHagc. a«aial Baettle Haka, 
8 esadle power. We ate eSMtog tbea to loM 
of 600 or OMce, price aacb B aanto. 
aBO.eoe New Tnranieafsnt fmpe, aerec aaad, 

Oeasral Slsettle Make, 8 aad 18 

ToHage 100 ta 110, B Msi ai Usee 

aslooo Maw Odotcd laeahdMet 
ber, Onea. 0|ial and Baby.- 


ISO Baglstactag Tteastnas aat Tloket Oaa- 
ealing v-.m^, awds by H. V. BTlgat. Sadi 
laaddne to egalMed with Patent Beelrlc ai- 
tasbsMOt, asartag a doaUe t sa jetoe. 

Otoljpee Sexea. 

1.000 Saliwidaad ma Xkkat 

also C«to Baxaa. e to. 


000 ' — ----- 


aeo Bpedal Oreraoeta, 
Saarda at tbe World'a WmM. 
aoo "KbakT' Cava. 
eOO aeto.of^wartg^Mts a>i_ 

Concert and Old Plantation People. Side Show 

and Old Plantation Bannprs. For wale — 34i4fi ft. 
Tent. DTXTIOKS ETDE SHOW Bti 45, Ec<:k 
Hfll, S. C. 

PtooM M5I. EattoMtahad IMS 

ThomsoR t Vntivtir 

MAinnrACTtntBBS or 



SIS B. Pearl fl«.| CIRtllRIf AXI, • 

BARGAINS! Must Bs Slid 

Magic, Paintinjji, fVaaaa. ftadk aad VtotMesaaa 

flgnre*. Stampter Hot. W>MsMday. 

S. ELToJ, MI Tmaisa An^ WnolnasH, 0. 


And AU Othets 

wislin Mfm (i. 


mn. wMktott. 
mMdIsst SfctSI aa 

in B. Canal St. 




Show Paifltiflgs 

United SlitesTart ft Awniair Co., 

SUmim and FoUiag Cb^ 
Ctaira manafwtared. TfYithmf 

P. A. IVfcHUGH, 

SMI Ohamplslji St., OLEVELAMD, O. 

scEMERY ARB SHOW niniaesi 



BeaJl tor J ea n I ptlon and price; aUo get 4 

o< all klnda of sporting goods, iCreat l 

work la oard, dliDS, hoId-«ata, ata, etc 

Fart Scatt, Kuttt. 

JMOIiLia IFB. 60.. 

. C . GOSS C 



^^'^ FREE "^ST* 


Stock Hangera, Posters and Oats ob hand for adni^ 
'~'Dffevei7 branch of tbe AmasementBDslDesa. Otaaliot 

cat&Io^e (D) of Dramctlc and Show r 

Catalo^e (C> Pair and Carnival Prii__ 
CataJo(nie (B) Blllponters, Commercial 

Firiit-claAa PnntiDg of all tlnrt-n. 



H- laTHtna. Mi WsstLslte St., CHIOAOO. 




lighting Systems 

P«EtaB. StMets. 

Vwr Teat 

sdspted by an tlio iomm^ 

UfiHT baa 

JANUARY iB, 1006. 

nrtie Billboard 



218 N. Desplaines St., CHICAGO, ill. 126-133 W. Randolph St. 


Yiars Eipirimi 


Monroe 162a, 


X E N X S 

■flf ■!■¥ AWtljgggBB. Prea. I 
W^ F. PB IVKK i Vlce-Pre*. V 
mo'vr. ■>. NWnlAinit JB.See.-Treaa. I 

<<Amerioa 0ar Home'' Write Us Before Plaoing Your Orders for 
TiM World Oar FMd" Tents for 1906 Use. 

^t^^p„^ mumm utisf/ict»i m doiveues m goitu»t daie 


KIdd'a Patant Ll«hta. Sidaahew PalntiiiSa. 
Clraua Seats. Flags. Tarpaullna and He 

CorreaponAanee SeUcIt 

The New Tent for Moving Plotures. ete. 


Quite a number of those who have been engaged in circus 
and carnival business have either quit, or are seriously 
thinking of doing so. In most cases the reason g^ven is 
that they had too much, worry for what they get in re- 
turn. We wish to call the attentioa <xf sndi to the 
old adage, **TIT JMMk** The pruidide thing necemj 
to the snccess of any amnsemeatettterpriMis^WlM^^ 
right, and the first move toward a right beginning to a; 
successful end is to buy yonr TMts* PaallaSi Flagif 

Covsrti UshU, etc.| from 

MKEt & mmm m, w,. ■.twammaMntt. uuim cnr, m 




DR. H. J. POTTER, 138 L 25tb St., N.Y. CITY 


U the start of the Nevr Tear In tbe tbeatrl- 
CAl bnalo^M In this city U ahj IndlcAtloa of 
What 18 coming, this will be the blsseat year 
tbst onr maoagera hare ever had, and they 
will all be able to reUre with fortnnes. Never 
bAB anj- one day ahown so great aa ontpoor- 
lag of people at all o( our tbeatzes w tbe 
■nt tt the year. It was •atticlr oa tat s ete d. 
»••.__ 0»r dtr coancUmcn kad ai fwu la lai 
|S,<M for prises for our New Tear aiusma 
dnbs of men wko paiadc Ike stieets in taa- 
taatlc coatames and clTe a Tcrr tslr Imitation 
«( the M«r Orlaam Maidl Otaa, and it was 
tkaigkt tkat ttds waoU bart tbs Masn at 
tkf ^ ttiaina^ tat It mir hdped. 

at alAilght wkcn th* igat taitlcaqae lionses ad- 
mtlied a "mldalght natlacc." Th* hooaca 

were to open at 12 o^doek and for an honr 
before that ttane the streets In front of the 
the.trea irere black with people. No tlckett 
could be sold nntU It was Monday morning, 
bat when the box offices were opened there was 
a wild scramble whldi took officers, attacbees 
and ererybody off their feet. Tbe crowd was 
■o great In front of the Bljon that Manager 
nam Dawson made one of bis old-time circus 
ipeecbes to the crowd, telllna them that he 
did sot want their mosey, bnt they only 
laaghed at Urn and then swept down Iron gates 
as It tber wen made at paper. Ihcie was 
aa. awftd eroird at the Caslaok too. It took 
tmt a tew maments for the hoaae* to sen oat 
wd then ths doors were closed. 
Itta itgalar matinees on Mew Taar'a Say 
*<n']«at sa crowded, bnt on aeoonat at ~ 
•( tka seata being reserved In adraaee, 
Sia aat tkc asm* coatnsloa. na wcatbft 

was „ — iB- -.^ 

money ll fc— i K JliW i fmit f aWgJHMV 
theattsa naia ftst alatlsg IB ttni cny. 

Eelth'a Cbestnnt Stiact Thaatie. kavfac bad 
large crowds at all hoUdays. was batter aUe 
to handla tte oowds. iMt then asffsr had been 

of tb*>thsal*e wm Mack wtth pasplSk waiting 
for soma pHM la cams oat so they coold 
aqoccae la. Om woman said. "Oh, I wish 
some womsa wedM faint m there, so I ooold 
get a chance to get in." Manager Jordan 
and Press Agent Bams both anlte In declaring 
tbat they never saw as many people clamoring 
for admittance as on tbsi day. The pecollar 
thing aboot this boose Is that no matter bow 
large the crowd of people waiting no "chasers'* 
ere erer pat en the bill, bat tbe entire show 1* 
glTcn complete. Oor people know this, and 
yet they waited for hoars for a diance to 
get their noses In. All Hall to 1908. and may 
its opening day be only the forenmner of many 
more of Uie same kind. 

At the Academy of Mnale Ben Oreet'a Play- 
ers are announced for foor pertormaneea start- 
ing Jan. 11. TUe adrance nie Is Terr laiga. 
At the SUDS boas* the grand opera sesson Is 
In foU Istaa. Xhe lletntpoUtan Opera Co. come 
orer taa Mow TsA aoee a week, hrlnglns 
scenery and mwHiIng esmplsta. Ib^ Qneen 
of Sbeba was the attraetloe Jan. 2. and a 
matinee gcftamaaea oC Haenari and Oietel 
was gl*«a Jan. 4. Xhe FUladelpUa Orebeetra 
glTcs two oooeefts a wagk at the same hoose. 

Miner sad KsiABa% ■aasgsta of the Olr- 
sid and TOTCpsogb'a ttcalne, gar* their an- 
to employees, company and news- 
Dee, so. It was largely attended. 

big SBceess In every way. 
a. of tn* 0._g. Ob' ' 

city. Be has asnr , 

help bat ha phased with the aaeceea he 
mat with ataea he went to Mew Tork. 

flm Bonliatdt. who wOI plar a week's en- 
gsgcBcnt at Oe Ijrle; starting Jan. 8. Is being 
advertised In all cities and towns within a 
radios of fifty mllea. Special exeoTslon tralna 
Win be nin from many of these points. Charles 
Strlne, who wis fonnerly preu agent ot the 
Walnnt Street Theatre in this city. Is doing 
some sasctlve advance work for this star. 

It Is aan o u aeed that Flank Bow/e, it., has 
migaged Thomas W. Boaa for tbt leading part 
In Bias Grass, tbe new radac play by Paul 
AnaatTong, which la to ha prodneed in this 
dty In rebmary. As Mr. Boss was a big 
favorite here during tlia nm of (fleckers, he 
will no doobt bdp In swalllag the era>WdB that 
will attend the premier prodsctlon. 

Ibe new antl-paaa tegnlatlon pat Inte ef- 
fect hy the Pennsylvania BaOroad Is very 
sweeping, and has already affected a nnmber of 
theatrical men who formerly rode tree. When 
they dive down In their Jeans now snd pro- 
doce coin for railroad tickets bow tbey do 
aqalrm. As yet nothing definite has been set- 
tled abont 6tt transportation for drcns ad- 
vance agents. 

The tnneral of C A, Bradenborgh, owner of 
tbe Mosenm, was beld on Tneaday. Jan. 2. 
snd was largely attended by theatrical and 
dress people, and nnmerons aodetiea. to which 
he belonged. The Maseum was doeed tbe af- 
tenxxHi of the tooeral. It will be cooUnneU 
by his widow and sons, and the same maoage- 
ment will be retained. 

Sam Sanford, who died In Brooklyn on Dec 
81, was barled In this dty on Jan. 4 from the 
residence of his nephew. 'The Interment took 
place In the Bias Best In Mt. Moriah Cemetery. 
Tbe fnneral was largely attended. Mr. San- 
ford Btartad the firat pcrmaasat minstrel oeot- 
psoj la ttis dtr. and at Oa same hoaae. tha 
Scventt smet Opera Boose. DBmant's 
atialik tha 


apporaehlag com plf tVm, tm 
Saake, irtw wilT pot Ja 

Bert Andrews ftwnsdjr^th fleato- 1 
ers, is lestlBg lor tha wlntsr la tbls dty. 
Be has signed ss genersl agent for the Wash- 
bom * DeAlma Gained Animal Shows next 

Sanford H. Boblsoa is stm ai ai r at manager 
ot die BlUpoatlng Sign Olb vBh new r 
The S. H. BoMsae^ Oa^ e tl dl eeatsrta the 
boUetln and sign haalaea «t tUs etty. is 
starting In on Its new ■ career with a delnge 
oC orders. 

Jack O'Brien, the cooqneier of FUislmmoDS, 
retsmed to this dty on Dec 81 for one day. 
He was received st the depot by a crowd ot 
8.000 vt^fiit. m* dalecatlan was beaded y 

J Sunday here Mr. O'Brien left tor Bofctoa, 
where he Joins the Lonls Roble Show for ten 
weeks at a princely salarr- 

Tbe Collienm Skating Elnk here Is doing a 
nice tmslness, and It Is said that a nnmbec ot 
other places ot the asms kind wIU soom be 

Tom Hsisreaves wQl open a new vandevlUa 
hoose In Chester, Ps.. in a week or twoi. 
This will be mn In addition to the Grand Opera 
Honse, which Mr. Hargreaves also contiala. 
He Is now bnsy laying ont idana tor the en- 
tire rebnlldlng and repainting ot tba Ha igi e a iea 
Shows which will start from Cbeatar la April. 



Cooks. The Ksttoaal and the ; 

contlsne to give Sondsy alght ee a eett ^ 'HhMh- 

are proving immensely popnlar. 

"When seen here the management at flaia 
Bernhardt denied that she was to travel nnder 
canvas daring her tonr through the sooth. 

Manager Bongbtoo, of the Batavla (N. T.) 
Opera Honse, la liromoting an amosement dr- 
cnlt. He proposes holding a meeting In Ba- 
tavla tbla month, when tbe managers from 
ralmyra. Ferry, Albion, Medina snd Waisaw 
will confer wtth him regarding the project, 

J. J. Ckilllns. for many years manager Of 
Ontario Bead. Fszk. has tendctsd his laalgBar 

tion, uia.:«ia ' w/ lii«iir...kt.. cMMaMA. iviih 

tbls resort.^ ri'Bli;tg<H|Mr\.MB.'-aBt 'jat'r.'tMB 
named. ' ~' ■'■ ' • V.V.- - 

Slchaid P. Staler and .BdlextMlbaapbiCWM. 
llUed an eogagemeat at Ooofea #MlBS>aaMaWi 
week, arc speiiding the hOUdsys haie wMfc.' a e l r-' 
friends. Both ate BoChesterlsaa. 

Brothers Msssnd are spending a tew weeks 
here with their ftdks. They have signed with 
one ot the big shoers for Ibe comta 
CHA3. W. 


The grl n c u s Skating Rink, recently tnesipo- 
rated, has leased the Old Armory. 

AL Bellman sad I«ttle Moore, local pMpfc 
are pUylng at the HoiAins this week. 

MlSs and Morris have left to IIU dttet 
the PacUc Coaat. 

Edw. Stair, ot SUIT & Havlln. was receeHy 
In this elty looking op tbe bnalneaa of Us 
two bosses. 

Mstt Winn hss Jost retnmed from New Tork 
and he saya that many Improvements will he 
made on Jockey Club Park t>efove Its opening 
next season. 

The Lewis' have dosed their show, and aia 
spending the winter here. 

Harry Bnrke. ot Macaoley's Is looking UK.' ft' 
location tor a ten-cent vandevlUe honse. 

John Zoalwalakls Jiaa 

with SOI 

In CalUocnU. 


nrire Blllboarcl 



Are tke Best Mooey Betters in t&e Prhillege F!«ld Today. 6ET READY f OR NEXT-SEASON. Tlie Hound Orens Neier Fail to get tlie Mooey. 

■ SINGLE OVEN $8 50; TWO $1«.S(^ THBEE S19.50; 
■■ lOK CRKAM CONK COOKIMO OVKNS ' ' -, ' — ^ y 


Write for 

m South WatiirlSt. CHICAGO. iyj> 


Poople in All Lines of Show Buslnoss. 

l!nn<wtfrr>»" Dix«etdr, Bidms, LMpeis, Tumblers, Acrobats, Gynonasts, Aerialists, Troupe of Japs, Contortioalsts, Principal Singiag and KnoclE-abbut 
Cto«iBa.,Gtoiietrt-BMM«..Xidc«t Sallus, Bobb Pfopwty Han, fioas GhaodeliM Man, Stowud, OookB, W»It«is, Gar Forteza and good man for Lnnch Oar. ,' 
^■^^ ^^^^^^^ Address JCRItV Mluei4PAM,^B. Uth St., Atlanta, Gk ' 

.M^- F;0|R SIDE SHOW < n » »„ m mi m 

Colored Band of eight who also must give performance and have quartette with same, four colored girls that can sing and dance, lady iMff I 
handle makes, imoalement act, four couchee dancers, any other acts suitable for side show. Also boss canvassman for side show. 

7 '• - ■ ' .;■ . Address e HAS. CAMM. Mgr. Sid* Show, 76 E. 14th SU, 

R THE 4^ D V A N C E 

€#ar Maiuurers, LocarContracton, Btllpostent, Lithoeraplieira, Banner Men. Route Ride 

Address I. V SXRKBIO, Oetfl 

lers. Twenty-four hour meni' 
Affft., 76 £. i4th St., Atlanta, Ga. 




Open for engage- 
ments at Parks, 
Fairs, or Carnival 
Co's wanting a good 
feature act. Would 
like to hear from, 
first-class vaude- 
Tllle houses. 


Gars of The Billboard 



IN CITIES of 5.000 AND UP 


) ttBr lAtt JOB bat* w 







(Tea or Twely© Pieces) 


9 W. Hmtom St. CHICAGO, ILL. 

Wanted-One Show 

Also Free Acts and Concessions. Our 
Electric Light Plant a success Maiden 
towns only. Route suppressed. Addr. 

eenirai Apsemeflt Gooipafly 




Woodford * Marlboro (Oivhoani): PorUmoatll. 

O.. 8-13; (Orpheum) Manslleld 15-20. 
WraglW*. rioTcoce (AUiambra): S«Tannali, 

Ua., T-13: (Star) Atlanta 13-20. 
World's Comedy Four (Hopkloe'): loaUrlUe, 

Kv., 8-13; (Hopklna') ilemphla. Tenn., 15- 


Wlieelu. Mack (Omltol): UtUa Bock, Aik., 

Woodffi-ard. V. F. ''(SnSNHMi^)! 

Vork Cltjr, 8-l«. ' ' __„■ 

WlUiuu * XiUiain (BIJoa)t IMMaM, U.. 

8-13. ' 
WUmii. Alt * Mib» <CMI*): JXtW TtA 

Clt7, 8-13; (Star) Brooklfn IS-M. 
n-ilMw. Otatm* (K»ltb**>: lloataa, Uaa*., 8- 

13: (KcUb'a) Worccatn 19-20. „. ^ 

WUU». Ed. B. * B«^<*yK^ i « rt 8M. Mlcb., 

wtrd^e'n '* '<?WMtaK''(K -9. hSi MlnapoUa. 

Ind., 8-IJ. 

Wfliion. Uaz (Rflth'i): ClrTtland. O., 8-U; 

ITempIe) DctnU, Ulcb.. l3--.'0. 
Weston, Ocella (Prorior'a SMtli St.): tiew 

York city, 8-U; (Proctor'a) New T«rk City 

IS 2»). 

Waikon-fky Troupe (Imperial): Brooklyn. N. 

Y.. 22-27. . . 

World & Klotatoa (Empire): Pattrwn. N. 7.. 

8-13; (Orpbeau) Brndlns. Ps., U-SO. 
Wellcr, Lisle (BUou): LaCMMl, Wis., 8-U: 

(Uolqoe) Oao Claire 1848. 
Watioa. Hoieblogs a UwaidB (Ootbam): 

jwStoL ll. v., 8-U; (B8masnt*iB-«) New 

Wtut a Basiaa (B0«rax«)t OUaago, lU.., 8-ls 
Walsoo'a Farm ,Za(A 

JU.. 8-18. .V. • 

WIIsoo Trio. nt'(l 
Mo.. 15-20. 

Wentnrortb. Box (Keith's): Philadelphia. Pa.. 

8 13:- (Keith's) Prorldence. B. 1.. 16 20. 
Wrstcott, Era (Orptaenm): Neir Orleaoa. La., 

S 13. 

Wood & Uar (Orpbrum): Utlca, W. T., S-IS; 

(G. O. H.) arracnsB lS-20. 
Wilder, Marahall P. (Hajrmaiket): Ohlcago, 

III.. 8-13. 

WarteDbors Bros. (BopklaaT): LavlarlUe. Ky., 
8-18. • . . „ 

Waldo D, xaz lart* a stfeMaWi iNokijii. 



Woodwaida, . lh» ' (Proctai^: ' Snt. H. T., 

Zonae Onie, i Brather (Oirin Bros.'): Hex- 

Ico City, Mex.. Indef. 
Tonoga a Brooks (Family): Oaselton. Pa., 8- 


ZIoch. Adolph (Shea'a): BDltalO. K. Y.. 8-18. 
Zeno. Jordan a ZeDO_ TM^ CFIlUa, Cuens) : 

Cape Town. S. ^ 
Zimmerman, AW m'- 

wts., indaf. 
Zanelcs. Th« iSta 

8-13; iBtmmtntt 


Zhnmerman. Wlllr (CSiase'a): Waahlnston. D. 

C. 8-13; (Empire) BoMen. N. Y., 15-20. 
Zenos. The Orent ((^stal): Ptaakfort. Ind.. 

8-U: (BUoo) BTtaanUt IMO. 
aatSA TMo <Mr«)l BwlMSiH 

(Polt'a) Woecrater 1840. 
ZImmer, John (Uajettle): ChleafO, m.. 8-18. 

Cherry a Batca lO. H.): 


Kau., 8-13; 


Alpine Family. The (Pastor'*): New Xork 
City. 8-13: (Howard) Boston. Uasa., 15- 


Allyns. The (Globe): St. lAnU, Mo.. 13-20. 
Barrett Sisters (Colonial): " Ne-iv York City, 

813: (Orpheum) Brooklyn 15-20. 
BraiKords. Ttae (O. H.): tiew Bedford. Masa„ 

B-U; (Acidemy) Fall Rlrer 15-20. 
Byron a Blanch (People's): Kansas City, Mo., 

8-13; (BIJon) Bockford, 111., 11^40. 
Bcrsrn. Nella (PMl's): New Baven, Ooiu.. 
18-S(^ , _ . _ - . 

-i» .< -akrtt- 

Olafonllle, N. 



o, jiamie ,0. tuaiqnci: jiranooa, vm n ,. 




DeBossett a Bxeela (Unlqne) 
.Minn., 8-13. 

DeOesch, Mamie B. (Ualqnc): Brandoa, Can,, 
8-18: (BUou) Si — 


CarKn, Miriam (Colonial): New York City. 


Dtda (Family): PotlSTllIe. Pa.. 1' :0. 
Donaldson, Anna ((>>lanlal): New idfk City, 

nil k«.' Bessie (Fsmlly): Pottsrllle. Pa., 15-20. 
riraitn a Miller: AXorIa, Ore., S-IS; (Orand) 

Tacuoia. Wash.. I.'i-Zii. 
r»<trr a -1>of (BlebmoBd): Nortli Adams, 

Mass., 8-U. 
Fella. OUstoa Oo. (OirBPto): Seott B( 

lad.. S.lSi (HoiiaiA OblSii^ IIL. 1S48. 
rergnsa^ ^Ulpi i M ■ a Ox <aWM^>t IMI 

Frrdo'a Dart <Vim|tt)l 


ninckley. E. Karl (PaoUfes) Seattle, Wash., 

8-13; Victoria. B. C. 15-20. 
Herarll, Jerre H. (Vale's): Ksnsas Cnty. Mo., 

8-13; (People's) Leareovorlb, Kan.. 15-20. 
Hoiv-ard, Harry A May (Faoilly): 8baiiK>kln, 

I'a.. 8-13; (Family) Uahanuy City lB-%1. 
GllM>n, Chaa. A Ketherlne (Grand): Belllnc- 

l>a n. Wa,h., 8-13: VIcturU. U. O., iS 'M. 
Boimrs A Ocaa* (Crystal)! Legaasport, lad.. 

13-20. _ 

^^^■^V***^^ CWiM^W' Oi^ibSbI^ pa.. 
Kohl. 'Ooa VlTios 
Kipple a 

„Clty, trL 

i«cuir. Mia (P«oiHt^: aatar. T.. 

LsalWa PoeelBe Oirans (Orpbcnm): Cairo, m., 

Larendcr, Blchirdaon a Co. (Palm): Crip- 
ple C^reek, Ck>l., 8-U; (Bmplre) Colorado 
SfirlDKB 15-20. 

r.orrl Trio (FamUr): Pottarllle. Pa., 18-80. 

Martyne. BMr (^(It ClmiUdk O.. »». 

McL^usUaraUtB CONMlaOt Hmt SMk Oty. 

MelTtlie, Marrelooa (FIseher'B): Ban Francisco, 

CaL, 8-U: (Liberty) Oakland 5-20. 
M^fahoa'a Minstrel Malda (Colontel): New 

x«rk otr. 8-18. 
SMnot a Oonwar (Paadlylt PotMOab n.. 
s-u: (ramtir) Biseiton iB-ao. 

Mahoa A Obappelle (Colonial) : Now <«A OIlF, 


Navvn, Tom, A Co. «>>lonlal): Hew T«fk 
City, 8-13; (Orphenm) Brooklyn IB-SO. 

Pluck A Ulle. Lock (Orpbcam): Darcnport. 
la., au. 

Pelletler, Dora (Keith's): PUIaMpUa, Pa.. 

8-13: (Keith's) Boston. UagaTlMf^ 
QolKley Bros. (PoU'a): Brldgapm, Qtm., •■»; 

(Poll's) Watetbory 16-20. 
Hanaley. WeUs (Colonial): New York City, 

BosseUi. Ite Mnslcal (Bljoa): OaatoB. 0,.^ 8- 

SUboes. Foot (Family): FotMosm. Pa. t-lti 

(FsAllj) Baaelton 15-30. ' 
SuttU, Xk« Orcat (tveeom): Baa Ptaaekwo, 

CaL. S4L 

Syliaa a O'SaO (Family): FMtasUle, Pa., 8- 

18: (FaaUy) Baselton 1S40. 
Tanner a Gilbert (Family): ItottaelUa, Pa.. 

8U; (Family) Haselton 1848. 
Wllbnr, Mack A Co. (YodCTlUa): New York 

city, 15-27. 

Welsh A Maltland (Bnson's): ' Olilcs«o, III., 
8-13; (Orphenm) New Orlesns, La., 15-20. 

Wella Bros. (BUoo): Bopexlor, Wis.. 8-U; 
(Unique) Wlmupes, Man., 10-20. 

Wens, OoUr. (Biaoq): Sopetlor, Wis.. S-U; 

0<ta a Dot .(IM^l . Oi rt iPSi H , PB^ MS. 


Mand. <^as. Frobman, mgr.: N«w 
Zack Olty, KoT 6. Indet. 
aBiee Stock Co.. Bdw. r. Albte. vtfv.i Flaw- 
. twte t, Ji,.I .4Hpt loaol. 
AatwI .oC KltDrt (Jhittan. qaW M, 

AleaasT Stock <3o.. Belaseo a Uarer, mg^i 

San Franclaco. CaL, todef. 
Aaclln, Maisaret. Shobert Brat.,' agn-t Btv 

York City, 8ef>t. 81. lodcf. 
Aa Ye Sow. Wte. A. Brady A Joe. QrlBBce, 

mgra.: New York cicj. Dec, 23, Indef. 
An Oipbsn's Prayer, Marllo Sbeclcy. mgr.: 

AltamoBt. Kan.. 10; OaSttvlUt lli Sedta ISs 


As Told In the HUIa, W. F. Msnn, mrr.: Ohll- 
Itcotbe. Mo;, !•: Brnnsirlck 11; Lcslaatoa IS; 
Sedslla 13; Jeffemon City 15; Fulton 18; 
Moherly 17; Mexico 18; LoolsUns 1»; Usnnl- 

bal 20. 

At Ploey Bldgc, U. O. niKlDS, mzr.: New 
York City. 8-13; Trenton, N. J., ir. ie: New 
Brnnsn-Ick 17; Wilmington. Del.. IS 20. 

An Aristocratic Tramp (KUruj a Rrllton't Co, 
A), Harry A. Murray, oicr.: Ognttt. laaHlV, 
Montpellcr, O., 12; SandaSkT HI SHlafW 1S| 
Bryan 17; Toledo 18.20. 

An ArlstocrnUe Tramp (KUniF a 

B). 8. B. Letter, mgr.: MtTnra, I*., 10; 
Olenwood 11; Shtsaadtab IS; Crettoa IS: 
OaceoU Ut rmj iBfttBtttaa 19; Ft. OtSgt, 


Aldrleh. Ohat. T.. la Scerct Serrlce Sam. A. B. 
Woods, mgr.: Brooklyn, M. X., 8-U; Jar- 
sey City N. J.. 15-20. 

At cripple Creek (B. J. Carpenter's): Port- 
land, Ore.. 8-18; Tacoma, Wafta., 14-16. 

Arlsona, Darld J Bamage. mgr.: SL' PaaL 
Minn.. 7-13; Minneapolis l'l-20. 
Waiblngton, Ps.. 8-13; New Csstle lS-20. 

Arti'r iliiiDlght, Spencer A Aborn, mgra.: Ola- 
clnimtl, O., 7 13; LoulSTllle, Ky.. H-20. 

Alone In the World: Waterbury; Coaa., 11. 

Acrou the PacMe, Ed. W. Fuller, mgr.: Bleh- 

mond, Va., 8-lS; Norfolk 13-20. 
Allen, TlolB, Nlzoo a Zlmmcrmao, aign.: To- 


At Bovtati nevkiaailllt. H, 
BaUwiD-MaMtit BiMfe OaT^ iSir (MiHaL la., 

Sept. 8, later. • . 

Bsrrymore, Bthel, C^iss. ProbmaB. aMht 

York Clly, Dec. 2S. Indef. 
Bstes, Blsncbe. DSTld Belaaeik ■gr.S 

York City. Not. 13, Indef. 
Before snd Alter, Bobert Banter, sagr.: New 

York Olty. I>ec. 11, Indef. 
Belasco A Mayer Stock Co.: Fortlaai, Ore.. 

Aug. 38. Indef. 
Belaaco Theatre Stock Co.. Belaaco a Mayo, 

Angeles. Oal.. Aaa. as, Indaf. 
Blthop't Playen: «»«%hirt (hL. la' ' 
Bowdola .Sooare XfeMtMr^tttdTObkl 

Mass., Indef. " ' 

'BaJBataa Sloek Oa.; !*. B. aMwtoa, mgr.: 
' il'B»> BtdAwS. Uatt.. Ott. t. liiSf. 
-BarbaDk Stoek Co,t Loa Aafeltt, CbL, bulet. 
Both Temple Stoek .Co.: ■ (Jhleago. lit. IndaC 
Boy Behind tbe Ooai with BaRj Cla7 Blaacr, 

W. W. Wooirolk. mgr.: MempbU, Ttaa.. 

8-18; NashrUIe 15-20. ■ • 

Bemfaardt, Sarah. Sbobert Bros- asgts.: Phlla. 

delpbla. Pa., 8-U; Boetoo. Mass.. I84T. 
Bedford's Dope (Lincoln J. Carter's): leiw 

sey City N. J., 8 13: New York City, 13-20. 
Bennett's Big Show, Billy Bennett, mgr,: Bran* 

don. Man., 8-10; Wapella. Saak., 11-U; 

Wbllewood 15-17; Grenfel 18-20. 
Big Beorted Jim (KUmt A Gazxolo's). Frank 

Gauolo. mgr.: Newark, N. J., S-U; Jat> 

sey 'Cnty 15-20. 
Brown, Kirk, J. T. Uacanley. mfx.: XIadn. 

N. Y.. 8-18; Barrlabnrg, Pa.. 16-20. 
Broadway BnterUloera Belfrage A Toeler, 

mgrs.: (Fair Bavcn, Vt., 10; Xleonderoga, N. 

X.. 11; KeetTllle 13; AosaUe Forks 18. 
Bankar'a Child, Hanr Sbaooon. mgr.: Clla- 

toB. Uo.,- 10; Nevada 11: Anrora 12; laa. 

per U: Xladen Mlaea M; Web 18; Seammoa 

18: Otaid IT; Brit IS: LaHaive IB; loU 

Boati^. nama,Jhul Bi 

mortka Spnagt, Atfc., I 

iBraNa, i 
r.Tr. T, 

s-isi Sagtra'igi^i'rr 
Benoett-Monlton, Will A. FBrtfllo, mgr.: FUb- 

kUl, N. Y., 8-13; OsslBlag li40. 
Bennett-Moolton, c. H. Ocobock, mgr.: Wooa- 
socket, B. I., 8-13; Taontoa. Mass., IS- 
20. . , 

Bzoadbrldgt Btioek Oa.i 
IWti - 


JANUARY ta, 1M6. 

Xlie Billboard 


g^Sells and Downs Show for Salo-*^ 

Thto skow will posltivaly be sold as m 



«ii be 

■ pfeoomaaly as Mr. Downsy tiie Sole OwnePf 
«ff the whole eh 

•how at Birmlnghami Ala. 

Sale will take place at Smith's Park, Birminghain, Ala., Tuesday, Jan. 16, and Wed., Jan. 17. 

niTENTOBY of th« Or^t B^IU-DowmBiow^ which wm mU ^ VaUla Anatlon at Smith'* P»rk, Binnlschun, Aim., Tawday maA •W»dB««aay. J to. 16-17.. Thla pnpntr eonsUti of: 

80 Flrat CtaM Draft Horaea, «> B^piC.BoETtS: * Someriault Horaea. 2 FInlah Boraea. 2 Fonr-Horae AcU. 2 Tbaronxhbrnl Manacr HoraM. 2 Mnles for Hurdl« Acta. 2 Foor-Horae Chariot 
T*Mn.. 10 Hippodrome Honca. IfEVAasU^Z Parformlng Female Blephanta, 0 Caiaeta, 2 Fine African Llona. 3 Fymale Lloni. 2 Lion Cuba. 1 Jagoar. 3 Hjenaa. 3 Beara. 1 NTCaol. 
1 Uama. 1 Axla Deer 4 AmetlMa parr 20 Monkeys, 12 AUBtmlian m.cbws, 1 Elk, s Soakea. 40 Lengtlis Blue Seau, 20 Lengtlit Beaerred Seata, Big Top, 150 ft. Roand Top. S 
50-ft. Middle Pleeea; M«iijgert». 80 ft. Bound Top, 2 40-tt. Middle Pieces: Side Show. 70-ft. Round Top. 2 40-ft. Middle Pieces; Dreaslng Room, 70-rt. Ronnd Top, 1 40-ft. Middle 
Piece; Bone Tent, flO-tt. BooDd Top, 2 90-rt. Middle Pieces; Cook Hooae. 80x45; ntenalla complete. 0AB8— 2 pirat-CUss 60-tt. AdTertiaing Cura; e-wbeel Xnicks, with BoUers. Paper 
oomlMjt tnnt-inm Sleeping Cnr». bedding complete; 8 Stock Oan, B 80 ft. Plat Chra. 18 Bacgage Wagona, 10 Cage.. 5 Open Dena; 1 Calliope, flrat^las. eon- 
5"]??' *^^5* Waeona and 1 Wekat Wacon, S Tahlean Wagona, Chandelier Wagon, Ughti aU complete; 2 Ouirlota. 40 Seta Baggage Hirnen. i Seta Chariot HameM. Tiapplagi. 
Saddles, WardroDe. complete. Thla pMpaelf wUl be sold without reserre as x am aotirl^ Ci — 

BiraavvBiNo in pibst-class comnneirs 


vea AAY inFoaaiATioN addbbm 
l-ock Box 275, BIRMINGHAM. ALJ^BAMA. 

All people holdlDg contracts consider them cancelled. 

il^, Shnbett Bma.. mgn.: 


Hawaifc. N. J., 

Bdlew, KjTle, Llebler A Co., mgrs.: New Or- 
leans, La., T-13: Jackson. Miss., 15. 
Beoaelt-Moulton Ira E. N'enrball, mgr.: Brock- 

ton, Mass., 8-13. 
Bowerr Newaglrl: Wilmington, Del.. S-IO. 
Boirerjr Kewagirl (No. Z): St. Cloud, Minn., 

Bui Hnr. Klaw ft Erlaoger, mgrs.: DeoTer, 
Col., T-IS; Llncohi, Neb., 13-17; Sloox City, 
la., 18-20. 

Bereaford, Harry, J. J. Coleman, mgr.: Jef- 
ferson City, Mo., 10; BoonTlile 11; Spring- 
field IS: JopUn 14; Ft. Scott. Eao.. 15; 
Lawrence 18; Topeka IT: Nebraska City, 
Keh., IS; Fremont 19; DesMolncs, Is., 20. 

Bell. DliTby, la The Bdoeatioa Of Mr, PIpv: 
PlBlnOeld. N. 11. 

Blair, Engeole: Erie, Fa.. 11. 

Bm*rtlfMitM|_^, C. wur. Bar- 

BMBtte-kooiltMi.' Ad. p. Baad, i 

- aMMith, O.. 15-20. 
Bmnett-MoQlton: DoTer N. B., 
Wnmet Stock Co., John T. 

Sootii Ohlcago, 111., lodef. 
Chatle-Foweis Stock Co., O. A. Powets, mgr.: 

MansSeld. O.. Dec. 4, Indef. 
Oastle Square Stock Co.: Boston, llaaa«, tn- 


Oeatrsl Stock Co., BcUsco * HSjWt ■!!•>: 

San Francisco. Cal.. Indef. 
OUnsmsn, Geo. H. Brennan, mgr.: New Totk 

GIty, 8. indef. 
CMsmsn, Henrietta, Maurice Oaopbell, mgr.: 

N'ew Vork Olty, Dec 1^ tidal. 
Crosalog, Louln ISrana Shtpoao, Hnr Xork 

City. Jan. 1. Intlef. 
Onsler's Last Plght. Frank C. l>0>dt|L mgr.: 
, DenUolncs, la.. 7-10; Omaha. MKTU-U. 
.' Kansas City, Mo.. 14-20. 
Obaoacay-KalKer. Fred Ohanaecr, mgr.i Ortea- 
^vllto. Pa., a-lt« Kane 1B4d/ 
CMoe4leTlIle, Ohas. B. KVtllle, mgr.! Park* 

ersbnrg. W. Ta.. S-U; BantinmB IB-IO. 
Ohaae-Llster (NorUMn). OMHlF, Obaae. agr.: 

Aberdeen. .8. II.. S.-a8: . mtinoira U40. 
Champion, .>aek. UaaMtal ipsHk 0».. ngrs.: 


Orawtard's Comedians. Crsvrford A BiMtlelgb, 
ngra.: lUeh JIlll. Uo.. 8-iu; It. Mottl Xan„ 
11-13; Nerada, Mo.. 15-17. 

Child sisres of N<>n' Vork, Chas. Blanajr 
.vmtiM-. Co., props.; J. P. Bckhart, mgr.: 
.Ne«-Rrk. N. J., 8-13; N«Tr XoTk OltJ, 18-20. 

Cooke Comedr Co.: TiirkertOD. N. J., 4-10. 

Chrtrr. Mrs. I..eslle. Darld Bclaseo. mgr.: Wash- 
ington, D. C, 8-13: New York Olty, IS-Peb. 

Ome of Drink. Marlborough Hardy, mgr.: New 
Tent city. 8-18; Springfield, Mass. 14-lT: 
Maw Britain. Conn.. U: Wsiartai7> M. 

Ognen ftoek Co., W. B. OoraeO. mgl.t Kyita, 

_0.. 8.18: Baiberten 15-90. 

Ooofesslon* of a WMt. A. H. Wooda, mgr.: 
ProTidenca. s. I... s-lSi Boatsa. Ham., IS- 

Carroll Comedj -Oo-. .Ion Canon, mgr.t . M«r- 
rlatown, PsTT 8-18. ■ ■ ■( \ 

Chrckers. . Cornelius Qardloer, mgr.:- Otnclni 
nati, 0.. 7-13; Lexington, Ky., 15; Ottatta* 
nooKa. Tenn., 16; Atlanta, Oa., 17-U:,':Oo^ 
Iiinrtjus 19; Mscon 20 

Collier, William. Chas. FrohmaD, mgr.: New 
lork CIt.T, 8 13: BoatOD.' ^ss., 15-20. 

Cookdiureh Stock Co., H. ,W, , .Taylor, mgr.: 
Punxaotawney .Pa., 8-13: Cumberland. Md.. 

Clarke. Hatiy ' Cflrson : Dallas. Tel., 8-13. 
Oojlege Widow (Ilpnrv W. Snvnge's Eastern) 
geo. W. PurUy, mirr. : I'ltt.sburg, l>a., 8-13: 
^tHerelanrt. o.. I.i-M. 

'"J'W Widow (Henr.r W. SaTSse's Western). 

Will, Hnll. mgr.; Portland. Ore., 8-10; Ta- 

«oma, Waah,, 11; victoria, B. C, 12; Van- 

S?"^".."' Seattle Wash., 14-17; North Ta- 

klnia 18; Spokane 10-20. 
County oualrman (Benry W. Savage's Eaafem). 

■y s la'' * ^"eke". "Sra.: 3noklrn. N. 
CrovM, of Tliorns. Phil Bunt. 

Pllla. Ph.. 8-13. 
Crimp of Justlci', Henry Ludham. mgr.; St. 

M^ar.vs, Pa., 0-10: ReynoldseUle 11; Kane 12- 

Clilcnco stock Co. 
Am.iterJam, N. 


I Chaa H. RoasKaoi. . mgr.: 

Ml mummate la- 



Crane, Wta. H.. 

^*a\'} P«>'esalon: New Tork City. 

8-13; Erie. Pa., 13. 

Co^^land Bros.' Stock Co.: Newton, Kan., 8- 
Cattler 8|a* 0».l 


Oonrlet'a Dangbter: Bryan. Tex.. 11; Naecg- 
doebea 15. 

Darcy A Speck's Stock Co.: PhUsdclphla, Pa., 

Sept. 4, Indef. 
DeVoss, Flora (No. 1), J. B. Botnour, mgr.: 

.\e»'ton, la.. 11-13; Qrlnnell 14-16; Ames 18- 


Doone. Allen. Kenney A Westfall, mgrs.: PhU- 
adelphla. Pa.. 8-13: Clerehind, O., 15-20. . 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Levla'). Oscar Jones, 
mgr.: Oeoterrllle, la., 11; Oakalooaa ' 12; 
CttumWB 13; Muacatlne 14. 

Dore, Jane, In Bast Lynne, Josepb Bof, Mgr.: 
XeoU. O., 11; Hamilton 12. 

Darling of the Gods, David Belaseo. mgr.: !Mln- 
neaiwlls, Minn., 8-13: Bed Wing 15; Win- 
ona IS; Hadisoo, Wis., 17; Ullwmnkee 18- 

DerU'a AneHoa (Obaa. B. Tale'a): Ohlcago. 
lU., 7-18: fontb Bead. Ind.. IS: Ooldwater. 
Mieb.. 1«: Battia Gkaek 17; &rui Baplda 18- 


Dangers of Woifcing Olrls. A. B. Woods, mgr.: 
MoEaeapott. Pa., H IS; CleTclaud. O., AS- 

DeVonde Stock Co., Phil Lery. mgr.: Jamea- 
town, N. Y.. 8-13; E^t Llrerpool. O., 15- 


Dudley, Prank: Columbus. Miss., S-IS. 

Dora Tborne (Rowland A Cllffotd'a Co. A), 

Harry Mayo, mgr.: BrotlnUtak jOM.^. Mi 

Kingston 10; Hamilton a-Sft aSBBi Ut 

Bmotford 19; London 20. 
Dora Thome (Rowland A CllSotd's Co. B.). 
- D. O. Hartman. mgr.; Btngha-mton, N. Y., 

10: Norwich 11; Warerly 12; Coming 18: 

Salamanca 19; Jamestown 20. 
Dora Thome (Rowland A Clllfotd'a Oo. C), 

iPred Symthc, mgr.: Calvert, Tex., 10: Oar- 


10; Clebnme 90. 
DeOrsisae, Jaacolit JMltgt, Saa., 18. 
Soia llMne (Bewlaad * OUOord's Oo. D.), 

L. B. Ptod, mgr.: Bletaaond, Mo.. 10; 

Obllllcothe 11: Slanbnrr 13: MaryriUe IS; 

HlgglnsTlUe 10; Clinton 17; Nerada 18; 

Carthsge 10; Siprlngfleld 20. 
Dora Thorne (Rovrland * OUSorOro Ok-B.). 

w. T. Ckiii. mgr.t Bnieka, mm,: lot 

Nephl 11; Mantl 13| BiehSsldltt IWra'" 

15; Spring City 1«. 
Drew. John, Chas. Frobman. mgr.: Boston, 

Mass., 1-13; Bangor, Me.. IS: Lewlston 10; 

Portland 17; Providence, R. 1., 18.20. 
Dlxey. Henry E., W. N. Lawrence, mgr.: New 

York City, 1-13; Sandnaky, O., 15. 
Daly, Arnold: Baltimore, Ud., 8-13. 
David Hamm, Julius Cahn, mgr.: Chicago, III., 


Darld Harum (No. 2), Julias Cahn. mgr.: Oo- 
Inmbas, Oa.. 10; union Springs, Ala., 11; 
Troy 12; Montgomeiy IS: Selma 15; Pensa- 
eola, Fla,. 16: MObUe. Ala.. 17; Meridian. 
3USS., 18; Jackson 10; Tlakaberg 90. 

Soke ot KUIierankle. A. L. Shepard, mgr.: 
Bmnawlek, Oa.. 10; TadnaafUta. Fla., ll; 
Albanr. Oa., S: HMOA ttt ONoaboa IB: 
Atlanta 16: OkalWMasO. Wll . lf| Berne. 
Oa.. IS; BinSSSiir^Ot m BiaHwiery 

.. Sept. 

Daris, FICNMtit. 

son 15. 
Denver Bxprtaai' 
Empire Theatre * 

4. Indef. 

Grwood Stock Co., R. J. Erwood, mgr.: Ak- 
ron. O., 8' 13; Youngstown 15-20. 

Edsall-Wlnthrope Stock Co., Clinton Newton, 
bus. mgr.: West Point. Miss., 11-13. 

E:mer80D. Mary, Samuel Lenls, mgr.: Del- 
plios. O., 11; Tan Wert 11; Defiance 12. 

loUrcnth Hour (Lincoln J. Carter's), Ii. 3. 
r-o.iiuii-rrord. mgr.: MlaersTllle. Pa., 10; 
MldJIetown 11; Carlisle 13; (Sismbersbnrg 
13: Waynesboro 15: Bageratown. Md;. 16: 
Martlnsbntg, W, Ta,. IT; Frostbnn, Hd„ 
18; Piedmont, W. Ta., 18; OaUand, Md„ 

Bre WltDsasvO'lBeOln J. Carter's), Bd. Mas- 
ter, mgr.: ^ BoMken. N. J.. 7-10; Wlttes- 
barre. Pa.. 11-18; Pbltadelpbla 19-20. 

Ebcn Ilolden W. B. Seammon, mgr.: Cam- 
bridge. Del., 10; Olaskaborg, W. Ta., 19; 
Fairmont 13: MorgaatowD Ui UeEeteport. 
Pa., 10; JohttstowB IS; AUoew- lO.'l 

Bn lng. (Gertrude: Benham. Vts« 8-lSt ' Ttr- 
rell 15 20, 

East Lynne (Beechcr A Stanley's). Walter J, 
.McDonald, mgr.: Comanche. Tex.. 10; Bal- 
linger 11: Coleman 1 2;BTOwnwood IS; Goldth- 
iralte SI; Kllleen 10: Temple IT; Rodgers 
It); Cameron 20. 

Elliott, .Maxlne, C. B. DUllngbam. mgr.: Cleve- 
land, O., 8-13; ToroDto. Ont., Ie-<1T; BnlTala, 
N. Y., 18.20. 

Eternal City. C. Wela. mgr.: Beaumont, Tex.. 
10; Oalreston 11; Corslcana 12; Onthrle. 
Ofchi,, IS; Oklahoma City 16; Wichita, Kao.. 
17; Lawrence 18; Topehm 10; Ateblsoo 20. 

Etoplre Theatre OSb. 

Port Angeles, WMtl . 7*1*1 :' M**^ 


Worcester. Msss.. 


Bdeson. Bobert. Henrr B. Hairls, mgr.: In- 
dianapolis. Ind.. D-IO: Oaytoa, 0~ 11; Oo- 
lombos 12; Akron 18: Buffalo, M. X.. 18- 
IT: Rochester IS-IO: Itbacs 20. 

Bmery, Edwin T.. Cliaa. ■. Ossk. aagt.l XSn- 
sas City, Mo.. 8-13. 

Bmery Stock 1>>., A. O. OlWMt, Wk*- 
' Ington, Pa.. 8-13. 

Paversham, Wm., Llebler A Co., mgxa. ; New 

York City. Oct. 23, indef. 
Forepaugh Stock JCIo., 090. F. A_I^ VOMjengti 

Fish, mgra.!' ■< 
Forepsngfa StMit' 

28, Indef. 
Franklin Square Stock Oo. 


FsDst (White's). •!(§ Tcne, mgr.: 
soBTllle, HI., 10: Obailaataa U: Bmagaam 
19: Oloar IS; Bellerllle Ms •amtta ISt flack- 
neyeUIe IS: Mnipbmyebom ITt Jshaatan Olty 
IS; Ospe Obsrdcsa. Maw. 19; Oslio, IB.. 

Fettberg Stock Oo. (Bsslem), Oee. X. Pen- 
berg, mgr.: Nashua, N. B., 8-13; Burlington, 
ton. Tt.. 16-30. 

Fremont Slock Co., Ool. W. H. Fremont, mgr.: 
Pocahontaa, Va.. 8-13: Charlotte, N. C. 

Fleming Arrow (Lincoln J. Carter's). W. F. 
Jackson, mgr.: New York City, 8-13; Wllkes- 
barre. Pa., 15-17; Scranton 18-20. 
Poxy Tramp, John Barley, mgr.: Johnstown. 
Pa., 10; New Lexington, O., 11; Rosevllle 
12; Chmbrldge 13; Byesdale 15; Scottdale, 
Pa.. 19; Brownsville 20. 
Prankenfield, I.aura, Leon A. Ollaoo. mgr.: Nor- 
folk, Neb.. 10; Saward U: Darld Otlr IS; 

Aurora 18; York 1S| BMtiaga 18; Bddrege 

17- 18; Lexington 10; Keanej 90. 

For Bar Sake (Ptlgrfaa A BDIstrs). iMis A. 

auiott, mgr.: Leooi, Is.. 10;. OatMorin* Jfe.. 

<U; Mt. ibre. la.. IS; Oraat OttF IfOb. IS: 

Betbamr 10: Xing Oltj 18; For*Bt; <aw IT; 

Skidfflore 18; MalUand 18; Monad OttV SpL 
Fast Lite In Mcir York, with JoUen Base. A. B. 

Woods, mgr.: Ohiesgo lU.. 7-9T. 
nghtlng Fate lOto. B.' OUl'a). Wta. Byao. 

mgr.: Chicago. IIL. 14.07. 
Franklya Comedy Co., Wm. Franklyo, mgr.: 

Alblaa, Neb.. S-IS. 
PaetocT Olrl, with Ckrollae May, (Siaa. B. 

Blaney. mgr.: PhlladriM^ Fau, 8-18; Pat- 

Flske, Mrs.', Harrison 'o^^^Bntf agr,! IWfh 
Idence. B. I.. 8-lS. 

Flynn, Joseph J., Stock Co.. Rall>h A. Ward, 
mgr.: New Bedford. Msss.. 8-13. 

From Rags to Riches. M. U. Meyers, mgr.: 
Ohlcago, ni., 8-18. 

nemlng, Mamie: Barrlsbarg, Pa., 8-18. 

For Bis BnMher's Crime. O. D. Sears, sagr.: 
WUmlngtoo, OsIm U-lSt Sftatoo. M. J.. 
14-17; WUmlngtoo, DeU 1S40. 

Fatal Wedding: Wheeling, W. Ts., 840. 

Pulton Stock Co.: Z^mar, Is., 16-20. 

Gagnon.PoUoek Stock Co.: Roanoke. Ta.. In- 

Garden' Tbcktre Stock . Oaws Olofalaad. 0.. 

Indef. ■ .* . ,, .• - - V . - 

German Stock Oo.t ;ll11»aSliiat' Wtl;^' ttgt, tt, 


Ollmore Stock Co.: Sprlagflrid. Mass.. Sept. 
«, Indef. 

Glaser. Vangban, Shobcrt Broa., mgis.: Vtot- 

Idence, K. I. ««T. V.lpdaC. 
Grand Opera He—' -MtUtt ■• Oa>t. .'.-Bwr .Ostasws. 

La.. Indef. 

Grioith. Jobq. B. P. PknitoA;av>t CMombla. 
S. C, 10; Snmter 11| PIOMDca IS; Charlcf 
ton li; Annsta. Oa.. IS: Ssfsaash M; Jsck- 
sonrtlle, Us., 17; Osrdslla, Oa., tt; Aassr- 
icna 10; Bimlashan. Ala.. 98l 

Gray. Jnlta ta Ber Only Sla (Uneola J. <te- 
ter's), F. T. Wallace, mgr.: Lake (Carles, 
La.. 10; Jennings ll: Opeloosaa 12; Wash- 
ington IS: Lafayette I-i: New Iberia 15: Jean- 
erette 16; Morgan City IT; Franklin IS; 
Booma 19; Thibodanx 20. 

Galland. Bertha, David Belas»>, mgr.: New 
York City, 1-13; Philadelphia. Pa., 10-27. 

Olick Stock Co.. Harry Ollck, mgr.: Hunts 
vine, Ala.. 8-13: KnoxvUle, Tenn., 15 20. 

GISord-Haertng, Adolpb eutocd. mgr.: MIl- 
ledgevtlle. aL v»Ut. Oms«'.»40. 

George. Oraea.^'Wtai -A. JBeaw-;*^'! fStfaago, 
lU., 8-20. ^: 

Olhnore, Panl. Joles ' ^vn.: Bat.m 

Rouge. La.. 10: XstBhaaJ.^lnaA. ^1: Monroe, 
La., 12: Shiereport IS; Alexsadrls 14; Or- 
ange, Tex., 16: eaomont 18; Oslveston 17; 
Ronston 18-10; Austin £0. 

Gambler, Ba^l* Amnae. Co., mgrs.: JohnstowB. 
Pa., idrxnane, U; BUlrsnile nniatnDie 
W; Altae«i'l«tr.AtnB 18; ML PiMaut.iT; 
OoaaeDsvlIIe ' 18; Sesttdale 10; Vnieatown Su. 

Ooy Stock Co.. Obaa. W. Mercer, mgr.: Oil 
City. Pa.. 8-13; Leetonla. O.. 15-17; Lisbon 

18- 20. 

Oilmore. Barney. Berlin A Nioolal. mgre.: Des- 

Motnes. la.. 11-13; Ohlcago, llL, 14-20. 
Otrl of the Streets. Decker A Tetonee, props.; 
■ QtOi F. DrlscoU, mgr.: New York City, 8-13; 
; PUUdelphis. Pa.. 15-20. ; 

Emblematic K. of P. Clock 

Agents wbo are mem- 
bers ot the Order 
wanted, lOK in. bigb, 

8 In wide. 

EmUenatic Clock Wifkt 





Wanted ter Railreai M 

Hssvy WtBBBi lliyela RMer, Ihigi: ' . . 
Carponteik W m Bsslul iwopit w i t S . : 

6. 1. BROWN, Owner, • Cnal Dour, 0. 

Are " miBINBBe BaUNaBR*.** 
Out Gataaocna MUs WSa Y« 


DIM) perfect work that veta Um 
^^^^^Wj^ aioae7,a.lOperMit- Newtranmar- 
c.M'r^t'AL vnt loaded work, latest meriiai 
cards; new bkH*k-oat Ink. i^-ma- 
le«dperrflClH.OOp«rboHle. lAtatt 
hoidoot maehlaea, epladtee, shoo^ 
lag ffallerlce, etc. etc Wrlia for 
pew pregglcal ^ortiag gaoda eata- 

TO. I 



No reasonable offer refu^nl. Conversant witk 
all klnda of advsnre work. Cood 
Orlaaiu, La. P. S.— B, Howe B. U. 

Guaranteed to cure Eczema. Pimples. Sslt 
Rheum. Bartier's Itch, etc. Positively the 
greatest Skin Bleach on earth; makes the skin 
■oft aa velvet, white mm snow. Perfectly hajBI 
less. Joat the thing for theatrical people sad 
others. Price per box SOo, by mall. Special 
prices uMUjud .theatrical psepVtC^ «W»> 
liues. 'Wrm wl liikiiilai s et teatijnepMa, ate. 

TBz MBMt oPo m aar <wBin<UT.r4».. tss 

Wast Miatk St., Otpeiaastt. p. -;;^jg 

Musiciaiui Wanted 


SUde Troasbooe sad otbsr wm 
ftirmers of nil kinds tor Seaaaa 
M. L. CtABB. Xcr.. 

SIDE SHOW MEN— -Worklar World. *»( llnssnni oC 
Anatomy. I»s Mussmiaed Body at Tm-H«aded Olut, 
* ft. hlsb. and Sxie fatntlnir. MS; * Rand Oisaas. SU. 
SKand StS; otherstnir. Usttree. WH. KCLSOII, S Taa 
N'ordea Street, North Cambrldire. MaM. 

WANTED — For Bigb Ca sss T ^ndevUle Co., plsy- 
Id;; small towns. Good SKETCB TEAM, doing 
.Musical Turn preferred. Also S. and D. Come- 
dian, with guitar preferred. Others and all- 
around VaodevUllans write quick. State lowest 
and all. Long engagement. All expenses. Sal- 
ary low, bnt sore. Open Jan. 22. Address 
T, B. COOMBS, College Hill, Ky. 

FO& nmT.v — Merry-go-rouDd. Large Organ and 
Engine. Armltage-Herscell Co. make. Forty 
foot wheel, la good ronnlng order. Win take 
mo for It. 0. J. NABBEB, 189 W. BlddlS 
St., West Cbestsr, Ps. , 

DON'T OET £EFT.. The Greatest Moaey-gcttrf 
on Earth (PSYOBO).. Also our New laijiiMM. 
Galatea. Send stsmp for eatahnae ^ . .ttc. 
Greatest Money -getters oo BartI), -.M^mm 
MPO. 00., M4 OarTBthsia. Plaaa^ Xawxaaee, 


Xlte Billboard 

JANUARY 1». 19M. 

j Street 1 



Chicago has taken rank as the pro- 
iodsg center at alnUBS. Tbrec firms. henTlly 
capltallzeit, bmn tttn meaiporated for tbe pn>- 
dactJoD of wlutt promises to be, for s time at 
lesat, one of tbe most popolar festares of the 
amnsemeot faafilae«8. We seem to be nesrioe 
tbe consammatlon of the principles of serial 
flight oo tlie one-day BtandH, bat there Is Uttle 
qiisvtlon that It can 1m? effected. 

On account of the exploitation of tbe alk' 
ift^ u a feature of amaiement. the tent makers 
tt CUcagD are teUj reoelrlBK laqntxiss and 
CBflnate tbe aaautBetn* of tb* ballosiu that 

ctUae of great power for the same porpose. 

The Whit* Cltx airship, which has b««B 
amed Tbe Basle, bas already been booked tor 
the Mardi Grsa st Mew Orleans in Febrnsry, 
•Dd an attempt will -be made to sail oot OTer 
-Urn Onlf of Mexico. Tbe Bodkin alntalp and 
that mannfactnred br tbe United States Aerial 
Oo. axe also In demaod* and It is quite possible 
that a namber of these mammoth birds will, 
he featured with the leadlnc elrcnaei next 
sesson. The principal dUBeollT to be orer- 
eome far tbe drena festnre will be Uie rcdoe- 
tloa of ttaic nteesssiT to picpare the ship (or 

— htjto vktt^aoQMBdi of Mr Bwtidca- 

at 1h» many iiiiiUli wkiS 

■tsttthtr to BMke aatiiatloB ahsm tha 




Reports from the European Amuse- 
ment Co. are to the effect that the compaar 
now in the twelfth week of Its whtter tonr 
which la proTlog a laeceis. They biT* Mtren 
shows, a mtfa-nmnafi ipA..tin). Mt, acta, 
^ ... ^. — ■— ■ Jlecta. 

wlitt ' Hiittf r df ' tnaapaetatloD* ■ wiiiaair 
«fear naa hasdsomeir remembered by A* mtm- 
hara OC the conii>an7. who prpfu'nted hiss With 
■ floe gold watch ChrUtmas. while tha tm? 
plorna of Mr. VUbnr gare him a iMailtUDi 
olainoiid honc4boe pin. 

The Tyier-Tomasso Amuaement Co., 

Bp of tha leading atraetloM .that were 

' at tb* Atlanta aaa. XIUiMi BMte 

Jksr a(» Jaak Shlalds LasetU Mow, 

Tbt Trip Areoad lb* World. Vtodoma Deettle 
Vbtatia. TciBOk tht dgantta fland; Old Plan- 
tatlan. LsaTttt * Ton Tllaet'a Crystal Uase. 
Tlie Whole Damm Family, iKorrotes, Prof. 
Bbaltz"B Unaenm of Anatomy. Edlaon's Ocean 
WaTc, Venj-ga-raoad and Miniature Ballway. 


■~ - uaitic 

4k» BUoa 
: ba wUl ipilac 

t woiM la wt 

ma eonpahy wlil be known as 

Amnsement Enterprises. 

Lewis First, advertising agwnt. late 
of the Csmpbell Brotbeia B. B. Show. Is doing 
excellent programming and promoting qoeen 
eoatcsti, irith the European Amaaement Co. 
Hr. First wni consider offers for tbe eomlas 
■taaan. and can be addressed st SM Stockston 
Wtn Brooklyn. N. T. 

The Hanit>ton Amnsement Co.. re- 
CMtlr played to Immense bnslness at Troy, 
Ala. . The company will remain oat a few 
wctkf tagcr, alter whlefa thcr wUI go to win- 
tar «BaMw..atv^lMbll%^,Ala. . ' 

R. It Fg^iilg:" 
at his country hsalaj>,Mig, lillrtBPt>''HA€^ 

qoall banting. B» '''«llMa4:4|jtt'i4ib'.ir^* 

Aniuement Entetpdlt' k ddhv* ~*~ " 
aoothem Ceorgls. 

The AIa.baina Carnival Co.. spent 
CbrUtnas la Zaioe City. Mlii.. where many 
nteients «•» tschaagM hr the nwinben of 
tbe e o ui paai . -BlK' boMMai b the lale with 
Ike ahowi. , , -. 

The Mebwpblttan \ AmnwHiMBt ' Co. 
doacd a aoeemfal aaaaga'et .flUrtKMr',.«tehs 
hmoogs , ! T»Mv aaa''a»'.wlrt» 
at Attaata. 

Harnr Small writes that he is tak- 
ing top money with The West Amosement Co., 
his rag-time opera being a big bit. 

Business men of Kansas City, Mo., 
propose to have a street fair next vring. The 
propnalHga ti "-^ — " • 


Pleasure Rejtovf* 
Summer Garden* 


DaanlB T. (haanaB la tbe aathar of a nlaa 
for a netr Draamlaad Park that will aa?«F thraa 
blocks In tha' Blehnond district, hetwcca Oall- 
fonilB and Lake street*, and Twfnty<aUlll gad 
Twentr-nlnth STennes, Ssn Frandsco, Cel., and 
will rlTal Lnna Park at Cooey Island, and the 
'White City la Chicago. 

Mr. Oraomsn haa Just i»tnn,ed from sn esst- 
em trip, tsken for the pnrpose of studying the 
Tsrioos amusement resorts tbat had been sne- 
ceaafnl la tha east, and It 1* reported tbat 
while la Haw Talk he arrangsd with " 

Capitalist* httv* purchased a fine 
trset of land near Cbatlcaton. W. Va., for 

tbe porpoie of estabUsbliig a big summer park. 
Work will begin in the spring and the resort 
IS to be provided' wltti all tbe first-class at- 
tractions on tbe msrket. 

H. A. Bradwell is very bnsy at 
Coney Island. N. T., on next sesson'a contracta. 
Be will bnlld serecal new attiaetlona at Coney 
and will (omlsb a namber of Ug amnsement 
derlccs for several of the large parka la other 

Bury Boimell, formerly presa asent 
tat tbe MAS at Ke«aik.,lt. I, writes that 
he bee ft a n ad a pajmiaB ■■ |m«' tepresea- 
tatlvc of the Kenrnle Amnsement Oo., 1858 
Broadway, New York City. 

Wm. A. Brady will soon begin work 
at Brighton Beach Park. New Zotk, aad hy 
Maj W ba wm baie aaa e( tbe ~ 

QunN eiTV BRiEra 

Orient at the Grand 
tbronghout tlie week. 

Many ministers are to ^'Itness Hbt prodoetloa 
of The Shepherd Kins, the Biblical draaa, 
whlcta is here tills week at tbe Grand. 

Henry M. Zlegler. of the Oblmnbla Thea- 
tre, was recently In Oblcago, where he at- 
tended the formal openlns of tlie Majestic The- 
atre. Messrs. Zlegler and Max Anderson are' 
financially Interest^ wlMi Kobi A Castle In the 
new hosse. wtilch la aaid to hare coat (liOOObOOO. 

Mme. Bcnkiitt wlH be 
Hall In - 

AUee D« . XiBtaimh . «W baa-. iMMlwpliM 
n«r at tfea.Bafal Bmlii. bw 
«a .aaMad br-.JbuHMr Otto ■. liSwi. m 

at toe; 


"With the New Year came dellghtfnUy crisp 
weather which always serves to brln^ oat tlie 
theatre-goers In vast throngs. Good l>llls wezv 
the mle at the playhouses last week, the pro- 
dnctlon of Hnmpty Dampty at the Grand being 
the most coan>lcuooi. 

Tbe Dmry Lane spectacle ptored an tmineose 
drawing card aad the advanced rate of scats 
did not stay those who wlalicd to witness the 
woadertol production. Homptr Onmpty pniTed 
te ba as great, if not greater, tbaa It wa* 
rated, and It aatltfed the mnlUtndia, 

Ondoabtcdlr the most taihionalile aodtanw of 
the season greeted In New Tscfe Xnm at tbe 
Waloat last week. Ita a ehelea Ut sC eatar- 
talnment and there are some cood Blajen la 
the piece. Cllir Gordon as Bana .Tan toalga 
has one of tbe l>est cfaaracteta seen at the Wal- 
not for a long time. Cbas. Bowsrd Is fine in 
a Jew part. Ida Bniers<m. Clara Anstln. Jfo- 
ale Austin. Kitty Margaa aad I^dla Franklya 

Vaaj flsad bills are being presented In 
Braok&a week of Jan. 8. Sothem and Marlowe 
are at the -New Uoatank, Mia, Lefflngwell's 
I iioota la at XSUar'a Braadmr aad Lady Teaale 
la at the Shnhert. Iheaa attractions keep a 
large namber of people tnun going to Saw 
. York. Hie adraoee sale tor Ttatma at tot 
, Stanbert next week la rear latfc. The BMbirt 
I u being patronlacd tf the wta of BrooUya 

I and is doing - 


to extend across the coaatiy. The different 
i.attiaetloaa will tamala three weeks la each 

Frank Pox. door talker, formerly 
with the Mnndy Shows, was arrested and taken 
to Jail In Charlotte. N. a. for selling goods 
an the streets. He solldU the aid of his 

Mrs. Marie Seeman. wife of Ad-»ir 
Seeman of the Seemaa-Mlllloan Mirdl Graa 
Co.. wishes to Inform her hnsband throngh these 
colnmas of the death of Us mother on Dec. 

■ Xk-'SL Camjninn £^liMtli«f:bie Mile. 
OmMK..«iMKjfRta^Minr, ut)«is;j8tottd^ a 

ffagcci* Ofaage,' 

Carmontella. ' after filling- a two 
week's eningement at tbe Exposition In Jack- 
sonville. Fla., Jan. 6-20. wm rest for the win- 
ter la that dty. 

Uadaine lieona Bonne'dosed a suc- 
' «g tpa ^ia tipns wit b ,tba 


tlon Co. haa been lacerporated with a Mpttall- 
zatlon of <TgO.O(IO, ISOOToOO of Which wUI be 
sold befote tha eanstmctlon work bMlns. Tlie 
remslndrr of the hoods wUI be held u reserve. 
Tbe compsny has opened eOlees In tbe Kohl 
Bonding. Ssn Francisco, and Mr. Oraomsn 
States tbst already «100.oao worth of bonds 
hare hceo sold. 

The site (or the new retort baa already been 
leased tar a period of ten yeata. with a privi- 
lege of renewal aad ultimate parcbase. Tbete 
are twelve acrea In the plot npon which Dream- 
land will be bollt. Overlooking Baker's bescta 
snd tbe ocesn. tbe site Is a most appropriate 
one for tbe creation of a dream city and the 
dellgbtfnl climate of tbat conntry will aid la 
making the lawns snd gardens all the moca 

' Among the attractions tbat the promoters 
promise to establlah in Dreamland wlU be a 
grUI and restaurant with an orchestra, a baU- 
room and akating rtnk. Tbeie will also be an 
ice-skating rink, one of the longest and crook- 
edest scenic railways In the conntry, a double 
bomp the bumps, donble whirl and all the 
otber new seoBatlons to tie had next season. 
There wUl tie no zoo, bat a big midway and 
theatre are promised. Admission to tbe thea- 
tre will he free to all patrons. Also, a large 
aimiher of oatdoor apretades wm be loclnded. 

ConstmetlsB work wni beglB shortly, snd tbe 
new peik wm he iMdr fK biHlnito la Jme. 


Lake Minnequa Park. Pueblo, Col., 
win be imder the management of Joseph D. 
Glass, tbe same ai last year, and plans are 
well nnder way for extensive Improvrmeats at 
that popolar resort. Among other advantages, 
^tlnneqaa Park boasts of being tbe only smnse- 
ment place In tbe United States possessing a 
DeFonat 'WlMlcaa-.atatlaB. . 

FlddDM.n*a Pis anii ' Goat Show la 

now at training <|iiartera la Shtevemrt La., 
after a most ■nccenftil' leison throagh the 
east and soathweat, ezhlliltlna at parks, talis 
aad otocc placss. Meat asaaaa tbe show wffll 

Ocergla VTonsIoIl as Bowery girls were simply 
Immense. Miss Heanshaw's song, Hsve 
You Seen My Henery Brown? being one of the 
bits of the piece. Another waa Mlsa Bmerson 
and Tell Tsylor's Tbe Moon Has His Eyes on 
Ton. CUS Gordon's I Like to See It was an- 
other big hit. Cbss. Nevlns appeared to ad- 
vantage In song and gave a dellghtfnl imper- 
sonstlon of George Cohan. Loney Haskell, the 
inimitable, waa all to the good In his onlqna 
Cbineaa hnrlesqae. Loney alwaya makes good. 

Last week Robinson's Opera House waa the 
scene of F. Marlon Crawford's powerful drama. 
In tbe Palace of tbe King. Following out their 
rule. Managers Flab have shown their abQ- 
Ity for selecting plsys which can not fail 
to please tbe dlvetslfled tastes of sll lovers of 
drsmatlc art. as waa manifested hr the large 
and well aatlafled aadiences which prevailed 
tluwaghoot the week. Ur. Harry Ptatrlck aa 
Doa Ma .was seen at bis best sad Jllis Ls- 
Tiaii ■»■■« IB tM fol* «c DsMDmtii d«- 
serves aiMh CNdlt tar the nerilent suaper 
In whlefa she acquitted hnstlt. Others deserv- 
ing special mention are Mr. Gilbert Ely as 
Captain De Uendosa. Miss Louise Kent ss 
Anna De La Orrda, Prlacess of BboU, and 
Mr. Richard WllUaas to tke Mto eC XtoB FbU- 
IIp II. The minor rslis wen te tbe baads of 
competent persons. 

At the Columbia a fairly good bill was pnt 
on. Nina Mortis and Co. pleased with ber 
playlet, A Friend's Advice, while May Bfl- 
fort in a budget of character songs made the 
hit of the bill. Next came Waterbury Brothers 
and Tenoey. and while tbeir act Is ancient it 
Btin retains much tbat Is Interesting. Others 
were Baymond and Caverly, Goleman'e Dogs 
and Cats, World's Comedy Four, Slgnorlna 
Verpra and the Nelson-Barry Family. 

Tbe Jolly Grass Widows returned to Peo- 
ple's with Troja as a special feature, and proved 
a money-RPttcr. 

At Heuck's, Tracked Arotind tbe World, tbe 
threat scenic draToa. drew capacity bouses. Tbe 
performance is excellent and Is bandied by a 
capable company. 
Tbe Shadow Briilad tha Throne, a aew senaa 
il .dnaaa, was tbe Itreean's attraetMn. 
toow Is 


ntatt^ec biaUk 

ttat lb Uhqm ma bt 


H. A. flmdwan. «t Ooacy Uaad, la vaey 
bnsy on next aaaioa'a eontraetL tor he Is to 
bnlld several new atttaetlODi at Ooeey Island 

and other parka bafsce, the season opens. 

Usnsger B. F. Olsatd, ot tbe Ootham Tbea- 
Issl waa BceMatod with a saadsossa anlsuasd 
aStae or SmB ftw Iba smalsana at "Ma 
toaatM last wm 

Kellar. the ■ 
hlg bnslness tbii 
tbe Uajestie. 

In tSie Circus Magaxlne 

"Pnneh" Wheeler 
states that the Flotu Shows plsyed Center- 
vllle, la., Ang, 14. and be mentions that Oca- 
tervllle Is tha home ot Ostat Pa/taa. Mast, 
time Tx>n Show Osatarrllla "Poaeh/' don't 
get that the Spoonets alio come from Otati^ 
vllle. They are likewise gnat taroiltes to 

Thompson A Dimdr have A Soclclx Olceaa 
billed ttiotangbly In Brooklyn, and are gettlnc 
many patrons from this city. 

WlU Sogers, the weatata pHtBsans, awda a 
big hit with bis lease act as ay 
msn'B this week. am, H. 


If nothing bsppens in tbe meantime Shea's 
Theatre will reopen Jan. IB. Theatregoers have 
missed very much the refined and entertaining 
bills st this popular resort. 

Fred Mace scored strongly at the Prlneasa 
in Plir, Pair, Ponf. Balph Graham, Katheilna 
Ostermaa and Bveleen Dnnmore appeared to 
sdvantage In good roles. 

Zorke and Adami In Bankets and Biokais 
were well leeelrcd at the Grand. 

The Star haa a winner In Ulss New Tock, 
Jr. Tbe olio has a number ot good (MtHM^ 
among them being the Beaton City " ' 
World Trio, Allan ----- 
son. all 

1 and Bright, Baady i 
aad Baywatp* ^ ^ 


The opening ot the Orphenm Theatre In Salt 
lAke City with a Cbrlatmas matinee marked 
another epoch la the thestrlcsl history ot that 
dty. snd It Is now s fact that tbe city haa 
about every kind of amusement it desires, Tbe 
citixena of Salt Lake have ah own tbelr apprecia- 
tion of tbe new enterprise by subscribing llt>- 
erally for season tickets snd in other wsys. 
The Orptaeum la not quite completed, but the 
finishing touches are belnfr added wltlMnt tha 
Slightest Interfprpnce with thp 1 1 roMIHIHag 
J. BUtea la manager ot the Orrhcum. 


Barney Oerard. the successful author 
ot Bioslcaf eomcdlea, is rspldly putting the fln- 
lablat tooebca to the new musical, farcical ex- 
ttaTagansa he la writing for Tom Miner, wbo 
will nrodace It next leaaon. Tbe vehicle is 
for the porpose of exploiting ss stsrs Andy 
Gardner. Ida Nicolal and Will H. Ward. Andy 
Gardner Is well known throughout tbe country 
for his reudltloD of tbe cliaractec of Pataey 

Bolivar, Ida NIcolai for ber portrayal of the 
tongb bot good nalnred Roxle, and Will H. 
Wsrd for bis Impersonation of Worts a Ger- 
man hotel keeper at Palm Beach. Fla. Tlte 
aew mnsleal effort from Mr. Gersrd's pen la 
onnamed, bat a snItaOle caption will be hid 
In doe time. Tom Miner will spare no ex- 
pense In making tha prodaetlsa aa alabonMa 
one as he la aaxtoaa to sat a aew (aaa fa 
popnlar-pilead extraranganga. 

Louis Donazettl, of the Five Dona- 
settia. formerly with The Span of Life Co,, 
is acting as stage manager for Miller A Plobn's 
Black Crook Co.. besides plnylng sn Important 
part In tbe cast. The acrobatic novelty done 
by the Five Donazettis Is better than ever. 

Pentelle and RadcllfTe, the tramp 
and the bell-boy, are In their twentieth week 
with the Bcnta4antley Barlaaqnera. They will 
retna to watofWg. at tbe alsaa e< tMr < — 

The BowaiT Borleaqnm 

their inltw appcaMaee at 
hlg boslnna waa the rdle at 
Xeiotoab. ^" " 

better tbaa tbe . asctaae and 
MsbeiMa II .wade, 
leaqnm aid (swdlea. asada 

The High Sehool Girls Spent thair 
Ohrlstmaa at Grand Bapids. Mich., enjoylna a 
.banqnet, and Christmas tree at the BUluca 

I The entire Trocadero Burlesque Co. 
(were entertained at Scranton, Pa., to aa ele- 
gaat haaqoet Ohrlatmaa. IDf«> 

The members <tt vtt«/ Ub«rl7 Bellas 
iM at Mmi aty. 

JANUARY n, 1906. 

Tire Billboard 


Theatre Billposting 
Co. in New Yoii 

Officers Elected and Operations Beenn 
— WOl Do Theatre PosttoK Ooly at 
i pmnt — ^Mty Take Commerdal 
Work Later— Now Watch the Fnr 
Fly— Philadelphia, Postibly. 

mir. Tffki ntn. 0.— Tbe Tbeitrlcal Maoager'a 
BUIpHHBf A IDlstrnrntliiK Co., wu Incotpo- 
tttti mdtr tb* Uvrs of the Stat* o( Delaware 
laat week wltb a eaplul of tlOO.OOO. Thla 
tlon «u Helutyely predicted by The Billboard 

• •CTcral weeka ago, and la tbe remit of a long 
•tries of preliminary meetings of tbe members 
•t tbe New York Tbeatre Managers' Assoelstlon 
at whlcb tbe propoaltlon was carefolly InTcstl- 
fated and tha plana ootllned. 

Tbe first purpose of the organisation of tbla 
(ompanj was to prvrent tbe possibility ot an 
exborbltant adranee In poatlng rates being made 
In Nrtv 'York by tbe combination of tbe MAr 
York and Tan Benren eompanlta Into on* eor> 
poratloa. BrentmUr It to wpcetfd that ttat 
new- company win bid for flOBBMiclal work* 
bat for tbe ptvacnt tb* BMds of tfa* New Xotk 
tbsstm will recelTs ant Mtntioa. law tl aoi 
«w briac Mtamd. «ii4 touda will aooa bs 
MIL » tbat maar of tbt Ntw Twk tbcatna 
MtU te posting cn tbe botrda ot tbe new 
I'fbot before long. 

stock of tbe new corporation Is beld 
exelDBlTely by members of tbe New Tork Tbea- 
tre Uaoagers' Assoclstlon. Tbe ofllecra are Alf. 
Bijmin, manager ot Knickerbocker Tbeatre, 
president: J. B. Springer, manager of Grand 
Op«rii HoDse. Tlce-presldent; Benry B. Harris. 
oisnaKcr of Hodaon Theatre, secretary; Cbarles 
Bornbam, manager of Wallaek'a Theatre, treas- 

At tbls writing we are Informed thst flnal 

arrangements irUl be completed St tbC mcetUlC 

of tbe Managera* AsaoctatlSB ta b* Md 

10, and that tbe new compaar wUl bagiB 
ness at once thereafter. 

Tbe most serlons boslDCaa tbat oooftOBts the 
new company Is the matter of locations. Tbe 
Tan Broren-Ncw York Co., wlU nndonbtedly 
Interpose a strong competition and the r<.^ital 
for space will soar to high fignres. The tbca- 
tit' managers are folly able to cope wltb tbls 
mtlaiiiii J as tleketa wUl fteqaeatly bny 
/ tMia apace than nanr tiasea Iba eqniTalent In 
•^MU ;ainify. in any erent there la anie to 

• bt't'llTely light from now on. 

IS w irrr. a Tigrngr a jjjf 

It ftaa teen inttanattd tkat Ifca IbeatN nan- 
aaaeo «t nUaMnbU wUl loin lalenala wltb 

3i Vtm XMk Xuagata^ AaaMUHoa in tba 

'-- — 'aata. Tbla repart 

• fst iBdtpfndtBt plai 

>. nlM Mler on aeeonnt ot tbe recent bio**' en 
■M part ot flanford H, Roblaon la practically 
' enitlng loose from tbe BUlpoatlng Sign Co., of 
tbat atf. 

A* flrat reported In Tba Billboard last week 
Mr. Boblpon baa pnrcbaaed tbe algo interests 
ot tbe Blllposting Sign Co. and tba entire oat- 
door adrertlslng plants In Camden and Atlan- 
tle City, N. J., and organtaed tbe S. li. Ruhl- 
MB Ob. Wltb separate offlces. Mr. Roblnon has 
always owned the plant at Atlantic City In 
toto, bat was supposed to hare bat a balf In- 
loraat In the BlIlpoatlnK-SlEn Co., holding the 
position of general mnnager. It la twllered 
that wltb the organlutlon of the new com- 
pany It Is the Intention of Mr. Roblson to serer 
all connection with the Blllposllng-SIgn Co. 
which will leave tbat concern In the hands of 
tbe firm of Nlion ft Zimmerman, theatre man- 
agen, who are tbs principal owners. 



Oeoige li, Beymonr, financial and correspond' 
"g secretary of the St. Loals Local No. 5, 
wishes to hear from the following members of 
that Local as soon aa possible. Address htm 

at 815 Chontean avenue: H. Belts, W. E. 
falrd, E. Blurky, C. A. Borwlcb, J. Cavsnagb, 
J. DIehl. F. Ester, J. Hnson. H. Hunter, W. 
Bosklns. E. Lochr, J. LaBrard. H. Uobler, R. 
m&Sl. °-<. liolicZ! Bogerfr B. Boot. O. 

xooex vo. «. 

^e fifth annnal grand ball of Denver Local 
t o. a was given Dec. 2.1, end proved a great 
TOcess. Plans are now being made for a moon' 
ufht excnrslon and trolley ride. 

Hirry Cooper la off tbe sick list and working 
fP'l at tbe Empire Theatre. Oeonw Crabtree 

SL^""-?" "€?'» 'rtt'> 'to Wf D»e'« 
Tom Cliff Redfleld baa reaomed work with 
2! Co-, at Bonldcr after • yeart ab- 

sence He wUl endeavor to abow them along 
ue line thst be haao't forgot bow to handle the 
^rnsh. Brother Johnson of St. Joseph, and 
Brnthcr Q. Root Of Locbl No. 4, are working 
with OS. Everybody ts working, and the fol- 
lowing members are at these theatres: Tabor 
"rand. Brarher Hall; Orphenm, Bro. Kennedy; 
• frosilway, Ellis Oersoo: Empire, Will Redfleld: 
Alcaisr, Edward Tappan: New CarUa, Bro. 
S."!?' Rhosdea and B. N. Clark are 

«ii Salt Lake City. 

All members of t«ral No. A are reqaested to 
tSSi. addreasea to SeeicUiT John ~ 

°«^ag» ^iiig****'' * 


At tbe laat regnlar meeting of Local 21 olD- 
cers were elected . as , follows .tor the enaulng 
yesr: Richard F. Mackey. president; T. Copt- 
tbom, vice-president; H. Johnson, secretary; 
P. Coyne, treasurer. President Mackey has tbe 
honor of being elected for the third term. 

All road membera are requested to aead tbelr 
addraaaaa to tbe new secretary, Bt JohnaoBi 
at ST BadaOB avenne, Albany, M. T. 


Clarence Carey, secretary, calls our attention 
to the tact tbat Loed Ma. M la ot Oaytoa, 

Ohio, and not at Onabn. Meh.. aa iraa pab- 
Usbed In a recent laaaa. 

Membera ot tbe Alllanee are deeiily Inter- 
eated In tbe Independent bUIpoatlag movement, 
eapeclaUr In Mew York City, wbecol tbcy have 
bad tioalbia wtUi '•Booa" Link. - 


James Doolon, of Dennison, Ohio, 
baa deataned a billboard for which be claims 
16 to dS per cent, mora poatlns aorface than 
tba ordlnaiy baaid Id a ^teiilengtb of front 
eztenalon. Mr. DoOlon.lB a practical dranchta- 
man, and feela eonlldent that bla plana WlU be 
adopted by many billboard owners, 

O. W. Baumgardner has purchased 
the Interest of Ms brother C. E. Baomgardner 
In tbe plants ot the Blntftoo Blllposting Co.. 
of Blutrton and Montpeller, Ind., and wlU con- 
duct the bnalneas nnder the old name. 

Jim Curran dispensed Christmas 
gifts to hla employeea with lartah band tbla 
sesBoo. Turkeys hoxes ot elgin, ml iMney. 
silk handkercblefa and neckoaa INN SB tbe 
llat of Santa CUna Cnrran. 

W. T. Cameron, billposter and dis- 
trlbntor at Tmt, .Ala., Is now diaplajing paper 
for Mallard 'WSUkf, flearago Ola. CMgaaaGdm 
and Oottoleaab au AittnailBffagvaiaoath 
em Mfg. Co. 

Articles of incorporation has been 
filed by tbe AUantlc City BUIpoatlag Co., at 
Camden, M. J. Tba eapliaUaatlan te tlOCOOO. 
Bnslaeaa Is booniag at tbat taawna reaort 

o. W. Johnson, ot tba BiUpostlns- 


Joe Griffith, of Austin. Ttoc. Mparts 

baalness increasing wonderfBllf* " " 

a number of new traards. 



J. PBES, OEOBOE, f - U. Box KS 

■MaaMag Staat at Lako Charles. I.a. 
tosrb. ISomoilUon. Artdreaii 


Jost tbe tblng' for Ueklnf tin uid e&rdboMd Blga* 
Kverr dlitrlbutor ihoald hava oae. PrIOMi witl 
double exteuloa lwiidi«, a InobM long, meh, fi.00 
triple extvnaloB luadl*, «l laobMlouf, Mah, tMM 
Bead moaey with Ch« ord«r. Nod* Mtit OL O. D. 

The DonaVdfton LHtio. Co., Wewport, Ky. 



ky HwPIra 


a3'80irirM''ErQHTM*S TREgf', 


««P>* PUZZLE— Just Out 


Pit Us P h Hh M. 




itf Impsifsr. 



Operator and Elecfrician 

For Moving Picture Machines 

Boy Vocalist. Lady Platilst. Must be sight 
reader. Second-hand Opera Chairs, etc. State 
Icnrest terms quick. Pennsnent enKacement. 
Address T. A. BEOMABT, oai« The BiUboud. 
Cincinnati, 0. 

F«ur Btx Ball Bcwllng Alleys, Compltta 

In oae 4 montba. A bargain. MOVZLXT 
AWTBEKSm 00.. Wtt Mala. St., Fatanao, XJ, 

Electric Souvenir 3 

Selling Annunciator 

PU5K T;-,C CU'^TOM ' WATf.K Tl'- ■ 'CH i 








' c ) 

1 : ■■■ 



* D ^ 1 ^ 

® ^'® 3> ® <^ '9 

yiad«lijkssiaasa.iiiitilnlsn with Scsman t Hiiiimn Mardi oras Co. but siaiia. Bleasa 
srIBMrjoolieyeS. tsaaawkode not write tbeir name and addreaa puinly, wUlgatiisaaei 

Til Fulltt InOMit SsUlH 
Dnlcs as tM. 

Toor patren p«js tha prie«^ 
puahesa batton. u4 lastwitlT 
an electric UgM Ugitila ud th« 

heil rlnm. Tb«r» ara «B llKbta 
and t8 battoui tbe bauons lay 
oa » counter b t et 14 .front ot 
tb* uacblna and tbe cl«r b staiul* 
betwMD ttw bottoaa and tha 
maebli.9 beUiMI Uw front coon- 
tar to mix tto bnttons. eollect 
ib» iBonar 9mA iclve oat tbo 
•oQTonlrs. Tbe foovailri banc 

aDd*r «acb Us-bt. No cbart or 
Dumbers Da«d. Is always nndsr 
complete oontml and la perfeot- 
ty legitimate, ae joa are almplf 
■eUlD.r tb* article whlebbanso 
ander tbe ilffbt that tbo bottoa 

Sufibed leads to. I fumlsb or* 
Inarrdrr cell batteziee-wbleb 
ouffbt to roB a months, an«t caa 
be reptaoed anrwhere at a very 
•mall cost. Ko otber ekctrlelCT 
CSD be oiied. 35 tncbes blyh, 40 

Incbn wide and wrlftbt aboot 
:^ I Ckn be pecked or oi^ 
packed In XI mlaates. Brokeall 
records at th* Qilcago NoTeltj 
8bow in tbe OollMam. and u 
booked for N*v Tork Horelty 
Show. Hadlsoa Bqaar* Qardeii, 
and numereos Food Shows and 
other Winter GxtUbttlons. 

Everr park In tbe ooontrr will 
baT«> tiirm; eTery exprrlenced 
road man will bare them. OeC 
j-our orders In, as mj capacllj 
Is act rcrr frrrat. and baTO 
alreadj- all I can do. Thie 
nay not appear asain n&lsse I 
eaa oatarso mj eapaaltr- 



BUILT TO ORDKR (gaii ban any shape or size). We hare or can butld 70U aoytblntc in tbe aerial line. Let as 

m&ke you A mod«I before ((Twiner us your order. Air Bbipe (o rent or leaSO (Wltb lUlt CroWB) tO retpOUlble 
parties only. Uut air and cas balloons for adrertlslna aod all practical purpose*. Everything sold OBdora 
positire guarantee to b> aa f prwnfd. AU orders reealva oar prompt attenUon. 


1048 North 42Dd Ire., tHICieO. 



.Great Wallace Shows. 

Clarinets, Comets, Altos, Trombones, Baritones, Basses, etc. Must 
be first-class, and preference giren to those who doable. Also 
Calliope Flayer to double in Band. Address 



elnnatl and Soburba. Telephone Oli, 17 Opera Place. ContfMlMl S 
~ Population: Oltj SBO.0OOi U Suburban Towns n.00au 

100 — No. I SOBER, RELIABLE — lOO 



John Robinson's 10 Big Shows 

Aidrm OLIVER SCOTT, Otiis Igt., Gait Housai Cincinnati, 0 




J. E. MORRISON. Pro».mnd I 


MOO. MslnOffln.S-U Boatb Wstsr St. Sooth Brsneh, ' 

osmtuUy.Jadlaloaatr. 1,00.1100. b«.s la tiM olsjr. 

- lOttTRIi " 



Tlie Billboard 

JANUARY n, noe. 

CUM A. II cims rat nr. 

cult B. 12 cam fan. 

FiliDs and Projecting Kinetoscopes 

■mMMUob no««l Klnetoaeope, tllB.OO. OatT«VMlBI«<«lKlnetOMop«,«TS.e9 


illudaetloa, NocffoitorapdiM !■ quM to sndoM 

t attaiiloB Is niM to detail*, Htntloa*, aadoB aU — ti w in fe 

ulully Ungh; tiMtPoUeeOllioan. attar naklDKaascmt, doKOTnara tbdr data awl telMI* 
oa the •Idewalk, and that a Gala of Wind doas MOT uaallr blew tbmosil pclTat* M nom ■ 

EDISON KINETOSCOPES ss,?,!Sjs:f?.i ;Tf?r.f:r i't,-'-'"'^ n,^h.n,c. .a.pu^.n. 

market. A epeclal feature, whjch caanot be 

beet material olilafnablf. ifu'i win outwrar any macfalae on 
• •rertetlaiatcd, Is the i^UHrhblK INTKUCUAMukASlUTY OF 

rhlaDManetliatwIwneTerTaaertaraiatraiiartloT an Kdlioa I:^]ccllDg KJaeloecope jm can Ik 
It will at jmw — — SmdnBt faT»l»doiMg*l'''»J»'ytjii»; ^»»i."»t . . 'y |»»»^»»M v^'*- 

Sum i 

8r0atest List of Headliners Offered 

mlk^^mimM nomiiK EXHiBmoH oomplete 



■a. tM Code, Tatarteitr, nm. 



TK nin KFME .mniMtt 


..tlHtO IT<i.i;ni,Coda,Vataclaa,M(t Mttt 


No. (.m. Coda, Tatlcaalam, 3»ft ItT 00 









»Mjii.OBdi, VMinwa,nm....'. .....( 



I anA PaetoiTt OrmmcaiH^ ^* 

, SI Valoii aaoaraa Okbto IMtm> Knzillu* Hew 

I ouBxnwBLL wua, xamm,m,a,mttti.un. 








> to cBgag* WMPM IB in ImMhH of tlirflUBtTgl 
t tfeiranm If na an acompetaiiti Mlier. Tdlabia ifmoB. ana tra looKliur tor m«it- 


In tbe coontrr, uid with tlie cnly big show that neTer closes, and a show that lMT«r f atla to 
pay salaries. It will probably be to your Interest to write as, seating In your OmtaMwhat 
joa can and will do, lowest tiAItinr. etc. All applications will be answered. 

Want a tiand Leader and 40 Mnslclans. 

* t u)7 -rrtWUl iMtok a fcw firBt-clasa Sbowa on percentage. 
XlfllMlllw HWtat Q— teii»M. Z«..-Jmaii a-ia> I(«tw«t«a. La.. Jan. 15-SO. New Ibaita, Jjm^ Jan. 

». SNYDER, Gen'i Mfir.' J. R. ANBEKSON. As«'t. Gen'l Mgr. 


uSn OP AMD TAU NOIiCEI Hn'i ikat Ottws sa| lad tin tin our "YeD GUT LOSE PROTOSiTIM" 


V. Piper, r liiiilfll. I The Perfect la perfect. Knehaad draft for another. Bend qnotaMinftMsoCn 
' ~ ' lea^etjrawrerfect Match Machine a clcaD money maker. DeUver one to my BVMMIsa aM Bo. 

lehaad moreaboot the **RRraOT". 

51 Market St., Chicago, III. 

Xa Bacheo. Ch; 
Chlcmgo br&aclia 




For One Nleht or Fin* riaas Rep. 
■ober« Kellable and a Hustler. 

Address C. W. SETTLIi;. 

station M.. Cincinnati. O. 


J , — ^l** taaveilav eompaajr aa ticket 

sriliraBltcMiaiw. anaunnqalNdTuiItliiMrM, 
1 bava prlDtlB^ eempaav eeetasMa. Sttleeo sMeiaa 
Bi«tamBa«hlBa.<UiMaiiiialldaa. WIU0Ta •BUrainiC' 
at aa eaeBilty. .addraea, talacraph or cau, W. B. CLARK. 
Sa W. Court W.. Clndnnatl , O. 

WAKTED to Bxehanse— One Crank Piano tor 

Load Merrj-Ro-rouiid Organ. Also on e SO-f t. 

T*nt for Mechanical Show. 0. C. tnuvita 
Oeny, Pa. 

FOR BALE. —PhatMiavb Vnii UaM. Ad 
drees 1. UA^XO.^m Wt^TUH UL. Sew 

Tork City. 

"I'm Goinc Away to Leave Yon. Hannah." Jut 
<mt. S, MOBSE, 2BS Broome Btieat, New T«ik 

OPEM HOUUb OUHm Fmii, Va. 

Cootf Open T ime, 

OenneU, Mlna, McnneU Bros., incts.: Creen- 

TlUe. S. C. §-13. 
Grahama Stock Co., Ferdinand Grebame. mgr.: 

Ooboea. K. r.. 8-13. 
Ooo<hrln, Darr: EeldeTllle. N. «., 8-18. 
OUben. Bajmond, In A Rasslaa SUre, Max 

Boseoberxt mgr.: Spxlosarld, Mase,, lo^ 

Nerw Britain, Codo., 11; BockrUle 12; Wllll- 

msoHe IS; Holyoke, Mas... 1&-17; Manchester, 

N. EL. 18-20. 
Osnlde Stock Co., J. S. Qsrslde, mgr.: Perth 

Amh07, N. J.. 8-13; Asbnzy Park lS-20. 
Olllette. Wm.. Chae. Frohmaa, mgr.: Portland, 

Ife., 10; ProTldence, B. I., 11-13; Pooshkeep- 

ale N. X., 16; Albany 16; UUea 17; Srzaeose 

IS; Ithaca 19: Boehester 20. 
Good. Adam: Oloncester. SIsM,. 
Gypsy Otrl: Baffalo, M. X., S-IS. 
Haekctt, Janes K., snd Mary MssnetlBc: Mew 

-Tork Clly. Scpt^ 38. Indet. 
Rlteheodi, Baimood. Heniy W. Savaae 

Boatna, iUak, Dte. SS, laOef. 
BMKrtk and mum. 9. A. Baal^ mr.t MoatS. 

cello, m., 10; an Paso 11; Wenm U: Olb- 

■on IS: Pekln 14; Maaoa vitr IS: Pctara- 
burK 10: Virginia 17; JackscoTllle 18; Wln- 

cheRter 19; Beardstown 20. 

Tlanford. ChnrlpR B.. F. Lawrence Walker, 
tnsr.: Grand island, N,-l»,. 10; Kearney H: 
Clieyenne. Wjo. 12; Crcelij. Oo\.. 13; Colo- 
rado Springs 1C5: Cripple Creek 10; Victor 
IT: rueblo IS; Canon Gllj- 10; Sallda 20. 

UamlltoR, Florence, uarlitnd Uaden, mgr.: At- 
tloboro. Mass.. 10: franklin 11; L/ynn 12; 
16; fortlnnd 10; WntervIUc 17; Angosta 18; 
• Bath IB; Hocltlanil W. 

Hsns HaDBon, Jas. T. McAlpln, mgr.: Fboenlz, 
Arls., »-10: Meesa 111; Temna 12; Preaoott 
18. • 

^•rald Squsie Stock Co.. Bitter M_ Fsn shawe, 

^hStt, Pa~ 1S4T. ■ . ■ . • ." 

■(hrt e( Ohiaace Oiaeola J. Outset). Yohs 
' WUUSv. aMp.t ' TTensrUle. .10; Bearer 
.ralu, FB., fi: New OasUe 13; Toimestown, 

O., U: Nlles 15; Oil City, Pa.. 16; ft-snklln 
17; McKeeeport IS JO; Conm llsTUle 20. 
Hoosler Girl, n-ltk Kate Watcoo, Gna Cohan, 
mgr.: OohUDhBS, 0.. 8-10; Te ceato Bnt- 

16: luii^i^r^SSSSSe^t iSSntm 


Bantings, Tbe Four, Barry Dnll, mgr.: ZaneS' 

yllle. O.. 10; Wheeling. W. Va^ U-IS; St. 

Marya. O.. 15: Pomeroy 15; WeUstsn 17; 

Grccnflcld 18; MldiUeton ID; Hamilton 20. 
Ball, JraMe Mar, lo Tlic Street Singer, Ed. 

U. .L.cairT. mgr.: Detroit. Mich.. T-U; Pay- 
ton, O., J-l-ltt. 
Hearts of Gold Bdnard >. VtMe.'^^t'i- Wuk- 

IPerd, Pa., 11-18. 
Botflier. Jack, SIMw,. mn. DdBtllls. msr.: 

ffopter Bins, Mo.. O^S; Mhrto 1440, 
Hall. Dob 0.: Jamestown, N. Y., S-IS. 
Hnatley'a SsToy Tb^atie Stock Co.: HsTethlll. 

Maas.. 8-13; Gloocestet 15-30. 
Harcoort Comedy Co., C, E. Keimt^, mgr.: 

Concord, N. n., 8-18; Portsmouth 15-W. 
Hoyt*e Coniedy Co.. II. (i. .vllen, mgr.: Galnsa- 

Tllle. Ga.. S-l.-i; Asherllle. N. C. 18-20. 
Bouse or Mysirr}-, MIttenthal Broa.' Amtiae. 

Co.. mgrs. : Trenton. .\. J.. 8-10; Pateraon 

in IS; Neiv York CHy. 15-20. 
Holy Olty (Gordon &. Bennetb'a Sastcrn). Col. 

Edward Taylor, mgr.: Allcntown. Pa.. 10; 

Mauch Chunk 11; Lansford 12; Baxelton IS; 

Freeland 10; Mahanoy City 16; PottsTllle 

17; Sbcsandoah 18; Ashland 10; Mt. Carmel 


Bohr 01^ (Oordoa A Beaaett's Wstteni). Heaiy 
H. BOKkaller. mgr.: OtnTlUt. m., 10; 
Sea^tor U: UocmiagtoB IS; tiaooia IS; 
•eelagSsM U; Jseksoarine U: Beardstowa 

16; TaylorrlUe 17: Utehileld 18; CentiaUa 

19; PlnckneyvlUe 20. 
His Father's 31o, Jed Carleton, mgr.: Nora 

Springs. la., 10; Nashua 11; St. Anagar IS; 

Osaee 13: RieeTllls 16; Mew aaaMsa 10; 

Waocoma 17; PoetTlUe 18: Wwt OUea 19; 

Oelneln 20. • 
BImmeleln's Imptltal MMk Mks.B. Wr Wtmmt- 

leln, mgr.: Frsspett, O^' Mk| MM ■ante, 

Ind.. 15-20. 

HlIIyer'B Cra(!k-a.Jaat OMM^ Oh.' W irt 'H IU- 
yer, .mgr. : NenMBt tX. MS| WwlBg- 

ton is-ao. 

Hunt Stock Oe., X. A. Beat, mgr.: Hsstlage. 
Mleb., S-tS; Tlelmbarg ig-M. 

Hmnsa BMrts^Westea), Wm.jrnuiklla 

St.' oioSrii^^ 

mgr.: . Solnt^, _. 

11; Bialaerd, man., IS; 

10; Snpedor, Wla^ 
' unie Vans IS: 

HDman Hearts (Soatbem), Jay Slmme,- mgr. 
Mltbawaka, Ind.. 10; Michigan City U; Benl 
ton Harbor. MIcb., 12; Kalamazoo 13. 

Homespnn Heart (Klng-Perklns'). Frank G^ 
King, niBT.: Sac City, la.. 10; IxjlirTlIIc 11! 
Clarion 12; ClarksTllle 18; LaPorte City ISt 
Vinton 16; Grundy Center 17; Gladbtook 18; 
Nevada 19; Perry 20. 

Hunest Hearts (Kllmt & Gouolo'B). Wllllaiii 
Marble, }r.. mgr.: Leadrllle. OoL. 10; Sa- 
llda 11: Canon City 12: Florence 18; Pueblo 
14: Victor l.->: Cripple Creek 16; Boulder 17; 
Longmont IS; Fwc Collins 19; 'Or«cler,,.20. 

Hall. Howard, la The MlUloaaiie • DsteetlTC. 
Hemy Plerson, mn.: Mobne, AU..',.8-10; 
Montgemeiy U-lS; Blnalaaham IS-SO. 

B^(lu, ^ BreeklTB. 

Heir to" the Hoorah. The KIrke UBbdIe Co.. 
mgra.: Newark, N. J., 8-13; Ikniillin. B. 

T.. 13.20. 

Bow Baxter Bntted In, Vaaee A MtUm, 

mgrs. : Ntw Haven. Conn., 8-10. 
Hearta of Gold. PUll Hunt, mgr.: Kanaaa City, 

Mo.. 7-13: Desllolnes, la.. 14-17. 
Holland. Mildred, Edw. C. White mg,-.: Mar- 

ehnlltown la.. 10; DeaMolnea 11: Omaha. 

Neb.. 12-13; Kansas City, Mo., 14-16; St. 

Joseph IT; ChlUlcothe IB; Lcslagton 19: Se- 

dalla ao. 

Barrlfl-ParktnBOn Stock Co., BdIC B mIS , 

mgr.: Cairo, III.. 8-13. 
Bow Hrsrts Are Broken, J. B. GIIIToid, mgr.: 

Scranton .Pa., 11-18; Boboken, N. J., 14- 

17: Port. Jerrla. N. T., 18; Mlddletown 19; 

Kewborg SO. 
BendTleks. Ben. WUlhun Gray, mgr.: OenOB 

aty, aa., lO; Ssllda 11; Montnwe IS: On- 

ray, IS; TeUorldc 14; Delta 16; Oiaad JTaiie. 

tlon 18: Ahpen 17: SIcaweod Itt LaadrOle 

19: Boena TIsta SO. 

BMekln^ H. T. MsC 
lOb, BTb. wm, Mt, aa.i 

Bai; Mt 

bapsrial 8(edi On.: 
lotenatlonal Stock OOb, 
New Bmnswlcfc, M. 


In a V^oman's Power: 
Cansl DoTcr, 0., 20. 
In Old Kentucky: Decstnr. IlL, 11; Qnlaer IS. 
In Old Virginia: Masm City, IB., IS. 
Johnson, Grace, Paul PUUngtOB, auv.: 
man. Wash.. 8-13; Walk iMh IMtL 
Jerry from Kerry (PsttM it PMf^t 1 

Cal., 10; Redding 11. 
Johnson-dlarr^Ston Stock Co.: mWlL me,« 

8 13; Morrison, III.. 15-20. 
Jefferson, Joeepb, & Wm. W., Victor BanaoD, 
mgr.: Springfield. Mass.. 10; BartfOrd. Conn.. 
II; Mlddletown 12; Merlden 18: Watethorr 
IS; Danbnry 16; New Britain 17; Derby 18; 
Sooth Norwalk 19; New Boefaelle N. X., 20. 
Johnsonj AUee. Jnlea Mnrry, mgr.: lawm 
City, la.. 10: Molloe. 111., II; Bock Island 
IS; DsTcnvort la., IS. 
Mir Ametleaa Tramp. B. P. Franklin, mgr.: 
AsUaad. Oi*., 11: Oronile. OsL, 16; Msxy 
Tllle IT; OiaM> Tallec 19. 
Jamce. Lonla, J. J. OHemaa, mgr.; Its' 
elaee CaL. 848; Oakland U; Sloaktl 
FortUnd;'Ote„ ia-70. 
JeallD. AlTtn: Canton. XIas.. IS. 
Jefferson, Tbomai: Knoxrllle, Tenn., IS. 
Kallsch. Bertha, Rarrlaoa Grey FUke, mgr.: 

Ctaleago. ni.. 8, Indef. 
Knott. Roselle, Kane, Sblpman & Colrlo, mgrS,: 
Kansas City. Mo.. 7-13; Bock Island, Ul. Ml 
IMvenport la., US; MoUne, lU.. 18; MB a t j ■ 
tine. la., 17: Monmouth 18; BniUagtM'.-lfl 
Galesburg, 111.. 20. .. • ■', 

Kerkboff-HIlhnan, Omer J S|hr( 
Summernrld, Kan., 8-lS| — " 
IT: Beatrice 18-30. 
Kelly. JeweU, Sleek Otu, SmpHI Sellar, 
r. --— 


eiJj, ..vwvu. .Hn VS 

& mgr.: DniM OIlF, 
Ark. lS-30. 
Kendall, Eva, Wilson 8. Boas, mgt^i'. , 
Idence, R. I., 8-10: Maiden, Mass.. <llt'i 
ftsmlnghsm 12; Attleboro 13. 
Kennedy Pkycrs T. B. Delsvan. mgr.: CO. 

Inmbls, Tenn., S-IS.. 
Keller Stock Co., A. M. Keller, mgr.: Poplar 

BInir, aio., 8-18: Helena, Ark.. 10-30. 
Kellar. Magician. Dndley MaAdow. mgr.: Lea> 

Isrllle, Kr„ T-18; Plttshnrg, Pa., 15-80.' 
Kins of the Opium Ring.' Cbaa. E. Blsner 
Atnuse. Co., props.; Wm. M. Roddy, mgr.: 
Norfolk. Vs., 8-13; Baltimore, Md., 14.20. 
King of Tramps (Western). Cohan & Sntberlsnd. 
props.; W. B. Oalryuple. mgr.: Hannibal. 
Mo., 10; Barry, Ul., 11; JaekaonrUle 12; Al- 
ton 13; (ioUbWTllIc 14; Chester IS; Cape OI- 
rardean., MOb.-, JSt JijisajaBr. BL. IT; OMao 
City. TIMB., urcSSaTin., M; Padasah By.. 

Kclcry. Ilerbert, and ERIe SliRnnon: Phila- 
delphia. Pa.. 8-13. 

Kcnaedy, Jaiuea, O. ii. Wee, injcr. .- Fltchborg, 
Mass.. 8-13. 

King of Detectives; Ottninuii, In., 12. 

King of Tramps (Eastern), Dmplre Amuse. Co.. 
mgr..: New StraltavlUe,' o., 10; OOfolas.Ul 
WasUngtoo C. H.. 12; BsmUtoo 18. . ^ ' 

Kallch. Bertha: Chicago, Ul., 8-U. ' . ' . 

UOB and the Mouse Beuy. B, BBilA^ ■gKl 
Mew Tock City. Nor, >fc. laflil. ) ~; 

LiTlngstoo Stock Co., I*. H. Ustngeton, ngr.l . 
Detroit, Mich., Indef. 

Loralne, R<Aert, O' .IB. DUUngham. mgr.: New 
York City, Sept. B. Indef. 

Lyceum Stock Co.: Cape May, N. J.. Indef. 

Lyeemn Stock Co.: MInneapolla. Minn., In- 

Lyceum Stock Co.. E. G. Groslean, aagr.: Xea> 
kum. Ter.. 8-13: Victoria 18-20. /.:,i ,"v. 

Lyceum Comedy Co., A1. ,s. ))vanB. aSKt'.'Ciik' 
anou. Ky., 813; DanvUlr lS-20. 

Lewis, J. 0.. In St Plunkard, W. A. Jnnker, 
mgr.: Helena. Ark.. 10: (}Iarkadale, Miss., 
11; Greenwood 13: Oreenvlllc 13; Wlnoaa IS: 
Oortnth 18. 

Leslie, Rosahcle, Sim Allen, mgr.: Maapni* 

town, W. Vs., 8-13; Grafton 18-90. 
LIMle Homestead. Wtn. Mscsnley, aiB.t ' Ml. 

ton, W. Vs.. 10; Weston II; Elklaa Ut S^ 

Tia 13: Somerset. Ps., IS; Sooth IM 'Ml 

Johnstown 17; Vandergritt 19, 
Lured from Home, A. H. Woods, awr.: Ootom* 

bus. O.. 14-10. 
Lockes. Tlie. Will H. Locke, mgr.: Nortoa, 
. Kan.. S 10: PhllllpsburK 11-13; Smith Cen- 
ter 1.-, 17; Lelianon 18 20. 
Lewis. l>orothy, John Mac. mgr.: Norrletom. ' 

Pa.. S-13; Lansford 1517; Clearfleld 18-20. 
Little Qatcast (E. J. Carpenter's). R. F. Bat- 

ledge, mgr.: Wellington. Kan., 10; Wln- 

flcld U; Arkansas City 12; Blackwell, Okla.. 

13; Guthrie 14; Stillwater 15; Perry 16; 

Shawnea 17; Tecomaeb 18; Boldenvllle, I. T.. 

19; MnAogee 20. 
Lorhner, TTHght (Wm. A. Brady'a), B. A. 

Belnoid, mgr.: Cincinnati., O., 8-18; St. 

Lonla, Mo., 18-20. ' 
Lackaye, Wilton, Wte. A. 'Brady, mgr.: , Olii« 

CSgo. IlL, 7-27. .■ . 

TltRhtbonae by the Sea. Vance & SnlllTaa. OUH.! 

qinolnnatl. O., 7-J3. .. T'^ ■■ 

Lleiit Dick. TJ. s. A.. Prank Baadanon, nuni 

Jersey CTty,. N. J., 8 13. 
Little Grey Lady. Maurice 'Campbell, mgr.: 

CliK-nsu,, UL, ,»■-,«), , , . 

Long, Frank B.; Stock Co,: ' ^^nstla, Mian., 8- 

Litfi'e Be< "a*eel''^ ■eMni'^'iK; .O—il.''' Pi^ 

Lighthouse Robbery: Dubuque. la., IS.' '- 
Mexlcana. D. W. Traas, mgr.: PlttabmK' IB., 
■ B-IS; Baltimore, Md., 15-20. 
Moore LaVemc. Stock Co., Postn Hntehlns. 

mgr.: Sadoras, IU.,'8-13; Atwood 16-20. 
Mnphy. Joseph, Kenney A Westtall, mgis.: 

I WI a d e lp hIa , Fa.. S-iS; dcTcland O,, IS- 

Skdrflle. Bestb in .Mi BOpklns. J. B. SHrllng. 

mgr.: — ~ — - — 

. burg 

Murphy. Tim. T. E. Sannders, mgr.: Minneap- 
olis. Minn., 8-10; St. Paul 11-13; Failbaalt 
13; St. Peter 10; Sloui FaUs, S. D., 17; 
Ft. Dodge, la.. 18; Omaha, Neb., 18-20. 

Message from Mars: Galesburg. 111.. 10; Bnr- 
Ilngton. la.. 11; Mnacatlne 12; Iowa City. 
13; Cedar Rapids 10. 

My Wife's Family (Bastem), Frank Cooke, 
mgr.: PIttsbarg, Pa., S-IS: McEeesport IS; 
OannooabuK; 10; Wayneaburg 17; Wheeling. 
W Va 1^20 

My WUr's Family (Western), W. MoOowao, 

uoB« qiy. fa., ut .;a8iiM,\B> B<f Mt 

la,, W. . .r . . ... 

■ : New Ortaaa^ T.1S|, Baton Rouge 
Watchea.^l5ig flff 'WiYmb 18; Vleks- 
: IT; OrsenrlBe U; " Me^hls, Tenn.. 

JANUARY 13, 1906. 





L Cummins Wild West'^Eiibitiim^ Co. Ino; 

People ip all branohes. Any act that caa be done la an open arena whether pertaining to Wild West or otherwise. Clow^ Impfersonators of all If ation- 

B3PfiOIALLY KBBDBD: reacures for Bis Bnow, ftlda Show, Conoart ««d Raraa*. i^^^A4 XUu 

?5f.i?.^OS?Y workingmen In all departments; BUlpo«ttin^;Itflltflgiig^nb BtaoiK- J^Oi Tiiifammm, et& TO BBNT— Legi^ImMi 

ADDB^STHB TOLLOWIN SldjdlotrMOBle. J»me« Ito^ AdT«ncep«wl*ir.'a.»Bwsoii. GeneTm. Ohio. clfvSkmen. 

Fr»nk Haw»rt, OeneT* Ohio. Tralnmeo, J. O. Parrtsb. pdQ«T«. OblOk. AlUmM mei^ . . 

ipca;«T(7jnan.JieadportP^^ QentTa. Ohio. All oUien 

, Oammma Wild Wast EzhlbltloD Uompans, Gen.>Ta. Ohio. 

yKlTosare naiieeewkry oorrestiiondence. nam* lowest salary In Brst letter. . Limit <d tnmkslbrlSstt. Fttrtonnera Mod wetabtof mamta^ i 
lead. pleaae send photo. Amateurs la any brancb, 4on*t write. No one eaenaaatcOm PMMla. AUgMUIemeajMrtOrmenandmiulcluit 
tarsal 6 ve days prerloas to tue openlas. No cripples, monstraaitlas or defairaMd peopia eanud. AMiSMiiSSmmSSSmtiSS iSa vIhShEim 
heretufure. It you cannot remain the entire season, meotlun same In fliit laitw We AcUne lobeuMd for aooavSdS^^MaBtwu ' 
Uperformauoesoonstltuto a week's work. All people ezcepUns workincmMt par WMkly. i«a«»nabto PwrMMmT • 

Ladles wbose pictures are not on letter- 
agon (Mt 9*p^a^AJl moat TCoqitI 

M. B. We bare for sale a 


^agerie tncIadloKMreral croM , 

AIM) ^ ooauMeta 

UoccT SMk Co.. hfComtt k Flesbo^ ofis.: 

Ul^BW. I. T.. 8-13. 

MunriT oim«ay Co., J. Bus Smith, mgr.: Sa'' 
Tanuli, Oa., 8-13; Dtimswick IB-SO. 

jIlinoBslrf Tramp. Ited O.^Xboaaa, bb.: rol- 

Mo, N. X., IS; Onrvgo IS; Oamdsa u. . 
MmHUhln*''* Dsugbttr. Bor Klagttea. mp.t 
'OMNltan, N. D., 10: Jantelown U| Bis- 
' MlS U: Msndao IS; Pickinsoa IS; Qlcn- 

Moet., 10; BlUtoni IT. 
■JtUk,. Aadww; 0. F. Wtegaad, mgr.: La- 
"CrMMi WDu 10: Oabnqne, la., la; jCUnton 
'Ul-'OMW BaplOa 18; DMUolnes 14; Sioux 
' OV'Ui OBaha Neb., IT-IS; St. Jotepb, Mo., 
• »( AtaiaoB. Xan., 30. 

MlMoarl Old . (IV«d BayswDd's Bastcta), Geo. 

Bedee. asr.t Toledo. O., U-U| Jtowllng 
Green iS:^llma M: DeUwai*- 1T| Oilvmbus 

IS; Xenia 19; Bprlasfleld 30. 
Mluourl Girl (Pred Raymond'* Weatem), 3i. 

|{. Norton, mgr.: Vallrjo. Ca]., 11; Santa 

Rosa 12; Nupa 13; VUalla 18; Tulare 19; 

llakerafield 20. 
UjrTkle-lIarder Slock Co. (Eaatem), Will H. 

Harder, mgr.: Newport, B. I., 8-18, 


mlra U-SO. 

Harts Bras., B. W. IfBtks. mgr.: Mariboro, 
UssSm 8-18: Glens Falls. N. X.. 18-30. 

Miy, Vtraa. Stock Co.: Wansau, Wis., 8-18. 

BsarftM. Bldiard, Ben D. Bttrsas. mgr.: 
BalUmore "Md., 8^; PhUadtlphia. Pa., IS- 

uiTaiell. Robert B., Wis. A. 

Phlladel ■ - 

Murray It _ 

Uamaporti': 'tkit' 'MBl ' 

Uts. LeOarNU'k 
Sraoklya, M. ' X.. 84tt 


More to be Filled tban Scorned, ObSS. >. Bla- 

ney Almnae. Co.. msra.: New Toik City, 

8.13: PliUadelpbla. I'a.. M 20. 
MldnlKlit Flyn-. TA. ADderaon, mgr.: Oly- 

pliant, ru.. 10; Aroca 11: Lelgtiton 13. 
Jlsttd Mailer. L. Uolaa. mgr.; Fayette City, 

S»., 10; Ifonoogaliela IXi Mooessea 18. 
JiyToB-Boy OlrL with Lottie WUUama, H. R. 
..^iBcbtU, mgr.: OblsagOi IIL. T-lS; BL 

LoaU. Mo., M-30. 
Monlaoa, Lewis: Sfnlagatld, Mo.. 10; JopUa 

Uaahattaa Stock Co., aallnger A Branwn. 

mm.: Boodout. K. Y.. 8-lS. 
Modjraka, Madtmp: Boqalam. Wiab., 10: Port- 

laod, Ore., U-IS; San Franclaco, Cal., 14- 


Mortimer Lillian. In No Motbar to Guide Her. 
Decker A Veronee, mgrs.: Oamden, N. J.. 

_W0; Wilmington, Del., ll-Il. 

sooth Bwdt 


Maid and tbe Mummy: 
Mnikegon. Mlcb., 14. 
Majeatlc Stock Co.: Michigan City, Ind.. IB 

My rrieod ttom Arkansaw: Bockiocd, in., 

■ 10. 

Mr. _ 

Mobs. Wto. T.: MflOnmallsvllle. a, U; Dh- 

riebsrUle 10. • 
Mrs. Temple's Telegram: AppIetOB, Wis., 16; 

ETanarlUe, Ind., 17. 
MePbec's Co.: Fleming. Can.. 10; Blkbon. 
Man., 11; VIrper 12; Oak Lake 13; Uaralota 
IS-IS; Hapld City 17; Mlnnedoaa 18; Blrtle 

l4-cemn Stock Co.: Troy, N. T., ladef. 

Mann, Lonla. and Clara Upmaa, Sbobctt Bros., 

mgrs.: New YnrfOlpJ IW. I'liilef. 
Msrka Tom, Stock Co. Taa^'SsulN, afbt Braa- 
' eon, Man., Indef. 

llttlpwo Stock Co.: OhlcagOb lU., Sept.' 4, 
,.J?. X.. 8«»t. W, 

Moore Stock Co.: 

''TT^:/'*^"?' ■to«¥ 08>irv WiBWIw. cel., 

„Jnly 10, ladef. ^ ' sr-— — ' 

Nevv Orand Thsatte Steak 0».i Satt Lek* Olty. 

Utab, Indff.' ■ 
N>>r People's Stock Oo,, Fred Omnad. ingr.: 

Cblcago, III., Sept, «. lodet. 
KonTcantea Stock Oo.: Ifoaltcal. Can.. lodef. 
Nelaon-Holman, Jobs T. Coadoe. amr.: Sben- 

andoab. la.. 8-10: AUantle ll-isrconlns U- 


North Broa.: Sterling, 111., 8-18. 

National Stock Co.. J. B. Rlchardaon. mgr.: 

Bampton, la., 8-10; State Center U-13; Boone 


Nerina-Tanner. Nerlas Bios., BSn.: Memphis, 

Mo., 8-lS. . 
National Stock Co., 0. O. WflHwi mgr»: 

preenrllle. 8. C-. 8-18. " 
Hlpety and Nine. Obas. H. Toong. mgl.; At* 
^taata, Oa., 8^3; Montgomery, AU., U40. 
Bettciside, Olga: New Hares. OoailM 10; 
_JM4nport U; Hartford 12-18. 
JWbo^i aslm: Rockirord DL. 11. 
wd Homrsiead, P. Oeaman Tbompsoe, mgr.: 
5»«*er»lmrg. W. Ta« M| OtarlestOD U; 
HonUnston IS; musmsalh' On >8i Olacln- 
naU 15-SO. " • 

vKm, Cbaimeey, Angostos Ptton. mgr.: Pltts- 

BOS. Pa., 8-18; Baltimore, Md.. 15-30, 
^W** Mimstet Miller * Oonrnt. my-,' 

Oa tbe Bridge at Midnight (KUmt A Gaixo- 
]o*a), Daniel Re«d, mgr.: Fremont, Neb., 
10; Plattsmontb U; Nebraska City U; Lin- 
coln 18; Omaha 14-U* OmumU BtanL la.. 
16: Slou« City IT; OMMa III kSmB Tal- 
ley IS: Boone 80. 

Over Niagara Fktls (Kowla^d A CUastd's Bast, 
cm), JobB P. Bsirett, mgr.: Mew .i. 
Coon., 10; Meridea II: WalUagfiocd U: Wa^ 
rrt>nry 13; TbomasfOB 10; XamiMM IS; Wla. 
ated 17; Mlddletowa IB: HewWHla M, 

Orer Nlai:«ra Falla (BowhiBd * Cllltocd's West.' 
ern), L. B. Newcomb. mgr.: McPIwraoo. 
Kan., 10; Sallna 11; Berlngton 12; Jnnctlon 
City 18; CoDcurdla 15; Bcloll 16; BrUerllle 
17; Clyde 18; Clay Center 19: Manhattan 

Old Arkansaw (Fred Baymond'a), V. B. Lam- 
bert, mgr.: Caldwell, Kan.. 11; Welllngtoa 
12; Wlcblta 13; AuRuka 13; Newton 16; 
McPbenon 18; Llndaborg 10; Florence 20. 

Oianan Stock Co., John Osman, mgr.: Qreen- 
1-llle, S. C, 8-18. 

Onpbeum Stock Co.. Bdweid Doglc, mMr.h 
■ KIclunond, Ind., 8-13. 

O'Mll. Jamea, Bdgar romet, but.: AtUatie 

'^<^ 1041; Trtatoa IS^ 

OldOlothes Maa (Bowlaod A OUaoid*e). Dave 
Seymoor. an.: matea, M. J.,; Wll- 
mlnglOB, OeU U-IT; Oundea N. J.. 18-20. 

0''Nein Kaaee, MeKce Baakm, mgr,: San 
Franelaeo, Cal., Bee. 36, ladef. 

Peyton's Le* Arsauc Stock Ob., Cars* Paytoo, 
mgr.: Brooklya, N. Y., Aug. 22, Indaf. 

People's Tbcatie Stock Co.: Chicago, 111., Aug. 
M, iBdot. 

Poll'a Utoek Co., Lawrence B. McOlU, mgr.: 
Now BareB, Conn., Nor. 27, Indct. 

Proctor's Ftttb Avenue Stock Co.: New York 
City. IndcC. 

Pmotor'a ISSth St. Stock Co.: New York City, 

Patton. \V. It.. In The Laat Bose of Snmmer, 
J. M. Stout, mgr.: Oranse, Tex., 10; Lake 
Cliarlea, La.. 11; Jennings 12; Crowley 13: 
Opelouaaa 13; Lafajellp 10. 

Peck'a Bad Boy. Heath A Farren ,mgr. : Tetrc 
Haute. Ind.. 10. 

[■ooc Helatloo, R. F. Meycra, mgr.: Bohlnsoa, 
lU.. 10; HatrUborg U; McLcansboro 12; Mt. 
▼enon 13; Bcixla 14; CartsrrlUe 10; DsSom. 


PaytoB Slaters,. O. S. Paytca. mgr,t 

8. C, S-IO; Newberry 11-18; ^"'tttW 
20. . 

Pair of Conntiy Klda, O. Jay Smith, mst.I At. 
tlca, Ind., 10; Danrllle, 111., 11-12; Terra 
tlaute. lud.. 13; Rlvitioii. IM., 14; SoUlTan. 
Ind., 15: Untoti 111; Olnoy. 111.. 17; Mt. Ver- 
non, Ind., 18; Bendcraon, Ky„ U; Braas- 
vUle, Ind., 20. 

Pomell. Kathrya. W. D. Fllagaeld. aigr.: 
Xouogstowo. O., 8-13. . 

Power ol L«*e. Harry B. Oarls, mgr.: Daa- 
TlUe. Ky.. 10; Blcbmond U; BhelbyrlUe 12; 
Lexington 18; Lebanon 15; Olaagow 10. 

Pumpkin Hnaker, Oertiiiek Broa., mgrs.: 
andrla. La., 13. 

Paige, Mabel: Port Onaon. MlsA. 11, 

p^^cal ami BaaUe^. K. a-Wi HOi 

Piekerta, The Poor, wmts Mthett,' mgl.t Ban- 

ft>rd na.. 15-17. 
Qneen of Blghhlnders, A. H. Woods, mgr.: Clil> 

cago. 111., 1-13; Detroit, Mich., 14-M. 
Queen of the White Slarea, A. H. Wooda, mgr.: 

Camden. N. J.. 11-18; FtilladelphU, Pa., 15- 


Qneen of the ConTlcts, P. H. Snniran Amos. 
Co., mgra.: Toronto, Ont, 8-18; New York 
City, 18-20. 

BID Van WtnUc {Homes'): WancB, O., 10; 
■'■ Akrao ll: ZooBsslowm Ut MOUAlM IS. 
.Beattrow Oomcdy Co.: CMMillBt a., S-IS; 

MaaaUloa 1640L 
Bohle Tbealie Os., M. P. Sommcia. mgr.: 

Obetim. Ran.. S-U; MeOook, Neb.. UM. 
^rSmismif^lSgbi^lii^^ nsr.; Port 

Bin' Tan Winkle, OuUte # 
New Bocktotd, M. D., U; 


Leeds 12-13. 
Royal Slaee {Gordon A Bennett's Northern), 
Fred Miller, mgr.: Hartley, ta.. 10; Bm- 
meubnrg U; Algona 12; Brltt IS; Oamer 15: 
Forest City IS; Bock ford 17; Charles City 
18; Oaage IB; Ctcaco SO. 
Ro.val Slare (Gordon A Bennett'a Weatem), B. 
0. W. Boberts, mgr.: Mnncy, Pa., 10: Mil- 
ton 11: WlUlsmatown 12: Lykens 18: Lewis. 
town IS; Carlisle 10; Lancaster IT: Potts- 
town 18; Dowolagtowa IS: Coateerllle 30._ 
Boyal lUTe <Oe(dao * Benett'e BcsteikKB. 
~ -tetsoo. mmr.t Pt. Seett. Kaa.. 10: mt- 

90. _ 
Roberta. Florence. E. V. Olroax, mgr.: HMo. 
ton, Tex., 10-11: San Antonio 12-13; Anatia 
IS; Baco 10; Ft. Worth lT-18; Oallaa 


Boo OosMdr Oo., Borland M. Sarla^ mgr.: Bld- 

deford. Me., 8-13: UaTerhUl, Mass.. IS-IO. 
Bomance of Oooa Hollow (Bastem).' B. O. 

LBmb(Kjoe^W.. y(U.10i_lliB. 

Bomance o( Oooa Hollow (Western), Geo. P. 
Haines A Co., mgrs.: .Ft. Atkinson, Wla., 
10; Ocooomowoe Ut ■Wanpaa 12: Bcavci^ 
dam 18; ,^*^ggj*£ w'SmS' 
towee 30. 

BimawaF Bw, Philip If. 'KlTan, mgr.: Mil- 

waokae. Wis., T-lS. - 
Balbaad Xattt Oaaal Deeas; ISt Ooaiaoa 

lileUtr * Co.. awaj Odnm. 
llaTlad., li-U; iDe- 

13; Ut. 

bus. Oh lO-lll Indlanapolla, 

trolt, Mioh.,' IS-SO. 
Real Widow BiewB: Sharon, Pa. 
Carmel 18. 

Scrlo-Comlc (Joreroess, Frank O. Cotter, mgr.: 

St. Catherines, Ont., 10. 
Sherlock Holmes, Gna Bothner A Bobt. Camp- 
bell, mgr.: Chicago. IIL, 7-Sp. 
Swalu, Mack, Theatre Co.: Brerett, WUtu, 8- 

13; Belllngkam 16-20. 
SIko of the Four, Campbell Strattoo, mgr.: 

Charleston, W. Va., 10; Aahlaad, Ky ., 12; 

UaySTUle IS; Wilmington, O., 15. 
Shadows ot Sbi, O O. HsmlUon, mgr.: At- 

|^"tf . Oa,, Iff-sft. 
SlaTce ot tbe Kias» Ii. 7. BISTln, mgr.: Belle- 

Tille.nL, Mt Oaihgadalo 10; Ansa ITS Cairo 

IsTBairisbUf IS. 
StaTO ef the |UU (Ooidaa A Beaaetfe). B. 

OotdOB, mgr.: Bfllagbam. DL, 10; Parla 11; 

Areola 12; 'Decatur 18; Olianspalgn 10; Cbar- 

leatco 10; Paaa IT; Taylorrllle 18; Bearda- 

town 10; BloondngtoD SO. 
SoMiem, E. U., A JuUa Marlowe, Cttu. Froh- 

man, mgr.: Brooklyn. N. X., 8-13; Philadel- 
phia, Pa., IS-Feb. 8. 
Shea, Thomaa B., NIxoo A Zimmerman, mgia.: 

Pittsburg, Pa.. 8-18; Xoongatown. O.. 15- 


Sltea Stock Co. (Sites * QilbSTfa Nsrthen), 
standard Amn*. Ce.. BSH.! tMOB, M. K, 
8-10: Valley City U-lSt OsSpacsSSWB ISaT; 
Carrlngton 18-20. 

.Shadow Behind the Throne^ Leander DcOordora, 
mgr.: Columhna, O., 8^10, 

Bully, Daniel, Wm. D. Biaersaa, mgr.: MMord. 
lUss., 10; Soeth Piamiagham Ut Salem ISt 
Idran IS; Lowell ISi Lasrrsaee f«t Oomom, 
«. H„ IT: UeoaU 18; Pianklin ISt PMft* 
laid, ate., 90. 

■badows -OB the Hearth, Arther O. Alstoa, 
mgr.: Albnqactqae, M. M., 12-18;' BI Paso,- 
Tax., l'«-10: AhUeno IT; Waalherford 18; 
rt. Worth iO; Denton 20. 

Sign of tbe Crass, Bergcr A Crserln. mgrs. 
Atlants, Ob., 10: " 
Mobile, Ala.. Ul 

Skinner, Otis: UL 
WIS.. 10. 


.Sbadowa eS A 

Shirley, Jcsaltl 

Society OteeoA n 

Xorfc Olty, Ose. . 
Spoooer StoA OSk, ..^.a- - 

V^Si^^a'»''(uiia*^iS^a). W O. IM«key, 
mgr.: Uttle Sleux, la., Oct, 28-A», 28. 

Ten N4ghta la a Bar Room, Joo. T. Stowc, 
mgr.: PlaeerrUle. Cal., 11; Bocklla 13; Col- 
fax 15: Tmckee 16; Oaraan. McT.. IT; Vir- 
ginia 18; Reno 10; CarUn 20. 

Taming a Hnaband. Bdgar Bolt, mgr.: Bam-, 
berg. 8. C^ 10;_Mmler IS; Gaiadta tSj 

HUl 15; — — -I 

Tille 20, 

Texas Si 

Tockcr, aad. Stock Ok.. 
Olobe. AxISh S-U: Uaaa w 

Too Proed to Bss tUneoln I, 
Kimball, mgr.: Mewarfc, M. 7.. 

Two Uttle WaUs <^esla J. Carter's), O. A. 
Mcekling, mgr.: PtymeaHi. Pa.. 10: Plttston 
11; Olypbaot Vtt Port JerrlB, N. T., IQ: 
Mlddletown 10; 'Fongbkcepale XT; Albany 18' 

Ihoratoa. Adelaide. In Tlie T^lamph of Betty. 
Francis X. Hope. mfcr. : San Antonio. Tex.. 
10; Austin 11; Hoaaton 12-13; Beaumont IS; 
Lake (Carles. La., 16: Alexandria IT: La- 
Fayette IS; New IbeHa IB; Franklin 20. 
Tracked Around the World. A. B. Wooda. 
mgr.: Dayton. O., 8-10; Anderson. Ind.. 11; 
Terre Haute 12-13: St. Lonls. Mo.. 14-20. 
Texsa, Broadborat A (Carrie, mgrs.: Occens- 
bnrg. Pa.. 10; LatTohe II; JobBstown 12; Al- 
toona 13: Wasbington, ft_0» IMib 
Tumor, Clara. Ira W. nniib mV.! Hew 

Britain, Conn,, 8-13. 
XUsoa atoeh Oo,. W. P. Oonlse. a^r.t MSaa. 

AtlL. S-tOi DaQoola. m., 11-lS. 
Slssaptatian ot Beglme. Horaee A. Dudley, mtr.z 
" ~ ■ Pa., II: 


Cbralng. N. T„ 10; Ooodeieport. 
Bmethport 13; Ksnc is. 

SoBthem Sklee (Bastrm), Hsrry Dot! 
. A sagr.: Lancaetcr. 1%^ 10: 

AHaatto OUr. M. J.. IB-U; K*w 

Tetk atF, 1S40. 
Under Soathera Sklte (Weatem). Banp Dsel 
Parker, prop, ft ngr,: Pt wano. lad.. 
10; Hcntlngton II; Wabash 11; Mnamrt 
U; LoalsTlUe, Ky.. IMO. 
Oadcr flentliem 
Psritef, prop. ft. i 
10; Bocftrffi 11; 

Uncle Tom'a Cahla (Stetaon'a Westera), Wm. 

Kulbble, mgr.: Bantoni, III., lU; Attloa, 

Ind., 11; Tipton U; Muncle 18; NohlesrlUe 

15; Qreenileld 16; UuabrUlc 17; ttt^h„^w^ ig. 

Troy, O.. IS; Sprlngdcld 20. 
Uncle Tom'a Cabin (Al. W- Martln'a), Bd. ■. 

Martin, nigr.: Burlington, VL. 10; Bsid* 

wlek 11; Watcrborg 12; Uatre 18; LIttletoa, 

K. B.. 16: Maatpeller. Vt., 10; St. AllNus IT; 

Ottawa, Ont, l5-S0k 
tjnele Thm'a OaMa CStetiaa'e Ocatral). Oraat 

Lnee, mgr.: Weedaport. N. Y., 10; Palmrra 

U; Lockport 12; MUgara Falla 11; UambaiB 

IB: Fredonla 16: Dunkirk 17; WcstSeld IBt 

Brie. Pa., 19-20. 
Dude Tom's Cabin: Oeorer, Ool.. T-IS. 
Uncle Josh Perkins (H. H. Ftaace'a EaatMBlt 

Arkansas City, Kaa., 10; WlnOeld 11; Baf>. 

per .10; Dodge City 18; Garden City 20. 
Uncle Joeh Fcrklna (H. H. Kra!.-.-'. Weatem): 

Lexington. 111., 10; Watseka 11: Sheldon 12; 

Kankakee 13; Blue laland 14; Lal'orte, Ind., 

IS; Marlon 20. 
Uncle Tom'a C«t)lij (:>tc-tBon'a Eaatem), John 

I. Shannon, mgr.: Deacrunto, OnL, 10; Ple- 

toa U; Trenton IS; Oobncg 11^ 
UBde Josh Spraeehy, J. P. DesehMk >'aM.t 

Bostoo, La., 10. 
Dude 81 Haafclaa. O. 8. Primrose, emfct 

by. Msb.. 10; tVahoo U. 
Van Dyke ft Baton, P. Mack, mgr.! . 

ton, W. Ta,, 8-30, 

Via Stock Co., E. o. vu. mgr.: 

W. Va., 8-10; New MartiasTlUa ll-S 
VlrKlnlau. The Klrko LaShelU Co. 

Omaha, Neb.. T-IQ; lows City, Is., 11; ... 

Uodce 12; Dahui|oe 13; CUutoo IS; Cedar 

BapTds 16; Matshalltown 17: Des Moines 18; 

Darenftort IS; qula<7, IIL, 30. 
Volunteer Organlat. W. W. Newcomer, mgr.: 

Flint, Mlcb.. 10; POBtlac 11; YpaUaaU 12; 

St. Thomas, OnL, ISt if* 

Waa She to Blame, WM i 

ley. Ark.. 11. 
White, Porter J., In The PmI's Berenge. lluw- 

land A CUBeid, mgra.: Hamilton, O., 10; 

Mlddletown 11: DeUwai* IS; Nerada 18; »a- 

Why Women Sin, Jack P. While, Bjgr.i Oel- 
'wem, la., 10; Cedar Baptds 11; Onx CUT 
IS; LeMara IS; Cherokee 10; SIOBX .■asMO 

s IT; Loreme, Minn., 20. 

Wiaalnger Bros.' Own, Frank Wlnalager. mgr.: 
BelTldere, IIL, 8-13; I>alo 15-lT: Dlxoa 18- 

Woodward Stock C!o., Frank L. Woodward A 
Boliert Bargeaa, mgra.: u.rahall, Uo., 7- 
18: Mexico 15-17; BroukarlJ lb ::u. 

Woman In lbs Oaie, John Moore, mgr.: Mot 

Whp. aiiir Laawi 


Weed Stock Co., B. D. TklH, HW* 
tlosTlIle, Ind., 8-10; Fsfts IB . II IW ■ ■ 

Wamer Comedy Co.. Ben B. Wsmse. ■gr.t 
Xankton, 8. O., 8-lS. 

'Way Down Beat (Weatem), J. S. Bale, mgr.: 
OakUnd, CaL, 10-18. 

When Women Lore (Frank W. Nsaoo'a), SoL 
Braunig, mgr.: Cheater. III., 10; Cape Ut- 
mrdean. Mo.. 11: llurphyatatro. IIL, 12; East 
St. Louts 18; St. CAarlea. Mo., 14; Lontalana 
15: Mexico 16; Uacun 18; KlrkarlUe lU; ChU- 
Ucothe 20. 

Warlleld. DaTld, Darld Belaseou mgr.: New 

York City. Sept. 2. inde£_ 
Wbeeloek, , Joscah, B. I>. ^tHmh'-Mttil 

cago. in.. sAb. S. ' 
wmiama, BUeobii;- 

Maas.. iadeCl 
Weber's. Tceeph. AU-aior OKI 'VfAw SM'.Otfc 

I. Indef. ".'■;'■■:■•: , 

When tbe World JBsi o eL jiltt o tS o l ■oia,T''Aa. 

Co., mgra.: PhBaddiiUa. Ka.. HSg :JISsw 

York City. IBvW. 
Walah, -Blanche, Wagenhala ft Ksmpa^'iBipM 

Bostoo. Maaan 8-27. 
■Way Down Eaat (Baatcra): Bay City. Mlcb., 

10; Jackaon 11; London, OnL, 12; Hamlltom 

13; Toronto 14-20. 
WUaon, Francis, CtassL IMunaa, msr.: Fa9 

BiTer, Maas., 12. ' 
Wlllard. E. S., Chaa. HL Msaeek' av^t Waift. 

Ington. D. C, 8-13. 
WUaon. Al. H.. Sidney B. ElUa. mgr.: New 

York City, 8-20. 
Walker Whitcsldra, A. N. Crass, mn.: St. 

Paul. Mian., T-10: mewwmellg .U4S. 
Wslte Comedy Oo_ JsaTlTlMMb. ■SK:' 

John. N. B.. 1-ia. .jA 
Wolfocd, Mamie Sheridan, W, .b MMt' 'MBr>t 

Osborne. Kan.. 8-13. 
Winums OooMdy Co.. T. P.; Bs ttaB llie l ly;- aagra 

Fitxgetald. Oa.. s-is. 
Winter Stock Co.: Flymonlh, N. C-. B-ISt 
, Bdratom 11-18. 

Wifsnr'Secret, Spencer A Abom. mgrs.: Wig. 
Uelmj. Conn., 10; Sprlnxfleld. Uaw.. 'U* 

:Waywaid' Sou: Indlanapolla. Ind.. 8-10. 
When W^r^-^Werr- TweDty-ene (No. l): Gain. 

poiia. b^-;^- 

When We were' TwenlFiMW (Mo. 2): 
borne. Tex., 11^ ■ 

WaOaA'a Iheatra' _„ 

- - -- r. nu M.t 



Ttie BIlli»oarcl 



fk ha* Moed th* test tor ramn. and hks eoma to stay u belnc tbe only Perfect 1 

OiM-thlrd not* Usbt than any other machine with the same amonnt o( CM or 
I fltaa vltlioiit damace. and wind np Aim backward as well aaf orwatd. 


flHMUr ImproTeA u« SlmpUfle^U Ons-tonrth thebnlkl 
mad*. Prtee, Cotnplet« wltli &1I «ttacIunents,aiOO. 


Don't rorcM THE SERENAD 


_ aMTplrtnrs snil "Thri fHiisn nf all 

of Cyclonic XeKMty and BBwDOarment. LencthSOOtt. FHmi 
■TIM OrMtMt Crvatlon of Banirtlonal Metlen Ptetur* Photetraptiy, 

aC Animated 
Ib It Sceaea 


A wonderfolly realistic series of scenes and Incidents actually made 
K^nottl. TOO F-cct, 

In Colorado, ani feltowlnf with eiceedliwly flne accuracy tbe true erenta 
Send for llluetratad CIroular. 

•Til I UBini mCRC • Tracked by Bloodhounds, or A Lyncfalns at Cripple Creek. Length. 4S0 feet. Price. 161.00. The Qlils in the OTeralls. Tongth. 
• Ilkk nCNUUHEnaa Throoeh Samoa and FUU islands: only pictures ever taken of thoee wonderful islands. lieacth. <Wt«. Price. $72.^ 

that mad« 


▲ TUP 

-— Tin — WUmm are all 

n^'^S^ THE SELIG POLYSCOPE CO.. Inc. U^pI^^^^^^X^,'mS^ 



(CootbitMd from pise. 12.) 

BSTBICOBS.— C^iuMtt fSwatre (Ira Swiaber, 
ntr.) ViD I>r^ and Batw Stock Oa^-3H0: 
Sue bnaions. Otis Skltmer 2; OMftMi 6; 
The Maid, and tbt Moomiy 6. 

(O. «. Monay. 


Boose (H. B. Mullen. 
_ y » Dec 1; gvod »boW 

XlM- Hlgli nycn 4; good basi- 
•ad fair abow. Ballroad Jack 18; fair 

' and boslneM. Banaid Family 20; flue 

ttoaw ud fair Mslnas. The Iwo Jfitaa Jn. 
3; Black Crook 5; Iiyaan T«1as U; Oeid Dot 
T «rln» 16; A» Tol i In " 

week I: Eood bnaloess. 

LjTle (LjTlc Am. Cb., mgra.) Mr. nd Mrs. 
Jfeio. T. Power*. OtmpbeU and Bradj. Bar- 
rlnston and Woodea and otliezs week 1; boal- 
Mss flne. 

Grand (T. W. Baihydt. msr.) Nobody's Claim 
tt-X; fair boslncas. Two Johns SO-30; fair 
1 lisiliM ss 'Waywaid Son Si; fair 
VMer Ssaaecn Sktea Jan. 1; sood 
— r Hdy OUy S: flair show 
. _JB UXOt IMMss S-4: 

HMiMhr bmuw in* tttutj s; 
vmmma . — iieJ iBniij nean* (naak 

aieen. msr^) Under awithem Skies SO; pasd 
tiMtogi^a ndJta i^ptt^^p'll^^^^^^^^^ Womsn^te 


L£8XER* — Iisacsdals Optfa 
'B. Bitts, msr.) m Flimket as; 
Harry Becesford 2T; good show 
Biltt-Nelaaa Sight Pictmca 28f 

- - - - - - is 



SAFDB. — Greene's Opera SHSS' 

B. OaHler, mgr.) Ttit Tenderfoot 35; paAed 
l>m»e and pleased. Tbe Two Orpbans 9B; 
good irasmeas. The Sambo Girl 28; good hual- 
ness. CoDiln Kate 29; fair bnslness. Howe's 
MoTlns Plctnres 30-31: good boslneea. he Ub- 
ertr BfUtM Ian. 1: When Knlghttiood Was in 
flower 8: Woodland 9: The Storing Beauty and 
tbe Beast 10; Why WswK. KIat BsaBne 

Ban 12: ADdtew Xadfc A 

sec xr. Jtak IcrthuM; ■v_w: 

— ^ - jldBres week Xaa. l; good 


nea and ftlT 

Jan. 20. 

IOWA TAT.TJi — rMetropoatan Opera Hoose (B. 
0. Elywortb, mgr.) Morpbet^SteTeoson Co. 3; 
Lrberty Bell irs 5; panllDe Hail Op«ra Co. 10- 

LaSaUe Theatre (D. E. Reeres, 

m^CT.) Good bill week 1. 

Grand Opera Hooae (F. F. Stmgla. mgr.) 

The . ^ _ - . . 

laad 5. 

~ (L A. TMct. 

— I t» ea — 


ity ^ - 
e ra t i e TtaiM 


..aiasonlc Opera Hooae (A. P. 

Owesa, mgr.) HMty Tcdty 27; good business and 
fair peifonnance. Howe's Monng Flctmes ss; 
£alr bnslnefis and good show. Tbe Moonsbln- 
er** Dan^ter Jan. 1; good boslness. Two 
Orphans 4; Babes In IWland 6; Mildred Hol- 
land 9; Dr. JekyU and Mr. Hyde 12; Marching 
Throi^h Georgia 10; Nobody's Olahn Z!. 

ormcWA.— Grand Opera Hooae (J. Prank 
Jersey, m^.) Honre's Moving Plctores 27; 
pleased fair business. Holty Ttolty 28; fair 
ahoqr and good bnsiness. Tbe Moonshiner's 
DanghtCT 30; exodlent performance and good 
hnslness. Par Her Sake Jan 1; pleased good 
business. The Forbidden Land 4; West Min- 
strels C: Mildred Hollsaa Bi BSbsa l> Xvland 
9; Etnx flC DMeeOftB S; B«lK anm 13: 
Smart Set 15; Mayor of Tokto NT. 

TEBBT. — Stand Opera Boose <B. M. Barrey. 
mgr.) Mr WUe"* rmmUr 25; good boslness. 
SoseDs' Khott 30; good baahwss. As Told In 
tbe HlBs Jan. 3; Telephone Girl 10; An Aris- 
tocratic Tramp 18; Sing Perkins 20; Fktta 
Pe Voaa Co. 25-27. 

gmrsT.T.Tt> — Opera B*oae (F. H. Sohroeder. 
mgr.) A Royal Slave Dec. 30; good bnslness 
and attraction. 

SXOXIC LASE.— Grand Open House (C. F. 
Akla. mgr.) Sajah of Altars 28; good show 
and ^Ir h osfaiess. King Perkins Jan. 2. 

WAXZBZOO. — Srows'B Oftera Hoose (C. F. 
Brown, mgr.) Qoiney Adsms Sawyer 26; good 
boslness. Ocnsln Kate 28; fine show and basl- 
ness. IiBierty Belles 3D; floe show and good 
boslness. Girl trom GUU Jisn. 1; canceled. 
Panline Hall Id. 
ISectrtc Theatre (B. H. Johasoo. mgr.) Mack- 

le sad Mack. " - 

The ~ ~ 

Lewis tmt Bur, jane and 
Bmat.VMk An. 1. 


Theatre (F. 
■Cr.) A Boyal Chef 25: large boslness and 
good show. Liberty Belles 28; good business. 
A Boyal SIsTe Jan. 2. 

CRESTOS.— Temple Grand Theatre (OkrI 
DaT«port. mgr.) Sambo Girl 28: line pertocm- 
ance and Ug boslness. Telephone Girl 2T; 
tmtr boolneaB. Tbe Forbidden Lend 3. Bahee 
In Toy land 5. 

I>ES KOIKES. — Foster's Opera Boose (Wm. 
Fbater. mgr.) When Knighthood Was In Fkiwer 
28; good bnalness. The Martlage of Kitty Jan. 
1; good boslDeBs. Bobt. Edeson Jan. 4; Wood- 
land 10; Mlldted Hciland U; Geo Sidney 12; 
Beeplsg Beanty^il^: Aadimr Sfa^ 14-lS: Bc- 
naid Boy IT; VlrgtalaB IS. 

OEsnd Open. BOnsc (m>. MtK. msr.) Her 

. . - _ — 


. right 

r-lOt Barney Ollmdce U-IS; Beaits et Gold 
U-17: Why GteU I«aTe Borne l»aO. 

Aud lha linn fmn. Faster, mgr.) The For- 
bidden Land Jan. 1; good abow and bnslncws. 

Ben Bar 2^27. 

Bijoa (Fred Bnchassn. mgr.) Bedell Ber- 
hert Trio. Howard and Linden. Geo. Anstln. La 
Zar and I«. Zar and others week 1; buslne^ 
soo d. 

2>IIHUQirE> — Grand Opera Hooae (Wm. T. 
Bochl. mgr.) The Fllnets and The Girl from 
25; crowded hoose. Tbe Tenderfoot 26; S. 
B. O. Oooafai Kate 28: fair bcalnew. Hender- 
son etot^ So 38-20; good bnslness.- Besnaqr and 
tbe Beast Jan. 8; As^w'Mack U; The Tlr- 
g<'H«^ 13; The AxandSor Jd; Light Bboac Bob- 
bery 18: PanllBe Ball In Dorcas 2J; Th« Wiiard 
of Ox 25. 

70BX DODGE. — Midland Theatre (A. B. 
Bean, mgr.) Babes In Tojland Jan. 1; packed 
hooaea. Marriage of Kitty 2; Boeelle Knott 
5: Paoline Hall 8; Tbe Virginian 12; Telephone 
CM 13: Tim Mnmiiy IS. 

FOar XABISOB.-^Gzand Ibeativ (W. B. Bb- 
Incer. mgr.) Hie MnOB S Wnft 'a H s ash t >i 2B; 
flair bTi»lMSS.^3lagMrfhllsMlgjlc^jC.-.^^^ 

aise ttma JBns S* 

r. ^ The HoaeysuMm SO: good Aow 
and boslnesB. Two Meny l^amps Jan. S; 
H ans an d Nix 10; Little Ostctft W. 

CREBBTTAXiE. — Opssa - Bsass (Chsa. Cash, 
mgr.) John L. SnlllnHt SFt ' - - - - 
Irish Pawnbrokers SSs 
phan's Prayer 3. 

rOBT S(X>TT.— DaiadsOK Sfessin (H. a 
Bmlch, mgr.) Rose MelTlBs SB; SL B. 0.,and 
excellent performance. Orer manxa falls 30; 
big boainess and good show. Ebus sad Ni± 
Jan. 1; pleased good tetnms, Pt e Hj Peggy 
Jan. 3; Kancy Brown 4; A Boyal Slare 10; Har- 
ry Beresfo rd IS: P anl Jooes 18. 

JUSCTZOB CIXX. — Opera Bonne (T. W. Dom. 
mgr.) The Marriage at Kitty SS; flne show and 
g ood bns latas. Tbe Isle Boas Boog 5. 
JIBWTOB.— Bsgsdsia Oattk BsoselD. a. Wa- 
) OopelsaS fias.* mocfc Os. 8-18. 
— ' BSbsbao^ (SI B. Bahbard, 
'4 A Baval Sla*e SO; soad *sw aad fair 
Pretty Feisy 'aa. S; mad *ew and 
fair business. HSny Bacsflsta 4; The Isle 

of Bong Bong 9. 

PARSONS Elk's Theatre (C. B. BotchUss, 

mzT. ) The Woman Hater 30; flne bnslness. 

People's Theatre. (Joed TanderlUe bill for 
w eek of 25th ; S. B. O. at ereiy performance. 

PTTTSBrao. — 'LaTelle Theatre (W. W. Ben, 
mgr.) Hans and Nix 2i; good show and excel- 
lent bnslness. Her Only Sin S5: pleased good 
business. Ole Olson 36; good bnslness. Pan- 
line Hall 30; capacity business and good 
6ho^. Thorooghbied Xramp 31; pleased fair 
bnsiness. Oiphan's Flayer Jan. 1; Majestle 
Stock Go. %ii A BMh «C Emm 9t Sletty 
Peggy T: BkMT BMn SCUaSlHalMi. nn- 
derlined. • " 

WII'IIITSi Osaftsd Theatre (B. Xk Mart- 
Ung. mgr.) The Id* Fafwahtefecia SS; B. B. 

O. West Mlai Lrtl s 37; good boriasos. 

Berestna Jan. 1: Dbas. B. A 

Ktagara Flails «; Bsas sod NIs »: C 

a Great City 10-11; Fanl Jones ■»; The Ula 
of Bo<« Bobs 18; A Trip to BgJVt 22; My 
Wife's Bsnlly 24. 

Tola Andltorlom (H. O. Toler tc Sons, mgrs.) 
Oopelsnd BIOS.' Stock Ck>. week 2S; good com- 
panr and bi wim n. Ttie HoofymoOB JsD« 8: 
Mlddleion Oooeext Co. Id. . 

Theat re ta B. OiMB, mgr.) BasseB 
and St. Oalr. MHBSiMa BbM^- BMHT BSIah. 
Otto Olson aarS5Sl«BS«S?^Ck^ 

l^c (L. W. Wliasa. Ofbl 
wnsoo. chaa m. annc cm 

Kershaw, Tu s i s Mse SS ~ 

Jan. 1. 

Wonderland Park (H. L. Brdnlg, mgr.) Bnsl. 
ne se big. 

WINi'lliiJ).— -cpand .Opera Boose (E, B. 
Byers. mgr.) Wesi Minstrels 28; fair boatneas 
and show. Tbe Haaeymooa Jan. 1; Chaa. B. 
Hanford 3; Two Meny Aaoips 8: Baas and 

Kiz aas XV SS. 


LOXraaVTIXE. — ^ATenne Theatre (C. A. Shaw, 
m«r.) The Ushthoose by tbe Sea week f; 
good bnaloess. Mr. Dooley 7-13; Attci Mid- 
night I440; MAddca'a Slats Sl-as: Land 
from Hone mttik ST. 

Massale ThcMxe (C. A. ttasr. swa.) P««sy 
from Paris week 1; saad baataBb KtUar 
week 8: Under Soothca lUss waSk Im Old 
Eennicky 22 and week; Base XcMlIe week 29; 
The Rmaways week Feb. 5. 

Macanley's Theatre (Jno. T. Maeaoley, mgr.) 
The Maid and the Monmy Jan. 1-S; good bnal- 
ness and performance. Hompty Dmnpty week 8. 

Bocklngtiam Theatre (WbaUen Bros., mgrs.) 
Washington Society Girls week 31; good show 
and excellent boslneea. Tiger LUlies week 7. 

Hopkins' Theatre (Wm. Belcbman, mgr.) Les- 
lie and Oalley, Bellman and Moore, Millman 
Trio, McCne and CahUl. Mr. and Mis. Esmondc, 
MUla sod Morris, Jack Gardner and morlng pic- 
tores week 1; good bill ami bnslness. (Soleman's 
Does. Klaa .Itotris A Co.. World's Oomedy Fonr. 
Ba j m i l aat. OhiaOr, May BeUort. Fergoscm 
and rassBsae iS ■srlng plctnres week 7. 


HEBOERSOlf. — Park Theatre (L. D. Smith, 
mgr.) The Woman In the Case 3; excelleat 
performsnce and large tMtronsge. 

tEXMOTOB.— Ofwra Hoose (CSias. Bcott. 
mgr.) The Doke or KUUcn^kle 30; excellent 
perfflsmajQce and fair boBlness. Tbe Rose of 
Alhamfeea Jan. 1; excellent boslness. Tbe Maid 
and the Ma aany. 

MAlltV 1 1 iTiTT — .-WaaMngtoo Theatre (Bosaell. 
^SSSS^JSS^^ Oste oC wmw—M. 

bwBMMIM^-<ne teat iPMkr A BarA, 

msTs.) Britt- Nelson Ptctnies 29; ta« bis 
honsee. HarrU-FarklnsBn Co. 1^.8; Tbe Wsman 
In the C ase 2 . 

SOKEBSET.— Oem Theatre (Tbos. M. Thracb- 
er. m^.) The King of the Oplnm Ring Jan. 1; 
ca paci t y bo slness and good show. 

WZVCmsm— Opeta Bbeaa (dyde Gabies, 
mgr.) I««eaB Stock 0>. weak Wt nod tasl- 
etrl w. 


BEW 0BL£AN8.— Tnlane Theatre (Ooi. W. 
H. Bowles, mgr.) Blehard Msnsfield In reper- 
toire week 25; line boslness and prodnctlons. 
Sarage Bngllsb Grand Oi>era Co. week 81. 

Cnoeeet Theatre (C<d. W. B. Bowles, mgr.) 
The Sbnr aid «c(k 21; good business. Ade- 
laide Hmaisan week aa. 

'Prenoh Onesa Boase (M. Brclatoor, mgr.) 
CsTsSerla I« Matcnps 28; bosl- 

ness big. 

Lyric Theatre fW. S. BaMwln. mgr.) The 
Cane of Drink week 25; good boainess. Why 

He Dtrorced Ber week 81. 

Grand Opera Boose ICbaa. Foorton, mgr.) 
ClDderells and Scsiamooehe week 25; goad 
show and bl^ retnros. The (Say Lord Qaaa 

week 31. 

Greeirwald Theatre (Henxy Greenwnid, mgr.) 
The High Boilers •week 25; fine show and good 
business. Irwin's Big Show week 31. 

Blyslmn Theatre (Will A. Miller mgr.) Un- 
cle Josh Spmceby week 25; good bnsinesa and 
performance. Hmnpty Dcmpty week 31. 

Orpheom Theatre (Tom S. Winston, mgr.) 
Lillian Borthart and Eo., The Piroscoflls, Three 
Neraros, Eleanor Folk. Cameron and Flansgan 
and others week 26; business good. Frani Bb- 
ert, Wilson Xrlo, Holcomb, Curtis ud Webb 
and others week Jan. 1. 

<aty PaA (J. Bcoard. mgr.) Bnslneas good. 

Aadaksa tak (B. Bakes; agr.) Attendsaee 


WBC A. BKHnO; SB( 8. Dergenols St. 

ALEZABBBIA, — 'Bapldes nieatre (E. H. 
^gg. mgr.) Thoo Shalt Not Kill 28; fair 
boslness. Utile Johnny 'Jones 29; S. B. O. W. 
B. Patoo 31: The Minister's Son Jan. 1; big 
boshuas. The School Girl 4; Paradeia 5: Uncle 
Josh Spraceby «; BladI FatU 7; Julia Gray 
9; Two Merry Tra mps 10; Pamkln Haakcr 12. 

OOBALSBOirVTIIS, — Fhocslz Opera Boose 
(Comstock A Landiy. mgta.) IteDch's Mew Sen- 
sation a: PomklD Hosker Jan. 7 Swallaw A 
M aiMe'a no stlag Palsce 28. 

mnOBOS.— Opera Hoose «>onlhler A Watte, 
mgrs.) Tbe Herald Sqosre Opera Co. 80; goOd 
perform ance an d fslr bnslness. 

LAFAYinrrE.— Jeffeisoo l^eatre (The Im- 
provement Co., oigrs.) Wbea We W«M Ttnaxr- 

one 25; good show a«d. baslBSSib HNQBn'8 

Troobles 91; Thoo Shalt BM BIB SSaTljne 
Pompfcln Hosker 6. 

T.ATrF: CHARLES. — Opera HoBse (W. A, Pk* 
aey, mgr.) Dora Tbeiac 19; fair attsadaasa. 
The Sbaw Otrl as; fate laiUni Faast Mi 

good bnslness. Herald Sqnare Opera Co. 25; 
good boslness and abow. When We Were 
Twenty-one 2Q; pleased Isrge attendance. Xhoa 
Shalt Not KUl 27; fair attendance. HooH- 
^n's Tronble s 31. Boossey A Toot Stock 0>. 1. 

SHBEVBFOBT.— Grand Opera House (Ebrllcb 
Bros., mgrs.) wins Musical Oomedy Oo. 26-28; 
fair houses. Sis Hopkins 28; good business. 
Tbe Majestic Show 33; good house. The Trl- 
BOHih of Betty Jan. 1; big hosbiess. A Msd- 
eap Pri a wB S 1; Tbe Cb in ir iaa tit Ika Claas 
SMB «; na asbaol Obi i. 


BATH.— ColnmbU Theatre (OUrer Uoasa, 
mgr.) Roe Comedy Oo. IH-IS; good hoslnssa. 
Adsm Good 14; ssod Shsrr - • - ■ - 
Ooioalal Stock O* S8AB; 
Rlrals SO: good -hariasss. 
Bnlllngton Stock Oa. Af: . 
Ut ile Lord I taUcwP Sk 


BAICTOTB ilradtay at llasle (BtBsa A 

zimmennaa, mgrs.) Bshcs la Toyland week Jan. 
1; good show and boslncas. Blehard Maaslleld 

^^^Pordjs^^Ea^Heaaa jlOas. ^B. Bpaj^aig^ 

peifuimance aad fsad' BaMkia. iAj^vSf 

week 8. 

Albsugh's Theatre (Bobt. SL fcwte. mgr.) 
Mrs. LesUe Carter week Job. 1; pisdlissliiiss 
aad flne performances. Paula Bda ai d a week 8. 

Jfaryland Theatre (Jae. L. Kenan, mgr.) 
Jaaepbln* Cbhan. Fred Niblo, Paul Ckmchas, 
WIU Bogers. Bckhod and Gordon. Doea Pella. 
tier. BrasU and Brazil and others week Jan. 1; 
business good. 

Aoditodnm Theatre (Eugene Keman, mgr.) 
It'a Op to Too, John Henry week Jan. 1. 
bnalness good. Running for Office week 8. 

Blaaey's TiMa&re (O. M. Ballauf, mgr.) The 
g^my ^GM^weefc l; Saa boslness. Jlska 

BslBtty St. Tbeaue (Kanaa. BBe A Boack. 

mgrs.) unian Ofartbner week 1; - - 
A Desperate Chance week 8. 
Monumental Theatre (Jsa. L. Kainaa. smb.) 

wiuiam's Ideals wesk 1: ^ 

Devete's Ows OS. 

CDBBEBIABS.— Academy at 

ger BroThcrs. mgra.) Poracn tTterk Oo^ 

big business. AObrey Stock Co. wtA Xsn. I: 
big bnslness. Bajah of Bbong 8; Jolly Amer- 
ican Tramp 9; Parsifal 10; Watermelon Trust 
tl; World BMters 12; Al. G. pleld'a Minstrels 
13: CookOiorch Stock Co. 1S.20; Spangles 22; 
Rubles' Knickerbockers 21; After Midnight 91: 
Kellnr 37. ~ 

TSEDEKICK. — Opera Bouse. Sign of the 
Tear Oeti. IS; good show and large business. 
May Hnim s n Oo. week Jan. 1; good bnslness. 
Hamlet 9; Joshua Slmpklns 30; Guy Brotheia' 
Minstrels Feb. 6; Ballnnd Jack 8. 

KAOEBSTOWV.— Academy of Mnsle (C. W. 
Boyer, mgr.) Bay Hlllmsn Stock Oo. 25-27; 
BM>d boAHS._Tfee Clay Baker 28; good le- 
XMiea' Cbolr 30; flne bnslness 
- _i-jafc_Bl Bcaiy's MlostreU Jsa. 

a; ~ 

(Osba A Grant. 

Oo week 25: Myr- 

. _ 8*0* OOb^B. 1: Dan Bully 8: 
Sousa's Band U; Bbsaela WOaon IS; 

Singer 13. 

Sheedy's New BUoa. 

CoK>j Family, Danatx Brotbeis,'' Jsa. 'Claik, 
Bailey and Austin, Temon, Irene FTankUn and 
moTlng pictures week Jan. 1. 

SsToy Theatre. Velerle Bergere and Co.. 
Colby and Way. Adoli^ Zlnk and others week 
Jan. 1. 

Boston Theatre (M. Scbllster. mgr.) Tliree 
Bamers, Bmmett and iicXell, Jack Lather, 
Miss Wsgner snd others week Jan. 1, 

Nickelodeon (M. P. O'Brien, mgr.) Laura 
Lirlngstone, The Stevens. Dvans and MoCahe 
and others week Jan. 1. 

OLOUCESTEB.— Union HIU Theatre (Lothrop 
A Tolman, mgrs.) Marks Brothers Dramatic 
Co. week 25; sood boslness. Fenberg Stock 
Co. week Jan. 1; good business. Adam Good 
Co. week 18. 

HAVBUBUX. — ^Academy of Music (Jamsa 

Sr*we«k Jsn. 1. '•■•a SaaM^ 

BOLTOKE.— Opeta Hoose (Lawler, mgr.) In 
the Bishop's Osrrlsge 2; Vinegar Buyer 4; The 
Obolr Singer 5. 

Bnplre Theatre(T. T. JtanaF, aiB.) Old at 
tbe Strceta 1-8; Ae — x.^-a= 

JANUARY 1906. 

rtie Billboard 



For tke Vaudeville Manager Who Best Serves His Own Interests la Sentmg His WeeUy Oiaiiged 

Bills of the Newest and Best Subjects from the 


Competition is Quickly Snowed Under By Our Superior Service, Our Careful Selections of the Best 
Films the Market Affords, and Because We Ship Promptly as Ordered. No Disappointments Here or 
Szcuses Offered Instead of Films When You Need Them. We Get There With the Goods. The Wise 
Manager Will Investigate Our Claims. Write To-day and Get In Touch With the Best. 

MUes BMa— 
to B. 14tl» ' 


tie TurK St. 

SAthawar** (Tbeo. Bftyle«a, mgr.) Yotuix and 
IMrilk, iimzOiM. Brlsc*. Brake tod DempMj, 
Gnde Bnunett ud Co.. Mosteal Slmpxns, Oa- 
pclee Li^ ud Far and otbrn w««k 2S; food 
baiBcaa and abow. Hanjo Stria, Hanr Lazose 
aad Co.. Ttaal P»T«ia ud «ikn WMk Jam, I. 

utm. n> Bcotbem' Ttioa week 25; packed 

' ^TfnnJTii ftprn Hooae (TV Brotbtn 4k 
Bonfotd, men.) TaodcTlU« week Ju. I; ea- 
padt; baaloew. BlU Included Ulnes Fletcher 
nd EatcIIe. Bert Coatm and oUwra. 

Batbawaj'a (rrank G. Mack, mgr.) Tom 
Naws and Oo., Blanoli Sloan, Tom Glll«a. Jfme. 
Avery Strakoeeh, Howard and Bland and othen 
week Jan. 1; One sbow and excellent retuma. 

Academy (B. J. Mnrpliy, mgr.) Jtm the 
Peaman br the stock week 25; soo<3 buolJieaa 
asd peiConnanee. Tbe Pariah Prleet week Jan. 
1; The Girl I Lett Beliind Me week 8. 

Boeton Theatre (Bert TUibetta. m^r) Baal- 
sess good week as. Flsber asd Joknaoo, Orl(- 
Isal EUton and others week Ju. 1. 

People's (Hanr Woodward, osr.) Boalaeaa 
food. Fred OiacDOO, Pee kla a and Oatectte 

ma, mwci HraM and Leila Molatjxe. 

' Otal ■■• A i Mtt o M ; ahiiiiiia and Mtecat. 
Bwn, mutU aad wnm. Chalk St u ai rn , Tem 

Aknond, Kelly and Beno and Moiiac Putana 

week Jan. 1. Biis1qi-5s good, 

Nelson Theatre (A. W. DamOB, B>sr.) Boae 
Hill FollT Co. zood bosineaa Bowety 

N'ewiglrl 28.30; good bnaloeaa. Trana- Atlan- 
tic Burles<iuen Jan. 1. 

Gllmore Theatre (Mrs. A. W. Damon, mgr.) 
More to be Pitied than Scorned Jan. 1.3. 

Gonrt Sq. Theatre. Oar Pastor 27: sood boai- 
oea. Eeley and Sbinnon aS: cood hnilnf 
In ttie BUbop'a Carriage Jan. 1; BattCfm 
Uartowe 2; Sna KeodaU 3: OariicI B)Mtfs tH- 
CMStoB S: Olga KMkcnole S*. 


OEEKOEr,— Vtaiple' neat>e (J. B. ilacn, 
1>cr.) IMla Bergen. Clayton Wblte and Marie 
Stewart ud On,, Bdmud Day ud Co,. Prof. 
Maearte'a BOaaa aaA Itakcj Oicaa, Tiaiet 
limit, Seymoar aBd Bit MMn VNk 1, 

boalnesa and MB Ma. fwH GkacbBS atli- 
ers week 8. 

Detroit Opera Hocse (H. Parent. m«T.) Way 
Down East week 1; good {jerrormance and baal- 
nraa. Bogeta Bntkeia ^bgaad week 8._ 

t«Muf*hi iSf iwiSk IraMSi'lhaT^i 


I«ceam neatre (A. Warner, mgr.) Prttnioae 
Unstrela week .1; good basinets and ezceUent 
paetenBaaec. Tbe Saltas of Bala week T, 

__ WiM. F. BSmaHAOKD. 

_1IM T.— stone's Theatre (A. C. Pegg, mgr.) 
wUIU 26: fine gbow and fair bnalness. To 
Me at Dawn 90; good atiow and good boalneis. 
I*e £i7*y Girl Jan. 8. 

JACROH,— Athenaeam (S. 1. Fottcr, afr.) 
Pknlfal I: good ahow ud 
Ue Tidonteer rriiaiilM IM 
gam 8; 'Way Down M Ut 
Bcht Sells IS. 

BIJoa (W. S. Batterteld, mgr.) Coca Hla- 
ktil. Kalaeractna. Orgerlta Arnold, Braot 
Hayea,, Bngene rielda. Lynch, ud otben week 
1; good boBlMsa. 

POBT HUKON.— <nty Opera Honae (A. T. 
Jeanett. mgr.) Norm Brothers Comedians 25- 

tt: good e 


company and business^ 

fO.— iBalrd's Opera Honse (Fred J. 

w^aia, mgr.) Parsifal 27; big bnilneas. A 
■Mace tarn Mars 28; good bnalnesa. To 
g** at Dam 29; good baslncaa. Tlie Tolnnteei 
■ ' Ju. <: Mrs. Tenpla'a XUcgram »; 

ntaa WuOr Thtatic fD. X 

SSBeneee Jllatell, Bmrt — . — . 

^cgfas aad ntatu, C. a. Humphrey and diot' 
lai: pletaaa wa* dm. ts- paAcd bawea. 
aiSSy^ y * f a d «ii u (7««. pcariaida. mgi.) 
neeplBt Baaatx aad the Beut Mt fo* boal- 
■««- .^^nage ttem Van S; laod h im u . To 

Ok at DawB at; lair ' " 

Jaa. 1; 


UVLXE tat. lUaSX.—qpm Hooae <W. H. 
Beacb, Bigr.) Tbc Byluda, Aed and 3Ut Wad- 
"SvJS* MeOmra. Dntcb Wataoa week 1. 
_ kWajMrtL— Opera Hooae (Thoa. O. Seott, 
Baad 22; lair baHocaa and >aed 

TKxibalaan'i; Crocke^e BdwScd^Snw's^lL 


ATIBTtK.— Mnsic Ball (A. B. Hnnklna. mgr.) 
Delter Brothers' MoTlng Pictures and Tandeellle 
27 '2S; good business and abow. Tbe Baker Com- 
medians Jan. 4; Bobemlan Ladlea S; Prank El. 
Long Stock Co. week 8; Odombta Opera Oo. 

BRAimSKD. — Opera Hooae (O. P. Walker, 
mgr.) Wataoifa BadaafHn Ms good ibow and 
bnslncaa. Black Onak^t. & 

FABIBAHXS^— Of«m_aaaaa VBcm Arttar. 
mgr.) Wbat Waoam <Wni Da caad I w wtae aa 
My wue'a DuaUr Ma. S; HWkcr WbltMUa 4. 

8T. CLOtTD. — OanteOK Opasa Boaae (B. T. 
Darldsoa. mgr.) ▼cna May Stock Oa week 
25; bosineaa and performancea good. LaBlanche 
VaodeTllle Oo. Ju. 1; Black Oook S: Moon- 
shiner's Daughter 7 rBoweiy Newaglrl 10; Ha- 
man Hearu 14; Seminary Olrl 20 . 

milHEAPOLIB.— 'Metropolitan (L. N. Boott, 
mer.) May Irwin week 21; line bnslneaB, Aa- 
drew )lack week 31. 

•BUou (Tbeo. L. Hayes, mgr.) My Tom Boy 
Girt week 21; pleased caiMtdty boslseai. TIic 
Brtand Boy 31. 

Otpbcmn <G. S. Baymoad, mcr.) Bnslneea 
good week 24. rrandsca Redding. Sight Bed- 
ouin Aralw. Bstelle Wordette, Doria Trio, Uarloo 
GarsoD, Dlonne Twin Slaters, Tbiec liltebeUa 
and moTlog plctnrea week 31; good bnalnesa. 

nalqne Theatre (Jno. SlUott, mgr.) Week 
26 l>nalneaa good. Benoe ud Aller, Bkrold 
Beckroe. Hermu Le Flenr. Emily Mice. Wood 
and Wood, DoUner Oole, Edmond. BMgaM aid 
Edmniia ud moTlnc plctnrea iracfc Ma. tm 
Dewey (A. H. Filer, mgr.) Ttaa tlllllllnil 
we^ M; good bnalnesa. MJner'a BoliemlanB 
week Jan. 1. 

l^-cema (L C. Sstta, mgr.) By Bl(ht of 
Sinrdweitik 7. b«m«oii. S 

OaBBaaail S; Baatar lUown ]Cu 8; DtHmt of 
the Sod a weak & A. V. WALmB. 

SX. 7EIEB. — G|)era Hooie (Lodcke Broa., 
mgra.) Wbat Woaen Will Do Dee. 28: fair 
tmalacas and perfocmuce. . BuTey ud Hoi- 
]«w*a Minstrels Ju. 1; good bnalneas. E^ora 
{^ankendeld 2; fair bnalness ud excellent per- 
formuce. Walker Whiteside 5; The Temple 
Qnaxtette 12. 

BT. FATTL. — Metropolltu Opera Hoaae (I>. 
N. Scott, mgr.) Mrs. BUck Is Back week 31; 
good bnalnesa. Walker -Wbltealde T-IO; A 
X«xas Steer 11-18. 

Grand Open Home (Tbeo. Ii. Hays, mgr.) 
A Son of Best week 31: good boalnesa ud 
performance. Arlsooa week Jan. 7. 

Star Tlieatre (J. C. Vu Boo, mgr.) Tankee 
Doodle Qlila week SI; baatneaa and aboar good. 
•Baltimore Beaotlea week Jan. 7. 
OrptMum (Cbaa. Rarek, mgr.) Boaloea good 
' Oae. SI. . 


v. — Beott'a neatie (Chaa. 

) Douelly aad Hiatlleld'a Mbatiels 
't caad abow and boslneas. Tbe PIsyer Msld 
zb; eavadty bnalness. Adelaide Tborstoo 
Jan. 6. 

OAKTOK.— Opera Hooae. Fknenee Davis In 
The Player Hald SO: good bnalness and per- 
formuce. Alein Joalln Ju. 12; Robin Hood 

OI,ABXSDAI£. — Mew Clarksdale Tbeatre (F. 
a. Wlagfleld, mgr.) Sweet CloTer Dec. IS: 
good b nalness ud pleased Immensely. 

OHEEWTLLE. — Orud Theatre (Harrr March, 
mgr.) Sweet dorer 26: good bnalness. Tlie 
Player Maid Ju. 1; Tbe Sbow Olrl 4: Little 
Jobnoy jooea 5; Faol Gllmore 6. 

OBEE3fWOOD.— Opera House (S. M. Stein, 
mgr.) Sweet OIOTer 27: good abow and bust, 
nesa. Tlia Show Oirl B: Xha Flaytf Maid 6: 

Sbepaid-B J te a lBB MtaNB M: BMk P^tti 

'^^Hj ATiriSiiSA WL - l lllitllMlaill • I k 

mgra.) Barlow aad Wnasa Ktaatrels 96; grna 
baalaaaa aad pcrtafmaaea. Fioreaee Daels 2T: 
good boalaeaa aad poformuee. -Oake of EIUI. 
crukte Ju. 23: Creaton OaA 25; Bobla Hood 
se: John arUBth 27. 

EAZELHITXBT.— Paler's Opera Hooae (Bnn- 
tln it Wright, mgrs.) Donnelly and Hatfield's 
Minstrels 30; good bnalnesa and perCOrmuee. 

JACKSOH. — Centniy Tbeatre (T. Otis Bobert- 
son, mgr.) Florence Boberts In Ann Ls Mont 
30; fine ahow and good bosineaa. Hie Sbow 
Girl Ju. I: good bnalness and perfoemanea. 
Paul Gihnorv S: Barlow's Minstrel* 10; Flor- 
ence DaTis 12; Fortane Teller 13. 

KATCEEZ.— Baker Grand Tbeatre (B. M. 
Clark, mgr.) When We Were Twen^-One 20; 
fair bnalness. A Madcap Princess 2S: One sbow 
to espaeity. Adelaide Elermu SO: Little Johnny 
Jones Jan. 1; Sbow Otrl 2; A Pair o( Piaka 4; 
Black Patti s; Tbe w a wan la tke Ofeae 10. 

BOBT eiSaOB.— Vaiket 8«. TMalM (Haekett 
ft Fiabar. aigia.) 81 PKlfelaa M: keaty boitn aa a 
In Old Vlaeaaaaa S; caad bastoeas and per- 
fotmaaeta. KCnaad'a XlaaMhi 22: heavy boal- 
naafc -BM. Pattl. Jk%. 4i_ Adrisdde Horr- 
asaaa g; 

WlMUBa. O u e ia Boose (Witty A 
mgia.) Rdna Tm Obl weak IS 


I perfcr 

Tbe Ftoor Mr. 
rd U; Denver Bivrei 
Ob. 2S. 


ST. LOVn.— GaiTlek Tbeatre ((Jeo. W. 
Floyd, mgr.) Bertba Kallscb in Monna Vanna 
week 1; bosineaa good. Boyal Cbe( week 8. 

Centnry Tlieatie (P. Short, mgr.) Wilton 
Ijaekaye In The Pit week I; bnaineas and per- 
formance good. OUs Skinner week 8. 

Olympic Theatre (P. Short, mgr.) Sam. 
'Bernard In The Bolllcklng Girl week 1; good 
show ud bnilnsas Joa. Gawtbocna vrcek 8. 

Grud OHta asaaa 0mt. «. Btaaky^a^) 
Kellar we£l| aMl MBMlk JIMB HMBk 
week 8. _ ■ 

OolnaUa naatw (Hate * HIMfaloa, ngn.) 
Boae Stahl * Co-, Swor BroOiasa, OaiAar aad 
Stoddard. 'WflaoB aad BUoiaa. Wanaa and 
Hawaid. JOUa Bdwarda. Soydar aad BoCUey. 
Btow Md aad Woctt, ' and otfaais week 1: boat- 

Imperial Shiatae (Dk B. BaadI, aiB.) Ve- 

sepb Santldrja-A"' — *" " ' 


Ju. 7. 

Standard Theatre (Leo. BelcbaaSai^ -■gr.) 
DtopUn Bnrlesqners week 31; 
ParlaUn Belles mtt Jam. 7. . . 

HaTlln's THeatia fWBk 9mm. W/fJi Wby 
Girls Leave Hoase SI; gSad MMN and 


Oayety Theatre (O. T. Crawford, mgr.) Vu- 
Ity Fair week 31: good bnalness and pertotm- 
uce. C^lty aporta week Jan. 7. 

Globe Theatre (H. F. Hecker. mgr.) Hay 
ud Miles, Geo. W. Leslie. Bristol and Ca- 
fflUle ud Bobme, I<aIo Beiselman. aad Obaa. 
wmiams, week 31; baaln ess good. 

wnx X. nam. 

CABTEAjaZ.— Grand Opera Hooae (A. Bilg- 
ham, mgr.) Ten Nights In a 26; fair 
boose. Over Niagara Palls 27; good honse. 
East I^nne 28; talr business A Tborongbbred 
Tramp 20; good ahow. fiair bosineaa. 

CLTNTOK. — ^Blxmu Opera House iWm. P. 
JarrU. mar.) Tbe Banker's Cblld 10; Isle of 
Bong Bong 13; Dora Tborne 17; When Wwnen 
Lore 26: Hello Bill 30: lite Honeymoon SI. 

HAmnBAL.— Park l%eatre (J. B. Price, 
mgr.) John GiUStli 18; Cafe boitessB. Pretty 
Peggy 25; packed hooae. n* Ua of Bong 
BODg 28; capacity boaiaeaa. Grace Bayward 
Oa, sr-SO; flae taatacaa. Under Soothein Sklea 
Ika. liHIMiin MoDsnd S; Miaaage from Mara 
8: The BlnMddca Land 8; King of Trampa 10: 
Myrkle-Harder Stott Oo. lB-2b; Black PatU 
22; Mabara's Ulnatrela 2i: A Pair of Oountrj 
Kids 28; Old Homestead 30. 

wawaag CITY. — Ooorentlon Hall (L. W. 
Shonae. mgr.) Tbe Dsrllng ot the Gods week 
1; fine prodncUoQ snd business. 

wiilis^Wood ( modg rtt Banpaa^y-ja^. 

u^PMtd'bnSnaHL* ^oSPscSmSSS^m In 

Flower week 7. . _ 

omis (E. s. BritfM. — fe) i mttat .:&te 

week 1: good bnilnf mt- mtw. Wmf -fUtIm 

Leave Home week 7. 

Aodltorlnm (Woodard St Bnrfess Am.. Oo., 
mers.) The Bocky Boad to DobUn we^ 81: 
goM hDslsesB and abov. Baatia at Gold 
week 7. 
.Orphenm (M. Tirtmiaa, mgr.) 

eal Hone. Bsa W«alcott, A 

IMIcy, Brcaaar aad Bsac, Haxe Artns, Tom 
Browne, aad alfelB wcA 1: b aa tea a good, 
centnry (JOa. Barrett, mgr.) PartsUn Belles 
week SI: good boalaeaa aad Mmw. London 
Gaiety (Hrls week T. 

Majestic (Fred WkUBtaa. mgr.) City Sports 
week 31; good boalnesa and ahow. Bi^ BoOara 
week 7. - .* . 

Yale's Tbeatre (L. Btown. mgr.) KcdhBt 
SlU aad Ug liiialinas vrcek SI. 

Katkaal Shaate (V. L. Randere, mgr.) 
Good TaadetiHe ceaUaBea to draw good bnal- 
ness. OBAS. H. RMrAffir> 

JOPLnr.— Xew dab Tbeatre (L. F. BallBTd, 
msr.) Ole Obon 27; good business. Pauline Hall 
28; good business. A Thorongbbred Tramp 
30: fair business. The Irish Pawrdirokera 81; 
good bosineaa ud performuce. Carter, ma- 
Elciao Ju. 1; good business. Sbadowa of a 
Great City 4: Lc>wla Vocrlasa U: Bertcut Kitty 
13: Oaney Bcreated 14: Benal ■!■«• Ml 

Nehr a^c neebe (Obas. Bl WadMia. . mp.) 
Walter Larlna. Clem C. Magce. €has Okzrdl. 
Cole and Oole and moving pletatea weA M; 
b osteeas good . 

KDUtSVILLE. — (Harrington Theatre (Cath- 
erine Harrington, mgr.) All Sldea ot Life 
1; (air ttom ud bnalnesa. Sing ot Xnmpa 6. 

y.fttgan.— Opera Bouse (J. B. MeilHI, IBfr.) 
Over Nlagaim Falls 28; good BHtoHa aad ex- 
cellent abow. The IrUh BianlaiAW JhB. S; 
TbHob BtaA Co. week is. 

UmiBUBA.— Parka* Theatre OL A. tmtt, 
Grace Bayward On. SMS; j^agd taal- 

Women Love IB; Aa Ml ti Aa ■ 

Fair 27. 

KAOOB.— Blee'a Theatre (H. B. ^ 
V it uj Feggy 22; nne perftnaanee 
Ity returns. A Poor Belation 28. 

BCOALIA — ^ew; SedaUa Theatre (Geow T. 
Olendorf. mgr.) l^tly tPcggy 08; good bnal- 
ness and line performaaee. Vhe Ule ad 
Bong 30; good bosineaa ~ 
King tt fTraapa 81; gai 
Btock Co. week Jan. 1. 

Wood's Opera IHOoae (B. W. 
Business week QB good. Taadevtlle ' 
1, excepting 2; Boyal Chef X. 

SFEUfGFIELD.— Baldwin Theatre (Cteo. H. 
Olendorf, mgr.) Over Nlagaia Falls 24; pleased 
talr retuma. Boae 3(eIvfUe SB; good sbinr aad 
ha sloe as faaUaa BaB 28; good abow aad baat. 
acM. Ctaa. B. HnCacd laa. U 

Saaiiai at a Oieat Qly T: 
: The Ille cC-fiaof Baaa U; 
tad ISi Azlraa M; faal ^aa IB. 

Mtaair Sbeatre (F. W. Bteacr. atgr.) 
Stack Co. week 24; good abow ud att 
Sar Theatre (Geo. H. Olendorf. mgr.) 
GoAirth ud Doyle, Sllvera and movlafT. 
tnrca weak SI. Baalaeaa good week 24. 


OKSBJ Baed^ naaiie (Woodward «aa»-- 

gesa. mgia.) Juca Mntry Comedy On. IMS; 
Catr builiuai. Bobt. Bdeaoa Aa. 14; <>• 
eelleirt hoslBcaa and abow. PaaUae B-S; 
The Vkglnlu 7-10; Woodland 11; Xlldied Hol- 
land le-lB- 

Krog's Tbeatie (Clbaa. Breed. 

Adams Sawyer 28.30; good attractiOBj 
neas. Murray nad Mack 81-Ju. 8; 
returns. My Too Boy Girl 4.8. 

Burwood Tbeatre (Woodward A Burgeaa, 
mgrs.) Woodward Stock C^. In Are Too a Ha- 
sooT week 31; boalnesa Immcnae aad abow flue. 

Orphenm (Cart Belter, mgr.) Okahe Jama- 
ese Troupe. Bdwln Laieu. lies Bigoaaa. Jaa. 
H. Collen. Dixon ud Aagor, Mlrd Von WeadI, 
Matbenva and ^""■<"g and moving pletotea 
week 31; bosiiieaa and bill good. 

N«v^ (F. B. Malland. Digr.) Boaanka aad 
RadeHlte, BmdsQ aad Barrey. 3laa-Jiatfei^ 
Mr. and Mra. XOUO. Geo. Faust aai^ aMftW 
pletares week 81; iM i af iiiaa good. 

H. T. BOOT. 

OBABS IBLABD.— BarteDbach Opeia Hooae 
(H. J. Bartenbaeta, mgr.) Tbe Qay Baker 23: 
Called to appear. A Human Save 20; good bosl- 
neas. Paul Jooea 28; excellent performance and 
good business. An Arlstociatle Tram|> JanJ; 
Momy ud Mack 5: On tbe Bridge at Midnight 

UHCOLH. — Oliver Theatre (Frank O. Zeh- 
mng, mgr.) Bra Thnqnay 25: capacity hooae. 
The Forttldden Land 26; fair bovloess. RoseDe 
Knott 27; fine performance. Us business. Ps bes 
in Toyland 28; encmon baaloesa. Aa Tdd la 
tbe Hnia 2M0; good baalaeaa. 

Lrric Theatre (H. TL Sillier, mgr.) Dcn aad >-, 
FoDda. J. S. Monroe. Bea Barney aad jMHiB V 
Hayaea 28.80; good baalaaaa. .;.-°7.>''.- 

Star Theatre (I^ M. Gonaaa. avrJ- Wad.lM^ 
derlUe bill; good hnilnecfc 

ansASKA dTT.— Oredaad llaatn (WMfl. 
ward * Borgess. mgrs.) Hot Xlaw ta ObOB Ta mu ■ 
26: good boslneas. Babes la Toylaad 28: goad 
baafaMSB. The Bogal Chat gg; ~ ' ' 
Aa IMd. la tha EDoia 28: Mod ~ 
MjnlpBe^aC JO My SB; tiSlm 



KASCEESTEB. — Opera Stoose (B. W. Hax* 
rlngton. mgr.) Tbe Blvala 29; good boalnesa. 
Sherlock H<tees 28; fair boslnesa- Homw 
Hearts 30; fair boalaeaa. ftnberg Stock On. 
week Jan. 1. 

Park neatre (Jho- Stllea, awt.) Biyaag^ 
Bxtiaraganaa On. 3847: goad . aariaaaa. ▲ 

>'«w Tarttd.*. 


AILABTIO UiX'K. — Tonng'a Pier ud Thes- 
tre. Hlgh-dass vaodevUla snd other amuse- 
ments are doing irell. 

Samy T heatre. Ob _ the B ridge at Midnight 

-iSaaLai fc A.yiS rBtami 

tha Wodd aaepa B4L ^ 

i Flar. Balcy^ B aajL a a< 

awnta are drawtng Us CMwda. 
Free Arcade la Mag a tee 


OfeUfonla GMb week ft. 

BUon (J. W. ~ " 
ley 35«: good 
l.«; Bcdford-a Hope wa^ 8. 
Academy ^ttak^B. 




Our SUPPLIES are as 
Good as Our FILMS. 



We have decided to manufacture and piece aa the m&rket In tbiscoun- 
tqr OUT Fneeh ■odal Ozyltth Bas Oal% ptadmlilg from Mtaer and ozylith, 
pai» oxygen gas. It gives, next to' tieetxie.Uajlitk tbe 'itoODgest ll^t 
for StereopticoQ and MoviDg Picture Madilnes. "So danger or trouble' 
It woibB automatically. Price 923.25. 

BMt 4 1-2 In. Imported CONDENSER Uns - - 85o. 
Two Gondansfrs in Mount - - ' - - $2.50 
101b. BEEL, Virj Strong • ' ■ ^ ^.y^i^^/rl ' ^So, 
'UKSt;|iir Ill'ff 'IS '''■'^--■i'' 

Our New Model Rheostat, giving 50 amperes at 110 
volts, or 25 cuuperes at 220, does the work. . Complies 
with all fire regn^lations, and is. the best nod^ on the 
market. Price, $9.00. 

Write ror DoeeilpttTe (Malocne. 


ttL iaiSL, KW YOUL 


St, CIWA60. 

Al. B. WilMn 
A. irMkrs. 


jy. a. 

..NEW $50,000 THEATRE.. 


Buiir Wiiam SeaUMttl luw OIL and GAS FIELD. 

How Bolpic Ciniliniliii 

JOHNSTON, mt te Salle M.. Bk 


CM«t |5p,000 Tniam, 

Wnfoina'aMFeb.lsl, ISOa. ' 

TUIiSA U tbe Banner qityldft^elBafei TnHmy. 
atNMi St. Loola. Uo.Z '■ . 

Population 10,000 
■■dwi eilOUlO FLOW Theatre. 



21,1100. low BOIEMC. m ipn alnt M. M; 006. 

BKKEB BBO&t SbswoM^ a T., or "JOHfiSTOV," VHS La- 
Sane Street, 'St. Iioids, Mb. 


They are: the principal feature of all penny arcaaes or amosement parlors. 
^A. Scngtor. a Ctot" attracts the etowd. At nonfat you geb a drawer fall 
cif BMrtes/llom each imcntnii. PnwtiMUr no tttanjon reqnired. Small 
.. Wztte ,far cMStatne. 
v^niegrVDo Tbe WMc— Toa lfttB Hie MoiHj. 

iftrioNju. iiONOauiPH 



NEWAKX.— KcVHk TiMSItT* iVee OttoUB(iil. 
nsrA'Tke Bclr'-le HM.UwnSiiiS. 

Emftife Tbratn '(B. 'W.- Ujanu, mgr.) Tbe 
Bishop rreek 8. ■ .' : • 

Columbia TbMtTC (H. J. Jacob., mgr.) Btc 
Heartea Itm vttk 8. 

nianer's Xli«atK (J. H. Buck«n, mcr.) Tbe 
Child .Slarn of New York 8. 

'n'sldmabn's TbMtre (W. S. dark.' ' mgr.) 
Clark's JeiUfy UlUes Co. wwk S. 

rroctor's Theatre (B. C. Steivart, mgr.) H. 
A. Roberts, VIUks Delmorr, Oqlaw Trio, Sis- 
ters CeleK>e, Jas. F. UncDoDsld, BmervoD ao'l 
Omcsa. Bltehje and Fraocl.: Beno and lUchardl 
Co._we*k 8. 

HLW BSmrSWICK. — Onen House (Wtn. 
Proctor, mgr.-) Her Mid Marriage 25; S. B. 0. 
KUrk-Urban 2SS0; fair boalnese. Too PrODiI 
to S«s 1; When tbe World Sleeps 4; Poor R^- 
tlOB C: lotematioii.l Stock Co. n-eek 8. 

TlToU Tlieatre (Glatt i May. props.) Busi- 
ness good week 23. Good bill ireek Jan. 1. 

VBtXX. ailBOTw— iruter Xbeatic (H. P. 
FMc. prop.) Mir ABcitau Ttamp M; p lea i ed 
large aBdIcnaca. OinHw BcpcrMrc On. Jaa. 
1-6. . • 

Swetf-Haat BaU «L Sweet, vrap.) I 
KlaCa Bamaqoe 0*. 

oeaa good witk S. 


r.— Tvlor OpcM Bmae (H. MOaea, 
I at; fair taalnaaa aad good 
■Eyte tmm. 1; eae partenanc* 

^ _Mtart JO: JuM* O^IMU U. 

TMat Tfcwtieieiir. ewf . . MB.) Zoang 
Bralkcfa, DaMTiB AmH a OMl. AiiBla Bar- 
Tle. Fannr Bice, Baantt IMVn dk .On* John 
aad ITarrr DUloo. Orilr WiwMr. sfiik Tal. 
dere Tnwpe. Byron aal laiaaa, aaCctbera 
week 1: good bnalneia. 

Slate Sttret Tbeatre (F. B. Shalteia, mgr.) 
Xtae Street Singer 1^; good boalncaa. On tbe 
-Bridge at Midnight 4-<l; Tbe Huoaa at UiaterT 
8-10; •The Old aoOiea.lIao 

US V£0A8. — Duncan Opera House (Arthur 
Loire, mgr.) Mahara's Minstrels IS; good bonae 
and Oaa alMnr. McDonald Stock Oo. 18-20; 
fair lalMML Baoa Hanaoo as; ailr Mitaeaa. 


BEW TORX (0X7.— At Ike JMMMiltaB 
Opera Bonae the grand opera aeaaM Mtatcd 
opon tta nerentta week Jan. 1. 

Belaseo Theatre ^iDarid Belaaco, mgr.) BlaaAe 
Batea contlBoca. 

Ljeeom Theatre (Daniel E^robman, mgr.) ne 
Uon and the Moaee entered lu elgliUi week 8. | 

Bndaon Theatre (Henry B. Harris, mgr.) Man 
and Soperman entered upon Ita nineteenth week 

d TweUr4i_ 

(John T. Fjiiea, mgr.) 'Hie' Jtoanaimr la CEb 
week's slock cwmaanj rblU; : . ,~ >' • 
• TMnl ATcniie Theatre tA<iA«'' 

Flaming Amar ««ek of'8,- falM 
week of .\ Rare Cor Life. 

Ttialla TliMtrv (Salllvao & Woods, mar*.) 
The Curse of Drink will be set forth bere Ula 
week. Lttt week Secret Serrica Sam waa the 
attraction. i 

:PTDCtor's FUty-elghtb St. Tbeatre (B. Bob- 
Inson, mgr.) Vaudeville bills of exoelleat daaa 
are sbowlDg bere. 

Proctor's Twentj-tbird Street Theatre iOto. 
Edward Graham, mgr.) The nudcTjUe bllla 
shown here are of excellent class. 

Victoria Theatre. (Oscar Hamoiersteltt, mfgr.l 
Fine vaudeville dra-ws 'bl)? attendance' here. 

Colonial Theatre (Percy WllUanjs. Digr.) tx- 
cellent raudeTllle bills command attention ~heN. 

Bortlg A Seamoo's Music UaU (lieu Bal- 
tic. msT. ) -Pine Taaderllle btUs draw capacity 
buslaess to tbls bouse. 

' Athamhra Tbeatre (Percy 'WUUama, mgr.) 
The TandeTlUe hlUa ahowa here are of high 
daaa and well patroolied. 

Tony fa a tor'a Thcatra (B. 8. SaadciaoD, aagr.) 
ne aanderUIe here laradably yacfcea Ike baoaa. 
Kettb'a Uktai Seaan Tkaatra. (B. W. AXbtt, 

gen. mgr.) Taademie Mlla> aC " 

lence attract big taaiMM kptb 
Dewey Tlieetie (MBnb - it ' 
This week Barer 
week The Bon Tt 
London 'nieatic_ 
week The Merry 
Centory GIrla. 

Miner's Bowery 
mgr.) Tbl« week 
The KentQcky BeOea. 

Miner's Biglitli Arcnne 
Miner, mgr.) This week ne 
LAst week Brigadiers. 

Gotham Tbeatre (Sullivan A 
Thla week Tbe Trocaderoa. 
A Barton's GxtraTaganxa Co. 

Circle Theatre (a W. mi_ . 

week Roble'a EnlcfcerhaAtfak &ait ' 
'Woman and Song. 

Atlantic Gardeu, (Wm. Eramer'a Soaa, mgra.) 
Week ending 6, Tbe Imperial Japanese Troupe. 
Mlaco and Idalene. (Hylor and Graff, Bddla 
Clarke and Joale Allen. 

Family Theatre (Al. Osken. mgr.) Week 
aadlag 8, Sanford and Darllagton, Tboa. Cal- 
In. Oca. W. Hnaaey, tbe Three Armatrcnca. 
~ Idea aad r. Naida and O. 

Xaa a lia tXiaiaaii Benatela. mgr.) 

9- A. 

Wm. Farersham In The Soaaw 31aa antctad 
upon Its twelfth week 8, 
Bljon Theatre (Henry 
Tld Warfleld contlnnca. ■ . , , 

Madiaon Sqnare Theatia OfUw K 
mgr.) A Cue of ' 
Bemy E.I>ixey 8. 

Maabattaa Tlwatre ( Haiil a ua .' day Flake, 
mgr.) BeCoce aad After began itasatth week 8. 
~ ■ ~ • (A. W. Diiicwall. mgr.) 

sr.) Mr. 
tke als- 

miinma. K. mnS!' 

-'Broadway Tbeatre (Leo C. Tel- 

Wallack's Tbeatre (Ur«. Tbeo. Hoas. mgr.) ' mgr.) Blanche Walsh In Teh Woman la 
- ' . _ - — • -.»- - a,, „^ J. boalneas good. Mrs. Lefflag- 

wtil'a BooU week 6. 

Bhabert Theatre (Lew Parker, mgr.) Mr*. 
TMa IB ILeali g.i»~>>— « week 1. LaAy Taaala 
week a 

Sothera aad Jalla HailMRa «atk H 

gins in His Laat Dalte-WMk X< S^Xmv 

Cbalrman week a 

Grand Opera Baaw OI.- XUdMaa. aSK) 
The Coafeaslona aC « Inil wtA 1. Okaa T. 
Aldiich week 8. - - - . ' 

Folly Theatre (BMitt 'WIlMiL- SB.)' -Sk* 
Rays in Down tbe Clka WMk L iBg^Mt 

^Bijoa^CMir eeMaov >■ ' 

Hearta BtU 1. 'Wmbb Aeitaaa TTtmtm 

Keeney's (F. A. Keeney, mgr.) Hart a«a Ba 
Mar, Berald Sq. Quartette, Bay Ooi, ] 
and Franklin. Oehaor* and Oatrell, Vl 
Woodward aad alb iia fak,!....- - 

a ISSp'mii'wfS^l.*'** -mff 

Amphloo (WB. T. Snacr; avJ 
and Walker. WHIM Clarke, Uad. - 
BaBcy. Hiekey aad Kelaoa. mac M 
Corwey, TaBiot and Baceia and ~ 
week 1. 

Alcazar (Frank L. Blzler. lagr.) 

ens week 1. Far Foster week 8; 

wfi^k 1 5 

Paytsn'a (3. S. AHen, mgr.) llia. Daaana O*^ 

fense week 1. Toll Gate Inn week 8. 

Orpheum (P. G. Williams mgr.) Ida Bene, 
Arthur Prince, Nick Long and Idaleae CottoB. 
Fire Mowatta and others week 1. Prlnee o< 
Pllsen Girls. Carlin and Otto. Jewell's Manl- 
klna, B. J. Joae and otbers week 8. 

'Hyde A Bebman's (Mck Norton, mgr.) HIM 
Mabel McKlnley. Mr. and Mrs. Howard TToea- 
dell. Pres. Eldrldse, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mtw^ 
Pby. Baye and Bendetta. Max Waldoo. Artia 
Hall and Obaa Kenaa week 1; good bnaineaa. 
JBO. T. Kelly, Klein Ott Brothers aad Nichol- 
son. May Omraa and.>W. A. Mortimer, Barrl. 
gan. Win Bogaia, Ubky-aaa %aycr, Im Orte- 
nera aad Bdaa Abb week a 

YetoB Ut bccaa Ua tntk Ms w«A-a 

Saiar Tktatu (Ftaak JfcKCc. 
HaAett aad JUm Maaaatac bet 
tecDth week of Tbe WaOa aC T i a lcha _ 

Bmptre Theatra .fCkaa. IMaMa.;aw>) Maude 
Adams and the b eaa l HUI Peter Faa Maaa their 
tenth week 8. 

Daly's Theatre (Daniel Frohman. mgr.) 
"Rie Crossing be^an Ita second Week 8. 

(Casino Tbeatre (Slinbert Bros., mgis.) 'nie 
Earl and tbe Girl beitan Its tenth week 8.. 

New York Theatre (Klaw & Erlanger. mgrs.) 
Richard Carle and Tbe Mayor of Toklo began 
the sixth week 8. 

Princess Theatre (Henry Miller, mgr.) Mar- 

gate t Anglla in Zlra contloDea to large le- 

Joe Weber's Theatre (Bobert Stone, mgr.) 
Twiddle Twaddle begaa its second week 8. 

Criterion Theatre (Cbas. Frobman. mgr.) 
Etbel Barrymoce began her third week 8. 

Kniekcibackcr Tbeatxe (Al. Hayoiao dc Co., 
nana.) Mtal ackaC bcoa bar third week 8. 

OBBkk Skaataa of .eifaiHa. pres.) 
BmMta Ctaamaa opaart tar w«A a 

Garden Tlieatre (Heaty W. Savage, mgr.) 
As Te Sow Opened Ita third week & 

Lyric Theatre (ShUbert Broa.. aigra.) Babea 
and the Baron opened ita third a aak S. 

Berald Square Theatre (Clias, MakMa, Bar.) 

Comln' Tbrongli tbe Bye la the aWinBae whidi 

follows Olga Nethetsole 8. 

New Amsterdam Theatre (Klaw A Erianger, 
mgrs. ) Fay , Templeton la Forty-fire Mlnutea 
from Broadway began bar aaeaad weak a 

Field's Tbeatre (W. B. SO, asr.) iMda 
Mann and CHara UpfiaaB taeek^B aceriaS wieek 
of Jolle Bod Boa. 

Majestic Theatre (John 8. Flaherty, mgr.) 
The' BedemptloD of Darld Corson foUowa two 
weeks of Marie Oblll's Moonshine 8. 

Harlem Opera House (Alex. Licbtenrteln. 
mgr.) Willie Collier In On tbe Qnlet comes 8, 
to succeed a week of Mrs. Lefllngwell's Boots. 

Liberty Tbeatre (Klaw A BrlaaCSaL asara.) 
Tbe (Hansman cornea 8 to toOair e~'Ms fort- 
nl^h^ o^ ^be ''^^ f^'^^^^^^^' ^ Vmi^' ) 

SfiT^aSe&'aSSSb* * *** •"^^P"*'"*" 
T«fk*llle Tkaabe OL B. - Itafeiai; asr.) 
Beair K. Dixie, |b ntlfia M'Ola-BK. Maya 
here wcA of B, UOgmBm a wett mt Tbe 

Prince Chap. 

Westeod Theatre (6. A. Blnmentlial. mgr.) 
On 8 EUe Fay follows The Dofce of Dnioth. 

Grand Opera Hoose (J. H. Springer, mgr.) 
Geo. M. 0>hsn plays the l»st half of hla two 
weeks in Little Johnny Jonea, beginning 8. 

Fourteenth St. Tlieatre (J. W. Rosenqnest. 
mgr.) Al. H. Wilson opens In A German Gipsy 
8. following a week of EUle Fay. 

American Tlieatie (Wm. T. Kaoggb, mgr.) 

^ctl "* lAtf"*** ' *^Shiaia*S£ {g^Sfj "i^ 


Murray HOI nieatia (Ita. C Xnatfw mgr.) 
Sky Farm waa tbe attncdw CMBf a week'a 

engagement Iwre 6. 

Irring Flaee Tbeatre (Belntlek ▼onreid, 
mgr.) The Oennan Stock Oa. eoaUansa. 

MetropoUi Ikcatia (Heory BoaaBbctx. mgr.) 
Tbe Raya la Down tbe Pike Mar here waek 
8. following a week of Tom. Dick aad Banr. 

£tar Tbeaoe (Wa. T. Keoagk, asr.) Tbe 
Olrl of tbe Streeta playa here weak of 8, fid- 
taarlsc a areek aC Tboa. B. Bbay. 

Fiaetar^ FlCtb Aaeana Tbaatre (F. T. Ptek- : 

. Star (A. a..Uia. aagr.) Tbe Gar'M 
adoa. week 1. BUe aad Bkitg*^ Bis Galetr 

afc'<'weck.a ■ -■ 

'<$ayety (Taa.- Ciaik. aosr.) 

1. Gay Maaqoeradara wcA 8.. 

Gotbam (E.' F. Girard. mgr.) KanM Lte> 
don Co.. Caiarlle Boaaow. Boaaow llldgcta, SwUa 
and Buckley. Aedal Sbawa, Larklaa aad Pat- 
vraon. Geo. and May Woodirasd and aortng 
pictntea week 1. ' 

Nassao (SlaMB BaUaaoa, avrJ 
ree Burleaqava w eak 1. 

Uniqne (V. B. CBV, mgr.} 

week 1. 

Garden Theatre (Bdw. F. Kealey. mgr.) Ch» 
lotte Oiate, Borke and' Finn, Lydla Hall and 
others week I. GEO. H. HAUB, 

290 Broadway, N. X. a 
AUBUBB.— Bartls Audltorlnm (E. S. Herw- 
ton, mgr.) Sarah Bernhardt 27; good boalneaa 
and perfonnance. Lady Teaale Jan. 2; Mia. 
WIggs of the Cabbage Patch 8. 

Burtis Opera House (E. 8. Newtom, mgr.) 
Jer McAuUlfe Stock Co. week 23: good retoraa. 
Side Tracked 10. 

BtKOEABPTON — Stone Opera House (J. P. 
E. Clark, mgr.) Kirk Brown Stock Oo. 23 and 
week: excelteat company and ' buaineaa. Sa- 
rah Bembardt 28; good hnslness and perform- 
ance. Tbe PSadlcal Sob 2; pteaaed good ao- 
dle oce. 

wSi l^^^i«iUwttj|tyY^^^B%>aS 

Xl^e Billboard 




' n BEST, and onlySUGCESSFmi Orde Sivfngs are Mlf biff^ 


mo are fhe ONLY ones tavliiii flbe fl|gkt to ilANUFACTURE, BUILD^ SEU. anA OPEKATE 
CIRCIf SWWBB, Gonstmctton 

tests for three years. We sell or operate on concession. 


TRAVER CIRCLE SWING CO., 66 Broadway, New York. 



(•MtlaoeA (no page 3S.) 

T«a(. Fruk. Uutoa Utwrnm, mgr.: Odbl, 
II. T.. 10; SIdo.r 11: Oxford 13; Mew Btriln 
18: Rlchfltld Spring* IS; Coapentmni 18: 
cii«rT7 T.1IC7 IT; OobleakUl U; fltamfocd 
IS; Waldea 30. 

York State lolka. Trad Wright, Bgr.: 8>B- 
<lB>k7, O.. 10. 

XoDsg Baauo. Gbaa. K. Bluer Am. Co., mgr.: 
Fatenon, H. T-U; Bstoka U-U: Brook- 

liSi '^ft » a 


»ar A 

n; PtettoBt ^ "5Bwnn« U; Btadoboxg 


■alter Btowb (UdrOIe: B.' Baynnd'a): Aab- 
land. 0., 10; Bac7r0a.ll;: Kcaton 13; Unkm 
13; FoatoiU IB; Tnmmt 10; TUBn 17; San- 
Onaky 18; Lonls 19: ElrrU 20. .,t. 

fcswn-a In Tom, Telix & Inlea B. SchloMv; 
agn.: CbartotU. N. , 10; Sjiartanborg, 
■L C. 17. 

■aoi at K«;a. Qnt BoHmcr. nsr.t Ooffe/rille. 
Kan., 10; lola U:: L««nnee..'U: BmpotU 

CooncU Blaffk 40. 
■lack PatU Troubadoura, B. Toelckel, tagr. : 
Tickabnrg, Mm., 10; GreenTUle 11; oiaika- 

«>ie 12; arccnwooa U; Orcnboci, icoD., 10; 

FaltoQ. K7.. M( Oito% JtLfUi FMocali, 
fx.. 18; MuipfcubaMlL £7 l»t Mit St. 

MUM Bagdad: Wazahadile, Tex., 12; Den- 

tt, Charlotte^ In Ttie Booer Moon. Bleb- 
Bmporla. tCaa., 10; Box- 

ard BmaMI, 
Uogton UgTlBBll 

. — _ Center 12; loU 18. 

•ickel. VraMkSwrolhe. JB Too. Mck and 
ffr'-™** ^ Wooda, Mt.: nttttavs. Pa., 
New Xork Cltj-, UM, 
■Mter Brown (No. J): BoOal., H. T., »-l»; 

Pittsburg. Pa.. 15-20. 
Btbet In Toyland, Mjron B. Rice. in«T.: Phlla- 
delpbla. Pa., 8-18; RKaieater, N. Y., 15-17; 

"ato to^li jr" '"wSilfr MttiiS^ Fields, 

BabM and tbe Baron, John C. Flaher, mgr.: 

■Jll?" Oity. Dec. 25. Indet. 

>*mr Prince Opera Co., Harry LeaTelle, mgr,: 

Woattown. Ga., 10; JaekaonTill., Fla., U; 

12-18; Annlatoa 18-18; Car- 

MJton. Qa., IT: Newnaa Vtt fitflwm— 19; 
-Wllka, Ala., 20. 

■ndler riorence, B. S. mHMMfc'Mft: mi- 
^•Mm *. Pa, 8.18. _ ^ ^ ^Jlii««^ 


Bcaatr Doctor, Thoi. W. Prior, mgr. 
Tflie, TiiiD,. 8-U; BraagrUle, 14: Ow- 
eaaboro, Ky., It} aMMMB 1^ VlM 

Ind., IT; Ten* 'Baate IBs HL, 10; 

Sorlngfleld SO. 


'Bernard. Sam. and Hattl. Wnilama, Ohaa. Wtth^ 
man, mgr.: BraaCTlUe, Ind.t 10; Nubrllte. 
Tenn.. U; UtmSUm 13-18: M«ir Ortean h^, 

Canadtan Jnbilce Slaacn, w. T. Cary, mgr.: 
QiccalaBd. MleblTlO: Ontoaagai U: Boek- 
tand 11; cKnton lS-14: OduuJi. Wla, U: 
BayMd M; Waabbon IT: Sopcrloc 18; Wact 
■Dolatk. Minn.. IB: OoqiMt SO-Sl. 

Ohaperooe., G. M. Welty. mgr.: Sanaa, Tax., 
9.IO; Pt. Worth II; Galnearilla IS; Ardmore, 
I. T., 13; Oklahoma City, Okla., IS; So. 
McAleater, I. T., IS; Tnlaa IT; Mnakogae 18; 
CoHeyrlUe, Kan., 19; Parw>aa 20. 

Call Boy, with Frank H. I,ambert. Fred Whit- 
ney, mgr.: Beaton, Maaa., 8.18. 

Cawthome, Joaeiih, Klaw & Erlanger, mgra.: 
at. lioata, Mo., 8-13. 

Ooban, Geo. M., Sam. H. Harrla, mgr.: New 
York City, 1-13; Wilmington, Del., 15, 

CaMll. Marie: Bridgeport, Conn.. 10; Nctt 
Baren II; Narthampton. UaM., 13; Spring- 
fleld IS. 

OUlTocd, Billy: I/aTayatta, IdS, IT. 

Coming Iliio' the Br*. Oto. W. badctac. mgr.: 
New York Oty. Nor. «. lBdot_ 

IDtUey, Peter F.. Shotert Biw., ■!■.> Wtm 
. Jork aty. Now. Indef. 

iOaaMs, Ftaak. a B. OUUiiAmb. o«r.: Utica, 

t Z.. lOiJIyiMaa* Ui I&a«a 13; Rocbenter 
-18; Biooklys 18-30. 

Dare DerB Dotottiy: HCEInney. 12. 

BDdlak Grand Opera Co, (Benry W. SaTase'a), 
Klph Bdmnnda, mgr.: Memphla, Tenn., B- 
10; Uttle Boek. Ark., 11; I>allae, Tex.. 12- 
18; Oalreaton 16: Hooston 18-17; San An- 
tonio 18-10: Ft. Wortb 20. 

Bdwardea, Panla, Shnbert Brga., sign.: Bal- 
timore, Md., 8-18. „. ^ 

Blcht Bell*, trltb ItKM. B7™c: Bay OUT. Mich., 
11;' Jackaon 18. 

Earl and the Olrl, Shnbert Broe., mgrs.: New 
Tcfk City. Not. 6, indef. 

BUery Banit: Los Angeles, Cat., Indef. 

Forbidden Land: Decatnr, lU., 10; Blooming- 
ton It; Sprlngdeld 14; Loganaport, Ind- IT; 
Monde 18; Frankfort 19: Lafayette 20. 

Flsk-a. Dode. Oreheatia: Oakea, N. D., 10; ta- 
Moor* II: Uabon 13: Hanklnaon 10; Wynd- 
mei« iTi.IUimoimt 18; OiaccTlUe. Hlna.. 19; 
Choi ■ 


y^rd A Oehrae, In Lorer. A LonaMaa^ l^tten- 
thal Broa.' Amnaement Co., mgie-t nMato, 

Ont., 8-lS: Montreal. Can.. 18.30. 
Fnnny Mr. Dooley, Fred BIder, mgr.: Iioola- 

TlUe, Ky., 7-lS; Chicago, HI., 14-50, 

Fantana, Shnbert Bros., mgrs.: Boston, Maas.. 


■"ortnae Teller. Milton & Sargent Abom. mgi«.: 
OreenTllIe, Tex., . 10; Tyler U; akKycport, 
13; Jackaon, Mia*., m. JIWWI l t . l^ Mt 
AlexandrU 18; Lafayette ITt tmm»m 
18: BeaoDOBt. TWc~M. 

20. . , 


Oaj- New York, Chas. I 

Ington, D. C, 8-13. 
Glaaer, Lnln, C. B. Dillingham, mgr.: Waah- 

Ington, D, C, 8-13; BalUmoie, Md., lS-20. 
Glrla wm be OirU: Johnatown, Fa., 13. 
Hawthwne Mnaleal Co,: rotuer, Tex., 10; 

Pilot Point 11; Sonay Ocore 12; BoIdenTllIe 

I. T.. 15: HlntOB. OkU, 18; Vairelew 17; 

Allae U: avdto IB: IUIcm IOl 
OtMF tliellgiif Tcto Aims* U» WgM, Toe 

fctttagm. agr.t Itoebaaler, X. T., 8-10; 

Syneoee Albany IS-IT. 

Hot OU .Time: Bncyma, O, 10; Shelby U: 

UanaOeld 13; Newark IS; ZanearlUe 15; Nel- 

aonTOle 10; Logan IT; Fomeroy 18; Galll- 

polls 19: Ohilllcothe 20. 
Bnmpty Dnmpty, Klaw ft Brianger, mgrs.: 

Ix>nlSTlUe, Ky.. 8-18; NaAaUISi Xaaa.. 18- 

20. -• J • 

BooUgan's Tronhlca, A. J. AySaewth* ■K'.: 

Los' Angelea, CaL, T-18. 
Hoitr Toit7: Aiedat OL. all .Stplaaflll* 31; 

Centniu 12; Umifn mm m iMt If i — th . 

Tenn.. lS-20. 
Hooligan In New York (TnaM A'BMJpWi): 

Santa Ana, Cal., 10; Santa BBMn -31; ' nD- 

tnra 13: Los Aneeles 14-20. 
Hopper, DeWolf, Shnbert Bras., mgra.: Eaaaaa 

City, Mo.. T-18. 
Ball, Fanilne: Watartook I*., U; <Mir Bap- 

ida IS; Dnbaqae SO. 
Hogan, Xmeat, Oco. S. Budi^ lm> 
I traal. , 8-18. 

Ban* * His: AitaaaM OMr. ba.. 10; PMaee. 
OkUu, U; add 11: FW7 IS: OUahoou Gltr 

Valley -m Aitoaii Vkt ^mivtO, nitu, 1»| 
iKormg BjK.-. . ■. ' ■'^■■'^ 
Hamptx • Ooaplr QHu S)s Vla«awa« Za., 

BIS 'Honor the Mayor, KoU & Okstle, mgr*.: 

Chicago, 111.. Oct. Id. indef. 

Inrln Place Theatre Opera Co., B. Oonreld. 
mgr.: New York City, Indef. 

Irma Opera Co., Wm. Beywtiod. bm. TDgr.: 
MarysTUle, Kan., 11; Seattle 13; Washing- 
ton 13; HanoTer 14; Beatrice, Neb., 15. 

Isle of Bong Bong. B. C. Whitney, mgr.: Jop- 
Un, Mo., 10; Sprlngfleld 11; Nerada 12; Clin- 
ton 13; Plttaborg. Kan., 16; Columbna IS; 
Faraona 17; WIcblU IS; Orlnnell, la.. 20. 

Isle of Spice. B. C. Whitney, mgr.: Colnmbta, 
Pa., 10; York 11; Laneaatcr 12; Annspolls. 

- Md.. 13. 

lale of Spice (No. 2). B. O. Whitney, mgr.: 
Marietta, O., 10; Slatersrllle, W. Ta., 11; 
Eaat LiTerpool. O., 12; BeUalre IS. 

It Happened In Nordland. W. B. Sell, mgr.: 
Dayton. O.. 10; Indlanapolia. Ind., U; Cin- 
cinnati. 0.. 14-20. 

In New York' Town (Hnrtlg ft Seamon'a), 
Itoaey Haskell, mgr.: IndlanapoUa. Ind., 8- 
10; DaytoD, 0„ 11-18. 

Irish Pawsbtokeia. Kadt ft beaia. aagn.: 
CenterriUe. la.. 10; AMa lU KHMUek 
Mo.. 13; Vaasa SB| Tfu i y OHy Ht ~ — 
leo IB. 

bMi'VwiML te n* BagB aea ; OalaBbas, 
^■•„ MiBolhTnia U: Oaaaemnia Ui 
MBBM8. Ol. IBs thrbeaa 15: Plqaa 18; 

Little Dncheaa, MUton ft Sargent Abom. mgr.:. 
Padoeah, Ky., 10; BopklnsTllle 11; Madlaotf. 

»me 12: Moreaaaeld 13; ETanaTllle. Ind., 15;, 

Oweiiiiboro.( Ky., IB: Henderson 17; darka-' 
- TlUe, Tenn., 18; ColombU 18; ShelDeld. Ala.. 

Uttle Johnny Voaco CWcateca). cms.' 0< 
Stnmm. mgr.: Okattaaasaa. naa.. 10; ftt> 
laota. Oa- 11: Selma, A&I. IS; PaniiaHa, 
ria.. 18; HMOe. Ala. U: MaaUtOBeo'j^ 
CDlambna, Oa., IT; Albav 18; MCkfonfllit^ 
Fla., 19; SaTannati, Qa., 30. 

Lady Teaale. Shabert Bros., airga.: Brooklyn, 
N. Y., fr.13. 

Liberty Belli, Fred Bergcr, Jr, mgr.: Prairie 
do Ohien, Wis., 18; Maduon 11; Food da 
Lac 13; Appleton 14; Oreen Bay 16: Newark 
10; Bterena Point 17; Waopnn 18; Ba. Claire 

of Nod. with William Norrla. A. O. 
Delamater, mgr.: Champaign, ni., 12: Dan- 
TiUe 13; Aorora 14; Peoria 10; Jollet IT; 
Cleabnrg 18; Bock laUnd IB; SprtngOeld 30. 
Uorrr.y ft Mack, Ollle Mack and Joe W. Spears, 
mgra.: Denver. Col., 7-13; Cripple Creek 14; 
Victor 16; Pueblo 16; Colorado Spring* IT; 
Trinidad IS; I.aa Vegas, S. M., 18; Alba- 
qnerqn* 20. i... 
Mvor ot Toklo. Oiaa. Marka. . 

Xork caty, Dec. 4. Indef. 
MelatTic * Heao, SIsw * , 

SSf iSr i^Si.^'^rsr^aJSfciftKo^ 

Me. mgi< ft I. Edwig, j,„C-.(diu- ngr^ -.dma-' 
■ landT^., 8-18; Toledo ItT^^ 
Marriage of Kitty, Jolea 't"rir^, mgr.: Iowa' 

City, Ia.r'10r IMBM-ra:; -n; Boek laiand' 

12; DaTenpcct; aa.j»1iial0iiili,.4».. Mj ~ 

llngton, la.,'!' ' 

Oeld 17; 

Ilet 20. 

Mlaa Bob White. lOaaa * . 

Franklin. Ind.. 10; Sbelhyrllle 11: Madlaoa 
12: Oolambos 13; Seymoar IS; Bedford 18; 
SoDlTan IT; Washington 18; Vlnccnnea 19: 
Ceotralla, ni., 20. 


St. Lonls. lU^-l-iMt 
aiay. Edna. CtM^ iMMa 

Maaa., 8-20. 
Maid and tba UBaaaK flkaai 
Battle Creek, ludk,,' U. 

Madcaa Er — _ 


mgr.: Bt. tMl*. 3la.T~t-U. 
NetghborlF MMghboi^ naafe W 

18; Marietta. 1B| 

bersbnrg. Pa.. 20. - v . 

Nielsen, Alice, Shnbert Bro.., mgrs.: flBK AniK' 

Cisco, aju. 18. • ■: 

Next Door: Phnipsbnrg. Pa.. 10. 
Ofllce Boy. Nixon ft Zlmaterman. mgr..: Lock 

HaTen, Fa,, 10; Wrllvboro 11; 0>mlng, N' 

T.. U; Ithaca IS; Cortland 15; Anbnm 18; 

Oenera IT: Loekport 18; Niagara Fan* IB; 

Bradford. Pa.. 20. 
PUT. Pair. Poof. B. 0. Whitney, mgr.: Londoa, 

Ont.. 10; FUnt Mich.. 11; Bay City 13; 

Baglnaw 13; JanesrOIe. Wis.. 20. 

Xtve Billboapd 

JANUARY 13. 1M& 

Tack Theatre (Jno. C. 
and' Lonalice we«k 1; 
Baiter Brown -week 8. 

Sliea's Tbeatie (M. Sbea, mgr.) Searl aod 
yiolct Allen A Co. topped bill week 1; basi- 
lica sood. ClartoB wilte mad Marie Stuart, 

Mavaja O" ' " 

w«k S. ' 

Oudea Tbcatce (Oku. W. Kdbhan, mgr.) 
n>« New Zock Siara weak X; 
The CSddca Crodfc wmIc 8> 

Ltfivctt* nMiM (Gkaa. X. Bin mgc.) 
Wmj uK Voodi ttMr Jt iiSiNi ana 
Aow- (Ood. ma* Mnr Tab J)r^ .irMk 8. 

Aeademr Theatre (Cbaa. O. BtMcm. mgr.) 
Qneea of tbe Conrlcta week 1; capacity feoal- 
neaa. Dollr Kemper week 8. 

Uaafm mmtam. (Or. Linn, tagr.) BndDcaa 
.■n#» OiHBill anil Wentworth, B. Clinton 
■MMri LmiHt BOdllaa and Frank Fanon week 
i ' CHAS. W. GOETZ. 

168 Ads ma St. 
OOMmre. Opci a Boose (H. J. StembeiK. 
msr.) Indiana Folks tSi flUled to apimr. The 
laic at SfAcr 38 :KOOd abow and S. B. O. Her- 
ald aqoaie MoTlne Plctnrcs Jan. 1; good Aow 
~ fair tatnniB. Unde Tom'a Cabin 2; (Ur 
..DkBto JMk/ i^nealv S; Tanptatlaw 

r tran- «C"Mi« Bmr 

F-. r. Ckitfli ~ 
vanderBIe blU 1. 

OlESB FAUJB. — ^EiDpIre Theatre (J. A. Bol- 
den, mgr.) Tiro Slsteia 11; fair btulneaa. Ha- 
nmn Ueart* le; good bosInesB. Henrietta Croa- 
man 10; good boalneaa. Hadlex'* Moving Plc- 
tum IS; tmir boaioMa. Ix>me fawyn Stock Co. 
week 26; buaineaa aood. Ben of Broken Bow 
Jan. 1. 

TT.MTPA — I^cemn Tbretre (M. BeU, mgr.) 
The lale of Splcal^jgo d^ boa lneaa. ^'^^jp''''^^ 

tarn SdakT 
JMhar - 


JAKEBIOWV,— aamnera Opera Honae (M. 
BeU, mcT.) Kbck Bnnm Stock Oo. week IS, 
•xceptinc S3; good boalnesa. The Old Home- 
Head S: good bailoeaa. Blgtit Bella 26; good 
knlneaa. Cotnell Olee Clob S6; Kood boalneaa. 
Oade Tom'a Cabin 27; s. B. O. Plir, PaS, 
Poof 28; eavadtr bnalncaa. A Boyml Slave 29; 
tair bnslnesa. Itie lale of Spice 30; good bnsl- 
neaa and abow. Tbe Burglar's Oangtater Jan. 
I: Wliat Happened to Jooei S; Cbnter De 
Taodr and Oo. week 8. 


I 4Mta ^%SSSa MbC. 

ao; good performance and bnstneas. 
Bnntlnjc Co. week Jan. 1. 

rimilT (Prpd Da Bandy, mgr.) The Tanneani. 
Black and Jonea, Cunning, Nelaon Troupe, lima 
Dore and morlng plettnea week IS; good bnal- 
oeaa. Tbe BartcUa. Sabta and Dale, American 
Trio. RapoU. Oeorve and Harrtnjcton and mor- 
InK plctnrea week Jan. I. 

HOCHEBXER.— iTcenm (U. B. Wolff, mgr.) 
Tnriiidie Twaddle as-30; great pertwiaanoe and 
flne bii.<ilnr«a. Mrs. Wlgga- w flkS' OaMaCt 
Patch Jan. 12: fine bnaiMM. rSte CbMnaa 
C-6: Frank Daniels 13. 

Natloaal (]Ux H«tlft jppi).; BAiUd Hm 

Ooaehas and otbtn «ra*k* a!*^** 

Baker Theatre <W. B. Mt-CaUuin. mgr.) What 
Happened to Joaca by tfac (itm-L company week 
t; good boalneaa and show. Tbe Cbrlatlan week 

Corlntlilan .(II. O. JacotTV, mgr.) Irwln'a 3ia- 
Jea tlce week 1; gowl baiilneaa and pcrformaoce 
aseellent. New York Stars week 8; Golden 

Oook week is. ohas. w. nexson. 

XBOT, — Sand's Opera Hoaae (U. Bela, mgr.) 
Banning F<ar Ofllctt Jan, 1; Ben of Broken Bow 
Ui Tlia Lightning OondDCtoe 6. 
_Eraetac'j. Gels wold (Wm. H. Graham, nun.) 

. Bdwuda. Jot aad N«l- 
aw iHn. Ohaa. DcOuaok 


era _ goose. Kyrla Bellaw 

CTTAWTiOTTg. — Opera 
In Bafllea Jan. 28; 
focmanee. Blp Vi 
and perfonnance. 


t, — lAsadciay o£ Sfoata 

baawr. mgts.) Sowlac tlie Wlad tti fair bnip 
t -^^Co rtane Baafcal Steak Co. 1.8: King Bleh^ 

~ ' ' ^F.'fkadaad. mgr.) Edwin 
talr . company and boal' 

-•Aeademr of Moale (J. Sherwood 

. _gr.) Cbrlnnc Bnnkel Stock Co. 

0: goo d tomp any and capacltr bnalneti. 

BFAHTAMBUXe. — OrecDwald'a teera Bosse 
(Mar Creenwald. mgr.) Crescent Covnedy Oo. 
9IM0: good baalneaa. Eeraand'a Ulaatwla 8; 
. ■Mnm'a in Town IT; Taxiing a Hoibaa* 18^ 


FASGO.— Opera House (C. P. Walker, ngr.) 

CbnKe Lifter Co. week 25; good company and c 
eeUeot retome. The Prince of Pllsen Jan. 1. 


GIHCIBXAXX,— Oraad Opera Hooae (Baln- 
ftarth & BavUo» aagnu) Hnmpty Onmpty week 
1: exrcllcat pndaedea and eapaeity boalneas. 
Wright tori ease la The Shapbecd Klac week 8. 

Jan. 7. 

Golnnibi* ThMtie Of. O. Andnaoo. mgr.) 

Mlna Uorrta- '* Ok, headed a good UU week 

ȣ batemjjaA Mlaatialg top tke 


, lUk. ana.) b tbt Palace of the 

KlBg 67 tite atodc oompaar week 81; good m- 
dnetlon and boalnesa. A Message FToai liars 

week Jan. 7. 

Henck's Theatre (Geo. Benck, mgr.) Ttacked 
Aronnd tbe World week 31; basineas and at- 
traction good. After Midnight week Jan. 7. 

Liycenm Theatre (Jobn Arery, mgr.) Tbe 
Shadow Behind tbe Throne week 31; good 
basioesa and performance. Tbe Llgbttioiue B; 
the Sea week Jan. T. 

People's Theatre (Jaa. Fenneasy, mgr.) The 
JoUy OrnFA Widows -week SI; bQaloesa excel- 
lent. Wasbtntcton Society Girls week Jan. 7. 

Standard Theatre (C,^ B. Arnold, mgr.) The 
Bowery Bnrleaqaeia WMk SI; aaod'telMniw 
performance. "~ 
wee k Jan. 7. 

AXHEH8.— Opera Baoac 
Slanghtn. mgn.) Eait I^an* Ml 
ness. The King of Ttampa Jaa. S. 

BABBEBXOH.— Barbertoo Theatre (A. T. 
Stabldreber, mgr.) A Hot Old Time 2; pleased 
big honae. Hoosier Olrl 8: sattaOed gaod an. 
dience. BaQioad Jatt 8; Texas Sweetheart 10. 

oa VTTR rPOE. — Colonial Theatre (Samnoad 
Bros., Mgrs.) New Dominion 2T; good perform- 
ance and basineas. Volnnteer Organist 20; 
cood show and attendance. Field's Minstrels 
30; 3. R. O. Sign af tbe Cross Jan. 1; pleased 
Kood boslness. Tbe Fatal Wedding 6; The Fool 

Honse 9. 

CAMAL DOVER.— JHardesty's Theatre (W. H. 
COx, mgr.) Volnnteer Otgulst 27; S. B. O. 
The Hooalcr QMit An HalilM (t Balltoad 
Jack 13; In a WVmA ffWrnr Mi BtHCtM at 
the Alt ar 27 • 

CirmTTiKVIITiTr Orand Oana Booaa (W. H. 
Cntter. mgr.) wm 0* The in^ S: coed aboir 
aod loodlnalaHi. Tke jnatt^JNttT^ U. 

, fair 

m^O^BrwSod'ito^OeTinw' il^'Slur^ii^eBi! 

B allmad Jack IS. 

FINUIAT.— Marrtn Theatre (L. H. (Tanning- 
bam, mgr.) Tbe wizard of Ox 21; pleased Cab 
bnslness. Tbe Hoosier Gltl 23; capacity bosl- 
Tbe Bfnart Set 28; line show and good 
basineas. Tbe Volnnteer Orgaidat Jan. 1; 
Why Girli Leave Home 6; The Mlasonrl Olrl 9. 

TOerOBIA. — ^Ande's Opera Honse (H. C 
Oampliell. mgr.) Along the Keooebec 23; good 
abow aad bnalneas. Side Tracked 2B; big 
bnalneta aad jpcrfomaaee. 

QAZXIPOXJi,— OaUlDaUs Vbeatre (J. M. 
Kanfman, mir.) 'Bcnnlmr*a Otmcdr Co. week 
ts; good bnalneas. Slicrlaek aolmes Jan. 3: 
Sot Old Time 10. 

UTT . THB ORO — Belle'e Opera Hons* (W. F. 
Ajrea. mgr.) Tbe Uttle Homettead 27: good 
performance and pleased. The Two Johaa Jan. 
22 : Alon g the Kennebec 81. 

KENTOH. — Grand Opera Boose (Henry Dick- 
son. mgr.) Bnster Brown 12; The Fool's Be- 

Tenge 18. 

LANCASTEB.— Opera Honae (W. H. CTnttpr. 
mgr.) The Heart of (Hilcago 2S; pleast'd gwO 
tMjslneu. Van Dyke Eaton Stock Co. 1-G. 

LOOAK.— Opera Ronse (P. A. Koppe, mgr.) 
Rudolph and Adolph 13; excellent performance 
and bnslorss fair. My Wife's Kamlly 22; good 
business and performance fine. Heart of Chi- 
cago !7; fair show and baalaaia*. Bait brane 
Jan. 2: Hot Old Tteb IT; aMilMB«l Tbe 
Little Homeiteid 2B. 

KAKIETTA. — ^AodltorlBDi 'Ck oL Loeba. 
mgr.) Al. O. Field'a lUaatldi «8«d«d honse 
and good abow. Via Stock Oo. wook Jan. I, ex- 
teptl ng a. wh e n Ba n Toy appears. 

KaOOnnCEXCVILLE.— Twin city Opera Honse 
(Adana It Bala, mgrs.) Rajah of Bbong 2S; good 
bn slness and abow. Tbe Clay Baker Jan. II. 

NirWASS. — Andltorlnm (Jobnaon Ic Mat- 
thews, mgr.) Heir to the Boorab 2S: good bnsl- 
ness. Oimell stock Oo. 27-30; crowded bonses. 
The UttiF Ilomrstead Jan. 1; pleased good batl- 
nesa. Sign of the Cross 3; East L/nnc 8; Foor 
Hontlngs 8: nis Highness the Bey 0; A Hot 
Ol d Tim e 13. 

HEW PHILADELPHIA.— Union Opera Honse 
(Geo. W. Bowers, mgr.) Al. O. Field's Mln- 
strela 88: ■ .B. O. Th» Heart of Ctalcago Jan. 
2: SiBWW Blasaa aimpto T; BU Blgboeas tbe 
B«y *• T«k tUto Foli^ U: OapL Jack Oraw. 
ford 18. , . 

nUB,^Tei«tck Tbaatra ML H. 
mgr.) Bogan'a TroaUe 88: nod ' 
show fair. Tha Tool iBoaae Ws 8 

'^Hoara'auu-^-"®** ^ - 

(A. O. H*UK 


laeai and 

8ood abow aad 

2840; seed 

PIQTTA.— May'g Opera Honse (Oiai. H. May. 
mgr.) Maid and The Mummy SB: big bnai- 
ness. Smart Set 30; S. R. O. Slmpklnson'a 
Orchestra Jan. II; UnsspU the magician IS. 

aANDUBKY.— Cirand Opera Honae (Shigler It 
Smith, mgra.) Brown's In Town Jan. 1; fair 
bustneu. Blp Tan Winkle 3; The Volnnteer 
Organist 4{ BHe Tracked 6; Well's Band I; 
Rot (Md Tfaae 8; Tork Sute Folks 10; Tbe 
M an oo t he Bo x 18. 

SPKIHOnZLB,— Orand Opera House (T. J. 
Qalle, mgr.) SbRloek B(dnie« 2S: fair bnilneaa. 
Heir to tbo^BOeiak n; good oboar and bus! 
neaa. The Saait ■it tti oanaoltr b 
Uttle HomSitoad SSl S3r ^"^^ ' 
Bevenge Jan. 0. 

She Fool's 

Orpbeom Theatre (Gna San. BMtr.) Sood ran- 
devflle bill; excellent liasInM.^liekgni Oioia, 

Morgan aad Orone, 

Mr. A Mrs. Nick Bogbes, 
Me Xamee week Jan. 1. 

STEOBEKVILLE.— Grand Opera Booae (O. 
W. MaxweU. mgr.) San Toy 28: large and well 
pleased bnaineaa. My "Wife's Family 28; fair 
onslness and good ibaw. The Fatal Wedding 
30: good bnslness and performance. 

TOLEDO.— Valentine Theatre (Otto Kllvea. 
mgr.) Cbeckers SO; fair bnslness. "Qie Little 
Oray Lady Jan. 1-2; good business. Howe's 
Moving Plctnrea 6. 

Zfcesm Theatre (Frank Bort. mgr.) The 
Fod'a Bevenge 28-30: fair boalneaa. Texaa 
Sl^an. 8: good bDSlneaa and performance. 
Bight Bens 4-8. ■ 

Bmplre Tbeatre . (Alia Shapiro, mgr.) Tbe 
Dainty Dnctaess «««k 81: good show aad ca- 
pacity bnslness. Claric'a Bnaawaya week 8. 

Arcade Theatre (H. H. r.«i»«n». ngr.) Itoa- 
roe. Mack and Lawrence and others week 31; 
boslnesa fair. 

Bart's Tbeatre (A. L. Wlawell, mgr.) Hoo- 
sier Girl week 28-80: pleased. Behlod tbe 
Mask 31 Jan. 3; Sandy Bottom 4.0. 

B. Q. 

VKBUM.— aucoTd xkaatw m. 0. 

ri ULTl o. 

(^uia BroB. ft Lea- 
881 Bsed show aad 
r Aa. St flood i%oiw 

-CUT Opera Boose (ESrln 

« Taa Ostraa, aigia.) Britt-Nclaon Fight Plc- 
tnrea 25; fair bnslnesa. My Wife's Family 26; 
pleased good bnslness. Tbe Volnnteer Organist 
28; excellent bnslness and show. Texas Sweet 
hearts Jan. 1; Tbe Hoosier Girl 5; Eben Holden 
8; The Highflyers ll; Owen's Musical Co. 13; 
Claj- Baker 16; Porter J. White a». 

WAPAKOm:TA. — ^Brown's Opera Honse. The 
Maid and tbe Mnmmy 28; good basineas. Bandj 
Bottom Jan. I; The Mlssonrl Girl 0 
WABREN.— Opera Honse 

II.-. m~rs.) The FMl 

fnlr tnininL'sa. M 
a nd re turns. 

WlLMTNGTOir.— Opera Hona* (OtB Ot ToMk 
mgr.) will of tbe Wisp 80; .MMnM IDOd. 
BIg n of the Foor Jan. IS. 

zODiraSTOWV,— Otaad Opcm Bonae (T. 'K; 
AHiaBtli. Bitr.) Ike Great Lafayette 35: fair 
bnaineaa. Side Tracked 1; Fool fioasc 4-8. 

Park neatre (Lee Norton, mgr.) Baee for 
Life 25; S. B. O. The Old Homestead 28; 
good bnslnesa. Britt-Nelsoo Fight Ptetnres 27; 
(air bnslness. Elgbt BeUs 28; good business. 
Checkers 29; capacity business. Hot Old Time 
30; fair bnlneas. Howe'a Moving Plctnrea 31; 
Wedded and Parted Jaa. 1; Simple Simon 
Simple 2; Belr t* tta Booaak Sbt BMtfar>a 
Daughter 4; Saaay ioBdl 0*, Al. IMC^ aUn. 
strela 6. 


OUU'iLKlJS, — DBrook'a Opera Hooae. (J. M. 
Brooks,, mgr.) - 31 Plnnkard 18 ;fair hnalneas. 
Harry Beresford IT; good returns and com- 
pany. The Honeymoon 18: crowded hoose and 
good Oow. West MlBstreb 81; The 'Btetnal 
Otr 'aa. IS. 


PHILADELPHIA.— Lyric Theatre. Week 1, 
Tbe Heart of Maryland; good business. Week 
8, Mme. Sara Bembardt in repertoire; advance 
aale vary largo at Increased prlcea. 

Broad Street Theatre. Week 1, B. S. WU- 
lard In reportolra to excellent baalnaaa Week 
8, The Ushtalog Condnetor. 

(Aeataat Street Thaatia. WMk 
Danlela In Sergeant Brae; sood baataan 
8. Babes In Toyland. 

Chesmul Street Opera Honse. Week 1. Lnlo 
GUser In Miss DoUy Dollars; excellent busi- 
ness. Week 8, The Pearl and tbe Pumpkin. 

Garrlck Theatre. Week 1, WUllani Collier 
In On tbe Quiet; aplendld bnaineaa. Week 8, 
EUle Janls In Tbe Vauderbllt Cup. 

Walnut Street Theatre. Week 1, Channcey 
Olcott to overflowing houses In Bdmund Burke. 
Week 8, Bobert Mantell In repertoire. . 

Zo Park Ibaatte. Wi8k 1. Baatoo'a Wta- 
taaaa: Ms baaiaoia. WMfe C WllWM Btad- 
Icy la The Street Slasar. 

Oraad Opera Bonae. Weak 1. Ban Ward 
In Tbe Grafter; lilg bnalneas. Waok i. Oar 
New Minister. 

Blaney'a Arch Street Tbeatre. Week 1, A 
Desperate Chance with dally matinees to crowd- 
ed houses. Week 8, The Factory Girl. 

Glrard Theatre. Week 1. flow Hearts Are 
lirolscn; good buslnetis. Week 8, A Crown Ot 

National Theatre. Week 1. Gay New York; 
good bnalneas. Week 8, Joseph Mnrpby. 

Peoples' Tbeatre. Week 1, Dangers of Work- 
ing crirU; good boslaess. Week 8, When the 


World aie epa. 
Hart'a Tboatta. 

iHtttaiMl. Waak 8. On 

Weak 1, Big Beartcd Jim 

r Heartca Jim; 
tha BrUca at 



Forepaagh's Theatre. Week 1. 
business, tbe stock company still 
Week 8, Banlabed by the King. 

Standard Theatre. Week I, For Her Chil- 
dren's Sake by the stock compsny; big bnsl- 
ness. Week 8, Caught In the Web. 

Kelth'a Theatre. Week Jan. I. a l>lg holi- 
day bill that drew ameslngly well. Every day 
the home waa lammed from opening uniii 
closing Ume. Another big bill or vaudeville 
for week Jan. 8. 

Eleventh Street Opera Boose. Domont's Min- 
strels contlnns to oiaw bis; 

Bon Ton Tbealtn. nishmiM tdll eontlnnea 
to pay with coatlaaoaa TaadMUlak tot latac a 
atock dramatic coi 

Trocadpro Tboal 

rnonnaol honaei wMk iT^inHt I. Rinr WIl' 

liam'a "Ideals." 
Casino Tbeatre. Week 1. Roae Sydell ft Co. 

dill week. Week 8, Hon Tons. 

Lyceum Theatre. Week 1, Tbe World Beat- 
ers; big business. Week 8, Wine, Woman and 

BIJaa Tbeatre. Week 1, Tbe Maacottea; big 
bnaineaa. Weak •b_;9Eba Oolonlal GIrla. 

Moaeoai. vkSdmw Md cnrloa cunilnne to 
draw well. BOB WATT. 

_ 800 walnut St 

ALTOOITA.— drreatb Ato. Opera Boose (I. 
0. MUkler, mtr.) A Baoe tor LMo 28; good 
bnklness. Prlneess Cble 20; flue aliaw and 
good bnslnen. Girls WUI Be OlrU M; 8. B. 0. 
business. Spangles Jsn. 1; capacity tntlneas. 
A Romance of (^n Hollow 2;Tbe Great Jewell 
Myatery 3: The Heir to tbe Boorab S; The 
County Chalrmas 6. 

BRADFORD.— llradford Theatre (Jay Nortb. 
mgr.) Our New Minister 23; good bnslness. 
Isle of Spice 28; large attendance. Boater 
Brown Jan. 1; pleased large sndlence. 

BROWNSVILLE. — Opera House (MoShaffrey. 
niKr.) The Girl from Mars 27; fair sbow and 
house. What Happened lo Jonee; fair bnslness. 
widow Brown 3; The Clay Baker 5. 

CORltSr. — Messenger Theatre (C. T. Trimble, 
mgr.) Royal Slave 26; good bnslness. excellent 
performance. The Great LallTCttt S: , ~ 
large audience. Sign of the OTOOa It: 
Brocbera' Next Do or 18 . 

EAST BXROVSaBUBO.— Orasd Opera _ 
(F. r. fBtUtr. Dfr.) Carroll Qnaedy Co, 18; 
good basineu. Leonio Broi 25: fair twiinatt. 
Midnight Flyer 1; Gay Brother's Mlaattcia S. 

£srE.— Majeatle Tbeatre (Joba L. Ollson, 
mgr.) Checkers 28; large andlence. PIS, PaS. 
Pouf 29: large honae. Simple Simon Simple 80; 
good siKnr aad business. Isle of Splee Jan. 1: 
large boose. Tbe Burglar's Daughter 24; good 
basineas and show. Howe's Moving Pictures 
4; El eano r Robson 8. 

WaZET.TOK. — Grand (H. Walxer, m^.) Side 
Tracked 1; Neighborly Nelglibora 2; The Isle 
of Spice 3; Ladles' Irish Choir S. 

I'amlly Ttientrc (Harry Hersker. mgr.) (3ar- 
cle's Pony Circus. The Holdsworths, Devene 
and Shorts, L. L. Gorman and others week Jan. 
1; b usiness good. 

JOBHBXOWir. — Cimbrla Tbeatre (B. W. 
Shcrer. mgr.) Intcraatloaal Stock Oo. 2S-S0; 
big hnslDssa. Ohester De Toode Stock Co. Jan. 
1.8; The Belr to tba Boonh d; Oaogers of 

LANCASTER.— 'Fulton Opera Bonce (0. 0. 
Tecker, mgr.) Irene Meyers Stock Co. 23; good 
business. Holy City Jan. I; good business. 
Houf^ of ilystery 2;eoo<1 buslnnesa. The Coun- 
ty Clialrnian 3: Our New Minister 4; Dr. 
Jekyll aud Mr. H.Yde 5; When London Sleeps (k 

Family Theatre (Ed. Moaort, lacr.) Good Vaa> 
derlUe company played to capaottT all week 
23. Fine bill week Jan. 1. 

MEADVnXJE.— Academy (B. H. Norrls, mgr.) 
Jolly Tramp 25; good business. HuBter brown 
26; good business. Simple Simon Simple '28; 
good bnslnesa. Obanncay Kclfcr Oa. week Jaa 1. 

HEYEBSDALE.— iNew Theatre (Oscar AUco, 
mgr.) The Heart of Irelind SB; fair abow and 
good buslneas. Fieaaoot Stodk Oo. 08-80; fair 
coaapany aad boslaeaa. 

Grand Open Boose (BloAied * Tknpal, mgia.) 
Howe'a Moving Piatasaa SBt Bood. porfcuaaaoa 
aad fair twislntis 

BILIOV,— Opeta Boose (A. J.' Blair ngr.) 
Dnele Josh Spmceby 28; ideased good bnsineaa. 
Two Little Walta Jan. 6; A Royal Slave 11. 

VT. OABICEL.— Opera Honse (J. B. Gonld. 
mgr.) Dora Thome 28; S. R. 0. Side Tracked 
Jan 3; The Mummy and the Hummingbird 8; . 
Great Lafayette 12; Little Red School Hoose 

13: Real Widow Brown 18; The Holy (31ty 
20; Y. M. C. A. 22; Hamlet 23; Little Outcast 
24; Mamie Fleming week 20. 

MONESSEN Opera Honse (A. N. Sbnster. 

mgr.) The Boal Widow Brown 1; good hnal* 
ness. The Jolly Tramp 6; Tbe (3ay Baker 8; 
Al. O. Field'a MlnstreU 8; Maod Mnller 18; 
OMa Boltow IS. 


MOBBBOOWIf.— Oraad Opeta Booae <C 

B. Sootl^ll. mgr.) MllUaoalia Tramp JBt 
S. B. O. audnlifit ny«r 28; SSt bona*, nt 

Unwritten Law 29; fair bnslness. Acroaa 1|8 

Rockies 30; good business. Irene Myers StMB 
Co. week Jan. 1: A Poor Relation 8: A Poi H 
In Skirts 10; When London Kleeps 13. 

OIL CITT.— Verbeck's Theatre (Geo. H. T«r- 
beck. mgr.) A Royal Slave 29; good buslneaa 
and show. Uncle Tom's Osblu 20; good abow 
and attendance. Buster Brown 28; fine attrae-. 
lion and patronage. What Happened to Jones 
Jan. I; Russell, magician 2; Great LattyetteS. 

PHUiIPSBDBO. — ^rierce's Opera House (Jno. 
F. Drlt:g8. mgr.) Maud Muller Jan. S 6; Next 
Door 10; King ot Rogues 12; The Real Wldorw 
Brown 18. 

PITT8BIIBO,F-a«Iaaco Tlieatre (O. W. San- 
mis, mgr.) Peter r. Oalley la The Pieia Accat 
week 1; ezeeUent 
Mexloaaa week 8l 

Nixon Theatxe (T. T. SMt. mir.) 

Brotbers la Iztlaad week Jan. 1: flae puCuia- 
aoce and good bnaineaa. Tbe OoUege WldMf 

week 8. 

Alrln Theatre (R. M. Onllck. mgr.) Tbe Old 
Bomestead week Jan. 1: big business and good 
attraction. Cbnuncey Olcott week 8. 

Grand (Harry Davis, mgr.) Hugh Ward, Jea- 
ale Izett and Dennis Barrls, Tbe Zancigs, How- 
ard's Dogs and Ponies, S. Miller Kent, Lew 
SuUy, Majestic Trio, Tascot, Lemeyer and 
moving Pictures week 1; basineas good, Jo- 
sephine Coiian week 8. 

BUon (R. M. Gnllck, mgr.) Oirla Will be 
girls week 1; business good and perfoigMaoe 
excellent. Tboa E. Sbea week 8. 

Oayety (J. B. Orr, mgr.) Airopean BeaaatMn 
Barlesqoera weokl 
sa^^utocy. Al. 

Empire Tkeatre (B. I. MeCAilIoagb, mgr.) At 
Plney Ridge week 1; good business aud per 
fonnance. My Wife's Family week S. 

Academy (Bany. WlUlama. mgr.) Bay 
ard'a Co. week — " — " — 

Carnegie Mom 
violinist 18. 

Duquesne Gardens. BnslneSB roo*!. 

IX>nlB L. JOADinMAiN. 4(IC i'l nn BldS. 

FOTTSTOWK. — Grand Opera House (L. H. 
Baker, mgr.) Mrlrille and Coimay, Kimball 
and I>oDovan, SoklchI Knauoka, The KlxuneiiL 
I>awson and Whitfield. Wanner and Lakewood 
and others week Jan. 1. 

Andltorlnm (Amole and Kinney, mgrs.) Tak> 
anaja Japanese TToope, Williams and Oarmady, 
Phil Monrtoa, PMr BIlTon, Jaaaar aad OUbarC 
a nd Mlaale Orehay w eek Jaa. 1. 

PmnCSBVAWinnr—JeVetMa Theelia 
Maginnia, mgr.) Tbe lalo 
S. R. O Simple 8IBMB ' 
and bnsloeas. Tbe Old ' 

hnslness. A. JoUy Cni-, 

A Itomanee of Omo BsUair Ml (_ 
company. Next Doge An. 1; 
Buster Brown 4. 

BCBANTON. — Lyceum Tbeatre (A. J. DnflF. 
mgr.) The Isle of Spice 23; fair sbow and Uf 
business. Olrls Will be Girls 27; good show 
and buRlnesB. County Chairman 80; fine ahow 
and blE business. The Prodigal Son Jan. I; 
good show and business. Spangles 3; Our 

New MlnlsttT 

Academy of Music (A. J. Duffy, mgr.) Mora 
to be Pitied than Scorned 25-27; good boalneaa 

phy 4-6. 

Star nieatie (Alf, O. BciTlngtoa, mgr.). IM 
Trocadeios 28-80: good abow and big bnsloeaa. 

Jersey IJJllea week. Jan. 1; good bostaaaa. 
Parisian Widowa week 8. 

Pamlly Theatre (Dan XdCby, an.) 
ness good week 2S. John and Carrie Ma<k, _ 
Baato Brothers. Bristol's Borsee, Voa Dell. 
Edna and Cbaa Batus and others week Jan. 1. 

BKAKOSIK.— Opera Bouse (J. T. Oaler. 
mgr.) Dora Thome 28; good boalneaa. Prtn- 
eesa Cble Jan. 1; packed bonsea, excellent sbow. 
The Unwritten Laiw 2; Neighborly Neighbors 8. 

Family Theatre (W. D. Fields, mgr.) Good 
bill for week Jan. 1. 

■BABON. — Morgan Grand Opera House (O, 
B. Schwartz, mgr.) A Hot Old Time Dec, 2S; 
good business. The Fatal Wedding 26; good 
business. Brltt-Nelson Fight Pictures 27; can- 
celed. David Harum 28; Peck's Bad Boy 28; 
canceled. Buster Brown SO; big business. 

Tx-x'UBvAUE. — Opera Bonse (Barry Gereon, 
mgr.) Simple Simon Simple 27; packed house. 
What Hanpcned to Jones 2; fair bosliiaia. na 
Great IiaS5«tta ;1>. 

W 1 liTiTSllBPOBT. — Ciycomlng Opera BOaae 
(L.. J. Flak, mgr.) Cook-Church Stock Co. 
week 25; good business and performances. Tha 
Old Clothes Man Jan. 1: Spangles 3: The Maa> 

my and the Hommlngbltd 0; The OlDce Bor t. . 

OITAItTiMltMf. — Academy of Mosle (C B. 
Mattiiewa, act. mgr.) David Banim 28; fait 
bnalneas. The Pit 88: big boose. BObla Bood 
ST; tnnft Imalaaai Sadies 28; large andlaaoai. 

k gaa. 1. 

r ff eipoa TheetM (J. 


JANUARY 18, 1908. 

Xti^ Billboard 



lias BVaAK mo OOTTOR OAVST, AajOdM, 
P»ys for ItMlf In two doj& 

jB.niMiaun>T maoh. oo^ h dwm«.,il t. owr. 

AtOni aN STREEmEli 

"P'l^ram i^jWTW T 

L. L. Youfia A.ea, 

New Conventions 

AT.ATl AllfA 

UobUe— ScattMn Cane amrcn' Am, Vab. 



Harttetf— Bute DaliyiDcn's lAUD. JU; 
N*ir SrtUlB— State letter Ctrrlera' Ana. Veb. 
■'■ v>& • v. - £#. Boiriiiini. 

sTCBiox or «oi.TnaiiA 



fflBe— (P. ft A. M. t^^anll lodge. Jan 

jT"^. W. 1'. Wi'bslcr. 

: m »— kbuhu ot aooor atand Lotte. 
— " - - PiiMiiiir , 

dSnft^atloaal BttaU Vonltm DmImp 

Am. Jaa. t«.aB. 
_oeo. Ckm, CWc "- 


ICalaiK M„lo I^lDCOtn IlMfM Of BtpObllMB 

OhJ^. fc-,h. 14-18. 


otMoUet-iatrt BtiU 8pofl«Bm's l«a. 
*«•» . ft TT. : 


•ft Select (MaateM. 

rn Cotton 
Atlaota, a*. 

1.^ 5* *<iu< ui&t. 

e .-AaMwa, ADgmta. 

Barnbui-carpenlers' Biate Coo. lu. IMT. 

, f^TO^'r- BprlDglli-M. 

I«jeu— r. -w. o. A. .Vciv England Ctonf. 
rtv. 16. 

tIL?**^<*4-**8'0'> of Spanlah War Veterans, 
S*l*:CMt Fen. ai-22. Johl jr. Dnrer. 
'■■.wWBf;Hooae, Boston. .-. 
'iilMM-OMa Beekeepera' Atan. M. l-S. 1.. 


AUaatto Clt7— iWestein Tackeri' Canned Good* 
•Sttoa uf' Bloom- 
Atlantle' Obr^tlaBtle Statra Packers' Aaan. 
FKb. HB-iC OanaoB. BrldccTllIe. Del. 

Ur* lai. Od. IM0.000 
J. X. B. Obneh Cant. 

t^kewood— *f< 
ClBb. Jsa. 
Km- >Bnnawii 
March a4. 

"•*^«rtt^JBIg^-l*BwrJcaii Paper and PiUp 

JO. A. state Ooirt: 

1 M CUb «C AMCrlcan 
J. OrMM. iMBcniUe. 

Datmnrn's Aii«n. Jam. 
ibeU. Bal^m. 
^5Sl5?*";r*'""'''"n ln«tltato of MIniac Bb«1- 

^«EJ'» W ales— (Luther Leagne District Oon. Vtb. 
=3.. £• Sramli*. Royeraftird. 

PbltadelpUa— Bute iBtcnatloBa atmrd's 

Assn. Ooor. ' Jm. SMB. 
W«shlDBtOB-T. U. O. A. SUtt OOQ. r«b. 22- 

'^' ^'v Afl 

Dallaa— iRctiekati State AMemblr. March 8. 
Dallas— State Cattle Ralaeta' Aaan. Maxeb lo- 

21. i s. Ljtle. SWt_W«lfe. 
Blcampa— State Womea** t lim AMM. Vtr 90 

T. B. Luak, Italy. ^ 


NashTllle— Religions Pertodlcala Editors' Oonf. 
Feb. 2S-Marcli 4. 


Salt Lake Cltj— To Promote Patriotic Trtnl 
Ooa. JTu. 95. Salt Lake ComMNU CIA. 


Brattleboro— state DenUI Ascn. Unj 16-18. Dr. 

H. F. Hamilton. 'Newport. 
North Tm—Rvttl I«tt«T Oairltia* Orlcaaa Oo. 

Con. r*. aa. O. H. "Woodcoak. 

Food tm 

L^^ttn/eomta Skat XMcnt Tom- 



Reunions. Condavea. AMembliM 

Xm h awnetad aai 


Blimlocbam — International 

Decoratora' Aian. Feb. IMM, 
Wall. SomerrlUe, Masa. 

Fort Smith— SUt* Oood Roida Co. 

1806. Om. B. Brown. Little Bock. 
Bet aptlnga A. o. U.- W. Grand LodfC. Ma 

Id. woe. B. I.. Oroaa, BentoaTUltT 
Uttit aotfc K nltlrts of Honor ' 

Fab. — k: aee. J. W. Setbei 


La* tiaetlie rntk—I 

Jan. 11 

«( MMbcia. 

BmiC* Afta.' 
J. S. Qnldt. T* 

port. Ooen. 
iM Aagtim— lABtMcaa 

Aan. Olaieli IS. " 

Moto, Oan. 
Ln Aagalaa— n«Ba«MtlarataI 

Jna. IB, U06. ■. L. Baviattae. 

change Udg., Chicago. HI. 

BlTcrsM* — Y. M. O. A. State COO. Fct). — 

San Pranclsco— atatp Opticians' Assn. Feb. e 
1906. Albert J. Schalar. 308 Hares at., Baj 


San Fraaclaeo State Retail Bardwara 


CanoB 019 — State Betall Oroeera* A Botehera' 
Aran. Jan. 10-10. 1000. J. B. Oardaer, Tl« 
Opera Ronae bidc. Deneer. 

Denver— State Rtlall Bardirare Dealera* Aaaa. 
Feb. T-8. 1008. Daela Barkler. Fort OoUlna. 

DeoTri^tntt Mtnrtai JM. iiu. % IMS. a. 

J. HotaaiL MaB—ad tm*>&>t Cip. 

Oeneer — 9latHMl ~ tim fltMk iM. > Ma. SO- 

DfHTCr — ini 
Jan. 19, 

I laMrJMSlMr AIM. OM. 

nsrtfonl— Stat* 

T-S. 1900. H. 0. 0. 
Barirord— Mel* ~ 


Hear BOTca— •teto 
Feb. 14. 1S0S. 


MOV n« Tia B ute BnidwaM Aim. . m. tT-SR 


Laurel- Jr. O. g.. A. y^^tea w aB. Jeh. 

31. igoe. Bdw. luESn*, WH IM, wii- 

rolnnton. Del. 
Neirark— I. O .R. Grand ConclaTe. IFeb. IS. 

Uoe. Oeo. W. Hill. 
Waalilnston— (A . O. V. W. Grand Lodge. FeS. 
13. inoe. Thoa. S. Taj-lor. 

Waabln^oo — Af ro Ateerlcan Ohrlstl&n Oongreas 
of the D. S. Jan. 1806. Rer. U. B. 
Rodlnxon, 801 Madison at., Aleisndrla. 
Washlogton — National RlTcrs and Uartwrs Con 

jress. Jan. 16, 1000. 
Washington — National Amd. of Rallwajr Com 
mlaaloners. Feb. 21. igoo. Edtr. A. Moa> 

Washington — Ivnislita of the Golden Eaglr 
Crand Oaatle. Fed. 08, IMM. B. S. FotsoD. 

lioa e. ofc. M, ^^ . ^ ^. 

Waahlngton Wip. lim— r MB. . JSa 2t 


Chlcaso— (Notiaaal Okaamatr Bsttannakan' 
_Feb. 19. lOOe. B. Sadcodotf. OUntoo. 
Chicago— state lABkcr Dealera' Aarn. PA. 
IS-IB. 1800. Geo. W. Hotcbklaa, SIS Ocntwra 


Chicago— eute Retail Hardware Sealeta* Aaan 

Feb. ao-as, isoe. iL. d. Niah, 13 No. State 
St., Sl^in. 

Obleaso — Central TtaT«Uii( L um bal. Smab and 

Door Sileirmen'a Aian. Feb. 2S. 1006. H. 

L. Hart. LaPorte. lod. 
Chicago — Weetero Tombler Club. Jan. 22-31. 

1006. D. w. Jetmrcn, 2688 North Aataland 


Decatur — Snperrlsen, Coontr CbmmlsalaDcn A 
Conntjr Clerk's State Con. IV*. — . 1806. 
F. a. Dodd. 

Olner— State Domestic Science Assa. Feb. 20 
g^lSOe. Ftmnk Ball, State Bonse. Spring 

Bo«kta«-BUte Easlaeen and SBmran* Sa 

eletr. Jan. lT-18, ISOe. - 
Boektard— nUnelB SaaMi of 

Teyora' Oon. Jan. inSk L _ _ 

Spnosflelft-HalianU Hlaa.JhisMHf A Aa- 
alstantr Aaaa. VMu— k -Ml. INS. MlK 
SprlngSeld-Oawt oT^Haat Mi«a Ma. ^M. 

13. 1006. 

Sprlnglleld— U. M. W. of A. Dlat. Con. Feb. 

Tuscola — Baateni IlUnoIa Teaehera' Aaan. Feb. 

10. leos. A. C. Oohagen. SbelbjTinc 
Drbana— State LlTcstock Breedna* Aasn. COa. 

Jan. ai-Feb. 3. 1906. F. B. Rankin. 

Eraaarilla— Ohio Taller TeterlBaTr 
Jan. 17-18, 1800. 


Jan. 17-18, 1800. 
Fort Wama— SUta aiatehaBta* * Vfta.* Aaaa 

cbn. Jan. ae-is, laos. W. U. aUddan. In 

dlanapoBa, lad. 
Port Wajma— State RatnU M«Nlasl«> 

Jan. 10-18. lOfiT 
IndltnipoUa— 'National ITnlted Mbe WoAeia »• 

America. Jan. 16. 1806. -W. B. Wilson. 

1100 State Life tddg.. Indlanapolla. 
lodlanapolla — Court of 'Honor State Oon. Feb. 

13. ItMW. Dr. A. N. Qulllcn, Unton. la. 
Indianapolis — lDde4)endent Order of JVareetcra' 

State Inn. reb. 6, 1806. Ohaa. faWtTiT 
in.!:rinni.,,:i.^ :.iatc EnglneerT SocMj. .MB» IS- 

I.'.. IIKkl II' p. Wonts, 302 B. iflfe Ot. 

InilUnapoUfl — State Teacbers' Assn. 
Indianapolis— Sods of the American BeTolntloa 
state Cod. Feb. 22, 1006. B. A. Rlehardaon. 
IndlanapoUa— eut* IBrtall Sardwaie Aaan. Feb. 
~ IMS. 


MlBCTaP Oon. Jan. 

Oolnmbna, O. 
Indlanapolla— atata R«tan 

Aasn. Jan. 0-10. ISOO. 
Lafayette— SUte Master Sakcra* Asan. Jan. 

21. 1906. A. Katsenberg. Fort Wayne, lod. 
Marlon— State Uncoln league Coo. f>ab. 12. 

looo. Oao. O. ScUbmb. i-10 nadctlck Hds., 



Bartow— atate Baptiat Aasn. jan^lT-Sl. I80<l 
Jaeksonellle — Woodmen of 



the World 

Camp. Feb. 20-2S. 1906. 
JacksonTllle— State Federation of Labor. 

IS. 1006. J. A. Roberts. Tshor City. 
Ocala— State iPress Aasn. ilarch — . 1006. T. 

r. Appleyard. Salt l«ke Cit^j Utah. 
Ooala — State Board of Pharmacy Con. Jan. 
— . 1906. E. Berger. Room 14. First Xa 
tkHial Bank bidir.. Tampa. Fla. 
at. ABgoatloe — 'Ainerlmn Dining Car Snpt.'* 
Has. IT-IS. 1006. B. II. Dasr. Chi 



Bloomlncton— State Retail Merchant*' Assn. Feb 

— . lOOfl. 

Champaign — State Clay Worlx-rs' Asan. Jan 
23 23. Geo. H. Hartwell, :i>Ki Dearltoro «l. 

OhicaKO — .^nuTlcan nalln-ay Rii(;!ne<'ra A Main 

C. i'rltr.i, .M.jrn.J:,-.>k iKiIji- 

•t. Laala 

TntloB. Marak 
ArdnacOb I. T. 
- Plnaabtaa «C_ _ 

IS-14. W. & 


i^naa State Oament 

1908. Ira A. WlHUma. 
Cedar Baplda limtrHaa ! 

Cob. reb. O-U. ISOS. ma, 

cago, lU. 
OtnterTllle— District Steanl 

Feb. — 9806. 
DaTenport — Interstate Wboleaala 

tiers' Assn. March — , 1806. 
Davenport — Sootbeastem low« Ltzmbeimen's 

Aun. FUb. — . 1906. H. T. Scott 
DeaMolnes — Pioneer Lan- Makan* Aaaa. Jan. 

20. 1000. W. 0. BasklU. 
DeaMolnes. — State Trareltng ' 

20. 1806. W. O. BaakUL 
ivsMo iB ta Stal a BataU 

Aaan. M. U^STlMS. A, 


Das Uotnaa— 'Andttota' Stete Ooa. Jaa. JM 

week), 1900. Fay Nemwaar. Bldam, U. 
Dm iMelnta 8t»t« Spltttoaliata* Aaaa. 

Jiaa. tsjo ISOS. ten O. OMatr. 
DeaMolnaa a tnTallaa JIaa'a Aaaa. Ooa. JBa. 
St, 1900. r. BTaalar. acc. 

Iowa City— State Bdltora* Aaan. Jan. U-19. 


Uaraballtown — Ooort of Honor. State Con. Fab 

13, l»06. Jno. M. Butler. Mnscatlne. 
MaislMlltown — T. 31. O. A State Con. Jkn. 

30-31. 1906. F. A. MoCorinack. Sloox Otty. 
- than lotra Bditoclal Aasn. iFab 
,9..*. Unll. I^ean.. . 


Oakley — Jr. O. u. A. M. Grand Connell. (Feb. 

14. loon. 

Topeka — Court of Honor State Con. Feb. 13, 

1900. Jim. Flow Ruil,, " 
Topeka — Labor A IndoKCT' 

5. 1806. W. Jobnaon. 
TtMieka— Royal Ar«h llaaaaa* Ona« EaSsa. Fab. 

1940. 1906. Wm. 31. Sba». _ 
Topeka— r. * A. at. Oiaad Lolft. Nb. 1141. 

1906. Aibart r — ^ • 
Topeka— KnIpM 

Lodge. Ooa. 

S. R. Kata. aee. 
Topeka— «tate Democratic -Editorial Fraternity. 

Feb. as. 1806. Robt. Foebt. Entcka. Kan. 
Te^eto^HlWate^ar Aasn. Jaa. Sfr«t, 1906. D 


Lexington— Stalt _ 

— . IWM. F. 

Lexington— 7. M. C- A- SUte Ooa 

2S. 1906. Tlioa. Johnson. 
LooltTiUe — State Hardirare Dealers' Aaan. Feb. 

20^. 1006. Jobn R. Sooter, Ftankfort. Kj. 
LonlaTllle-^. O. tf. W. Grand Lodge, reb. 

U. ISOS. Tboa. D. Olbon*. 216 Norton bMc 
ixwwvma — PipaifiBt «C. Snartalaa' ' 

Baton Roiiee — I. O. O. F. Grand Lod«e. Uaret 
— . inor,. B. T. Duckert, Box 383. New Or 

Jeonlnes — ^^1 . O- O- F. Grand EncamnHncat 
March — . lOOn. R. T. Iceland. New Or 


Xeiv Orleans — F. ft A. M. Grand tadS*. FA. 

7i. irxMl. RlrhanI r.aml>ert. 

Vf^iv Orl-dn« I:.-.'-^: Vr.-h \t«prrtiB rirattd CTiap- 
ti-r. hi:., 1;. Kl.-l.snl I-.n^ilH-rt. 

Feb. 92 


Vaudeville Theatres 

THAT r An. TO 


* * t 

Treasury - Filling Headllotr 
•f AU MagiGal Ads, 




..Tin SmsiliM ef thi Hour.. 

Produead undar tha Immadlata Olr*e« 
ttoR «f the World's Omtial 

Masklyne & Devant 

Max Ster 



Openins Percy WilUamB CSrodit 

Mooday, Jan. 15, 1906. 

Wlr« or 

H. I, MuiiaLi, iM n k 

AH ooimnnoioitions direct to 


or St. Georse's 


Xlie EUllboard 




UTEST Inpravad High flrait Htvhg nttam ■mIiIim 

Our Spacfalty. 

IT Ufil I PIV Vnil To send for initiealus before oiderinff elsewhere. 
II IffILL rfll lUU We are ttae only jfrm of tblB kind wtOi otBoae In 



2 W, Mtt Slnit. 

9f Dearborn Street, 


How To 

Be Famous and Secura Succbss.m 

It Mnetei free. Oar ncnl phi i sml Mt. 

Enclose stamps four cents. 


Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Ramona Park and Theatre 



Park ATiKAcnon. 


iCTige iiai MMfcaaMw mnH pfnt, I mmtm w Ifc. wmmnop witE two so n. middle 

pieces: OM 1W ft. xoood Ci^ wifh two 9M «ad one 99 tt, nMHle pieces, one tent 30x40, 
one MxTOl one S&zSO^ one msj^ne. l csmel-twck hotse. AU c&n be seen In Sav^nn^h. 

— Jlnsleians, aad conesrt mnd big sbow acts, b os> drl Te r s mmI worl 

MS, dri T W S MMl worklanMB *tl dspMrfr- 
'MSBb VaBA two BP04 MnMIBlttS MM WW 


.} Smnak, 8i. 


NOTICE ! ■■ 

KxtnwinllnarT, rijn)p>U' innMtnn Show. ((Orpfuii>< From tS'l II ho. >k vrltri r*-Hi-i'--r.s.1Mr Tpirnlvftl riirn[«nyor 




Shows ot all kinds. Prirlleaes tlO: no ezclnsives. Oood Promoters wanted. Will buy 
^llJIO|i^U Injood cgndlttoni.aUo 8 Or 3 tops. Want 20 T.ady Pertormers. MtiMlcIans and 

jre write again. Bet^c of crealmeot. Old timers write. 
tXjoya. Prlvllesre piAjpk- comeoD. Address 
BUOD HAWKS, Hlekm«n, Ky. 


Jwt daap M . postal 

" Data 

Xl>>t>cur.<>f the Theatrical Profession. 

~ wltli your addrei-s or route on. and we wHI maO 
, mt once. Drop us a postal card at once. 



Any one to whom we are indebted can secure immediate payment on pre- 
sentlngr bill at tliis o ffice. We liave paid all bills as far as we know in con- 
nection with the GOUirrY FAIB aaa all our ottier enterprises, as we do all 
hiwlnww on a cash basis, bat If tbn* la anything «• hava ovadookad In this 
. comieetlon, in New Yorlc Otty err oat iiiC. tt, dtbar aa a llim or as individuals, 
gnierat your bill and get yoor money. 


Has secured the approval of every fair-minded show man in this city. The 
public and press have stamped Jt as the most original and one of the most 
I'giwiwifniwr.liBMiiS^M'ew York. The Steond AnnQal- Ooonty VaSi thla 
^iigt.wOihb^hiilA'fiUilaaen spaoeof time, and witb the Inuodaetlonof 
'mittijiSiBapmM^ wlUlie^the greatest 8bowiiBt!«r ssMiln ]!reir.^4»^ 

Biltlmow C. B.-I*. state OmncU. FM>. 10. 


Baltimore — American Woman Snfferaffe Aasn. 
Feb. 7-13. 1906. Miss K. 01. Gordon, 1800 
iPrrUnla St.. New Orleans. La. 
BalUmore — Grand I»dge of ilairland, 1. O. M. 
Cod. March 19, 1906. Elmer Bernard, 630 
W. Baltimore st. 
CbestertowD — Penlnsalar Hortloiltiiial Soeictr- 
- — - Wata. Dw» Bel. 


Boston— Some Circle Grand ConneU. Feh. A 


BostODr-SoD* ot Veterans SUte Bnea m pneii t . 

reb. — , IMW. _ ^ 

Baslaa— l. O. O. F. Grand KneampaMBt. IW>. 

T. WW. Vao^ V. Pefklaa, C'le lM. 
Biwtoa-««« BDcIand Gm r 

M. SI, IMM. N. W. GUM 
BhMo— CSgoatr OommiailoiiMr 

IMM. G. Ia. Drury, CUntaa. 
Boatoo — American -Canatto Sodctr. Jan. 24- 

25 10O6. 

Boston— Hotel Sl Restanraot Emploreet' Inter- 
national AssD. & Bartenders' International 
Leasne o{ A. N. E. 'Branch. Jan. 21-22, 1900. 
J. T. Hayea. » BnzrlU at.. Prorldeaee. Jl. I. 

Gloncester pMllWiaei FnlifBiy' mt O. 
15. 1906. 

Newboryport — 'BennloD _ _ 

Monument Assn. Jan- ].T«^ Boaw Ma. m» 

ton. Xeirbaryport. * , 

Sprlscfleld— Y. 31. C. A. 'Boj* Ooat. Hue)) 

lG-18. 1006. W .8. Heed. _ 
aprlneBeld — Older ot Seottlah Olaa. Oiaad Otoa. 

Feb. 22 1906. B. L. SIcbaadlM. W. BlMk- 


Woreest«r-«Ute BaAeH> KB. Xu. IS*M. 
looB. BoKT Oacptr. „ ^ 

a. -T. 

Adrun— nr. X. d. A.. i i H i Dm, SMk- ia-is> 

1806. B. D 
Ann Arbor — State 

Mareb 2B-31, 

Division St. 
Battle Creek— Independent Order ot 

nig-h Conrt. Feb. — , 1006. B. I 

36 Wenham blk.. Grand Raplda. 
Detroit — International Passengfr Steamer Stew- 
ards' Assn. Jan. 15-17. 1906. 
Grand Kaplda— State I<eagae of 'Munlclpalltlea 

Feb. 20-32, 1906. 
Grand Baplds — State Press Assn. Feb. 8-9, 

1906. C. B. KrireU. CoMtrater, MIeb. 
Jackson — State Dairymen's Aasn. Jan. Sl-Feb. 

2, 1906. H. A. Bolea. Bodson. 
lanslog— Conrt of Honor, State Oon. Feb. 

13, 1906. Dr. Cbarlea Jenkins. 

Crookston.N. O. ft N. Minn. Implement Deal- 
era' Aaan. Feb. l-S; 1906. ' Geo. F. Oar 
pester. ^ 

MInneaiwUa— 'Norttaweatem Cement Prodncti 
Aam. Jan. lT-19, 1906. 

Minneapolis — Northwestern t,Qmb«nn«^'s Aaaa. 
Jan. 16-18. 1S06. W. G. HalllB, 008 Lmmbel 

Mknneapolls — Bricklayers II Uaaona' Interna 
tlonal Cnlon ot America. Jan. 8-10, laot 
VTm. Dobson, tl Smnaer St., Mow Adaaa 

MInneapolla— State Edttedal Amm. Mb. JUS. 

U06. F. J. ^lejat. KdlOB liMWM' Oo. 
KtaeapoUs— State Facnl _ 

Oka. Feb. —w UOC J. A. 

im at. F«tv at. St. ^nl. 
niiilml. aialil ITilsIl Uerehaata' Assn. TO). 

14-1«. UM. SIsMB Caark, Snlutta. 
at. Pan! — Court of Honor, Bute Con. Feb. 

13, 1806. J. M. Stlckney, St. Clond. 
St. Panl — Degree of Bonor, Grand Lodge. Feb 

18, 1906. Mrs. M. Sprarne, 1013 Paik are.. 

Minneapolis. _ 

St. Pinl— A. 0. n. w. Gnad todK. TCk 
20-1806. Cbaa. E. Ideaoo. 

anokhaecD— r. * A. M. Gnuid Lodge. Feb. 

Oartbage — Ooort of Honor Bute Ooo. ><cb. 

— . 1906. 

Bannlbal— SUte BctaU Store & Haidwan Deal- 
era' Asm. Feb. 1, 1906. SM SUMalMr. 

Xefteraon CU7— etate TeacMnF AtmtbMmt. Dae. 
ST4>. Joe a. BoHtad. tM 

Bt7i> a 

The WatlioK 

fiuassing Scales, 
Punching Bags, 
Picture Macbines, 


..Sonenlr Post Cifik. 


wATun m. ci.< 

Ctaleaao, 111. 


tnOakSt., „ 


Miiiihin Bailmi Ci., 

■aalMW ' 

Onr trains are money makers and the attiactlTa (cat- 
ai« la ail tbe laiscas parka la tba worM— Hi saailaiMl, 


iismifi cim soe pa iNs iss:;?':?.^ 


Box MU 

styles of 
latest In I 

tetait pcrfactiT 
teas or Mock- 

WAinnD— Bookings for OonTeDttoa Ball, 

Utlca. N. Y.. VmudeTlUe, Bxposltloos Indoor 
ClrCDS and other attractions. Hall 75x235 feet. 
Orer 100.000 people to draw tram. Addreai 


Eatabllalie^ 1872. 
Jxjgwi Add HydroKAD Oaa famJshsd In *»"^ foe 

jtaraopUoon and Moring Pletore Macblnea. All ordafa 
to any part or tba Ualtad Sutaa nilad prampflT 

Sit EliB Street. ST. LOUIS, MO., U.S.A. 


Kanaas City— SUte Hortlenltnral Society. Dee. 

28. L. A, Goodman, 4000 Warwick blTd. 
Kansas City — Western Ice Mtra. ~ 

MsTcli — , 1906. Mr. A. Mlmae. 
St. Josepti— SUndard Poland Cblna 
Feb. 13- 1906. W. T. Garrett. 
St. Jooeph — State Bepnbllcan Editorial 

Jan. 19-20. 1906. H. H. Mltebell, Clinton. 
St. Loots — Freight CUlm Aasn. May 16, 1906. 

Warren P. Taylor, Blefamoad,Va. 
St. Loals — A. O. U. W. Grand Lodge. Mareb 
— . 1806. Hennr W. Merer. 408 Btnolat bidc. 
' >** 

riemont— T. M. C. A. State OoB. M 

1906. 'J. P. BaUey, Omaba. 
Lincoln— SUte Agrlcultoral Stndenta' Aam. 7an. 


LiaeolB— State Beekeepen' Aan. Jao. 17, 


Idaenhi DUti MMt )k Mk AM. JHU IB. 


Liaeola— l uiBi asee On OnwMtf Aaa. Jan. 

fiiniii' ^■iiMi n, ||||,-| ; " : „ 

LteeolaT-State Dalrymes's Aai 
1008. C 8. Baaaatt. OH>bai, 

1402 Br^>d^wg^^^ 

Jan. 16-17. 
Jaa. M-IT. 


Blood Poison 

and iu attBlMlIm Ula. Bbeoma- 

Said Ondor A amnk Ouarante* 

im wBiag BslMlag 

l(Bbl»er BaliMiiSs 
Rabbcr Balls. 
Robber Gooda. 
Per Carnival Sales., 
Caae Rack Cane«, 
iCnlfe Rack Knives. 

We hare tbelargest asenrtmeiitotKn:f ; Boar« 
EiiiTeswestoflUeMiuissipi'i rlrcr. prieee 
are ab&olote rock bottom. Wa aNo carry a fall 
line of Strcetmen'i boodi, Camtval NuTcltiet 
and poods for Kaira. We are oneot the oldest 
Stieetmen's sdi<pIt bonie in the Colted States 
We have ibousanda of sailafled cnstomera. W* 
can aatisfy rno and want yonr banlneaa. ITO 
aiTJtSTlTUTISa onleaa yon sa; so. Ordert 
■hipped the same dav aa receieed. Large Cats 
logue Free. 

CX>B» YOZVGB a» OOa«_ 


.«]P Band Instrum ents 

At&boaCbait price, .w ■n,^.kr•^, many (tchhj n«w. 
W«re traded tn for "I]' i:.Tu> mstnuneout. »titcb ex> 
eel All other*. If you «8.r.: beat, boy a-nOLTON" 
~~itjoa win ha^e another make, we ha^p u tetr * oo 

aMMk ErerythlllK for b*nt3s. Our'ta-^! -.R n.r.'l b^- 

jptak'ilM free on r«qtieat. 

lltMfttMtfc^^^ Ottawta Bld|.. CHICAOQ^ 


UbcoIb— 8Ut* Im^«fid htn 

AMB. Jaa. IS- 


Uamln— Otatr Krtiil llaniiraT* OMien* 

frb. IS-M. lOOU. J. Pnuik But. SOT 

trdii Rock. 
Uncoln— State Wterlnarr AMB. Jt 

16. liKX. H. Jensoo, Weepios Wl 
LiDcoIn — Court ot Honor. State Oam* 

UMC. Geo. P. Marrio. Beatrice. 
OmIw— State lAmber Dealers' Awn. Ook, 

IS. 190e. 
Oaiaba — State Coasmerda] Aasn. 

isoa. T. n. Bod«ln. 
Onaba — Centrat Sbort Horn Breeden* 

Feo. 6-7, 1806. B. O. Ooiraa, 11 ~ 

ate., Chicago, til. 
Osaka — Bute 3iGtul lasanaH 

AMD. Jaa. 18-19, leoe. 

Qncord— state I«tter Canlcn' .AMB. tVb. S2. 

U0«. M. A. Bill*. 
OMdrd— SUU PfMS 111 . Qh. . tKm: tf. 

g. 0 jG4MiId. MuehMter. 

Atiaatle Qlx — State Bankers* AMn. Vvb, — 
laOS. Wm. J. Treed, 15 Bxehanc* Place, 
Jfncr City. 

Mwilttora-aute St. Pitrick't AlUaaee of 
America. Jan. 29, 1004. O. J. Tipper, S8B 
Madison are.. Elizabeth. ..j 
Ketrark— N'orthem N. J. AttMk llj—Mll 

Sleet. Marcli 3. 1806. ' 
SnrarK— 6uir nniaaBc Soctetr. JTn. IBOO 
Ifewatk — State Charttlee and Corrections Aem 
M. IS-IT. Ber.. Walter Beid Haat, Onage. 
Tr« a >o»— iBter-tate .HUtacical Aaaa. 3(asa» 
9. WM. mt. AadMMk. Boa Mm. AM 
Met, Brji atawr. Pb. :• 
TkeaMB— Knt^U of PrtUaa Oraad Lodge. Kb. 

Sl-aS. 1908. Elmer B. Maiseram. 
TlMtaB— I. O. B. U. Great CoiuieU. M. 
asi t9«o. DaaM X. StefWMi Hai. S Iw- 
ami (t. nndM. 

ML nag. 


Medical Bocletr. Maxell 

7-g. IMgi Dr. W. Knaai, 881 Pntnam 
ane.. Broaklra. 
nadnrnttB— State Retail DtaltHP imm.' ML 

2V-2Z. IM6. 3. It. Feler. SjnMnai'. 
■nokljn— Alpha Cbl Btao Fratemltj'. Feb. IS- 

U. IMS. Carlton B. Ilarea. Aftoo. 
Baffalo— Emplie State Implemrat Men's CUb. 

Feb. 21. 1806. B. D. Garner. Blmlra. 
Bagalo— iBtfrnatJooal Hod Carrier*' A BoIU- 

las lAttms' Asao. fan. 8. 1806. H. A. 

Stelnbers. SS 5th stc.. Cblcago, 111. 
BnSalo— State Blectrlcal Contracton' Ai 

JlD. 16. 1806. F. riah. Boobeater. N. 7. 
««»"«— fatrooa or Hatttndr; State Oranie 

reb. 8, 1906. W. N. OUes. Skaocatelts. 
Bvlem— I. O. Free Sobs of lacael. Grand 

If<l»e. Pefc. 11. 1906. AJie BaCer. Hew Task 

CI It. 

IDUcrtaD— G. A. B. Internal* BMBlaa. f 

2Z, IB06. C. A. Corej. 

York cJty — ^American Protectlre Tariff 

Leanie. Jko. 16, 1906. Addr. 338 Broadway, 
new Toik Ctty— lAmerlean Tumbler Clnb Aasa. 

ftBjjit «t^). UOg. W. W. Babeoek. Bath. 
J^MMi. P»fr Daibr. Pa. 
■»«" « »iaM»— W a tl iBa l BctaU Graccta' Asm 

J«: WMkJM JUm. glT mapatcta 

bldr.. St. PaaL llha. 

O. O. r. autara DM. Om. JfaT«" 

— , 1806. 

Badwatei^-JWesteni N. T. Hoctleiiltatal So- 

eh^. Jm. M.2S. 1908. Jno. Ban. 
■<>U(M — ininols Society ot Bulaeera and Snr- 

rerocs' Don. Jan. 17 18. 1906. B. B. -K. 
Wnca— International Hod Carrler'K and BoIW 

tog Laborers- Assn. Jan. 8. 1908. H. A 

Steabonc. 'Welling bldB.. Oilcaxn. HI. 

^i-S- C. E. Westchester Coantj 

WB. nb. 22. 1906. O. Hnbbard. 30 W 

~ m., m. Vernon. 



Retail Grocers' Asa. Peb. 20-31 
W. King. Tower Cltr. 


Pollaria- LUIIpntUn Opera Co., Jos. Moller, 
»«r-: Caliearr,: Alberta. Can.. 8-27. 

aa* uie Pampkln. Klaw dt ErUnser. 

-.*y-.= PhiladelpbU, *'a.,-.areOf=nr;j-; 

"SP wlti-Jane Corcoftia:i»r«N»;CltT. 

JSt'J^= Smith, Ark.,; !HVg«t£te.-"Betk 

2^mt Spring^. 13i, -Teiarkana IS;' BbtfTe- 
•■t. I*.. le;.:3luton 17; ilenroe 1* Nat- 

^'"•' Baton Rouite, La., 20.- ' 
Sld?'*'J*P™ ■"">• H- Garrison, mgr.: 
ruewo. Od^ 10; LaJnnta 11; Hatclilnson. 
S2r_".!. Y"*'** 13; Webb City, ilo., 14; 
SpaWeld 15; Ptttsbors. Kan., 16; JopUn. 
iS"Tlii_??' Kan., 18; Nerada. Mo., 

f^ee of PUaca (geai, w. eange'a). Gbaa. A. 

ntST From Paria. Madlaon Cam. lage.: Um»- 
^u'iJk*" Orawi SHI ttlts D*. 

Paraltal: I^eatar, OL. UL 
O.'^e?.'^;, W^g <g»5Bit -gr..: 

*1^A'"Tet.V*,nV°''?0 «*'°»««' »«'" 

'^°r'Jf Md" 

"^i? "I";. KUw * BrUagw. «gn.: Detroit. 

tea t£B.1feu wS: 

3f n iiilii rt a i,. ta.. IB; SUon- 

*»»«•' Latlea* Orcbcstra: Detroit, Mich., 5 

*bl?U S- "ST.: Mononga- 

bul' O.. 11; Cacnona- 

Sf*'_"" 12; Now RenalDgtOB IS; Unluntoivn 
». Wtadtejgj^tojto^ „. 'cresaoB lS; 

Saltan. Of Snla, MadUon Corey, mgr,: Detroit, 
Micb... T-13;. Indianapolis, Ind., 15-17; Day- 
«oa. 0., 18-20. ' 

Saa of Best, 'Win MOUtor, mn,: Jllnae 
spoils, MIna.. .T-U: itOmaHUM. IMA. 

Simple Simon glaiple, Hlaaa A 'SlmMtaMB. 

_m«rs.: TotoatOb Oat.. S-lg, . , 

Sbo-Gnn (Baaqr W. . ■mag^. W. ^. iUh»- 

13; w i iia »ig, aiaa.. »-fr; bainSr MtiB., 


Sbow Girl, B. C. Whitney, mgr.: Birmingham, 
Ala., 8-lS. 

Sleeping Beaoty and tbe Beast. Fred Price, 
mgr.: Cedar Baplda. la.. 10; Des Moines 

Ssn Toy. John C. Plaher. mgr.: Owensboro. 

Ky., 10: EransTlIle, Ind., 11; Henderson, 

Ky.. 12; Paducah 13: Jackson, Tenn., 15; 

Memphis 16; Pine BlnCT, Ark., 17; Hot 

Springs 18: LltUe Rock 10; Ft. Smith 20. 
Spangles: Levrlsion, Pa., 10; Jomnstonn 11. 
Souaa's Band: Fall River, Mass.. U. 
Sidney, George. E. D. Stair, agr.:. '.OBaha, 

Neb., T-10; St. Joseph, Mo., U:.]>M' Uinies, 

la.. 12: Peoria. UL, IS. 
Seminary OM: St. OUod. Mtan.. ItL 
Scbea..Frital. C. B. DUll^teaa. . aip.> Kow 

Vork City, Dee. 25. indef. 
Templeton, Fay, Klaw & BAagg(r.^.agn,t Hew 

Vork City, Jan. 1, Indef. v ■ ' 

TlvoU Opera Co.: San Franelaeo^ .Cial.,' iBdef. 
Town Topics. Ril. U. Hoblnson. mgr.: Pt. 

Scott, Kan- 10; Joplln. Mo , 11; Plttabnrg. 

Kan., 12. 

Tanenar, E-va, In The -tembo 01rl« Cbas. A. 

I.each. Jr.. mgr.: Oibkaabt. 'Wia^ vMh Da- 
tin»tte U: Green Bap lt; AppWMi IB; St. 

Paul, Minn.. H-20. 

Telephone Girl, W. H, Matcbette, mgr.: Perry, 
la., 10; Boone 11; Ft. Dodge 13; Webster 
City 15; Iowa Falla 16; Bldora 17; Tama 18; 
Blalratown 20. 

Two Merry Tramps, McVenn & Vetter. mgrs.: 
Hntchlnscn, Kan., 13; Great Bend- 15; Ster- 
ling 16; Ellsworth 17; Wilson 18. 

Trip to Egypt. C. H. Kerr. m^. : Hastings, 
Neb., 10: Falrbnry 11; Colnmbns 12; Nor- 
folk IS; Sloox City, la., 14; Ottawa 15; Ne- 
braska City. Neb., 16; Beatrice IT; ConcordU. 
Kaa., 18; Manhattan 18; Topcka 20. 

VbadarSaots * XaoKviUe* Vraa.^ IS. 

Itapbc. H. H. 8lBg«. ngr.: Obleago, lU,, 
DaCL S, iaacC. 

Teronlqiie. KUr , mna.': New Xoik 

oty. Oct. ao, wm; 

Taa. BBlF 9~ SbB flRaad Bor, P. B. Snl- 
B»B B>M.^B, .iap8Lt. MngfflM«,.jraa.. 7- 

Sf. ^*IK'SiogMi^8*<S5a^ 


Weil's Band. Geo. N. Loomls, gen. mgr.: Chl- 

csgo, lU.. 15-27. 
West A Vokes. James F., mgr.: Shrere- 

port. Xa.. 10; Beanmont. Tex.. 11; Orange 

12; Galreston 13-14. 
Wonderland, Jas. L. Bnford, mgr.: Montreal, 

Can.. 8-13; Boston. Mass., I5-Feb. 3. 
Wills Mnslcal Comedy Co.. Jno. B. WUl-i. mar.; 

Sberman. Tei., 8-10: PuU ll-lS: Denlson 15- 


When Johnny Comes Marching Home, W. T. 
Carleton, mgr.: Vancouver, B. C 10-11; Bel- 
lingham. Waata., 12: Ererptt 13: Ellenbnrg 
15: Pendleton, Ore.. 16: Walla Walla IT; 
Lewlston, Ida., 18: Pullman. Wash., 19; Col- 
fax 20. 

Woodland (Henry W. Sarage'e), FercT Saga, 
mgr.: Des Moines. la.. 10; Omaba. SA, 

Mb.. tS- 

II; Slotix Cltr. la.. IB; HaaolB. IMk. IB; 

Dearer, Col., 15-20. ■ 
wizard of OS (No. 2): Be. HcAIaaler.- I. T., 

(Alcago. lU., 1-20. 
Watermelon Tmat. Col. M. H. Welah. mgr.; 

Piedmont. W. Vs.. 10; Cumberland. Md.. 11; 

Martlaabatg. W. Ta.. IS; Hatriaoabatg. Va.. 

Wisard ct Oa caa.^: XeAIaslar. 1. T., 


Ward. Hap: Johnstown. Pa.. 16. 

Yankee Consnl, John P. Slocam, msr.: Fresno. 

Cal., 10; Los Angrles 11-13; Pasadena 15; 

Redlands 16: San Olego IT; Santa Ana 18; 

Santa Barbara 19. 
Yorko Jk Adams: KnoxTllle. Tenn., 10. 

Barlow's, Cieat. J. A. Cobnm. 'mgr.: Ja^soa, 

Mlaa.. 10; VIefcabnrg U; QttenrlOe 12; 

Clsrkalale IB; .■HOena. Axk.i 10. 
Barlow Jk iWnaaa'a, . I<awtcnce ' Bailow. mgr.: 

N'ewnaa. Oa.. 10: I«Orange 11: Anbom. 

Ala.. 12: O>rlDgt0D. Oa., 15; iWashlngton 16. 
Dockstsder's. Lew. Chas. D. Wilson, mgr.: 

Boston. Mass., 1-13; New York City. 1S-2T. 
Damont'a: rtilladrlphla Pa.. .\ug. 13, Indef. 
Donnellx & SatSeld'a, Edward Conard. mgr.: 
' 'Amencna. Ga.. 10: Albany 11; TbomasTllIe 
, -12; Balnbrldge 13; Tallahassee. Fla., 15; 
tXake City 16; Gainesville 17; Ocala 18; Tam- 
"Sa 19-20. 

Field's. AI. G'.. Doc Qulgley. mgr. UnloDtotrn, 
Pa.. 10: GreenSbnrg 11; Fairmont. W. Va., 
12; Cnmberland. Md., 13; Johnstown, Pa- 
is: Altoona 16: Harrlsburg 17; Wilmington. 
Del., 18; Beading, Ps., 19; Trenton, N. J., 

Oortoa'it. C. C. Pearl, mgr.: JoaearUle. M I tb .. 

10: Angola, Ind.. U; Anborn IB: Batttt U. 
Harrison Bros,:,. O. Iieland XbMBUk - Wtt.t 

Madlaoq, Fla., 10; Ure Oak 11. 
Haverly's, (Aaa. B. Sngbec. agr.: 

Forks, N. D.. 10; Bratnerd. Ulaa . U; 

perlor, Wla.. 12; Dnlnth. aUao.. It._ 
aaifcacM 4k Vn^ Bar fM. agr.: Kateo. 

HI Henrr'a: Baaeaek Md.. 10: FMXborg 11; 
Slfjreradale Pa.. 12: Coanellsrilla IB.' 

JoUr Baeers. narty Small, mgr.: QarUoed. 
•Ala.. S-12: Slocnmb l.'i-ZO. 

Kersand'B. BUIy. Geo. A. Treyser, mgr.: Flor- 
ence. S. C, 10. 

Lnder's: St. Johnabury, Vt., 15. 

MUllraoa Fred S. Mllllcan. mgr.: ?coohj. 
Ml(t.«.. 10: Macon 11; Colnmbus 12-13: West 
Point l.'i; fJ^niporla Ifi; Winona 17. 

Mahara's, Frank: Galesbnrg. 111., 12: Ke- 

wanet- 13; Wyoming 15; So. McAleater, I. 
T.. 20. 

PrhnrMe's. Geo.^^^^imlUoo. 0^/^10^ Biiff^ 
no IttMBM Wt 'iBMSiBpalla. -lag.t''' W> 


Proctor's. Geo. H. Proctor, mgr.: Opeloosas, 

La., 8-13: Lafayette 15-18. 
Renta-Santley. Al* Leavett. mgr.: Sprlng- 

■eM. Masa> S 10: HolpidEe n-W. 

Ire * .aartae*a Big' Oaletr OOk: BmoUyn, 

4Hf. fMA M^^ap^: fbtk City.. 
^- «■ page SI.) 


is llie Largest and 

la Om Coutry. 















RUGS and 


■ -aad HOMBRY, 



Wa make 

of ~ 


For Your 

....SUCCESS ... 



And Yotir 

... WELFARE .. 

In general to consult 
us and our cat alogtie 
if you intend to start 
business or are in 
bnsliu^ before you 
lajr In jom stock. 


We have the Larg- 
nt Vailiii aii our 
Prim are liTer 












Wholesale Streetmen'e Specialties 

264-2M-26I-27I ■MSM St., 




And wM be pleased to send samples of same en requlwle 
together with our lowest price. 


■ • NEWPORT, KENTUOKf. .. ■ 


Three More Vaudeville People 

For Medidns Opmpstv, thst ttmagt to ti-w'tilrm iftin shii nMd-to^ji^^et. 
sketches, and muse also do stngtetiiniB. AM a gentlemen or lady to'rttey 

Illustrated songs (one owning picture mailiine prefei^ed) and d8|Tn^nn^ 
turn. People 'preferred who can sing and dance %|^%|^P'**V>-^ £^ > pBo C oB 
if possible (which will be returned), and tell alMn Bwt^l^Rer. '^Ido- want 
an A-1 Medicine Lecturer. All most he neat^ dressers oi^acid'<>ffth«''aCag)6u 
Boozers, save Stamps. ; .« ' 

P. &— Regards to all Carnival friends. AOii^s 

L t WILLS, Hgr, MKM lEMGDY CO., 6nri Opm Hnk. MMrilstoi, lU. 

EWE supply: 

StraetniBD, AuctiaDBers, MediGina Men 

!■ iU n tMttN FN EUr 1^ 

6ET u TNH wmi as. iH ■Einn Mu sm Til 


DiA. a*: 

272 L Madltti St., CHICAGO. 

IMichigfan Privileg:e Men Notice! 

ConcesalODS of every bind to let for Pontlac City Band Jnblleo. week Jan ZgtoVy>b.3. 
Pl>-nty ot Boor space. Csn place Kood platform sLow. Cannot place stronr camea. confetti 
1 r tin horns. p. O. Box 133. Fontlac lllrhl«an. 

Xfie Billboardi 

JANUARY «, 1906. 




3 yeara teatnred with original 



The Sensation of the Century. 

Witlliua WttbNat. Rslss Southam Carnival 
CH^.jfcwta. HaTe One llthos. For terms 

Oara THB BUXBOARD. Oblcaca 


JoHy Delia Prlngle. 

kti Her Eiceileot Stock Coipaoy. 

•4illE. 60LEGR0VE- 

Qmi If Aierieu Eqaesfriennes 

t P«o^c 2 Horses • Dofls. 


MUti uttte Tlnfftm tfaimrzi In for gvod meuure. 

eccBunuc comedy acts. 


^ and «b 

IB Tandarllle aa per Boata. 

1 131 VyMlii kn, Staati L. CbciMl, 



Tli 6iirt IM Slipr. 


ABd amr daaerlptlm of theatrical 
adleaana Dnunaa RenaeO. Only I 
natarlal tliat wl U naka TOUT act a I 


TO OB08B. Mooolocnaa and raroiWMa flpitfy^ OMfr 
WMk DBBtiiwd. B«r«r«iice( br tiMMMNi. IkaHatal 
aaali what JOB naSi Taagattthan. 

m WaM Skm, Philadelphia. Pa. 


W«rM'* erMrtsst Awtal Aot. Addresa Billboard, Chloago. 


Equilibrists, Acrobats and Head-to-Head Balancers. 


In Olson The Coal Man 

BioM St.. OhieaaOi ; 

«isT.iHiiiia mmmmm 



MR8« T« 

OrlgiMd TiM mtsMM tf toMlM. 


A Woman's Way „, 

SBASON 19O6-07 

•jack: doi\iov^aiv 

Management, P*. WARD MARION, . Care Billboard. 


aHAgwtfc Bfllboard, or 333 WoodlaDd Ats-, Clerdand, Ohio. 

"llatbl|M& Devaot's Mysteries" 

Sole control in Vaudeville. Care M, 

B. Marinelli, New York. 



TliaBnti awMiilninl in nf lin ilnH In Hinrnrlil . How on the PadSe Coast. 

ibtnatlon of 

Ion. : : : : 


AiTPnt- <:HAa, WRAT. 


Eva Thatcher 

Twantr waeks oa tfce Faetfle Ooaac Offasad 
wan. Addi»« BaisoaBDw CMcajo. 



The Escaped Lunatic 



People's Theatre, Chicago. 

Sacrotary and General Manager 
Novelty Theatrea* Company. Inc. 

PMrall and EM. Ms , 


.The Cyeling Millard Bros.. 

The Bl(c atT»ra rn r 


fSiajnplon AlI-BoDnd Acrobatic B*rrel Jompera. Moss Tear. "Eug.. At Uberty 
fOTfint-class VaadeTllle Houses. Traveling Companies or Cl rouses fnim March S, 1906. 

Far. address 26 Falmeraton St., Stocttton-on-Tee. Ijon«lon« Ens- 

.... HENRY LEONE and ANNE DALE .... 


Add r a a a. Aa Per Route. 


a-War T-***^ Caonon Ball Jurellnr. Swloelnc Ladder. 

BOB PEASLET, Hattiesbuig, Miss. 



A ne HIT. HOC rmE winnek 




Owing to sale of the Sells & Downs shows* am at liberty 
for season of 1906 as Sideshow Manager. 

' Unng Openings mi '~ 



ftor twcBir wttkm Sp«cU1 P*itnic Orria Bna.* 
Haxleo.. Monr playlag 10 iracfca 
Lm iaitlw, Omi. 



Doc* KbOQt ev*rTthlD|r bat taRl 
A ■paelal.7 tb&t 1> m, •peclsllr. 





SB7 I^exlneton Ave. 

>H\V VOKK. < ITV. 


Direction Geo. 





A Trii If OsiM etroK PfeiffHMls 

Ground and Aerial Acts 

Opeo ttma after Jan. 31. 




«BB <tOmMK or TAUOBVtua. 


WALT. S. HALL. Trap Drummer 

sn-j i i.trj; , ami K.iis, none 


..Hiitel Randolpli.. 

309 Maaon Street 

San Francisco. Calif. 

lirat cie8U>t> furnished roomt .with 
private baths. 

«I.OO raw PAT. 

lliw ■lll.fMrffc 

JANUARY 13. 1906. 

Tt^e Billboard 


Rip Van Wlnklr. 1: RIetaavd Manxftrld 4; Tbe 
nuaawara 5: Tb« Ouke of XllUctmokle 8. 
CHESixa.-«l>en Uouc (BnUtM tLOtj 

wm^K At Omx OBracnSt^ir — 

1 bWlDM*. 


nZETTEVXLLE.— CItUco'a Oprra Hease (J. 
']L Bob«rt£on, m£rr. ) Besear PrlDC« Op«ra Co. 
Si* BlMs^dEOOd business. 

0iiUJtTnr.— lADaitorlum (T. M. Andenoo. 
OCT.) ClodrnUa 30; capacity boalnesg, exc«l- 
lent p crform ancg. 

KjrOXTnXE.— Staob'a Theatre (Frits Staab, 
OCT.) Roae ot Albambn 30; (ood baaloeaa. Tbe 
Duke of KUUcrankle Jan. 1; good company and 
buslne>a. Darlit naram G-8; Banken and Brok- 
en 10: Rip Van Winkle 13; Tbe Tenderfoot 13: 
Mrs. WI gsa at tbe CabbaKe Patch 23. 

KEMPHIB. — LTceum (P. Gray, mgr.) Wrlxht 
liOrimer In Tbe Sbepberd Klnc ireek 2S: ex- 
eeUeat penformanw and One bnalnon. PanI 
OUBore 1; Florence Davis 2; The Tenderfoot 
S-i; Uttle JoiinBf JoDea 6; i;a^U3U 4;raad 
0pm Co. B IO: Kvnmty Domptj- 22. 

Bijoa (B. it. Stalnback. mgr.) Fortune Telled 
ireek 25; (ood bualncas. Tbe Beauty noetor 
veek Jan. I; S. R. O. 

Grand (A. B. UKTiKia, mgr.) Mil beaded Iv 
tmar L tm » aad Anna Dal* mak taa. 1; Us 


AUbTIA'. — Haitcoek's Opera House (Oeo. H. 
Walker, mgr.) The Man In Black 2S; gooi 
bnslneaa. Scbool Girl 26; fine ahow and good 
bn^lneu. Pumpkin Hnsker Z7; good bnslnens. 
Leirlj UorrlMa 23; good IKlslneae. Dora Tbome 
Jan. 1: Wben We Were Twenty M»e 2; Eter- 
■al City 4. 

BEAvKOKT.— Kyle Theatre (B. it. Wien. 
mgr.) nint 29; good bosbwia. Wben We Were 
Tirenty-ooe 27; good bnalncaa. Jobnny Jones 38; 
e apaelty booa e. Hoollgan'a Troid>le« 29. 

SBOWJIWOOD. — aUrtb Opera Ilouae (Ray 
PMf lW. acr.) W. B. Pattoa 16: pleased good 
taMifc ^Mocr 8t«ek Go. 18 and tveek; 
MjkMM ud aaod b — fm . Beggar Prtnee 
SmAOk.S: B. B. Ol WiMai Mbcc Ope<a 
C^Jn. nililtllpi BMdEOoL 12-1 4. 

- ^j**™ ■^***»^- .^a>rtii><M» good bBii- 

Mji asd pleaaed. Oa EDs Xtmmm wmk Jiaa. 1 

tftte Iteatre. MlaeCa 
a«K 2S-30: good ' 
w wfc J aa. 1. 

WKTMM-^^naA Opera Hooae (Jno. B. UIke, 
•Mnuaee and ttir bnslaeu. When We 
Tbe BroadbrWge Stock Co., 21-23; good 
were Tventy-One 28: big boalnesa. Last Row 
af g ammer Jan. 5; Tbe Caarlet's Dangbter 11. 

ClEBUBHE.— Browa'a nana Baaae Uan. B. 
JobaaoD. mgr.) I4wt RamST taWM* SbM- 
«td-)neui]ie bnaloeaa. Itav Mc«aii M: bmI 

bnalneaa and ajiow. 

OAtVESTON. -Crand Opera Boose (Dare A. 
wels. mgr.) Thou Sbalt Not KUl 22; boalnesa 
nil. Dora Tliorae 23: fair returns. The Great 
MaBoad Uysteiy -21; good honacs. Little John- 
gr *»• »: I^wte Momson 27; Tbe Sctiool 
jg" aae bnslnecs. Pumkin Bnsker 31; 

ggiyaTlaitlin Pletnres Jan. 1-2; Sla Hop- 
a»[ ^y T>e OaceTons 5. 

^M™» ^ . Tjg ,— Klng'a Opera Bouse (Walter 
^aju mgr.) T l« jttw l_ Olty 27; excellent 

eiSllen?" •»«»•) Boatoew 

lUXskAIX.— Opera Booae (Jaaca Dnke. 

pnmton 28; excelleot pei«gnn- 
ance and packed bouse. T*e Madcap Prlaceaa 
Jan. 3. ' 

, Boose (H. W. Warden, 

rutlr Outcast 3; pleased KOM MMtlM. «HB 

?'°rS^ S_m '^^^«"'« B'"" •: fWt«e TMler 

I*re Derll Dorothy 12 

^S.^P'^?9F^^ — Auditorium (B. P. Darls. 
fP.) Hdrldge. Impersonator 29; fair business 
and perfinnance. Balloon CamlTal Co. week 

» (B- B. Motsan, mgr.) Two Amer- 
•jCooTlct's Dangbter IB. 
. . - -'TO P«a Boinse (B. 31. CUldress. 
^STKr. ff^**^** pleased good boose. 

™EWj«et'iipaoebler 1; Adelaide Tburaton 2. 
— J rr" — Oiand Opera Beoae (A. Bleka. 

««• Adelaide Aimtoa 30 - 
Tbe Clansman Jan. S: A 
WAOO.-^oditorlam " 
The Pumpkin Hnaker 
•^ders 26: fair 1 
■Jan. 1 : Sis BopklW 
»e Were Twenty - 
Tbe Aaperons S. 

TLeatre (W. A. Bolt, mgr.) Btud- 
^■Si?rJ:"Ji^ P- Kroon. Mnrpliy 

Md^WIlUrd. Bud Farnum Trio and others week 

^ttAHACmE.— Sheltou Opera House. Ger 

3b. r* 

and sbow. 


SUOlABX OIXT.— «.it Cake Theatre (Oev, 
iiLl ftlfiJS*'' Hor aS-30; big bnslneaa 

•« ane perrormanec. 

a!L."^^MI>; iHeadM HiHiii aa« nod 
3* ' ■"•■ '■"■» «»•«». •« «M» •» 'WMir 


Bu*S^^''?*'-;r^''l*'' Op*" Hooae (N. 8. 
»mew mgr.) Creston Clarke 27: good boat- 
f« and perfonnance. Eben Bolden 28: good 
aS^i^ *w * . CorneU Glee Clnb 

~j^_^BOod business. Ssa Toy Jan. 3: crowded 

Hli 11,1111). —Opera ITouse (Bovle & Brelimer. 
■gt».) Manhaltaii stock Co. Dee. 2r, and week; 

■aSZHT*?'' """^ business 
B.^HI*.*"'"'^ — Waugb-B Opera House (T. 
2l- i2B*!l^**'-* ^« Parting of Waya Dec. 

— " g- twar— . 
_"^Lf«nUBIIBT.>— Staaley Opera Bouse (A. 
Mgr.) Imeler's Mloatrela 15. 


_i'OHK>I.K.-^e,i!,niy at Mnalc (Otto Wells, 
■«r-> "•Jrte Belleir 25; good show and big bnsl- 

Oraaby jCMla -Walla, mgr.) The Ninety and 
Aiae week 28; capaallr Iwrliin 



Builders and Constructors of 

All Kinds of Amusement Devicos 

ToO M a BIU . 
Beenle Railway. 
Johnstown FIomL 
Coal Mine, 

cave of tbe Irapa. 

Bottom of (be . 

Old Loi; Cabin, Anything In 

Theatre Fronts for8traei(!aralvals.ete The Money 

Al' Klnda of Tteatrleal Scenery. toy, the i 

Papier Macbe and Wax Figures, Mecbanlr^ ^ 

Brapuonot Monat ralaa, 

Baann and Hall, 

&ngbln» mrrotatPa.Bla.1a 
iS'iiZH::^ Bawand Up-to-DaaSKSReAB ot 

S!?KJ!S!^ _ »''• AboTe, 

fiaOMSSkthaaMlIk IWryOrottoa; 

8«k lb* aowda by tulns our ap-to-drnte and original Ideas for Ballylioas. 

Oriental. Electric HDsteaI.1Ili 
portable Jnbnstown aod ~ 
Figures. MecbaDical Bli 

Floral Deeoratloas. 
Allegorical Floats tor nndta, tte. 

Anything In the Am"——* 

n«MMk AIwFM«BtoaWataBBiidABlm»l 

■et up. MMbrvmAtA, dnnbtaw Il^t wnd ntlstle. O rol wa— 
la tba OsAa, » Mw idak for • •bootiiiB saileir. 









A N 



Uf ailTcn ^'^^ TB.E COWBOY GIBL, to open Feb. 15, '06— Good dramatic leading man and leading woman who: 
II RH I EU can sins solos, oomedr aoBrtet to nUy narts. singing and dancing light comedUui. Character man and 

woman, moat 

Rphaamals start 

can sing solos, oomedy goartet to play parts, sini 
i slog: ug man to plar mdlan part, good, genteel 

iteei heavy man, chorus gMa. 
House. CHICAQO. ILl. 

PETEBSBime.— Acadiar flC Vame (Jaa. P. 

Cfrfeman, mgr.) Sowing tJie Wind 2T: fair 
bn^ness and good show. Mother's Beart Jan. 
3; Bowe's MoTlng Pictures 8-9. 

STAVHTOK. — Bererley Theatre (Barkman A 
Shultz. mgrs.) Creston Clark 28: fair busi- 
ness. Sowine tbe Wind., fair business. Fre- 
mont Stock Co. week Jan. 1: The Bajab of 
niy j^l^j^ jHlllman Stock CV>. week An. S: 

SEAXns.— Crand Open Bona* (Jaa. Out. 
mgr.) Mme. Modjeaka 1-9; SeatOe Snapkoay 

Orobestra 3: "When Jobnny Oomea Uarcblng 
Borne 4-6; Boster Brown T-IS. 

Seattle Theatre (Jno. 0>rt, mgr.) Dreamland 
Burlesqners 1-6; The Alcaar Bcaatlca T-ia^^^ 

Tblrd Arenne TbeaQC laHHll . Ik IMV* 
msrs.) Ber Marriage Vow itMk l-St ▲ BIBM 
for MlUlons week 7-13. 

Star Theatre (Melvin G. WInstock. mgr.) 
Great Atblnl. Scanion. Adams and Rogers, John- 
stone and Cook, Lynn Welcber. Tontello and 
Xlna. Pete Dunaworth and morlng pictures 1-6. 

Orpheiim Theatre (E. J. Dounellan, mgr.) 
Bome's Dog Circus. Hal DeForrest Comedy C3o., 
Gibson and Gibson, Coano Troupe, Folly Trio. 
W. B. Stetson and movin* pictures week 1-8. 

Pantages Theatre (Alex Pantages, mgr.) raia 
Wilson. Bore Tikw Cad Slakla. A. OdaUa. 
Jack Heard*. M WtmtU — llllwii 
week !-«. ■■ ._ _ 

Ceatral (E. am— ^ JHr4 IHttagr -Bm*.. 
Harry Coalls. AMmt aWni Mmmn Bmilt 
Bite and moHag ptetoNa «tw l-S. 

liBM A. BBOBSaHMSB. «S8 Borke Bldw. 
MT.T.Tiqiifiir Itrrk'a Theatre (A. CSta- 
ker, mgr.) Lanaliic Bowan Co. week 24; good 
business. Girl from Sweden 28: bnslneas good. 
Slio-Oun Jan. ;1 Modjeaka 4; Bnster Brown 5. 

Grand Theatre (Geo. C. BUlson, mgr.) Mrs. 
Gen. Tom Tbnmb, Cionnt and Baton Msgrl, Bill 
HInes, Aldean &otbeta. La;Monts, Joe Bonner 
and Moving Plctaiea week 23; business good. 
Byder's Monkeys, Trask and Rodsers, Lopes 
and Lopei, Great Bleharda, Joe Bonner and 
morln:; pictures week Jan. 1. 

O0LFAZ,^Illdgeway Theatre ((3<o. H. I«D- 
a*K. aWT.) Nelson-Britt MoTing Ftetans M: 
■aad koalnesa and excellent perfonnaMt. 
FAXBXOirr, —Grand Opera Banie (K. P. 
Hastley. mgr.) Tbt Sign of the Fnnr ST; Bood 
show; Cair boalDcaa. San Tor ' 
lenee. Tka Balah «t Boac 'aa. 1; 
oess. The Clar Baker S; Mr 
of gplee e. 


,— Opeta Hoose (J, M. Bar- 
rack, oisr.) ne WatenDcloD Tnut 28; roll 

lionse. Tbe Sign of the Foor 30; big busi- 
ness. The Rajab of Bone 4. _ 
HASTlMIUtUJU}.— Central Opera Bouse (A. F. 
Lambert, mgr.) Wedded and Parted 29; good 
bnslnees. King ot Tnunpa 30; large business. 

WSEECJKO.— Theatre (Ed. B. rranibelm. 

mer.) Tbe Marrlape of Wm. Ashe 2S; good show 
and capadt.t' business. Cornell Glee Clnb 28: 
pood business and performance. Tbe Little 
Homestead 30; good business. AL O. FtakTs 
Minstrels Jan. 1: fine bm " ' " 

Simple G: sood sUow and 
be Girls, underlined. 

Bljon Family Theatre (Bnrj Boctra. nsr.) 
Inex Mecnaker. Ifr. aad Sfia. Cbaa D. Ham- 
mond. Zara aad Ckrtcw. Two Macks. Eteiaa 
ConaeBr aad rnoni^ ptetorea ' week 1; boslness 

Graad Opera Boaw (Chas. Felnler. mgr.) 
(Tlieater De Vonde Stock Co. week 25: good 

company and bosineiw. Ea>en Holden Jan. 1; 

eood business. Tlie Little Homestead 6; good 
hnslaMB. TIM Fatal Wcddlag 8-10; Itm Baat- 

Jaaaf^WB^'lw&rair MTM: «Ee^att 
faemanea and hMtaeaa.- Tha Bambv 
13: Ura. TMapIc** TkletnoB IS: Otis Skinner 

BUon (A. a IXaforth mgr.) Millard Brolh- 
eis, Jfaatdr* HMllaarttN. Bncgcl Bntheca, 



Original Rag-time Trio 


McKlnnon and Reed ma 
2Q: buslnegg good. 

BELOIT,— Selolt Theatre (B. H. <WIlson. 
mgr.) Flora De Voss Co. 11-13: fair buslneas, A 
Wife's SacrUee 14; fair performauce and good 

boalDcn. jaka Keadrlek Bnncs 15: big biul- 
ana. Himaielela Stock CO. Zl; good perform' 
aae* aad fair koataeaa. Wlnnlnger Brothcn' 
Om Oik SB aad wcA; reesrt feccaklBg bnsl- 
MliL Qui lua'i a niutiel a 1mm. t. 

VOom (Cltraaee Bnrdlek. Bicr.) Oa*. and 
Minnie Burrougbs, Ttie Patnands, Bay Samorls 
and others week Jan. 1; good bnalneaa contln- 

FOND HV LAC.— Crescent Opera Hooae (P. 
B. Haber. mgr.) Hearts of Gold 25: pleased 
gosd business. Tbe Sultan of Snlo 29; good 
show and Calr returns. Human Hearts 30; fair 
abow and bnslness. Why Women Sis Jan. 1; 
Land of Nod 3: Wbs. Owen 4. 

Ideal VanderUle Theatre (F. J. O-Wen, mgr.) 
Cook and Stevens, Nobkelle. Marshall, Frank 
Bmerson, The De Laceys, DUla and Temple- 
ton, Stet}btD5. Isabella Jajxsen, Aerial Mar- 
tins. Mantle.v and Sterling and morlng pic- 
tures ueek 24: business flue. 

JAIi£SYILI.E.— Uyep's Graad (P. L. Myers, 
mgr.) iMd aC K*d 33: gMd **v. aad knsl- 
nesa. Xh* Maik Oaak Sl?. «dr afeair aad bosl- 
neaa. n *« r a'h Virlad Pl etat * * SO; aaod baal- 
ness. Wl aa l ag a i **ttl r tf ' Owa Co. abb. 

xanWBar-4tkoda Opeta Uoias (/oa. -a. 
Rhode. Bigr.) Gtttam'm Sliaac'e.a 21: (air t-aal- 
nesa. Hnrnan Hearta Jan. I: rood show and S. 
R. O. Tbe PllaU 4-T: Majeatle Sto<A Oo. S3: 

BlJon (F, J. O'Brien, mgr.) Benton and 
Rankin, J, C. Pipe and dug. Froiinl. Gorgon 
and Eldred, Delia Templeton and morlos pic- 
tures week Jan. 1. 

HADIBOH.— PuUer Opera Hoose (Ed. Fuller, 
mirr.) Howe's Moving Pictures 27; good lionse 
and show. Gorton's Minstrels 29: fair house. 
Sultan of Sulu 30; good bouse. Blmmeleln's 
Stock Co. week Jan. 1. 

ThMn's Theatre (Fred Flom. mgr.) Ray Sam- 
net*. Musical Harts- Four Walseys and Tbe 
LaJiotta week '05; bnalneaa fair. 

BJtCm. — ^BeBe City Opera Hoose (Wm. 
Pad, asr.) Haaaa Heart* at; good bosinesa. 
T llimillllllll**lsa Stock Co. SS-M: good bosl- 
nea*. IIM> Ms Lead a< Mob 4; OaSar Sontb- 
em Skke T. 

BUon Theatre (Wm. Tlede, mgr.) Gtna bnia, 

witb eo°^ bDslii«ss. * 

WAtrSAV.— Oiaad Opena P oa ae <0. 8. Osoe. 
mcr.) Land «C. liad Mi piaaaad packed boose. 
Tbe Tamiac.«tl.aMLaBiv'JM.M: mmA haalaeaa 
J. good 

_ <A. 

Skr An S ;c*SMllr - 

Bl(a*«d. AntTd mt Rlttr SO: t*oi 
Jlr*. Tmple** Tdegiam Jan, 4; The Gypsy 
GIri 5-«. 

Star Theatre (J. G. Appletoa. mgr.) Tbe Jo- 
llana, Oaltery and Grant. Artiot and Gnnn, Hen- 
rietta De Serrls Co., Tbree Nodoe, Thompson 
and Serlda. Jas Waltbour and Co. and others 
week 2S: fair bill and good business. 
KnreSTOV, OBT. — Grand Opera Honse (D. 
Bnannlgan. mgr.) Kyle'a VaoderlUe Co, 2S; 

- ■ - — - lie O aa u aeaa 28: 

C^a^^lk* AzrlTal 

ST, JOHV, If. B. O aeia Hnaae (A. O. 

Skinner, mgr.) Walte'a Oaaedr Oo. S; Mg 

Backed h*a**. Tl 

ar KBIT JM. I. 

To Rich to MmxTfi The M yat erloa a Mr, 
Raffles. Other People** Moacr. Ih* Slaa •< Mys- 
tery. \ -. V - -• 

York Theatre (K. t. AraiitftBS,-.»S«.>'Wt*»t- 
Uag match _ • " -■. ; ' 


Family Orchestra 

FtanOb yiolln, Comet, TroBlniieaiia 



Au^^ta, Ga. 

..At Liberty.. 

Do both net and blown work; 
make anythlDg; have own Ures. 


Merry-Go - R.oufid 


Armttage-Herscbell mfg. OMt f2,00e. IM 
elFbt montba. Excellent coodlUoa, ma Or- 
gan ; eighteen popular alra. Will aeU at 'a b*(> 
gain. Other bnalneaa to attead toi. Write- • — " 

Spladl**, Ptekoat 
IVip*. Toichea. 
cheap for cadi. 

St., St. iMUlM, I 

wAumra- to xotino picsmts xaxa- 

OEBB,— Beware of R. M. (3oaibo, Amnerly a> 
operator with Tim Gibbons' Electric Sbow. Tm 
Information recardlng bis dishenest rtealin d B i 
address F, X0irrG01IEB.Tr, Ft Worth. Tax, 


to hear tram Freaks of aU dcaeilptlaaa, 
good make-Dp iBltSHt Ck gtmgm 
Most be a mone^gatiar. MtaM M, A 
Cixclartlto, O, 

AT UBERTT— lA new (^nderman Ferris WheeL 
WonM like to book with (ome good Camlral 
Company tbis seaaon. yMla ... I» 
Wortbiaato& An.. Ohad*ll% Si* 9m 

Madrtin* daalOlaS 
aagBgement. Sure 

riff. Pair, rmmt to. i-«t s**d 

Allen 11-13. 

Grand 1. Small mgr.) Yorke and 
In Rankers and Brokors week Jan. 1; line 1 
ness. Lovera* and Lunatics week 8. 

Majestic l.v. J. Small, mgrj Tbi 
the Tnnsgrrssor week Jaa. 1;. Siai 
Queen at CVmricl* 8-13. 

St*r (F. W. Stair, nr.) JUa Kcv Tok. th 
10: wood kaafc***;' aad'-. pmliiiMaii i i . BnpM. 
Bnrieaqaer* S4S. ' : . ; 


WOODSTOCK. OHT.— Opeia House (C. A. 
Pyae. mgr,) Tbe SerloOsmlc Otel 2: fair bad- 
ness and pleased. Britt-Nelson Fight P kitai a* 
4: good boslness and attraction- CndsltaMt 
.Mncrlcan Vltacrapta Co.. 5 8: The Way •< Ikd 
■ n a anu fdor 11: HI* HlBkatH the Ber. . 







60— Competent Circus — OO 


Address WAR. MnSGAT, General Afrent, No. 67 South Clark St., 

Suim 401. CM K.'AUU, 1 LL. 



rris & Rowe Circus 






MiUti Will Mr H^ri RMms, MM teh, Mmn» is: 

And small acts of all kinds. 

Stats full particulars and lowest salary In first commonication. 

20 more opposition Billpo^ers. Car Mgrs., Route Riders, 

\rr-^-- 2A HOUR MEN. 

Address, WINT^^ QUARTERS, Santa Croz, Calif. 



It kH IUio( to ItaRiluck. 

Ths Laiaat and Best Tpainlng ParfbrMaace 
la the United States. 

No cage nsed. Everything first-class. Now ready for Hippodrome, 
CSrcQS and Parks. Offers invited. Address VASILE POPfiSEU, 
HoIIis, New York. Lata of Carl HjgMibeek ShoWL .- 

For Harkness and Fox Minstrels 

Musicians, Kovel Specialty Feople, SkatA Tlauw aud OonudlaoB; any good 
aets. PratBraoM glvan tboM doaUbig band. Write ur win aulolc. 

BOY B. FOX. Hgr. - 

Bells. TMrnaweB. Jan. U-1M3; yomat aiy; Arfc, Jan. li5-ie-l7. 

2o^^aR Guaranteed Watch for'3^ 

The harKlwnmt and DMai parfcet gamiB* ASMifeia 14 kant gold pUtad wateb ever 

ofrand tor. ^.e. IhMibla haatioff cud, rich aoUd gold paftaili of angravlng, aaaortad da- 

dcni. ■Fittu'i wiSx -Qm nry bci* Mran j««alad.laaricaii uMi ii uwi itt flam wind and itaai 
1 act, abaolajay 'iwmirtaad lo keap paifict Una 'tar M VKMIS. FaaiUnlr tha gnat- 
' Mtbnraiatolbataaa^tbaaaith. SEnMO I* 'SnjCVmO. Cattkiaoataadaaodlttaa t^ataKeaaadaxpTaaaaOcaaddrcsamiMl wawiUaand tbawalcb and a b a autlf nl 

clLiin cnippleta 10 year axpreaa oincafor a»lDlnaU«n. Tea axanina Ittmnt at yoor axpraaa oAea 
uid if V rrprCMntM) pay axpiv.. axvDt onr aala pri(« f 3 7S and axpraaa eh.rrei and Uiay ars 
— .-'SaB«<mtB~;<mTle1<arwbaUirr jon innt a Lsdlss* Watch or a CaMlamu'a WMch, 
Mni%4]i^oth atxaa. Ordar to^y aa thia advartiaamant wiU not appaar aaain. Addrau 
^>enSuLJteit» & go, M6 DBARBOBW OUCAno. ILL. 

PMate leak ttii op. OaacaM ite tecat Battue Bw«* te tto wofM. Only An- 
: «3un a «a<laa «( IM mJlaK. a VUlSna PMpla. M OltlM aad HO Ib«M ta draw 
... latal aaamer poMlaUaa. Cmat cxtOHln enter or ttt But. ran PAaK. 
iooMlac emcb year. Cbacd aeaion of IWB aa the TMsri brtaker. Wr ai« now xntj 
It* balaoee fiwiftnliina (aet onder contract); write na wknt nrtTaec* 70a tfaalre; 
~ Ufer aMItlMal uanrawat dc*lee* tor msKia laoa. aylandld piItUvs' 

aiaall) and la* locatiaM for Vaadlu Ma<*lim AJl aUT» 7 

- - - fMweetiH.THB.MMIIB JNVSirnaO^ CO, Ltd 


Ku ukI wife who do doable ud alii(c}« fteii&I; not 1*sf than 4 acta la tbe blir show and moBt fumlth s tarns la 
eonorrt; mux to break rlnfr&nd trtck nock and tcacb ndinir. w«nt to bay a troop* oC w«n broke do«n. Peopi« 
» lowest Don't auk Bamom aalarr— be U dead. Oan Costello. Geo Richards, Fmok mnA Ocean Allen, Foet«r 
~ "1 eiaaMock. Bash or 8onfr JoiMs» write. Atfdrws HARRY HOBauB. Box 143, TeurkMi*, Tez. 


(Continned ttoa pase 31.) 

Vogel'n, Jno. W. Vosd, mgr.: Samtogn, R. 
y.. 10: GrnoTlUe 11: Batlaal. Vt.. 12; Bur- 
Ungton 13; St. Albaos 15; Flattibnr;, N. T., 
16; Malone 17; Canton 18; Ogdensborg IS; 
(Watertown 20. 

Wrat'a. Wm. B., Sanford B. Blcab;. msec.: 
CUaton. Aril., 10; Uotenei 11: Albooaetqae, 
H. U- M; WIMIair, Ada., Mi ~ 
aal,.w; Saa Beniaidlao M. 


Aadretr A: Sominas. Bairr AadlCin, Mgr.: 
OlrpbaBt, Pa.,' 10: CteMndale 11; Vaieat 
OMr Ml nj^ialli lit. 

Aleaaar^caatica. Cbaa. - Vaalai, mcr.: Seat- 
Uf. Wash S-13: Portland. On.. VtV>. 

AUerlcaas, Edinp ,D. Ulncr, nicr.: Bntte, 
Uont., 8-18; Spokane: Waah... 18^ . . 

Arenac Girls, Geo. Hale, mgr.: Grand Bap- 
Ida. Mlcb.. 8-13; Chlcaco, m..- U-SO. 

Baitmore Beantlei. Sol.' Jlrera. mgr:: 8t.- .raal, 
Minn.. 813; lUimenolla WO. 

Black Crook. lUUer *' Ploka, 


Ta kaow tlio wl i e i — O wi ta of ctennce Tnin. uaviaa 

oniicoFB 00 .So fw.Mtta.aawTaafc. 

JCD8X BE 80I2> before F>0. 1— » Sapbo Qaar. 
toMopes and Antosn^s, with PletDcea. . fU.M 
each. All la ciieratloD. U 7o3 mean bnalnesa. 
irRk BMM7. Jaa'c wxHc S. B. A., 4M 

Cr««k. Mldu. 10; 
nint 19. 

Bloe Ribbon Girls. Jack 
N. v.. 84S: Sgilaittll 

ok« 18-20. . • • 

Bobemians, BameT Glrard. mgr.: Dnlntb, 

lllnn., 8-13: Bntte. Mont.. 15-20. 
Bon Tons, Bnah * Wehex, mgrs.: Philadelphia, 

Pa.. 813; Reading 15-20. 
Bowery Bnrlesqoen, Joe Bnrtlg. mgr.: Maah. 

Tille. Tens.. 8-13; New .Orlcana, La.. 15-20. 
B^adieca. Obaa. Croasnll, nsr.: Brooklyn. 

Broadway Oaletr Olrla. Janca a. Cortln. mgr.: 
Salt Lake City, xnah, 8-18; OenTcr, Col., 15- 

Bryant's, Bany, BxtmTagaoza, C. H. Ees- 
yon, mgr.: New. York City. 8-13; PhUadel- 
pbla. Pa.. 15-20. 
California Girls. O. H. Turner, msr.: Jersey 
City. N. J.. 8-13: Philadelphia, Pa.. 15-20. 
Casino Girls. Xt. M. Tbclse, mgr.: Prorldenee. 

B. I.. 8-13; Boston, Mass.. 15-20. 
CbCTrj Blossoms, M. Jacobs, mgr.; Montreal* 

Oan.. 8-13; Toronto, Ont., 15-20. . ■ . 
City Sports. PhU Sberidan. mgr.:' '.It. '.Z4aM^ 

Mo.. 8-13: Cblcago. m.. 15^. 
COUwlal Belles, Oat. Faike, mgr.: FhUadel- 

^a. Pa.. 8-13; New York City, IS-SO. 
Gkacker Jacks, Ba^ ImoI. ner.: Boeton, 

US: Msw XWe Ofer. 1B40. 
J ae ht i a . , »Mh- af . w M wr , aun.: uiere- 
land. C. »4B: 'Bairaln. K. T„ »40. 
Dainty Paiee, Joe Barnes, mgr.: Patexaon, N. 

J., 8-13: Jersey City 15 20. 

Devere's, Sam, Own. P. E. Preeman. mgr.: Bal- 
timore. Md.. 813: Phlladel^bla, Pal. 16-20. 

Dreamland Beauties Frauk Calder, mgr.: Port- 
land, Ore., 8-13; Sao Frandsco, Cal., 15-20. 

ETmplre Bnrlesquers, J. Fennessy. mgr.: To- 
ronto. Ont.. 8-13; Bntfalo, N. Y., 15-20. 

Fay Foster. Joseph Oppenhehner. mgr.: BttMk. 
lyn. N. T., 1-13; Paterson, N. J., 15-20. 

Gay Masqneradcrs. Jobn S. Raynor, mgr.: Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.. 1-13; Providence, R. I.. 15-20. 

Cy Morning Gli>rles. Sam A. Scrlhner. mgr.: 
New Orleana. La.. 8-13. 

Golden Crook, JacMia ft Jermon. mgra.: - Bnt- 
falo. K. X., 8-18: Bocbcater U40. 

Btah BaOan. A, .B. .WoodhaS, aigi.: Kaaaai 

Btth flAoa Ohb. Alfked Mayoi mgr.: MU- 
waakcc, 'Wla., 8-18; St. Pan], Minn., IS- 
SOi. ' 

Howard, 3Iay. BxtraTaganza, Geo. F, Learned, 
mi^. : WasbinEton. D. C, 8-13; Baltimore, 

Md.. ir..20. 

Ideals, Sim 'Williams, mgr.: FMMdVhCa. 
Pa.. 8-33; New York City. 15-27. 

Imperials. Jesse Bnma, mgr.: Chicago, llL. 
8-13: MItwankee. Wla., 15 20. 

Innocent Maids, E. W. Chlpman, mgr.: San 
Francisco. Cal., 8-13. . . 

Irwin's Big Show. Fred IMIb, agr.: Kan- 
sas City, Mo., lS-20. 

Jersey Lllllca. Geo, Hoffer, msr.: Newark,' N'. 
J.. 8-13; New York City, 13 20. 

Jolly Girls. T. E. Mccreary',. ' ihgr.: Salt Lake 

City, Utah, w-ao.-'^' , ' '■ 

Jolly Grass WJdoira. .60*. W. Hogan. mil.*. 

aeveland. 0.. 8-13: Ptttabnrg. Pa.. IS^SO. 
KcBtoekr Bdlfa. Bobert G«doi. ■MK.^''Kew 
. Toric o^. »o«Hr> -t ■■■ 

Kalekcttmeier*. Loola BoMe,' I^aar^-jrjark 

City 8-13; Ftilladelphta, Pa., 15-90.^ 
Majesties Fred trwln. mgr.: Albany, N. Y., 

S18: Troy 15-30 
Mascotts. J. J. Moaahan. mgr. 

Olty, 8-13: Brooklyn 15-20. 

Merry Maidens. J. X,on-Tf, m;;r. ; 

8-13; Montreal. Can.. 15-20. 
Merry Bnrlesqners. Wm. Ballaaf. mgr.: 

sas City. Mo., 15 20. 
Merry Makers, R. E, Patton. mgr. 

City. 8-20. 

Moonlight Maids, David Kraos. mgr.: Cincin- 
nati. O.. 819: NashTllle. Tenn.. 13-20. 

New Century Girls, Chas. W. Daniels, mgr.: 
Brooklyn, N. Y.. 8-18; Boston Mass.. 15-20. 

New London Gaiety Girls, CllIT vr. Grant, mgr.: 
Kansas City. Mo.. 8-13: St. Loola. 15.20. 

Ke,w Tork Stan. M. M. Ttelae mgr.: Boeb- 
eater. N. T.. 818: ABianr. UhSO. 

OiientU^ W* yB. Watspn, ,nvr.: 
Waafe., ftnt' a«atac lSa40. 

FhiMaa-JMba JUn^ GrtoeM. mgr.i SL. 
aioi.. S-UI: IndlanapoUa. lad.. 1048. . 

PaiMaa WIdowa.. Bnah tt watr. wm.t 
too.' Pa.. 818: Newark K. 7.. 3«». 

Reerea. Al.: PIttsbarg, Pa., 8-13; Cincinnati, 
O.. ir.JM. 

Relllr & IVood's rat Bellly, mgr.: Detroit, 
MIcb.. 8-1.^: Grand Rn|>lds Ir, 2.). 

Richards & E>rlnf;le's. Rnsco Ic. Holland; mgr.: 
Clyde. Kan.. 10; Manhattan 11: -Xopeka 12: 
Learenwortti 13: Atillll— M; .MWWlCt IS: 
Bnrllngton 10: 08age-tr:'.ta8«ia .-18; Strong 
City 18; MarloD 20. : , .ni.- ,i 

"*1Kb^ SSgTs^'Keir' xaet tith^^ 

Bose SyddPa Londoo BeUca, W. S. Oamjb^ 

mgr.: Reading. Pa., 8-13: Setaatoa IMO. 
Bnnawoy ClrU. Petvr S. Clark, mgr.: Tr^ 

ledo. 0., 8-13: Cleveland IS'20. 
Star Show GlrU, W. Fenacav. mgr.: ntt»^ 

burg, Fa., 8-13; WUUagtOB. D. a. lS4lk'; . 
TborougUbreds, L. Y.' Ol m marth, mgr.: Baa ■ 

ver. Col., 8 13. 
Tteer Llllles lasy Grodz. mgr.: Loulsrllle, Ky., 

813; Cincinnati, O.. 15-20. 
Trans-Atlantic Burlesquers, nurUg & Sessnon. 

propa.; E. ii. Roaenttaal. mgr.: Beaton. 

Mass., 13-20. 
XrocaderoB. Chas. H. Waldion. mgr.: Kmr 

York City, 8-13; Brooklyn 15-27. : - 

Utopians, W. V. Jennings, mgr.: IndlanafcMf^ 

Ind., S-13; LoulSTllle,. Ky., lS-20. 
Vanity Fair. Roiiert Mancheatec. mgr.: CU- 

cago. 111., S-13; 'TMedo^ O.. 15'SO. 
Waslilnston Society - Girla, Kenan ft Wataoa. 

mgra.: . Cincinnati, O.. 8-13; ClcTCland 15-80. 
Wine, Women and Song. M. M. Tbelsa. mgr.: 

Phlladeliihla. Pa,. S-13. 
World Beaters, J. Herbert Mack, mgr.: Pttti- 

burg. Pa., 15 20. 
Xaakee Doodle Girls, Lonls Harris, mgr.: 
'JMapollB, Minn., 8-lS; Dnlntb 15-20. 


Ctaik^^ If. I..: Seated, ila.. U>: tidalaall 
Ui ficd.Lml Ail BftweeB 1:8 OutlolNRr 

Ely^,' Om.- «.< OMMtOH lau 
McDonald Biw.*: .TOUm, Oa.. 18, 

Blec * Bartoa. 

. is-ao. 

New York 

Alabama Camlral Co.: Canton, Mlsa., 8-13. 
Bnirell CamlTal Co., D. B. BarreU, mgr.: Oak- 
dale, La., 8-10; Oherlln 11-14. 
Cosmopolitan Amusement Co., H. Snyder, gen. . 
mgr.: Opelooaaa, La., S-13; Uifajette 15- 

Dixie Camlral Co.: El Paeo. Tez., 8-lS. 
European Amusement Co.: Halletsrllle, Tax., 

8-13: aegatn 15-20. 
GrajblU & Roshmer Amoaement Co., Oraybin 

ft RoahmcT, mgra.: Norrlatowit, Pa., Oct. 1, 


HemptoB Amaaemaat Oo.: Opdlka. Ala.. 8- 

BIcMb HwoMBunt Co.: LaaarUle. la.. S* 
IS: D«Blddar 1848. 

Boral Aanaaement Co., B. B. Tlppa. mgr.S 

Welsh. La.. 8-13: GarTdm 15-20. 

cester. Mass.. Indef. 
Lerltch, Prof. L. Palmistry Co.: Oanrille, IB.. 


Ungerman'a Samuel ft Lncy, Magical ft ven- 
triloquist EnterUImnent (705 N<rth 51k 
St.): PhUadelphIa, Pa., ladaf. 

New Bdlson Blectrlc Theatre. P.H. Brown, 
msr- (SSO Bobertson Are.): Springfield, Mo.,. 

Preseelle, Hypnotist, F. WlUard Magosa, mgr.: 
Somersworth, N. -H., 8.18; Blddeford, M«., 

Bandolphia Havte Pl ata a aa i Bmltfamie. nic^ 

8-10: Baattop U-U. 
Bnaadl. 8. North, mgr.: Deft. 

aaca, - 0.i lOr nndlay 11; Plqoa is. 
Shepaid'a Xwlag Pletarea, Archie L. Shepard, 

mgr.: Aaboty Pkrk. N. T.. Nor. IS. Indef. - 
Shepard'a Morlng Pictures. Archie L. Shepard, 

mgr.: AtUntte City. N. J.. Not. IB. Indef. 
Shepazd's MoTing Pictures. Archie L. Shepard. 

mgr.: rail RItct, Mass., Not. i», Indef. 
Sbepard's Moving Pictures, .ixriile L. Sbepard. 

mgr.: Lawrence, Mass., Kot. 10, Indef. 
Shepard's MoTlng Pictures, Archie L. Shepard. 

msr.: Wastilngton, D. C, Not. 1», indef, 
SheparVs Morlng Pictures: Greenwood, Miss.^ 


Sblpp's Indoor Clrcos: Sprlnglleld, 111., 8-lS. 
Story's MoTing Plctme Show: Barton lAodlsg, 

Vt., 8-13. . - ■ 
Tane, Barry, MagWiwit 

I^fhyette U-ao. 

Wood'a.. J. L,:MM-^ 

Wood!. Mgr.: - :UHt. Tm 
wnaUK. «r.t ifSw^Mk. 

Southern Camtral]; 
'Vemo Show. E.-- 


FrankllK-HonaMn -Vaaderllle ' Co:: Big Sprlaga. 

Tex., 10:11: Midland ia-13. -i . 
Lafayattt^,. The Great.. Show.JJC^Q.^l«tayat^. 

Arte.. S-IS. 


mgr.^i, Jeiiey Share, Pa., lOTXrwIaliarg U;' 
iUHitHwB 18; Baadtag IS-Mt' nMUnI ISl 
O aj g WM «wir (aatSriack'Mi " (xa lirti*. 


AnffnBUne''s Electric Scildio: Indianola, MlSS., 

Cnrpenler'a Selool of Palmistry: Hot Springs, 
Ark,. Inilpf. 

Crocker's Educated Horses. John C. Patrick. 

mgr.: Adrian, MIcb., 11.18; Tecomaeb 15- 

10; Mt. Clemena 17.]8| UiFMC 18481. < 
Case, CoL A. U.'. rBIHlOl. Od^- Ba«- 

landa 14-aO. ' ." 

Oook ft Barria Oa, B. ft.-.qoafe, mftfi. On. 

aaadalgaa. 1I.-'T, 1841. Tt^ . 

Daris' ^entlane Bretrie Thmtrr: 'liadtto*. 

Ind., Indef. 

DeComm'*. J. T.. Dog ft Monkey Show: 'Colo- 
rado Bprlngn. OoL, 0-18: LeadTUle 15-90. 

Flints. The. Heibart L. VUat. av.: Oak fttk, 
111.. 8-18; Bockl 

Faifala'a P. HU' 
f.t,. indef. 

aibba Sisters Morlng Pletore Show: 
Held. Ind.. 11-12; Linton 18. 

Herodas Temple of Palmistry: Goal City, 
ni,. I-K., 

Qontley's Kntertalners: Kenyon, Minn.. 8-l<^ 
neialu Square Muvlne Pletarea (Eaatctali Wor- 




The O. * M. Bawaln Cala- 
lomi- for thirteen Tears the 
LEA DING G D f D E aa • 
U UN EY MA KEK and a 
laONET 8AVEB. Write for 
It to-day and be uonTinctea. 




. X sods. Cutlery and 


Sole axentn fur "Baynold" 


M»aiM«DOdi of all Idnda. Prlrlicta 

Cremi & Son. PropS« 


To take cliarge of the second briKade. 
Must be able to contract, and to litho- 
graph, banner and post bills when 
oecessary. H. A. MANN. Gen. Agt, 
Spsrto abowM. Qe»l», 


An AnatDinical Museum 

Address D. E. F., Can Billboard, Chicago. 


Vaoderltle ard other irood attractions for 
Can arlTe open time after Jan. 6th. Fine 
<«eBln«r for c mpanl>-s with from 8 to IS 

BU. npnUtiu" sono: aekUiur ckpadff 400L 
AMimW. K. OILBCMtr. Ooalport. Pa. 


AmAntotntn four raore amAll poDlm for ring and 

<Jrill n,.-r A.Mr- ^~ ; ■. 

COL. W- J. UDLS TnuDing Baj-n at. riana^iLn, lU. 


YonoK Man Tamblcr, alto two joung Udl«« to work In 

Klyerfor Acrlml Castlns Act; matt do dooblo* 
IxrtlcuUra In rirrC Irttor. Lons Mafon; load u 
right partr. Addrem AERUL,caM BlilSaaud. 

WAMTPn liadlelBa Porter mor t . Sketch 

■ fcl* Team. on« that can pat on acts 
and make tbeni Ko; roan and woman preferred. State 

lDWMtaal&r7 aadati voa cbq do In Ontt. Also plaao 

player that caa work In acta. _AUmut be abia to Join 

WAMTEIt-WlId West People 

write. Any* 

RIdere, (Broncho Butters.) Rine Sbott. 
Lonvaaaion with reliable Co. KaniaaKld 
Any act tuUabto lor w. w. i>tlt« Addnaa, Lock 
Ut.P.O. Auttla.Taiaa. 

WAIITEIl— F^t^'t*** Atttaetloa or iMaUO* 
Wff"* Wbool. llenT« ~ 

Merry-Go -Round 

Henchell-Spillman nkake. In Bi^ii^Iasa con- 
<Iltlon. and will • bWSalA fOTCMb;' ' 
Box S4. B. r. P. Htt.«, HMtototiBnt. Ky. 

Sli White Poodln. 1 monthaold. r.nialtaWl aialte 

no.ortsoperpalr. Alan Htalua Tnnilnir to Ufa. All 
now. Kt up ten timet (U; one Jumbo ((.tal■l^ 
ne>,tt6; onrtent, aoiW, teoond-haad, U toot, imall. 
Bump for reply. -t t i 


Carter 1. Chatanee**. Tann. 


T.lBctrio macblne».alloolor««nclIt and deeinu; 
■\o7i^'rf Pertaining to tattoolnK.RC88EU.^k COYKB, 
AT?^«ru''J;.4'S. S» DIamoBdSt.? 


HiGICIAIS' Bookt for tale ll.Tt a tboi 

Itanio for lample. ANDRKW8, Made 

iftSt., Phlladelpbla. Pa. 

u£?.!ii?~"!ft:°>'*°P*<n*>' pm^malla inlta- 
Smy fo??'" llloelon/* ghoet abow. ^ch good com 

. - r ghoet i 


MBB. M. POWELL, B«Uwood.Ora. 


tab. Nmic PoMishan and 
>Mhfi in TKaalriul. 
I »n4 Park 

Adrertliemeiiti not ezwedlBg one list In 
Irnsth, wlU be pablUhrd, properly claailiM In 
this DlztctotT, at the rate of flO tor one year 
Cffi Itaoee). proTided they are of an aeceptaba* 
ntture. Prioe Indodea ooe yetrt* tnbMrlptloB 
to The Binboud. BeKnlar idTertlten. who 
upe In excesa of $50 worth of tptco aaaoallT 
arr CDtlelcd to one line Crcr of charge for each 
&ftr dollara or fraction thereof, eoTcred br 
tlirlr contrieta. The Dlrectorr U rerlaed and 
lorreetfd . weekly, changet la Urm oaoMa and 
aildrcMM MIC recorded ai «Ma at Mr uc 
recelTal. • 


Sllaa-J. CoByae, «M JMt«aa ava.. OUcage, in. 

Bdnioiit SUters' BallooB Op.. Bred CII7. Ulcb. 
NorUiw'ata Ballooa Co^ Tl FiillertoaaT.,Obleago 
tleC Cbas Swarti, HiiailKddt, Tcob. 

Wai. Btrtelt. 100 Greenwich tr., N. T. C. 
Cma*. Wild Brtat Merchant. Llrerpool, Eat. 
Carl nagcnbeck, StelUngen-Bamboxg. , Germany 
Lonla Boh*. MS Grand et., !fov X«ck CUy. 
SehUIlv'e Zoe. 38 Cooper iq.. Ncir X«tk Oltr. 

AimnciAi. FitQwcm 

Botaaleal am, €», m iMMNl «•.. CUtaco. 

And Thaatiioal lAwyars, Who Spaolaliia ia 
Tbaali li tl and Oixotia Law. 
Xaaclaa.K. Bosenaweic, es Naaaaa at.,!!. Y .O. 

Geo. A. Ptturel t Co.. 41 Warren St., K. Y. O. 


Post St. Baaaaa. M ftat Mam 

a. S. Pmcott Agey. Sit Laamr 
Minaeapolla. Minn. 

TheUcss Co., 2SS 8. ri>ibBga»t..lUrtieat«r,NT, 


St. Lonit BattoD Co.. 415 Lneaa avc., St.Loals 
. Ih rig i dliia aa Oaa K a aaf a otai o ts . 

nra od. tmt oa_ hb ta sc. amaaiii 

St. Iiaali oaTEwiTOa., SW Sta aa, St. iMia 

Geo.. KmIb, Cvaaatnit. lad. 


Electric Casdj Machine CX>.. NashTllle. Tenn. 
Bmplre Cream Separator Co.. Bloomlleld, N. ]. 

Vor Cironaaa, Parks, Stunmar Oaxdana, ato. 
DIraherger Pop Oora Co.. 18S Sencea it..BaSbl» 
Wm. F. XadSea * O0..U-I6 Deibroaita ■t»II.T. 
New Yoik OODftetkHi Co.. T« Varick at., H.X.O. 
Bncekhelm Bra*. & Brksteln. Chicago, 
•hotwell Mfc. Co.. 117 MIeblsan at., 


I. Blsenstein. 44 ABB it.. New Xnt at; 
p. C. Blcketts, W Aan at.. New Zoik CII7. 
Bros.. .tS Baicsq;^ Ne«_X«ck 


CARS (R. R.) 

Oiieas and Xhaatiioal. 
Arms Palace Bocae Oar Co.. 
Ml. VMM Otf M«t...Cfc._IL._.- 
Tbe TMea THanwlaHw Oa« SL 

Vow sad SiuiaaWtal. 

P. A. Meilagh. W-AI OhapUn at.. 
U. 8. Tent tc Awn. Co., 10 N ~ ' 

Cages, Bens snd Bsad 

Sulllrao ft Esgle. Pern, Ind. 

Lanier ft Driwbacb. TS8 Pestoa St., Maavhis. 
Klagery Mlh. OtM MS ■. tad OMmil. 
W. Z. lioS> SlUasSllfc a 

St. Louis Confetti Co.. 3t. Louis, Mo. 
U. 8. Fireworks Co ..St. LooU aad Memphis. 
V. S. ni« Os^ «*«» OiBMwt aea.. ^ — 

Van Bsat * Soo. 121 .V. atk 

SaUtMMa, E^iafl^a» eta, 
Clark Baf., MDwankte. Wli. 
KBOZ Eng. Co.. BIB Baica at., KnozTtBs, Tarn. 
Life O'frsTure Ot., LaO asa t . Wla. 
Qneea.Otty Bag. Oo.. Blraer bidg.. Olarlaaatl. 
Strata aw. Oa, IBik Bmr feUc Xeift. 


Prar. p. J. BMC*. IS Uaalle at., flhtata. 

Aod Dsalexa In Flags, Banting, Faatooning, eta. 
WUItrd Ooe Co.. BB IM.^at., Kanaas Citr. Ms. 
D. 8. Flsg Co.. 2248 GlAert are.. OlaelBiiatl. 

Nstl. Tlanis Mtg. Co.. MT rnltno St., BrooktrD 
n. 8. FUg Oo... SMS. OUbsrt are., Clnclnaatl. 

Basltii in. and Baetel Barsaaa 
Amerleaa HlsllBpb (In II B. 14tt at.^ H.tXX. 
Peter Badgaloal. 
^> Flha mx.. 


Kieiat Optleal "oilTa'f^iS dueac*: isr- 

28 W. aSd at., ttcw Xorir Oily. 
S. Lnbin, » 8. 8th St., PhtladelpbU. 
MeAlUster 40 Nasaao St.. New York Ofty. 
MUes Brea., 10 K. 14tb it.. New York CUy. I 
Mile* Bros., lie Turk tt.. San Franelaeo. OaL- 
Natl. Film Renting Co., SS N. OUrk it.,aileago 
PatVe Clnrmata8ra{>h Co.. 42 B. 23d at. .N.X.O. 

35 Randolph at.. Chlcaeo. 
Sells Polrtcope Co.. 41 Peck Conrt. ChlcsKO. 
li. U. BwsAl) ft Ck>.. 3S8 Sprace St., PhUsdcTiAila 


Amila A Co., OO Fulton at., York OII7. 

Katknal Flac Co ..ClnclBnati. Ohio. 

D. S. FUg Co.. 2243 GUbert are.. Cincinnati. 

V. 8. Tent ft Avrn. Co., 10 N. Oesplalnes, CU'co 


Spindles, Club Hooao Fttmltnra, ate 
Barr 8t Co.. 5Q 5tta are, Chicago. 
B. V. Clark. S Wejboaaet at.. Prorldene*. B.L 
Oowper 3itK. Co.. 168 8. CllntOD st^ CUeafla 
Desne, 1067 Ceatral are., Claeliaatl. O. 
H. C. Brans CO., las S. Claik at., CaMasa 
Jesse Jsmet, Fort Scott, Kan. 
Klein ft MUler, 43 Leonard st.. New Xork City 
O. MlUer Ufa. Co., Kutaa City. Mo.. 
B. A. Moore Mfg. Co.. 923 Wyaa. Ksa. Clty.Mo 


Mako-ap Boa a s, OoU Onam, ato. 

riussss.aiid Xr^piaga for Wrsoa aad Adv. Uaa. 
Sckaaaba Plaaa &>.. 012 IteUos'B af..BraoUra 


XAdgtas aad Voerding Boiusa Itae^asBted by 
■ tfca Vzofaaaioa. 

miffMBO, nx. 

aad Bids.8how Oeoda Qf aaa f a ati 
of aad Saalan ia.) 

M. Boltalie, 
Pr^^OMM Oatalla. 

Xtwdv Co.. nn -Mar. Philadelphia 
* AUrr, ITS B. MaCtta at., Chleage. 
~ * Oa.. ISS.Wahasb, OlcacA. 
«aw-X«ik aUf. 

Hw. TaafWm. Mas nnni aic Glaelnaatl. 

b WaMaaia. SIS ■. 

U OHT>' 

Bolte *' wSr^aSaS' Mtchtgin St.. Cbleaco. 
ReOk Tsylic. BT GUB St.. New Xsrk Ctty. 
n. a XlBBt * Awa-Os.. MV. PtiBlslaM. Ohl'go 


flttfMpttCODSp fltOa 

IfeAlUster, 40 Ndssao St.. New Xork CUy. 

T^^KiMml^TrniB? tiy? CkiiSaf*'** 


B. Condemuui. BoraellSTlIIe, H. X. 
Herschell-SplUiDsn ft Co.. N. T luaaaaSl 
FMcrlek Ingeiaoll. SOT 4tb are. 
W. B. tabb. IndlanapoHa. lad. 
a W. .VMte. Ahllenr. Kaa. 


Supply Sonaaa. ' 
J. T. R. Clark. B12 Walnot at.. Kan. City. Mo. 
F. P. Bom, iai3 Central sve.. Cincinnati. O. 
Singer Bros.. 82 Bowexr. New Tork Ol^. 


J. S. Qetibsidt, 3(Ot Lswresce St., Phlladripbla 

J. M. Naoghtoa Co.. ISO S. High. Oolmbos. O. 

Cblcajco Fllin Ex.. 133 8. Clark st_ Chicago. 
Eugene Cllne ft Co, IB D e art wr n at., Chicago. 
Alfred L. Barstn ft Co.. ISS B. 14th. N.T.C. 
Haibaeh ft Co.. Sl» Filbert St., Phlladelpbla. 
KMaa OnUeal Oo.. SS SUta St.. Chleago; IST- 

• W. «d iL. New Work. 
8. Labia, a* 8. 8th at.. PhlladetpUa, Fa. 
MoAlUstcr. 4B Naaaat st^ New Xork Olty'. 
Mile* IBroa.. lO S. Mth at.. New Tock Clia. 
MUes Bros.. US Turk St.. San Iteelse^ CSl. 
Natl. Film ttimmsOii.»U!d^r<^tn» 
Not. Mot. Fla.^MMLflt IMM annwSo 
Paths OncoBlagnSh Oa., -tS 'SaiMlfe at., 

Cbl sago. 

Pathe ObMmatograph Co., 42 B. 23d St., New 
X«k City. 

SeUit Polyscope Oo., 41 Peek Ooort. Chlcsge. 

Tha Following Firms wUl be glad to ttnd ooplte 
af Hew Songs to Ksaegnlisd Msmbats 
of ths Profession 
Altma* Mnsle Pnb. Co.. 310 Powell St.. Saa 

Francisco. Oal. 
Leo Feiat. 1S« W. STth at.. New Ywk CHy. 
Nat'l Mnsle Oo.. <1 W. SSth St.. N. X. C. 
Jerome H. Rsmick ft Co.. 40 W. SStti. N. T. C. 
Win Roeilter. ZBt Washington St.. Chlcaro. 
J. L. Voo der Uehden, }t., X O'TatrtU st 
San FranclacD. 


Stager BrM.NMrB. 

Bk .f Speo* 

Mly for Caawaaaara, t 
and NoUon SRen. Saa 

d for MO to> 

day- Mallod freo on 



82 Bowerf, New York City. . 

New Operas House 

Newscenerr. new opera seatis. small stam. 
Now rea<ly <o book rmall Co's. 3 nlitbt rep'a 
* sie niehi stands Gi>od show town, 
bad show. (Erwood write.) Addresa. 
M VNAGE i. Ma. ksburc. Ohio. 

To lodepeDdeit Vaadeville Managers ! . 

After oare'nt tiudy and years of dlllKent and pertltten 
practice, am doing an act that Is especially pleasing to 
Indies and children aad will BOX OUXFUCT with aae 
otiier -randevma attractMa. Bava followed moalcM 
dancing and JnintllBg aatt al 

iNiWB <iiiiiw,i.,m.» 

KvmzWTlU*, Ind. 


34S Randolph SL. CHICAGO, ILL. 


The Novelty Family Theatn 

At Paeb'o, OoL For ful l part tcolsrs 
Puehlo. Colorado. 

Street Fair AttraetiOBs WaBtel 

Mve BIIIHBWI dM' b0S» 



26-Ft. Ferris Wheel. I& Seats, 

IJ^t,liaiid7 wbeol, to TrT7 bert coDdition; ru two 
pSMOWs MW OAble. Hat* tsken for d«btB aod wUl 
Ma«M^ IClBterMtod. write 

OKO. WOI-KC Jacksonvllltt. 10. 


1 AdJastaUa Bhsnstat, aarsr been ossd,(I: tBareka 
rtissiilisi tor atagls laatera, now. tS; baad-patn«sd 

iililoilal alaeMe Ibtatia taal. A t oandiuoa. tiL 
waataBOoalATsrfll.. WUI trade at»Te on ti 
winhayforsash. T.8.aOOTT. JackacnTlUe.llL 

Lsadsr Bfaiai..yjia%listMrC.C ^ 
Play alldaa. eoletad. Bi^. A l is ul tas «8 L,, 
poatcra, tieketa. Ml; id laitceUtBeon* slfdt^dK 1 

llLtonst.fS: 3111 hymn. Si: •tAmplnftontac, a;Uf^ 
m. all a» ntw : ^ • : .t K ,r. :<aahtaa. 


-VrdiCAl SjHAUntetM t» tSa 1 
'1#cinier..Btre(t HaB. Chnfata IMeia^ 
.■Opticlan^jODrtstons Sailer, aad to ad 

•elli «MaU£ln«J'oll«torCurat»T««oodB 
throQcb spSlRi ^Bal l( What to tar ' o hold 
attantion, amuso, inhtmrt »nd intsreM 

P i usp se tu a Frse for permanent address. 

^ Leel. Dalle. Caa Buttoaa. SL Louie Button ttw 




' -1K;iMiMlteariiln>l**llgBnt", 

None So Safe. 


NO OTHER ''FIGURE 8" LIKE OURS. Nni So Popular. 

ttt ■ PLANS 1 1 1 1 








EIDOIU PIRK, PtttriinrK, Pa 
tTHLETIC PMK. BBrttlO. 1. T. 

aEcnic Nu. tama rait. L T. 


BM PARK, DneBport, lavi. 
HBTBIC PARK, Hsitgonenr, All. 
SPBIUBROOK PARK, SoDtti Bead, loil. 
: PARK, litllBipalit, lod. 
I PARK, Hlcklgu City, iBd. 

Fort WaiDi, Ind, 
HIEUIK PIM, Sastnaw, Mich. 
SILVER BUCK PARK, St. Joseph, .ibh. 
aECTRIC PARK, Soitfi Hani, Hick. 
IRDIMOU PARK. Cslnnlias, H 

wuum rm, n t M m t. wm. 

mum PARK, BntM. Mass. 
MMPIA PARK, Xhattaioosa. Teaa. 
■SMU Nil. ImMM. TIM. 



Mill lUw ClKav, M lliw Safa. Estiutas FmlslBil. Baaklat Mailad. 





Tb» Handy Fruit and 
YagataMe SHoM- 



W« Iwve eTftrrthlBir 70a nr«d for street or fair work 
Vovrttl«a, nottoni, J«weliT. euca, pocket catl«r7, rib 
>— fcJBPBaB»eBaiB.€f«tf»itl, dmtwB. »lBppw.Blttw 
— li.flHi boiaB.whH<l» f noOM. rubber WlB.ab#ll 

■■IBM, cbMB enttar knives, oieiiio books, Qerm»p eotlu 
Kttoni. Wfl make % sprclAltj of pnnipff op lota 
book lota, }rw»UT lots, ataear lots, ntfor Iocs, etc Tr> 
na for yoor ne«t ord*r, (julckahlpmrnt: no aabatJtut 
tBg. we reqalre & depo«i t on bII C. O. D. anlen. Cmx» 
lospe free. 



Jul ll>u«e ■iHi lyifti fn>iii*hafi«alHctl»looJ 
■olaoalmakekKlorlnas utter to cai* t' 

lorUtak ■* fc «r»«»ly «ednced nt*. TUsi 

ontarbMdBcood Cor two months. Tha tnat- 
MBk is painless, tbe result snre In ereircase 
wMtafor farther iDformation to, 

tarn W4, 167 Ooftan St.. CRICA80 

Hoars. 9:15 »> 4 P. M. Pbonen. C«nirml seX 
Doaglas S3i. 


Gmt tblDir for .mAtenreotertaliuDeDts, roMi AowL 


Amerlcui Peal Mfg. Co.. 247 N. 20. PUl. 

Btm CdtIo Co.. Lwedo. Texas. 

HaDd7 Thio^ Co.. flB Boire tt..I<addlngton.ailcli 

Cmn & Co.. 3T3 WfU. it.. ChlcaKO. 

Tbe BiKle Co.. 12 Dntcb St.. New York Cltr. 

Joseph Koehler. 150 Ptik Bow. New CItr. 


BlUborn Bra... 56 5tk .tc., Chloco. 


For Billpoitw., Circtt. ud XbMtriMl At^mtm. 
Elder & Jenks. 1ST K. Bth .t.. PUlsdelphU. 

Wka Ckte E.pKiaU7 to tba SmMMI 
F. Wendt. Pboto.. Boooton. N. J. 
WUson Studio. 2te-248 SUte It.. (%leiso. 
J. <f. Wilson. l(B State ft., Cblcsso. 


Demlera in. Authors, Afntm mad Brokna. 
Cba^. McDonald & Co.. 63 Wa.l]liictoa. Oblcaso. 
Miss Ellzatietli Marbnrr. 1430 B'war. N.T.C. 
Will Roealter, 225 Wasblneton (t.. Obicago. 
Sanger & Jordan. 1432 Broadwar. N. Y. C. 
Scln-co A; Cow. 1141 Broadway. N. Y. C. 
W. B. Watm, 888 Peari at., BcaSUra. H. Y. 
Wlnam Rar mnmm. MM Vwajp. a. T. C. 

Bnwar A. White. MU 

1. t; C. 

PMorfal Piitan and Big Xjrpa Stands, 


.vrkermaii-Qntelrr Utho Oo.. Kaa. Cil7, Mo. 

Amerlcnn Shoir Print Co.. XUwBakee. Wll. 

Ii^ll Slinir Print Co.. SlEOUIDtr, la. 

C. H. Buck * Co.. Boeton. Xaia. 

Chlr.tgo Show Print Co.. 140 Stb ave.. Cfaleaso. 

Crenoent Eng. It Prtg. Co.. S22 2d at., Braa.- 

vmn. Ind. 
Donaldson LIttao. Co., Newport. E^. 
E. Ij. Fanto. Sc Co.. 390 DeaiDotn t., CUcaso 
Ferxu* rrt;:. Ca., 22 Lrake .t., Chlcaco. 
Creat W. Prta Co.. 513 Blm at.. St. Lonla. Mo. 
nenoejr.n A Co. Cincinnati. 
.Uasallrfn SIcn ft Sbow Print Co.. MasslUon. O. 
renn Prtis. & PSb. Co.. Pblbdelpbla. Pa. 
riarenre E. Rnarr. Raner bMs-. Clsdnnatl. O. 
m«)vr pMter Work.. 8t*c*r. TH. 
r. St. Ulha.. Rnown-Vorcan Pllat. Mnraad. O. 
VolaMCfr ntK- Co.. ReratMinUi^ f. 
WtloMaa * Krant. 400 Main st,' BtfRab Tex. 


riinreb PrtK. Co.. dit 
Cremat Bag. ft Rig. 
ellla. - - 

l^.l fl i upW l . IMT.'ir.'aMk at.. N. T. 


And DeaXwB in Bcanary, ate. 
Jobn Heifnrtli. 21S3 Boone at., Cincinnati. 
Jamca Slipper. 168 B. ColninM. M. Ostialt. 


Antomatlc Oon atiueU u u Co.. lOS Fidtoa at.. 

New York atr. 
CkUle Bros.. Detroit. Uia. 
ConUUdated Macb. Co.. lOSO Ardi. fHfladflatla 
Cosmopolitan Not. Co.. 214 N. Sth al, VMa. 
R. Bdena. 506 Arch .t.. PbUadelpMa. ft. 
Gasser atfg. Co., Wetiater. Mass. 
MlUa NoTeIt7 Co.. 11 S. Jefferaon St.. Cfaleago 
Singer Bros. 82 Boweir. New York Ci^. 
Waning Ufg. Co., ISS W. J.ckann, Cbicaco. 


. SSS W..hhtgton at.. fTillnaaw 
2*0 B. Madlaon St.. 


1» 8. Oask at.. Ohi- 

K. X. C. 

Obicago Film Bxehanse, 

eai;o. m. 
Bosene Cllne A Co.. 10 B. U«k 
Klelne OpUeal Co.. 32 SUte SL. 

20 W. 32d St.. »nr T«k. 
MeAlllsrer. 40 Ni ~ ~ 

National Film 

Ohieaxo. 111. 
SeHc Polysrope Co., 43* Peck Conrt, 

f. B.;ChnCT, 24T Sallna .t.. Srracoae, N. T. 


Cfaioago Booae Wreck. Co.. 35tb & Iron. Chicago 

For Tair Followen, ato. 
Coe. Yooge i Co.. 612 St. Cbarles St.. St. Lonit 
Fabrlelns. BD7 N. Brosdvraj. St. Louis. Mo. 
E. B. Fantns & Co.. 393 Dearborn St., Chicago 
U. G«Ti>rT. TSS Sooth at.. Pblladelptala. 
Tbe Goldsmith Tof ft Importlnc Co.. 122 E. 

4th St.. CinclaaatL O. 
Alf. ODaeBbelm. 328 Broadwar. 5. T. C. 
Bolamaa * Alter, ITS E. Madlm at.. OUeago 
Tbe H. B. Co.. IIW Canal si.. New T«k Cttr- 
I. EteeMtclB. 44 Ann tX.. New YMk CttT. 
LeTin Bni... Terre Ilanie. Ind. 
W. F. Miller. 144 Park Row. N. Y. C. 
Newman \Uk. Co.. 81 Woodlaod sre.. Clereland 
Boxera-Tbnrman ft Co.. 15 aTe..Cblcago 
Win RmtMlter. Wa.lilngton. «t.. Chtcaffo. 

Shrroek-Tndd Co.. SIT N. 4tb. St. 1^1.. Mo. 
N. Slinre ft Co.. 2i°.4 lladlHio St.. Clilraxn. 
.Sliaiiln, A- K«rr. r^.ntli at.. PIiIIi<.IpI|iIi1.. 

Plnpfr r.rui... t»2 Ut..*,-r>'. Sew York Oily. 
Weatem Bargain nanae. ZT2 V,. M.dlwn Cbl- 


Harry Welsbsnm. 24<l E. Madison. Chicago. 
T WMteni. 24in B. Madlsoa. at.. Chleasn 



..sman pbtilchr. 

NewllMoC oomlesaad faaey eaadi. "Vko 

PeerieH''-^lM only stauc-proat po«t«l ew. 
machine made. 300 arcade marhlnea at r»- 
dneed prices. Oet oar price ll^it. 



We will Mnd Co any .i l i l i i m ffw« of darsre. oa raeelpS 

of a cants In stamps Co par postage, a Mmpla of 

Oomie Postal Cards, and one of the best propoaltloas 

Jon erer had Pric of Sonfr and Joke Book. S1.S. pOT 
Dndr.d or SS.00 per tfaoQund. Price of Comic C ~~ 
half a cent Mcb. Dont fall to Mnd for earaple*. A 
J. 8. Osilvio Publ|9liln« C«mpaa| 
OS Bom Street, 



FREE ! TMMbrttr* 

Write for It u>^ar Harry l_ Wo 
W K. Madison Si.. CHICAGO. 


Galloping Rough -Rider 

firuil Isw 10c loveitr. 

Cooniied mduti 

Sells at slRht everywhere— tbe year round. Seait Tgt 
and tc Ktam o for sample and clrrnlar. The 8TAKIUW 

NUVtLTY CdtPf* RATION. r..rtl*nd. Mmtno. 


Call on MBS. H. JACOBS. Pee her Iln' of 

STAGE GOWNS, Fancy Dresses. SealVsto 

JarVets Rnd Fur-,. =^:.n-.M -.ftirf"' ' 1 r u.^r-ii 

No, S,: Si.tth ?t. Tel. Sduth-ar 



JANUARY 13, 1900. 

raie Uillt>oar<l 





IKSto uat 



bramuhJow MO 

imMrlrnlBntTiii "t tq- n. 
A^Maana WttMr BlppI*. nuu » boon. 

ftiitinin Oatettaaa, BUda Ukman; BlMa* oiaik 
^^Srttf. JtapKinns bj •xpert wsrkmaa. 
I^iin TOO iMw BppanMs ebopar thaa JWiUfj 
^^iiaad-hsBd JUHK. 



■ aw— OMy tiitiMi* 


tr SOAP 

Oar DOLLAX wniWIbasaC teSMMmwH^ 

caataroalUparmbona. DaalmlMtklaakMai 
atmaUsc ni or mora * day. Wa alaa aaka pil»>» 


E. MW SaU CO.. M BtHi Nrt Wtct. CBCMI 



Stereoscopic Views 

Oar Slot Maahlnai " 

gtmt Mxl BiMat oi --^^ 

iusBlaa and priea* of ow MW i 

aS^Tiew*. DOUOLiAB roat< 
CO., t7 N. inn Bt.. raihidaiphu. 

tkaKaUa^BKocU. It teaa tka weak ^ M_«UEw 


No* Pljuter Paria< bnt 
tlie cemalne 


The most MtnctiT* noTellv 
shown In yaif ]|«m mb 
eatuthlnm, AWgMBwr. 

Dozen 75c 

Qross C8.00 

Sample 10c ix>st paid. 

lH<qiaitRt tor Jip Crook Cutt. 
Send tor Cataloirae to 

I. EMENSniN, 44 kn St., N. Y. CHy. 



BEST TYPE WORK '^'^^'^ii^^^^ 

:y':-- DATESir;iVtSOc a sex^ 

BOuVRiHArric ^.• ■^CRfiClNT EMC-PTC Co 

Slmpltll CtTAloC tVANSt/ILLC. INO 


JAMES I.. MoCAIN. Frop.. 
Cor. Utb ud Paaeh SU 

New Headqaartera For Staowfolka. 

J- D. BarrlKm, tka walMonawn drcoa Plraaa A««ot, 
am: "IhaTanavaratoppadlaahMallaallBjtnnl* 
•Baia tba landlord ssdnntoad tha wanta at ahowmaD 
aa«au,«irinada ona faal mora at hona-tbaa JlmmJr 
■oCalB,at tha Krla." 


Advano«j^Privll«x« Bauaga. StooK and 

:Show Printing: 

TyP* wti Kngravad PostorB. 
OatM. H«nlds and Oed^ara. 
SkatehM SHbinKtod on appU- 
eatlen. Quick Work on abort 


Fror. 8. LtBsamaB. TOS N. lUli st., FkUtdd^la 

Ctiaa Bwakaopt. loaz Broadway. H. Z. 0. 
wi n a m naaL Bx.. »o« o. o. a. lUi jakV aiii 


Bakrr It Lockwood Oa., 41S DcUwai* at.. Kaa- 

•a* Cltr. Mo. 
Oeo. B. DonaTin A Co., Colnmbna. O. 
Doosberty Broa.' Teat Co., St. Loola. Mo. 
J. C. Ooaa Co.. Datrolt. Mleb. 
M R. Kankelr. 108 Soatb IL. N. Z. C 
Ttie Jfariar Co.. B 8. WaaUactao at., OUeaco 
TbralbcT'Uck Ptc. Co.. Itot Sotldi, Atk. 
Ohaa. P. Salder Tent Oo.. DaUatt. Illeb. 
Thorn paoo A Vasdlracr, CM MinLfltaiBDatl 
n. S. Tent A Awnlaf Co.. W iTBtlfMws at., 

Obleafo. • 
Otai. D. Wcatoo, OtOl WcBtwortb aavM CUcaao 


Ackrroiann Qalil«7 Co., Eanaaa Cltr. Mo. 
Amerlean Ticket Co... Toledo, 0. 
Tliraak.Ua_Prt<. Co.. rt. Snttb. Aik. 
WellM. WIBIaiDa & Uck. Fort Ma. Art. 


S. B. Call. 2M Main it., Sfrrlncflcld, Man. 


Geo A. Pal i B i H ft OBb. A «lHMa atTMTT. C. 


Bdbw ta^ * Bac Oa. jas (MaaWa a**.. 

WlB,, sr It SaaMlfet 

C. A, . 

Galea so.' 


C. UII7 A Co.. (MaaAoi. O 

Wtatcn DatteB Oa. 

Olaifc at., GUcico. 


». T. C. 
at,, Chteafo. 
Mdc.. N.Y.C. 


B«oa*tt Tewelrr Co.. IS-IT Poplar. Phlladelphta 

T. Mott, 4I.'5 De.rbOTn it.. Cbtcaso. 

Boirera-TtaormAn iv} Waba^ Chicago, 

List of Fairs 

XUa Hat la 


Ben^lHe— ^I. cut Co. Fair. Oct. 2-6. Pr».. 

Wm. Wlnkletnann; Sec'y. Geo. Rekhert. 
Falrfleld— Wa.rne Co. Fair. Aug. 28-31. Pren.. 

B. S. lyelnlnser; Treaa.. Oany L. Lelalocer: 

Ponghk 1 1 II I li naaiaaa Ctt Mr. SCft. 99-98. 
Prea.. «. W. Bi*«: Itcaa.. Aaiaatai B. 

Gray: Uec'y. J. M. 

New Street Fairs. 

Thaia dataa ha*a feaaa 
psblicatiaa af aar las* Hi 


Mobile. Ala.— Mardl-Crai. M 
New- Ibrrla. 'La.— Street Mr 
jHn. 2 27. OoaoHVoUtaa 

."""'''orteaMt Ka^-MaiiMkaa. 


N'atehea. Mlaa.— 0Iaidl.Otaa^ Wa 

Jaiacs J. GUr. arc'y. 
Penneola, Fla. — Mardl-Oiaa. FMl 



M. 9S-Z> 

Jan. IT 

AMD. Jaa. U 


Albanj. N. Y 

— . 1908. Dr, 

Pearl »t. 
Albert Lea. Minn. 

era' Ann. Show. 9am. tUtt 

Tlicnnpaon, .ec'y. 
AHiata. Ga. — Atlanta PoalItT Aaaa 

23, IDOe. C. O. HartweB, we'y 
Anbnm. N T. — Anbnrn PouKry 

2:1 J. B. Scott. 
Be)ci>lere. HI. — Nortbrra nilnola Peoltry AaM 

Feb. 510. 19M. Bert R. Lncaa. aae'y. 
Boaton. Maai. — American Wblte Wyasdctte 

Club. Jan. 18-22 1S06. MamlGt T. Dttaaa, 

•ec'y. Ttneyaid AaTen, Maaa, 
BtadSord. Fa.— lleKcsa Ob. P. A P. S. Aaa. 

ebiMr. Xaa. SB. ■. Ii. JMil^ af^ _ 
Braetoa. St. T.— Vandtia* laan. r. * F. BIHW. 

Te*. MS. W. O. Bai ^ 

kirk. N. T. 
Cknlateo, V. X.— Caalcatce 

Jan. 91«'eb. 1. UOO. 
Canton. 0.— CaotoB PooltlT * M Stock Aaaa. 

Show. Feb. 1-T. 1806. O. P. Brace, sac'y. 
ClilctKO, 111. — Natloaal FaadcTa* * BrMdan^ 

Show. Jan. OS-tT, IMW. Pred U. Rtaaey. 

Ch^go, tu. — Matloaal Roaa Comb WUtt Lea 
honi Club Sbow. Jan. S-ZT. Mia. r. ) 
PMllliH, 5608 SapcTlor at. 

Ctaarleitoa, W. Va.— 8Ut« P. A P. 8. Aaaa 
Sbow. Jan. 2S-2S. 180S. O. O. Stmeber 
aec'y, Berlin. W. Va. 

OleTeUad. O.— Poultry. Plgcoa* Ckt A Do* 
Bzlilbltloa. Jan. 3B-]>>b. S. W. L. GmfU, 
aec'y, Ites Woodlasd a»e. _ . . _ . . 

Otevelaad. O.— «he FaaeicTa' Oak af C tota l i a i 

Jaa. SB-Vrb. 8. W. B. — 

niat Natlcaal Baalu . _ 

D^tae, o.— otytaa tmtme CNk Mk. **, 


Valnabto Book for Stretita.en 

l*i::< I I i%i 

We are headanartera for 

Caralvil, Fair awl Strattati. 

J ewelry lota. Comb lota. 
Shear lots, MotlOD Iota. 
Purae lots, Handkerchlufa. 
Batur lots. Memo. Hooka. 
UlaaM Cutter Rnlrva. W. B. W 

Brand Tablcwara, P«erle8a 
SbarxMrners, Geiman Collar 
Buttona and Nt- edit- Caa», 

■Hk (.Ine of Mlutti Lajr Oata. 
Flab Pon«B, Kallc-Haaraa« Ar. 

n e bar and i«ll for i*Mk. Md ruu 
will And our prices 

Tbe 41iea0«*i In Anvrtra. 
Hend (ur onr Blc lllnatrau-d Caia- 
locne to-<lar and be cuaviaaad tbat 

yon can 

fiavr from S t« «S aar COMaOM 
every dollar'* M-urtb oi Moaa 
>uii l>uy lu oar Hue. 




«7 X SOx IT Co 78 

30 X 21 X 18 e 00 

33x82x18 6 26 


w9 Z SA X SAooaaao ooaa aaoaa 



32 X 2V X 22 99 00 

34x21 x2S a 

36x22x24 10 

SBxaSxMk M M 
O z SS X Sa ....M 11 SS 


ua Ootnabla An 

....THE LONDON.... 


la tbe l eoo gu laqd or^an of VandoTllle Artlat. tbronshoat the world. Amertcau vlaltlttf la Loiido. will 
tad a Meadl7 welooms at 401 struil New York re^mKstatlTe, I. n. CARLE. ttJI Hresoway, Nra 
VarkClty. T.i.phsBs—svu MuJi^jd. 



. UMLKKI * CO. «04 r 

$513 Profit in Fifty-one Days on Investment of SISO 
was the result of the operatfon of one 

!■ Snninii lii. 

■f|w OBI I— la tiM KEW BOWLtNO OAMK. Allej. arc eanTcnlaatly pnrtabla. Re pla boy taanlnd. Bo 
DUA BlILL tranble to IniialL Ko eipeoM to mainiain. Tbe only pnctioai BowiIds Oux (or n.KAS- 

Mf|w Ma 1 1 — Attract. patrooaxa froni all c l . ii.i i . . and t. a wond.rful MOKET aACCR aa aauelualra llliallllie 
BIIA BULL orlnconDactlonwIthFaoIaadllMllarda, Cigar Slorea, Barber Bhopa, ate. 

We hare caitOiaeTa opeimtlnv from roar to t«a allej. eacb; laturtlu, 90 to «a fMt. s cm. wIdasiW baU n.,if 
nearly S.Mgaold to data. CASH OR PATHENTB. Oompfata booklet f'sa. 

AHIEBirAN BOX BAI.I. ronPANV, i2SW Van Buren Kt.. ladlaiiagolla. llHii 





and Assombly Chairs 
Otroat Varioty at Low Priooa. 

L H. Stafford Mfg. Co. 



Vaudovlll. TbMtrM Cast. I 

tfaat ouk d«Uw tr 

eaiis. 0 Biowa, 

-sole: booking agents- 


. _ ^ 

GHAs. mux, 

at* Oaaav Wdi 



tha OoaiwTldaTad TandaTilla Maaagar.' aaa ocl a it on la eonaa a nt ly to aaad or a m i il aaa a« l a. Por baaiaaaa laaamw 
aolalyaadby motoal eonaant, thaaaaaaOTaottbsfoUowlaaBaned tbaatmoaaneasaethair way elaar to pl^ 
acta fortwoyaaiawblcbplayotberttiantlMhoiiaeaoItlilaaaBoelattontn any of tlia foUowlna naaad<l«t«vt 
BUon Tbaattaa Oibkoah, Rockfoid, Appleion, Manitowoc, urren Kay, XarlDette, Calniaal, Maiqaatta. Bauth, 

ton, Inbamins, Kalaaaw>o. Battle CrMk, ti.ii.tng JihckMo. &.T CIC7. Port Horon. Alpana,aod BaoUaia. Mart. 

Otyatal Tlnaliaa Marlon. Anderaon. Kokomo, Locaniport. nankforta and Elkbart. u ii i u i ■ » ' ' — 

"-^raouth aiMl ManaflakL Oimnd Ibeawna Hamilton, O.; PbllUpa Ttawtai ""-^ 

WbaeUna, W. Ta., Vaodavl lie Blnk, BranaTlUa, Ind., Star Tbaatre. Moaala^ 

JANUARY 13, 1906. 



..J . ■ ,. . 





Wc IbanMghly oBderstBid Ow nmta ol the niUcal b«y«r. 


mh-waukee, U.S.A. 



For Stock CoRipaoies, for Repertoire GompiBies, for Anihun 

meat, Kcfcro FI«7>, FftP«r, Beamj, Mrs. Jmrltr^ Wu w«Ml OkO- 
'■ — ■ Fim! VMr! nae: \ 


21 Consecutive Successful Seasons 21 

Wanted at AH Times 

::: Minstrel People in All Lines::: 

-For both the- 


W»» TmI i ome», new ai 

^^■■lUllMIl' Acant, tat Strmnd. LODdoo. En^Iaad. W. C. Roate In tblB pftper. 

ja,it.TIEUk BMd«teleilHE.BniBd8t. 
T> mi »BW»,ltow»W, can of Crailcr Oonpur. WIU- 




Wp Velay or surface your^floor. Will furnish you the best Ball 
Bwinf Steel Roller Kink Skates made. Will eet you ready for 
buainess 30 days sooner than ordinary omtiaclara. 
-For-further information write, 

Rl M K AflutseiDBnt & Coostruction Co. 

S-a7. IWM. & fdac, ace^. 
Onnd Bafldi, Xlch.— «raltiy A Pl<eon Olnk 
SHOW. M. 18-16. 10OS. P. B. Wrlctat. 

Bairlabmx .Pa- — P>. Fu«len' Ami. Tu. M 

91,' 1900. John R. Gor. Ka7«lt4B. Mc'r- 
Hndws. Mlefa.— iPonltiT. Plc*a> (Bd Oum Btew 

J>n. 31-F»b. S. B. A. BalM. mc*?- 
InUuupoU*, iBd.— Vueltn- Am •( Ib«. rek. 

S-IO. B. A. Fierce, 80* WuhlactM «t. 
Itiiaci. N. X.— CarD«U Cnloa Poalti7 Am. 

Sbovr. JsD. 2t-2e, 1908. O. B. Slutla. 


Joimstaira, N. Y. — ^AdtroDdaex PoDltiy and PM 
Stock Clnb Bbow. Feb. — , ISOe. Balpb B. 
Cbant, mtc'f . 

JakaatowB. Pa.— Johaatowii Kcnaell * Foal- 

3!8Mr%Mr. liM. m-M. 

MHnakc*. Wla. — MUwaakca 

Shear. Jan. 2B-aS. 1906. a O. 
Mlaacapidla. lUna.— fltaca ~ 

Jan. B-m. 190B. O. A. , 

Ultchcll, s. D.— Sontb Dafcata V. _jk f»_Mr 

Am. Show. Jan .86 IWt. t, 

Uam BcoUln. acc'r. 
Nemrt. N. J.— IPooltrr Show. Jan. 2B.S'eb. 

8, 1906. T. T^UTma Bockbam, acc'j. 
Neweomentomti. O. — Tnaearawma Ooontj Ponl- 

trj Aaan. Show. Jan. 10-16, 1006- T. D. 

Moloane, aec'7. 
XaMcarlUe. Jnd.— HamUUn Go. P. & P. 

Marwalk. O.— Poalttr Stov. M. 1448, 1S66. 

T. B. KcUon, lee^. 
Oklalmaia Clt7. Okla.— Oklabaau Stata Shew. 

Jan. 9-F«b. S. 1006. T. E. ShftW. Mt^ 

Jan. 8-12. 1006. Bcttiert Ckmeron, ice'y. 
Paris, lU. — Edcar Co. PoDltry AMD. 
PlttAors, Pa. — Pasdera' XyhAt Bhoir. 

19-2t, looe. O. C. Sotcb. ae^, 4 I«dU 

PittiOeld. O. — PooltiT 

as. U06. N. O. Metaer, acc'y, 
Sdwaactadr. N. Z.— BccMe OUl . 

Ptt 8laek Ana. Show. Jaa. WWk 4, bub 

I. L. WUtmyci. ae&j. 
Shrnr. O mnlUj p. * p. 8. Aaaa. P(b. 

8-11. 1606. J B. Hfaica. aee*7. 
8*riBS>cU. O.— terinsfldd P. & P. 8. Aanu 

Show. Jan. 2£«T, 1006. J. H. Sebacfof. 

St. Paul, Minn. — IthuMaota Fanciers' Aaaa. 

Sbow. Feb. 5-11. EL J. Goetb. aee'r. 
TMedo. 0. — PooltiT Tanelen' Aim. Sbow. ^an. 

81-Feb. S. 1906. AlTa T. Baker, aee'j. 
WaHa Walla. WaA^WaJta WaBa Poollir 


SlMphg and DMng Car Ccpbiptd, "HEM8IETTA," 

Ba^10tt,.ilBMowannft..ll«ISbt Itft.. w^^ Ten seetlOB*. state room, smok- 

S*!!^-"^ eoon^toHrt room. tiMn closet, tnlly equipped witb carpet and beddlmc kltckni wWh a«w eli-taola 
raiure, hot aad cold water, link, barret rrom. witb refrlEsrsMr. Baker hester, clotiet, helps' toilst room; will 
fssd s nd sI ssptorty-flTe people; ceDs-i andemesxh car; In first elsas condition. Jnst tbathlas ttor mootblT 
aicBialM Ba or th aa ttlcal comiianlea. Oar at ML T«nio%,Ohlo. iiaiU tar.'rr— iiIih ~Biat tar one 


kPboao^npbs for slot, wltlurat 

— Mwrj 

S Ktortrle Aato Ott&a 

targt Un Lecltlmte Colo Controlled Haekloes, 

Sueh as aro usad In Aroadas, Rasorta, 
Hotals. Saloons, oto. 

g " " " i ' gB»njo» nAOOemcli 

M DomiDMCkndy IfAchlnM. 

U Ttono^ionaa 

1 Bfogen And Reel 

PETER BACIGALUPI. 786 yissioa St.. S« Fmeiseo. Cil. 

Belviderr. Ill— Me MMf BMHt. Itm. 10- 

Ftrb. 3. 

Hruuklrn. N. T. — ^Brooklyn Pnlted Retail Oto 

era' Association's Tblrd Annoal Food Sbow. 

Clermont Atc. Rink. Jbreb S-31. 1906. C. 

H. Green and B. J. Rowe, msTS., 377 Btoad' 

wiir. New York City. 
aa>erbUl.' Uass. — BaTcxhlH BaaM' at 

Pood aad ladastrial tmaMm 

Vaich ai-ApiU T. 196t. O. 

B J. Bawr, msrs.. ZIT Bnadway, Hew Tark 


^amL Uaaa. — Lewdl Retail Orocera' Aaao 
tloB'i Flnt Food and Indostrlal Eipoeltlon. 
late Rail. Uareb 17-Z4, 1906. C. H. 
Green and B. J. Bowe, mfrs., Z77 Broadway. 
Xiw Toek City. 
VeirSrk, N. J.— Mcamrfe BctaO 0toeaiB> rood 
SboV. May T-Ml lgm ._ fc.8L Q Km tat B. 

J. Rowr, mgm^ m iMBimr. Tan 


Pro»lfiei|ce. K. I. — Botcbers, Qroce«r» and Mar 
ketmeq'B A&socetstloa of Rhode Islsnd Pore 
Fn.vl Sbote. InfaotiT Hall. Prorldeacc. B. I 
Feb. IStSt, 1906. C. H. Ot*** ami B. J. 
Bowe, men., zn Broadway, {few Talk City. 
Syiaeaaa. w. Y<— ai yr a — aa Oi i au a Jk Meat 
~ ' ' Baa*. * MMlHal bno- 

in- .Asa 1866 

C B. Own mmi B. J. Bom, fsfti.. zn 
Broadway. TIcw T«rk City. 
Worcester, Mass. — Retail Grocers and PtotIsIod 
Dealers' AaaoelatlOB'a Pare Pood Sbow. Me- 

- ra«,- 


Boston. Maw. — 'Annual AotonaUla Shmr. 

16-23, 1900. <»e«t ' 
Cfalcsffo, lU. — Annosl 

l^nm. Feb. 8-10. 
CfeTrland. O.— Oerclua AotaoMlrito Show. 

reb. 17-81. 1S06. \ 
OetnH. Mich.— mutate ^AntoaOhUa aadSparts- 

meo'i Sbow, at Light QnalW JOmia. Jab. 


OiBOOd-Daytona. Fla. — 


Mhmoapolls. Minn. — Seneh Sbow.\ Jan. 28-80. 
1906. Mrs. F^ank Woodrafl. seeV. 



Cfalcsso, -111. — First National Contfectlooety 
Show, CoUseom. Marcb 7-U, 1906. Oodirane 
& Payne, msn.. 174S Park Bow bUs.V New 
V. :t catj- \ 

Cblcasok III. — Eleettleal BxpoalUOB. Ju. 18-21, 

I S^ataM Shoir 
IT-St, n06. OnSaoe ft'payBC. 
Park'Bow bids.. New Tsik City. 
JacfcaaBTlIIe. na.-«ipoaltlOB. Jan. 4-18, 1900. 

Tlie Pare Food end Tod. Ki^. Go. 
Pooehkeepsle, K. V. — Grand Biiioaltloo and Sam. 
pie 'Fklr. Teh. 12-26. Thoa. A. Water*. 
Cbalrman: lEdnid lA. 

Top*ka, Kaa^ 

JiD. 2! Feb. S. B. S» 
een. nurr. 
ToroDto. Ont. Caa.— Onx 
bitlon. Ang. 27-aeft. H. 
pres.: J. O. Oir, 



Best Tissue Paper Pans. . . . 
Ho. ■ Hsary Oaa Balloaaa.. 
OoafMtl-M8M oslon aad < 
OoatatMPaataei. aaseetsdai 
Bad White aad atna Ctealnl Chan.. 
nsialilBatlna fwilar. Ma anil fnlT 1 
T-da.T Jspsnsss DoUs........ 

Ho. • KabbsT Balls 

Best Bed Bnbbsr Tin lad" 

Lares Basks Blowoats- 

Jspansss Flse Pnsslss 

Osnary Bird Wklstlss 

Paper Balls, all colors st 3&C. 7%e- sod dos. 

iBim a n sa ti an s iu ot Oansa tor qana ga i ika . »^ga 


122 Eaat Fourth St> CINCINNATI. O. 



Merry-Go- Round. 




TSawawMFSt.- - WartBTiBiiiiBn.W. Y. 

Vhe TwenUatb Century Rlerry-^^o- 
Bound Is the only macbine for CamlTkl* 

ind Sweet Fairs. No stakes to drive or bolet 

yo dlKi can b« aot on a floor or d»t 


Cut Prices. Cut Prices. 

WalKhlnB 8«alea C3K.OO. 
Pioture MacbiM^alklnK Bealea. Etc 



9S-BBHaasaa SCITewTork 
e«i«ral Practice. SpaoiAxaT:— BoBaiaattc 
- - - BMKeed 

bsv De- 

moenltla* and Theitrtcal 

A lOM mooey maker 
the year roond. Pro- 
fits larsB and penna- 
naat. Baally teamad 
b y inzeperleiiead 
peraona. we aretha 
only OTl«liittora,an4 
•ell the only bbc- 
ceeatal process aoo 

V. Z. LOMS, Springfitii, Ohia. 

«^iujaiwi" ill '18 A 

JANUARY 13, 1906. 

XHc Billt>oar<l 



The Best Weekly Change 

Satisfacfibn Guaranteed 


Queen & Crescent 



KiRtvGlqr, Tenusssep 

jUabama, Hississippi 
And Louisiana. 

Many good towns for carnival and 
theatrical companies. Special at- . 
tention given to same. ::::::: 


W. A. 6ARB£n. W. C. UNEABSOI, 



the opening off the aprino ) 

I88UED MARCH t S^'*" "^ .^■■^PATED MARCH 17 


ttMemrs. SpNlalllkistfiHiis. EiiHHMr Pans. Muymw Lists. 

itoecial Articles devotsd to Parks. Piers. Boot G ardens and Open Atr Amusomeut$ Knerailr. 


No advance In price or adverilslDK rates. 


I eii 



lU^il Elm BIntit 

FbOnO lUlD 9079 H 

m/m niANciscp 

ST Flwlan Bolldlox 

SM Haj-katSt- 


SalW 8. 14U Broad waj 

PboDfl IWO Iiry»nt. 


MWOOM(e w.) 

SalM <l, B. Clark 9c. Co^. Ltsle St. S Lelcmtrr yi. 

rboQK C*Mitrml Pho'u» Gerr»rd asui. 


SitnM Mnn Alliqijil Trojf, N. Y. 250,000 U dm Irm littji i ittiKiif 

Hli8 Mile$ of Park. 

Owing to the present owners not beii^g in the amvseqdeat buslneas. they will dispose of ttil? 9*oifetty qa i 
terms providing proppsitioD is taken up on or oefoijB February IStb, l^OH, at wbleM tioM p ra p ent ymw» 
arraDgements to runlHurfc ttiemselyes - - - . 

Cemrt Walts SO ft. WUe Meles the 6rouids|idsaiu Is Fully Wired and Equipped with Eleetrle Mgbts, Fim^, E1^,: 


Oypss Catap :- J 1 

Creation'' ^ - v' i i ? 
Penny Arcade ' v 

FoD Corn and PeiHui B|pgs.-r 

Travers Circle Swloc 

Kimire EUbt. Bolter Ooestmr 

Merry Go' Bound 
Mytb City 

Cave of the Winds ' 

Katzenjammer Castle 
_ Japanese bazaar 

Ice Cream Parlor * . Tyiui*a'n Allis' 

Houpfe of Trouble ' Ye Old Mills " 

Addrtbij all comiiiunieaUons lo J. J. O'LEARY, ti2 Niagara St., Buffalo, N. V- c 
' - — - ^ ^ ■ — ' •• - ' *• 

SanipiB of Oor 75g 


Niii to Posters, Heralds, luin ia n 
aad Letter Heads. 

Cut* delivered br mall or express prepaid 
wbea cash accompanies tbe order. 




Express OiARCES 

We still make our 

500 like sbm mi^$/pr *^SS 







AnytblOff new or attractive that will do tbe business. Only park in 50 miles 
of 1!lopdn. Bojiulytton WMWO^ Address, 

F. G. KELLEY, Secy. Topeka, Kansas. 

CRACKER jack: 

The tamons Popcorn Confection, and 

..RollaMo Candiit Hi (MUk . 

In Attractive Packasea. pot np e xpt i wl ir ' 
for tbe Amusement Trade, will makpnu>rr 
money tor yogtbao any tblnc elavyuo may. . . i 


n.SO prr 
M n H D ■ B I* 

ila aifm ijw _ 

WJUIIIV, Photo., BooBtoa« Id. J 

»r wiitlFkotoa,' wkM^ftoS.'viSBt 
■■ w p i a 




abort iiotlca to all r 
and octier aliowa. 
C ■ Addmp Valnitlne. S'eb., Box t», A. O. SRAW. 

■Ike BBOoard" Mte oMMrvM eda 


Tri\^ Blllboarri 

JANUARY 13, 1906.' 

XI-TLKS, Attn ■!!«««- 

On«F QMllty. 





ROBBERS OF CHILDREN, 524 ft. $62.88 

A Film Full of Comedy, showlDg cbildrea of the rich who have been stolen by Gypsies. Beplete with action &nd life, aod a Sure Hiu 

393 Fe0t;-^^7.I6 

The tourists embark and the sieamer leaves the harbor with everybody in merriment. Soon the hsKfy sea proves fatal to some of 
''Uie ezcarsioni&ts and they enter their cabins tbinkins to find relief by \a^mg down. Suddenly sailoia wsigetKt and .wake the sleep- 
-— ^-The ship is aflame and men ani women liaww Imlwm'i ilm liiiiiiimf iimiiinl Uj ihmih liffifa Miiilni lnwilil" ! Ifilll .lljjl life pliiii 

^rrecked crew is at the mercy of the waves nntil they are rescued by life-savers. 

XinteO. 3eO it. ^43.20. 

» tnunp wfaorluis.atqlcQ fifim 

▲vbwmtffid- wbjec^ ahoipAoff tlw^^ of » ' Cleisarmab 'ia rsfiHiiv ^ 

- K - >v had been eivendraiter for ttfr 

B, bUlj 

ir aiul ladder,' yagtxj cook with 
and twenty oCtetB. All ehase tfanqgiiont; full of Ufaand aeUon.. --^ 

THE BICYCLE ROBBER, seo ft. $43.20. 

Tlie best chase film ever made. A man seizes a bicycle and makes off, piusaed by a ndrse and baby caiT< 
baakBt, aotoaapbUe, man on horaebar*. man le«Hng.a dank^i hone ana catf 

^ffpftN^ Finer iM Slnliir TKm iiy Otiier Films 


lySSHmdiBlpli 8^ 


Jv^aMMripiion oFCi^ iOeiiie 1906 iSM fbn-tcoot JAxfkpg 

eqedpment see advertisement on plg^' Y i)(f Hlia iMlin 
-'The folio winjf letter is self-explanatory : ' 



kliMto e pe wfUi ▼atWiaii " ^ ^ ^ 

pforml. ud I mb *wr dad toai^th* adMOM will liiViiiiit lu S«i fiur liii j^ffci'itilimi 
«»■»«■ " ■ luMll lI *^ ■ M l ^I ^IJ^'.Ui^ wafca^^tf thf aWiiatii*: l tbinknu 
tipa. ifc' i itiM"IM iii fc .-if';Tbiiw>tAr. V ^-'r'" - ' • ■" ,'<««ned) qeo. d. batlk, ~ 

"-^ ChlefEleetileal Inapeetor. 

can be seen in New York City at 127-129 W. 82d hi.-:^' 


Our plans for 1906 are comprehensive. We shall offer for sale 
as heretoforti-),moti<Hi: picture tilms of all makes that have merit, and 
feeoiuiiradiMrfifaiaii dl vof nuke that are not adapted to each .oaali^j 
mart ■ iMiartietihir %ced«, and IBrs^'qiialiiy. We akaD ako have ciiele^ 

sive films to sell for special pafposes. Film users find it profit k'ble to 
draw their subjects from a house of acknowledged standing. Exhib- 
itors are invited to keep in toodi willi as fpr''^inek-infoniiBtioB 
'^Sardii^.pictare noveUk% • [ . . :-^^:^^^rw^ ■ '-^l'^?^:^}^ 

" mmra liable than '^^^ 

Oar Jino of - 

size at 8d~ 

Write us about your lens troubles. 
See.; - 

52 STATE ST I OPPOSITE Masonic Tbhple olpff^ 

PATi nuns 



JUST 0«i:£_, 

mWOlf'S TRAP, GsBisdy. . : ^^Slfe^ 278 ft 


Bimii ROBBER. CMrtf, : i^^^S: 360 ft 
THE TRAMP, RMllty, ; " v^j^t^ 360 ft 

TRA8EDY AT SEA, RsaUty. , 393 ft 

Latest Feature fiims^^ 

MODERN BRI6ANDA6E, AitOBobiie Rolbery, . 
Y0UN6 TRAMPS, GiiMdi Cbase, 



MODI LTOI^ flii^; 

iOMkllaw fieloiiiL^^ 

524 ft 
574 ft 
508 ft 
262 ft 


ilLh FEATURE HllSt^ 

Dran 1i fte Air 

SM tt ta Unm, 
^96 ft Hep 0' HrTknb 
246 ft Strike : 

131 ft 

344 ft 

836 ft 
442 ft 

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Wa «ra hemdonsiten f or 

Canival, Fair aai 

Jewelry lots, Comb Iota, 
Sheu lots. Notion lots. 
Pone lots, Hendkerchlets. 
R&ror lots. Memo. Books. 
Glass Ontter KnlTes. W. B. W. 
Brmnd Tablewue. Peerieos 
Sbupenen, eennmn Oollsr 
Battons and Needle Cisee, 

WelMTaxidnllAir CMUkaaa nm 

will And onr prices 

Xbe Cbeapeat in Anerlem* 

Send tor cor He DT ~ ~ 

Save from B to SB pavMHk' «B 
eveiT 4loIlar>e wortt aC 
yoB tax Im onr Ubo. 

IE UE nmt nmm. too 


Is the Largest and Most Reliable Wholesale 

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And Yoar 


in gananitt) oonsalt 
08 anddiir eatalogae 
If TOuiniiBnitQattrt* 
tmaineaB or ato in 
bastoeaa, Iwfm- you 
lay In your stock. 


Wo have the Larg- 
est Variety and our 
Prices are Never 










Wholesale Streetmen^B Specialties 

264-266-268-270 Madison St., - - - ■ - CHICA60. 

Ramona Park and Tiwatre 


low BOOIiie FOR SUMHER SEiSOl t8«8— I4S£^c^^-^-"~'^'^^^"°"- 




Greatest Attraction : I 

- — -09 TWC KIND — : 

. . . Yet Invented 

Our handsome catalogue Is free and 
folly describes this machlns. Also 
many otbet styles. Hand, Spring 
and Steam Power. Botur Pop- 
corn Poppers, Boasters and Poppers 
Combined, loe Cream Freezers, Cab- 
inets, Tabs, Steel and Porcelain ; 
Iron Cans, Dishers, Sada and loe 
Cream Spoons. loe SbaMOk lea 
Brealrars, Milk Shaken. 

Crystal Flak« 

The celebrated article naadai* < 
tensiTdy for hnproYing loe C 
Sam^ and Becelpe free. 

imaERY MFa. go., 

i«-iH L Num.. cteonuii, o. 


and OporaOng so 

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iole: booking agent s 

im, MM; WIAT, 



Streetmen, Auctioneers, Medicine Men 



irrtwBM innn no. s. 



Promises Well For 

Saa Francisco Eajoyiog a Bosioess 
Some New 
nd Railroads. 

» m \BB KCT Year brlnsi (zeat pn>a1i^•r <>r 
H Cosiness. most dell£;UtfDl 

'. WMtber contlnUM and all mtnagat 
VB' - - ■I* hapDT. 

Tiro new railroads ore belss baUt 
tato Trisco and ttine Is mocb BCtiTttr in all 
limn of eoostructioo; in -fact, -ne Are oo the 
mt the bissnt kind of a boom, and I predict that 
Ike next Cev years will brloc ao larse an Increaae 
la pevMSoa Uxtt we nlU be able to take care 
It asT at^racttoo so matter how large. For 
F.iample. look at tjie biK bulneaa Banmn ft 
Billey and Comied Grand Opera Co. did. alav 
Ben Hot and other such attraetlooa. 

01 coane. niUi tlie laixe nnmba at tkeatrea 
■Hxr open there ia mach rtralrr and the vaWe 
U eettloc the worth «f Itt ■ou ty . The icmlt 

.. ...-T- - tkt ettj Is 

_ There la i>» dUCereaee be- 

SiB FcueliM and Keiir VoA exeapt that 
Xeir TOTk .b « three rtae ahov while "Frisco Is 
a one ringer. We'll be a three ringer before 
mmoy moooa. Watch tis grow! 

Harrr Omdorf. who baa been ataxe manager 
of the Orpbemn for ten years, was deloged with 
Nen* Tear'a creetlnss lo the shape of sonTenir 
postal cardi from performers all oier the world. 
. Harry always ertends gemUcmaalJ aad coorteona 
treatirFDt to alt that play .tte'4takHBI> and 
titer arwaya remenUyer hta,-' a» wmtSm feMT tar 
. away they may be. 

The Western Addition Is to haTc a neiv $7.5,. 
000 theatre seating 1.600 people. According to 
the plans the house will be one of the band- 
St In the city. The front will be of 
design and of hewn sand stone and jrran. 
The Teatlbnle -win be one of the most at. 
Xeutnrcs or the building, and tbe pro- 
arch ■will t>e forty feet wide and ver>- 
s. making u the largest and most Im 
•t aar la the et^. MMHom lerantritt. 
-. .MiB ao BO—teMd with AL Haiaaa at 
the aU. BddwlB TkeaH*. wtU MU flic new 
theatre, which wlU opes . iMst. JUjr 4. A 
■eaant baa already t>eea ■eenrad fsr a anaabar 
•t rears. 

lobn Vagulre, the oldest American theatre 
manager. U at the St. Ualr'a Hospital, snf- 
Kring from heart trooble. The Teteran man- 
aeer. who haa traveled the world over with 
njanj of- the big actors for many years back, 
came here from Botte. Mont., wtere he was 
lately located. In ISBB he and Jay BlU man- 
aged the Grand Opera Honse in thU city. Mr. 
sagnte baa tbooaands of friends who will 
be deeply grlered to leara of hla Ulneaa. 

The management of tie Jolly Glrla Co., booket 
•o open at the California Theatre, Jan. 1. 
W«i»|*»d Manager Hall ot the tbeaire that 
22^**!'* ^each Triaco In time Jor the 
?* y* * *A - -"l H- 1 B a l uan ce. lUanager promptly 
••HmiA<|a-thc departing show. The Broadway, 
••a.rety Gtrla. at Vbrt Ooala^ ha4 tMr ear 
• it:<ri>ed to a apedal ttSSfwRStwSS'km. 
Thrr played again to a Mg koaia wmt A* car- 
was held for only bolt aa taaar. 

Tbe second week of tbe Orpheam Xaad Show 
*» a* big as the llrst. TUm Mac tb» old 
•u«ping grounds of tbe Oanlama; they were 
r"*tea with thnnderoas applause at erery per- 
'7"><u>ee- .As an added attraction Kdward Oa- 
"^i- S 0». were engaged for the second week. 

At FIscber'a Theatre 'NelUe Nichols and ten 
. V made a big bit In a moslcal skit, 

euuiled riowerdotn. Great credit Is doe Man. 

i-nbelski who concelred the idea and who 
"WI™ »« expense la Introdnclng aome beautiful 
"nwical effecu. Owing to Its big success, the 

!f'"K booked over the entire circnlt. 
•r« -if* Central's second offering. By Right 
" kept the hoascs filled nightly. Bm- 

ey yow tu. tha popular bnalneia manager, and 
.?A»*rwB, tbe treaanrcr, both of 
J? ?.- "* ?».""ee« la pubUc life for many years. 
■»*»««ma t» keep the oew:: koaac popolar. i 
^»j8an Iftaaelaeo )BA Xhcatic Is east nesr- 

y» jat ter .yait ot 'Xaxcli.^ ^faaacer-Banaa fi 
TsSf'S* ti^oBBkoot tkc cast tor aititt* to 
knSZi ~ "y*^ s nrrt as lmi. Be baa - alreaAy 

r?7»™.««'« big headUnem Hiafare bodnd. to 

.1 ^"^l- The, policy of . the BeU 

" be high daaa TaudcTUJe . and. bnrli 


Edgar Jooes. an excellent likeness of whom appears above, is pt8.v!Dg the leading role in Hal 
Reld and Harry Gordon's new prodnctlon of The Tollers, which recelred Its premiere Jao. 
1. at Alexandria. Ind. Althongh qnlte a jcung man. Mr. Jones hag gained an eoTlable 
position In bis chosen profession and be has to Ills credit several soccesses of Impotrtantc. HI* 
tirst engagement was w-lth Kyrle Bellew in .\. Oentleman of Prance: hla last engagement be- 
Lting the leading xols la The TOUcxs was with <>ocdaa * Bennett's The Bsly City, 

has turned that booae oyer to tbe syndieatc 
for one night each week. Vaude-rtlle -will esn- 

alnne to bold the boards on other nights. 

*\ iH. :Beetiiiiyer. "tTea»«rer and anlataat 
manager of the Grand Opera Honse. Los An- 
geles, waa held np, robbed and terribly beaten 
by blghwaymen on tbe night of Jan. 4. at 
OHreKtb street and Grand ayci 
attended a mil I1ii| at Cbrlot I 
going Iac.-« oat . 'wh s « te.-aaa 
white aaMtMA'a aagak'{' ?~ 


Tbe deelslan of tbe court at Victoria. B. C 

In the Hopper-Dunamuir will case was de- 
cliled Jan. 9 In faror of the Dnnsmnlr belrs.. 
and against Edna Wallace Hopper, who en- 
dewTOred to break the will. The decision was 
generally anticipated, the salt having been 

almllariy decUcd la thC f.«Hfc«»«l« COOttg bO- 


Mrs. John Fields, wife ot Joho F. Fields, ot 
Fldds and Hanooo. and tbe mother of John 

FleUa. Jr.. of Fields and Hogbea. and of Mar- 

«. _ 


of Tbe SCoooshlBer^a 

ttat lie bai piuchaied (torn 
act aonthoB dtaiba.' 


team of 
with .. 

Tbeatre in lOllTSII*, 
team baa been forced t» eaneel all Ibt datea. 

Until Mr. Henry it able to laaiiiat U* work 
Misa Xoons win timg BlKMMUml -mmgf at tbe 


Battle Winiama' new moslcal reblde. en- 
titled The 'Dadiess ot Monlla Booge. which Is 
to Intiodace ber as a single star. Is aboot ready 
for rehearsal, and Stag* Manager Ben Teal- baa 
begnn making engagements for the cast. Tbe 
new piece wUt be pradaced. for seeeral weeks 
« the road beCm. tt. ii JiH^jlato Hew .X«k 


Gives Premiere of New 
Pl^ in HartfiHPi 

CteTer Toonc Star Scores ia Tks Ymh 
derbOt C19— 1 

■ ^ UTS JA^nS* debut 
M meat of Llehler * Co.. 

■ ^ spidoo^ made Friday eyening, Jan. 
P y 5. at tbe Parxm Ibcatiir. BaztUed. 

- '-VriiiB - - 


'■'.-'^r^^.ff'T^^r?. - . .- , - 

Newt. Offnt ; ..Wai T. HoOge -T - 

Mrs. WlUetta Oraee Gaylor Clarke ; . 

Theutlure Banting ..Otis Harlan 

Miss Carstalrs .....Marie Stone 

Dorothy WlUetta Bale "Janls ' 

Dexter Joyce Anbrey. Boodcaolt 

CIcA o( Maijotle WelUngtoo Hotel 

Chaa, Abbe 

Mn. annve — Blaoeke Chapnu : 

Mrs. ay iw i ni JbiKiJbyfeMr.v:-'; 
Mrs. fU iMl Mi >'';-fJii^}^^^)>S^^^I!jg^ 

winaifM :..\"i.\~vr;r^.7.v..'»iQiit;»«fil^®^^ 

(ivrjmoe .^..aattft 'SpaOM 

Pearl i.... Margaret IioTP'^V^- 

Celeste ...„..: Kate Bnekl«r7>V" 

Kate Croops Ells Hatten .v. '* 

Ik|e North Lillian Slcbolioo -S" -\ 

Gaspard — Ueary. Bergman ■ • ~ ' 

Curt WllletU IBenry V. DoDoelly ; 

Clarlnda Larkspor Edith Decker T;,: ; 

Senator Boxwood Jaeitnes Kroger wv" 

.\rthar .F.' Hewton Undo " » 

Rose ......;Dorotby 'Kent ' . 

I.lly — .Aanefte Steele - 

Violet ... ...^.'.......w.^..EIo(se Steele : 

I'ansy .....^..^..^....i-^„..Bao 'BhUhaidt,^/.: 

rrohahjr. -W tlMlan .OWW: want 'tfyf-wAm- 
Janls aa .liiatb -:*;Ns.tfsaafc.f ■a.^dM^^MBfc-,?-' 
upon t>» . n ti Jii vat- M»";iiliiljY i '-at^lg^^g 

the eUte of that dtr toned 'Mir'ca-MaM* nT ;: 
greeted with an oTatloa tbe yooiiK mlmte'-wbosc. - 
clerer work has bad all tbe adraatacea'to be 

derlred from the services of a -arlde-awatke press 
agent. A large delegation of tbeatzlcal people 
came from iNew York In a special . ear to see 
that Llebler ft Co.'s lint musical eoBiedy went 
oir properly. Mlas-Janla lotzodoced ber Imper- 
sooatloos In the third and laat act.. 

The Vanderb&t Cup. la really a aatlre on tbe 
preient-day aatomobUe craxe. and- from the 
of the curtain there is an antomobUe at- 
Tsry . fflDcb in ev i d ense , . - Miss ' Jaals 
I DnBthT WUIcttn.-a aaqntxy dxl aC: . 

A cctiuk-aaick .1 :^ 
Idea or takttc btr ta the etly aad-. 

' * c IICs. ..Ogmolleattasa aec ar - 
ta wj. .fii'liaf iltaalliisis sad 

_ ^ Ifce iB tt i iftKWiw ".«< j« aii .jH i j :^:-.-i 

pleaalBS snectselra.. A anai atartMng ^Mm'-'M; ■ 
an antomobUe race. ahawlag,BaneT OuaiM'tiK . 
his Green Dragon in a ekaa eonteat' for thcapc 
with another .big racing marbtno. Another- spce~. ' ' 
tacle la the -Uimehlng.,flf .the battleship Watb- 
Ingtoo. .showing the big Ship In the wsja and 
Miss Jania chrlartenlng It with a botUe ot 


Anbrey Bondeatilt In the leading male part 
proved the wlkdom of Manager Oharlca W. 
Tyler In afMeUng blm for'.jhe. pait. ' He waa. .. 
very eScetfve n tbe lover.- -for tT'Saat-be aft- . .-j 
Bdttcd: that - thtaa - la- aom iiinia the-.-<r-: 

;T.^SeBBd^.'^^aift DcAcr -aaii^ .F. Jlcw^^ 
~ aad -the othera of the east. appearcA'i 
t* iiiaifaii" in Hu ll ' iiiaiii i lln tolaa. ■a' 
Tke. Mw, .ptte* ■ U. hiniltoinely ataged. sad 
■aar aew nd .Boird derloea-aie abosra. The 
lyilci^ .wTltten by BajvMad Peek, -ate lively 
and catchy, and -fhe.moalc. tnmtsbedr by B4Acrt 
Hood Bowers, Is of .the refreshing kind that 
goes well with light comedy. In all, there are 
more than twenty singing nnmhers. and some 
of them will be song, for many moons. 

- papers of Hartford highly pralae tbe 
tmtlie_ prqdneUMi, aad glTa^^oth.^^^ed^^^^ 

Business 'Blaiuurer .diaries . E. ^S<fl.t^' '^^ 
it the. Salinger * Bzaaaoa MaBhaXtan Stack On.' - ; 
writes that tbey played to »>U»:«0 iintbin and 
SM0.8S evening boose at the Academy of Mostc 
Newborg. M. Jan. 1.. The' «laya.preseated . 
w«W:.'«W«y .;I>«w» IB JOlM aad-inekM lia- . 

^■^■^ ■'''j^'y ^h- " " •■- - \i 


Xtie BilIt>oai>a 

JANUARY 20^ 1M& 


6. Willians Adds Another flieatre 

Viola AOen and LeaGe Carter. Are Road Favorites — Ford and Gehrae Are 

I €ffeZlBS> week are vaJBdent to 

one on tbe anxloas se*t, as &1- 
_„J nj taste can be sattafleiL 
'.^■sedr. eomle ot>eta. farce-ctanedy, 
■naSeffOe and tmrJeniae 
oa the boaidl. Ud tber aU wortlijr or 

metal patranacc. Tie College widow at the 
TfUoa i* «n tbat csr could ask tor, and 3Uxl- 
. canm. In tite handa of Tboi. Q. Scalitaoke^ Cbria- 
Mcdonald and AMepb HoTicrt, Is. a kU av 
Uw iBeLuco. me 'AlTiB to plaTinr t». eaiiac- 
. ItT Witt Cbaoonr meott in the boaxda., At 
- tbe «ta9« tke nadevUle oaednfs are op to the 
... ataadu* : M excellence. ' and joeevblse tMiMn 
■ mmt.JC»L t* ntc Tmedllnrr Bnalneaa U ntistae- 
" '"'iM i :!! fti Onmlie, wUch is ofCerinc aone sood 
v^imiellou tkia MaioD. Ttie voRbaalnK oC the 
' uwiu etly ty Mr. 'SfeCnlloiisii and another party 
aaasna tbv people of the Salt Bid cC the 
. coDtlnaaDee o( ttals.TCir popnUr tbeativ. Tlie 
Ovctr offen AU Beere'a Big iBesnty Show and 
' t)^ Acadcmr liM the Star Show GlrU. ISie Bl- 
lOV aOera *no*. -B. Shem and a companr far 
aup e tlta to- tha oedinatT nn at this teoie. 

One natteealile rteatnre of the TtsltSac com- 
panlea this ireek Is the tact that they contain 
a nmiAer of f Hls ln ug era. witn -rae coorgr 
irldOW l" ■nioma* Melgban. a natlre of this 
el^i and rormerlr connected with a local stock 
eoBpanr: hSth Obaoneer >CMeatt is Ofoce Qrcen- 
: leaf, at one tfane feBtmed In • sUck eoDpany 
In tUv Cit7. -and OfaRie frntwi, -wte- ia betas 

- cemtncd) wttk- the Been'a.ohow, la m Pttts- 
•l»MI llil ■ Tfalm inard ' ^anariT of the Dn- 

• ' MiMBi. "Ciii ■ taH' il <>• illlHf in] mt aeaaoo, 
:-r:-WSna»- atr. tut •w««»:»i«ad ejt Tb^^anitM 

or aula, which eodwa t» th* .JMs stha last 
or the month. : . ■ ' 

The date foe Bendiaidt : tf »wir r til i i *laT ^ eet-. 

- tMk'and Jhe «m alar basa M. M^^^otjhe 
. . vOLl Stvc -Csur 

. . .::.^l*«»;a^«»alr aia*. Wtfcer boaUnsa waoU jwt 
' '^.aBaiaTj" Imir " tw tlian three days. Tke 
' ri^awa:nhi>ai7i nt' wat an -oat the aat part 
c'..S! «r::the,-««elc. ct Tttt. S. Sba Heart of Mai7- 
:::>^laaA< cornea, dor a two waCkT- nm at the Be- 
■ • - laseoci -. The- : Pittsbnrs Oitliealia. with 3tme. 
'.''KIIttr4>nB as aoiolst. gsre a line perfotmanee 
' 4iaae!pleas»d a larce and select andlence at the 
Hi toll KnbelUc wfll be In. PtttabotK Jan. 13. 

JIanacer Xlrk. of the IUx« . Theatre, as- 
sores Toe Unt Ulf (Nlzcn * Zl tuui e iuia o people 
omi erect a theatre at 'WaatilnstoD. P«-. and 
that attractlona that plar the Mlzoa In this 
e<tx wui <>e srrvnted at the new theatre^ la 
Washincton. Ofr. 'Klik win In dl 
do the txwklos tbe new theatre. 

Oar slater citT acroa the rlTer. Allrctaeny, 
wlUch hltbrcto has been without the ^easaies 
parka wltboot comlns to PlttaborS. 
will next season hSTe a park and attiaetlaiis 
eqoal to any on this aide of the TlTcr. T. SC 
Barton, president oT the -Athletle Park «t 
Baoaio. U president . ar the new «iiaaaay that 
will equip and halM. tke.MW ITcat View Park, 
■pes wtiidi. wartt kka akaady kesn^-: Ht. Hkz- 

cooTetaatlsa jt^btO^^^^ie^^ttn^^ 

:Ool ' At any rate. It Is aald that the 
.«lnini4mient Co. la daslrona of dla- 
tbe ttaart. Mr. afeSwlnan wishes 
uee that Vtank KelrUIe, the Tande- 
^aC.New Xork. win cootlnne to book 
.ABr' ScnncTwood Park - aa well as 
etiicc parka, in Stttatmrx. except the 

lee- datinr-sesaaa at ttw Dnqoeane Gai- 

_«>wiu coQttDM- BBtn jivQ. - lacre wm tie 

t- anmoier opera a^;that: 
..; ■ llOO»!fi: 
'^'"Kttabors; Pa. 

▼tola- Allen, who spent her sdiool days In 
this CUT. and who has relatlrea -here. reeelTed 
a nval welooae at the Pilnecaa Theatre dnrinc 
her . escacement the latter part of last veek. 
Bhefi* sanoanded br a fine company in her play, 
.;.7l>e Toast oC the Town, and toie scored stnaisly. 
iMBBtr - ted^ and Majma Gehroe, the prln- 

' dpaJa oC X*OTe» and X.mtatlca, which appnred 
afc thai tSiand last wedc. do most of the wodc 
III l>i lllaj ""1 were rewarded for their earnest 

Mule gsll. the sUM vtoUaUt, drew better 
than Wbes Iiere teCOB^ ■bai^fiiVM *o a fash- 
icnatilfr.and CBltmed 'nlhMa'-it -tbe QIaasey 

ifaidcai.-aan,-.^ . ■■ ^.-v-r-'v..:: ■■■ 
° tt,CiBamt,<iim the taptdal 

that Shea'a Theatre win reopen 

; \ . ; J. A. GIMSON. 


It ii - 

Blit . a^raetlo^' are seen this iveek at Tel- 
ler's Broadway, at the Shnhert and at'.the New 
.Montant theatres. 

Percy G. "Williams ivlll soon open the 'Norclty 
Theatre wltb hi^b class TandeTllIe. thns addlns 
another theatre to tils drcnlt. 

Ttie Nassan ' Thpatre -nras sold at auction 
last week -for $a>.000. This may mean a 
diaace of policy at this boase. n-hlch has been 
plajlns the western T**heel Zmrlesque shows. 

.Mr. and Olrs. Olark tMurpby, a hit od any 
raudeTllle bill, and wbo are reoldeots of Brook- 
Irn. were pre^eiited -with a larse borsesboe of 
beaotlfol flowers by tliclr many Brooklyn friends 
dcrlnK..Miete iee«mt.?: f t lMH i i ent at Byde * 
BehaiaBV.meatr»:iJeft*!?J^«t- r---, ■ ; 
. The- O a Wea Th aalia iMJCu ia i iiii u t rt o st d Son- 
day Bigk«,:«w1ar-^'' tlia;«:taM«^ptIan.;or .3Ian 
aser Sdward-TJ. ;.KaalK^«Wh»3maTti» .'oaaace 
the New .Tock' nft ^«^tke^B9aiHMMuMlne 
GInnilt.' Uhas. B.' aiiaer1*a;t|>e 'owner of - tne 
Garden Theatre, twMck'^kas bccb -doinc a (ood 
bnslnesa with f a a d eT l Da.?JZ:i 

John f. aui A"0^ t<w1i» 9>caent~'In' vande- 
Tllle -a. tabloid TciaionL of ttipfTaa. -Winkle, 
hsTe iesuvd a handsome ' -calendar ^wtilch adrex- 
tlvs their act. ' ■, * • , 

Kiraekom Ac Sells, the mualc pnhlUhers of 
SBd Atlantic arenae. IBrooklyn. have recentlr 
published sereral new songs, aiaoy profeFsionai 
people are nslnp tbetr soosa. rntitlpd Practice 
"Wl^ Yoa iPreacb and Angel Face, 
.r. There is ntore . bnlldlnjs now . being done at 
Cooer Islsnd: aadc^BitiMaK- SeaA r.-tkan ..eyer 
befcee. : AaUe.>'AaaB»aBa'"Sla&'<.ud;<.Waa;'. A. 
Brady's Mr-naoct^at BrtoMss'.'ihentvue'beinir 
erected manr-:SMal lM' '?>id i iBa«a -tad .Jta sM aaees 
" Stanch%^ CaM9:cXdBBd;'-'-Te9ialB8(.«paB sU 
winter, and: •■aar^iBui(r:^*aitiaa <a>a -jMam:> there 
eT?tT i>igU^}^A-^^^i^^,:-^i^4i^:fj; i^ 'pi' 

TMs pnxea "that- Tnaerffle rtt'-'tB'-biic?. draiand 
In thU -city. ■ . -'. r ^ . 

Dudley McAdovr. moiuger of the ^lojestlc 
Theatre, and Interested In many theatrical at- 
tractions, reports business Tezy . larse at . the 

:>laje3tlc. tBe al»o reports th«t Kellar. -the 

ma^ciao. tor whom, he Is snanacer. iS' glaylus 
to sood baslnessi.npoo. the Mad.- .Kellat comes 
to the aiaJeaUe.-'week «r.Jtati».i£; : j-' . ' 

rietcr 7. tMe.Ani- 
hert.- , ■ > ".'.^ 

8ne SmUli, a BrooUju-'slrl known' as The 
SlnBlns- nower ' and . wliom -Manager Eee- 
nv booked at lila 'hooM'a'ttw ireeks .ago is 
maktae a kit In nodafllle. .SlM^la, aopisztas 
at FloetaCa ISBUk Stieeti .Ifew.TaA tkfi 

Tom omen.'' •Tinlgan'a " ftlead." h aac' of 
the teatmss at the .Ootham^^kcatre this -week. 
Tom always nukes a Mt. ' 

'A. B. BdMnberg, who la at the head- of Trhal- 
len . ifc dIarteU's tliree big bnrlesqne Obowa. 
ha» Iwen ' visltine at his borne in this city for 
tile past two weeks. Mr. ScbonlieTjr is very 
p<q>nlar In Brooklyn. 

Manager Edgar Glraxd. of the Gotham The- 
atre, Is the prond owner of two pri^e rUlboos 
for ifancy oooltry which he exhB>lted in the 
recent poultry show in IMadlson Sqnaie Garden. 
Be capttired a Srst prize t>Ine rOiban with a 
White OUaorcaa chicken, and the second with a 
■WUta Mlnorcas. rwhen not ensraced with the 
bntfneis. Hi. Otraid apcnds mock 
■wUk M^jfOm sMItV at Itfa 
" X- 


week M'Taa. 

The CrosBittg waa 
wards In Tlie (Prlncesa 
8, at the Albangh 'nieatic. 

Leslie Carter was a ^eat faronte last week 
and the audiences were large at erery per- 
formance. Zara was better patronized than was 

Wizard and Irene Stone, wbo perform feats 
In wtiac they caU the "hazardoos globe," were 
recently deprtred of sereral weeks' work owlns 
to a peenllar mistake of the railroad otct wUeb 
they traTeled. Sereral weeks aso ther -pet- 
tonaed at Chaae'a.naatiV'VaAlBCtaD. D: C 
with i^gn—firtt^ tlf:mhf^Tm/f and Baltlmait 
to . fonow. OpoB ; Mi a lr Twiteal ta- -Kew Xoifc 
they d l seorered that ttdr jaope itj kad aot 
atrlrcd. Inqoiiy derdaped ' the <aet that the 
ear which contained , thdr pnpctty had been 
sidetracked in Colorado. The car was at last 
gotten on tlie right crack and the Stones were 
enabled, to open their engagemcat at- the QlaxT- 
land.Xheatre la this eib- JaB..S:,- -X'' -' 


It is reported that the Shnberts bare ap- 
' proae h ad Jcngost iKntm. of Indianapolis, with 
-a pnqnaltlon to erect for them a new theatre 
..npoa .t&e: OaS property at ZIS4CT'E. Waahlas- 
■:-tow. Btis€l,^ te the hnainesa dlstslet of -the Boo- 
- ~ Ms. Knlin, whtf b eneattr far 
te; . M i Ml < i il » K .ty.y wp« - 

JtLJK-'t^infw* thatC'tte llhaiii H 'kMif-laeB- 
' for . ;ao«»*i^^^^M^■ ■ « l B«l^^^aK:. - «»t^-:t;is"tMatiyjffr 



Miss LOlIan Tyson has purchased from Frsnk 
Y. Dunn the Boa Ton Tlieatre In Philadelphia, 
and hereafter tliat .TandeTlUe booae win -be 

'te ladlea and 
of a 
geleea has 
tte kest of 


Tlie Grand Opera House at Butte. Mont., has 
disconclnqcd barlesQue. and. - l>egluning Jan. 15, 
the Idia Sattoa Stock Co. will bold the boards 
ftc u .liihialf .iMptiMiiiii 

V.mmm iaooDtlnae to 

- - lattoii tkaaikt 

Uppiiiial oC the 

:06N«iDINE Gvra THr BBLAaOO 

The Belaaeo Thealie at ForOaad. Ore., which 
ha* be«a ran ai .a- ahiek baosr hy Belaseo * 
Mayer, has passed nnder the control of Solll- 
▼an A. Conatdtne, who : will hereafter oondnct 
It as a ten. twenty and thirty cent stock house. 
SnlllTan dc Consldlne now control three bouses 
in Portland. 

Bidding for the Belosco was llrely, as a 
of manoaeia wen anrloas to oecwc It. 


He was a public entertained before Bnster 
Brown broke into the newspapers. It was he 
wbo transformed Joe and Myra Keston Into the 
Three Keatons. and be now has a little brother. 
Jingles, by name, wbo wUl eTentoiJIy change 
the act into the Foor Keatons. Meanwhile. 
Buster Keatoo la the aoe la Tanderllle's pack 
of wlnate cazds. Wkcaaecr Ae oaa waric with- 
out the .eoaiy Oacittr. dkttUat: Mb at it. ke 
ts~ tated the noat tunM fwmedlan of his 
age and indies, erer seen' In Tandeniie. But 
Bnster la gr owin g older with each year, a fact 
to be naturally expected, and soon be will be 
oo^wt^iq g ^ ^ 0« gy ,aad hia hand, and then 


Is Custain Raiser at 
The Garrick 

Henrietta Crosman Appears in Leading. 
Role of Mrs. Clifford's hteresting 


. Uadeliae' la the 'title at a new one-act play 
that was produced for tbe.fliat Uaie npon any 
stace at tlie Garrick Tbeatia. New Totfc City, 
Friday Frenlng, Jan. 5, with Henrietta Cros- 
man In the Iradtng role. The cast was as 

Norman Lnard Guy Standing 

sir Charles Campbell 'Percy Ames 

ChrUtlne Irma Perry 

Josephine Bonlet Miriam Nestiltt 

Madeline Oe Bray Miss Orosman 

3Iadeline was pnt oa as a enrtaln raiser to 
Miss Croeman's new comedy, Msry, Mary, Quite 
Cootrary. It is a Tery bright little play from 
the pen of Mrv. W: K. ClllTord. and prored a 
very Talnatle sddltlau to the reramped Sordoo 

Miss Crosman In tbe role of ModeUoe De- 
Bray acquitted berseU Tery much to the delight 
of her audience, but she was forced to share 
honors;, with the members of her supporting 
eonspany. Mailellne will be oontlnned as a cur- 
tain taised tlmogboat the New York engage- 
Bent and -will probably be gKen by Miss Croo- 
aun when she .again goes ivon tbe rood. . . 


To Be Built in Ohio 

Tarentnm House Opens AnspicioBs^r- 
Beantifiil Tbeatre and Seats 1200 . 

7**1 xon 


ItulVMtn' cornea from Urexpool. Ohio, 
to the effect that tlx new Uiestr*8 
are to be erected in western Penn- 
sTlranla and eastern Ohio this 

.nAuu & Zlnunerman. of IMilladelpliia. will 
Ud a theatre In Washloston. Pa., tat arUtfe 
site haoB Bhtalaed. V. J. am JH—y 
s pMKheaad «■ |MM rtle. ■■a-Mn.'.Mriid. a ' 

— — "-^ «».. ».-.T.-s»— - 

Outlce C 


erect *' 

The T« 
playhaaae . 

n-hidi ate 
oil City, 

Charles H. SmlU Is te halM a 
dcTllIa hoaae la 
late arm aaaet.a 
Pa.. • ' " " 

it~ wflt 

eteahcwrllle. O.. thi ' 
drawn hr 

Tbe new- Tarfrco Themtr* at Tarenfnm. Pa.. 

ofK-nt-tl Tuesday evening. Jan. 16, under tte 
most taTorable clreiunstanees. Our New Min- 
ister aam^iyila| tM^ a^^ttjnM^^g»w^ij|i: 

loTera. - ". ' ' - 

Tbe new theatre has a seating capacity 'ef. - 
l.SOO people, and Is Tery beautiful. Tlian. 
are four iwxea on each aide of the atase aaC . 
the eptta akalia !■ the siiht a u a - ace eC '. Me 
latest daalBm. Be atase la sa^ Iw^tiM-v 


One of the most popular theatres in 

Florida Is tbe Metropolitan at 'Ybor City. Et- 
ery week Manager Lawrence produces a com- 
plete ctiange of program consisting of a com- 
edy, a draoia or a bnrWsque and an oUo- ef 
eight or ten ipcctalUes. Week o( ^oa. 1 
A Block flame waa produced in additiow to a 
^strons aUok and.;baBlaa» waa tbe.baat at ite - 
Nixisaa. tta It. Oak Mwm '.'aMI 

daneeia. «im fic Ut tfee HU. Others, an ' 
of which made good, were Lawrence and Gon- 
zalez, Beynolds and Perry, Maale Laoo. Alice 
HofTman. \c«i»,l* -Bttreano. Winnie l>aT. Jeaale 

I>e White. Jaatle Barlaal. Iiattie RnkUn. .IMF 
St. ait at: tflii-J— aafcw,-TO:-;»—!»:-la. 
leader af tte i Mth wl i i . ' ' V-v->-g^: T 

Manager Poll has booked ftiriJUB - 
theatre at Waterbory, Conn., the fiillilWlag .at'* 
tracUons: The Curse of -Orlnk: Jaa. JUi' Of ii gl. - 
M. Cohan in Little Johaar fomm.. M; Bac 
Bearted Jim. SB; Rnnalng- tor Oaee, S>: Hn. . 
ILefflngweU'a -Boota. SI: Osafeaalaaa eC' a Wife. 
»eh. *i Qaeen of the White fBawa. IS: Lit- 
tle Lort *anntleray, IT; The Orphan's Prayer, 
a:' OMan Hearts. 22; Mrs. IHack Is Back. 
23; Tbe Woman In the Oaae, March 1: The 
Mummy and the Hamming BM. S: Darid Hig- 
gins. B-6; Uade Tom's Cabin, IV: Bogets Broth- 
ers In Ireland. IS: uniaa Mortimer, IT; The 
College Widow, IS; *Way Sowa Bast. 23: Kei- 
lax. S6: Alice Sit-hy-tbe Vlie. SO; Mason and 
Mason. April S; Xeziu, 0. and n* SMbtM ef 
Dantzlc. iL 

The new 'Henry Boyle Theativ^ at 
Fond dn Lae, 'Wla., opened Jan. 10 wldi Otis 
Skinner in His Grsee de Orsamont. The tliea- 
tre cost S40,000, one-fourth of which was raised 
by cltlxcna who paid $10 a seat for the open- 
ing performance. It is considered one of foe 
moat up-to-date bouses In the state, being pro- 
Tlded with all the latest appUanees and im- 

pmTe -ments. 

The five weeks' contract by wliich 
D. W. Trass and Ben Myers arraaaed ta ^<e> 
Sunday concerts at -the Casino Tbcatse la Hew 
York, having, expired, the Shabecta ■aiiuwa 
that there wm be so longer any. ■erformanees 
at that koaae an Saaday. - Lee . IBiiiiif 1 1 says. In 
addltlOB, that In tatare he win peiaoaally pro- 
ride all attractions seen at his houses in New 

Manager Kerr, of the Kerr Opera 
House at Hastings, Keb.. has ' provided this 
boose with a sew system of fire escapes, which, 
with the recently installed asbestaa.. enrlain. 

best daaa 


Manager "W. X,. Kelley has booked 
the following attractlona at tbe Grand Opera 
Bonse. CauTlUe, 111.: Side Tracked. Jan. 16 
A Jolly BaroD. 18: Patrloeolo, the pianist, 19 
Esftt Lynne, 20; Shipp's Indoor Circus, 23-27 
Beo Bur Band, CS, and Miss Bob White, 2B. 

Owing, to iireas of outside business, 
E. <F. Hartley baa resigned as manager of the 
Grand OMia .Bawaa at Falrmwit,- W. . Va. J. 
E. Pewen; .tbe voptdar aisoagrr tAa baa 'Chav 
of tha haaae,.laM.yaaz,.,.haa.. aaeeetdea-.MM.. 

Owing to: iri health. Mahasrer Cbas. 
A. Bass of tbe Aeadeav of Mnoie, Petetabaig. 
Va.. has gone to AAerille. N. C, for a hrlet 
rest. During his «l)sence Jss. P, Odeman will 
act as manager of tbe Academy. 

Henrv H. . Bately. maiiacer Of the 

HntsonTilte Opera -JHaoob; ' 
triiilatsa .<» ftr: 

writes that 

JANUARY aO^ 1908. 



Abolish Lithographs 
and Banners 

Toledo Managers, However, Will Use 
Them Next Season— FindUy't 

f N a maJorltT of cbe oae-olgbt stands In tbe 
eut lUliocrttpblng tins been complctelj 
eHmlDAteU. 'In aome places a ttw choice 
]ocatJon« are belnff used. fTlie mauafpra 
claim tbit ttili metliod of adTertUlni; li 
estlrely wlUiout merit. Some of tbe larger 
toR-oa lUTC tellcB In Use and Uic7. aeUom oae 

more " . ^ . 1 ^' . 

lo Borne CMHMM'-BMHi^'.MM.alM'BMK 9UX 
"ti. „ _„ 

■ tesflctast tknt ' — — 
aSw- A lutt ■aont at 
tM Ir trttj ■auger a* ■ coanatee tbat lie 
«mM Bve np to the agreement. Up to date 
ti* a gnew n t baa been strictly adhered to. 
tat It can be antliorlUtlTelr stated that it 
Mt be renewed for next seasoa. Toledo 
■MMCen have foand the new arransement a 
11^ msatlsfactory one, and next seaaoo the ad- 
TertlaiaE ssents will b^MIIias all tha seaUabU 
wlndoira and ih*.' adVMtialns flnaas vfl Met 
more manifest', mtim-mmmt' fel Mmhw Ike 


Ttie elltnlDBtlcm of tbla form of bUllD^ bu 
serred to reduce tbe expenses of the trsTelloK 
eompanlea. bat bualneaa this season baa falleo 
Mow tbat of otber aeaasos. So none of the 
■ anai et a , citbcr local or traTeUas, wu be- 
yOf the astia «»pa« «s at a "a b wiag. " 

MTwa. T. It la aat fi«M~ ~ 

the aaanaseaent of Davis le BetdiklaB, bat 
bnslness iraa Terr liad foe aercral weeks and 
Od. Lealle SaTis dlspoaed of bU Inteicst In 
tbe attraction more than a month aso. A. J. 
Botchklia then assamed complete contKid, bat a 
aerlea of misfortunes made the oatlook so dis- 
coarsylng that be decided to end the aeasoo, 
temporarllT at least. 

■•Doe" Gardner baa ancceeded Charles LoTlck 
as agent of Ed. Anderaoa's The Midnight Flyer. 

frm F. Groocher Is jiUotlsc tbe toor or 
Tom Waters In 'Neighborly Neighbors, whicb 
company contlnoea ro do -nrell In the east. 

C. P. Whitaker'a A Jolly Baron and Her First 

Mm Step are reported to baTe been palled oB. 

'Rank Batt's new tbeatie at Ftadlay, Ohio, 
vni be Tsadr to even la a few weeks, and It 

is IMr that «. J. ^anl. mvw at BowUac 
. Omcb. wm be iastalled aa local aMaagn. Tb» 

Mure «t tbe Xarrla 

yet been detcmacd. 

J.' E. Powdl Is agalo 

Opera Boose at Fairmont. "W. Vb.,'B. **. Bart- 
ley having resigned. 

It U said tbat new theatres wUI be erected 
at ConnellsTllle and Washington, Pa. If a new 
boose Is bnllt at CoooeUsvlUe It will be lo- 
cated in the heart of the town and Fred Bob- 
bias, formerly aMaagcr of Trlxle. will 
>«.t>e IMM*. . tnmm-t Zimmennaa will be In- 
^''***^ kaaae ^ Wa sblngtoo^^^ 



It la reported that a company beaded by I. 
B. Winnie baa pnrchaaed tbe opera borne at 
Learenworth, Kan. The price paid for tbe 
baUdlng vcas (IS.OOO. Dr. TUBn Sinks has 
owned the opera boose for twenty years, and 
Ubas been nnder the control of L. U. Craw- 
^^•1 TCpeka for tbe last twelve years. Very 
(cpalra were made on the building, and 
la allowed ran down. Tbe new owners 
, nee tbat Ihar wUI remodel tbe building 
ud make it a >tat-daaa tbcatre. It la aaU 
ttat tbe ctairiard lease «• Ibe balMlag does 

Bdoard Waldmami, the eminent German-Bog- 
llsb tragedian, opened his season New Tear'a 
night at Valptralao, Ind., to an appredatlTC 
audience that flUed tbe tbeattc. Mr. WaU- 
mann'a compaay this season inclndea the M* 
lowing people: Xabsl -Tan Talkenhnrg. Earls 
I. Mr. tnd Mrs. Lcror Waltbam, Carrie 
air. and Mrs. Harold Hubert. Ed. J. 
Bernard Uenddlesohn. B, W. Grlflln, 

Clarence Brans, Geo. Morrison. The company 
la nnder tbe peraonal direction of Mr. wald- 
manni A. B. McBae la assistant manager, Har- 
old Habert, stage manager; Leroy Waltham, 
aBslataot stage manager; Clarence Svans, maB^ 
ter of properties; George Morrison, electrician, 
and B. Menddlesnhn, motlcal director. 


Art and commercialism sometimes mingle in 
a BMt cnrbMii maimer. Ijait week In Paris 
a fBnMt aacd a wen known aeticaa for S2.S00, 
the aoat «C • tandienie far eaat atM bad pnr- 
ehaasA Imm Mm. Xha plaiatur >is»sd Us ease 
In dM WB and the wlM «ms Wka.Mt bmt 
■aw at mm coming their Wmmm, th* 

actreH la defense proved 4iat At bad won 
the costly coat on the stage and alia laaln- 
talned that that was snfflelent advertising to 
fully compensate the farrier for. the loaa of his 
garment. Xbe court adapted Ot suae views 
tor It diamlaaed tbe case aad JdlMMd Ike foot- 
Ugbt (avodta aad has tmt asat *■ dajsil in 


A line playhouse Is being erected in Wels- 
ner; Ida., and tbe contracts deslgiute that It 
» to be completed and ready for opening by 
Jane 1. SlmpUdty is the chief characterlsUc 
mtte design of tbe new house. Classic archi- 
tecture will predominate except in the grand 
entrance which la to be very elaborate. Tbe 
Stage wUl be 89 feet wide and 34 deep. The 
drns]ag.roams wlU be large and wUl be fnr- 
with cveiT esBtat te the darara. A 
ir Taeanm kaalks ipMlB MB Mat the 


Fry and Ftaaec have clseed wUk KOtav ft 

Britton's An Arlatocratle TTamp Os.. Ik mlcb 
Fry pUyed tbe UUe role aad Mlaa Fraice 
played leads, aad they are now In vaadeTtile. 
^ey opened on the Ammons Clmilt la Logans- 
port. lud.. Jan. 1. with a new act entitled 
The Wrong Mr. Moth, which took Immensely. 
They carry special scenery for tbe act. 
„ Mr. ny raoentlr pwebased